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Thanks for submitting your player! Here's what to expect from here...

Now that you've posted your LFL Player's profile here, we'll review it and move it to the official LFL roster forum. When that happens, you'll have your user account opened up to some expanded sections on our forums with more options.

If you have any questions, or would like to check on your status, you are welcome to send a message to Vinnie Lane.

Welcome to the LFL!

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11-15-2022, 02:42 PM

[Image: Jazzy-Gabert-2022.jpg]
Jazzy Gabert

Player Information

Desired Team: New Orleans Angels

Desired Position: (1 offense, 1 defense): Offensive Tackle, Middle Linebacker

Jersey Number: 71

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 194 lbs

Brief Bio: Sigrid is a Swedish native whom grew up as a large domineering woman.  She trained a bit in professional wrestling, using her size and strength to make her way in the business.  She also tried her hand in MMA, but she faced against top contenders and fell to a 0-2 record before the company folded.  Now she's trying to try her hand at football, to see if her fortunes will change this time.

Player Strengths & Weaknesses

1) Strength
2) Size 
3) Fierce

1) English isn't her first language
2) Experience - she's not overly educated in American football
3) A little impatient

Best way to contact you: (I.E. Discord, Twitter, E-mail, etc.)

Twitter : @1AlexAndrews or @1PrettyVictory or in discord, PM for that info
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