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Wednesday Night Warfare - 10/12/22
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10-12-2022, 08:58 PM

10 - 12 - 2022

[Image: x9sL7ff.png]



- vs -
Singles Match - Warfare Rules

- vs -
Singles Match - 1 RP

- vs -
Singles Match - Madness Event

- vs -
First Blood Match - Warfare Rules

The show opens with explosions and fireworks and a bunch of cool shit. The crowd roars as the camera sails over them as they show off their hand-made signs.





HHL: "Hello everyone and welcome to Wednesday Night Warfare! We have a great show for you here as always with matches like MADNESS invades Warfare!"

PC: "Yup, two randos from the green brand have made their way to the red! Most likely to see what it's like to wrestle in front of a sold out audience.

HHL: "Pretty sure Madness draws even numbers with Warfare and Savage, Pip."

PC: "Whatevs. We also got Goth vs Mercy, battle of the edgelords in time for the spooky season. Sadly only in a singles match but I can guarantee some bullshit is gonna go down."

HHL: "And in our main event bad blood has turned into first blood."

PC: "Nice."

HHL: "Thanks! As Finn Kuhn takes on Charlie Nickles in what is sure to be an incredible match."

PC: "no doubt but up first that loser Ned Kaye is going to lose to a Gorilla."

The scene slowly fades to black as the roars quiet down and we go backstage to see Ned Kaye lacing his boots.


The voice belonged to Jason Cashe. It startled Ned Kaye as he came barrelling into the room. Cashe was wearing a zip up hoodie.

Ned Kaye: "Did you just call me Neddy?"

Jason Cashe: "I did. How you feeling? You ready for tonight? I'm excited!"

The match was scheduled to be the first match of the night. Time was ticking down to the final seconds and Ned was finalizing his boots and had his head down.

Ned Kaye: "As ready I can be. As ready as someone can be fighting an actual Gorilla.."

On the bench near the wall of lockers, Cashe finds someone's bags. They didn't belong to Ned and inside Cashe found a sandwich. He smelled it to better determine if he was gonna eat it. He takes a bite, shoving the food into his cheek as he notices a few missing people from the scene.

Jason Cashe: "Where is Theo? Kido not here?"

Ned Kaye: "Kido isn't here but Theo is dealing with PETA.. They are here in protest!"

Jason Cashe: "So thaaaaat's why it's opening the show! Makes sense. People get mad when you slap around a monkey in public.. Rules against it I'm sure."

Taking another bite of the sandwich, Cashe tosses it to the floor.

Jason Cashe: "Ooohh you think you'll get arrested? I will punch a cop for you man.."

Ned laughs.

Ned Kaye: "I appreciate that but I think I'm more concerned about the Gorilla. I thank you for being here though!"

Jason Cashe: "Yeah man, no worries. I am a fan!"

He started unzipping his hoodie and the shirt Cashe had on underneath was that of Koko the Gorilla. The Gorilla knew sign language and was friends with Robin Williams. What's not to like?

Ned Kaye: "Thanks man! I am a fan of yours as well!"

Cashe's mouth turns donut hole motioning for an 'Ooohhhh' as he hurries to zip up his hoodie to hide the shirt Ned hadn't yet seen.

Jason Cashe: "Yeah man, you got this!"

Letting out a long sigh, Ned pushes to his feet. He was finished and knew his call time was approaching. He needed to be at the Gorilla Position before he went out and fought a Gorilla. A real one. This was no time for Monkey Business. Ha!

Ned Kaye: "I gotta go. It's time.."

Jason Cashe: "Want me to play Ring Valet? Joss might be mad but I mean.. Gorilla!"

Ned laughs.

Ned Kaye: "No, no, I got this. I appreciate the offer though!"

The two slap their hands together, shaking and coming together with a shoulder bro hug.

Jason Cashe: "I'm gonna go find Theo.. I'm gonna take PETA's side.."

Ned snickers as he heads through the locker room door and leaves.

The entire stadium goes black as the song begins. Slowly, the X-Tron begins to show scarce, glowing embers, the light of each one illuminating smoke growing at the entrance of the ramp. As the song continues, more embers are seen until a large fire is displayed on the screen. The ramp then glows Ned's famous blue, revealing a silhouette in the smoke. Slowly stepping from the fog is none other then Notorious Ned Kaye. He stops for a moment, calming himself in front of the clamoring crowd. He lifts an arm, eyeing the stands to watch the many audience members who follow suit. With a single smile, he drops his arm and rushes towards the ring, slipping in from under the bottom rope, picking himself up immediately.

A literal Gorilla makes it's way to the ring.

- vs -
Singles Match

After a few seconds of silence waiting for A Literal Gorilla, Ned Kaye takes the mic from Tig O' Bitties.

"As I said in my promo, I'm not going to jump through hoops, balance on a wire or bounce balls on my nose. I don't belong in the same circus that Vinnie Lane forces a Gorilla to perform in! This company has gone to shit, not only disrespecting me but a living, breathing fucking animal! I don't have to take that shit, YOU don't have to take that shit!"

Ned Kaye points to the crowd as a wave of applause sounds off.

"I refuse to dance to the organ grinder. So what did I do? ... I freed Willy."

Ned points to X-Tron showing footage of Ned opening A Literal Gorilla's cage and enticing him out with a banana for him to escape. The great ape slowly creeps out of his confinement as Ned makes steady paces back, his hand outstretched as he avoids eye contact with the gorilla to not agitate him; as Ned makes his way to a nearby fire exit, slowly creeping it open wide and tosses the banana outside to the parking lot as the gorilla bounds past Ned slams the door shut. A smile grows on his face as he dusts off his hands and the scene fades back to the arena. A mix of cheers and boos are heard from the crowd as we go back to Ned in the ring.

PC: "Wait... But I wanted to see the monkey fight Ned!"

HHL: "Gorilla, Pip, and I honestly respect Kaye for doing this. It's 2022, we should definitely be above man vs beast."

"So, everyone who was disappointed by not watching me fight an animal. Grow up. Watch Animal Planet if you wanna see a slaughter, I'm not taking place in one."

Ned drops the mic to the floor to a mixed reaction.


Kaye's music hits as he exits the ring and walks up the ramp.

PC: "Wait... So there's A Literal Gorilla loose in Orlando right now?"

HHL: "... Oh shit there is! Well, Ned's heart was in the right place."

PC: "That nefarious S.O.B! Now King Kong is loose! I bet he's heading straight to Disney World!"

The show comes back from a commercial break as “Unsainted from Dlipknot hits as Goth wslks out to a mixed reaction, clearly still shaken up a little from his match he had for the Xtreme title. He looks around for a moment before heading over to the ring

HL: Goth had a tremendous outing at the PPV, sadly for him Atara walked out as champion.

PC: Hadda, coulda. The bottom line is, I losta boat load of money on this guy!!!

