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La Familia United: Mi primo Sean Mendez Jr, mi esposo Maleek Weathers, Serai Leone
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06-07-2022, 04:32 PM

Sean Mendez Jr is full of confidence as he is getting set to take on Kjorn Battlestar tonight, in what will be his second professional match. Sean fixes his Black Compton snapback on his head.

Sean Mendez Jr: Tonight’s finna be a good night.

A devilish smirk grows across the face of the Crowned prince of Cali. It is at this time the door to his locker room opens and from the other side he hears a familiar voice as one of the many kids he somewhat grew up with enters the room. Maleek has his eyes closed and earphones affecting his hearing and he drags a luggage bag behind him. He is singing alone with ‘Never Gonna Get It’ by Akon as he pushes his way through the door.

Maleek Weathers: See I know ya lyk my swagga… No strap when I come thru… Chain hangin’ lyk Ali Baba… Ya kno me, ya kno how I do. Da way dat I move Nigga… Ya neva gon get cuz I’m too smooth Nigga… Ya neva gon get it. I thought ya knu Nigga… Cuz ya ain’t got a clue Nigga… Ya neva gon get it…

There is a toothy grin on the Young Warrior’s face as he continues to bop along with the song. It is then he opens his eyes and sees his ‘brother’. He slowly removes his headphones and shakes his head. There is an aura of confidence and swagger, as if a new life has been breathed into the young man from Brooklyn as he slowly approaches Sean, smiling from ear to ear.

Maleek Weathers: Oh shit… Small fuckin’ neighborhood. Sup hermano? Dis joint be icey rite?

Sean shook his head slightly, letting a small chuckle escape his lips as he ‘Brother’ approached him.

Sean Mendez Jr: Compton meets Brooklyn right here in the ATL tho?

Sean’s smirk grows bigger. He is excited to see his Brother here, seems like his family were all becoming closer under the Pride Banner. Sean embraces Maleek with a Bro hug.

Sean Mendez Jr: They really letting that Lil Nigga from BK up in this bitch tho?

Maleek returns the Bro hug and smirks himself.

Maleek Weathers: Shit Nigga.. One good, lon’ look at ya.. ‘n’ all I cod think was dayum.. Dey rally lettin’ dat nappy haired hoe in here?

He let out a soft laugh of his own.

Maleek Weathers: Besides… Where betta dan da ATL to do dis thang? Wonda where Ma be at.. She told me to meet her here. Feels lyk old tyms doe.. Dat’s a plus.

Sean looks at his brother straight faced for a split second before letting a Small smirk grow across his face.

Sean Mendez Jr: This nappy haired hoe, bout to go Two for Zero up in this bitch tonight hoe… Whilst yo’ little simple behind sitting backstage watching me shine.

Sean brushes his shoulder slightly before letting out a little laugh.

Sean Mendez Jr: ATL the only place that could handle this shit ma nigga, Ain’t no other place tryna let Brooklyn and Compton run wild in this bitch…

Sean pauses for a second as he heard Maleek mentioning Ma.

Sean Mendez Jr: Ma coming here?.... Hold Up bruh… I gotta get these hoes out ma shower QUICK TIME.

Maleek shakes his head and smirks.

Maleek Weathers: Same old SJ. HA HA!

He moves out of the way of the door just so he is not hit with it when ‘Ma’ comes charging in like a bat out of Hell as she normally would.

Maleek Weathers: Dat how ya do Bro… Dat is wha I kno. ‘Ole Quick Draw’. So wha’s up wit dis video game reject ya got tonite? Guy looks lyk a hoe from a mid-evil version of da Village People.

The young man from Brooklyn plops onto the couch and sits back before changing his Ipod to ‘New York, New York’ by Ja Rule featuring Jadakiss and Fat Joe. He gets into the song as he waves the women through the door.

Maleek Weathers: I got a hundred guns, a hundred clips. Nigga I’m New York, New York. I got a semi-automatic dat spits next if ya talk… Ya talk… Fuck it… Y'all niggaz is pussy, poonani, Vagina. Ya Monologue's getting tired, now it's time to ride. Ya’re print distrified, ya're no longa desired. So take off them silly chains, put back on ya wire.

