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Wednesday Night Warfare - 11/09/2022
Author Message
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11-10-2022, 12:31 AM

11 - 09 - 2022

[Image: x9sL7ff.png]



- vs -
Singles - 1 RP

- vs -
Singles - 1 RP

- vs -
Singles - 1 RP

- vs -
Smokin' Bob Special - Warfare Rules
Glass Cage match but with a chamber filled with weapons in each corner that will open at random intervals
First person to bloody their opponent and throw them through the thick glass wall will be declared the winner

The camera flies past fans as pyro explodes! Fans show off the signs they worked so hard on!




... That last one seems like a plant.

HHL: "Hello everyone and welcome to Wednesday Night Warfare! But we have to cut to the Parking lot where a brawl has broken out between Bam Miller and Jason Cashe.

Pip: The bloodlust between these two just continues to grow out of control.

The camera crew switches to the AT&T Center parking lot in San Antonio, Texas where we see multiple security members trying their best to separate Bam and Cashe who both have their shirts ripped and can tell they’ve been going at it. Security still tries to hold them back but they both break away and they meet each other in the middle of the parking lot and start trading blows. Cashe rocks Bam with an uppercut that sends him flying into the front of a pickup truck and Cashe rushes in on him but Bam delivers a kick to the gut and bounces Cashes head off the hood of the truck.

Bam Miller: Told you I didn’t need a brick to kick your ass.

HHL: Security needs to get this situation under control.

Pip: The only people that could possibly stop this right now is the police.

Bam grabs Cashe and tries to pull him up and deliver a knee to his face but Cashe counters as he pushes Bam back and then rocks him with a headbutt so hard it splits both of their foreheads open and now both men are bleeding like a stuck pig.

Cashe: Aaahh the smell of copper!

Security comes to grab both men and separate them again but it doesn’t work as for a brief moment Bam and Cashe work together as they start dropping security left and right as they go back to back to clear the area.

HHL: These two are insane, they are only helping each other now, just so they can beat the holy hell out of each other.

Pip: It’s like a twisted love/hate relationship.

After the last security guard falls to the ground Bam and Cashe turn back to each other, both with smirks on their face with the blood come down as Bam cracks his knuckles and Cashe cracks his neck and then a hush falls over them before hell unleashes again and this time they go all out as Cashe unloads on Bam with stiff punches to the head for a moment but Bam hits a low blow on Cashe and uses this moment to get some breathing room away from him as he walks towards a production truck and starts climbing up the ladder but Cashe isn't far behind as he recovers and staggers towards the production truck and makes his climb up as Bam reaches the top.

HHL: This is becoming really dangerous right now.

Pip: Something tells me we are going to need medical personnel after this.

Bam waves for Cashe to make it to the top and then waits for him to get up on his feet and then they begin to trade punches again and even deliver some chest chops to one another. Bam gets the advantage when he pokes Cashe in the eyes and then kicks him in the gut and then delivers a DOUBLE SHOT DDT on top of the production truck and Bam gets up all fired up as he talks shit to a laid-out Cashe.

Bam Miller: Told you I lay your ass out next time I see you.

Bam walks over to the edge of the truck to look at the carnage they caused with a smirk on his face and then lights up a cigarette and takes a couple of puffs as he admires the view but as he turns around he hears Cashe's Voice as he comes charging at Bam.

Cashe: Hey, Asshole!

Turning back to face Cashe, Bam is speared right off the production truck and right down below onto a car and the IMPACT is loud and sends medical personnel running towards the scene and as they arrive Cashe and Bam are both laid out unconscious.


Pip: Page and Theo have to be worried about their conditions heading into Bad Medicine!

It shows Tommy in the shadows in a corridor somewhere on the X-Tron in a hoodie, then it fades back into the arena where the lights flicker and the camera see's him coming down to the ring in his jacket hoodie, with him waving a Kendo Stick around him. Then he nods his head to the beat, and he gives some fans some dap as he walks down to the ramp, then he slides into the ring, and gets on the turnbuckle and poses to the crowd with the stick in the air. Then he comes down from there, and stands on the corner leaning on the corner as his theme fades off.

Isiah King makes his way to the ring.

- vs -

Pip: "The match is about to begin, this should be a good match."

The bell sounds and it is Tommy and Isaiah walk around the ring, eyeing one another up.  King steps forward and so does Wish.

They walk towards one another, not flinching.

HHL: "It feels like it's the calm before the storm."

They walk straight up to one another without saying a word, eyeing each other up from mere metres away.  Then Wish smiles, before King does the same, and it is Wish who attacks first, he hits King with a FOREARM SMASH, and King stumbles backwards.  Wish follows up with 4 chops to King's chest, then grabs him and whips him into the ropes.   

King rebounds off the ropes, and goes running at Wish, he manages to duck under an attempted swinging clothesline.  He runs to the other side of the ring, and grabs the ropes to stop himself.

Pip: "Well the calmness didn't last for long, and it's Tommy Wish who strikes first, but now it seems to be a stale mate again,"

Tommy Wish smiles at Isiah King from the middle of the ring, and Isiah smiles back from where he is standing.  Suddenly King launches himself off of the ropes and heads towards a shocked Wish, but Wish manages to react first and grabs King and sends him flying with a JAPANESE ARM DRAG.

HHL: "Great move by Tommy Wish.  Keeping the pressure on King,"

Isaiah pulls himself up to the ropes as he lands on the other side of the ring, he quickly rolls out underneath the ropes to try and get distance between him and Wish.

