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Warfare Results: 4/20/22
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04-20-2022, 04:34 PM

WEDNESDAY - 20 - APRIL - 2022


From !!!

[Image: TMobile-7.jpg?itok=jG0aZOua]

T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada


- vs -

- vs -

- vs -

- vs -

- vs -

Wednesday Night Warfare fades into the sold-out T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada to a huge ovation from the massive crowd when the voice of our ring announcer is heard.

”Ladies and gentlemen will you please welcome recording artist AFROMAN!”

We fade to a stage on the side of the entrance ramp.

Suddenly we fade from the performance stage as…

There’s a massively loud, mixed reception from the crowd as walking out to the top of the ramp smoking a joint is the General Manager of Wednesday Night Warfare; “Chronic” Chris Page. Chris is dressed to impress after a successful weekend throughout the business. He stands at the top of the ramp smoking a joint as he starts to make the walk down the ramp towards the XWF ring while the voice of Pip Collins can be heard welcoming us to the program.

PIP: Welcome to a very special 420 edition of Wednesday Night Warfare from sin city, lovely Las Vegas, Nevada, I’m Pip Collins, she is Heather Halliwell. On the way to the ring is the GM of the show, the incomparable Chris Page.

HHL: A joint hanging from his lips as he celebrates his favorite day of the year.

Page takes some tokes as he inhales before exhaling the smoke out into the arena. He reaches ringside where makes his way up the steel steps to the apron, he steps through the ropes entering the ring. Chris calls for a microphone that he’s given by the ring attendant. Chris takes center ring where he addresses the crowd as his music fades away.

CHRIS PAGE: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to a very special edition of Warfare because tonight is all about getting high!

The crowd roars as Chris takes a deep toke off his joint, inhaling.

CHRIS PAGE: It’s 420 Warfare!

Chris raises his arms, as he does so we see joints falling from all over the rafters onto the members of the sold-out crowd! The massive crowd roars loudly in approval as Chris lowers his arms and states.

CHRIS PAGE: One thing I love about Las Vegas is the legalization of pot. Give it up for Vegas!

The cheap pop is catered to by the fans.

CHRIS PAGE: Please, join me. You people at home…

Chris takes another toke and kneels down where hundreds of joints are scattered across the mat. He picks one up as he stands. Holding it out towards the camera.

CHRIS PAGE: Grab your stash, roll it, light it, and start smoking because it’s 420 on a Wednesday Night where not one, not two, but THREE Championships are on the line in SIN CITY!

A lot of smoke can be seen in the area as fans are indeed smoking.

CHRIS PAGE: Corey defends the Supercon against Vita, Ned Kaye looks to defend the Xtreme against Thunder Knuckles, and CCPE’s own Mark Flynn and North Korean War Criminal are going to defend the Tag Titles against Bourbs and Charlie, Those No Good Bastards.

The crowd pops with the match announcements as Chris continues.

CHRIS PAGE: Not everything is fun tonight, no sir. I do have a bit of bad news to deliver revolving around CCPE members and the Xtreme Wrestling Federation. Given my position within the XWF I can no longer accompany members of my organization to the ring.

The crowd roars with approval which catches Page off guard as he speaks over the roar from the crowd.

CHRIS PAGE: You don’t have to be dicks about it.

The cheers erupt into boos towards Page.

CHRIS PAGE: Especially after I dropped joints for you to enjoy… Wow, just wow. If I allowed you to be part poopers on my special day I couldn’t forgive myself. That being said, fuck all of you in attendence, and I hope you hate this program.

Page drops the microphone as he steps through the ropes and exits the ring. He makes his way up to the top of the ramp before disappearing behind the curtain.

Liam is already waiting in the ring as we return from the commercial break.

HHL: "It's been some time since Liam Roberts has wrestled on Warfare. I was looking for his bio earlier to brush up, but he doesn't seem to have one!"

PIP: "Well, he didn't get an entrance either, so that checks!"

The announcers lay out as the Page countdown begins to play. The countdown transitions to 'Medal' as the crowd roars.

RA: From the Tribeca section of New York City. Weighing 2 hundred 17 pounds.



Thad enters the stage with his hood up. Standing on stage, Thad gives his messiah pose as a triple pyro shot from the top of the X-Tron toward the ring. When it bursts, it reveals a sparkling golden image of a roaring lion above the ring, bringing cheers from the XWF Universe.

After the pyro bursts, Thad in his custom white leather Lionheart jacket throws his hood off as he begins down the ramp. At the bottom, he slaps a few hands before climbing the ring steps. At the top of the steps, he pauses, looking over his shoulder toward the cheering Universe with his sweet smile.

Stepping to the apron, he slingshots himself over the top and into the ring before traveling to all four corners, climbing to the middle rope and sending out the ‘I Love You’ hand sign to the Universe.

PIP: "Ari Silverstein is our official for this contest!"

HHL: "That's two weeks in a row! We're really feeling the effects of Big Money Oswald's unwarranted attack on Chaz Bobo!"

PIP: "Unwarranted my ass! Hashtag Atlanta Screw Job! It's REAL people, but don't worry, stuff like THAT doesn't happen on Warfare!"

Ari calls for the opening bell!

- vs -

Neither Liam Roberts nor Thaddeus Duke steps out of their corners. Duke has a battle-hardened focus in his eyes as he stares a hole right through Liam, almost as though he's looking right through him and into the future. Liam on the other hand seems unsure of himself, now standing across the ring from the former Universal Champion and looking as though he may soil his gear at any moment. Duke steps out of his corner, stopping center ring. Liam sucks his lips into his mouth as he takes a deep breath and looks out to the crowd. His hesitation is met by jeers and heckling fans.

PIP: "Well, This one sure is off to a quick start!"

Thad seems to be a little amused by the situation and relaxes his posture as he tries to coax Liam out of his corner.

HHL: "Thaddeus Duke is offering Liam Roberts the first shot!"

Thad places his hands behind his back and leans slightly forward, exposing his chin. The crowd eats it up with a thunderous roar, and now Liam looks a little embarrassed by it all!

HHL: "It looks like Liam Roberts is getting MAD!"

Indeed, Liam slaps himself across the right and then left cheek pretty hard and rolls his shoulders! He's HYPE!


Liam charges out of the corner, marching right up to Thad, who is still leaning slightly forward with his chin out and his hands behind his back. Liam winds up some big over-exaggerated Windmill punch that goes on forever and ever, almost as if Liam actually thinks that each successful rotation of his arm is somehow charging up that big-ole capacitor of SUPER PUNCH-OUT POWER, and maybe it does? Maybe, as we continue to watch this man whirl his arm around for what must be the 27th, no 28th, bah! 29th time! Maybe he is actually charging up some super move? I mean, we don't know, now do we? The fact is, we pretty much know nothing about Liam Roberts. He could be a "crank-powered" Super Sayan, you just never know! Oh, BTW, Thad is still holding that position, but he's starting to look about as annoyed with Liam as the crowd, who have begun to boo.

PIP: "This is getting ridiculous!"


Liam throws his 100-rotation Windmill uppercut, only for Duke to trap the arm and fall to his back, locking in a Hell's Gate submission in the opening move of the match! Liam's eyes scream terror before pressure is even applied!

HHL: "Thaddeus Dule just locked in the End Game!"

Liam taps the absolute second Thad locks in it!

PIP: "And living up to its name, this game is over!"

Winner via Submission - Thaddeus Duke!

HHL: If Thad is indeed leaving the XWF he’s leaving in a blaze of glory.

PIP: Liam taps with a quickness, but you’re absolutely correct by saying that Thad is on a roll.

Thad stands in the center of the ring after his match with Liam Roberts. The music fades out as Chris Page hands a microphone to him through the ropes. He stands in complete silence for a few moments as the crowd applauds him tonight.

HHL: "The Lionheart has something to say!"

”For the last few months, it has become clearer and clearer as time ticked away that leaving the Xtreme Wrestling Federation… is the right decision.”

The Universe boos this revelation.

”Y’all are free to hate the decision, but the fact of the matter is that since the moment I started thinking about my future and whether or not the XWF was where I needed to spend the rest of my career, it’s been increasingly difficult to find an opponent.

“And I don’t mean the Liam Roberts of the world. Those opponents are a dime a dozen. I mean true, worthy opponents. Guys and girls that test me and not just give me a warm up or a tune up.

“My name on a marquee is still money in the frickin’ bank and Chris had to go outside the company just to find me an opponent for March Madness.”

He pauses for a beat.

”Pathetic, if you ask me.

See, I’ve grown exhausted from trying to find worthy opponents. Alias and I will go one on one on May 4th and I’m saying here and now, that that will be my… final… match in the XWF.”

Thad cuts his promo short and exits the ring. He instructs security to help his oldest son and his wife over the rail to join him. Hand in hand, Thad and Lauren Duke, with Frankie and Chris Page at his side, start to head up the ramp. Near the top, he stops and turns out to look at the crowd still applauding him. He turns to lead his family across the stage and through the curtain…

The crowd in Las Vegas boils over with an eruption of cheers as the Dolly Waters entrance stops the four in their tracks.

HHL: Dolly Waters is here on Warfare!

PIP: What a supportive sister!

Dolly Waters emerges from backstage with a microphone in hand as the Duke trio and Chris Page look on. She smiles and blows a sweet kiss followed by a finger wave down to young Frankie, exchanges nods with Lauren all before settling her gaze upon Thad.

