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Wednesday Night Warfare - 07/06/22
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07-06-2022, 05:51 PM




[Image: 375px-TargetCenter.jpg]




- vs -



To win you must throw your opponent through all 4 sides of the Glass Cage.



- vs -


1 RP Match
Standard Singles



- vs -


1 RP
Grudge Match - Xtreme Rules


- vs -



Danza Kuduro hits and Hanari spins and dances his way out to the ramp in traditional latin Bachata style. He is carrying the flag of the Dominican Republic on a flag pole over his shoulder. He swings his hips and points at the ladies in the front row, winking and making the gun symbol with his thumb and index finger of his free hand. He spins again and walks his way down to where the glass cage is with a cocky head swing and a million dollar smile. He walks through the door of the glass cage he gets into the ring, getting on the top rope and waving the flag a few times before jumping down and preparing for the match.

A figure is seen walking out from the back wearing a black hooded sweatshirt on. The hood was over his head so he couldnt be seen, and his head was looking down.

He stood in a stance. And as a white light appeared on his front, he unzipped his sweatshirt and showed the front of the t-shirt:

[Image: 4235893084%20Front.jpg]

As it continued he turned around and took off his hooded sweatshirt and revealed the back of the t-shirt which read:

[Image: 4235893084%20Back.jpg]

He turned back around and stood in a pose as the white light bathed on him to reveal: MASTERMIND

He then smirks as he walks all the way to the glass cage, with the Misfits Manager Antony The Jerk, walking not far behind. He stops at the entrance to the cage, takes off his Anarchy belt before handing to Antony, and steps foot through the door, and climbs into the ring. The glass door is closed.



- vs -



The tension is so thick you could cut a knife with it. It was thick. You could feel the hatred in the air. The two men circled as the crowd roared, ready to see some violence.

The two finally tie up, wrestling each other in a test of strength, see who could get the other to one knee first. Hanari is able to get Mastermind to one knee, locking in a side head lock. MM elbows out of it and whips around, wrapping his large arms around Hanari, going to a suplex. This time, Hanari is about to elbow out of it, and he whips Mastermind towards the glass walls the surround the ring. MM stops just short of crashing into it, and turns around into a standing drop kick from the fiesty Dominican. Hanari picks Mastermind up by the hair and says something to Mastermind in Spanish. This seems to irritate MM, and he fires a hard shot to the face of Hanari, backing him off. Hanari swings, and Mastermind lifts him for a sidewalk slam.

PC: Neither man able to get an advantage here. In match 3, they know each other so well, and they both want to show the other up so badly.

HHL: I worry that pride will get in the way here, though, and one of these two, or both, will get hurt a lot worse than needs to be.

Hanari is back up an Mastermind hits a clubbing forerm, taking him back to one knee. A couple steps back and Mastermind runs, kneeing Hanri in the temple. The Dominican crumbles, laying flat out. Mastermind looks down, then over at the glass walls surrounding the ring. He wants to end this early. Picking up Hanari he walks him over to the turnbuckle, bouncing his head off. Mastermind then sits him up on the middle rope, and climbs. He is standing on the bottom turnbuckle as Hanari sits on the middle. He fires a few hard shots down onto the head on Hanari, then lifts him and sits him on the top rope, planting his feet on the middle. Hanari, with good ring awareness, senses where he is and begins to hammer shots to the ribs of Mastermind. The two trade blows but Mastermind is able to get Hanari off his feet. Hanari counters, and flips Mastermind over his shoulder. He flies out of the ring, tumbling over the turnbuckle, all the way to the mat below. He lands with a thud and an "OOOH" from the Target Center crowd. His booted heel hit the glass wall on the way down, the cracks began to spider up up.

PC: The first crack in the wall and it didn't come on offense. Hanari was defending himself and almost got lucky there. A few more inches and one wall is missing!

[red]HHL: I really hope Vinnie paid for EMT's to be on sight. This is going to get ugly.

Hanari, chuckling a bit to himself with a shit eating grin, climbs down and rolls outside the ring. Mastermind is back up, wincing and holding his back. Hanari laughs, saying something in Spanish again, then whips Mastermind into the ring steps, back first. Sitting up against the steps, Hanari sees MM in a vulnerable position. He tries to return the favor with the running knee but at the last moment, MM ducks. Hanari's leg crashes into the steel steps. MM, panting and wincing, holding his back, gets to his feet. He grabs a now wincing Hanari but the head and tosses him face first into the glass. It doesn't break, but there is a loud thud as he slams into it. Mastermind, suddenly overcome with emotion from Hanari's words and actions of recent weeks, grabs him by the head and begins to slam his face into the glass cage. After about the 10th time, it cracks. There is a big hole in the glass.

PC: Oh my god! Mastermind just put Hanari's head THROUGH the cage, but he didn't break it. You need to break the entire wall for it to count!

HHL: How do you say uh oh in Spanish?

Hanari is busted open. He is bleeding down his head and it runs down his chest.

Mastermind grabs him by the arm and goes to whip him into the cage on the other side, but Hanari counters. Mustering all of his strength he tosses Mastermind into the glass cage on the right side. It shatters! There is another wall behind it, just in case. Up on the X-Tron it says HANARI 1-0.

