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Let's drink to the Grand Pooh Bah. - Facing the end of the road - Part 1
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11-19-2022, 01:41 PM

Quote:River River Carry me on
Living River carry me on
River River carry me on
To the place where I come from
- Peter Gabriel’s Washing in the Water


I had just finished my match, and had just changed into my every day gear, when I remembered I needed to call Jensen Dalley. He had asked me to wait until after I finished competing on Thursday Night Anarchy before talking to him. He was the new owner of Outback Jack’s Gym. Outback Jack was an Australian wrestling legend, and he had been my early mentor.
I grabbed my phone and dialed.

JENSEN: “Jensen Dalley,”

“Jensen it’s me ‘M’, I finished my match like you asked me, and I am now ringing you back, what’s so important that it needed to wait until now?”

There was silence on the other end of the phone.


JENSEN: “I’m still here,”

“What’s wrong?”

I could tell that there was something wrong.

JENSEN: “I just need you to know that I was just following orders,”

“Okay, fine. Whose orders were you following?”

JENSEN: “Outback Jack’s,”

I knew it had something to do with Outback Jack.

“I figured it may have been to do with Outback Jack. I’ve been trying to call him, and have yet had no luck, do you know where he is?”

JENSEN: “I do. But again I was just following orders,”

“Yes, you’ve told me that. What’s going on Jensen?”

JENSEN: “You need to get to Sydney, please,”

“Why? What’s happening?”

JENSEN: “Jack’s in a Sydney hospital where he’s been for the last month,”

Suddenly I had a sick feeling in my stomach.

Quote:So deep so wide
Will you take me on your back for a ride
If I should fall
Would you swallow me deep inside.
- Peter Gabriel’s Washing in the Water

I was still waiting for an answer, but Jensen seemed to be struggling.

“Jensen? What the hell is going on? Why is Outback Jack in a Sydney Hospital and why wasn’t I told until now?”

JENSEN: “His orders. He didn’t want you to…… at that far out he didn’t want….he just didn’t want you to lose concentration on your wrestling. You were Anarchy champion. You won another title and flying high.”

“I swear to god Jensen if you don’t tell me why he’s in hospital, I’ll come and rip your heart out,”

JENSEN: “He’s in the hospital because he’s dying ‘M’, he’s dying. Maybe he has a few days left. He’s got end stage cancer….”







I kept hearing the words ‘End Stage Cancer’ over and over again. I didn’t hear Jensen talking.

JENSEN: “’M’ can you hear me? ‘M’. He wanted it to be kept from everyone. But he wanted you to be
with him in his final days. He needs you right now.”

I collected my self.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can,”

JENSEN: “Thank you, I’ll let him know,”

I ended the call, grabbed my things, and headed for the door.



The camera fades in to see Mastermind at his seat, after just taking off, on his way to Australia. On the table nearest him was a big bottle of Bourbon. He had a whole glass full of what looked like his third drink. He sees the camera, and smiles, and raises the glass.

“Well if it isn’t the XWF. I’m going live to the XWF Universe. I’ll take a shot to that. Cheers,”

Mastermind drunk the whole glass in one go. His facial expressions told how hot the bourbon was. He plonked the glass back down on the table, and poured another drink.

“It seems I am yet to have another go of facing the great one, the one and only, the Grand Pooh bah of them all, Robbie Bourbon. Or should it be Bobby Bourbon as he now calls himself. He’s had so many names I’ve forgotten what he goes by. Bobby I think so now. I’ll drink to that. Cheers.”

Mastermind once again drank the whole glass in one go. Once again he had weird facial expressions. He plonked the glass back down on the table, and grabbed the bottle and poured another glass. He looked right past the camera, and started chanting something.

“Ooga-Chaka, ooga ooga, ooga-chaka ooga ooga,”

He stopped and looked right back into the camera.

“Where was I? Oh yeah, Robbie, no, no, it’s Bobby. Bobby we are meeting again, and seem to meeting a lot of the time over the years. I won’t sugar coat it. You have won our previous meetings, but the feeling that I have at this time is that deep down inside of me, that this is my match to win, and I’ll drink to that,”

Mastermind once again drinks the whole glass in one go. He makes yet another weird facial expression and plonks the glass down on the table. He burbs loudly.

“Excuse me,”

He pours yet another glass, and once again looks past the camera.

“ooga-Chaka, ooga ooga, ooga-chaka ooga ooga,”

He blinks and looks back at the camera.

“Where was I? Oh yes. Bobby the Grand Poo Bah Bourbon. You know what it takes to beat me. But I promise you I will deal with you one way or another. But this time I just want you to know that I am going to slap the Poo Bah right out of you. Then I know that everything will be all right and on the straight and narrow of my very first win over you.

“I have to believe that I can beat you. I will beat you. You have my number, but I also have yours. It’s time for this to feel like a massive shake down, that I can beat you 1… 2… 3 or make you submit. I will drink to that.”

Mastermind drinks the whole glass in one go. He once again burbs, and slams the glass down on the table.

“I have a friend who is dying Bobby, I won’t sweep it under the rug. Under the carpet. Under the mat. Where was I? Oh yes. If fucking hurts that I’m losing a great friend. My mentor. He helped me all those years ago when no one else would.

“I had to banish myself to Australia, because of the name I was getting in New Zealand, but once I learned under him, I went back to New Zealand and stood my ground.

“I will be going to Relentless and standing my ground against you, and I will make sure that I beat you. 1..2… 3…. Or die trying. Shit. That’s not a good thing to say.”

Mastermind grabs the bourbon bottle and pours another glass. He lets it over flow, and stops.

“I see things Bobbie. I see that I am going to beat you to a bulp, and I see dancing babies. Oh yes Bobbie Brown, I am going to destroy you like the baby that you are. I’ll drink to that.”

Mastermind gulps down the drink.

“Do you see that over there, Bobbie boy? A dancing baby. “Ooga-chaka ooga ooga.”

Mastermind laughs, and then stops.

“I’m heading to Australia to say goodbye to a friend, and then I’m going to come to Relentless and say goodbye to you, once and for all. Pooh bah. Pooh you stink.”

Mastermind places the glass back down on the table and giggles. He pours another drink, and burbs. He places the bottle back down on the table. It’s almost empty.

“Where was I, oh yes.”

Mastermind raises his glass.

“Here’s to you Grand Pooh Bah Bourbon. Enjoy your last few days. I’ll drink to that.”

Mastermind drinks his glass once again in one go. He looks at the camera. And throws the glass at the camera, and the camera fades out.

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