HHL: The greatest tag team that never was!

PIP: Thaddeus Duke and Dolly Waters! Face to face here on Warfare!

HHL: These two, two thirds of the Trinity along with Corey Smith, have long considered themselves brother and sister!

The commentary team lays out as Dolly starts to speak.


She pauses through her sincere tone and considers her words a little longer, tucking her lip and swallowing back some emotion before continuing on:

...You know, I can remember a time when not many people in the XWF believed in me. I can remember management, the talent backstage, heck, even my own father- all of them standing by as my existence in this company was turned into a sick joke about child abuse.

So many “heroes” you know?

So many “good guys”...

So many of the self-righteous holes who still parade around these halls today. They all happily turned a bilnd eye to the things that happened back then.

All except for you, Thad.

Even then, before Corey came around, and still to this day, YOU were the one person who believed in me; even when I did little to deserve that regard. Even when management, the fans, our co-workers, even when I gave up on Dolly Waters, YOU never gave up on Dolly Waters.

With a glimmer of a tear in his eye, Thad mouths the words: "I've always believed in you. I've never doubted you. Not for a second."

You always believed in me, Thad, because yer’ my brother- and I love you.

Because you believed, I believed.

I believe in what you’re doing now; even if I don’t like it, even if I wish it weren’t so, even on a night when our brother Corey is wrestling in his last match, and you’re now announcing your last match, I believe in you both.

I believe that you’re doing what’s best for Thad Duke, and for your family. Same for Corey.

A year ago I returned to an XWF ring at Leap of Faith… “on the moon”... to show you that I still believe.

I believed THEN, as I believe NOW, as I will believe FOREVER in the power of our bond. Thank you, Thad…

Thad smiles, as he and Dolly flash three fingers, for the Trinity that always was, but simultaneously never was.

The crowd begins a “Thank You Thad” chant as Thad bites back hard on getting too emotional while mouthing the words: ‘thank you, Dolly’ to his smiling sister. Frankie runs up the ramp and gives Dolly a loving embrace. Lauren and CCP embrace the applause on Thad’s behalf as the three walk up the stage to meet Dolly and Frankie, but-

...whoa now, bebe…

-Dolly isn’t done, holding her hand out like a stop sign, but still with a loving, respectful and genuine tone. Her hand begins to shake a bit, tears welling up, tone rattling, as the emotions finally rip into the forefront,

I also believe, Thad, … That yer’ XWF contract doesn’t expire until the end of May!


-with no disrespect to our Space Jesus, and no disrespect to Wednesday Night Warfare-

…that you, OF ALL PEOPLE IN THE XWF, deserve one last QUALITY opponent before your contract expires, and you deserve to have it on a QUALITY show.

HHL: What is she trying to say, Pip?

PIP: Beats me, Heather. But Thad Duke looks just as confused as we are!

With the crowd rousing and sensing it, and with her arm lovingly wrapped around Frankie Duke’s shoulder, a tear streaming down her cheek:

Thaddeus Leander Duke…





The cameras begin shaking from the vibrations of the crowd tearing the roof down with cheers.

Thad smirks at Dolly and gives her the 'come hither' finger wave. Dolly steps forward, handing the microphone toward him.

He takes it from her gently, then pulls her into a hug to a roar from the Universe. Stepping aside after the embrace so that both Dolly and Thad are facing the crowd, Thad leaves an arm over her shoulders.

"You know," he begins with a pause. "This has been brought up to me, by you, more times than I can count.

"Fact is, I've always denied you. I did it, because I love you so much Dolly. You're quite honestly the very best friend I have ever had and it hurt me to think of fighting you.

"Thing is… Leap of Faith is the very last chance, in all probability, of us ever getting to dance one on one.

"And I think…. Dolly, I think we have to take it. I accept!"

The crowd roars in instant approval.

HHL: "Pip, I did not have Thaddeus Duke vs Dolly Waters on my 2022 bingo card!"

PIP: "No, but you know Corey Smith had Betty White on his 2021 kick the bucket poll?"

HHL: I feel like you're probably lying. But regardless, in what will be Thaddeus Duke’s final XWF match, at least for the foreseeable future, he'll go one on one with his best friend, his sister, and that one time where they were almost lovers… in Dolly Waters."

Lights in the Sky hits as the fans begin to boo. Marf makes his way out onto the stage, looking around at the audience and shaking his head in disgust. Halfway down the entrance ramp a man in a black ski mask reaches over the barrier and hands Marf a black envelope. Marf raises a questioning eyebrow before opening up the envelope and pulling a red notecard out of it. Marf reads the notecard before chuckling to himself, and sticking both the card and the envelope into his back pocket.

PC: "That weirdo just gave Marf an envelope! I hope it doesn't have anthrax!"

HHL: "It's probably just some weird furry fan-art that Marf commissioned weeks ago."

Marf finishes marching to the ring while the crowd continues to boo and insult him. Marf rolls into the ring and goes to a corner, climbing up and then flipping off the crowd for more heat.

Mac Bane walks out to the ring while his video package plays on the X-tron.

PC: "Mac Bane is one of the top names signed to CCPE. He's coming out here looking a big win over a former X-treme champion."

HHL: "Him and Marf are about to go to war, that's for sure."

- vs -

The referee calls for the bell and our match is underway. Marf and Mac begin circling each other around the ring, each looking for a weak spot in their opponent's game. While Mac only stands two inches taller than Marf, Mac clearly has at least forty pounds on him. The two men meet in the center of the ring, where Marf holds out his hand for a classic strength challenge. Mac looks suspicious at first, but eventually he brings his hand up to Marf's and they clasp. Then, they repeat the process with their other hands. The two men begin trying to twist the hands of the other, and at first it looks to be a stalemate: but then, Mac Bane begins to get the upper hand! Marf Swaysons is forced to crouch down as Mac pushes down on his hands and wrists with immense force. A big grin is spreading across Mac's face as Marf's wrists are clearly being shot through with pain.

HHL: "Mac Bane might be even stronger than he looks!"

PC: "He might be the strongest man on Warfare, Heather!!"

Marf hollers out in pain as Mac continues to manipulate his hands and wrists. Then, Marf kicks Mac Bane in his bad left knee out of desperation. Mac yelps and releases the hold as his knee buckles beneath him. Marf walks the long way around Mac Bane's body before applying a rear naked choke to now the kneeling man. Mac immediately begins clawing at Marf's forearm, but so far it's no use. The referee gets in Mac's face and asks if he wants to tap out as Marf continually squeezes his neck tighter. Mac Bane emphatically shouts 'NO!' as he continues to fight against the rear naked chokehold.

PC: "Marf is locking that chokehold in! This could be bad news for Bane!"

HHL: "Mac Bane isn't going down this easily, Pip!"

The crowd starts to chant and cheer for Mac Bane as he is being choked. The audience begins clapping on rhythm, quickly empowering Mac Bane to rise to his feet. With the crowd firmly behind him and his smaller opponent struggling to keep the rear chokehold applied, Mac Bane sidesteps away before launching a pointy elbow right into Marf's ribcage. Marf continues to hang onto the choke after the first elbow, but after the second and third elbows come ramming into his midsection Marf is finally forced to release the hold and take a few steps back! The crowd goes crazy as Mac Bane is finally freed from Marf's submission attempt!

THE CROWD GOES EVEN CRAZIER WHEN MAC BANE CHARGES MARF WITH A HUMUNGOUS CLOTHESLINE! Marf's body does a 180 degree flip in the air after contact!


HHL: "Marf might be living on dream street right now!"

Mac Bane takes a moment to celebrate this turning of the tide with his supporters in the stands. Unfortunately for Bane, Marf's body rolls out of the ring amidst all the celebrations! Once Mac realizes his opponent is missing from the ring, he shakes his head in annoyance before stepping out of the ring and looking around for Marf. Swaysons, however, is nowhere to be seen.

PC: "Where did Marf go?!"

HHL: "I hope he left the XWF. Like, forever."

PC: "I don't think the Marf-a-maniacs would like that, Heather!"

The referee is counting out inside the ring, but nobody is really paying any attention to that. Mac Bane is instead wandering the area around the ring, looking for Marf wherever he may be. Mac looks over the ringside barrier, but Marf isn't there. Mac moves the steel steps to look behind those, but Marf isn't there either. Mac finally decides to push Pip and Heather out of the way so he can look for Marf beneath the commentary table.

PC: "Marf's not over here, Mac!"

HHL: "Mac, just get back in the ring! The referee is still counting, if you get in the ring first you'll win!"

Mac Bane shrugs and nods at Heather's admittedly good advice. Mac reapproaches the ring with his eyes entirely set upon the referee, who is now counting something like '7'. Just as Mac Bane nears the squared circle, we see the ringside apron move. Then, we see Marf under the ring, holding a sledgehammer!


Heather's warning is no use. Unbeknownst to the referee and unseen by Mac Bane, Marf reaches out from beneath the ring and slams the sledgehammer into Mac's left knee. Mac immediately screams in pain, and Marf quickly crawls out from under the ring. Marf drops the sledgehammer and laughs like a madman before punching Mac in the face and sliding him into the ring. A split-second later Marf slides into the ring behind Mac.