He steps through the ropes and asks for a microphone. He stares at the crowd for a few moments before addressing them

Goth: Not so long ago I entered a bloodied fight with three other names for the Xtreme title, I gave it my all. But in the end I came out of the match empty handed. And normally that would piss me off big time, butI have found peace into knowing that the champ just wanted it a little bit more than I did.

The crowd react by chanting Atara’s name, causing to nod in recognition before gesturing them to silence as he has got more to say.

Goth:congrats on your victory, but even thoughI recognize the fact that you walked out victorious on that micbt. It made me wonder, what if???

There is a silence

Goth:/b]Now before people start to think, I am not a vengeful man. I do not look back in anger for the remainder of my live, yet…. What if?? You see without making excuses, because petty those ghat assume I am going sit at home and cry, because I rather fight. And fight is sxactly the word I was seeking Atara, a fight we had. A fight where I know it could have been me, perhaps it SHOULD have been me. But its not, something that is been eatibg away at me since the very first day I woke up realizing I didn’t lose because I failed…,

He stares into the camera.

[b]Goth: I lost because you were better than me, something I applaud you, but Atara… I want to know if… IF!!!! The result will be the same if we tangled again, just without the others to merely annoy us in theconquest of who is the better of the two in round two. Because deep down inside neither of us are convinced upon who decisively the better one is… And no, this is not me begging for a cheap tirle shot, I am asking for an opportunity for a shot at you, for me to be capable off in whether my thoughts are true and whether I should walk away knowing I could beat you. Making the question of whether you tryky are the better one or not a rekevant one. But until that day will come, I shall turn my attention of regaining my ways by facing Mercy tonight…But I await your answer Atara….

With that Goth walks off as his music hits

HL: Goth just challenged Atara for a fight!!!


Tig O'Bitties: About to enter the arena, standing in at 6’4 and weighing in at 239 pounds!!!

The words fade as we hear the Church bells cling before the guitar riff starts playing along with the choir singing. The music builds up to where finally Corey Taylor can be heard. The name Goth emerges upon the titan tron, but the man only walks out after Corey Taylor can be heard screaming the words: “I’m finally holding on to letting go!!” As explosions go off on the side of the entrance stage. Goth stares at the crowd as his fiancé Melissa emerges behind him.

Tig O'Bitties: Currently residing from Manhattan, New York!!! He is the King of Kings!! Goth!!!!

Goth lifts his head upwards to the ceiling while extending his arms, a smirk emerges upon his face as he listens to the mixed reactions. After a few seconds he looks back ahead of him towards the ring walking slowly, totally ignoring the fans who are trying to touch him as he walks to the steel ringsteps. He gets on the ring apron before opening up the top and middle ring rope for his fiancé Melissa as she steps through them. He then steps in the ring and stares down his opponent/awaits his opponent as his music slowly fades.

The words "They only want you when you're 17, when you're 21 you're no fun...." appear in dark red letters on the 'tron before cutting into the thrashing death metal sounds of "Severed" by Kittie. The Tron comes alive with graphic shots of plastic surgery interspersed with shots of blood dripping on a bright white surface. Mercy appears at the top of the ramp, walking slowly and with a purpose towards the ring, where she slides under the bottom rope.

- vs -
Singles Match

Ding! Ding! ding!

The bell has rang as both wrestlers circle each other in anticipation  for the other to make the first move. Goth, the larger and more experienced wrestler, extends his left arm in an attempt to see whether Mercy wants to lock their fingers with each other. Only to have her back off at the final moment while screaming profanity towards him that he ignores.Goth circles around the woman, who stands in the middle of the ring while slapping his hands across his chest as he suddenly gets in her face. The size difference is noticeable, but Mercy doesn’t back down from the veteran. Slapping him across the face with an open hand strike, causing Goth to turn away for a moment while rubbing his hand across his jaw and a smile appears on his face as he turns his attention back to Mercy.

[b]HHL:I think Mercy should think twice before hitting him again like that.

But Mercy sets herself up to hit him again, only to have Goth block it this time and manages to hook her arm behind her back as he has spun her around with her back towards him. There he holds her in a Hammerlock before pushing her into the ropes and lets go off her, allowing Mercy to turn around and stare at him with an angry look on her face as he smiles in retaliation.

PC:But to anger HER??? I am not so sure whether THAT is a smart move on Goth’s part!!

Mercy charges in on Goth, who manages to hit a drop toe hold, before locking her into a headlock in the middle of the ring as he intends to ground Mercy. Who manages to slip out of his hold and locks in a Dragon Sleeper while driving series of elbows into the chest area of the veteran wrestler

HHL: Mercy intends to strike hard and fast!!! Will Goth be able to get out of this predicament????

Goth manages to wrap his hand across the head of Mercy, forcing her face to be pulled forward before driving a series of knee strikes into the face. This causes her to let go of the Dragon Sleeper as Goth and Mercy get to their feet nearly at the same time. Goth charges in towards Mercy, who executes an impressive Spine Buster out of nowhere before going for the cover.



Goth kicks out at the count of two before Mercy locks in a reverse chinlock on Goth, letting the fabric of her outfit scratch around his face as he slowly manages to get to his feet while the whole time being locked in the chinlock by Mercy. Goth wraps his arms around her waist and drives her down with a modified Suplex as that forces her to relinquish the hold that she had on him.

PC:Get your damn hands off of her you damn dirty Goth!!!

HHL: Let me guess, you had another Planet of the Apes marathon???

Mercy sits up immediately, shaking her head from the impact before having Goth wrap his powerful arm around her chin and locks in a chinlock of his own. Mercy is reaching forward towards the ropes in the hope of forcing the official to break the hold. But she is too far away as Goth grinds his arm tighter and tighter around her chin. The official checks in on her trying to see if she wishes to give in, but refuses. We see her fingernails dig in deep into his flesh before starting to bite his arm. This causes Goth to let go and both of them get to their feet at the same time as Mercy charges in on Goth. Who catches her by the waist before executing a Belly to Belly suplex in the middle of the ring and then goes for the cover.



Mercy gets her shoulder off the canvas at the count of two, Goth grabs her by the arm and pulls her up to her feet. Setting her up for a Snap Suplex, but Mercy blocks it and then manages to reverse the hold as she escapes and attempts an abdominal stretch on the larger man. Who quickly uses his power to break free and executes a hip toss in the assumption that she would crash down on the canvas hard. Only to surprise Goth as she manages to land on her feet and then surprises Goth as she wraps his hand around his throat for a Choke Slam

PC: Chokeslam coming up!!!

HHL: No!!! Goth manages to block it!!!

The larger and much stronger Got elbows himself out of the predicament that Mercy wanted to put him in. Goth pushes her into the ropes before setting her up for an Irish Whip where he executes a picture perfect Spine Buster that drops Mercy on the canvas where we see her body bounce off the canvas due to the impact of the move. Goth goes for the cover




Mercy manages to get her shoulder off the canvas in time, only to have Goth immediately react to her as he locks her into a Sleeper Hold while pulling her up to her feet.

