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To Cage a DiOGee
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09-30-2022, 09:16 PM

The clanging slide of a cell door shuts as the scene opens to the inside of a holding cell. "I want my Phone call!" Cashe calls out, blood trickling off his bottom lip, his smile bones stained like he had a red slushie that coated his mouth. 

"You don't make demands around here!" The Officer had his nightstick out as he dragged it across the bars. It wasn't Jail or Prison, most people confused the two but this was just the initial holding cell. A small town in Bumfuck, Somewhere and you can find these less than comfortable setups. "Lucky we don't beat your ass even worse! Peel them tattoos RIGHT OFF your face!" His voice raises as he lets out a very Heehaw kind of Chuckle. He was as country as cornbread and probably like-liked his Sister. 

"Fuc–" Cashe scoffed as the Cop left before he could get off his reply. Grunting as he pushed off the cold ground, he had gotten worked over a good deal. Where his shirt was is another question but he was discolored in a few spots and his face had some leakage. "You hit ONE cop for being a dick and.. Ugh.." He groans as he gets up and plops down on the metal bench attached to the wall. Next to it was the toilet, there wasn't a sink. 

"I've been in worse situations.." As if defining that, he reaches over and dips his hand in the bowl of the toilet. The only water source he had, sometimes you have to shift through the shit to find the freedom you seek or in his case, the success he wants to have in XWF. 

He uses the toilet water to give himself a 'whores bath'. He didn't name it that, don't get sensitive. 

"What's worse is that I am in here and in some fucked off way? I deserve to be. I fucked up. I don't even have an excuse. That loss, every loss I have faced, I looked right down the barrel and watched someone pull the trigger. I self inflicted damage just as much as anyone inflicted defeat upon me.."

Spitting, a wad of spit and blood slaps against the cell floor as he wipes his mouth. 

"The struggle doesn't stop. The competition doesn't sink to a lower tier if you lose a match. Not here, not in XWF. Nah, now they want to put me in a Cage!" He gives the concept a single laugh as he motions with a hand at his surroundings. "Coincidence or maybe in my own head, the place I needed to be?"

Letting out a deep exhale, Cashe pushes to his feet and turns to face the toilet. Soon after, the solid stream of urination is heard, it fills the area. "Aaagghh… Fuck.." Finishing, he does a little shake and jiggle before hitting the button to flush the waste. He wobbles as he returns to his seat on the bench. 

"I got thrown in some shit. Let's pop that balloon right now. I lost. Onto the next step and that step is LSM, it is Big Money Oswald and Centurion. Everyone of them has something to fight for, a purpose to strive for and a will to grab hold and take it if any of us make a mistake. It's all about opportunity and I have missed plenty of them as of late.

Caca is also Shit and the last time LSM and I met inside the ring, I knocked her the fuck out! As advertised, as promised. Oswald? I bet him 5 bucks he can't Gorilla Press me over the cage to the outside.. Is it escape or do pinfalls come into play? 

Is it either/or but if so, why is anyone climbing a fucking Cage? Whatever, it wasn't detailed so let's just see what gets a reaction from the officials and go from there.."

He shrugs but coughs, wiping his mouth again, he reveals a split in his top lip. A souvenir from the police during his arrest. He resisted some.

"In this match, in New Jersey where the Giants play. I will enter a Cage with three people who to me are an escape plan. A ladder made up of bed sheets used to scale a wall because that Cage, like this cell, is where I will be locked in and seek to break out of. I have seen the bottom, I have felt the rocks pressed up against my back with the weight of defeat and embarrassment pushing down against my chest. 

We all want to win. LSM wants to get back to being a Champion. Wants to redeem herself in a match she will probably say she shouldn't have lost. Centurion wants his 200th victory in XWF! That's something to chase after.. 

Oswald lost to Elijah recently and well.. I was in manure and I still feel bad for him! 

The question isn't who can win this match. In the vast multiverses of make believe, we could all potentially win. The question becomes who wants it more? Who is more invested in THIS win for THIS show? I don't give two fucks what you are doing on Savage and Warfare. Talk to Kido and Ned about that, that's their territory. Mine is here and only here for the time being.. I cannot predict the future but boys and girls of Anarchy, I wish you well..

You might beat me, put me on the ground and kick me while I'm down there. But you better hope I black out and stay out or I'm gonna rise up and act out! This is what I do! I been caged before, I'll be caged again. This ain't nothing new to me but to everyone watching, I will be Anarchy Champion. I just took a detour.."

"You ready for your phone call?" The officer returns waving a cell phone around. It was Cashe's phone. "Make it quick.."

[Image: tt82AUo.png]

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