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TORONTO FROST Agrippina Themis
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Atara Raven Online
The Goddess


XWF FanBase:
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11-10-2022, 08:15 AM

[Image: GeZTyzX.png]

Player Information
First Name: Agrippina
Last Name: Themis
Nickname: N/A
Off. Position: Running Back
Def. Position: Linebacker
Spec. Team: N/A
College: N/A
Years Played: N/A
Birthdate: 04/03/98

68 inches
140 pounds
Arm Length:
31.5 inches
Hand Size:
8 inches
66 inches

40 Yard Dash:
4.38 seconds

40 Yard (MPH):
23.09 (MPH)

20 Yard Split:
2.52 seconds

10 Yard Split:
1.60 seconds

Bench Press:
(N/A) reps (225 lb)

N/A (0-50)

QB Ball Velocity:
(N/A) (MPH)

Vertical Leap:
41.0 inches

Broad Jump:
113 Inches

20 Yd Shuttle:
3.62 seconds

Three Cone:
6.3 seconds

Shuttle Split:
(N/A) seconds

60 Yd Shuttle:
10.77 seconds

Four Square:
(N/A) seconds

Strengths & Weaknesses


• Has an excellent burst and second ger once she gets into open space.
• Is excellent at running and bouncing runs outside the tackles
• Is a good vision runner that doesn't get sucked into closing holes


• Isn't a threat our high volume option catching out of the backfield
• Will lose yardage trying to salvage plays
• Lacks size for continuous north/south running

[Image: kHJrY36.png]
Twitter: @AgrippinaThemis
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