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Wednesday Night Warfare - Results - 12/29/21
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12-29-2021, 10:07 PM



From !!!




- vs -
- vs -

- vs -
POST CHRISTMAS BRAWL FOR ALL- You have (3) Rounds, 5 minutes per Round. Knockout wins the match- 1 RP

CAN-JAP CONNECTION w. Billy B. Blankenship
- vs -

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -
STEEL CAGE MATCH GRUDGE MATCH: No Escape. No Outside Interference. Pinfall’s only




From !!!



After the opening pyro bursts to begin Wednesday Night Warfare, the cameras settle on the entrance way.

The countdown begins and the crowd instinctively starts booing as the arena dims to the Thaddeus Duke gold mood lighting. On the stage, the Collector Band plays Thad and company in, as emerging from backstage are manager Chris Page, the Lionheart himself, the mountain of a bodyguard Cyrus Braddock and four SWAT team members with full body shields and headgear start to make their way toward the ring.

HHL: Welcome to Warfare, Universe! What are all those title belts?

Cyrus, Thad and Page come carrying different title belts as the camera zooms in on the ‘big gold’ Universal title strapped to Thaddeus Duke’s waist. The nameplate reads: SEBASTIAN DUKE

PIP: Heather!

HHL: Pip, those are the titles won by Sebastian Duke over his illustrious career! Thad must’ve lifted them from the Hall of Legends!

The men make their way down the aisle and into the ring before the light up Purge mask wearing Collector Band fades out. Thad hands the Intercontinental and United States titles off to Cyrus, keeping only the Universal title that he’s wearing while taking a mic from the ring announcer.

Theo, it’s good of you to let the Warfare bathroom break open the show.

CCP cracks a smirk while Thad looks around at the thousands of faces looking back at him.

Not an empty seat in the house. Your soundbite trash talk betrays you, Unc. It sounds good… he pauses, still looking around at the undivided attention he’s receiving from the Universe. Yet the truth betrays you.

You and my father are definitely related.

I’ve been warning all of you that I’m tearing down his legacy. But why? Why am I doing it?

XWF Universe: FUCK! YOU! THAD!

Thad lays out a moment until the chant dies down.

I haven't even truly begun to tear it down yet and you’ve already judged me as the bad guy. You’ve judged me as the bad guy for months so I’m used to it. I do though, want to explain myself.

I want to explain myself to you and to him, but I want him out here while I do it.

I want him out here… because I want you all to see him for what he truly is and that’s not a legend. Sebastian Duke is, was, and always will be nothing more than a footnote in the history of the XWF and the only reason he’s regarded as highly as he is… is because I am.

The Columbus, Ohio chapter of the Universe boo’s loudly.

PIP: Why are they booing? He’s right!

You can boo, you can cheer, it doesn’t really matter. The fact is that despite my youth, over the last 18 months, I have amassed an incredible record laden with golden trinkets added to my resume and a result of all of that, a result of beating most of the biggest names in this company has earned me the reputation of excellence and it’s something that has falsely been attributed to him.

Tonight, right here on Warfare, I’m exposing Sebastian Duke as the fraud he’s always been.

HHL: Ask and you shall receive!

Thunder rolls in the arena as Sebastian Duke emerges from backstage to a loud pop from the Universe.

XWF Universe: K! O! D!

Sebastian Duke stands on the entrance stage and locks eyes with his only child for a long moment before making his way toward the ring. At ringside, he hesitates to step into the ring.

PIP: That’s right, King of Dorkness! You’re outside the lion’s den!

HHL: Pip, where is it exactly, you think Thad gets his fearlessness from?

No sooner does Heather pose that question, does Sebastian Duke steps to the apron and into the ring.

Is this supposed to intimidate me? Sebastian asks his boy.

Thad shakes his head. No, you’re too stupid to be intimidated.

Thad gently rests the top of his free hand on top of the Universal title that he’s wearing.

Seems I uhhhh, found a few more things that belong to you, huh?

Are you ready for me to expose you?
Thad asks but Sebastian just stares back at him, unamused. Stepping toward his father, he points to the X-Tron.

Reluctantly, Seb looks back at the Tron as a video package is aired.

[Image: I5B19Z1.gif]

The song choice is in obvious mockery of the Legend. The video shows Sebastian Duke’s biggest matches. After each name is shown, a short clip is then shown of Sebastian Duke losing to said name with emphasis added to each of the three separate times someone buried Sebastian Duke alive.

The tron fades out.

Are you done?

Are you not having fun? Are you not through seeing the warts of your career rear their ugly heads?

Hell no I’m not done.

I can count on one fucking hand dad, just how many big matches you’ve won in your entire career. That’s including John Samuels at Relentless.

That’s not even an exaggeration.