HHL: "Marf should be DQed! That was clearly an illegal maneuver! He brought a foreign object into this match!"

PC: "But the ref didn't see it, Heather, so it's like it never happened!"

As soon as Marf and Mac are in the ring Marf slides on top of his opponent. The referee quickly drops to the mat to count the pinfall attempt.



KICKOUT!!! Mac Bane gets both shoulders up just in time to avoid the three!

HHL: "Mac Bane has been kicked and hit with sledgehammers, but he's not going down yet!"

PC: "Mac Bane puts the 'G' in tough, Heather!"

Marf slams the mat in frustration at the referee's count. Marf argues with the referee for a few seconds before waving the referee away. Marf rises to a standing position, picking Mac Bane up with him. Marf stares with rage into the eyes of Mac Bane before hitting him with a big open-handed slap that sends him stumbling into the corner. Marf takes a few seconds to mock the fans before he decides to sprint right at Mac in the corner!

Mac side steps Marf sending Marf crashing into the buckles!

Mac reaches the center of the ring where he spins around charging towards Marf in the corner with a diving spear! Marf side steps and Mac is sent crashing right shoulder first off the ring post! Marf rolls him up with a School Boy! Marf hooks the tights and has his feet on the middle ropes!





Marf escapes out to the floor getting out of dodge as he knows he just got away with highway robbery.

PIP: Marf got em’! I don’t believe it!

Mac is beside himself as he gets to his feet complaining to the referee about his tights being pulled.

HHL: I’m sure Mac has won matches in similar fashion, but tonight Marf just got the doupe.


The crowd boos Chris Page as he walks out to the top of the ramp with a microphone in hand as he stands between looking down the ramp at Marf who is ringside and Mac who is standing in the center of the ring.

CHRIS PAGE: Marf, buddy… are you seriously going to take a win like that? Of course you will!

The boos reign out from all over the building which catches Chris’s attention as he talks to the crowd.

CHRIS PAGE: I know where I won’t be dropping weed again.

The boos get even louder as Chris redirects towards Marf.

CHRIS PAGE: You and I both know that isn’t going to fly, and while I won’t restart the match here and now… What I will do is since you throught it was a cool idea to take the road less traveled we will do this one again in two weeks; May 4th, with No Disqualifications!

There’s a pop from the crowd with the match announcement.

CHRIS PAGE: I suggest you soak this one up why you can, because judging from the looks on the face of Mac Bane… I’m pretty sure you’ve pissed him off.

We fade.


In association with


ngl, it's real tough to axly type this out....



That's right, Baby Birds, TOMORROW NIGHT, coming from RIGHT HERE in the mysterious, possibly (probably) fictional halls of the floating continent that is the XWF Headquarters, the intellectually-numbing, yawn-inducing, indifference-inducing battle of MEH that was supposed to take place in the pre-pre-pre-show of March Madness, which DIDN'T because ol' GH couldn't afford the travel expenses (LOL!) will now, instead, be held on the next Anarchy? WHY, you ask? Because, as the name of the event SHOULD tell you...this Mama Pigeon is pooped! I have spent SO MUCH TIME working on the BEST tournament in the HISTORY of tournaments, the-



-that the Red Fighter's energy is low and needs food! Like, sers legit, I've been SO BUSY organizing the event, contacting and/or reaching out to the competitors, setting up the matches, giving massive feeds to peeps who deserve it, being the driving force behind Vampeteen's career-high run, being there to make sure Ruby got a sterilizing bath after her gross-as-flame fight last week, making fun of our foul-mouthed janitor, and taking my ward, my mini-me, my bestest little baby bird in the world, Dolly, out for ice cream, that I needs a break! I needs a vacay! I needs some of that one-on-one G-L magical lovin' time with my mate (you should SEE the way Kenzi cringes when I call her that!). And that's not even factoring in all the hours I've been putting into being the World's Greatest Life Coach, ya know? So, before the next set of matches in the tournament (and whatever nonsense Vinnie has planned for our favorite curtain-jerking satanist...because lol?), we get THIS instead.

So, what are the rules and/or criteria? Simple:

Only local talent, jobbers, students, weekend warriors, Brenda-verse aliens, or the legit entire Raaaaaaaab family allowed.

Do YOU have what it takes to be THE best local talent in ALL of the XWF?

Would you even WANT that distinction?

Then cut that promo, mang!

This battle royal is open to ALL. No sign-ups, no verbal agreements, no nothing. Just cut that promo in the appropriate area of THE #1 XWF brand of professional wrestling: Thursday Night Anarchy.

And...even in THIS terrible, God-awful, totes-forgettable scenario of a useless battle royal being organized and run by the XWF's Gelatinous Cube (#PleaseDon'tSueMeWizardsOfTheCoast)...keep your....




The crowd responds with a pop as Derrick Diamond walks out to the top of the ramp with a microphone in hand.

DERRICK DIAMOND: Ladies and Gentleman, Willie Nelson!

The crowd roars as we fade to the stage next to the entrance ramp…

There is another huge round of applause for Willie Nelson as he finishes and waves to the crowd. He pulls a joint out from behind his ear, lights it up, takes a few tokes, takes a bow, exhales his smoke and takes his leave.

PIP: We’ve seen Afro Man, we’ve seen Willie Nelson, what else has Chris Page planned for tonight?

HHL: It’s all on the XWF’s dime so I’d imagine a he spent a pretty penny.

”Ladies and Gentleman the following contest is a TAG TEAM STREET FIGHT for the XWF World Tag Team Championship!”

”Intorducing first, about to make their way to the ring…. They represent CCPE, and are the XWF World Tag Team Champions, MARK FLYNN and the NORTH KOREAN WAR CRIMINAL!”

There’s a mixed reception from the crowd as the Tag Team Champions make their way towards the ring proudly displaying their tag titles around their waists.

PIP: A tough tast stands in the way of the defending Champions as we are about to have our first of three Championship matches.

HHL: Flynn and War Criminal have become quite the tag team, and if they retain tonight you have to start talking about how good they truly are.

The Champions reach ringside, enter the ring and pass off the titles waiting for their challengers.

”Their opponents, about to make their way to the ring… they are the challengers, the team of KING BOBBY BOURBON and the XWF Television Champion CHARLIE NICKELS, THEM NO GOOD BASTARDS!”

There is another mixed reception as the challengers emerge out to the top of the ramp showing no fear, no intimidation as they walk towards the ring as we see Mark Flynn and NKWC pacing back and forth.

PIP: Bobby Bourbon is no stranger to the tag titles…

HHL: That’s KING Bourbon, peasant.

The duo reach ringside, get into the ring as we are set for the opening bell.

- vs -

PIP: This one has all the potential to get as wild or crazy as anything we’ve ever witnessed before.

HHL: Flynn and NKWC have had a stranglehold on the tag division since late last year.

The bell sounds as all hell immediately breaks loose as NKWC and The Nickelman pair off with an exchange of right hands while Bourbon and Flynn start going at it! Bourbon quickly takes an upperhand as he drives a knee into the midsection of Flynn before hurling him out to the floor! NKWC thumbs Charlie in the eye as Bourbon spins around seeing this unfold. He comes up behind NKWC taking him by both arms!

Charlie recovers from the eye gouge as he then kicks NKWC in the groin!

Bourbon shoves NKWC toward Charlie who lands a side walk slam! Bourbon looks to bounce off the ropes when Flynn from the floor whacks Bobby across the back with a steel chair! Mark slides into the ring with the chair in hand. He gets to his feet where he catches Charlie with a jabbing shot into the mid section! Flynn looks to waffle Charlie across the back only to have the chair ripped from his hands by Bourbon!

Flynn spins around as we see Bobby swing the chair at his head! Flynn evades causing Bourbon to crack Charlie in the face! This leads to a School Boy by NKWC on the Nickelman!




Charlie kicks out!

PIP: Bourbon nearly unintentionally cost them early with that miscue.

Flynn spins Bourbon around where he starts laying kicks to the right knee, evading a right hand from the larger Bourbon where NKWC comes up from behind with a back waist lock. He attempts a German suplex on the much larger Bourbon which goes nowhere. Bourbon breaks free dropping NKWC with a lariat. Bourbon spins around where he catches a boot attempt from Flynn but he doesn’t avoid the Enzugiri that follows!

Charlie has rolled out to the floor where he is seen pulling out a table!

The crowd pops for the wood as he goes back under the ring pulling out a tire iron! In the ring NKWC lands a chop block to the back of Bourbons right knee that drops the big man to one knee for Flynn to bounce off the rope with a flying knee to the face! Flynn makes the cover.




Bourbon powers out with a kickout! NKWC, sizes up Charlie on the floor as he bounces off the farside to gain a full head of steam for a Suicide Dive through the top and middle ropes only to see Charlie swing the tire iron cracking NKWC in the shoulder as he sails through the ropes knocking him out of midair!

Charlie tosses the tire iron to the floor as NKWC is starting to get up. Nickels lands a running swinging neckbreaker on the floor before turning his attention back towards the ring as he see’s Flynn stomping away at Bourbon. Nickels reaches back under the ring pulling out a Kendo Stick as he slips into the ring, gets to his feet and cracks Flynn across the back with a stiff shot!

Nickels follows up using the Kendo Stick to assist with a Side Russian Leg Sweep

HHL: This street fight mentality is right up Charlie Nickel’s avenue!

