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Dust to dust
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05-13-2022, 06:48 PM

Friday the 13th
Vancouver, BC

The wrecking ball crashed into the orange bricks, reducing the once sturdy walls into a pile of rubble that crashed to the ground. Swathes of dust filled the cold morning air, before eventually blanketing the dewy front lawn grass.

The noise was deafening, a cacophony of destruction. The construction crew wore protective headgear to protect their ears from the noise, but to some… the commotion sounded like a sweet, harmonic symphony.

One of the builders stepped back to observe the total picture. He took off his yellow hardhat and wiped the dusty sweat off his brow with an equally dirty forearm. All it did was smear the dirt across his forehead. As he surveyed the demolition, he finally noticed a tall, young woman overlooking things a few yards behind him. She was blonde, good looking, but her eyes betrayed a deep sadness in spite of a mouth that seemed permanently curled upwards at the edges. He thought it curious. Most girls her age would quickly walk past a construction site, out of fear for being catcalled. He turned towards her, hoping she wouldn’t be intimidated.

“Morning, miss.”

She seemed to snap out of a daydream. She turned towards him, and politely smiled, accompanying it with a nod.

”A fine morning to you too, sir.”

Well, she certainly didn’t seem intimidated. Upon further ‘inspection’, she had a very athletic build in spite of a wiry, thin frame. And for some reason, looked like she could really hold her own in a fight. It was hard to pinpoint, but some people simply possess that kind of aura.

“So, are you just taking in the sights? Mostly when people stop to watch, it’s a curious ten year old kid. No offense.”

A slight grin meant that no offense was taken. But her expression quickly changed back to one of somber reflection.

”Just contemplating, I guess… Thinking back on things. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…

She nodded towards the house that was being demolished.

”… I used to live there…”


He didn’t know how to react to that. But it did explain the grim look on her otherwise angelic face.

“Sorry about that. Just doing our jobs, you know.”

To his surprise, she shrugged.

”It’s fine. Maybe it’s even better this way. I didn’t have a ton of happy memories here.”

“I heard it was abandoned and the city impounded it when they couldn’t find the owner. Is that you?”

”Oh no, I never owned this place. The owner went… missing a while back.”

Her ‘father’, Richard ‘Vaughn’… She hadn’t seen him in ages, and her life had been better for it. Last she heard he was still serving Le Bord de Dieu. But after Aveline’s resurgence on Monday Night Madness it became clear he was no longer in her plans, and hadn’t been for quite some time. And if Ava no longer had any need for you, she discarded you like a piece of garbage. Angelica didn’t know Richard’s fate, nor was she eager to find out. After all he did, robbing Angelica of her childhood and taking her away from her true family, she couldn’t find a ton of forgiveness or empathy for him. She knew it was cold of her, and she wasn’t proud of it. But for someone otherwise so empathetic to the plights of others, she had none left in the tank where *he* was concerned.

“Well, I heard they’re gonna put the land up for sale. If you’ve got the money, maybe you can buy it back eh? Create some happy memories here.”

”I just might. It’s something to consider.”

Vancouver land and property was anything but cheap. For the price of this plot she could probably expand her San Antonio ranch by a considerable amount. But it would be nice to cleanse this place of all the bad memories. Of all the hurt and tears that had accumulated here over the years.

“Well, gotta get back to it. Nice meeting you, miss.”

He tipped his hardhat and joined his fellow builders, leaving Angelica alone with her thoughts. As she watched them tear the house down, she saw bits of wall crumbling down that bore the wallpaper of her old bedroom chamber. It was adorned with cartoony brown cats. She’d often pretended they were her best friends when growing up, naming all of them individually despite them being identical. You didn’t have to be a master psychologist to realize how that had impacted her life later on.

