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Like a good neighbor....
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11-19-2022, 08:14 AM

Bad Medicine was in the great city of Kansas City, Missouri. It has seen superbowl titles, World Series victories and home to one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game Patrick Mahomes. Ringmaster arrived with business on his mind, but he also had some personal matters to deal with. You see most had no idea Ring Master was a music lover wanting to start a rap career. He had sent in a few samples to Tech N9ne months ago. He thought it didn't mount to anything until he received a phone call from a representative for Tech N9ne. It was a very short conversation, but they agreed to sit down with Ring Master at a fancy restaurant downtown called.801 Chophouse. The highest rated steakhouse in the entire country. There was a very short window for this meeting so once he arrived in Kansas City he put on a new suit and checking himself in the mirror and loved the look.

[Image: CFqxHnc.png]

He popped his collar and made his way to the steakhouse. The city had shown amazing hospitality up to this point. It didn't really surprise him though. The Uber driver took him to the location. He got out of the car and enjoyed the view. Ring Master opened the door to the establishment. He was approached by host who informed him reservations were needed. Ring Master stood tall clearing his throat and spoke.

Ring Master: Good evening. The reservation is under Ring Master. It's a table for three.

[Image: o.jpg]
The host smiled and led him upstairs. Ring Master enjoyed a private VIP area. It was a huge dining area for the rich and famous. The host walked him over to a table where Tech N9ne was waiting. The rapper stood greeting the XWF superstar. Offering him a seat he looks over at his representative and they discuss business.

Tech N9ne: We appreciate you meeting us on short notice. We know you're a busy guy and I know that life all too well. I do want to apologize for the delay I just got done touring and never got a chance to listen to your samples until last week. It isn't much to go on, but you have potential and with my record label potential equals promise. Before I continue, I would like to ask how your XWF career has inspired you to go after your dreams as a rapper.

Ring Master: Before I answer that question, I wanted to show you that improv is the way I go. I wrote a little rap on my opponent this weekend if I may

Tech N9ne nods.

EMMANUEL D'MONSTRE thinks he is a beast.
EMMANUEL D'MONSTRE is nothing but a feast.
EMMANUEL D'MONSTRE doesn't know what's best.
Which is way EMMANUEL D'MONSTRE is nothing but a pest.
Being a strong, black man is nothing but a perk. EMMANUEL D'MONSTRE will fly, his blood will spill, and Ring Master will sit on the turnbuckle completely chill.

Tech N9ne: Good stuff.

Ring Master: Thank you. My wrestling career has opened my eyes to the potential I have. I understand busy schedules and how to adapt on a fly. It has shown me that hard work always pays off. The fans adore me because I'm amazing in that ring and know how to perform. The music industry is about performing at the highest ability and that's how i live life. I want to be the best all the time. I've failed multiple times I'm not perfect but this weekend the world will watch when my hard work pays off. I never have to be someone I'm not so don't you worry about that. Ring Master is genuine as they come and I'm always open minded which is something most people lack. I don't expect a lot from this, but you can never be successful without taking risk. I'm sure you understand that.

Tech N9ne: Of course. It what made me successful. Failure was the only thing that followed me for a while. Growing up on the streets trying to survive a rough life. I never knew if I would survive the day or where I would eat. Now I'm sitting here in fancy steakhouses popular as can be. Saying all this I do have some good news and bad news.

Ring Master looked defeated. He truly hated bad news but maybe it wasn't what he thought. He leaned forward as the waiter Interrupts for a moment to take their orders.

Ring Master: I will have a T-Bone steak medium well please. Wine will be my drink for the night.

The waiter wrote down the order as Tech N9ne continued.

Tech N9ne: The good news is based on the limited music I got from you the label is interested and wants to sign you. It will be for a minimal contract. In otherwise you will have a few performances a year with the idea you stay active in the studio and pump out original audio. The bad news is I just recently sold my label to State Farm. They gave me an offer I can't refuse. So, my representative here is simply a friend now. He will be leaving shortly once the representative for State Farm gets here. I'm not sure what they want with you, but they need to be okay with signing you before we go any further. Is that okay?