Tommy Wish starts laughing, thinking he has full control.  He has started the strongest.

Meanwhile it's Isaiah who starts moving around the outside of the ring while trying to get a game plan going, as the referee starts the ten count.



Tommy Wish watches from the middle of the ring, and he is still laughing.


Isaiah makes his way from the right side to the left side.



He slowly climbs onto the apron as Wish makes his way slowly towards him.


King climbs back through the ropes, and it is Wish now upon him again as he grabs King by the hair, and lifts his arm up to punch him in the back of the head, but King drops to his knees, and one quick second, rebounds up off of the floor, and brings his fist upwards, and hits King with a hughe EUROPEAN UPPERCUT.

This rocks Wish and and he stumbles backwards.

Pip: "Wow what an uppercut from King, this should turn the tide of the match.

HHL: "Wish shouldn't have been acting jovial too much it spurred King on to make a comeback

King runs at Wish and hits him with a MISSILE DROPKICK, sending Wish into the ropes and King follows up with a running clohesline.

Wish hits the canvas hard.  King continues hitting Wish with multiple punches.

King then pulls Wish up to his feet by his hair, and hits a RUNNING BULLDOG.

Pip: "Looks like Isaiah King is now in complete control,"

The crowd is at full voice, chanting King's name.

Once again King helps Wish to his feet and heads towards the corner, where he hits him with a CROWN SHATTER aka Off-the-turnbuckle spinning discus elbow.

King then leaves Wish well alone as he heads over to the other side of the ring, yelling at Wish to get up.

HHL: "We all know where this is heading,"

Pip: "That we do..."

King keeps yelling at Wish, and finally Wish slowly gets to his feet.

King runs at a groggy and Wish and hits him with the GULLIOTINE OF DESTRUCTION (G.o.D) a.k.a A jumping DDT transitioning into a boddy scissor guillotine.

This continues into a pin, and the referee makes the 3 count.




Pip: "Just like that, it's all over!"


As King celebrates in the ring, one of our very own XWF camerapeople steps into the ring to get a close-up of King's smug grin before the shot flies into the King's mush and the feed cuts.

Pip: "That idiot just smashed a $10,000 camera!!"

Backstage head of production Todd Moschitti has a heart attack.

HHL: "That didn't look like an accident, either!"

The attacker throws the broken camera down onto King's crown which explodes into pieces. He then places a boot firmly onto King's chest and pulls down his hood facing the hard camera.

HHL: "It's John Madison Junior!!!!"

The crowd pop in a mix of cheers and boos.

Pip: "Guess the rotten apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. He's going to be facing Isaiah King this upcoming Savage for the Television title!"

HHL: "A very disgusting sight, indeed. I expected better of John Madison Jr., but here we are. I only hope Isaiah is 100% come Savage..."

Warfare fades to commercial on a slow zoom of JMJr's wicked smile.

The lights go out. The sounds of music and a snorting bull fill the arena as smoke rises from the stage. The lights return to the arena and Buster Gloves rises from the floor of the stage as the words "BUSTER GLOVES" play on the tron. "Burn", as played by Stabbing Westward, plays as blue and white lasers bounce around the arena

A black and blue training mask attached to his face, Buster scans the audience. You can’t see many of his facial features, but it’s undoubtedly him, the Bull of the North. He checks his chin, by giving it two short punches with a black padded glove on his left hand. The letters W.I.F.E. (Wrestling is Forever) printed on the backside of it.

HHL: Buster Gloves looking very ready and determined tonight. He’s got a strong opponent, but he looks confident about his odds tonight.

Pip: Hard not to think that way, Heather! Buster’s gotta be feeling on top of the world right now! He figured out that Rat King Finn was behind the screwjob at Relentless, he rekindled his friendship with Peter Vaughn, he dropped Finn on his neck at the Tara Fenix Charity Event… now it’s onward to bigger and better things for him!

HHL: Yes, well… he’s got to get through the test in front of his way first.

Buster descends the ramp high fiving kids, pointing to the cheap seats up top, and bouncing his head to the music. He crawls up the ring steps like a silverback gorilla, wipes his shoes on the apron and ducks in under the top rope into the ring. Then side hops a circle around the ring before coming back to center. He removes his mask and checks his chin one more time as he poses for the hard cam.

The entire stadium goes black as the song begins. Slowly, the X-Tron begins to show scarce, glowing embers, the light of each one illuminating smoke growing at the entrance of the ramp. As the song continues, more embers are seen until a large fire is displayed on the screen. The ramp then glows Ned's famous blue, revealing a silhouette in the smoke. Slowly stepping from the fog is none other then Notorious Ned Kaye. He stops for a moment, calming himself in front of the clamoring crowd. He lifts an arm, eyeing the stands to watch the many audience members who follow suit. With a single smile, he drops his arm and rushes towards the ring, slipping in from under the bottom rope, picking himself up immediately.

Pip: It’s been rather rough for Ned Kaye these past few shows, hasn’t it? Couldn’t get the job done against Peter Vaughn at Relentless for the Supercon-

HHL: The correct term is screwed, Pip.

Pip: Semantics, Heather. Anyway, then he got roped into business with having to deal with a literal gorilla, got pinned in last week’s triple threat match… I’d say this is a must-win for him here.