HHL: Sleeperhold is locked in!! Often a prelude for…

Goth drops backwards and then locks his massive legs around the ribs of Mercy as he has locked in the Gothic Dream. The official is checking in on Mercy, checking whether she can continue with the match. Noticing that her eyes are slowly fading as her struggling arms lose more and more of their intensity before closing her eyes as the official calls for the bell to be rung

[color=whitePC:Damnit!! Goth has cost me some more money!!! [/color]

Goth finally lets go as the bell has rang and his name is being announced as the winner of the match



The hard camera cuts backstage as Theo Pryce is walking after some Businessmen in Suits, real fancy stuff.

Theo Pryce: "We have the proper permits!"

The main Suit stops and turns around just as they reach the parking garage doors.

Suit: "That's a fucking ANIMAL! I don't care if you have a permit. We at PETA will see you in court!"

Theo Pryce: "The gorilla left! The fuck you getting on my case for?"

PETA Associate: "So now a gentle creature is loose in the city!?"

Theo Pryce: "In my defence there was some zoo people waiting at the main entrance for the gorilla... No one's fault that the thing left out the back."

PETA Associate: "We are disgusted! So are the people.. Let me show you!"

Turning, the PETA Associate pushes the metal door open. In the parking garage was a group of Animal Rights protestors. Their voices roar out in displeasure for the abuse of animals. Theo squints as he looks out into the crowd of people.

Theo Pryce: "Cashe?!"

Sure enough, among the gathering was Jason Cashe. He wasn't wearing the hoodie from earlier but was in full display with his Koko the Gorilla T-Shirt as he fist pumps and hollers!


Theo Pryce: "I swear…"

Turning to face Theo again, the PETA Associate gives Theo a grin.

PETA Associate : "This will be remembered as the black cloud that formed over this entire company.."

Theo Pryce: "Hahahaha yeah, you clearly don't know the product.

PETA Associate: "Let's go. You better hope that Ape isn't hurt!"

With that, the three PETA Associates leave into the garage and disappear behind the crowd of protestors. Cashe joins Theo inside the building, the door closes behind him.

Jason Cashe: "I think I'ma go get a steak after this.. Medium rare. You hungry?"

With no real verbal response. Theo just shakes his head before leaving the scene with Cashe rubbing his stomach.

Air raid sirens begin their cries of warning as the arena is plunged into darkness. As they reach their crescendo, and begin their fall, a single spotlight cuts through the dark, illuminating Holden who is standing statuesque, just this side of the threshold of the entrance curtain.

Just like their signal of warning in the real World, in A.W. they are a warning that the “Bastard” is making his way to the ring. When the spotlight first shines on him, he has his head down, chin on his chest and his eyes closed. The sirens begin winding up their pitch for the second round of screaming. He lifts his head and his face is void of emotion, his eyes black pools of nothing, similar to a great white's eyes.

Tig O'Bitties: Making his way to the ring; standing at six feet, five inches tall and weighing in at just over three hundred pounds! He hails from San Luis Obispo! He is “The Bastard!” Hoooooldennnnnnnn RRRRRRRRRRoosssssssss!

The sirens are relentless as he strolls down to the ring. He takes his time climbing the ring steps and wipes his feet before entering the ring. He brings his hands together in front of his chest, in a praying position. He then removes the ski mask, chain, and jacket and tosses it out to the ring girl. When the referee attempts to check him for contraband, Holden gently pushes him away and leans into his corner, apparently bored.

Tig O'Bitties: "And his opponent, hailing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 210 pounds, standing at 6 foot exactly, he is YOUR IDL CHAMPION! ELI-JAH COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPELLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNND!!!!!!!!!!"

The camera pans around the sanatorium battle zone. Just then there was black, gold, and white flickering as "Breaking Through" by the Wreckage hits the speakers on the arena.

♪ Sever every tie
Untangle every lie
Your words don't mean anything anymore, no
Never satisfied ♪

Just then Elijah is seen coming through the Curtains and the fans begins to boo. He has the XWF "Title name" Championship around his waist. He is seen wearing a black muscle shirt with "The Copeland Era" written on the front, black and gold trunks with Copeland written on the back in gold, black knee pads, black and gold boots, white wrapped up hand on his left hand, black wrist tape on his left, black dog tag with "Elijah Copeland" written in it, and a black sweatband up his arms with "Copeland" written in gold. He put his wrist together and gets a huge smirk on his face. He looks around and nodes.

♪ But I won't compromise myself for you
Anymore anymore, no
You're so complicated
I'm so over it ♪

He starts walking down the ramp as the fans continue to shower his boos. He stops and looks at the crowd and giving off a slight smirk and laughs as their misfortunes. He bad mouth the fans before getting down to the ringside and stopping on the ringside mat. He walks towards the steel steps and breathes in.

♪ Don't tell me everything is all right
(I know you know)
Don't tell me how to live my life
I'm breaking through tonight ♪

He slaps the steps a few times before walking up them. He walks alongside the edge of the ring. He enters it and walks towards the turnbuckle.

♪ You can crash and burn this time
As I leave it all behind
These scars won't breathe anymore anymore, no
Sounds like goodbye ♪

He looks at the fans as he slowly takes off his shirt and throws it to the outside. He points at the fans before getting down and moves to the corner. He then removes the title around his waist and put it on his shoulder. He looks at the ramp waits for his opponent.

PC: "Holy shit what an entrance! You see that guy had lyrics!?"

HHL: "They do it big on Madness, Pip."

- vs -
Singles Match


Both men meet in the center of the ring and begin to encircle one another, Copeland reaches his hand high for a test of strength which is met by Ross; the two grapple and Ross begins to take the advantage so Copeland releases a hand and let's Ross fall into him and getting a cheap shot with a forearm to the side of Ross' stomach. Holden drops the test of strength and holds his gut as Copeland drops to a knee and slaps the shit out of Ross! Holden stumbles back as the champ follows up with a step-up axe kick! His foot blasting his opponent's temple and Holden drops to the mat; Copeland goes quickly for a tight pin holding Ross' pants.



Holden powers out of the pin and the two separate.

HHL: "Copeland is showing why he's the champ here. Quick authority and cheap tactics."

PC: "Not cheap if they work and considering he's the champ, it fucking works. It's actually smart considering Ross has the power advantage."

Ross backs away from a swipe from Copeland and returns with a snap jab which is then returned by Copeland! Ross swings his body around and forces the champ to the ground with a nasty clothesline! Copeland drops gasping on the ground but can't have a rest as Ross grabs a handful of Copeland's locks and drags him to his feet but Elijah stops what the challenger was planning with an eye rake! The ref immediately gets involved giving an earful to Copeland who plays dumb!

PC: "Look at the acting! Ah! Palms facing to the ref, that look of confusion. Chef kiss!"

And while Copeland is distracted Ross comes in for the tackle which is reversed into a DDT! But Holden Ross stays on his feet with Copeland's full weight on him he lifts the champ up high and spins around dropping Elijah with a brutal spinebuster! The mat shakes at Elijah immediately rolls onto his side clutching at his back!