Hanari, stumbling a bit, gets a grin on his face. Blood runs down his face and through his teeth, staining them. He picks up Mastermind by the hair. He begins to talk trash as he walks him, head first, towards the other glass wall. When they get close, Hanari goes to ram Mastermind into it but he reverses and whips Hanari into the wall. It crashes down in a snowfall of glass.


He crunches his way through the glass to pick up Hanari, who is now bleeding from his back. He rolls him into the ring. Hanari gets up, stumbling. Mastermind catches him, hitting a back body drop. Yelling out in emotion he puts an arm up in the air. The Target Center crowd roars. He goes for the MIND CONTROLLER, Boston Crab. Knowing Hanari can't tap out, he just wants to punish the man. Hanari, being a submission specialist himself, senses this and kicks away. Mastermind backs up as Hanari's kick gets him in the shin. Hanari rolls over to his stomach and begins to crawl to the ropes. Mastermind lifts him up by the head and has an infuriated look in his eyes. He tosses Hanari into the turnbuckle. Hanari hits the turn buckle and drops, rolling out of the ring to escape the onslaught. Mastermind follows, blood running down his forehead as well.

PC: This match has been every bit as brutal as we anticipated. This isn't a match folks, this is a fight, and someone is going to get hurt badly!

He picks up Mastermind by the hair. He begins to talk trash as he walks him, head first, towards the other glass wall. When they get close, Hanari goes to ram Mastermind into it but he reverses and whips Hanari into the wall. It crashes down in a snowfall of glass.

He wraps up Hanari around the waist.




Mastermind, seeing the end is near, picks a now wobbly Hanari up. Firing a hard shot to the head, bringing the Dominican to one knee, he goes to throw him into the third wall. Hanari drives his legs forward and runs Mastermind back first into the ring apron.

"OOOH" from the crowd. Hanari rolls into the ring to catch his bearings. Mastermind, holding his already sore back, gets into the ring. Hanari stops on him but he doesn't have a lot left due to blood loss. Mastermind gets to his feet. Hanari goes low, chops the legs out. Rolling him into what looks like it is going to be a small package, he grabs the arm.


The deadly arm bar that has beaten Mastermind twice! He locks the legs around the waist and wrenches the arm.

PC: Hanari in surival mode here! And he is going to break that arm, again! He isn't gonna let go! There are no disqualifications, he doesn't have to let go!

Hanari continues to pull, and Masterminds eyes go wide as he knows the outcome of this move!

Hanari pulls harder, Mastermind has a pained expression on his face, and then a sickening sound.



Just when it looked like a bloody Hanari was going to snap the arm, three people enter the ring. The Misfits! They must have been hiding under the ring!

They stomp on Hanari, forcing him to break the hold. Kris Von Bonn wraps a rope around Hanari's neck. He flails as they drag him out of the ring to the mat below. Mastermind is up, wincing hard, holding his elbow. He barks out an order and the three of them, rope still wrapped, toss Hanari into the third glass wall.


PC: I am not the biggest Hanari Carnes fan in the world, but this is a mugging. This is 4-on-1! After the war they've been through, there is no way he can overcome these odds!

HHL: He underestimated Mastermind. He should have been prepared for anything, clearly he wasn't! You reap what you sow in the XWF!

The Misfits celebrate as Hanari stirs, refusing to give up. Mastermind barks out an order to get him him. He wants to finish it.

Hanari with a burst of frustration and adreneline begins to fight back!

He knocks Scarlett down with a hard right. Melanie runs at him and he flips her over his back and onto the mat below. He turns, wobbly, towards Vonn Bonn. He swings. Kris ducks but Hanari knees him in the gut. DDT ONTO THE MAT!!!

Hanari, not even sure where he is and bleedy profusely, crunches outside the shattered wall and snatches the Anarchy title. He walks back into the glas enclosure. Holding up the Anarchy Title, he beckons Mastermind to come get some.

"COME ON!" he waves him on. "COME GET YOUR TITLE, PUTA!

Mastermind looks the downed misfits, then back at Hanari. With a snarl he charges.



The bell rings as both men lay in the broken glass. EMT's rush to the ring.

PC: My god. What a war! Mastermind gets his revenge over Carnes, but he didn't do it alone! He needed help from this Misfits to avoid a broken arm and perhaps losing his third match to the Dominican!

HHL: Hanari got out smarted tonight! Mastermind gets his sweet vengeance, and hopefully humbled Carnes a bit!

PC: These two will cross paths again at War Games! I don't think this petty rivalry is over! But my god what a way to start Warfare!


Seconds after putting Hanari Carnes through the last of the glass walls to win the match, Mastermind slumps to his knees, all bloodied and bruised. He spits out pieces of glass that seem to have gotten stuck in his mouth and looks out into the crowd. The crowd is going mental. This is his first-ever win over Hanari. Suddenly from the crowd comes the Misfits. Kris the Hammer Von Bonn, Melanie 'Crayzee' Childs, and Scarlet the Hunteress. They run over the broken glass, and over to wear Mastermind is kneeling. They help him back to his feet, and he gives them the nod.