HHL: Well, this match is going to be one to watch then! Recent win-loss record aside for both of these guys, they’re two brilliantly exciting performers to watch, and-

HHL: …That’s Xavier Lux’s music. Buster Gloves’ opponent for Savage this weekend - what is he doing here?

Pip: You sound so hostile, Heather. Why not wait and see what’s going to happen?

HHL: It’s rarely ever a good thing when it comes to the CCPE…

The lights in the building start to flicker, matching the opening riffs and drums of Disturbed's 'The Infection'. After the intro, a brief pyro explosion goes off in the entrance and as lyrics of the song begin, Xavier Lux steps out from behind the smoke left by the pyro. He stands there sporting his finest street gear but always sporting a black CCPE T-shirt. In his hand he holds a steel chair which he carries with him as he makes his way down the ramp, keeping his focus on the ring and both competitors who are eyeing him, not happy he's interrupting the start of their match. Once he gets to ringside, he finds a good spot to open the chair up and place it down so he can sit.

Pip: See, Heather? He just wants a front row seat! And who can blame him considering this match is about to get started?

HHL: Xavier Lux knows what he’s doing! Buster Gloves is clearly having to keep eyes in the back of his head, here!

Pip: Looks like he is a bit paranoid… but right now, I’d say that’s a personal problem on his end.

Once the ref realizes he is not going to get involved, he calls for the bell and the match gets started.

- vs -


HHL: Oh, can I not wait for this… Ned Kaye! Buster Gloves! Two big names here in XWF - one homegrown, one arriving! These two are going to tear the house down!

Pip: Ned’s gotta use his head here if he wants to get the win, but considering Xavier Lux is right outside the ring watching this match, I don’t think it’ll be that hard to get inside of Buster’s head here.

The two sides circling around the ring, Buster shooting a look at Lux as he moves, prompting the ringside spectator to hold up his hands innocently to indicate he isn’t really going anywhere. Buster turns his attention back to Ned, and- LOCK UP! The two struggle for position, but it’s Ned’s superior technical acumen that allows him to go behind and get a waist lock tied in here!

Buster struggles behind Ned, trying to throw a sharp elbow to get him off. Ned ducks the strike, and delivers a hard slap to the back of Buster’s head! Buster juts forward from the impact, but does not fall. Ned tries to roll Buster to the ropes now to lean into a sneaky pinfall and get a quick win, but Buster shows excellent ring awareness! He grabs onto the top rope, holding on tight as Ned rolls back and over his shoulders onto his feet before Buster goes in with a HARD gut kick! Ned doubles over from the impact.

HHL: Buster giving as good as he’s getting right now!

Pip: I’ll hand it to him! He’s taking the circumstances of this match better than most would right now!

Buster doesn’t let up for a second, looking for an Irish Whip on Ned! Ned comes back off the ropes - ducks and slides underneath the lariat attempt - both sides turn to face each other - step-up enzuigiri by Ned - ducked by Buster - Ned lands on one foot still - AND BRINGS IT UNDERNEATH TO SWEEP BUSTER OFF HIS LEGS!

Fast and furious undertaking here from both sides, but now it’s Buster who’s having to adjust quickly as Ned is right back on top of him! He delivers a harsh knee to the side, trying to keep his momentum up. However, he’s quickly taken by surprise as Buster grabs the knee and instead shoots in for a DOUBLE-LEG TAKEDOWN!

HHL: Ned Kaye clearly wasn’t expecting that! Now he’s down on his back and having to try wriggling out from underneath now!

Pip: Fists of steel, Heather, fists of steel! Buster Gloves is gonna try using them to cave Ned’s face in unless he can do something-

Pip’s commentary is quickly interrupted though by the roar of the fans as Buster SMASHES A HAMMERFIST RIGHT ON TOP OF NED’S FACE! His lip quickly gets busted and he has to turn his head in order to prevent another clean punch from striking him as Buster’s second fist grazes him!

Pip: Like THAT, Heather! Like THAT! Ned Kaye is gonna be feeling that pressure right about now!

HHL: Still early in this match, but Ned’s got a lot of ground to cover here especially if he’s having to work from underneath like this!

Buster eventually lets up, picking Ned up by the hair and throwing him to the outside of the ring! Ned lands hard right in front of Xavier Lux, who leans in with a renewed interest in the match, but does not make an effort actually to get involved in the proceedings. Buster heads to the outside of the ring, and the two share another glare at each other before Buster refocuses on Ned.

HHL: Hey, Pip… call me crazy, but I have a bit of an observation to make here.

Pip: Go on, Heather…




While Buster delivers a sharp, clubbing forearm to Ned’s back to keep him hobbled on the outside, the referee’s count begins.

HHL: Well as you know, Peter Vaughn’s ties to Chris Page is well documented, being a part of the CCPE.

Pip: Right…

HHL: And of course, Xavier Lux is in the same boat as he’s also a part of the CCPE.

Pip: What are you trying to get at, Heather?



Ned manages to come back to life, getting back into things and nailing a TOUGH Arm Drag right to Buster on the outside of the ring! His back lands against the mats hard, and just like that, momentum has shifted once again!

HHL: I just think it’s… odd. Peter Vaughn has taken Buster Gloves under his wing, so to speak, yet the man in the same group as him has come out here in an attempt to get ringside scouting, and if the fact that Buster Gloves keeps looking at him means anything, likely get mind games done too. And he’s inadvertently supporting the same man Pete screwed out of the Supercontinental Championship at Relentless with the help of Bam Miller!