Ross cracks his neck and picks Copeland back up and lifts him high into the air for a vertical suplex!

And he stalls for a lifetime!

The crowd grow impressed giving out a large round of cheers as Copeland is stuck in the air.

HHL: "Jesus Christ this must be a record."

PC: "I think my kids will graduate college by the time Ross drops him."

HHL: "I never knew you had kids, Pip."

PC: "That's because you never ask about ME, Heather."

And before Heather can roll her eyes, Holden Ross falls back delivering a gorgeous suplex to the champion who bounces almost a foot into the air! Cradling his back once more as Ross goes for the pin, Copeland exits the ring, rolling under the bottom rope and taking a breather on the outside as he rubs his back and complains to the ref. The crowd begin to boo as Ross places his hands on his hips watching as Copeland walks around the outside shouting absurdities at the fans at ringside while the ref counts him out.

PC: "Look at this classic bad guy shtick! I love this guy! Need to watch Madness more."

Copeland waves off the ref and begins to leave, still holding onto his back.

HHL: "Even by count out, he's gonna stay champ. Ross needs to move if he still wants a chance!"

As Copeland reaches the ramp he turns around to give a final fuck you to his opponent but is shocked as Ross is sailing through the air towards him in a suicide dive!

The crowd go wild as the two collide and the ref begins to count both men out!


Ross begins to get up first, a hand on his head as he took a nasty bump. Copeland is flat on his back.


Ross looks to his opponent, then the ring, then to the mats over the concrete on the outside.


Ross begins to pick up one of the mats and moves it out the way as he then begins to drag Copeland over the concrete.


HHL: "Oh shit! You wanna see something classic, Pip?"


Ross climbs the apron and get to the top turnbuckle.


PC: "HAHA! No fucking way!"


And Holden Ross leaps into a diving elbow!


And Holden smashes into the concrete as he holds his shaking arm in agony! Copeland laughs to himself before returning to the ring.


Copeland smiles on the inside and taps his temple to a chorus of boos.


As Copeland talks shit to the booing crowd Holden Ross barrels to the ring cradling his elbow; a vein popping from his head as rage powers him forward.

Copeland turns as Ross gets in the ring and gives a quick kick to the gut as Ross reaches him and wraps him up in a double arm DDT giving an extra wretch to Ross's injured elbow before driving him into the mat!

Copeland pushes Ross onto his back and goes for the pin!





Copeland is shocked as Ross rolls to his side, protecting his arm. Copeland stands up and screams at the ref, holding up three fingers. The ref gives back but Copeland won't let go giving a theatrical slow three claps and mocking the ref before turning back to Ross while giving a roll of shoulders. Copeland slices his boot across Holden's face before giving a succession of kicks to Ross' elbow. The ref gets in Copeland's face again warning him while trying to protect Ross' wellbeing. Copeland waves him off and rolls his eyes; grabbing Ross' beard and dragging to his feet and placing him into another DDT position.

HHL: "This could be it for Ross!"

Copeland looks into the hard camera and signals he's going to end this but Ross wakes up and lifts Copeland off his feet and throws him over his head with a mighty roar! Copeland hits the mat and immediately gets back up and goes for a superkick! But Ross counters, dodging the heel and going low grabbing Copeland's other leg and lifting him high into the air with just one arm before slamming him into the turnbuckle with a powerful buckle bomb!

Copeland bounces off the corner and lands face down, kicking his feet in pain as his back seizes up. Ross breathes heavy and rolls his bad arm before picking up the champ and throwing him over his shoulders before running!


As Ross is about to hit his running death valley driver, Copeland reaches a hand out and grabs the nearby ref and drags him down with him! Copeland landing clumsily on top of the ref who is out cold!

PC: "Oh my god I'm gonna fucking cum! What a fucking genius!"

HHL: "I hate to admit it but that was clever."

Ross falls to his knees too and pushes Copeland off the ref and gives him a few slaps to wake him from his slumber. Copeland crawls forward and tumbles to the outside. Holden Ross shouts in the refs face to get up and he finally begins to stir, Copeland is on the outside and places his back against the apron as he sits. Ross shakes his head and drunkenly walks to the ropes and reaches over to grab Copeland's hair but Elijah throws his arm back and reveals the kendo stick! Nailing Ross in the crown of his head who falls back through the ropes!

Elijah Copeland uses the kendo stick as a crutch to stand, still cradling his back and slides into the ring. Ross holds his head and steadies himself as the ref gets to his knees looking away from the pair; Copeland swirls the kendo stick around and looks to the ref then to Ross.

Copeland throws the kendo stick at Ross who catches it and then the champ drops to the mat with a loud thud.

Ross is holding the kendo stick in confusion as the ref turns around and puts two and two together.


HHL: Copeland you piece of shit!"

The ref calls for the bell!


Copeland's music hits as he puts on his best act and shakily gets to his feet to raise his hand with the ref, alligator tears as the crowd boo him. Holden Ross sneers ands his hands tighten around the kendo stick which he rushes Copeland with and breaks it apart smacking away at Copeland's spine! Over and over and over!!!

Ross throws the handle away and pushes the ref away before grabbing Copeland by the hair and picking him up with a powerbomb before running towards the ropes and throwing Copeland onto the exposed concrete outside!

The crowd go wild!

Chants of holy shit echo around the arena as Copeland stays motionless on the concrete looking up at the lights. The ref tries to stop Ross but Holden knocks the fuck out of him with a gnarly haymaker.

Ross then goes outside and gets to Copeland and gives him a small kick to the arm, Copeland doesn't move at all and Ross puts the final nail in his coffin by picking him up once more.

HHL: "Oh God, Ross don't!"



Holden Ross stands back to his feet, spitting on the ground before leaving. The music stops and cheers turn to murmurs as Copeland seems seriously hurt. Ross walks up the ramp as officials run down to meet Copeland, one of the other refs throwing the 'X' up and calling for a stretcher.

PC: "Well... Way to go Ross, you just became the reason why we're not gonna have another Madness match on Warfare."

Warfare fades to commercial holding on Copeland's dazed face.


Warfare comes back from commercials. The crowd begins to boo as on the screen we see Chris Chaos, sitting there in his ICONOCLAST tee shirt and Jenny next to him in what looks like a paint stained black hoodie.


He has a shit-eating grin on his face, clearly happy with his actions at the Pay Per View.

Pip: I never thought I’d see that ugly mug on XWF programming again.

Chaos: “I can’t believe they still have a midget as their head play-by-play man.”

Pip: “So, you are pretty proud of yourself and what you did to Raion Kido at Relentless aren’t you? Just basking in it. I figured as much. But I have to ask…..with as much of a title mark as you have been throughout the years why didn’t you attack Flynn? Lord knows you’re gonna come in and want a title match you don’t deserve.”

Chris laughs.

