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Xtreme title triple threat
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11-19-2022, 02:11 PM

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The Genesis of Goth

Chapter: Time to go extreme part one

The names have changed, but the goal remains the same…”

Goth whispers as he is seated in a chair in an empty T-Mobile Center in Kansas City, Missouri. The scenery of this years Bad Medicine, the second opportunity for the 20 year veteran to obtain the XWF Xtreme championship belt at the biggest stage of them all. He is wearing a long black robe that he has casually allowed the long ends to fall over the armrests of his chair as his legs are crossed over each other as he stares at his black leather boots. A simple black shirt is visible underneath his open coat with a necklace of a reversed heart is hanging around his neck.

“The names have changed to protect the innocent, because their acts may be too violent for your viewing eyes.”

He smirks, closing his eyes for a moment while yawning from boredom. He has always hated the leadup to a big show, the extra attention all the participants receive that will perform on the biggest stage of them all has turned into nothing more than a mere routine. He could have entered every single arena in the nation, the smell of every locker room and the walk towards the arena has caused him to get nauseated at times. Only to be forgotten when he finally enters the arena, to have that adrenaline rush run through his body would be the only thing that he could ever look forward to after a preparation of two long weeks.

“Extreme violence are often believed to be the answer to a lot of your problems isn’t it???”

He asks himself while extending his arms in front of him, watching the long sleeves slowly allow his hands to emerge. He notices his watch on his left wrist, the one watch that his dead wife had given him for their fifteen year wedding anniversary. A gift that to this very day he could not go without. Her memories are to this very day very alive, something that has allowed him to endure the pain that he had felt the first few years after her passing.

He knows that his engagement to his current day fiancé has helped him speed up his recovery from his pain. Allowing him to no longer seek refuge in wrestling as a way to run away from his pain, to allow him to even once again appreciate the fine art of his craft.

“But now I want the glory.”

Another sentence uttered that would seem questionable for others if they were in the vicinity to hear him talk. He knows himself that it makes no sense to the outside world, but he does not care just as long as it makes sense to him. He turns his head to the left as he hears footsteps approaching him, he recognizes the figure as to be his good friend Kat C. Jones. A former wrestler that now has turned into agent, someone that he had confined himself to be one of his most personal confidant in everything that is going on in his life. He smiles as he had not seen her since her forced retirement several months ago from the sport of wrestling. A loss that he had taken very personal for quite some time as he has known to have been close to that decision being forced upon him to retire. But luck has prevailed him to have been pushed into that situation, something that he had wished it would have been the other way around between the two of them. But she had managed to talk him out of that mindset not so long ago.

“Glad you could make it Kat….”

His dry voice softly whispers, causing him to feel a sensation from his lips rip open as if they had been glued together for many years. The painful sensation causes him to run his tongue over them to check whether his mind was playing a trick upon him before sighing of relief.

“Hiya big fellow”

She says with a carelessness that had known and loved from her, the two sit next to each other for a moment or two while not speaking a word to each other.

“Xtreme championship opportunity once more huh??”

He nods, he had admired her straightforwardness, a trade that he himself valued the most between his friends and loved ones. His gaze turns away from her as he looks back at the squared circle in front of him, the holy realm of the wrestling industry even though he knows that in these type of matches you would hardly be inside of those four corners. He lets out a sigh before allowing his fingers to push his hair out of his face before he starts to speak.

“You could say that I have been cursed in this company for waiting for that opportunity, three opportunities of two of them having slipped through my fingers due to……”

He turns his gaze towards Kat and smiles before finishing his sentence.


Her gaze is icy cold, not showing any emotional reaction to his words

“Some people use the bullshit excuses for what happens in their lives as if it was meant to be. Others would just say it wasn’t my time…. Isn’t it ironic to think that people seek excuses to better their own misery?”

She turns away for a moment as she looks at a few crew members working on one of the top ring ropes to secure it between two ring posts before turning her attention back to him.