Pip: C’mon Heather, that’s crazy! Do you really mean to tell me you think there’s some friction about to be forming within Chris Page’s group? They’re all driven to succeed! And they’re going to do it their own way!

HHL: I don’t know what we’re really seeing here, but it can’t be good.

Ned keeps his mind on the match at hand, delivering another sharp knee to Buster’s midsection as the count continues.



Not wasting any more time, Ned grabs Buster by the hair and rolls him back into the ring so the match can continue. The fans are very much into this match, getting dueling chants for both men going which has Ned nodding his head to try and feed off of their support. All he needs to do is just… focus.

Buster is on one knee, trying his best to get up, and Ned goes on the attack. Sharp, slicing forearms go right at the skull, forcing the ex-MMA fighter to have to get his guard up against the assault! It’s not enough to fully ground Buster, though, and Ned tries to spin for momentum so he can go for a roundhouse!

BUT BUSTER DUCKS IT! Ned rolls back around awkwardly on his feet as Buster gets up to his feet - TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP KICK! Ned gets thrown back into the ropes, coming back on the rebound now as Buster sees his opportunity! He goes in-!

HHL: HEARTBREAKER! That heart punch just landed square on the chest! Ned’s having to hold on now and is clearly feeling the pain!

Pip: Said it before Heather, and I’ll say it again. Fists. Of. Steel.

Xavier Lux gives an approving nod at ringside, seemingly satisfied with what he’s looking at. Buster sees the opportunity, trying to go for the pin and the win here…




Buster looks irritated on his face, checking with the ref to make sure everything’s accurate. The ref repeats clearly for Buster that he only got two, and the Bull of the North nods to himself, knowing he needs to get back on offense as Ned is taking this precious time given to him in order to recover.

Pip: Sloppy discipline from Buster here. I thought he had this match won, but he’s gotta stay on top of things here!

HHL: I don’t think it’s hard to blame him. It was a really close count there, but what’s more important is that this is a huge chance for Buster. He technically won his first XWF match against Finn Kühn at the Tara Fenix Charity Event, but this can be his first win inside an actual XWF ring!

Pip: Well, don’t count your chickens before they hatch…

Buster grabs Ned up by the hair, and he’s not wasting any more time himself! He’s trying to lock in his patented Standing D’Arce Choke - the Soul Crusher! He can end this match right now if he just locks it in, but Ned grabs the incoming arms by the wrists and is trying to use whatever strength he can to prevent the submission hold!

HHL: This is good wherewithal by Ned Kaye too, though! He has a lot to prove himself! He’s got to get back on his winning ways by beating Buster Gloves and get himself in line for another Supercontinental Championship match!

Pip: Easier said than done to get out of this though, Heather! Look at Ned’s wimpy arms trying to hold off the submission hold!

Ned’s arms are squirming! He can’t hold off Buster’s arms for long, but this test of strength allows him to get to a standing position and truly meet the taller and heavier Buster Gloves right in the eye! Neither man is backing down here! They’re truly trying to find each other’s limits right here! Buster tries to-


HHL: Desperation move there, but it paid off in spades!

Pip: Ned deserves more props than I was willing to give a few moments ago for actually getting out of that relatively unscathed!

Buster slumps to his knees after the harsh Bicycle Knee from Ned Kaye, and Ned sees this is his time to shine now! He pumps up the crowd as he points to the top turnbuckle, and Buster is seeing stars right now! Xavier leans in his seat, amused by what’s going on as the fans are going wild right now!

Ned Kaye gets right onto the top turnbuckle, and he’s got Buster in his sights! Buster is slow to get back onto two feet, and this might be the beginning of the end here!

HHL: Ned Kaye’s looking for that ever-dangerous Ego Crusher! He’s gonna be looking to curb Buster’s ego and his chances of winning right here, right now!



Pip: HOLY-! Ned just got his FACE caved in there!

HHL: That’s going to leave a mark in the morning! It’s a miracle he’s still moving considering how fast he was going in the air!

Pip: He might not be moving for long, though, Heather…

Smelling blood in the water, Buster Gloves sees his chance to put this match to bed once and for all! He grabs Ned’s almost-limp body up by the hair, and he takes this chance to FINALLY lock in the SOOOOOOOOOOOOOUL CRUSHERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! The devastating D’Arce Choke is locked in tight!

Ned tries weakly reaching out to the ropes, but it’s no use! He’s right in the middle of the ring! He tries to move, but Buster YANKS him over and keeps him right square in the middle of the ring! He’s cutting off the oxygen supply now! What will Ned do…?!



HHL: A very impressive performance there by Buster Gloves. Ned Kaye is no pushover, and he got an important victory - his first in an XWF ring!

Pip: Well, if all goes well and Buster sticks to his new-found partnership with Peter Vaughn, I’d say it’s going to be the first of many, Heather!

Buster celebrates the victory in the middle of the ring, nodding respect to Ned Kaye as he’s busy recovering from the near-lethal choke and having to get back to breathing. He raises his arms, celebrating with the fans, before looking back over…

…and sees Xavier Lux standing on the ramp by his chair, still. There’s a confident smirk on his face as he locks eyes with Buster Gloves, and just… applauds him. Buster gives a hard squint at Xavier, but makes no motion of his own. It’s simply a motion of respect from one competitor to another as Xavier folds up his chair and heads to the back.