They then turn their attention on Hanari, and pulls him up to his knees. Mastermind walks over to him, as the Misfits have total control over him, and he bends down and whispers something in his ears. He tries to fight the Misfits but is too weak.

The Misfits Manager Antony the Jerk walks into the ring with a bag, and Mastermind kicks Hanari in the head. Hanari falls onto his back. Antony unzips the bag, and gives Mastermind something.

Mastermind walks to the center of the ring, and unravels a t-shirt. He shows the crowd.

[Image: 4817574101%20Front.jpg]

The crowd goes wild. Mastermind walks back to where Hanari is still lying. He drapes the t-shirt over his front, and Kris places his fist over him, Melanie places her fist beside Kris, Scarlet places her beside them, and then Antony places his fist with them as well. Finally, the crowd seems to go berserk when Mastermind is the last to place his fist with the others. They stand there for a few seconds before they all leave, leaving broken glass everywhere, and a downed Hanari struggling to move.

We see the X-Tron come to life, and we see "John Black" name shot up with the .38 special, and we see him at the stage in a black and white setting as he is standing there taking in the mixed reactions. Then he walks down to the ramp, and he gives them some high fives, then he climbs on the steel steps and enters the ring, and he raises his fist in the air as he pounds his chest around the ring as his theme cuts off.

Lights in the Sky hits as the fans begin to boo. Marf makes his way out onto the stage, looking around at the audience and shaking his head in disgust. He marches to the ring while the crowd continues to boo and insult him. Marf rolls into the ring and goes to a corner, climbing up and then flipping off the crowd for more heat.



- vs -


Standard Singles

HHL: John Black and Marf have had their issues in the past, especially in the tag-team ranks. But tonight, it’s a one-on-one contest.

PC: Two true veterans of the sport, which means this could be a good one!

The bell rings, as the referee signals to both men that the match is underway. Marf, though, immediately confronts him, getting in the ref’s face. He starts arguing with him, blaming him for what happened on the last Warfare, with the referee saying he was just doing his job, just like now. Black stands in his corner, looking annoyed at the delay.

PC: So that’s the ref that worked the Marf/Nickles vs. the champs, Flynn & NKWC, last show. He did kind of screw Marf over on a few counts, didn’t he?

HHL: I didn’t see that at all! In fact, Marf almost got a victory by pinning the non-legal man! If anything, the ref made some poor decisions on both sides!

PC: Maybe, but who walked out with the Tag-Team Titles, huh, Heather?

The ref gives Marf a warning, telling him to get back to the match, with Marf showing that he doesn’t give a damn by shoving the ref away from him! The ref starts to turn towards the timekeeper, but that’s when Black has had enough, running forward and catching Marf with a clothesline! The crowd cheers as Black hits a second clothesline, knocking Marf back down, then comes back as Marf rises again, locking onto him and lifting the larger man up, landing the Blacka Jacka (Brainbuster)!! He gets to his feet, glaring down at Marf, as the crowd focuses on a mother and child cheering wildly in the front row.

HHL: Is that the mom that Black gave two XWF tickets to?

PC: He gave them away? What a waste of company profits!

HHL: This place is sold out, I wouldn’t worry about a few tickets being freebies.

PC: Every one of those ‘freebies’ is removing potential money from my raise, Heather!

The referee is staying out of the way, perhaps enjoying the fact that Marf is on the defensive. The DQ is apparently no longer on the table. Marf struggles to get up, holding the back of his head, but Black is there again, kicking him in the gut, then lifting him into the RaWkUs Driver!! It’s a major show of strength from Black, who has Marf right where he wants him. He grabs the man by the head and drags him up, then locks him into the piledriver position. Black lifts… The Underground Noise connects!! Black makes the cover, with the ref quickly counting away.





HHL: What a shocker!

PC: I sure as hell didn’t expect this! But John Black made a statement here tonight!

HHL: Does this get Black back in the conversation for a future Supercontinental Title shot?

PC: It doesn’t hurt, that’s for sure…

The camera switches to backstage, where we see one of the newest XWF independent reporters to be brought in.

[Image: interviewer.jpg]

Austin Peppercorn: Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Austin Peppercorn, and it's an honor to be here with the XWF! Right through this door behind me is the XWF Supercontinental Champion, Peter Vaughn, set for his first major title defense here tonight. Let's go see how he's feeling!

Peppercorn grabs the doorknob, rattling it for a second. You can tell he's suddenly scared that the door might actually be locked, but after a moment, it opens up, and he's able to go inside. The camera follows him, showing that Peter Vaughn is currently in the midst of a discussion with "Chronic" Chris Page. They both turn as the reporter walks up, with Vaughn looking annoyed.

Peter Vaughn: Have you ever heard of knocking? I heard it's quite popular nowadays.

Austin Peppercorn: Oh, so sorry, Mr. Vaughn. It's my first night. My name is Aus-

Peter Vaughn: I'm not kidding. Go back outside, close the door... and knock.

Vaughn glares at the man, with Peppercorn nervously nodding and backing up. He goes outside the door, closing it behind him. With a fake, weak smile to the camera, he knocks on the door. The only sound is a lock being turned. Surprised, Peppercorn grabs at the knob, testing it, but the door is now actually locked. He knocks again.