Sean raises his eyebrow slightly as his brother starts to sing.

Sean Mendez Jr: Nigga fuck New York…. But for real this Nigga Kjorn think he in that Skyrim game, For real dude from Missouri and he claiming he the dragon born.

Maleek Weathers: Maybe Trey shod hit him up fo’ his weed yo. Cuz da guy has to be gettin’ some next level shit if he can take Live Action Roleplayin’ dat hard. Fo’ Real doe. Yea.. Ya got dis shit.. Hell I betcha I kno ev’ry line he gon use against ya.

The young New Yorker licks his lips.

Maleek Weathers: Nigga, gon say somethin’ bout how ya just some kid from Compton. Dat ya a statistic. Dat ya were faced wit two choices.. Wrestlin’ or jail.. ‘n’ dat he’s gon go all gangsta mid-evil on ya sorry ass… HA HA! He don’t kno ya dat well do he? Oh ‘n’ dis chestnut.. Da fact ya got so many baby’s Mamas to run from dat ya need dis paycheck fo’ support.

Right on cue, the Venezuelan bombshell herself is seen walking down the hallways, turning heads as she passes by stagehands, management and the like. As always, Serai Leone-Ramirez manages to catch attention by doing nothing more than making her appearance. And make it she does in her trademark style. Dressed to the nines in her fashion line Seduction Talks, the mother of 9 slowly struts towards her son’s locker room. Whistles and catcalls greeting her at every step. To look at her dropdead body and youthful seductive appearance, you wouldn’t think that she was just 38 years old. She looks around at the awestruck and lust filled women and men, a devilish smirk on her face. Her light emeralds twinkling with mischief and daring almost willing someone to try to make a move. She soon reaches her destination with a wide smile on her face as she walks inside the door.

Serai Leone-Ramirez: I know my sons are going to greet me properly haha.

Maleek looks over as she walks in the door.

Maleek Weathers: Well speak of da she-devil… HA HA! Sorry Ma codn’t resist.

The young soldier slowly gets off the couch and gives her a hug.

Maleek Weathers: I see ya still got dem heads turnin’.

Maleek sticks out his tongue before smiling from ear to ear.

Serai hugs her son laughing at his comment. She can’t deny that there is truth to them both. Oh the stories she could tell of her younger days. Enough to fill five volumes and she is nowhere near being ready to quit.

Serai Leone-Ramirez: You know it, mijo. I am the devil herself. They just don’t know it yet. I will always turn heads. That will never change. Even when I am dead in my coffin, people will say “Damn that chica is still fine as hell”.

Sean shakes his head and chuckles at the interaction between Maleek and his mother.

Sean Mendez Jr: You tryna get em brownie points out here Leekie?

Sean walked over and hugged his mother. A Devilish grin appears across Sean’s face.

Sean Mendez Jr: Good to see you Ma, But Forreal, Why you got to look so good tho? Already got Em Owners flirting Next you finna have These little wannabe ken dolls chasing your ass around.

Maleek looks back and forth between the two.

Maleek Weathers: We already kno dat’s gon happen anyway.

Sean looks at Maleek with a devilish smirk.

Sean Mendez Jr: And they'll be eating their food through a straw, if they think about it.

Maleek returns the smirk with one of his own.

Maleek Weathers: Nah dat we agree on completely, ba honestly who would have guest? Compton, Brooklyn, ‘n’ da islands all meeting unda one banna? Can ya say match made in Heaven or Hell?

Serai clears her throat.

Serai Leone-Ramirez: Correction mijos. I'm not Island. I'm pure Venezuelan eroticism at its most dangerous. I can't help men and women want me. If I was to walk in here wearing a paper bag, I'd still look good.

She winks.

Sean Mendez Jr: MA!!!! You better not walk in here wearing a paper bag… We know what you like.

Sean chuckles slightly.

Serai Leone-Ramirez: And I always get what I want.

Maleek lets a raspy laugh escape his lips.

Maleek Weathers: Prime example..

He points back and forth between himself and Sean.

Maleek Weathers: Now wha is dis important business ya needed Ma?

Sean raises his eyebrow slightly.

Sean Mendez Jr: Yea… We finally returning Raf and Rashad back to where we found Em?

