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No Way Back
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TITLE - Supercontinental

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(gets varying reactions in the arenas, but will be worshiped like a god and defended until the end by internet fans; literally has thousands of online dorks logging on to complain anytime they lose a match or don't get pushed right)

11-19-2022, 07:32 PM

Notorious No More 
Pt. 5
No Way Back

Previous NNM Entries

Keep outrunning your past
Until it hunts you down

November 19th, 2022

4:30 pm

The building before him seemed to be a fortress of steel and concrete, fashioned onto a stained, nondescript location. Ned had spent the whole day mulling over whether to come here, even as his options began to become more and more limited. His car's lights finally shut off, the little added light it provided dissipating in the parking lot. A bitter wind flew past him, chilling his nostrils and chin. Even being fully bundled in winter attire, the freezing temperatures seemed to affect him deeply. He had always considered himself more in tune with the heat. A gentle snow fell upon the thin layer that had collected beneath him, his footsteps nearing the door still visible. Ned hated snow. It reminded him of March 2020. It reminded him of...

Kaye decided it best to not dwell on the situation anymore than necessary. He knew precisely why he was here, even though a piece of him still was crying out to leave. Someone else could handle this. There were more qualified individuals than him and he wasn't under the illusion that there were not. But the simple fact of the matter was that no one else could do this. He was the linchpin that connected all of these disparate elements together. There wasn't time to waste or a committee to pass the situation past. There was a need and only one man in the position to do anything about it. His eyes glanced over to the sign of this establishment; a sign he was far too familiar with.

“Avalanche HQ.”

He took a breath, the hot air that escaped him becoming a smoky haze in front of him. Ned closed his eyes and tried to find something to latch onto internally, only finding a mess of conflicting feelings with one core: duty. He refocused his gaze to the ground near the front door, stumbling upon a package with a single, small note placed atop it, somewhat dampened by the frost.

“You're going to need this. ;)”

November 4th, 2022

11:47 am

In a recording studio nearby Ned's aunt and uncle's house he was house-sitting while they went on vacation, Ned Kaye sat rather impatiently for his interviewer to stop writing down notes. The XWF had decided a while earlier that the avant-garde filmstress Silvana Nightingale was the perfect candidate to really pick at the brain of Ned and show the audience what was underneath. The unfortunate part of all that was that she agreed with their assessment, so these kinds of recordings and interviews could go on for rather uneventful hours, with bits of pure discomfort to split them up. Rather uncharacteristically, however, he demeanor in the past few minutes almost seemed actively combative. From what Ned was able to gather about her, Silvana wasn't the type to poke or prod needlessly, so her cold demeanor and harsh eyes as she jotted down a few notes appeared to be out of place.

That was until she spoke.

“What would you consider your greatest flaw currently, Mr. Kaye?” Her voice was stoic, her accent adding to the oppressive atmosphere of the studio on this day.

“I think... I get easily discouraged and self-sabotage, which ends up hurting the people around me...”

“What about running away?” She spoke like a sliver of ice jabbing into his chest.

“...What? I don't- I don't do that!” Ned responded somewhat defensively.

“Really?” She inquired, her expression unflinching, “From everything I can see, whenever something becomes too difficult for you to maintain, you depart from it. It happened with your Notorious persona when you started your breakdown. It happened when you left Avalanche without so much as a goodbye. Your therapist, your best friend, your own family. Any time you feel guilt from struggling with them, you run off and don't look back.”

Ned stared daggers into her, but it was hard to refute her reasoning.

“That's not true. I don't just leave people behind out of inconvenience! I was a danger to these people, Sil! Do you think I just gone on like nothing was different? I hurt people deeply, Ms. Nightingale. I can't just keep doing that over and over again.”

“What about this Ms. Darcy Ellis, Ned?”

Ned's fists clenched as he answered, “What about her?”

“What about once she realizes your cycle and gets discarded into a sea of human beings it became too much for you to keep track of? What if something happens to her? You let a man who kidnapped your very own mother keep walking.”

“I beat Chris Chaos to a pulp.”

“And yet he walks. Is that the kind of person you want to be? The kind where no transgression goes punished?”

Ned tore of the microphone they had him wear and tossed it to the side before leaving the studio. He didn't have to stand for these kinds of undue conclusions of his character. He didn't have to stand for this.

November 19th, 2022

9:22 am

Ned could barely stand up when he read the note, only having gotten back to his aunt and uncle's momentarily. Shattered glass and various debris adorned the carpet as he stared at the note, a deep anger coursing through his veins as his eyes traced over every word again and again. It didn't feel real. It had to have been a waking dream or some illusion or something. But the pinch never came.

“If you want to see your little partner in crime again, then come back to where your nefarious journey began. Come alone and tell no one if you value her continued well-being.”