Austin Peppercorn: Mr. Vaughn? Er... Mr. Page? Hello?

Peppercorn glances at the camera again, knowing that this is a bad first impression to make. He knocks harder, and suddenly the door opens, with Vaughn looking out at him.

Peter Vaughn: Is there something you want?

Austin Peppercorn: Oh! Yes, Mr. Vaughn, I wanted to ask you about tonight!

Peter Vaughn: What about tonight? You mean my match in the main event, defending my beautiful XWF Supercontinental Title? Or are you talking about Calypso's upcoming downfall? Or... do you want to ask me about some other match? That'd be weird, but I'd listen...

Austin Peppercorn: No, Mr. Vaughn, it's definitely about your match. Are you feeling any pressure going into tonight's contest?

Peter Vaughn: Pressure? What do you mean?

Austin Peppercorn: Well, Mr. Vaughn, everyone here in the XWF knows your story. You came into the XWF with what many would call preferential treatment, and you went on to win the XWF Universal Title quickly in your career. Yet you lost that belt on your very first defense to ALIAS, who has held it ever since. Now, you've managed to win the vacated XWF Supercontinental Title, but tonight, you once again have your first defense. Do you feel like it will mark you if you once again fail to defend your title ton-

Vaughn suddenly lashes out, nailing Peppercorn with a superkick that sends him flying backwards, out of the camera's view. The cameraman backs up, not wanting to get the same treatment. Vaughn shakes his head, as he glances back towards Page in the room.

Peter Vaughn: What a newb.

The door gets slammed shut again, with the sound of it being securely locked. The camera turns and focuses on Peppercorn, who is lying unconscious in the middle of the hallway. Who knows if this is going to be his first AND last night with the company. We cut away.

Charlie Nickles makes his way to the ring.

NKWC walks in perfect step to the tune of the North Korean National Anthem, wielding a ceremonial sword and immaculate military uniform. A wondrous orchestra of True Koreans trumpet out the most beautiful melody any man could ever hear. Two cadets walk several paces after him wielding the glorious flag of True Korea, waving majestically overhead, leading the way to a brighter future for all mankind. Wherever he is, the True Leader of the Free World, Kim Jong Un sheds a single of tear of pride for the Greatest Warrior on the Planet, aside from himself.

NKWC removes his military uniform's jacket and walks up the steps into the ring. The cadets catch the jacket and without letting it or the flag hit the ground and touching filthy North American soil, quietly scurry back up the ramp.



- vs -


Grudge Match - Xtreme Rules

PC: We’ve got ourselves a grudge match!

HHL: Charlie Nickles and the North Korean War Criminal are already dangerous wrestlers, but with Xtreme Rules in place, well, I hope our fans will be ready to run!

Nickels and NKWC approach each other, with Nickles yelling about how NKWC is second fiddle to Mark Flynn. NKWC returns it by saying that Nickles has been nothing but a god-damned embarrassment lately. This strikes a nerve, as Nickles throws the first right hand, and soon the two men are brawling in the ring!! The ref, only there to count the pinfall, quickly gets out of the ring, allowing them to go wild on each other. But outside doesn’t prove to be any safer, as the two men are too busy slugging each other to worry about the ropes, falling through them and landing on the outside, still swinging away! The crowd is cheering on the violence, showing once again that the audience at an XWF event is always a little bloodthirsty.

HHL: This one’s not going to be for the faint at heart!

PC: Good! Those fainting bastards don’t need to be here anyway! We want REAL fans!

On the outside, Nickles is using his superior size to his advantage, taking control by slamming NKWC’s head into the ring barricade multiple times! NKWC, stunned, slumps off of the barricade, landing on his knees in front of Nickles, who looks around and grabs a chair from nearby. He comes back over, raising it over his head… and NKWC lashes out with an Honorable Hero’s Low Blow To the Nether Regions!!! Nickles drops the chair, falling to his own knees, gasping, as NKWC seems pleased. He pulls himself up, retrieving the chair from the ground, and lifts it up… and Nickles returns the favor with a low blow of his own!! NKWC falls over, groaning, while Nickles crawls away, hurting.

PC: You get a low blow! You get a low blow! Everyone gets a low blow!

HHL: Back off, Pip.

PC: What? I didn’t mean it literally!

Both wrestlers are getting up now, neither walking quite the same as they were before. NKWC staggers back over to Nickles, who brings himself upwards… smashing the rim of the chair into NKWC’s throat!! The co-tag champ stumbles backwards, struggling to breathe after that shot, as Nickles raises the chair up and brings it down across NKWC’s back!! NKWC falls to the ground, stunned, as Nickles tosses the now bent chair away from him. He grabs hold of NKWC and hauls him up, dragging him to the barricade and tossing him over! Nickles follows, as the crowd there immediately pulls apart, making room for them. Security’s there as well, just to try and block any potential lawsuits, as the fighting moves on with Nickles giving NKWC an uppercut that knocks him into a seated position, then a big boot that knocks him over!

HHL: Nickles is really looking focused tonight at getting a big victory!

PC: He must have played the Nickleman The Tormentor card before he came out here. That dude is vicious. It’s probably given Nickles the edge on his life points.