Chaos: Oh Pip…..that’s why you get paid the big bucks! What you fail to realize and understand is that people grow. They change. They switch their priorities. If I wanted that title from Flynn I would take it before he could get his ring boots tied. I have won countless titles in countless other feds. For me, right now, its about more than gold.”

Heather: So what is it about for you, then?

Chaos: Oh, hello Heather. Glad to see Pip actually lets you speak on the broadcast.”

Jenny, waving: “HI HEATHER!”

Chaos: But if you may know….I am here to save the XWF. I am here to bring that edge back….that killer instinct they are missing. So many good champions have come through here…every single one driven out when they refused to play the game. Look who we have now……Flynn, he’s just the best of a bad situation. But nobody has made me sicker to hold the strap I made famous than Raion Kido. Why do you think Jenny drafted him first overall? Why do you think she played nice the way she did? He was getting a massive push, disgustingly, when he really hadn’t accomplished anything. I got to see Raion up close and personal. I know what makes him tick. I know what he will do and what he won’t do. I did what I did to Raion because I was sending a message–the XWF needs a hero, and he isn’t it.

Pip: Funny you mention that. Your track record against top talent isn’t exactly stellar. Jim Caedus, Robert Main, Alias, anyone with an idiom of Main Event talent…..they are all gone. Now, of course, you choose to come back when everyone who has made your career a running joke here is gone. How convenient. So tell me, big guy, what are you going to do when Raion Kido comes a knockin and wants his pound of flesh from your ass? Hmmm?

Chaos laughs again.

Chaos: “You really are a passionate little man, aren’t ya Pip-squeak. Let me tell you the problem with that…..I am not employed here, and according to Theo Pryce, I won’t be employed here. Raion can stomp his feet all he wants but he isn’t getting a match. Until I have an XWF contract, he can’t touch me, either. I am a civilian so unless Vinnie wants a lawsuit longer than his mullet, Raion is going to just have to suck it up, isn’t he?

Pip: “Funny you ducked the talent comment.

Chaos: “I just don’t entertain bullshit. All Time Top 50, every major belt this company has, a Uni run for the ages, a win total almost doubling the loss record……a first ballot Hall of Famer when the day comes. I have made it this far, and done this much, do you really think I am going to let someone who doesn’t even come up to my belly button question my motives? I think not. I am still the best in the world at what I do and what I am doing from this moment forward that is making Raion Kido’s life an absolute living nightmare. The path of destruction I will cut through XWF will be like nothing seen before, and if the white knight wants to be the true hero of the XWF….well…..he’s gonna have to do it my way.”

He laughs, Jenny laughs.

Chaos: “Now, if you don’t mind, we have a plane to catch, Ready to go home?”

He looks at Jenny. She nods.

Chaos: See you in Vegas, Pip squeak.

Jenny blows a kiss and waves as Chaos gives one more satisfied smile before the live feed cuts.

Pip: God I hate that guy.

Heather: Pip, unfortunately, that is exactly what he wants.

Art of Blade begins to riff through the arena, and with it comes none other than Finn Kühn.

HHL: And here comes the King in Rags!

Pip: I gotta admit, Finn's been going on a bit of a bit of a tear since he's came back - win or lose - but he's still gotta get that big victory to cement himself here.

HHL: He's certainly going to be looking to do just that tonight against none other than Charlie Nickles. Nickles has a large target on his back given how controversial he is, but if Finn manages to do the unlikely and knock him off here...

Pip: Yeah... something tells me I doubt that's gonna happen.

HHL: You never know...

Looking out through the crowd area, drinking in their mixed reaction to the new yet familiar sight of him, he smiles. He wastes little time in walking down the ramp, letting the crowd reaction flow in through one ear and out the other, before coming to ringside.

Finn gets up on the apron before dusting his boots off. After showing the proper respect to the mat it deserves, Finn heads in. However, instead of settling in a corner as he typically does, he... calls for a microphone...?

HHL: Looks like he's got something to say...

Pip: This better be good...

[b]"Cut- Cut the music, cut the music, please,"
Finn says as he makes a cutting motion with his hand across his neck. It takes a few seconds for the production crew to follow up, and silence flows through the PA system, leaving only Finn and the excited crowd to lend their thoughts.

"It's been an... interesting few weeks, I think everyone would say," Finn says as he begins to pace around the ring, his face set and stern as he speaks. "I've had a bit of an up and down experience with my time in the ring so far, but I think what's more important there is the shifting landscape. We've had several new champions crowned at Relentless. Stars are looking to cement themselves once again. And even a certain asshat-" the crowd interrupts Finn at that moment, booing wildly as they know exactly who he's referring to, "-has finally come back from his hidey-hole to try again at things."

HHL: The fans clearly having no love lost for Chris Chaos, especially with how he hijacked the ending of Relentless.

Pip: Oh please, it's amazing that he's back! Finn's just jealous Chaos was able to go in and make his presence known in the main event - besides, didn't Finn also just come back from his own hidey-hole?

HHL: I think he's preferring to climb the rankings through more honorable methods...

"We all hate him, believe me, I'm with you there - but I'm here to talk about something more personal during this time," Finn spoke, raising his free hand to try calming the crowd. He begun pacing around the ring, taking wide steps as he measured his words.

"See, the fact of the matter is, I've been fighting like Hell just to get a footstep back on the mountain, but the thing is... both of my two matches I've won while back so far have been by rather... dubious means outside of my control." The fans boo at this reminder as Finn holds his hand up while adding in an occasional "It's true."

"I'm not afraid to admit that fact, but what's more important is the fact that I don't like the fact that things are ending up that way. Jenny Myst stuck her nose in my business in my return match and managed to distract Lexi Gold. I don't think that would have changed the outcome in the slightest, but people have the right to think that if things had gone different and Jenny hadn't gotten involved, Lexi might have been able to do more there. So that's one asterisk."

Finn inhales sharply, running a hand through his long hair. "And of course, we have Relentless. Buster Gloves and I had one hell of a match, and pretty soon, we're running it back again for charity." The crowd pop loudly at the revelation, knowing Tara Fenix's Charity Event will be coming soon in October in Waikiki. "But the reason we're having to run things back there is because of the fact that our match ended unceremoniously. Plenty of people think that the voice that said 'I Quit' was not Buster's own."

"I don't know who the Hell said 'I Quit' there - be it Buster, or someone else entirely. But until that mystery is solved, I can't definitively say I beat him in that ring - so that's two asterisks on my record out of two possible wins."

Pip: Oh, please, gimme a break - everyone and their Mom knows that Finn absolutely would have cheated to get ahead there! Don't you remember some of the stuff he's done when he was more honest about not caring about the rules at times?

HHL: And what if he is telling the truth, Pip? Besides, given who you support, I'm surprised you'd actually be taking issue with Finn right now even if he did.

Pip: The difference, Heather, is that at least they're honest most times.

HHL: Right...

