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Miller Time: Inject The Cure
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11-17-2022, 07:55 AM

Chris Page and Charles Beckett walk into a Medical facility late at night in Detroit, Michigan just a few days after the latest XWF Wednesday Night Warfare episode which saw Bam and Cashe explode before their match at Bad Medicine but Bam paid a steep price when he was speared by Cashe off that production truck and ended up left for dead at the end but his partner and long time friend Chris Pge got him rushed to one of the best medical facilities in Detroit, Michigan so that he can receive the best treatment. It's only been a few days since Bam was checked in and Page decided it was time to check up on him with Bad medicine around the corner.

Chris Page: I need to get the prognosis on Bam. Bad Medicine is right around the corner..

Page and Charles take a turn down the bright white hallway as they pass several Doctors and nurses talking amongst themselves.

Charles Beckett: Sir Page, I'm sure you can trust these doctors with no worries. If anything you should be more concerned with Bam still acting like a rabid animal that gets himself wounded when he bites off more than he can chew. I swear if we don't get him to change his ways soon, he'll never achieve any sort of greatness.

As they continue down the hall Page shakes his head at Charles.

Chris Page: You’re preaching to the choir. I’ve tried to get him to cool his tits but you can’t keep him away from a good fight. It’s in his DNA, and nobody is going to be able to tell him otherwise.

Charles Beckett: So sad to see Bam let anyone have that type of power over him.

As Page gets ready to respond, they finally make it to two steel white double doors that says Medical Recovery room. Page and Charles flash a badge against the scanner as the red laser starts to scan it and then a ding is heard before the doors start to slowly open on their own and a bright light shines in their face for a moment and then the room becomes clear as we see several Doctors and nurses working at different stations but one Doctor working alone catches Page eyes and begins to walk over near him with Charles not far behind.

Chris Page: That's the guy I'm looking for.

As Page walks up on the Doctor whose ID says, Dr.Hyde, he extends his hand and gives him a nice shake.

Chris Page: Nice to see you again Dr.Hyde, this is my associate Charles Beckett, he's Bam's personal trainer and we both hope you got our guy back in good shape. What can you tell us?

Dr.Hyde grins with confidence as he walks them over to a two-way glass mirror that they can look into to see the room where Bam Miller has been placed in a hyperbaric healing chamber. He floats inside it with a bunch of fluid that helps heal him.

Dr.Hyde: His recovery has been going better than expected, I was going to call you about him later and let you know he should be waking up soon.

Chris Page and Charles get a good look at Bam through the glass and then with an unsure facial expression he looks over back to the doctor.

Chris Page: You sure that's safe for him to be in there? I've never seen this type of recovery treatment.

Dr.Hyde chuckles to himself.

Dr.Hyde: Oh please Page don’t worry about him, Bam is going to feel like a brand new person once he awakens. If anyone should be worried it should be the fool that put him in this condition. What was his name again?

Chris Page: The son of bitch name is Jason Cashe, or dick face as we call him. If Bam sees him again he’s going to make sure Cashe is eating through a feeding tube!

Dr.Hyde smiles sinisterly.

Dr.Hyde: I have to agree with that statement, Cashe is going to be in for a rude awakening when he sees Bam is without a doubt one hundred percent ready to go in the ring.

Just then an alarm sound starts going off and red lights starts flashing in the room Bam is in.

Charles Beckett: What in the bloody hell is going on in here?

Chris Page: He’s starting to twitch.

Dr.Hyde waves them off as he looks at his monitors and checks Bam's vitals.

Dr.Hyde: Oh calm down, he’s just waking up earlier than expected, and judging by his vitals, he’s mad as hell!

Bam's eyes open up suddenly like a bat out of hell and you can tell looking into his fiery eyes he’s pissed off. Bam starts to struggle with the medical Iv attached to him and then rips them off along with his breathing mask. He looks around for a way to open the door but finds no solution so instead, he creates him one……. BOOM! Bam kicks the hyperbaric healing chamber open and the fluid inside spills out.

Dr.Hyde: Damn it! That maniac is going to damage the equipment, someone get in there.