HHL: I don’t think that’s how the cards work..

NKWC is crawling away now, trying to get his bearings back. He grabs at the person in front of him, yanking them down to help him up. A couple of fans step in to help the mother who just got taken down, as NKWC says a quick apology. He then blocks a cable that comes over his throat, held by Nickles!! He tries to tighten the cable, wanting to choke NKWC out, but NKWC has his hand in the way, and manages to yank Nickles over with a toss! Nickles crashes into a row of chairs that had thankfully been vacated. He pulls himself up, but NKWC is there now, hitting Nickles in the gut with a chair edge! He then drops the chair on the ground and grabs Nickles by the head, DDT’ing him on the chair!! Both men are down, with the referee close enough to react as NKWC puts an arm on his foe.



And Nickles shoves his shoulder up, keeping the match going!

HHL: Neither of these guys have any remorse in using weaponry around them.

PC: Nope. And I’m pretty sure that Charlie is enjoying himself, whether he’s taking or receiving the punishment…

The fans are still enjoying the up-close-and-personal view as NKWC brings Nickles to his feet. He drags Nickles along, heading up higher into the stands, telling the people to get out of the way. They get up a series of steps, with NKWC grabbing Nickles by the head and setting up for a suplex. But Nickles blocks it, then lifts NKWC up instead… landing the Steubenville Screwdriver onto the steps!! The move looked incredibly dangerous, leading to the crowd gasping in surprise at what just happened. It takes Nickles a few moments to recover, but he pulls it together, getting himself over to make the cover, hanging on.



And NKWC kicks out in time! The match continues!

HHL: That was a close one!

PC: Charlie’s striving tonight to do something that no one has ever been able to do before: defeat the North Korean War Criminal in a singles match!

HHL: For six years, that’s been impossible. Can Charlie Nickles change it all tonight?

Nickles is dragging a now-bloodied NKWC with him as they get up towards the higher level of the stands. He whips NKWC forward, showing a complete disregard for the fans, and NKWC crashes into a group of them, taking everyone down!! The crowd around them cheers, loving it. The fans who got hit, maybe not so much. Nickles staggers over, reaching through the pile of bodies to grab NKWC… who swings upwards with an older man’s cane, breaking it across Nickle’s forehead!!! Nickles stumbles away and falls down, as NKWC looks at the now-broken cane and shrugs, dropping it back into the pile. He wipes away some blood and comes after Nickles, who appears to be busted open now as well!

PC: Everyone with handkerchiefs needs to jump forward now! This is their chance to get a nice, bloody souvenir!

HHL: That’s completely disgusting.

PC: You say that, but people will pay top-dollar for a bloody Nickles or NKWC collectible. It’s even better than an autograph!

HHL: It’d be certainly unique.

The two men have worked up to the top entry area now, with NKWC throwing Nickles bodily into the concrete brick wall next to them. NKWC staggers away, seeing a sign that tells people which direction to go to find their seats. He picks it up off the ground, turning and taking a couple of steps before launching it at Nickles, who barely ducks in time! The sign smashes into the wall, chipping off a few pieces, before falling to the ground. NKWC, annoyed at the miss, claims it was just a test run, then goes to find something else, picking up a nearby trash can. He heads for Nickles, but Nickles meets him with the sign, swinging it into NKWC’s knees!! NKWC falls forward, sending the trash can rolling away as he clutches at his left knee, yelling out. Nickles pulls himself painfully up, clearing his vision with a sick grin.

HHL: That could have just dislocated NKWC’s knee!

PC: Now I understand why Nickles wanted this match! If he can put NKWC on the shelf for a year, there will have to be new tag champs! Ohhh, that’s devious…

HHL: While I wouldn’t put it past Charlie to think like that, it seems he’s just interested in destruction right now, with no real plan in sight.

Nickles has a hold of NKWC now, lifting him up into the air and delivering a bodyslam on the concrete floor! NKWC arches his back, feeling every nerve firing off in agony, as Nickles staggers away, looking for something… or someone. He finally spots what he’s looking for, signaling to a nearby attendant who’s been following the match closely. He yells at him, telling him to get his ass over there. The man does so, handing Nickles a bag, which Nickles dumps on the ground… sending thumbtacks everywhere!!

PC: You still think Charlie doesn’t have a plan?

HHL: I guess I was wrong. This is going to be painful to watch…

PC: And even more painful to take…

With the thumbtacks appropriately distributed, Nickles limps over to NKWC, pulling the man up and bringing him over into position above the tacks. He smirks at NKWC before locking him in, preparing him for the Devil Hook Drop (Doublearm DDT) onto the tacks!!! The crowd is riled up, split on what they want to see happen, as Nickles goes to lift… and NKWC manages to block it, keeping himself upright. Before Nickles can reposition, NKWC straightens up… back-dropping Nickles into the pile of tacks!!!! Nickles yells out, rolling, which only puts more of the tacks into his back as he tries to escape! He gets up, but NKWC is right there with a running splash, taking both men back down onto the remaining tacks!! The ref carefully maneuvers around them…



THR- NO!!! Nickles kicks out!!

HHL: Nickles is a human pincushion right now!!