"So," Finn says as the crowd quiets once more, now looking back up to meet them again. "I know I'm capable of more than having asterisks next to my win-loss record. I know most of my opponents deserve better than wins via questionable methods. And I want to make sure I can keep climbing those rankings to get the title shots I know I'm capable of making the most out of. I've been trying to think for a while, a long while about my first big step on how to go about things, and as such... I believe it's time I put myself to the test. If the boys in the production truck would be so kind as to play the tape..." Finn jabbed a finger right up to the X-Tron, which proceeds to flare to life. Static fills it for just a moment, before a blue screen pops up. It remains like that for a moment, before there's movement on the tron.

Pip: It's... just a collection of faces?

HHL: No, it's not just a collection of faces. Those look like... they're tracing our titles and the history of title changes across our active roster!

What starts as the current champions being listed - Mark Flynn, Atara Themis, Peter Vaughn, Dick Powers, the Midnight Dolls, Edward... they slowly transition into the names who've been having them last, cropping up by which active roster member held the corresponding belt last.

Raion Kido. Big Preesh. Latina Submission Machina. Thunder Knuckles. Ned Kaye. Mastermind. Jenny Myst. A flurry of faces pop up again and again and again, with some - such as Mark Flynn - popping up several times over.

"What you see there," Finn says, directing the camera back at him as the screen continues to flick between names and faces. "is everyone I would like to face. Everyone on this active roster right now, at this moment, who holds the accolade of being a champion at one point or another to their name. One of those names and faces is my opponent tonight - Charlie Nickles. If I win, that's one name I can cross off at the start here. If I lose, then that just means I need to keep bettering myself."

"But mark my words - I will go through each of those names, and I will cross them off, one by one by one. That list may increase or it may decrease depending on how things go. I'll fight anyone who management puts in my way, but taking those names off of my list is going to be my big priority along with finding out who stuck their nose into my business at Relentless. And if somehow I get a title to my name in that process? All the better."

The fans' excitement starts to pick up as Finn walks forward, leaning on the ropes as he still speaks. "I will make you a promise right here, right now. I will go through this for however long it takes me."

"I will be the best, or I will be broken."

Finn throws the microphone down, soaking in the pop from the crowd as he nods and settles into a corner to get ready for the upcoming match.

Pip: Wonder how long that'll last for before he runs again...

HHL: Something tells me that if he's going to run here... it won't be for a long time.

Pip: Well, Finn’s moment of showboating didn’t last long.

HHL: Here comes Charlie Nickles, and he looks to be itching for a fight so we can get this main event of Warfare started!

Charlie Nickles comes storming down to the ring, showing off that maniacal, toothy grin of his as he and Finn lock eyes. Finn tosses his microphone to the side and out of the ring, before motioning his hands for Charlie to come forward and bring it.


- vs -
First Blood Match


HHL: Madness out here to start things off and it’s not hard to tell why if you’ve been keeping up with the build to this match! Finn Kühn made the bold claim ahead of tonight calling Charlie a quote, ‘pathological liar,’ and it’s clear the Nickleman took exception to that!

Pip: Well, can ya blame him?! Finn made light of all of Charlie’s struggles, his plight at being held down by management! I’d be pissed too if he said that type of stuff about me!

HHL: Either way, it’s clear there’s no love lost between these two men!

Back and forth the fists fly, both men trying to test each other’s mettle! Finn Kühn looks to be taking the slow upper hand here, drilling straight rights again and again and again into Charlie’s noggin in a clear attempt to try and draw blood here! Finn sets up for a harsh right hook -


Finn gets staggered by the move out of nowhere, clearly not having expected that as he tries wiping the saliva off of his face… which gives Charlie more than enough time to SLAP HIM UPSIDE THE HEAD!


Pip: Holy- Did you HEAR that, Heather?! Finn’s head just got placed on a damn swivel there!

HHL: I’d be surprised if the people up in the nosebleeds couldn’t hear that one…

Charlie continues to press his advantage now, taking this time to run off of the ropes and hit Finn with a running big boot! The harsh blow takes out the King in Rags, planting him on the mat as Charlie laughs out in glee! This is before he hops right on top of Finn, settling into a mounting position and trying for some ground-and-pound action!

Pip: Ooooh - this could be it! Nothing like dropping some heavy hammerfists from up on high to try and shed some blood!

HHL: Finn’s block is a sturdy one, but unless he does something quickly, Charlie’s gonna be able to break through it!

Charlie continues hammering away from up on top, but Finn uses his core strength and his hips to BRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDGE! Charlie wobbles from on top, having to catch himself using his hands as Finn uses the momentum to turn Charlie over onto his back! And he starts hammering away with elbows of his own!

HHL: Interesting difference here between the two - while Charlie was hammering away strongly and trying to break through Finn’s guard, Finn’s almost trying to cut around Charlie’s guard and hit him with these elbows!

Pip: He’s having a hell of a time trying to do it, though!

Charlie is bucking and squirming underneath Finn’s mount, trying to throw off his strikes as best as possible! Finn is trying his best to hammer away with those elbows, but Charlie manages to reach up and grab his head as -


HHL: And one GIANT headbutt from Charlie managed to get Finn off of him!

Finn staggers back, blinking as he goes to lean on the ropes and regain himself. Charlie senses Finn’s moment of weakness, getting back up onto his feet and lunging in for a clothesline -



BOTH MEN GET WIPED OUT AS THE FANS POP LOUDLY! Finn manages to get back up onto his feet first as he notices Charlie leaning on the barricade again, trying his best to collect himself. Finn sizes him up… and runs forward in order to hit a step-up axe kick on the back of Charlie’s head to bash his face into the barricade!

A sickening thud of skull meeting steel echoes as several people in the first few rows actively recoil from how hard that shot sounded!

Pip: Holy - what the Hell kinda move was that?!

HHL: I think that was a variant of one of Finn’s new moves. I have in my notes here that that move was labeled as… ‘Breaker Solo’?

Pip: Needs work on his naming, but DAMN if that kick didn’t hit hard! But thank goodness Charlie still isn’t bleeding from that!

HHL: Somehow…

Finn manages to bring himself up, feeling a flurry of energy enter into his body. He nods to the fans, who give him measured cheers of support, not sure if they can still really trust him after Relentless went but preferring him over his opponent for tonight anyway. He feeds off of that support regardless, going to Charlie who SHOVES A THUMB RIGHT INTO FINN’S EYE AND CONTINUES PUSHING AND PUSHING AND PUSHING AND-

HHL: Charlie’s trying to blind him at this rate!

Pip: You gotta do what you gotta do! Dog eat dog world out here!

Finn slowly manages to pry Charlie’s thumb out of his eye with both hands, but that allows for Charlie to use his superior strength, bringing his free arm over to club Finn right in the side of the head! Finn staggers back, but Charlie then proceeds to grab him by the sides of his skull again and BASH HIM RIGHT INTO THE BARRICADE!


Pip: One big slam to the barricade in Charlie’s favor now!

HHL: Every time Finn manages to get some momentum right into his favor, Charlie roars right back with unfathomable strength and questionable morals given some of the moves he’s been using…

Pip: You say that like this is anything new! This is CHARLIE FUCKING NICKLES we’re talking about! Finn should be thanking his lucky stars Charlie doesn’t grab the heart right out of his chest and eat it like an apple in front of him!