Chris Page and Charles Beckett move quickly to get the door unlocked to Bam's room. After successfully rushing in they see Bam walking out of the hyperbaric healing chamber with a cold death stare look on his face.

Chris Page: Chill out homie!

Bam looks around for a moment as if he’s looking for someone specific, his eyes slightly glazed over.

Bam Miller: WHERE IS HE?!

Chris Page: Bam it’s not time for Bad Medicine yet, you’ve got a good while before you can get your hands on him.

Bam shakes his head at Page.

Bam Miller: Naw I’m not waiting for Bad Medicine to get my hands on that ass clown. I feel fucking amazing right now and feel like I can whoop ten Cashes simultaneously.

Dr.Hyde looks pleased with Bams results as he walks up and scans him with some type of medical scanner.

Dr.Hyde: Yes, very good, excellent vitals right now.

Bam looks at Dr.Hyde with an unsure look and then proceeds to push him away as he looks over at Page.

Bam Miller: Who the fuck is this?

Chris Page: That's Dr.Hyde, he is the reason you're able to stand up right now and aren't still a busted mess from your recent free fall.

Bam looks the Doctor up and down and then looks at himself as he moves his arms and then jumps up and down for a moment.

Bam Miller: Well thanks Doc, My body feels like I've never had any damage to it, I think we should go give Cashe and Theo a little warm-up before Bad Medicine, what do you say Page?

Page shakes his head in frustration.

Chris Page:
That's not a smart idea right now, we need to get you back in the gym and make sure we have a good game plan going into our match. I’ll be damned if I drop another match to Pryce.

Bam looks at Page with disappointment as he shakes his head.

Bam Miller: FUCK THAT! I'm ready to go smash that bitch face in. You think I'm just going to rest until November 27th you got another thing coming. Cashe and Theo are about to find out what time it is and it's….

Before Bam could finish his catchphrase, his British trainer Charles Beckett rolls up his sleeve with a fed-up look on his face, and then once he gets close up on Bam he gives him a brutal slap across the left cheek..

Chris Page: OH SHIT!

Bam rubs his face and processes what just happened in his mind before his eyes turn fiery red and turns his attention to Charles Beckett who meets him with the same fiery stare.

Charles Beckett: If you want to fight we can fight but know this Bam you're still making the same mistakes that have led you to nothing but heartache losses. Just like I told you a few weeks ago on WGWF, you act like a rabid animal that has no control over their emotions and Cashe knows it. It's why he was able to get you fired up to fight him and then you paid for it when he took you out. It's like you don't realize that Cashe for all his shortcomings has total control over you and you don't even realize it because you think being the toughest and loudest in the room makes you the best when in reality and just like now it makes you look WEAK!!!

Bam bites his lip and then paces for a moment and then gets back in Beckett's face.

Bam Miller: You think you know me?!

Beckett smirks at Bam.

Charles Beckett: Yes I do sir Bam, I really do. You're a selfish person who would get himself injured before one of the biggest matches of his career and leave his partner Chris Page at a disadvantage!

Chris chimes in.

Chris Page: Let’s be fair here, I think it’s a far cry from a disadvantaged.

Charles Beckett: Page comes to your aide and you spit in his face with your actions and yet you think you've done nothing wrong. Son you have fucked up more times than any of us can count and yet you don't see it and still wonder why you are the same fuck up that crawled out of the dumpster your parents left you in.

Bam goes bright red but Chris Page gets in between them as he sees the situation going south.

Chris Page: Ok that's enough Beckett.

Beckett moves Page out of his way so he can look at Bam.

Charles Beckett: No sir Page I won't stop! You treating him like a child doesn't help his growth. It's why he can't ever reach the potential he has as a wrestler and more importantly it's why he can't control his emotions and focus on what really matters and that's winning. You don't even have to go back far to see where Bam has gotten in his own way. Just think about how Bam was so focused on destroying James Raven at Back To Relentless that he forgot the goal was to win and not punish and then he did the same thing with Atara when Championship gold was on the line and then again in the WGWF when he fell to John Cable.

Charles Beckett slaps his hands together and then calms down a little and looks at Bam with more sympathy.