PC: No matter how this match ends, we know what he’s going to have someone doing the rest of the night! It’s going to take a while to remove all of those tacks!

HHL: Someone have the bandages ready in the back, we’re going to need them!

NKWC struggles to get up, apparently having gotten a few tacks into his hands during the pin. He shakes them off, then hauls Nickles up by the hair, taking him over to near the drop-off point of the top stands. Down below, we can see a series of electrical equipment set up, with only a small railing there to protect people from accidentally falling off. NKWC takes in the height, then turns back to Nickles, pointing at him. He steps over, bringing Nickles into position for the North Korean Nuclear Arms Test!! He looks around before locking Nickles into place… but Nickles shoves NKWC off of him, sending him hard into the railing! NKWC manages to right himself, staggering forward… and Nickles delivers a BIG SIDEWALK SLAM on the floor!!! He drops on top, trying to hang on as the referee jumps over to them, sliding into place…




PC: So close!!!

HHL: Somehow, NKWC finds a way to get out of the pin! I really thought that was it!

PC: So did Charlie, I think…

Nickles has rolled up onto his knees, cursing the referee for not counting quickly enough. He staggers to his feet, nearly falling back over due to the amount of blood he’s likely lost from his bloody head wound and the tacks in his back. But Nickles won’t be stopped, as he hauls NKWC to his feet and positions him once again for the Devil Hook Drop!! He goes to get NKWC’s arms secured, but one manages to pull away… giving Nickles his second low blow of the contest!!! Nickles coughs painfully and drops back, leaning on the railing, trying to block the agony coming from below. But NKWC takes advantage, getting up and snapping a two-handed uppercut… that knocks Nickles over the railing!!!

HHL: Oh no!! Charlie’s going down!!

PC: Wait, no, he caught himself! He’s not done yet!!

The camera angle changes, showing that Nickles is hanging precariously from the lower rung of the railing by one arm. He manages to swing his other arm up, pulling himself upwards. Seeing this miraculous recover, NKWC’s mouth drops wide open in stunned disbelief. He comes forward, swinging at Nickles, but Nickles blocks it, then starts delivering his own series of punches, keeping NKWC off-balance. He then pulls NKWC over the railing, with NKWC barely able to hang onto the edge to keep himself from taking the plunge! He struggles to get up, as Nickles kicks away at him, while the nearby crowd collectively holds their breath for what’s about to happen.

HHL: Both men are now just an inch away from oblivion!

PC: Those boxes down below look like they’re going to be unforgiving! Someone should try and get back to safe ground!

NKWC has managed to get to his feet, or really, his toes, as neither man has much ground to use to their advantage. Nickles kicks at NKWC again, but NKWC absorbs it, then kicks back, with both men exchanging shots above the drop. Nickles tries to come in, going for a knee, but NKWC answers with a thumb to the eye, blinding him! Nickles stumbles, barely able to hang onto the railing, as NKWC signals that it’s time for a fall. He swings at Nickles’ hand, but Nickles lets go, causing NKWC to hit the railing instead! As NKWC shakes his injured hand, Nickles throws caution to the wind, releasing his grip and grabbing hold of NKWC, pulling him in as both men start to fall… putting him into the Devil Hook Drop…




The crash is incredible, with debris flying everywhere from the impact, along with a series of sparks. The crowd is roaring, as the ref looks on from above in shock, not daring to follow the wrestlers’ path.

HHL: Someone call the medics!!

PC: And the electricians!!

HHL: Is either man moving after that landing???

Another referee comes running out of the back, hurrying around to where the two men landed. The referee up above is pointing and shouting, telling the new ref to get in there, so he slides past some of the damaged gear and avoids the exposed wiring, managing to get in where we can’t see him… but we can hear him…




PC: It’s over!!!

HHL: But… who ended up on top??

The new referee comes out, calling for the medical team to work their way in there. In the meanwhile, the cameraman is making his way around, moving past the ref to get a view inside the debris field… where Charlie Nickles is still lying on top of NKWC!


PC: Oh my God!! It happened!! It finally happened!!

HHL: North Korean War Criminal has taken a singles loss!!

PC: I wasn’t sure anyone could do it, but Charlie Nickles pulled it off! But you’ve got to wonder about the cost at this point!!

The medics have moved into the area, careful where they step. They’re working on both men, each of whom seem to be moving, at least, which is a great sign. We see Mark Flynn having come in from the side, checking on NKWC, while members of BOB have shown up, wanting to celebrate but also wanting to make sure that Nickles is still breathing properly. The cameras move away.

Glass breaks and the Top Gun Anthem begins to play! Smoke fills the entrance and Calypso emerges from within it with purple lights shining down and flashing all around him. He slowly heads towards the ring praising the crowd on his way.

HHL: “Here comes Calypso! He might be the biggest underdog we’ve ever seen compete for the Supercontinental belt. I checked the odds this morning, and they really weren’t good for him!”

PC: “Calypso has had a rocky road in the XWF, but is a former TV champion and has wins over Bobby Bourbon and Dolly Waters! He may be the underdog, but I think he has all the momentum he needs to sneak one out tonight, especially if the champion is underestimating him!”

HHL: “I’m not sure it’s possible to underestimate Calypso.”

