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Past with Jason Cashe as match hype CD
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06-22-2022, 12:05 PM

Henry, Samuel and Raab discuss the past with Jason Cashe. Las Vegas, Nevada. Tuesday 21st June.

It has been some time since they last got together in a meeting room with discussing XWF stuff, but the match Raab has coming up means a lot and have so much history to talk about that it won't be entirely covered due to having a maximum of twenty minutes camera time. Raab gets right ahead as they drink monster energy drinks with Samuel sitting next to him and Henry being front and centre.

Lord Raab: "I wish I could talk about everything in regards of my history with Jason Cashe, but there's only so much time we have on discussing them so I thought to go around and discuss them instead.

Samuel McPherson: "Yaarrp."

Henry Losak: "I agree, they should've given you and Cashe a bit longer than twenty minutes to talk. However, I have a feeling that Cashe isn't going to go easy on you. I can understand why you didn't talk much about your last opponent, there was no information about her at all."

Lord Raab: "I couldn't find any videos until it was too late. Anyway, let's move on. I want to cover more about APW stuff to the audience because things do need to be said that Jason will likely miss out on. However, we also had a history in 4CW as well. He has no idea why I think the tournament has been a joke from day one because of that horrible cunt Sarah Lacklan. I never take any shit from her seriously."

Samuel nodded, agreeing with Raab's thoughts about Sarah, but with Henry, he shook his head, knowing it was something Raab can never shake off. He just couldn't.

Henry Losak: "Let's move on from that, shall we?"

Lord Raab: "I agree. So who remembers me being a part of House Of Howe with Cashe and Joe Dobbs? I forgot about him truthfully because he hasn't been heard for years."

Henry Losak: "I remember how angry you were when you were hired a new trainer, OK granted it turned out to be your twin brothers in the end, but you, Jason and Joe had a good thing going, admit you had fun with Jason Cashe when you were apart of House Of Howe/Action-Packed."

Lord Raab: "I did until he stabbed me in the back to favour KJE over me. He always loved her for some reason, although I did at the time as well. Before Samuel came along that is."

Samuel writes something down that weighed on his mind a lot when it came to the match as of late and Raab, nodded his head, remembering it.

Lord Raab: "I do understand that though Samuel. Konrad wants to face Jason because of my experience of facing him. It's more because he wants to wrestle him to see how he does with Jason. I believe in that."

Henry Losak: "I do as well. You know I didn't really know you had someone else in House of Howe. I know I still don't know a lot of stuff about APW very well, apart from a brief mentioning of a few stuff, even the Suicide championship. Imagine how sensitive people would be if you even use that word today."

Lord Raab: "It was just a name of the title, but I know what you mean. Our first match as a team in 4CW was against Sin and Roxi Johnson. Joe Dobbs was my tag partner and we won that match. I had a few tag matches with Jason Cashe as well with both wins and losses. Imagine nobody in XWF knowing one time, that Jason and I were a tag team, a stable of vicious, hungry and toilet humour. We were entertaining the millions around the world and that was before well things changed in 4CW. I wasn't respected anymore and it turned out Jason wasn't either."

Henry Losak: "I know and the treatment you both got was darn wrong. Especially the achievements Jason did do. But you went to greater lengths, even became champion yourself by leaving 4CW. You became a bigger star than you were in 4CW."

Raab nodded, he certainly did become a bigger star with more title wins than anyone else and even his twin brother didn't do too badly in the rumble either, wanting to go and win a title shot for him. Raab scratches his face, even the notion of being excited as hell for facing his enemy that he's felt for such a long time.

Lord Raab: "We also had fierce battles in 4CW as well, against each other, one of them was for a title shot and the other for the love and affection of Kaylyn James Evans. Sadly he got to her first. We had hardcore brawls against each other, wanting to end each other's careers so badly. The hatred was so strong between us. How things are different. How we went from being a team of House Of Howe/Action-Packed when we came in all the way to hating each other's guts. This is why I'm deciding to talk more about APW times because not many people know about that."

Henry Losak: "I don't really know a whole lot either, but just like here, I didn't really know you teamed with Joe Dobbs in your first tag match together."

Lord Raab: "I never knew where Joe went after 4CW, to be honest. Never really thought to get in contact with him. The point is I've never been excited to face someone other than Jason Cashe. He's the only reason why I continued in this tournament because I want to relive the history between us. You have no idea what I'll talk about tomorrow night, things you and Samuel I've never mentioned on camera before, things nobody apart from Jason Cashe know about. We had so many matches against each other, but we are very different people now to before, sadly like my twin brother too."

Henry Losak: "Yeah, but just focus on Cashe for now."

Raab nodded, he did get concerned a lot about his twin brother lately because of his attitude, especially since he was due to come over soon with the PPV being in Las Vegas. But he scratches his chin.

Lord Raab: "I can't wait to beat the living shit out of Jason Cashe and I may say a lot about the 4CW times as well, but mostly will be speaking about him, history in APW that needs to get out in the open and a bit about 4CW, but not too much. Jason has no idea how much I've changed my complete attitude and changed everything from being a complete monster, well I still am, to having a heart. I'm still going to beat the shit out of him, especially since he's the only person I give a fuck about in this entire tournament. I didn't care about losing to other wrestlers, I care about winning against him. I'm not gonna let him get one up on me."

Henry Losak: "Well as long as you know what you're doing, that's the main thing. I think we've covered everything we needed to talk about. We can go in our own separate ways, until tomorrow morning when we travel to Rapid City, South Dakota."

Raab and Samuel nodded as they went back to their own apartment, while Henry had some paperwork to do in their headquarters.

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