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Reign Of Fury: The Devil's Assassin pt.2
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10-06-2022, 04:00 PM

My soul had been pledged to Lucifer himself. I was to serve as his personal collector of fools that trade their very being for but a taste of whatever they seek. 

No matter the deal, the terms are never as long you think. 

You know the saying; Time flies when you're having fun.

How true that is.

And never more evident than those final moments, when I gaze into their eyes, knowing that my face will be the last pretty thing they will ever see; I always find the same thing staring back at me.


[Image: thekill.png]

But I have no remorse for the fate yet to come to my victims. 

Because at the end of the day, they made the deal and it's their price to pay.

This is mine.

A price well paid in an effort to mend a broken trust.

I was glad to see her succeed.

I was.

Though I must admit, I'd had rather her chose me.

The things that we could accomplish...

But, maybe it's for the best that things worked out with Vita and Dolly.

Seems I have other matters to attend to, for now.

[Image: Dirt-Sheet-Writers-Arent-Journalist.jpg]

[Image: Vixen-full.jpg]
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