You won 60 of 84 career matches! You were good man, but when push came to shove, you were never good enough were you? Out of 84 matches, the list of big time matches was pretty short. The list of big time victories was even smaller.

For comparisons sake, Chris had this one put together. Each and every name you see is a name that can count a Loss on their stat sheet because they were in the ring with me.

[Image: czoMmPb.gif]

As the Rains of Castamere plays throughout the Nationwide Arena. Thaddeus Duke’s greatest hits appears on the tron. After each name, a short clip rolls, showing evidence to support the bold claims.

When the war drums begin, Thad Duke’s championship celebrations are shown.

The package fades out.

There’s a difference between you and I, old man, Thad pauses. One of us has a Hall of Legends resume, one of us has nothing but illusions and a brother that’s half-owner of the company.

In the interest of continuing on with this path of exposing you… the real you… to the XWF Universe, to the world at large. Let’s talk about PvP.

HHL: Oh!

PIP: Someone has done a lot of homework in preparation for tonight!

Trust me, no one’s ever heard of PvP and Sebastian Duke is the reason why! If not for him… maybe you might have. If not for the King of Darkness and his desire to show his dominance, but only in certain circumstances. Bryce and his little band of followers might have made a name for themselves if not for you own selfish need to protect and project dominance at the expense of holding others down.

Does the 4 on 1 squash ring a bell, dad?

It should.

You squashed a fledgling little upstart stable simply because you needed an easy fucking victory that gave the perception of utter domination.

Sebastian Duke’s face starts to turn red. Anger? Embarrassment? The world may never know.

Thad turns toward the crowd.

Do you need more examples of my fathers courage? His toughness? Do you need more examples of just how selfish and narrow-minded Sebastian Duke was during his unLegendary career?

Thad again faces his father.

Let’s talk about Corvus.

Sebastian breathes a deep anger filled sigh.

That’s right. Corvus. The silent but perhaps deadliest member of the Defiance stable. The one that was handed a briefcase by Justin Sane to cash in on YOUR Intercontinental title.

You pitched a fit backstage, didn’t you?

You raised hell and cried to anyone that’d listen until the cash in was nullified and that strap…

Thad points to the Intercontinental title slung over Cyrus Braddock’s shoulder.

Was handed back to you free and clear. By that point, Corvus’ momentum was stopped in its tracks and Defiance as a whole wasn’t long for the XWF.

Another stable, buried by Sebastian Duke.

Let’s talk about those big opponents you lost to. What happened?

Thad lays out for a moment, waiting for the Sebastian Duke response that never comes.

Seems fitting you got nothing to say because that’s usually what happened anytime you were lined up against a star caliber competitor, wasn’t it? You’d clam up… you’d freeze… you’d choke.

That’s how Vinnie Lane beat you, isn’t it?

That’s how John Madison beat you, isn’t it?

Soldier and the rest…

They were good. You knew they were good. So, instead of working your ass off to beat them, you had your finger on the chicken switch and took the loss because… you’re a career coward.

Sebastian Duke sends a right hook to Thad’s jaw sending him to his ass on the mat to a big pop from the crowd. Thad, though, smiles as the SWAT team starts beating down his father with clubs.

HHL: And all hell has broken loose here on Warfare!

PIP: Thaddeus Duke promised to expose his father tonight and he’s done it!

Page and Braddock escape the ring before Cyrus grabs Thad by his ankle and yanks him out as well. The trio stands on the floor looking on as Sebastian Duke starts to fight back. Working his way vertical, Sebastian fights off a couple of the SWAT members before catching the other two by their throats before lifting them both up and slamming them to the mat with a pair of choke slams.

A third one runs into a huge big boot from the King of Darkness. Staring down at him, Sebastian Duke grabs him by the throat and starts to pull him to his feet when the lone standing SWAT team member sends a jolt of electricity into the neck of the Legend with a taser.

Sebastian Duke stops in his tracks and clutches his neck as he turns around. The SWAT member then sends electric shocks into the center of the chest of the King of Darkness as Thaddeus Duke and Cyrus Braddock re-enters the ring.

Seb lies on his back in the ring as the SWAT team member rips off his helmet.



The crowd and the announcers are in complete shock as MARK FUCKING FLYNN is the man beneath the SWAT helmet!


Thad and Flynn bro shake and bro hug in the ring before having a short conversation. Outside, Chris Page is setting up a table on the floor.

Cyrus Braddock… I think it’s time to deliver the Lion’s Justice to my old man don’t you think?

PIP: The Lion’s Jus…

HHL: What does that mean?

Cyrus gives Thad a nod and springs to action, lifting Sebastian Duke off the mat before delivering a vicious powerbomb in the center of the ring. Staring down at his upcoming Savage opponent, Cyrus lifts him off the mat again before setting him up again, making a T symbol with his right hand, then powerbombing him again.