“Excuses are for weaklings Gerrit, you know that don’t you?”

He nods his head, agreeing with her statement.

“Perhaps, but it doesn’t change the fact that I have yet to hold the opportunity to wear championship gold in this company. Latina Submission Machina and Atara have failed into delivering the gift to the promised land, makes me wonder whether they were actually even deservingly for that championship gold. One of them took liberty in proclaiming me to be nothing more than a mere lucky individual in beating a man that has obtained more victories in this company than anyone else combined? I guess she didn’t understood that luck is just a meaningless word, because just like the Dutch saying says:”Luck must be enforced”. But she had learned the hard way at the last Warfare didn’t she???”

The two remain silent as Goth thinks back to his match against the former Xtreme champion, who had lost the belt to current champion Jenny Myst.

“Watching her fail was such a poetic justice, even if it wasn’t against me. It did allow me to pick up the remainder from her carcass and feed it towards the vultures that just like me are always patient no matter the hunger. It’s what makes survival such a delicious taste to sink your teeth into with every single opportunity that has been granted…. Just like the triple threat that I will be in next week. Jenny Myst, Xavier Lux. Two more names that is so synonymous in the annals of this company’s history. How ironic to think that I am not here to celebrate historical facts… I am here to be part of the future. How ironic must it be for their listening ears and hopefully enough brain capacity to digest the fact that some of them are not even half my age. And yet I am their future…. ”

He turns his attention towards Kat, who is responding to a text message that she had received from Mac Bane.

“Just the mere thought that I came into a company months ago, caused a ripple through some of the names that either once were here or were a part of something that I made famous. Hell, I can’t remember the last time that Lord Raab stepped foot in Sin City Wrestling… To become a part of a company that people proclaim to be the very best in pro wrestling since God had created time and saw that it was all good. I know that people like to make others believe their own stupidity, that what they represent is far superior than another brand…. But then again, since when did people ever stop only caring about themselves to suddenly become a team player??”

“I love my friend, but where has Mac Bane been?? I ran Chris Page out of believing that he was a bigger legend than yours truly. Something that I will have to do to one of his many marionets who he believes is pulling their strings as a Puppet Master. Oh no, XWF may just have the legendary status as one of the longest running and most successful companies ever… But they are about to enter the era of the Goth”

Kat looks up from her phone as she places it back into her jacket that she is wearing, she has an eyebrow raised as Goth knows that she is also an agent for CCPE and smiles.

“I know that sometimes we live in a small world Kat, but I never thought you would become over concerned over a mere statement?? I love Mac, I love you as my friends and part of the Saviors in Sin City Wrestling. But that does not count here now does it?? I don’t see anyone in the XWF that I may have beaten several times over and over again…. Well except for Raab. I don’t see people that start to open their eyes and realize the reality that is staring back into their eyes right now. That I am destined to become the XWF Xtreme champion…. And that will only be the beginning.”

He turns his attention back towards the ring, his breathing had increased a little after his minor outburst a few moments ago. He closes his eyes to concentrate in an attempt to find his inner peace.

“I welcome the challenge of the unknown, the more the merrier. At the last PPV it was a experience that I would not forget for a very long time Kat. You see people tend to talk in terms of winners and losers. I did not succeed to capture the championship belt, labelling me as a loser. Whereas the reality points out that I am the measuring stick already in a company that has been around since the test of time… and yet I am making you all relevant. Arrogance?? Perhaps, confidence?? Well you know that I do not lack any of that now do you my sweet friend??”

His smile shows, he is content lifting himself up once more to Godlike status, only fully aware that there is nothing that can be done to prevent him from backing up his statements. His eyes slowly register the mere fact that the wrestling ring has been fully prepared, ready to be used at the next big PPV where he once again faces several unknown wrestlers for that same title. Fully aware that nothing will be easy, but that’s the way he truly likes it.

“Xavier Lux….”