Ring Master: Of course, it is. I'm quite the charmer and think I can convince them to bring me on for a trail run. The world needs me on the radio. I will be the booty shaking, hand raising and girls screaming hero of the rap world.

The waiter arrived with the steaks. Ring Master cut into his and gets annoyed.

Ring Master: Dude, I said Medium- Well this is well done. That is not acceptable to me. It's going to be my way or no tip for you.

He took the steak back as Tech N9ne gets a text that he has arrived. His friend leaves shaking hands with each guy. They wait patiently before discussing business more. The host brings the representative to the table.

Ring Master: No way.

Patrick Mahomes: Hey guys. I'm Patrick Mahomes and I am representing State Farm the newest label.

Ring Master: It's an honor to meet you.

Tech N9ne: Damn, State Farm is sending out the big guns I see. I respect the game for sure.

Patrick Mahomes shook hands with them both. He took a seat between both men as they started to discuss the future of Ring Master.

Patrick Mahomes: I haven't heard much about this situation but i know enough. I am confident that you will make State Farm proud. However, it will be on our terms of course. I mean no disrespect to you, but you're track record hasn't been the greatest. You seem overconfident at times and even a bit on the cocky side. It might be for good reason, but this record label needs people who treat each other equal and like neighbors. After all, like a good neighbor State Farm is there.

Ring Master: So, are you not giving me this opportunity I've been waiting for my entire life? A chance to dance and make the world laugh and bring positive energy to all.

Patrick Mahomes: Oh no. We are definitely open to giving you a chance. I said everything a moment ago to tell you this if you'd let me finish. Your performance at Bad Medicine right here in Kansas City is going to go a long way on my decision. I'm sure you would like some clarification on that right?

Ring Master: Yes. I have a good idea, but I'd like to know what my expectations are. Don't sugar coat anything for me either Patrick.

Patrick Mahomes: I like that. So, we at State Farm want you to win this match. We want you to leave no question that Ring Master is the man. We like to know our clients have a championship caliber personality and toughness. It's important they never back down from a fight and overcome adversity on a daily basis. The industry in which you compete clearly gives you an advantage over most but failing in our eyes is unacceptable. We have heard rumors that you have something up your sleeve this weekend and that makes us happy. What do you think of these conditions?

His steak arrived again. This time it was perfect. He took a huge bite and swallowed before answering.

Ring Master: Patrick, I figured State Farm would require such a task from me. I do feel it's important to prove your worth when it matters the most. I do understand that this match says a lot about me. However, I will respond this way. One match should not be an indication of my worth. It does not need to dictate my future. I believe in myself and that alone is what got me to this point. If I didn't trust myself, I would be weak-minded, and my opponent would find a way to use it against me. I don't want to live that kind of life where I am worried all the time. I'm about having fun. I'm the RINGMASTER for a damn reason. State Farm is a great product just like me. It has la competitive nature just like me. It doesn't want anyone to outdo them. They have been in the business of making others happy for as long as I can remember. So, you see we have a lot more in common than most. I didn't come this way to waste my time or yours. I could be focusing on my match but instead I believe in what you can offer me is a once in a lifetime moment.

Patrick Mahomes: I can hear the confidence in your words.

Ring Master: While it's a good thing I'm talking then, isn't it? I will accept the terms that State Farm has put in front of me. Not because i want too. It's because I need too. I do everything for my fans for they have always supported me. It will be a loud and crazy atmosphere when my music hit. Did you know I was the opening match? Do you know why they did that.

Patrick Mahomes: No.

Ring Master: I set the bar high that's why. Bad Medicine is a crucial show. It gives us momentum going into the new year and they have called upon the Ring Master to do whatever it takes to shake the very foundation. The XWF universe has seen me in some crazy matches and nearly killed multiple times but this weekend it will be the best performance of my life. It will be a high-flying crazy antics that will leave you breathless and wanting more. EMMANUEL D'MONSTRE is in for a treat. I am going to make his name known worldwide. They will know him for all the wrong reasons. I used to be the new guy once and do you know what happened? I got my ass handed to me. Then I took down the mighty Rampage and knocked him out of this business forever. I am not going to disappoint State Farm or my main guy here. Although I would like to hear from him as you've been quiet since Patrick arrived.