PIP: He a much more dangerous man when there’s no rules holding him back, likewise can be said for King Bourbon.

Charlie makes a cover on Flynn.




Flynn escapes the near fall. King Bourbon gets back to his feet where he picks up Flynn, he hurls Mark out to the floor on the opposite side of the ring from NKWC who is starting to reach under the ring, he pulls out a trash can. Charlie rolls out to the floor on the side of the ring with NKWC unknowingly he is wacked over the skull with a shot from the trash can! Bourbon slides out to the floor on the other side of the ring where he yanks the top portion of the steel steps!

Flynn can be seen starting to get to his feet as Bobby sizes him up and charges with the steps in hand looking to smash them into the face of Flynn! Flynn counters with a drop toe hold that sends Bobby falling foward where he bounces face first off the steel steps!

HHL: We knew this one would get out of control quick. We didn’t lie!

NKWC drives Charlie face first off the announcers table before turning his attention towards the Table that Charlie pulled out from under the ring. He starts to set up the table up on the floor, he flips it over setting it up on the floor. Across the ring Flynn bounces Bourbon face first off the steel steps. He picks him up off the floor where he looks to shoot him into the security railing!

Bourbon reverses and Flynn is sent crashing into the barrier!

On the other side of the ring NKWC looks to grab Charlie only to have the Nickelman gouge the eyes of the NKWC! He then starts biting the forehead of one-half of the tag champions!

PIP: The Television Champion is taking a bite out of the War Criminal!

Bourbon hammers away on Flynn before bringing him off the barrier, he scoops up Flynn before bodyslamming him onto the top portion of the steel steps! Across the ring Charlie has rolled NKWC onto the table! He climbs up on the ring apron, backs up into a corner, climbing up on the middle turnbuckle! Charlie sets sail with a flying elbow drop on to NKWC driving him through the table to a thunderous “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” chant from the Las Vegas crowd!


Bourbon hurls Flynn back into the ring where he slides in after him! King Bourbon gets back to his feet where he sets Flynn up for the Bobby-Bomb! He reaches down to pick up Flynn who quickly drops to one knee and delivers a low blow to the King!

PIP: Thy royal jewels hath been besmerched!

Charlie pulls himself up with the ring apron as he rolls back into the ring. He charges towards Flynn who spins around and is able to side step Nickels sending him crashing into Bourbon which sends the King back out through the ropes and out to the floor!

Nickels spins around into a Northern Light Suplex with a Bridge from Flynn!




The Nickelman escapes the near fall! Flynn starts to get back to his feet where he sees the NKWC is laid out within the ruble of the table, he realizes he’s on his own for the time being and immediately goes towards a neutral corner where he exposes the top turnbuckle.

HHL: It’s like a sense of urgency from Flynn because he knows with the War Criminal out, at least for the moment, he’s isolate if Those No Good Bastards can capitalize.

Flynn picks Charlie up off the mat. He takes him, running towards the corner he drives him violently face first into the exposed corner! Charlie falls backward to the mat with Flynn making a cover hooking the near leg.




The crowd gasps as King Bourbon drives on top of the cover breaking it at the last second!

PIP: King Bourbon was in the right place at the right time to keep this match alive.

Bourbon gets up to a veritcal base, he picks up Flynn where he shoots him towards the exposed turnbuckle! Flynn sees it coming as he baseball slides out to the floor! Bourbon slides out to the floor giving chase to Flynn around the ring, Flynn dives back into the ring where he gets to his feet where he runs into a boot to the midsection from a recovered Charlie Nickels who follows up with a Double Arm DDT!

Charlie makes the cover hooking the leg.




NKWC pulls the referee out of the ring breaking the count!

PIP: Smart by NKWC to keep this match alive for the champions!

Bourbon comes around the ring where he charges towards NKWC looking for a spear! NKWC leap frogs over Bobby sending the King of the XWF crashing right shoulder first into the other set of steel steps!

NKWC slides into the ring where Charlie is right there to lay the boots to the back of the head and back of NKWC! He picks him up off the mat driving him back into a corner. Charlie starts unloading with hard right hands to the forehead of NKWC hammering him all the way down to the mat in a seated position in the corner!

Flynn starts to get back to his feet only to be pulled out to the floor by the King!

Charlie backs up across the ring into the opposite corner, he charges full speed delivering a running knee into the face of NKWC whiplashing his neck against the buckles! Bourbon throws Flynn over the announce table and into the laps of Heather and Pip sending the announcers falling backward to the floor!

Bourbon heads to the ring apron, he tosses it back before reaching underneath the ring pulling out a large black sack. Charlie’s eyes fixate on the bag as Bobby slides it into the ring. Bourbon rolls into the ring under the bottom rope where he gets to his feet. Charlie picks up the black sack, unties it, and empties thousands of Thumbtacks into the ring!

Pip and Heather rejoin commentary.

PIP: Are we back on?

HHL: All hell is breaking loose in Las Vegas. Mark Flynn is getting himself together, but in the ring Charlie and King Bourbon have some bad intentions for North Korean War Criminal.

Bobby reaches down picking NKWC up off the mat. He sets him up for a Bobby Bomb while out on the floor Flynn pulls a 2x4 out from under the ring that’s wrapped in Barbedwire! In the ring Bobby starts hoisting up NKWC, Flynn slips into the ring cracking Bobby across the back with the barbedwire wrapped 2x4 causing Bourbon to release NKWC who lands on his feet! Flynn cracks Bourbon across the back a second time sending him spilling out to the floor!

Charlie boots NKWC in the midsection setting him up for the Double Arm DDT into the thumbtacks when suddenly Fire shoots up the ring posts and at the top of the ramp which takes Charlie’s attention long enough for Flynn the smash him in the face with the barbedwire wrapped 2x4 causing Charlie to fall backward into the thumbtacks!

NKWC falls on the cover.





Flynn and NKWC escape out to the floor where they take their belts. As the dust settles from the match, the lights give out. A rumbling murmur spreads it's way around the T-Mobile Arena, as it typically does in situations like this.

PIP: I'm not sure what's going on here, folks.

HHL: Neither am I, but look!

The lights return and nobody is left in the ringside area, save for one man.

Alone in the ring is Charlie Nickles, Goldi now in his hands.

HHL: Wait… where the hell did Bourbon, Flynn, and the War Criminal go?

PIP: Oh God, does this kind if crape mean what I think it does?

It does. The X-Tron scratches to life and a callous laughter screeches out.

[Image: bQpGyWV.gif]

HHL: It's ALIAS! We haven't seen him since he won the Universal Championship! Is he… is he here?

PIP: Doubtful. He's a coward and knows Charlie Nickles has his number!

Charlie mutters a few things to the X-Tron as ALIAS's face vanishes, leaving behind a single burning candle, flickering in the dark.

His voice, however, remains.

The disembodied voice of ALIAS: I wonder… is it wilful ignorance, or sheer stupidity? If anyone could make it both, it'd be you, my little Charlie-Bear. That's a hell of a feat, but I believe in you! You can relaaaaax though, buddy. I'm not about to jump you from behind or anything. Want to know why I haven't commented on that happening at March Madness? It's because it's water off a duck's back. Reggie Estrada did it. The Left Hand did it. The Exiles did it. And each time it happened? The man came back around. You, Jim, the rest of the Bastards… just another in a list of people who accomplished nothing in the process.

Charlie shouts something not quite decipherable. It seems to be about his Television Championship.

ALIAS, but on the Astral Plane or something goofy like that: You seem to be misunderstanding me, Charlie. Wilfully stupid, I suspect. Probably makes it easier to sleep at night. You think I want your Television Championship? Why would I? Even if the reputation you claim it has were half true, I don't give a flying fuck about that. So no, I'm not coming to Savage for it. My prize is the Universe. And I have it. Now, just as I did last year. For 182 days. Still got a ways to go to hit that number, don't ya? You're not getting there, though bud. Because sure I don't care about your little Goldi, but you do. And that's what this is about, pal. I'm a giving Space Jesus - LOL - and I want to give you what you want. You've been crowing about wanting a Universal Title shot for months, and I want to give to you what Jim Caedus and Peter Vaughn were too fragile to do. The problem is - and I told you this was your mistake when we faced off last month - I beat your ass already. In the middle of this reign you're so keen to beat your chest about, you fell at my goddamn feet like all the others. And with that fact alone, any credibility you had as a challenger got flushed down the drain.

A gust over blows over the X-Tron and the screen is plunged into a shaky darkness. Still, the voice lingers.

The Voice of ALIAS: Which brings us to where we find ourselves today. If you've changed your mind, then we can go on our merry way. But if you still want the shot that I rendered a fucking joke when I set you on fire last month, then you have to put everything you have up to make it worth my while. Remember, I choose the rules when it comes to the Universe, and I say that when you get put in the fucking ground again, whatever gold you wear at the time, I get. And the fight doesn't just happen in an inferno, or on a rooftop, or in a graveyard, or with light tubes or strippers or hangmen or barbed wire. It happens with all of it. And none of it. It happens everywhere. It happens anywhere. Across space. Across time. You want to fight? You have to put it all on the line, and you have to do it in the same sort of fight that Lou, that Bobby, that Lycana had to go through.

My version of Universal Rules.

So come on Charlie. Just how much do you believe in yourself? Will you risk Goldi to do it?