Ned's fingers hovered over the 9 button on his phone. It would be so easy to call the police. They could do some forensic work and attempt to trace and recover Darcy with all their tools. But Silvana's words bounced around in his head. Was he really going to attempt to wash his hands of this whole affair? To put Darcy's life in someone else's hands? He put the phone down and began to clean the home in disarray before grabbing his coat. She needed him to do this. There was no other option.

4:35 pm

Ned stared at the package for a good while before opening it. This whole situation was likely a trap,p and he had a fair bit of confidence in whose hands were all over this stunt. Still, he tore off the tape and looked inside the box, gulping as his worst suspicions were confirmed. He lifted the mask from the box as a small speaker stationed above the door began to chime out and the doors slowly slid open, the light within reflecting against the mask he held.

“Come, TC-01. Your cooperation is required.”


“I don't deserve this title match.”

“You think that fact is lost on me? That I am so delusional that I can't look at my current losing streak and my place in a title situation and not see the conflict? No, far from it. My current position is not something I take for granted or an opportunity I intend to waste. Because the simple fact is that deserve has very little to do with anything if you're carrying that belt, Charlie. The only thing you've earned in your entire life is the ire of the people around you and I'm not currently in the business of butchery, so I'm not going to be mincing words. You treat everyone and anyone around you as a tool to get what you want. Look at LSM. Look at the XWF. Shit, look at every marriage you've ever had the undue luck of engaging in. The constant problem isn't some outside force making you act like a complete and utter prick, Nickles. It's you.”

“And what's insufferable about all of it is how indignantly self-righteous you are about it. It's not your fault that you go around destroying relationships a prenup, no, no, it's everybody else. Everyone else is just so stupid whereas you are enlightened. Are you fucking kidding me? You're probably the one person in this company that I have fewer public breakdowns than. You've been through more names than a phone book and more controversies than any of your contemporaries. However, that shouldn't really surprise anyone. You acting like a constant annoyance to anyone who dares enter your line of sight isn't a mistake: it's a strategy. All publicity is good publicity, right? You're a marketing guru built from the playbook of an Elon Musk or Ted Cruz. You don't really accomplish anything of note, but goddamn will you keep up the pretense that you have. I'll be the first to acknowledge that I've been through rough times, but even I'm not stupid enough to believe that you're not gonna mention my accomplishments. You have to. You obsess over achievement like the worst kind of Xanax recipient. But guess what, buddy? People remember what I've done without me having to say it a bunch. I don't have to advertise myself or act like a whiny, thin-skinned, tired baby just to make people remember that I exist. The sad fact that you refuse to accept, Charlie, is that once you go away for any real length of time, everyone will move on as though nothing has changed. My departure left a void in this company's heart. You leaving isn't even going to make a dent in its financials.”

“And you know this. You're not completely lacking in self-awareness. It's why you grasp for any degree of relevancy or play your juvenile “mind games.” Without the pretense, you're just a long-windedded promo in an unwashed shirt. You also desperately need the rest of the world to play your game so that you can find some reason that you're being put upon even though you instigate the vast majority of situations you're involved in. You'll probably spin this as “Ned's being mean to a divorced man with mental illness,” just to ignore the fact that I'm merely sick of someone who does nothing to improve themselves while acting like a prick to everyone else around him. Your face has changed a million times, Charlie, but your schtik is the same as day one. You're not a veteran who didn't get the respect he deserved or a champion who never gets a fair shake. You're a less sociopathic Sha-[BLEEP]-ver and you're only mitigated in the amount of damage you can do because you're not friends with Madison Dyson-types. I will remove all euphemism and cuteness from the following words so that you can't possibly mistake what I am saying here: You're a douchebag. You don't deserve that belt. You don't treat this company with any manner of respect and you leverage the goodness and patience of others because you know nobody wants to look like as big of a dickhead as yourself. I know that for a fact having tagged alongside you with Edgar, even during my mental breakdown.”

“I'm not here to be forgotten or to just be around for a passing moment. I am the man who comes in and shuts up and gets the job done when nobody else will. You were on Warfare during its rougher months to have a bigger spotlight on yourself while I was there because being there for the brand that put me on the map was the right thing to do. That's why your little championship reign is coming to a swift and decisive end, Charlie. Because I don't need a couple of months of prelude to get the job done and I don't play your little pestering games. I hone in. I focus. I be the man I need to be. You can't even begin to be the man you want to. You don't deserve the Supercontinental Title. You don't deserve your daughter or family. And you frankly don't care. That's why you don't stand a shadow of a goddamn chance on Sunday. Because I am going into that ring to earn that belt fair and square by ignoring all of your obnoxious bullshit.”

“And you're gonna keep being Charlie Nickles.”

"You can't run from yourself."
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