HHL: Xavier Lux and Buster Gloves are going to be facing each other this Saturday night on Savage. You can’t miss it, folks! Buster Gloves can’t wait to knock Xavier Lux off his perch judging from the look in his eye!

Pip: Will the Mechanic’s guidance enable Buster Gloves to yet another win? We’ll soon find out!

Centurion starts in the ring.

The strong beat of Art of Blade begins to reverberate throughout the arena as the fans begin to get on their feet and cheer for who's about to come out. Before long, the sight of the King in Rags, Finn Kühn, comes out to a strong ovation. He looks out amidst the area, his kingdom for tonight as he smiles.

His pace as he comes down to the ring is slow, even and measured. As the commentators discuss amidst themselves about recent events and the upcoming match, Finn surveys the area one last time as he steps into the ring.

As Art of Blade reaches its chorus, Finn thrusts his arms up to the air, posing passionately for the fans as afterwards he settles into a game face, picking a corner and getting ready for what is to come.

- vs -

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The two encircle one another and grapple immediately. Kuhn takes the advantage early catching the veteran Centurion off guard.

Pip: Finn wants to prove himself hear... Maybe after seeing the proof of last week he should prove that he isn't a piece of shit.

HHL: I’ve been told that Finn has a twin brother named Flim.

Pip: ... That's stupid.

Cent manages to twist out of the hold and tries to throw him to the ropes with an Irish Whip but Finn reverses and prepares to hit Centurion with a closed fist which drops Cent to the mat, Finn keeps ahold of Centurion's wrist and transitions onto the ground with an arm wrench before performing a Greko-Roman transition and standing to his feet before Centurion's head.

Pip: Finn pulls out all the stops to show off.

HHL: It looks more like Finn is trying to show he's a real competitor and the look on Centurion's face right now shows he wasn't prepared for The King in Rags.

Finn hits the ropes as Centurion begins to get up and nails Centurion with a sliding dropkick which knocks Cent senseless. Kuhn covers!




Kickout by Centurion! The two stand back to their feet and Cent hits a dropkick of his own that sends Finn into the ropes. Centurion drops him with a drop-toe hold and locks him in an Ankle Lock. The official drops to his knees to Finn, who scrambles quickly and gets a hold of the ropes.

HHL: Quick moves by Finn, no one wants to be in an ankle lock from Finn.

Pip: Bet Ruby doesn't mind being in one.

A quiet slap against the chest is heard on the commentary table. Centurion is told to let go of the hold and does, he backs off from Finn Kuhn and awaits his next move as Finn gets up. Centurion charges in on Finn, who drops down and pulls down the top rope as Centurion falls down to the canvas. He hits his head on the apron hard and slumps on the outside.

Pip: Oh, that hit him HARD! Finn, buddy! I think you got this match won! Just stay in the corner and WIN!

The official is starting his ten count, and Finn Kuhn paces the ring waiting for Centurion to enter.




A scowl is settling onto Finn's face as Centurion is on all fours, trying to find his bearings. It's hard while he's feeling dizzy, though...




Finn starts to shake his head and eggs Centurion on but his opponent is still dazed, clutching the back of his head.




Finn leans between the middle and top rope and motions for Centurion to get back in the ring. But it's too late as the official calls for the bell as Centurion was unable to get back in the ring in time.


Finn throws his hand down and shakes his head as his music plays.

HHL: Finn doesn't look too happy. He was really looking forward to this match, but a win's a win.

Pip: ... Is anyone gonna help out the old man with a possible concussion or are these people just gonna cheer on Finn?

Warfare fades out to commercial.

Goth can be seen standing backstage as he is confronted by the camera

Goth: Hiya folks, it’s time for Goth to explain. You see last show Atara Themis was rather upset over the fact that I did not challenge her in the 24/7 Xtreme title rules… Seriously Atara??? Do you want me to lower myself to do something that every fat ass idiot can do??

He shakes his head before looking back up again

Goth: You see Atara, I could lower myself in doing exactly just that. But I am the one that wants to win the championship belt on a proper show, too bad for you to being unable to hold on to that belt for just a bit longer so that I could take it away from you. But I guess your legacy as the champion has come to an end as Karma was really a bitch huh???

He smiles as he shakes his head before pushing his hair back and remains silent for a moment

Goth: I will get that championship belt Atara, as I am apparently the man that is slaying every single XWF legend that I come across. Your fate is just allowing to extend the inevitable. And I am the inevitable….. See you later Atara…

With that Goth walks off.

Atara starts with the glass cage.

Tig O'Bitties: About to enter the arena, standing in at 6’4 and weighing in at 239 pounds!!!

The words fade as we hear the Church bells cling before the guitar riff starts playing along with the choir singing. The music builds up to where finally Corey Taylor can be heard. The name Goth emerges upon the titan tron, but the man only walks out after Corey Taylor can be heard screaming the words: “I’m finally holding on to letting go!!” As explosions go off on the side of the entrance stage. Goth stares at the crowd as his fiancé Melissa emerges behind him.

Tig O'Bitties: Currently residing from Manhattan, New York!!! He is the King of Kings!! Goth!!!!

Goth lifts his head upwards to the ceiling while extending his arms, a smirk emerges upon his face as he listens to the mixed reactions. After a few seconds, he looks back ahead of him towards the ring walking slowly, totally ignoring the fans who are trying to touch him as he walks to the steel ring steps. He enters through the glass door and paces the ring walls. He then gets to his corner and stares down at his opponent as his music slowly fades.