Will you take a Leap of Faith?


The camera on the X-Tron shakes, and an explosion seems to blast through the darkness. With it, a white light, not unlike the ones seen in some of the previous Universal matches that ALIAS competed in, takes over the screen.

In the centre, Charlie remains.

And just behind him, with Charlie so easily within reach, ALIAS stands in the light.

ALIAS: So easy…

Charlie whips around to the sound of the voice, but ALIAS, and the light, vanish.

The arena returns to normal, with even Bobby Bourbon gathering himself in the ring. He looks at Charlie, whose face is a mixture of anger and bewilderment, with confusion, and just as the scene fades, one last sound can be heard.

[Image: 7f2vxNf.png]

The following contest is set for one fall, and will be for the XWF Xtreme Title!

Introducing first, the challenger, standing 6’3” and weighing 260 lbs, from Lima, Ohio, here is Thunder Knuckles!

Twenty midgets with sparklers in both hands held as high as their little arms can reach, line both sides of the entrance ramp. The sparkers ignite as Thunder Knuckles walks past them. Once Thunder Knuckles is down to the ring he rolls under the bottom rope and in one movement he pops up to his feet. With his back turned towards the camera, he raises his right fist in defiance. As soon as his fist goes up, counterfeit xbux with Thunder Knuckles' face on them fall onto the crowd.

And his opponent, entering the arena, standing 6’0” and weighing 224 lbs, from New York City, New York, here is the XWF Xtreme Champion, “Notorious” Ned Kaye!

The entire stadium goes black as the song begins. Slowly, the X-Tron begins to show scarce, glowing embers, the light of each one illuminating smoke growing at the entrance of the ramp. As the song continues, more embers are seen until a large fire is displayed on the screen. The ramp then glows Ned's famous blue, revealing a silhouette in the smoke. Slowly stepping from the fog is none other than Notorious Ned Kaye. He stops for a moment, calming himself in front of the clamoring crowd. He lifts an arm, eyeing the stands to watch the many audience members who follow suit. With a single smile, he drops his arm and rushes towards the ring, slipping in from under the bottom rope, picking himself up immediately.

- vs -

HHL: This is what I’d call a dream match for a Wednesday Night Warfare!

PIP: Eh, it’d be better if Kaye was still the Chameleon.

HHL: Kaye has said he’s given up all of that “Chamelon nonsense”.

PIP: He should at least wear the mask tonight for a little more protection. Anything can happen in an Xtreme Rules match!


Right as the bell rings, Thunder Knuckles is already rushing at Kaye, attacking him from behind in the corner. He grabs Kaye’s head and bangs it into the turnbuckle a few times before turning him around and stomping away on him. Kaye slumps down in the corner, with TK quick to flip him off and curse him out, laughing. But Kaye suddenly springs up, using the ropes to propel himself upwards, and he grabs a surprised TK, turning him into the corner and popping him with a series of punches and rising knees. Kaye backs off, setting himself, and comes back in for a sharp spinning heel kick. But TK ducks under it, catching Kaye around the legs, and throws him over the ropes to the outside!

TK follows, stepping through the ropes to drop off the apron towards where Kaye painfully landed. He pulls Kaye up and drags him to the side, where a stack of trash cans have been suspiciously set up. He whips Kaye into the cans, sending them rattling in every direction. Underneath, we can see a few items laying there, including what might be a half-eaten turkey and a beer bottle.

HHL: Thunder Knuckles prepared for this contest by going inside a remade Sega Genesis video game.

PIP: Thunder Sonic!

HHL: Wrong guess. It was a Barney Greene re-creation of “Streets of Rage”.

PIP: It would have been funnier if TK was running everywhere trying to gather rings.

HHL: Isn’t there a specific character in that game called Knuckles?

PIP: Oh yeah…

While Kaye has worked to recover, Thunder Knuckles has kicked the half-turkey aside and has picked up the beer bottle. He teases drinking from it, but it’s clearly empty… so he just smashes it over the champion’s head! Kaye falls backwards against the railing, stunned, as TK raises up the broken half of the bottle he’s still holding. He smiles, coming in at Kaye, planning to add a few more cuts. But Kaye pushes himself off the railing, dropping and getting a legsweep that sends TK falling backwards onto one of the nearby trash cans! The can crushes inwards from the side, with TK rolling off of it, hurting.

As TK tries to get back up, holding his back, Kaye is waiting for him, smashing him across the head with a trash can lid! TK stumbles back, with Kaye blasting him a second time, then a third. He then drops the lid on the ground, wiping quickly at his eyes to get a little blood out of them from where the bottle cut him earlier. He grabs TK by the head and drops with a DDT onto the trash can lid, rattling the lid around, before rolling TK over for the first pin of the match.




HHL: Kaye’s showing that he can use anything in this environment, same as Thunder Knuckles!

PIP: Yep, but the champ’s really starting to bleed from that bottle shot he took earlier.

HHL: Well, you were the one who wanted him to wear a mask.

Kaye has Thunder Knuckles back up now, taking him further down the aisle towards the entryway. The champion brings TK near the railing, as the fans are cheering him on. One is even wearing a Chameleon mask, which seems to distract Kaye for a moment. That allows TK to elbow him in the chest, knocking him backwards. TK clears his head with a shake, then turns, going after Kaye, but the champ meets him with a leaping knee, sending TK spinning as he falls into the guardrail, laying across it. The ref checks on Kaye, wanting to dab at the blood coming from his forehead, but Kaye just pushes him away. He goes to grab TK, dragging him up…

And TK uses the steel chair he grabbed from the fan, blasting Kaye with a straight shot to the head!! Kaye falls, with TK staggering forward and dropping for the cover.




PIP: I thought Ned might be unconscious after how hard that chairshot hit!

HHL: If he is, that proves that the veterans will kick out of anything, even in their sleep!

PIP: That’s gotta be hard on their spouses and girlfriends…

Thunder Knuckles goes right back to the steel chair after the kickout, picking it up off the ground. He yells at Ned Kaye to get up, waiting for the champ to rise. As Kaye stumbles upwards, TK rears back and blasts Kaye in the back, causing him to shudder and fall forward, sending him toppling over the railing into the crowd! TK laughs, promising Kaye that this is going to continue to hurt. He shouts at Kaye to rise again, with Kaye staggering to his feet. TK lifts the chair up again, prepared to bring it down once more, but this time Kaye leaps up, managing to dropkick the chair in midair back into TK’s face!! The challenger takes a few wobbly steps backwards, still on his feet, but looking like he’s been knocked for a loop.

Kaye doesn’t let the opportunity get away from him. The bloody champion springs over the guardrail, doing a cartwheel to catch TK with his feet and land The Disciplinary Action!! TK is down, as Kaye pulls himself over to make the cover…




HHL: Disciplinary Action couldn’t keep Thunder Knuckles down!

PIP: No sort of discipline has ever worked on him in the past, and it damn sure isn’t going to start now!

The champion is up again, staggering over towards where the steel chair landed. He picks it up, moving back over to the recovering Thunder Knuckles. TK is up to his knees, looking back at Kaye. He tells him to bring it on, and Kaye does, smashing the chair across TK’s back!! TK folds forward to the ground, slapping at the safety mat there due to the pain, as Kaye throws the chair away. He backs up the aisle, pointing towards TK’s head as the fans cheer, knowing what’s coming. He runs forward, going for the Notorious Knee… and TK pulls the safety mat upwards, covering himself, with Kaye hitting the mat with his knee and flipping over TK, falling to the ground behind him!

TK shoves the mat away and gets up, grabbing Kaye from behind before he can recover his balance. He locks him into a full nelson, hanging on for a moment above the now-cleared spot in the aisle, before dropping Kaye with a full nelson slam onto the uncovered concrete!! He makes the cover, believing it’s over, as the referee drops down next to them.




PIP: How the hell did Ned kick out of that one??

HHL: I have no clue, and neither does Thunder Knuckles!

Thunder Knuckles is in the face of the referee, cursing him out for counting too slow. The referee swears he counted it just like he always does, but TK doesn’t seem to believe him. After throwing out a few more ‘educational’ words for the youths along the aisle, TK goes back to Kaye, dragging him up. He tells Kaye to stay down this time and goes for another full nelson, only to have Kaye reverse it, twisting into a spinning neckbreaker onto the concrete!! Both wrestlers are down now, breathing heavily, as the toll of the match is really starting to show. The referee watches both men, not doing a count yet.

After a few more seconds, Kaye manages to sit up first. He pulls himself to his feet, then grabs at TK’s head, pulling him off the concrete. He begins to drag TK farther down the aisle, towards the stage entrance. TK tries to fight back, throwing a couple of punches, but Kaye answers with a knee to the gut, followed by a rising knee to the face, causing TK to stand straight up, his eyes dazed. Kaye then brings TK forward, getting a running bulldog onto the stage ramp!! TK rolls away, stunned, with Kaye following for another cover.




HHL: The falls are getting closer and closer…

PIP: Not even the greatest of athletes can take all these hard landings and shake them off. You think LeBron James is getting up after getting slammed on the concrete? Hell no!

HHL: Thankfully, he never had to do that in the NBA.

PIP: No, but once he retires, I bet the XWF could find a place for him… at least for one match.