Charles Beckett: I understand what you've been through in life and I know it was never been easy for you to get over but if you don't find a way to let that anger go or at least find a way to turn into a weapon, it will consume you and you will never climb to the top of the mountain like you dream. I respect the fight you have inside you but if you don't use your mind as well with your fighting spirit you'll never be able to win the big matches and that's all I want you to understand. You can't keep letting people like Cashe that hasn't contributed a damn thing to this business but talk shit and bring the prestige of the XWF down since signing. Theo did all this big talk on Twitter about Ned, Kido and Cashe and the only thing they were able to accomplish as a group was have a short little run with the XWF Universal Championship. That's it, these are the people you let get under your skin and make a fool out of you.

Charles pauses for a moment as he puts a hand on Bam's shoulder who seems to be calming down and listening to what Charles has to say.

Charles Beckett: You need to learn how to control your emotions and not the other way around and listen to the advice I give you and more importantly the advice your friend and partner for Bad Medicine gives you. Because Chris Page's legacy is concrete, he's a legend, Icon, Hall of Famer, and a GOAT in some people's eyes. A loss at Bad Medicine does nothing to his legacy and neither does a win but for you young lad this match can break you and send you down a path of being just a guy that can talk big but never deliver on what he says or a win in this match could be the launching pad towards a Hall Of Fame career like sir Page. This could possibly be your last chance to show the world that Bam Miller is no joke and that he can rise to the occasion when the lights are bright and all eyes on are on you but only if you start to take being a professional wrestler seriously and learn from your mistakes and make Jason Cashe pay forever think you two are even in the same league.

Bam lets out a sigh as he puts his hands on his head and paces for a moment while he whistles as if he's in a deep thought and then like a light switch he comes to a stop and looks at Page and Beckett with sincere eyes.

Bam Miller:
You're right I have been selfish in the way I act. I guess I just still feel like it's me against the world with no help. Being abandoned and growing up in the orphanage really fucked up my trust in people and even when people like you and Page try to show me love I reject if with hate and didn't really think anybody had my best interest so I just do things my way but I can see now that my way isn't good enough. You see my attitude isn't a weakness it's a strength because I never back down from anyone and I always go into a match guns blazing and wanting my opponent to know they are going to be in for a long night and that nobody will outwork me but at the same time I have to learn how to use that energy and passion in the right way. I can't keep going into matches blinded with rage because that's what Cashe wants and deep down I know that's why he does the things he does and why he likes to irritate me to get a reaction and hopes it throws me off my game.

Bam laughs to himself for a minute before putting on a slick smile.

Bam Miller: And I know this because I watched him use the same methods on another CCPE member and this isn't throwing shade or anything but his methods worked when it came to Martin and Cashe ended up winning that exchange but I'm here to tell you I'm not Martin by a long shot. Cashe and Theo are going to realize the more they move up the CCPE ladder the harder the fall is going to be when we knock their asses back down to reality.

Bam puts his arms around Chris Page and Charkes Beckett and brings them into a huddle while Dr.Hyde tries to look over the shoulder to listen in.

Bam Miller: I'm done taking second place and being left out of the best-in-the-world conversations. I'm all ears now and ready to learn to become a better wrestler with your guidance and come Bad Medicine we are going to start the process of eradicating the parasite known as Trilogy out of the XWF system and I will be the cure this company so desperately needs because Trilogy is a cancer that just keeps eating away at the XWF and turning it from what used to be the Mecca of Pro Wrestling is now being turned into a decaying wasteland that nobody even thinks twice about anymore because decision makers like Theo have their head up their own asses and can't see who actually makes this company shine bright in the time of darkness, but that's ok because come November 27th at the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City, Missouri we are going to bring this illness to an end by injecting CCPE into it's veins, the countdown to Miller Time begins and once the dust settles between us in this falls count anywhere match I guarantee you I will have my moment with there help.

Charles and Page nod in agreement and then Charkes walks over to the table and tosses Bam his gym bag with a smile.

Charles Beckett: Very good sir, now let's go put in some work and get you ready for WAR!!!

Bam lights up a cigarette in the hospital as the three of them walk out the room leaving Dr. Hyde alone as he covers his nose from the smoke.

Dr. Hyde: Now that's Bad medicine!

After the words leave his mouth the scene comes to an end.

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