Maleek Weathers: OH GOD PLEASE! Ha Ha..

Serai smiles yet shakes her head sternly.

Serai Leone-Ramirez: Behave. That was not nice.

Maleek Weathers: SO we have to keep ‘em? All jokes aside… Wha’s up? I mean I kno there got to be a reason fo’ dis familia meetin’.

The young soldier takes a step back to avoid a slap he knows he deserves.

Serai pulls out envelopes from her purse. Each marked with a name as she hands them to each young man.

Sean Mendez Jr: What are these?

Sean looks at the envelope, curious about it’s contents.

Sean Mendez Jr: These court summonses?… Cause I aint even do nothing.

Maleek Weathers: Yet.

Sean narrows his eyes at his brother.

Sean Mendez Jr: I got a twin to blame it on.

Maleek Weathers: He gets in enough trouble witout our help hermano.

Maleek smirks.

Sean Mendez Jr: Real talk right there.

The younger Weathers shakes his envelope.

Maleek Weathers: Um..

He raises an eyebrow.

Maleek Weathers: So? Um.. Wha is it?

Sean looks at his mother, waiting for her reply.

Maleek Weathers: If dis about dat deer.. I swear it came out of NO WHERE.

Serai Leone-Ramirez: Your gifts from your aunt.

Maleek looks at Sean.

Maleek Weathers: On three?

Sean shrugs.

Sean Mendez Jr: Sure… Just didn’t know you could count that high.

Maleek brushes his shoulder off a little.

Maleek Weathers: Fuck ya nigga. One.. Two… Three…

Maleek opens the envelope and looks inside.

Maleek Weathers: Well.. Shit.. I..

The young soldier bites his lip.

Sean opens his envelope and looks inside, before looking at Maleek.

Sean Mendez Jr: .... Damn.

Maleek Weathers: I didn’t think… Wow..

He looks toward the ceiling.

Maleek Weathers: Always lookin’ out.

Maleek turns his attention to his mother.

Maleek Weathers: Did y’kno?

Serai nods. Maleek nods back and turns to Sean.

Maleek Weathers: Looks lyk we got some mayhem to start.

A huge smirk grows across Sean’s face, that makes him resemble his father.

Sean Mendez Jr: Oh you do Know that.

Maleek looks at Serai.

Maleek Weathers: Oh I knu.. Just didn’t kno how soon. Ha ha.

Sean turned to look at his brother.

Sean Mendez Jr: and It all starts tonight.

Maleek Weathers: Speakin’ of tonight.. Ya hit da Downward Spiral ‘n’ I’ll eat my hat.

Maleek smirks.

Serai listens in and can't help but to smile.

Sean Mendez Jr: Hope you washed that hat, cause it yo’ dinner tonight Bruh.

Maleek Weathers: I have Ma take a picture IF it happens.

Sean Mendez Jr: Correction… WHEN it happens.

Maleek Weathers: Still can’t belee he told ya it was ya move nah… His old knees must not be able to do it any mo’.

Maleek looks at Serai.

Sean Mendez Jr: Better get that Mayweather defence ready… you getting smacked.

The young soldier begins to bob and weave before feeling a hand go across the back of his head.

Maleek Weathers: Son of a bitch! Who da? How da? Fuck it had dat comin’.

Sean chuckles slightly.

Maleek Weathers: Not funny. Back to business. Kjorn is a joke.. We all kno it. Just anotha vikin’ wanna-be who got too big fo’ his sword ‘n’ shield.

Sean nods in Agreement.

Sean Mendez Jr: Now the little nigga from Compton bout to body bag him.

Maleek smirks wider and nods back.

Maleek Weathers: I hope Pride keeps toe tags handy. Cuz da hardest niggas in dis game bout to take ova. I said it a couple times.

Maleek’s eyes travel back and forth between his brother and mother.

Maleek Weathers: Da champs are here.

Serai Leone-Ramirez nods in approval and pride. She prayed for this day to come. And that's saying a lot being that Rai is usually called the devil herself. Guess God does honor a sinner's prayers after all.

Serai Leone-Ramirez: Time the world is reminded who and what we are.

Fade to black…
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