Kaye slowly pulls himself up, the blood starting to dry across his face. He limps up the ramp, to where Thunder Knuckles is crawling away, heading towards the stage entrance. Kaye follows him, waiting, as TK starts to grab at the structure of the entrance, pulling himself up. Kaye then runs in, leaping for the Notorious Knee!! He hammers it, knocking TK into the structure, causing him to hang there, knocked senseless. Kaye gets up, grabbing at TK, trying to free his arm from the entrance posts. He manages it, causing TK to fall to the ground. Kaye drops onto him, grabbing at the leg.




HHL: I thought Ned had him there!

PIP: If Thunder Knuckles hadn’t gotten tangled in the posts there, he probably wouldn’t have been able to kick out. Talk about luck!

Thunder Knuckles rolls across the stage, getting back to the entrance, as Kaye sits up, showing a little frustration. He knows how close he just came. He gets to his feet, signaling that it’s time to end this one. He staggers over to TK and grabs at his arms. For some reason, TK is not releasing his position, crunching his body over as if to block the champion. Kaye works to haul him up, fighting to get him to rise… and suddenly TK straightens up, swinging the item he had hidden in his arms: a lead pipe!! He catches Kaye squarely across the side of the head, snapping Kaye’s head violently back!!! Kaye crumples to the ground, possibly out cold, as TK immediately grabs at the wrestler’s leg… snapping it with the Thunder Strike!!! Kaye barely reacts, as TK drops on top of him, grabbing the legs and getting a handful of tights for good measure…





PIP: Thunder Knuckles has done it!

HHL: Where did he get that lead pipe from??

PIP: I don’t know, it seemed to just be waiting for him at the entrance. Maybe he put it there himself?

HHL: Whatever the reason, he was able to knock Ned Kaye completely out and claim himself the Xtreme Championship!

The crowd pops once again as Derrick Diamond walks out to the top of the ramp with microphone in hand.

DERRICK DIAMOND: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the stage… the one, the only… Snoop Dog!

The crowd pops huge…

The song is finished leaving the Las Vegas crowd is on fire for Snoop. He throws up an arm as he exits the stage.

We cut back to the arena, where Theo Pryce has made his way out to “Points of Authority" by Linkin Park. He’s now standing in the ring, holding a microphone and waiting for the music to cut off.

HHL: What brings Mr. Pryce out here tonight?

PIP: You didn’t hear? Twitter promised a MAJOR announcement tonight!

HHL: Did you have to shout the “Major” part?

PIP: Of course!

Theo Pryce: XWF Universe, I come to you with glorious purpose. A few months back you saw yours truly orchestrate the Earth shattering one sided beating of OCW a company that is only still in existence today because I allow it to. Only after taking some of its grandest champions, people like Peter Vaughn, Xavier Lux and Jason Cashe as my spoils of war. And it is in that spirit of conquest that I bring to you tonight's news. The news that was teased last week on Twitter. I am proud to announce that the XWF has just closed a deal to acquire the full library from the now defunct Global Championship Wrestling Association. The complete history and library, all of it’s shows, all of it’s Pay Per Views now belong to the XWF.

The crowd lets out a loud roar at the news of XWF’s newest acquisition.

Theo Pryce: But that’s not all. As part of this fantastic deal that would not be possible without the former owner of the GCWA we are also pleased to announce that the newest General Manager in the XWF is none other than…former owner of GCWA… Jonathan Barrows!!!

Jonathan Barrows walks out onto the stage, smiling at the stunned reaction from the XWF audience. He adjusts his finest suit and begins to walk down the ramp, looking comfortable at being in a wrestling arena once again.

PIP: Jonathan Barrows?? I never saw this happening on XWF Warfare!!

HHL: So from what Mr. Pryce just said, Barrows sold off the entire GCWA library to him?? Wasn’t that his father’s legacy??

PIP: Well, if I know anything about Barrows, he’s always looking for the best angle, and I guess he’s decided that the XWF is the way to go!

Barrows and Pryce meet in the ring, with Barrows shaking Pryce’s hand. The crowd is still trying to deal with what they’re seeing, viewing these two men in the same ring. Barrows then turns to the crowd, still with a large smile on his face.

Jonathan Barrows: Miss me?

This earns some boos from the crowd, many of whom don’t have fond memories of Barrows’ actions back in the GCWA, as well as in other companies. This doesn’t faze Barrows in the least.

Jonathan Barrows: I know there’s going to be a lot of people who are shocked that I’m out here today. They’re asking themselves, Jonathan, if you were going to return to wrestling as a general manager, why not reopen the GCWA? Why sell everything your family worked for in order to join a ‘rival’ company? Well, there’s a simple explanation for that.

Barrows leans forward on the ropes, lowering his head for a second before looking at the camera again.

Jonathan Barrows: The GCWA is dead.

This earns some increased negativity from the crowd, although some of the XWF faithful seem glad to hear it. Barrows ignores them, though, continuing through the boos.

Jonathan Barrows: After what’s happened in the recent past, there was no chance at resurrection. The company’s name was sullied beyond repair. So I did the only prudent thing: I worked a deal. Thanks to Theo, the best matches of the GCWA era will be made available to a new generation. As for me, I got exactly what I wanted: leverage back into the business I grew up in.

Barrows paces back and forth, seeming to enjoy the grip of the top rope under his hand.

Jonathan Barrows: For those who don’t know me that well, here’s your brief recap: I’m the son of a wrestling Hall of Famer, The Accelerator. I’m the man who wrestled in a ring much like this one, competing as the masked Pryde in order to avoid using my father’s legacy as a crutch. I’m the man who became World Champion in multiple federations. I’m also the man who once restored a company to greatness, despite the interference of family. And now, I’m the man here in the XWF who everyone in the locker room is going to have to learn to respect.

Pryce is nodding, watching closely as Barrows continues to walk back and forth, his energy showing through.

Jonathan Barrows: Once the final details are settled on my employment here in the XWF, I look forward to showing all of you what I’m willing to do in order to succeed. I’ll be seeing you all very, very soon…

Barrows drops the mic out of the ring, turning back and once again shaking the hand of Theo Pryce. The crowd is still not too thrilled with this development, although there seem to be a few supporters out there. They’re mostly stifled by the rest of the Warfare audience.

The special Four-Twenty edition of Wednesday Warfare returns to broadcast from commercial break and we’re shown a close up of Tig O’ Bitties…

The ring announcer; Tig O’ Bitties. She’s standing in the ring, looking as dashing and radiant, and not sexually objectified as ever as she waves to a whistling Las Vegas crowd.

Tig: Ladies and Gentlemen, before our Main Event of the evening, please give a warm welcome to the special guest commentary. In honor of the Fooooour-Tweeeenty!


HHL:Wow, Pip! We’re about to be joined by two comedy icons!

PC:A couple of burnout jokers, that’s for sure.

The crowd roars with approval, as the silver haired men miraculously groove their way to the commentary booth without suffering any major injuries. Their bloodshot eyes give away that they’ve spent plenty of time with Willie, Snoop and CCP backstage tonight.

HHL:Hey guys! Wow! What an honor this-

Pip interrupts Heather by retching with a pomp sounding disgust

PC:You men reek! Like sunbaked upholstery, keto sweat and Marijuana!

Cheech Marin practically falls in his seat between Heather and Pip, putting an arm around each of them, with Tommy Chong sitting on the other side of Pip sandwiching him in,

CM:Aye, man!


CM:We’ve finally made it to the BIG time, man! Raw is Warfare!

TC: Hey, maaaan. It’s called raaaaaaaawrrrrrr.

The two men are guaded and snickering,

PC:SIRS! This is WEDNESDAY Warfare! The best wrestling show, for the best wrestling company on the planet, the XWF!

Cheech begins looking around curiously for the source of Pip’s voice

CM:Maaaaan, I think I'm hearing voices, man.

PC:Hey you dumb stoner! I’m down here!


He asks crawling down on his knees and getting underneath the table, having overlooked the midget broadcaster entirely - - even though he did just have his arm around him.


All the while, Chong hasn’t been paying attention, but suddenly picks up on the frantic tenor of Cheech’s voice

TC:Hey man, I thought I had a nice baritoooooooo-OOOOOOOHHHHHH MAN!

Chong’s eyes bulge from his skull as he finally gets his gaze upon Pip Collins,

TC:They shrunk you, man! The fucking shrunk you!

Chong panics and flees from the commentary booth and into the crowd.

We’re left with the perplexed, and speechless faces of Pip and Heather. A cloud of smoke begins rolling up from under the commentary table as we can hear Cheech’s muffled giggling coming through the headsets.

Tig: The following contest is a LADDER MATCH… and is for the XWF SUPERcontinental Championship!

PC:Ladies and gentleman, please allow me to apologize for that random display of idiocy that we were all witness to moments ago. I am a professional, and Icare about this business, HENCE why I don’t smoke marijuana, and why I’d certainly NEVER condone a couple of geratric stoners to hijack a broadcast of this magnitude. I’ll be damned if I allow it to take away from the gravity of THIS all important contest.

HHL:Could you please not be so self righteous, Pip? For one you’re an outright sexist-

PC:Would you stop blathering, Heather? The viewers at home want to hear real broadcasting, not just some BROADcasting.


PC:Don’t you understand, Heather? Win or lose here tonight, this is Corey Smith’s last match in the XWF. He’s vowed to move on from in-ring action, even if he retains here tonight!