- vs -
Smokin' Bob Special

Ding! Ding! Ding!

HHL: And we are underway! This match was meant to be for the Xtreme Title but...

Pip: It's been passed around more than Roxy Cotton?

HHL: I wasn't going to say that, but yeah.

Goth explodes from the corner and catches Atty by surprise; slamming her into the chamber into the corner. Caught between a rock and a Goth, Atara tries to forearm her opponent but Goth gets the first hit in with a headbutt! The back of Atara's head slams into the chamber pod and Goth transitions into an Irish whip and Atara slams into the opposite pod.

A buzzer sounds off earlier than expected and the pod behind Goth opens up; he peeks inside and throws a steel chair into the center of the ring and then reaches further into the pod to and retrieves a small black bag.

Pip: Oh shit, that's never good.

Atara gets to her feet and puts up her fists as Goth holds the bag in his palm before opening it and letting tacks fall out onto the ground.

HHL: That's one way to bloody someone, looks like Goth is aiming to make quick work of the former Xtreme Champion.

Atara runs in and glances Goth with a big boot, Goth stumbles back but doesn't go down as he kicks Atara in the gut and...


The Twist of Fate lands and Atara goes head first into the thumbtacks! She flails on the ground in agony as Goth hisses in pain taking tacks out of the back of his arm. Themis bleeds profusely from her forehead as she make her way to the steel chair in the center of the ring; Goth gets to his feet and goes to Atara's feet who swings back with the chair and catches Goth in the temple!

Goth crashes into the glass wall and the ring shakes, the fans begin to pick up as Atara seems on the offensive but the celebration is cut short as Atara swings the chair again only to be caught off guard by a haymaker from Goth!

The chair drops to the mat and Goth spins Atara around before planting her with...


Onto the steel chair and Atara is busted wide open!

Goth sits up to a chorus of boos from the crowd who begin to chant "ATTY SMASH!" in repetition, Goth smiles taking it all in before grabbing a handful of Atara's now red hair and lifts her up into a powerbomb aiming towards the glass wall...



Atara flies through the shattered glass and lands hard on the outside!


Goth stands over the battered and bruised Atara Themis, he grabs her head and pulls her face towards his as he leans down and smiles.

Goth: Karma is a bitch, and I just made you mine…

With that, Goth lets go of Atara and walks off as the camera turns toward the announce team...

HHL: This feud is far from over!!!

HHL: Well everyone, we thank you for sticking with us up to this point. It’s been a wild ride tonight - so many explosive matches, and Bad Medicine is looking more and more stacked by the minute!

Pip: Really can’t wait to get to it by this point, I gotta say…

The fans stand up, booing, as “This Time It’s Different” by Evans Blue begins to play. There’s less fanfare than usual on the entrance, as Peter Vaughn steps out of the back in street clothes, rather than his normal wrestling gear. He still smiles at the reaction, as if hearing the cheers in his own mind, before walking calmly down to the ring.

HHL: A big surprise here, as Peter Vaughn is making an unannounced appearance!

Pip: Can he do that? Shouldn’t it have been cleared or something?

HHL: You want to go tell that guy he can’t be here? Be my guest.

Pip: I would, but, you know… new shoes.

Vaughn slides into the ring and easily gets to his feet, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a mic. He doesn’t even wait for the music to completely fade before speaking.

Vaughn: Well, well, well… a wonderful night we’re having here, isn’t it? And all for a dying television program. Charlie sure didn’t waste any time killing this place, huh?

Heavy boos are heard after this statement, not that Vaughn really cares.

“But before we’re finished here, we’ve got some business to take care of in the coming weeks. For that. I want to introduce one of the new stars of the XWF brand. He’s a man that I’ve seen become a force in other federations, and I have no doubts that he’s going to start ruling over this company and bringing in plenty of championships. Let’s bring him out now with an ovation worthy of his talent. Ladies and gentlemen… BUSTER GLOVES!!”

The lights go out. The sounds of music and a snorting bull fill the arena as smoke rises from the stage. The lights return to the arena and Buster Gloves rises from the floor of the stage as the words "BUSTER GLOVES" play on the tron. "Burn", as played by Stabbing Westward, plays as blue and white lasers bounce around the arena

Buster Gloves walks out of the back, wearing the gear he wore earlier in the night. He hasn’t bothered to shower up, still looking ready for another brawl. He heads for the ring, giving out a few high fives along the way, as Vaughn patiently waits for him to enter.

HHL: We saw Buster in action earlier tonight against Ned Kaye in an amazing match-up! I didn’t expect to see him again tonight.

Pip: Sometimes here on Warfare, we deliver a two-for-one…

Vaughn goes to shake Buster’s hand, but shifts to a shoulder pat when Buster doesn’t look too inclined. Vaughn then turns him towards the audience, smiling.

“It’s good to have you here, Buster. I know you’ve been pretty steamed lately, after what we all found out a few weeks ago: how Finn Kühn set you up in your I Quit match at Relentless.”

Vaughn shakes his head, as the boos are rather mixed now, since many of the fans like Buster, but very few are willing to cheer for The Mechanic.

Pip: Why are they booing him?! He’s RIGHT! Finn screwed Buster out of a hard-earned victory! And Peter Vaughn was the righteous friend who came in to save the day after Finn nailed Buster with that Swan Song after the unveiling!

HHL: You and I both know that elbow came out from sheer instinct! Still, the footage is damning regardless… but what’s Vaughn’s aim right now?