PC: “Calypso beat Dolly Waters and Bobby Bourbon to earn this title shot!”

HHL: “Kinda.”

The lights in the arena go out, causing the usual hysteria from the crowd. After a few seconds, Peter Vaughn's face appears on the big tron, darkly smirking down at the fans.

"This Time... It's Different."

After Vaughn finishes speaking, he begins to laugh. His laughter carries on as the Tron video overtakes his image, beginning with "This Time It's Different" by Evans Blue. Sparks begin to erupt around the stage, showering nearby fans who feel like they're a little too close to the action. As the fireworks die down, two figures appear through the smoke and haze. Peter Vaughn walks forward first, followed by Chronic Chris Page stays behind him, smiling at the reaction Vaughn is getting. They stop at the top of the ramp, surveying the hatred from the crowd. From Vaughn's reaction, you'd think they were chanting his name, as he walks down the aisle with a cocky smile, with Page right behind him. The two make their way into the ring, heading into a corner to discuss some last-minute strategy.

HHL: “Here comes the champion, ready to make his first official defense!”

PC: “But he’s going to have to get through Calypso first!”

HHL: “Riiiight.”


- vs -



The referee calls for the bell as Vaughn and Calypso stand in their respective corners. The crowd’s chanting seems to be evenly divided between the champion and the mostly bald upstart. The kids, the disabled folks, and the casuals seem to be shouting in favor of Calypso while the douchebags, the pricks, and the ‘superfans’ all seem to be cheering for Vaughn. Calypso looks around with a smile as he listens to the cries of the audience, but Peter Vaughn has been in the main event before, and he doesn’t get distracted that easily. While Calypso starts playing to the crowd, Vaughn starts heading right towards Calypso! When the challenger turns back around, he is quickly met with a devastating clothesline that sends both him and Peter Vaughn flying over the top rope!

PC: “This match just started and it’s already spilling outside the ring!”

HHL: “Vaughn looks fired up tonight, Pip! He wanted to get started right away!”

PC: “I can’t blame the champion! Calypso has been making a mockery of Peter for the last few weeks, albeit mostly unintentionally!”

Calypso starts groaning on the mat outside the ring as Vaughn kips right up to his feet. The referee yells for the wrestlers to get back into the ring, but no one pays any attention to his orders. Vaughn instead grabs Calypso before Irish Whipping him right into the steel steps leading up to the ring! Calypso smacks loudly into the steps before flipping over them. Vaughn walks over towards him with a big cocky smile, talking tons of shit with every step.

PC: “I think they heard that collision up in the cheap seats!”

HHL: “Calypso might hear a ringing in his ears for the next few months!”

The referee grows tired of the disobedience and begins to count the two wrestlers out.


PC: “I wonder if he can hear the ref starting the count!”

Vaughn grabs Calypso by the collar before lifting him up and pushing him back against the outside of the ring post. Then, Vaughn starts laying into Calypso with a flurry of punches that leave bruises and cuts all over the challenger’s face.


Calypso puts his hands up to defend himself while he tries to pitch the idea of a peace agreement to Vaughn, but Peter doesn’t seem all that interested in taking it easy on him.


PC: “I think Calypso is trying to pitch his tag-team idea to Vaughn again, right now, in the middle of the match!”

HHL: “I don’t think it’s working Pip, I don’t think it’s ever going to work- especially not when Peter Vaughn is whooping his ass!”

Vaughn delivers a final uppercut that rocks Calypso and forces him to stop talking. Vaughn smiles before he grabs Calyspo and Irish Whips him into the ringside barrier separating the wrestlers from the audience.


Calypso runs into the barrier, where it smashes into his waist and probably ruptures his spleen. Calypso actually ends up flying OVER the barrier from the force of the collision! The fans in the front row start checking on Calypso, offering him water and popcorn. A particularly motherly fan starts treating Calypso’s face wounds with a handkerchief.

PC: “These fans were pretty evenly divided at first, but it looks like more and more people are hopping onto the Calypso bandwagon now!”


HHL: “No one likes to watch a disabled person be assaulted, but it’s Peter Vaughn’s job tonight! His treatment of Calypso might not make him any friends, but it’s going to make Peter Vaughn a lot of money if he gets the win!”


Peter Vaughn looks over at the carnage beyond the barrier, then back up to the referee making the count. Vaughn laughs to himself before slowly rolling back into the ring.

PC: “Vaughn made the smart decision to get back into the ring, but will Calypso be able to meet him there?!”

HHL: “I’m not sure, Pip, but I wouldn’t bet on it!”


The fans in the front row start to panic until one burly man suddenly picks Calypso up in a fireman’s carry. Folks clear out of the way as the burly fan struggles to climb over the ringside barrier with Calypso.


Peter Vaughn starts to complain to the referee about the interference, unintentionally breaking the count. The referee informs him that this isn’t technically illegal, but Peter Vaughn isn’t having any of it. Meanwhile, the fan gets over the barrier and begins approaching the ring with a seemingly unconscious Calypso.

PC: “Vaughn is fuming!

HHL: “This match should be over, but everyone seems to be working against Vaughn these days!