HHL:Well, given Corey’s fun-loving nature, and EQUALLY important, the fun-loving nature of his challenger who’s entrance you have NO PROBLEM ignoring right now, I doubt that either Corey, or Vita Valenteen would’ve minded a couple of comedy icons such as Cheech and Chong calling this match. This moment is as EQUALLY big for Vita as it is for Cor-

PC:IiiiiiiiCCCKK! You’re right. Damn Gen-Zers. Always gasping for some lauded nostalgia that they don’t understand. Cheech and Chong were terrible growing up, and they’re just as terrible now.

HHL:Okay, well since you’re just being blatantly obtuse now, I’m going to actually BROADCAST what this match means for Vita Valenteen.

The camera pans up on the stoic smile of Vita Valenteen as she appears under the XTron, the fans are going ballistic cheering her on as Heather continues to narrate Vita’s march towards the ring. Ladders line the rampway and Vita, takes pauses between slapping the fans hands to inspect every other ladder- almost as if she’s gauging their height and picturing her climbing to the top and pulling down the SuperContinental Championship.

HHL:Vita is done making excuses for her victories. She’s done trying to PROVE that she belongs in the XWF. Look at that face, Pip. Vita is as hot as ANYONE in the company right now, and she knows it- she KNOWS that she’s earned this shot, and she knows she has the capability of pulling that title down tonight.

PC:I’ll give you this, Heather. Vita is talented. She’s decorated. She’s been one of the better wrestlers in the XWF ever since her debut years ago. But she’s so easily distracted. That automatically bumps her out of the conversation of being on par with the Corey Smith’s, the ALIAS’s, the D’Ville’s, the Duke’s of this industry-

HHL:I can’t help but notice you only mentioned some of the elite MALE talents, what about-

PC:Sarah Lacklan? Okay ONE! The other two females to win the Universal Championship were both men, right? Lux and “Brucette” Blingsteen, those were both the bodies of men, including the MAN getting ready to defend his gold here tonight.

HHL:You’re forgetting Azreal Blackwater.

PC: We’re not counting genderfluid space aliens, okay? We’re just not!

HHL:Well, Vita is a Vampire.

PC:Don’t remind me, Heather!

Tig O’ Bitties: Introducing first… the challenger; From Toronto, Canada… VITA! VALEEEEEEENTEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!

Vita enters the ring and waves to the fans once last time before quickly fixing her eyes on the entrance ramp. She looks focused, and poised to pull off the upset tonight.

The arena is pitch black and the opening tunes to “We Appreciate Power” begin. But as the song starts to pick up in intensity, down in the entry way, you see a Jericho-esque light up jacket glow brilliantly, almost level with the XTron Screen. Then, twin explosions emit from either side of the ramp and the lights turn on in a swirling red and blue pattern that throb in sync with the beats of the song. Corey Smith is standing, arms extended atop of a ladder at the top of the ramp. The camera zooms in on his face as he turns around and shows a confident, charming smile.

HHL:How fitting, Pip? For what Corey Smith has deemed as his last match in XWF that he goes out to Lux’s old theme song? The first theme song ever played as Corey Smith’s body marched to a wrestling ring!

PC:Heather, could you show some respect, and not speak during this MAN’S final entrance in XWF? I don’t understand why I have to teach you EVERYTHING about broadcasting etiquette!

Corey removes the SuperCon title from his waist, atop the ladder, turns to face the arena and lifts it in the air under a barrage of camera flashes and cheers from the crowd. He climbs over the front of the ladder, and hops onto the ramp. He comes down the ramp, the jacket now flashing intermittent heart and lightning bolt patterns. On the 'Tron you see images of Corey/Lux pulling off fantastic moves, intercut with blur effects on Corey's face that obscure his features in an eerie way.

Tig O’ Bitties: …and her opponent; from Ye’ Ole’ Commune in Coreytopia, Florida, he IS the XWF SuperContential Champion. COREY! SMIIIIIIIIIIITH!!!!!!!!!!!

Corey gets on the ring apron, throwing his arms over the top rope as the jacket keeps flashing. He looks pumped as hell, and starts pointing out at the fans before rushing to the top rope, surveying the crowd from on high, before dropping down to the canvas and handing off his jacket. He paces the ring now, waiting for the match to begin as the music and lighting effects wind down.

Smith and Vita meet in the center of the ring, there’s a genuine handshake and showing of respect before Corey hands the title off to the referee. The XWF SuperContential Championship is strapped onto the retractable bungee and lifted fifteen feet above the ring.

Corey and Vita each back into their respective corners, each performing various stretching and neck cracking along the way. They turn to face one another-

PC: And now, Heather, the battle for the XWF SuperContinental Championship is underway!

- vs -

Corey nor Vita waste any time, They charge one another and meet dead center of the ring, but Corey’s running, spinning backfist is countered by a quick arm drag from Vita, popping the champ down to the canvas.

But Smith is fresh and right back to his feet, meeting Vita in the chest with a standing dropkick. Vita absorbs the strike well and rolls backward, coming back up to her feet, Corey goes for a kick to the head, but Vita ducks underneath and moves Corey over her shoulders with a fireman’s carry back down to the mat.

Smith is down for a moment, grabbing at the lower back, and Vita immediately moves to the champ’s legs.

HHL:Here it is, Pip! The strategy Vita has been working out for the last two weeks, using the famous Sharpshooter maneuver to incapacitate Smith’s legs, leaving him unable to climb the ladder!

Vita lifts Corey’s legs and tries stepping through, but Corey’s legs are strong and fresh, he spins out, sending Vita spinning and falling back into the corner.

PC: But just like Corey pointed out, Heather, the Sharpshooter has to be one of the most scouted moves in professional wrestling. Easy counter there for Smith.

Corey is up and immediately charging the prone Vita. He leaps with a running knee strike, but Vita has it scouted! She ducks out of the way just in time and Corey’s knee smacks into the top turnbuckle pad. Though it looks painful, Corey is lucky the corner wasn’t exposed, and even more lucky that a ladder wasn’t placed in the corner.

Corey lands back to his feet and grabs at the knee, but he has no time to recover as the crafty Vita is already connecting with a basement dropkick to the knee. Corey winces and falls to the mat in the corner, and again, Vita is grabbing the legs to pull Smith out of the corner and apply the sharpshooter.

But Corey has grabbed a hold of the bottom ropes with each arm, and again, uses his incredible lower body strength to kick Vita away. He uses the momentum to land on his feet, and as Vita rushes back in again, going for a running high-knee of her own- Corey surprises her with a quick punch to the throat.

Vita crumbles to the mat from her mid-air leap, and Smith wastes no time lying on the mat and rolling under the bottom rope, headed for the first ladder that’s already in an upright position at the bottom of the ramp.

PC: Some great back and forth action there in what has been, thus far, a standard wrestling match.

HHL:Well I’m glad you enjoyed it while it lasted, Pip, because it looks like the ladder is about to be introduced.

Corey pops the leg hinges of the ladder and closes the frame. He lists the steel and turns to slide it under the bottom rope,


The ladder slides out of the ring and lies now at an angle, mounted between the apron and the floor.

Corey tumbles backward, falling all the way back and crashing into the second ladder on the ramp. The fall is awkward and looks painful as his arm gets mangled in between the ladder rungs while it falls on his body.

The champ finds his way back to his feet though rather quickly, albeit dazed and busted open at the forehead from the ladder being kicked in his face. He trunks to face the ring, but as he does Vita is springboarding over the top rope with a flying back-elbow!

But somehow the champ dodges while connecting with a jumping back-kick mid-air that sends Vita crashing on the ladder mounted between the apron and the floor.

Her body hits the ladder and bounces up in the air before smacking back down to the side of the floor opposite of Corey. It takes a moment for Corey to find his footing as the kick took a lot of energy, but as he stands, he notices Vita beginning to stir to her feet.

He wipes some blood from his eyes and begins backing up toward the elbow of the fan barricade. He climbs atop, keeping his eyes set on Vita.

HHL:Pip, it looks like Corey has something BIG planned here!

PC: Whatever it is, it’s smart. He needs to incapacitate Vita before trying to climb a ladder to reach his belt. A far wiser strategy than say- - A SHARPSHOOTER! Jeez.

Just as the dazed Vita begins to stand, Corey takes off running along the fan barricade, and displaying his nearly inhuman athleticism, he leaps off of the barricade, OVER THE MOUNTED LADDER, and lands a diving hurricanrana on Vita that awkwardly mangles her body onto the ladder on the way to the floor.

With Vita and Corey both being so lite, the ladder has no give, thus leaving it’s frame intact and leaving her to feel the full impact of the move.

The crowd pops, stands and applauds for the huge move as both wrestlers are down on the floor now. Vita is clearly in a lot of pain, the back of her knees and lower back wrapped around the legs of the ladder as her neck was bent and forced to the floor.

After a moment, Corey is up to his feet, but that maneuver used up a lot of his stamina. He appears to be laboring for air, with a bit of a gimp to his step. He walks up the ramp and grabs the ladder he crashed into earlier, and slides it under the bottom rope and into the ring. Vita is still down on the outside and showing no signs of life.

Vita’s condition gives Corey all of the time he needs to position the ladder in the ring, he opens it’s legs, but finds one side of it is jammed. The hinge is bent from his fall into it earlier. He’s forced to kick at the bottom of the legs until it opens up correctly. He begins making the climb up the first few rungs.