HHL: Gross, Pip…

Pip: But ACCURATE to what he’d do if he had the chance to!

Charlie now takes this time to mock Finn right to the fans with an exaggerated version of his voice as he mouths off to him. Finn is still out of it for the time being unfortunately, but it gives Charlie more than enough time as well to come underneath the ring and procure… a STEEL CHAIR!

The fans scream as they know what’s coming next. Once Charlie has that chair in his hand, there’s no stopping him from going on the kill! He raises it up and lunges right towards Finn as everyone screams at him to dodge -


HHL: Now THAT’S a familiar move we’ve seen before!

Pip: Both of these men are clearly out to give each other CTE at this rate…

Charlie wobbles back and leans on the ring apron now, clearly woozy and dazed as he didn’t expect such a hard shot from Finn. Finn nods again, before moving back a bit and hopping right onto the barricade! He tries to go for a running start and leap onto Charlie -

BUT CHARLIE CATCHES HIM IN MID-AIR AND TURNS THE FLYING ATTEMPT INTO A SIDEWALK SLAM RIGHT ON THE APRON! Finn’s going to be feeling that one tomorrow as his back IMMEDIATELY arches in pain and agony! The fans once again wince, but this time they don’t stop as Charlie IMMEDIATELY TAKES THE STEEL CHAIR AND CRACKS IT ACROSS THE DOWNED FINN’S SKULL!

FINN’S BODY SPASMS ALONG THE APRON AS HE IMMEDIATELY HOLDS HIS SKULL AND ROLLS INSIDE! Many people in the stands are pausing, wincing, trying to see if that’ll end this match. Charlie still laughs on the outside, jabbing a finger over his shoulder to mouth off to them about the downed Finn who’s currently being checked on by referee Chaz Bobo.

HHL: Finn somehow isn’t bleeding after that brutal chairshot, but you might be onto something about that CTE comment, Pip. I wouldn’t be surprised if that nasty shot just earned him a concussion.

Pip: Somehow he’s been staying pretty neck-and-neck with Charlie, but this is where things end! Whack ‘em with it one more time, Charlie!

Charlie, however, decides to toss the steel chair to the side for now.

Pip: Wuh-?

…Only for him to go under the ring and pull out a large sack?

Pip: Well, well, well… care to place any bets for what could be inside, Heather?

HHL: Knowing Charlie, it can’t be anything good…

Charlie cackles as he heads inside of the ring. Chaz holds out his hands to stop Charlie as he’s still checking on Finn, but Charlie quite literally growls and steps towards him threateningly to get him to back off. Turning his attention back to the downed Finn, Charlie opens the bag and pours it out…


HHL: I hate being right, sometimes.


The tacks spill and roll off of Finn’s body, settling atop the mat as Nickles stomps on the King in Rags’ body to rouse him from his slumber. Finn holds his face, but Charlie quickly grabs him by the wrists and pulls him up to a standing position. It’s hard for Finn to even stand, but Charlie just gives that wicked, sick, twisted grin as he mockingly and disrespectfully pats Finn’s face…








Pip: Where the Hell did this wild side of Finn come from?!

HHL: He clearly didn’t like being underestimated by Charlie, but this is another level up entirely!

Finn yanks Charlie by the arm, before stepping up and hooking his body around… TO DRAG HIM DOWN INTO AN ARRRRRRRRRRRMBAAAAAAAAAAAAR RIGHT ONTO THE THUMBTACKS!

HHL: There it is! There it is! That same armbar Finn used against Buster Gloves at Relentless to great effect! ‘Savagery of Angels,’ I’m told it’s called!

Pip: Well that’s a better name for a finisher alright, but Charlie said it best before this match - how the HELL is Finn going to make Charlie bleed while having him in a damn armbar?!

Finn must have overheard Pip, because while Charlie is holding onto his forearm to try and block the hold with the tacks embedding themselves into them both, Finn raises the leg that’s across Charlie’s neck and proceeds to STOMP HIS FOOT VIOLENTLY INTO CHARLIE’S FACE!










HHL: These kicks are dropping like mortars! Charlie can’t be long now from having to bleed with how lethal this assault is on his skull!

Pip: If anybody’s got a thick enough skull to withstand something like this, it’s Charlie Nickles, and I say that with love! Look at him holding his own against this depraved assault!

HHL: You have some nerve saying that in his defense…

Charlie manages to dig down deep, managing to prop himself and his weight up to reverse the armbar into a school-boy position! While there’s no covers to be had here, it allows Charlie to start dropping heavy hammerfists right onto Finn’s skull! The King in Rags is forced to let go of the Armbar to try and save himself, but he still looks as incensed as before!

The two sides quickly get back onto their feet, thumbtacks sticking out of their bodies all over as they take one rage-fuelled look at each other, bringing their heads back in unison before one last time -


It’s a miraculous sound, really.

It’s one that echoes throughout the entire arena.

Every fan goes silent once they’ve heard it. As fearsome as it was, it produced a sickening nausea in their stomachs out of worry of what these two men just did with their skulls.

The moment of silence continues as neither Finn nor Charlie move, both of their foreheads still pressed together from their headbutt while looking each other in the eyes. However, it does not take long…

…for a singular stream of blood to leak from a forehead and stain the mat.

HHL: It looks like this match is finally about to end… for the sake of everyone here…

Pip: I can’t tell who’s bleeding with their heads pressed together like that. Who is it? Who is it?!

The two continue staring at each other, neither man moving a muscle…

Before Finn Kühn weakly drops forward onto his knees, leaning on Charlie’s body to even stay conscious right now as a single stream of blood leaks out from between his eyes like a slow-moving river.

Pip: Holy shit.

HHL: Charlie Nickles has finally won this match… though both men just laid everything on the line. That could have truly gone either way depending on how that one strike went…

Winner: Charlie Nickles!

Charlie takes one long look at Finn who’s still leaning on his body with the ring bell blaring… before deciding ‘to Hell with it’ and tackling him onto the mat! More tacks embed themselves into them both as heavy rights and lefts rain down, trying to bust him open even further!

…The blood letting continues as Charlie continues to pound away at the cut in Finn's head. Referee Chaz Bobo is trying to pull him off, but it’s no use. The blood lust has set in and rivers must flow.

HHL: The referee’s gotta get in there and stop this! Every second that’s passing here, the worse things are getting in that ring!

Pip: Well, nobody’s stopping him! C’mon, ref, show some damn spine and pull!


All of a sudden…

The lights go out…

Pip: …Uh, we didn’t forget to pay the electric bill, did we?

HHL: No, I think someone’s comi-

The sounds of a snorting bull and music fill the arena as smoke billows from the center of the stage. A laser show of blue and white lasers illuminate the arena as a figure rises from beneath the stage. The words "BUSTER GLOVES" jump onto the tron as "Burn" by Stabbing Westward, plays.