Still, the only way was forward. And that meant another fight. Another Savage. Against Rggie Estrada this time. He didn’t seem to present the same kind of challenge that some of her other opponents thus far had presented, but she knew that was a dangerous way of thinking that led to a slippery slope of complacency. And she had no right whatsoever to be complacent. For all the impressive wins she’d had, there had been slip-ups. And while she wasn’t embarrassed about losing to Raion Kido, one of the greatest up-and-coming stars in all of wrestling, her defeat had been nothing short of a failure that was hard to swallow, no matter how graceful in victory the Lion Kid had been. Those were the kind of matches that propelled you to superstardom. Her match against Reggie was one that kept you from slipping into irrelevancy. She had not joined the XWF to remain in some sort of wrestling purgatory. She wanted to be better. She *knew* she could be better. And she *knew* that the only one who could get her to where she wanted to be, was herself. Sarah’s support had been invaluable and incredibly welcome. But she couldn’t help her once the bell rang, nor should she have to. Angelica’s fate was her own to decide. And this tables match against Reggie was much more important to her than the bathroom break slot it had been booked on would imply.

And yet, looking forward was hard at this very moment. Especially now. Especially here. When the old walls of her house were literally being torn down, she couldn’t help but think back of the last time she had stood where she stood now, all those years ago. It seemed like it was yesterday.

Quote:March 2017
That very same spot

Angelica’s heart was racing as she closed the door behind her. Her arms were tensed up, trying to shut it without making even the slightest of sounds. The tiniest creak sent her mind into overdrive, triggering visions of being discovered, and the punishment that would inevitably follow.

She managed to click the lock in place. She held her ear to the door. Not a sound. Good. She peeked upstairs. No bedroom light that was suddenly switched on. Even better.

She picked up her bag and quietly draped it over her shoulder. Inside, only a few changes of clothes and underwear, as well as her Nintendo 3DS. On her tippy toes, she walked down the driveway, passing the sprouting tulips and daisies in the garden. The driveway was made of gravel and each step produced a crunching sound that, to her, was as loud as a bomb going off in the middle of the night. Every time she planted a foot into the ground and felt her toes sink into the tiny rocks, she expected to trigger a landmine that would blast her leg off and leave her a screaming, broken, bloody mess. She was conditioned to obey, and never to resist. Every fiber of her being was screaming at her to stop this madness, go back inside and pretend like this never happened.

She was terrified. Absolutely terrified. But it was exhilarating. She was doing it. She was actually doing it. She was taking charge of her own destiny. She was going to become a professional wrestler, or die trying. She was running away. Away from that environment of control, away from being scolded all the time, away from being punished for the slightest form of resistance. For the past few years, she had walked around feeling like there was constantly someone behind her with a fully drawn bow and arrow, ready to shoot her in the neck at any given moment. But no more. Today, she cut the cord. Literally and figuratively.

She willed herself towards the end of the driveway. And as she stood on the sidewalk, it felt like she had escaped a cage, finally able to run free. Only… where to? She had no idea. The reason she hadn’t thought this far ahead was because she had never expected to even make it this far. Did she go left, or right? Did she go to the nearest bus stop, or train station? Who would she go to? Who was going to help her? Where would she end up, and how would she chase her dream? They were all questions she didn’t have the answer to, but they all needed answering very soon. Or all of this would’ve been for nothing.

But she swore one thing to herself: she was never coming back here. Never, ever. With God as her witness, she would never set foot inside that house ever again. She would rather jump off a bridge. She feared that cage more than the whip at her back.

…in the end, she decided to go ‘left’. The first real step towards destiny.

Present Day

Angelica realized she had come a long, long way since then. But in spite of everything she did since then, be it basejumping, fighting hardcore matches, getting lost in magical woods,… she had never been braver than on that fateful night. And it had been the best decision she had ever made. She had escaped a cage of emotional abuse and found new family. Real family. And she had achieved so much more than she could ever have dreamed of. But she was also far from done. There were more matches to win, more championships to obtain, and more legacy to be built. And tomorrow, on the next episode of Savage, she would take another step on the road that she had started right here, all of those years ago.

[Image: dNzoMKD.jpg]

”Hi-hiiii, my darling beloved lovely people of all shapes and sizes! It’s time for #CoolTube to become #Vaughnemous again for a little while!

What an interesting Saturday Night Savage it is shaping up to be! I’m going to be billed as the hometown heroine, because as you all know, I ‘hail from San Antonio, Texas by way of Vancouver, Canda’, #notatypo! It’s true, I grew up here. Went to school here. Went to church here. Played soccer here. Had my first drink here. Watched my first wrestling matches here. This city helped shape who I am as a person, and did a ton for me. And yet, when I was almost eighteen years old, I couldn’t wait to leave this place behind. Not because of the lovely people of Vancouver, but because of the home situation I found myself in at the time. It was a hard decision, but also the right one.