Vaughn: Well, Buster, you know I’ve been a fan of yours for the last few months. We’ve been put into teams elsewhere and thrived. So I wasn’t going to sit back and let this transgression pass without punishment. I just came from the backstage offices, and I’ve negotiated a plan that I think will be greatly to your liking.

Buster looks over, a little suspicious, wondering what Vaughn’s worked out. He smiles, showing the clipboard he had under his arm, which had gone mostly unnoticed to this point.

Vaughn: As you can see here, Buster, I worked a pretty sweet deal for us. You see, management would love to see you get your revenge on Finn at Bad Medicine. But they couldn’t just arrange another match between you, without something new added to the pot. Instead, they accepted my suggestion… for a Triple Threat.

The crowd reacts, interested in seeing this one. Buster head cock towards his right shoulder to the other and raises an eyebrow. He grinds his teeth and takes a deep breath before throwing a look to the audience.

“I’ve already signed it, as you can see. Once you sign it, we can force that liar Finn to sign it as well, and it’ll all be set. And you know, Buster, the rules will say it will be every man for himself. But you know… it doesn’t have to be that way.”

Vaughn smirks, as he hands the clipboard over. Buster studies the contract closely as Vaughn forces a pen into his hands.

Pip: So really, what Vaughn is suggesting is a Handicap match!

HHL: But there still can be only one winner. Surely Buster doesn’t believe that Peter would just give him the victory.

Pip: Hey, he said that he wants to see Buster succeed. Who’s to say he wouldn’t let the guy have the PPV win? It’s not like Peter still needs to make a name for himself here…

“Just think of it, Buster. You and I, working together again, pounding down this deceitful bastard in front of a sold-out crowd. It’ll be glorious! Just put your John Hancock on there, my friend, and we’ll make it all happen. It just takes-”

Finn Kühn slowly makes his way from out of the back to the tune of Art of Blade, but there’s none of his usual enthusiasm behind it. Instead, he slowly shuffles his feet towards the ring, eyes somewhat sunken as he stares directly at Peter Vaughn with a microphone in his hand.

Pip: Well, would you look at that, Heather! I didn’t expect the Rat King himself to have the balls to come out and actually face these two strong friends like a man after how he got his chest caved in last Warfare!

HHL: Well, Finn has never once backed down from a fight, and I don’t think that’s going to start now. He’s coming back out here after a strong and decisive win over Centurion earlier in the evening, and judging from the look in his eyes… he might be ready for more.

Slowly, as Finn saunters down the long ramp, he raises the microphone to his lips amidst the scattered boos from the fans.

“Vaughn… this stunt of yours is the worst mistake you’ve made for these past few months now. I’m going to tell you why…”

Finn leans forward again as he continues to walk, speaking very slowly, and in a voice that seems almost like a sing-song tone.

“I’ve got the truuuuuth…”

Pip: What the Hell is Finn going on about?! We saw the footage ourselves last Warfare! Surely he can’t be suggesting-

HHL: Pip, look at the tron!

The lights go out.

Darkness reigns over the arena.

From the top of the AT&T Center, spotlights come down, keeping the focus on Finn, Buster and Vaughn while the tron behind Finn flares to life. It’s a now-familiar sight to the XWF fans - it’s the footage that was unveiled last Warfare that had Finn in the production truck before his match at Relentless.

Relentless Night 3 Production Feed Said:The video blurs for a second, then seems to zoom in. We see someone speaking to one of the men in the control room.

“Listen, it’s simple. When he’s locked in a submission hold, you end the match with this recording.”

“B-But, sir, I can’t legally do that…”

“You’re being paid plenty of money. That makes it ‘legal’.”

“That’s not the point, I-I…”

The wrestler slams the man into the wall, this time turning enough so that the fans, as well as Peter and Buster can really see who’s the man being shown properly…

HHL: Oh my God…

Pip: This isn’t right!

Relentless Night 3 Production Feed Said:IT’S NONE OTHER THAN PETER VAUGHN!

“If you make me, I’ll go to your ‘replacement’ and have them do it. I really don’t care.”

The control worker frantically nods his head, agreeing to save his skin. The video cuts out.

THE FANS ARE BECOMING UNGLUED AT THIS REVELATION! There are heavy boos being rained down right at the Mechanic. Vaughn looks as if he’s seen a ghost! Buster slowly turns his attention back to Vaughn, in disbelief of what he’s seen!

Pip: No, no, no! This CAN’T be right! What about the footage shown last Warfare?!

“You covered your tracks well, Vaughn. But thanks to Little Feather and Liam Desmond, I was able to find out about the true footage that you bribed Production to never speak about, that you stole from Security, and you doctored to make it look as if I was the one responsible. You better be ready to repay that ten times over.”

The fans are whipped into a frenzy as the lighting returns to normal! The match is in the balance of being made for Bad Medicine as they speak, but they wanna see all three men collide RIGHT NOW! Finn stops right outside the ring, still staring at Vaughn!

HHL: Well, Pip. Is that good enough of an explanation for you?

Pip: I-I’m sure that Rat King’s been planning something this entire time-!

HHL: Planning to show the truth, more like!