But Vita is up now, she lifts the ladder that she just fell into between the ropes and directly into the ladder Corey is climbing, creating a bridge between Corey’s ladder and the middle rope. Corey spots what Vita is doing and tries scurrying up his ladder faster, but it’s wobbly, and Vita has already made her way onto the bridged ladder and leaps toward the top of his own ladder.

Corey climbs up to meet Vita who is near the top, and connects with a lifting forearm smack to her jaw. The blow sends Vita wobbling back, holding onto the top of the ladder with one arm, but just as Corey climbs up further, Vita pulls herself forward and connects with a well placed knife edge chop.

HHL:The back and forth nature of this match, Pip shows just how seriously these two value one another as competitors, they were prepared to bring everything they had to the ring tonight!

PC: Maybe that’s true Heather, but I believe this is eventually going to pay off for Smith. Vita was so focused on adding the Sharpshooter to her moveset leading up to this match, that she clearly didn’t focus enough on the things she already does well.

Corey has had enough and sees an opening, he grabs ahold of Vita’s arm and goes for a swinging neckbreaker off the ladder. BUT VITA! She reverses the grab at her arm, and climbs around the ladder holding onto Corey’s arm, tucking it between her legs. She climbs onto Corey’s back, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling back!


PC: That HAS to be illegal! It looks illegal! Is that illegal?.

Corey is holding onto the top of the ladder with his free arm as Vita pulls back, the pain is excruciating, but he doesn’t want to let go because the fall from the ladder could be devastating. Instead he wiggles and pulls and twists, doing everything he can to free his body from Vita’s clutches.

He lets go of the top of the ladder, just quick enough to throw an elbow back. It misses, and as they go to fall, he grabs the ladder again. After steadying himself, he lets go to throw another elbow, this one hits, but it only grazes Vita’s shoulder.

Again as they go to fall back, Corey grabs the ladder. Once more he lets go, throws the elbow, this time connecting flush, enough to jar Vita and free his arm from her legs. Quickly Corey grabs back ahold of the ladder, but he’s severely damaged, he climbs around to the opposite side where the bridge is wedged to catch a breather.

The elbow shot sends Vita tumbling down the ladder rungs, smacking her face a few times but she catches herself instead of falling completely off the ladder. Corey looks up to see the SuperCon swaying not far above him, he takes a chance and darts back up a couple of rungs to the top of the ladder, but Vita quickly meets him with a punch, Corey returns fire, but Vita holds strong. She fires back again, this time with another well placed knife edge chop, and quickly grabs Corey by the hair slamming him face first into the top of the ladder.

The champ is stunned and the challenger seizes the opportunity!



[Image: CoolHelpfulBarbet-size_restricted.gif]

A sunset flip from Vita to Corey, off of the ladder and onto the bridged ladder!

With both of them being so lite, the ladder again doesn’t break, leaving Corey especially to feel the full impact of the fall. The crowd is going crazy, Corey falls back and is out of it, sitting upright on the ladder with his back leaned against the top rope. Vita is in the same positioning, out of it sitting on the bridged ladder, only her back being propped upright by the standing ladder.
HHL:With everything you’ve said about Vita tonight, Pip. You at least have to admit that she came here to win this match!

PC: She was tired of having to prove herself to everyone, well she’s definitely showing me something here tonight. But OH MY LORD! What about this MAN!

Unbelievably, the champion Corey Smith, a bloodied and bruised mess is starting to stand on his feet on top of the ladder bridge. He sways to the right, nearly falling off before swaying to the left and nearly falling off only to finally steady himself in the center. The cobwebs clear just in time to see Vita standing up right in front of him.

Corey takes off running across the ladder bridge and SPEARS Vita through the upright ladder, tearing apart the makeshift ladder scaffold and sending the two of them crashing into the ring with the violence of a plane crash. Both wrestlers are down in the ring, motionless. The fans are still standing but only cheering ladder now. Half of the stadium rooting for Corey, the half for Vita.

Both Corey and Vita start to crawl away from one another, overtop of a respective ladder, and towards a respective corner of the ring. Corey leaves a trail of blood marking his path. Vita pulls herself up in her corner, spots the ladder near her feet and lays it in the corner, before turning back to find Corey just getting to his corner. She quickly abandons whatever she had planned with the ladder and hobbles her way over to the champion.

She grabs his legs, flips him to his back, slips her leg through his, AND LOCKS IN A PERFECT SHARPSHOOTER! Corey howls out in agony as this time he was unable to counter the hold. The blood rushing to his forehead begins to spew from the gash. Quickly his face is covered in blood, as what appears to be the entire canvas becomes crimson stained.

((note:a sight similar to austin v. hart))

Corey pulls himself up onto his forearms, screaming out, trying to crawl forward, but is brought back down as Vita applies more pressure on the lower back. He’s trying to conserve his strength, but can feel the muscles in his back and quads tearing. He’s getting desperate, and Vita is pulling and pressing down with all of her might.

Corey Smith: The vessel of former Universal Champion, Lux. The Leap of Faith Winner. The War Games Winner. One of the greatest wrestlers and professional athletes of our generation. He musters all of his strength back onto his palms, he screams, he turns, probably tearing an important leg muscle in the process, he grabs Vita’s wrist and uses a wrist lock to pull himself back to his feet, before striking her in the face with a jumping knee. But Vita doesn’t fall!

PC: This has got to be one of the most unbelievable displays of grit and tenacity I’ve seen in all my years of broadcasting…

HHL:Say it!

PC: ..yes Heather, from BOTH Corey and Vita!

Vita fights through the pain of the wristlock knee strike and whips Corey into the corner where the ladder is propped. Vita is chasing, ready to land a big move as soon as Corey hits the ladder. BUT COREY RUNS UP, FLIPS BACK, AND LANDS ON VITA WITH A STEP UP MOONSAULT!

PC: ..We have seen it ALL here tonight folks!

Once more the two are down, but once more Corey is able to find his footing first. He wipes the blood from his eyes and spots Vita climbing up to a knee.


Corey kicked so hard, and has taken so much damage tonight, that even he fell over. But Vita Valenteen is out cold.

PC: ..This one is over, all Corey has to do now is climb the ladder and claim what will forever be his title reign!

Corey stands and staggers over to the ladder lying on the mat. He struggles to lift it after bending over. But after a few moments he’s able to get the unsteady and bent- up ladder into a suitable climbing position in the center of the ring.

Smith begins climbing, but between the ladder being so banged up, and his legs being even more banged up, is finding it difficult. It’s taking an eternity, and with each rung he climbs, it feels like his hamstrings are going to tear away from his legs.

HHL:Pip, it looks like Vita’s strategy might have paid off!

Corey after a solid two minutes of climbing, Corey has finally reached the top of the ladder, but in that time, Vota has miraculously recovered from Corey’s kick, and grabbed the ladder from the ring corner, placing it right next to Corey’s and climbing up beside him.

PC: My god, you’re right! Vita’s head might be caved in, but her legs are fresh and now she’s to the top of her ladder already!

HHL:Shes reaching over!!!!

PC:Her hand is on the title! Vita has it! Vita has it!


Corey makes a last ditch effort and leaps from his ladder, connecting with a perfect roundhouse kick!

As Vita and both ladders crumble to the mat, Corey latches onto the SuperContinental Championship dangling above the ring. He looks down, breathes deep as the fans scream.

He unlatches the championship, pulling it close to his chest and smiling just before falling to the canvas one last time.

Winner and STILL SuperContinental Champion - Corey Smith

Corey slowly goes to the turnbuckle, climbing up and raising the SuperContinental Title over his head towards the crowd. The audience clearly loved the match, as they’re still hyped up. Corey climbs back down, staring at his championship for a few more seconds before stepping to the center of the ring. He spreads the SuperContinental Title out on the mat, laying it flat, before moving back away from it. He looks at it once more, smiles, and then turns, leaving the ring, and leaving the championship behind.

Wednesday Night Warfare fades to black.

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Great show everyone. Thank you to the roster for all the help. Great work by the GM team and even better work by the roleplayers. Lots of tough calls on this show.

Congrats to Corey Smith on a fantastic run as Supercontinental Champion and a special WELCOME to our newest GM Jonathan Barrows. For anyone not in the know JB has decades of experience as a GM/fed head and we are lucky to have him on staff with us.

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(04-21-2022, 03:36 AM)Theo Pryce Said: Great show everyone. Thank you to the roster for all the help. Great work by the GM team and even better work by the roleplayers. Lots of tough calls on this show.

Congrats to Corey Smith on a fantastic run as Supercontinental Champion and a special WELCOME to our newest GM Jonathan Barrows. For anyone not in the know JB has decades of experience as a GM/fed head and we are lucky to have him on staff with us.

I'm so glad to see JB finally made it on board the staff here. I've always wanted a GM who was a little bit of a thug.

Lol jokes aside what a fun show and damn Corey I'm sad to see your reign as SC end it sure was a good one. Definitely had the kind of run that can give a new belt some real permanent shine.

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(04-21-2022, 04:31 AM)Charlie Nickles Said: I'm so glad to see JB finally made it on board the staff here. I've always wanted a GM who was a little bit of a thug.

Guess I gotta call him JB ²

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