The crowd stirs for the arrival of Buster Gloves, the freelance wrestler who we last saw take on Finn Kühn at Back to Relentless. A questionable finish ended that match. A receipt is about to be claimed.

Only… the Bull of the North doesn’t emerge from the smoke. The music cuts off abruptly, and the lights return to the arena, revealing Buster Gloves standing behind a distracted in the ring, wearing a leather jacket over a “Bull Sh!t” t-shirt, with weathered blue jeans, and black boots. The crowd reacts with an energized pop.

HHL: Well, that’s certainly how to make an entrance! Finn Kühn invited Buster Gloves on Twitter to come meet him in the ring on Warfare to discuss their business man-to-man, and it looks like the Bull of the North is finally taking him up on that!

Pip: You can cut this tension with a knife…

“Excuse me, Mr. Nickles. I don’t mean to interrupt your blood letting, but I was hoping I could have a word with the Rat King over here?”

Nickles returns a crazed backwood smile before looking to the audience. Some want second blood. Some want to hear what the tourist has to say. Charlie reaches out a bloody hand and wipes it on Buster’s clean shirt. Then his eyes lock onto Buster’s, looking for fear, searching for weakness. He grabs the collars of Gloves’ leather jacket and pulls him in close, hoping for a struggle, but the bald wrestler is patient and steadfast.

HHL: Are we going to see some fists fly here between Charlie Nickles and Buster Gloves? The crowd is certainly all for it!

Pip: And so am I! C’mon, Charlie, show this new guy what for!

Charlie instead tugs the lapels together and pats Buster on the shoulder.

“Yeh. Fine. I gotta take a piss anyway. See you around. Buster Boy.”

Charlie Nickles yields his main event moment, happy with his victory. He drops to his back and rolls out of the ring. Smiling and walking backwards the entire way up the ramp. Nickles just may have to tune up Buster on another day for his rude interruption.

HHL: Crisis averted, it seems. Charlie lets discretion be the better part of valor just for tonight, but I imagine sooner or later he’s going to be looking to get involved with him.

Pip: That’s certainly going to be a good match - and I’m looking forward to this new guy getting the same treatment Finn did tonight!

Finn Kühn, sitting on his rump in the far corner, winces in pain as he pulls himself up to his feet, still holding the back of his neck and still covered in blood. The look of shame on his face is evident as through his foggy vision, he sees Charlie headed to the back and victorious...

Buster looks off Nickles and puts his focus back on the man in front of him.

“The King in Rags. That’s what you’re calling yourself these days? You should give yourself way more credit than that. I’ve heard about these dossiers you put together on your opponents. Their stories, their metrics, hell you probably know which hand is the stronger and which one is the stranger. You had me scouted better than anyone I’ve worked with, but you got one thing wrong. I wasn’t underestimating you at all. I knew how good you were, and I knew what I was walking into.”

HHL: It was an energetic encounter indeed. One Hell of a way to start off Night 3 of Relentless.

Pip: Yeah, and it would have been better if Finn didn’t cheat to win!

HHL: I think that’s what Buster Gloves is intending to get to here…

“Our match ended earlier than it was supposed to. And nobody likes a premature finish. But when we were battling out there for this XWF crowd, neither of us quit. Somebody said “I quit”, but it wasn’t me. And it wasn’t you either. I’ve seen the tapes. Everyone has. And we all want to know, ‘who said the words?’ This crowd deserves to know. Who did this, Finn?!”

Finn scoffs at the notion of someone suggesting that he actually cheated in this match, before motioning to a stagehand for a mic of his own. It’s handed to him, while Buster Gloves waits patiently. Finn rights himself, before finally managing to form words after that hectic encounter with Charlie. "If you think I was actually responsible for what happened during our match, for thinking I’d want to cheat, then clearly you got kicked so hard in the head during your days in MMA you’re suffering from CTE.”

HHL: Harsh words, but the King in Rags clearly isn’t amused by all the accusations being flun around right now…

Pip: I still don’t buy it. Nope, not one bit.

“What happened then, Mr. Dossier? In that deep dive you did on me before your match, who could have possibly gained anything from me losing like that? Like I said before, 2 out of 3 times, you beat me clean in that match. You didn’t need someone to help you. But somebody stepped in and decided the match for us. They took that victory away from me, and from you. You know you didn’t earn that victory. And you’re gonna use all of your resources to find out who stole it from us.”

Finn paces around the ring slightly, scratching his chin as he does so. "I am, am I?” He pauses for a moment as the fans chant “YES! YES! YES!” at him, beckoning him onward. Finally, he chuckles and shrugs before turning back to Buster. "Fine. If it’ll set the record straight, I’ll figure out what the Hell happened. Because quite frankly, whoever got themselves involved in my business is going to have Hell to pay.”

Pip: They’re really buying this?!

HHL: What more do you want from Finn?

Pip: For him to tell the truth!

“You better, Finn. Because you can do things, you have connections, that I will never have, and these people…” Buster motions to the audience. “...they all want you to make things right. Find out who’s pulling the strings. You find the puppet master and the both of us can make them say… ANY damn thing we want.”

Finn nods, a loose alliance made for the time being before beginning to head out of the ring and to the back, after his bold declaration made earlier in the night and now this weighing on his shoulders. However, Buster reaches out and grabs him by the shoulder before he can get away.

“Oh… one more thing. I took the liberties of setting up another match between us. October 30th, at the Tara Fenix Charity Event in Waikiki, Hawaii, it’s Finn Kühn vs. Buster Gloves… Part II. What do you say? You wanna run with the Bull one more time?”

Buster sticks out an open palm and nods to Finn. The crowd eggs him on once more with “Yes! Yes! Yes!” chants.

Finn looks left. Finn looks right. Then he gives that crescent moon smile and grabs Buster’s hand like it’s a loaded gun. He shakes and nods his head in unison, the crowd going wild at what was now being promised to happen.

HHL: What an announcement! Finn Kühn! Buster Gloves! Round Two in what’ll now be Finn’s first time stepping foot on a major wrestling event outside of the XWF!

Pip: Guess we’re gonna find out if Finn can really hang on the big stage now!

As the handshake continues, Finn pulls Buster in close, the two of them eye-to-eye as he speaks one last time into the microphone.

"May the best man win."

Finn parts from Buster Gloves, departing from the ring and beginning to head to the back, that confident smile still on his face as Warfare comes to a close.


Special thanks to those who sent in segments and helped write matches.

GM Liam Desmond
Jenny Myst
Jason Cashe
Finn Kuhn
Buster Gloves

And everyone who RPed.

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10-12-2022, 09:20 PM

Loved the show! Finn Kuhn is a fucking stud, Mercy/Goth was an edge of your seat battle the whole way through ever since it was booked. I do wish we could have heard from the new universal champion in a segment tho, and would have loved to see segments from other new champions like Midnight Dolls and Atara to really help fill out the card, and to put over the new championship reigns. But aside from that, another classic Warfare in the books!

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