Vaughn is shaking his head rapidly, already beginning to adjust to this new revelation. He turns to Buster, immediately denying that this footage is real. He mutters something about deep fake technology… but Buster isn’t hearing it. The look of absolute betrayal is painted on his face. With a burst of justified fury, he rushes Vaughn, tags him between the eyes with a left jab and cracks him right in the sternum with the Heartbreaker!! Vaughn staggers backwards and crashes into the ropes. Buster’s on autopilot now. Stalking Vaughn, who’s clutching his chest and gasping for air. Buster threads his hand under Vaughn’s arm and crank’s on his neck. The Soul Crusher!!!

HHL: He’s choking Peter Vaughn out!!

Pip: No, Buster! Wait! Don’t automatically believe Finn!

HHL: Why shouldn’t he? I’d say Finn is a lot more trustworthy than Vaughn!

Vaughn wiggling around here trying to get free, but it’s no use. Buster’s got the submission hold locked in TIGHT, fingers cinched, and hips pissing on the ceiling. Vaughn tapping, but Buster just has a thousand yard stare. Finn does not move a muscle, and has been mostly validated by this chain of events.

Vaughn’s tapping on Buster with his free arm, but Buster won’t relent. DING DING DING DING DING. And security starts making their way out from the back! Buster still squeezes the life out of Vaughn in a blind rage as Vaughn’s other arm goes limp.

Pip: This is inhumane! People have gotta stop this!

HHL: You can’t say Peter Vaughn doesn’t deserve this, Pip! He’s been outed as a liar and a cheat right here tonight!

Pip: I WILL say he doesn’t deserve this! NOBODY deserves this!

Security enters the ring and Buster drops Peter’s body like a sack of potatoes. The crowd is going wild at this point. Cheering on the attempt to choke a man to death. Buster picks up the clipboard and shoots a look at Finn Kühn. He motions to the time keeper’s table for a microphone.

“Finn. You want to come down here for a minute? You and I need to have a chat.”

Amused and curious, Finn gives a wry smile and makes a first step towards the ring, soaking in the redeeming cheers from the crowd who now understand just how much deception Finn Kühn and Buster Gloves have had to work with during the past few weeks. Buster grants him the moment and just waits, microphone in hand, Peter Vaughn being tended to by medical personnel directly behind him.

Finn is careful not to take his eyes off the ring while coming forward and slowly climbing the ring steps. He’s fully aware that he’s entering the ring with a man whose entire concept of reality has just been turned upside down.

“First of all, I just want to say, to the XWF fans around the world, the guys in the back who have welcomed me, Theo, Vinnie, and to you Finn… Thank you… and I’m sorry. I made a lot of accusations. I felt like I was being treated unfairly. Like something was being stolen from me, and I lashed out. I owe you an apology, Finn. I hope you can find it in you to accept it.”

The only response Kühn returns is a coy shoulder shrug as if to say ‘maybe I will, maybe I won’t.’

HHL: Finn doesn’t seem to be in the best mood himself, but it’s an improvement from before…

Pip: Doesn’t he realize Finn is just manipulating him?! The real victim is lying on the ground still!

“To this low-life piece of garbage on the mat, Peter Vaughn, I apologize for nothing. I trusted you. You lied to me. You’ve done it over and over to me and I was too naive to realize it was happening. You’ve accomplished so much in your career, but you’ve done it the wrong way. And now you’re gonna pay. I was dumb enough to believe your lies, but you were dumb enough to sign a contract for a handicap match.”

Buster pulls up the clipboard within reading distance, puts it in his mic hand, and signs it, with enough aggression that any normal paper would rip.

”I’m going to Bad Medicine to do some dirty work on Peter Vaughn. Teach him a lesson about how to win and do it clean. And I think Finn Kühn deserves a spot in that match. He deserves to be in that spotlight just as much as I do. And I think it’s time that we put this whole thing behind us. One match. Three men. One winner. And a heavy debt to be paid by this mischievous mechanic. Sign the contact, Finn. Do the match. I need you to be there. What do you say?”

Pip: I’m shuddering to think about what’s going to happen at Bad Medicine for Peter Vaughn now…

HHL: As they say, Pip… Karma’s a-

Heather is cut off by the rabid applause from the fans as they whoop and holler and cheer the signs of a mending relationship ongoing between these two men. The clipboard with the legal document explaining the stipulations and conditions of the match is extended out to Finn Kühn, who doesn’t accept it immediately. Instead, Kühn allows the audience to weigh in on the proposed match. As it turns out, they really want to see it as well. Vaughn deserves what’s coming to him.

Finn Kühn still hasn’t responded. He takes the clipboard being offered to him, and he goes over to the downed Peter Vaughn. The medical staff try to get in his way, but Finn just places one firm boot right on the side of his head, pressing right on his ear as he leans the clipboard onto his thigh. He signs the document, throws the clipboard right on top of Vaughn before giving his head one last STOMP! And he squares up to Buster one more time…

HHL: Looks like things haven’t been completely mended with Finn and Buster!

Pip: Surely Buster’s gotta be realizing things now, right?!

Buster actually smiles a little, nods, steps forward one step and offers out an open palm.

HHL: Guess not…

Finn also takes a step forward, but doesn’t accept the handshake. They share a long and uncomfortable staredown that might escalate into a hate crime or a man hug, but neither happen. Instead, Finn gives a slow nod at Buster out of a mixture of anticipation and respect, before stepping backwards, dropping to his back, rolling out the ring, and proceeding to casually backpedal up the ramp as Warfare fades to black.

Special thanks to everyone who helped write matches and sent in segments

The GM Team
Bam Miller
John Madison Jr.
Xavier Lux

And everyone who roleplayed for this cycle!
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