Just as Calypso and the fan near the ring, Vaughn hits the ropes before diving out of the ring with a SUICIDE DIVE! Calypso, the beefy fan, and Peter Vaughn all end collapse to the floor outside the ring after the collision!


The referee shouts and hollers about the general situation before he starts the count again!


PC: “Suicide dive from Vaughn! He’s pulling out all the stops tonight!”

HHL: “He wants to put Calypso down, HARD, as well as anyone else who supports the challenger!”


The fan, Vaughn, and Calypso all lay still outside the ring!


PC: “No sign of life from anyone yet!”

HHL: “That’s why it’s called a Suicide Dive, Pip!”

PC: “They should call it a murder-suicide dive!”


Paramedics come rushing down the ramp with a stretcher, making a beeline straight for the fan.

PC: “Oh…this can’t be good.”

HHL: “He better not sue! I mean, he put himself in that position!”


The paramedics strap up the big fan to their stretcher as the rest of the front row fans gasp in shock. Meanwhile, all the commotion is causing Peter Vaughn and Calypso to slowly stir!

HHL: “Maybe no one will make it up in time for the count!”

PC: “If that happens, Peter Vaughn retains!”

HHL: “But it’s probably not how he wants to retain! I think he wants a marquee win tonight!”


The crowd is chanting and clapping hard for Calypso, but Vaughn is the one who starts actually pulling himself up with the help of the ringside apron. The paramedics, meanwhile, are struggling to get the heavy man up the ramp. About halfway up they have to put him down and take a water break.

HHL: “This main event has gone way off the rails!”

PC: “This is how Warfare goes, baby!”


Vaughn shakes away some aches and pains, then looks set to climb into the ring- but he starts walking away from it instead. As Calypso is crawling over to the ringside barrier to ask for more help from the fans, Peter Vaughn comes up from behind him and grabs him around the waist, lifting him up! Calypso starts to flail out wildly as Vaughn holds him tightly…then a beer bottle comes in from the crowd! It doesn’t hit the wrestlers, but it hits the ringside barrier near them, and a speck of glass ricochets into Vaughn’s eye!


Vaughn is forced to release the hold as his hands instinctively fly up to his face. Calypso, still a bit groggy, looks around a bit before ducking his head under the ropes and sliding into the ring!

PC: “And Calypso is in the ring!”

HHL: “This could be the upset of the century!”

The crowd goes crazy, and so do the paramedics! The men on the ramp completely forget about the heavy man on the stretcher as they see Calypso slide into the ring!


PC: “This could be the end of a reign!”

HHL: “Another paper championship for Vaughn!”

Calypso is celebrating in the ring with his arms up high as the referee gets set to make the final call. Everyone is at the edge of their seats as Vaughn’s head cocks around at the sound of the referee’s final warning. Vaughn screams in frustration as he tries to slide under the ropes before the final count….

10-NO! The referee pulls back! Vaughn gets into the ring just in the knick of time!

PC: “That was too close for comfort for Peter Vaughn!”

HHL: “Calypso almost had him!”

Calypso uncharacteristically keeps his eyes on the prize as Peter Vaughn steps up to his feet in a fury. Calypso charges towards Vaughn, who lashes out at him wildly. Calypso ducks under the attack before sliding around Peter and rolling him up with a schoolboy! The referee seems a bit surprised by this turn of events, so it takes him a couple of seconds to actually get down and begin the count!

PC: “This could be it! This could be it! Calypso has Vaughn’s shoulders down!”

HHL: “But the referee is just now starting the count! Those untallied seconds won’t be counted!”




PC: “Calypso had him! I swear Calypso had him!”

HHL: “Not according to the ref’s count!”

Peter Vaughn kicks out of the rollup and you can hear the entire audience let out a broken-hearted sigh. Calypso is propelled across the ring from Vaughn, and Peter quickly steps up to his feet. As Calypso starts pulling himself back up, Vaughn is already sprinting across the ring! Calypso finally gets back up, but he gets himself all turned around, and Vaughn catches him with his finishing move, a REVEGED! (Zig Zag!)


PC: “He might have ended Calypso’s whole career with that move!”

The paramedics shake their heads in disappointment before they go back and get the man on the stretcher. While Peter Vaughn flips Calypso over for a cover the paramedics begin hauling the injured fan up the ramp and out of the arena, because they already know how this is going to end. The referee drops to the mat and makes the count.





Thank you to those who did promos this past fortnight, and thank you those who wrote matches.

Charlie Nickles
Chris Chaos
Jonathan Barrows

And thank you to those who wrote segments.

Peter Vaughn
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"Faulty American officiating has handed an erroneous loss to North Korean War Criminal. Poor editing, performed with shoddy American budget by overworked American graphics engineers, shows Charlie Nickles pinning North Korean War Criminal."

"However, if we remove the alterations, we can clearly see..."

The frame flips 180 degrees. NK is now on top of Charlie Nickles.


Also, the ceiling is now the floor.

"Haha! It becomes obvious that THIS is the actual footage!"

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OOC: Huge congrats to Charlie Nickles! Great work this week, dude. Next time, I'ma stack my deck with Mirror Forces and Monster Reborns and we'll see who comes out on top next time! THE GRUDGE HAS ONLY JUST BEGUN!

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