A third time Cyrus lifts Sebastian Duke off the mat. A third time Cyrus sets him up and makes the T symbol for Thaddeus. A third time, Cyrus lifts him up into a powerbomb, but this time, he turns and sends the King of Darkness down over the ropes through the table that Page set up moments ago.

Side by side, Thaddeus Duke and Mark Flynn approach the ropes where Sebastian Duke lays within the rubble of the destroyed table. Smiling, Thad hands the mic off to Mark Flynn.

Flynn laughs, pressing the mic into his cheek as he leans down on his knees over Sebastian Duke’s fallen body.

Well, well, well…

I gotta say, Sebastian.

This night may be all about tearing down your accomplishments.

But, you did one thing right.






You raised a smart kid.

Flynn points the mic at Thad, cackling, soaking in the shock of the crowd, before leaning in even closer to Papa Duke and pushing the mic back to his mouth.

Betcha thought I was going to say ‘Beating Mark Flynn’, didn’t cha, Duke?

You see, I learnt from my mistakes all those years ago, Sebastian.

The Mark Flynn of the past? The Mark Flynn you beat? He would have taken Thad to a draw at Relentless and sworn vengeance on HIM. Sworn to fight him again and again until the score was made correct. Then moved onto Corey Smith for cashing in on Thad, took the Supercontinental Title… And kept making enemies and trying to beat them one-by-one like a game of Whack-a-Mole.

That’s the old Mark Flynn, Sebastian. The one you found a way to sneak a win over.

But that wouldn’t be… THE OPTIMAL PATH.

Flynn cackles.

SEE, SEBASTIAN… Your son isn’t my enemy. The system is my enemy. The fucking Powers-That-Be, The-Boys-That-Run-This-Place… The ones that cancelled an overtime between me and your very talented son. The ones that rigged NK and I’s title match with bad officiating. THEY’RE the ones that just KEEP FUCKING ME OVER…

Flynn howls furiously angry… Before smiling and leaning back down toward the fallen Duke.

Of course, you’d know all about that, wouldn’t-cha, Sebastian?

…You see, I was out comparing notes and talking shop with some new friends… And your boy here was going over your history of… disappointing results. Your losses in big match environments, your underwhelming title match record… And all of a sudden, something knocked loose in my CTE-addled mind…

A long-forgotten memory.

See, I recalled your ONE BIG WIN, Sebastian. The one that put you on the map. The one that served as the centerpiece of your campaign to enter the XWF Hall of Fame.

Your US Title match victory over one Mark FUCKING Flynn…

Flynn sighs.

Of course, we were both missing part of the story, weren’t we, Sebastian?

I forgot it. And you omitted it from your telling of the tale. Beatin me became your one true achievement, something you told your boy as he was on the come-up! But you forgot to mention…

That you did it with the help of a NAZI running in after the official failed to count my pin on you… NAZI of course, being a fellow member of The Black Circle, run by the at-the-time Owner of the XWF! You beat me, Duke, because XWF Management HAS BEEN FUCKING ME SINCE DAY ONE!

They may have changed membership. They may no longer have NAZIs in the ranks… publicly. But the Powers-That-Be’s mission remains the same. FUCKING ME OVER. AND I’M BEATING THEM ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Flynn cackles.

And this next Warfare, Sebastian, I’m sending the final section of a multi-part message… to the Powers-That-Be.

I beat the #1 contender for the Universal Title, Peter Vaugh, to show that no-one can touch me.

Tonight, NK and I are beating the Can-Jap Connection, the only other tag title contenders in the division to show that we’re going to beat APEX at Fire and Ice.

…And next Warfare, Sebastian?

I’m going to right a wrong that’s been left on the slate for EIGHT YEARS.

I’m going to correct your FLUKE of a victory.

And I’m going to show…

Flynn points a finger at the Executive Suite in the arena…

Just what happens when you think you’re safe in your boardroom… AND YOU FUCK OVER MARK FUCKING FLYNN…

Flynn lobs the microphone back to Thad, which Page intercepts, before raising the stun gun he used to shock Sebastian in the air.

CHRIS PAGE: I think it’s safe to say that the only Duke that matters is the one that’s not convulsing on the mat. We tried to tell you something was coming, we tried to enlighten you all on what your next steps should be… you didn’t pay attention. Thaddeus Duke and Mark Flynn are two of CCP Enterprises finest, and we aren’t done yet. So please, by all means continue to look past the obvious because I assure you all that you’ve not seen anything yet!”

Chris Page, Thaddeus Duke, Mark Flynn, and Cyrus Braddock start to head up the ramp with the crowd booing and the music blasting.

HHL: What the hell are we seeing right now!?