He utters the name of the other contender for the championship belt

” “Venom” Xavier Lux.., quite an interesting to consider you to be as dangerous as venom from a venomous creature like a snake or a scorpion. I can imagine that you wish to showcase how dangerous of a human being that you are isn’t it??? Not showing any mercy, because just like venom you do not discriminate. Just like some of the more dangerous diseases that just randomly affect human beings and push them into suffering…. You are the bite or the sting that enters the human skin and destroys each and every line of defense that protects a human being from getting sick and who knows even die?? It must be a very romantic thought to believe that a mere nickname would scare the life out of people. But I am HIM that walked upon water, I had died upo the cross for everyone’s sins and came back alive merely three days later. And you wish to assume that your deadly way of being a wrestler will sicken me to the point where I will throw up??”

“And I applaud you for all of the accolades that you may have achieved in your career. That’s nice, just put memorabilia’s of everything that you have accomplished against the wall behind glass, making sure that no oxygen and dust can get to them and revel in the supposedly greatness that is “Venom” Xavier Lux. Forgive me if I do not seem to be buying into the whole complexity that is your entire gimmick. But I know that when you open your mouth, you will tell the world that I am wrong to even imply such nonsense….”

“Did you know that Venom upon itself is rather harmless? Oh sure, venom can cause your heart to stop beating when you bit or hit. But that’s the whole point Xavier, how do you intend to hit me when I destroy the host from limb to limb. Slowly dissecting every single part of your seemingly flawless and showcase to the world that you are nothing more than a puddle of shameless liquid. Harsh words of a man that you have yet to face is it?? Or perhaps even sounding foolish to the point that you will laugh out loud, claim that I ramble on too much and speak in riddles.”

“And yet you cannot deny me from curing XWF from the filth that you are, curing another shameless and meaningless entity that soon will be forgotten. Or will you prove me wrong just like Atara had attempted to do?? Or are you capable of finding an opening to drip into my open wounds and “kill” me?? Of course you won’t Xavier, you are incapable of actually even accomplish anything closely resembling to be as potent as venom. I have yet to face you and you already disappoint me, so do me a favor…. Tell the world that you do not even exist , because there’s nothing that you can do that will kill me.”

“And what about Jenny Myst??”

The words causes Goth to be silent for a moment, pausing as he places his fingertips against each other in front of his face as if he is in a deep thought.

“An opportunity….. someone close to my heart, a mere opportunist that will not hesitate to strike like venom…. Something that Xavie Lux is clearly missing even though his name would make you suggest otherwise.”

He chuckles at the comparison between the champion and the other contender for Jennny’s title belt.

“I respect women wrestlers, I have fought many and have beaten more than I have been on the other end of the coin. Doesn’t mean that female wrestlers aren’t capable of doing just as much damage to a someone else like a man can. Because I know better, I know deep down inside that women are capable of doing so much more viciousness that I merely welcome the opportunity….  But that wouldn’t be such a surprise to you isn’t it??”

Kat can be seen grinning as she remains silent while allowing Goth to continue to talk.

“I see you as an opportunist, the kind of wrestler that I have been aware since day one to be at the top of my game. I have watched you beat Atara for that belt, whereas many people had believed that victory would go to someone else…. I can only imagine that you had been waiting for that one moment huh Jenny? Merely hoping that something would come around to save you from walking away from being unable to do what you had said out to do…. Taking home the gold. It’s almost as if desperation took over, sweat dripping from your face as seemingly the time was starting to run out…. Only to find that moment where you ultimately composed yourself and did what you came out to do…. Being victorious.”

“Victory, one word that has such a meaningful key into our line of work. To overcome every single odd that is stacked against you every single time that you lace those boots.But just like I had said about Atara Themis…, I have no pressure of expectation my dear. I am the knowledge that I will overcome the odds that you and our dear Xavier Lux will attempt to deliver upon me. Because I am the measuring stick, you are just simply someone that is holding on to my belt. Good luck….”

Goth turns his attention towards Kat, slowly nods his head as both get up and walk off as the shot slowly fades to darkness.

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