Now, when I come to Vancouver, it finally *can* feel like coming home again. Those bad memories aren’t all gone, but the house they were built in was finally torn down. Literally. It’s a vital step in a healing process that has taken many years, and is still far from over. It’s never been easy for me to talk about, but I should. We should never be afraid to be vulnerable, because that’s what makes us genuine. That’s what makes us human. Vita excepted, obvs.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Being vulnerable doesn’t mean being weak. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It takes a lot of strength to be vulnerable. It takes a lot of heart. Being vulnerable isn’t something your opponents can exploit, because opening up to the world means you’re proud of who you are, and aren’t ashamed of the person you’ve become. It’s taken a while, but I think I can finally say that, even if I still want to set the bar for myself incredibly high. But there are different ways to grow in life. You can grow as a person, which is the first and foremost way. You can grow career-wise, which is a neverending journey. And you can also just… grow! I’m going to be six foot by the end of the year, just you watch, teehee!

N-E-Wayz, what I am trying to say is that just because I allow myself to be vulnerable, it doesn’t mean guys like Reggie Estrada can take advantage of that during our match. Certainly not a match like the one we’re booked in. See, I may not look like the kind of competitor that’d be well-suited to atables match, but here’s the thing… I know a thing or two about tables. It’s a table that taught me a lot about life. A table that taught me a lot about this business. And it’s a table that I was always honored to have a seat at. I am,, obvs, talking about the #CoolKids table.

You know what Kenzi, Roxy and Sar-sar always used to say to people? #CantSitWithUs. Their group was an exclusive one. They turned a ton of people away. But on me, they took a chance. A tall, lanky kid with almost no experience. They saw something in me, and they let me join their table. They let me soak up their knowledge, their skills, their experience and expertise… until I was their equal. And after that, at times, I even surpassed them. We pushed each other to be great, and we were. Every single one of us. We were dominant because we trusted each other to get the job done, and respected each other’s skills and talent. And as a result, we all became champions in our own right. World Champions. Universal Champions. Co-operative Champions. You name it, we did it.

Now, I know that what we ‘used to do’ has no real relevance right here, right now. That’s also not the point I’m trying to make, because that’s low hanging fruit that nobody should care about unless they were the ones who suffered defeat. But I do want to ask Reggie a question. Do you think you would’ve been invited to that table? Do you think you’d have been invited to #sit with the #CoolKids? Look into the mirror, and be honest. And I think you’ll know the answer.

An easy and predictable retort would be ‘#iDoNtEvEnWaNnA’ but that’s, again, not the point. The point is that I believe I am more talented than you. And that I have what it takes to beat you. And while you may never sit at the #CoolKids table, you’re certainly a respectable wrestler in your own right. But respectable isn’t great. They don’t write songs or tell tales about the ones who worked hard and *almost* fought at the top. Which is why I will never be happy with second place. Like a wise old man once said, ‘if you’re not first, you’re last’.

In the end, Reggie, you will never #sit. But you WILL be *smashed through*. No matter what it takes. No matter how it happens. And I’ll do everything in my power to make it so. See you tomorrow!

Angelica ended the broadcast. Today had been a cleansing experience, which was more than she could’ve hoped for. This was a return to the source, one that she had dreaded for quite some time. But it had been necessary. Sometimes, staring down the barrel of a gun was the easiest way to see that it was no longer loaded, and no longer a threat. The only thing she had to fear, was fear itself.

A loud crash sent the back wall tumbling to the ground, obliterating the last upright bricks of her ‘parental’ home. She wasn’t sure if she was going to tell her mother about this. She had long since forgiven her, realizing that she too had been a victim in one man’s sick scheme. Angelica hadn’t just freed herself that night… she had freed her mother as well.

”Maybe it’s best not to bother her with this. Maybe she has buried the past better than I have. If so, there’s no need to dig it up again. And if not, well… Then it’s a much deeper issue than any one talk can fix anyway…”

The Vaughnemous One turned around, her coat twirling, as the last of the dust settled. She started walking away, not sure if she was going to come back here or not. The land was for sale, after all…

But for now, at least, she didn’t look back. She was done looking over her shoulder. And she hoped it would stay that way forever.

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