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Family First, Part VI: Foreshadowing
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05-13-2022, 01:40 PM

"...listen, all I am saying is that the two of you together would make a KILLER team. You'd be able to push away all that silliness you've dealt with over the past year or two...don't even get me STARTED on THOSE bad decisions, kiddo....and drive through into a new stage of both your career AND life with the power of my sweet as flame KITT car and-"

Sarah Lacklan cuts off as an XWF Drone zooms in quickly on her. With her (stupid) iPhone nestled away within the cutest (and likely most expensive) Disney Villain purse from Loungefly, this one featuring Ursula whispering into the Evil Queen's ear, she taps on the Bluetooth bud in her ear. She gives the drone a clear "...what?" expression, and the drone waves back and forth. After a moment, horrid realization dawns on the albino's face as her mouth pops open and her eyes go wide.


She taps on the earbud again.

"I'll have to call you back, Kiddo!"

She shuffles through her voluminous sea of petticoats and pulls out a number of pieces of parchment and several pens.

"Oh em GEE! I have been SO behind this week! I PROMISE that I didn't forget. Look, see?"

She shows the drone the parchment filled with her elegant hand...okay, her natural Comic Sans script because of course it is...along with a number of sketches. One is clearly her sister Angelica, though with legs longer than the sequoias in Sierra Nevada, while the other is a respectable Reggie, with his clothes rumpled, likely after being intimate with some random hoe we've never seen before and never will again.

"SO sorry. Been late ALL week. I could probably just pin the blame on Kenzi...not like she axly watches any of these things...bitch...but that would be a cop out...Lord...a table match, yeah?"

She ruffles through the parchment haphazardly while she chews on her lip.

" wrote down 'flat as a table' because, like, I was going to make a joking comparison, right? Like, how my sister's boney butt is so thin that it might as well be a table-"

She points out the relative flatness of said canonically boney/flat butt.

"-but YOUR career's trajectory is WAY more flat and lifeless, right? Like, how no matter how unattractive to Cute Boys my sister's rear is...I'm never gonna be an Auntie at this's still nowhere near as sad as how your career has flatlined to the point where a table manufacturing company can use it to measure their grade, right? Like, holy crap, you'd think my BABY sister's flatness was the greatest amount of flatness there is, but then Roxy would see how flat your success has been the last couple of years and she'd be all 'wow, BB, now THAT is a Flat Earth.' And, like, other stuff. That makes sense, right?"

She sighs as she tries to sort through the parchment.

"Listen, I-"

She sighs harder as the drone flies away, her allotted time over.

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