Everyone eats their meal for a moment. Silence was something neither of them were used too. After taking a sip of water Tech N9ne looks at Patrick to address him first.

Tech N9ne: Patrick, I think it's amazing that you are so proud and understand what winning is. You know that feeling of being a champion and reaching the mountain and being the guy. This city loves you and the fact you will be in the crowd means that much more to Ring Master and myself. Giving State Farm firsthand account of what you say will only intrigue them more. Everything he speaks is truth. The arena will shake, rattle and roll. The incredible fans of Kansas City will never let you down. It's something few people experience, and you do it all the time.

He takes a moment looking over at Ring Master. Someone he trusts as a friend. A funny guy who is crazy and life of the party. He raised a glass giving him a toast.

Ring Master, you bring something to this industry that has been missing. You are a positive influence toward the black community. They look at you and realize there is hope. They can tell you were never one of them but that you did overcome the odds to become the perfect representative of what my label is about. I don't rap about violence or anger. I speak from the heart and let my voice spread the message however, people wish to take it. There is no doubt that Bad Medicine will pay dividends for you. When you show Patrick that this partnership is strong, we will be unstoppable. We can even make an XWF album. Be the soundtrack for all the stars. The possibilities are endless with you. I have a certain audience and you do as well. If we can combine them, it spreads our message and music. I do ask one thing of you though. I do want to know what should be made of the rumors I hear about. XWF is a company with many secrets and moving parts. Do you have something in the works for your opponent of the entire city of Kansas City.

Patrick Mahomes: Yes, I was going to mention that myself. You do know that our label requires no secrets. We have no issue with you competing in the company but understand that we don't need you doing silly things that will hamper you. Do you understand why that is so important?

Ring Master leaned forward looking back between the two men. He finished his steak and glass of wine.

Ring Master: Listen, you guys are asking me a lot of questions. You want to know about the rumors I get it but what kind of example would I set for the children if I told you what you wanted to hear. There has to be some type of mystery around the event or why would people watch it right? If something happens you will see it live. I could get mobbed, robbed or even be a job. Bad Medicine is a party to me. I am most relaxed when inside the ring under the spotlight. I don't have to focus on anything but doing my job. I love the thrill of pain. It brings me joy knowing I can fight through anything and still see the positive in it. May I ask you this. Why is a simple rumor so appealing to you? Do you not enjoy the surprise factor like true fans? Before you answer let me finish. You mentioned doing soundtracks for this company. That sounds amazing. You mentioned being an unstoppable force. Thats what makes me so intrigued with this. I am looking at my match and it's a shiny new toy. No one has opened him yet. No one has dented or bruised him. I get to be the first and that's exciting. This adventure of music, wrestling and the unknown is exactly what has me fired up.

Tech N9ne: This is good stuff man. We are not even at the match yet and I can see you getting worked up about it. Patrick can see the competitive nature in those eyes. He heard the music and knew how creative you can be inside the ring cutting a promo or outside dancing the night away. You truly have inspired all of us at the label to be more open minded. We do need to start wrapping this up though because Patrick has a game to play soon, and I need to make an appearance at the Kansas City charity event. Would you like to tag along perhaps, and we can continue this conversation?

Patrick Mahomes: Yeah, this has been fun. It had moments where I thought you might turn on us. Overall, though you seem to have a gameplan and that's the first step to victory. Now you have the weekend to find out how to execute it and then on Sunday, you put it into practice and do exactly what you said.

Patrick hands him a card.

You have my contact information now. So, if you ever need anything just reach out. Just understand that if we decide against signing you, I'm still a friend and fan.

Ring Master took the card sliding it into his pocket.

Ring Master: Thank you. This truly has been a better evening then I originally thought. This is going to be an eventful weekend and a celebration will be the perfect way to end it.

All three men split the bill and head downstairs out to the street. Ring Master and Tech N9ne slip into the limo and head for the local charity event. It will help Ring Master get me exposure as the scene fades to black.
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