The camera looks up at Thaddeus Duke at the center between Flynn and Page.

One… Two… Thad counts on his fingers, waving his hand between he and Mark Flynn. Four.

Page, Thad and Flynn hold up four fingers to the camera.

HHL: Four what!?

PIP: Is he saying there’s two more!?

"Legend" hits the P.A. system and the lights dim, save for a lone, golden spotlight centered on the stage. A thin layer of fog floats across the stage, and Jay Omega struts out to the top of the ramp. Omega stands on the stage for a moment with his arms spread and a cocky smirk on his face, then casually makes his way down the ramp, crossing back and forth to slap hands with fans. At ringside Jay hops up onto the apron, then vaults over the ropes before crossing the ring and climbing up to the second turnbuckle. Omega poses for the crowd amidst a flickering strobe effect from thousands of cameraphone flashbulbs, then backflips off the turnbuckle and casually leans back into the corner to await the bell.

The lights in the arena fade down to black as a wolf's howl vibrates over the loudpeakers. Music hits as purple and lime green spotlights zigzag around the arena over the crowd. A purple glow emits around the entrance, lighting up the smoke that starts to billow around the stage as a figure slowly makes its way through. Lycana steps out onto the top of the ramp, looking out over the fans with a small smile. She spreads her arms out as lavender and green pyros shoot off behind her. She dashes down to the ring, sliding under the ropes. She gets quickly to her feet and hops up on the turnbuckle, she flashes a grin to the crowd before back flipping off. Her music fades and the lights return to normal as she turns around, ready for her match.

The words "They only want you when you're 17, when you're 21 you're no fun...." appear in dark red letters on the 'tron before cutting into the thrashing death metal sounds of "Severed" by Kittie. The Tron comes alive with graphic shots of plastic surgery interspersed with shots of blood dripping on a bright white surface. Mercy appears at the top of the ramp, walking slowly and with a purpose towards the ring, where she slides under the bottom rope.

- vs -
- vs -

The bell rings to start the match. All three participants look at one another from their corner of the ring, who is going to step forward first and make the first move?

Lycana smiles and just walks back into her corner, and jumps up on the corner and ushers for both Jay Omega and Mercy to start.

PIP: As we all know two's company and three's a crowd, which is why Lycana is letting her opponents start first, good move I think

Jay Omega smiles and starts walking to Mercy, when suddenly he heads off quickly towards Lycana, catching her off guard and hitting her with a SPINNING HEAL KICK. Which catches a shocked Lycana flush in the jaw, and she goes flying backwards out of the ring, and onto the floor below.

HEATHER: "That's one way to get rid of the third wheel,"

Jay then almost instantly turns back towards Mercy who is smiling, but then the smile is whiped from her face as Jay comes rushing across the ring, and Mercy manages to duck an attempted CLOTHESLINE.

Jay turns around to try to get back on the front foot, but he sees Mercy already running to the other side of the rings, she rebounds off of the ropes and comes running back towards Jay, Jay is waiting for her, but she stops metres from him. Drops to the ground and comes back up and hits him with a elbow to the chin. Jay stumbles backwards.

PIP: "This is quite full on early

HEATHER: "What's the bet that they have both forgotten about Lycana?"

PIP: "That always happens, so no I won't take that bet,"

HEATHER: "Spoil sport,"

Mercy follows up with a knee to Jay's gut and whips him into the ropes, he comes back and Mercy back body drops him. Jay is in a world of pain. Mercy stands over him smiling.

Suddenly without no warning at all Lycana jumps onto the apron, jumps onto the corner post, and hits Mercy from behind with a FLYING BODY PRESS which sends them both towards the floor, and Jay trying to get out of the road.

Jay gets to his feet first as does Lycana, and Jay tries to grab Lycana but Lycana hits him a couple of lefts and rights, and then an almighty slap in the face, which has Jay stumbling backwards and feeling his face. He reaches the ropes, and then to his horror Lycana follows up with a huge CLOTHES LINE which sends Jay out of the ring, and onto the floor below.

Lycana instantly turns back to Mercy who is trying to get to her feet, but she's a bit wobbily.

HEATHER: "Did I not tell you, not to forget about Lycana?"

PIP: "I heard you, but they can't hear you from this side of the ring,"

Lycana reacts faster than Mercy does, and is on top of her within seconds, catching her in the face with an ELBOW and then wrapping her up in a chin lock and running across the ring before hitting a FACE BUSTER.

They both go down, and Lycana covers Mercy.



Kick out.

Lycana quickly gets to her feet, and grabs Mercy by the hair, and looks around to see if Jay is anywhere around which he isn’t.

Lycana hits Mercy with a TILT-A-WHIRL HEADSCISSORS TAKE DOWN and goes for another cover.



Kick out again.

HEATHER: “Mercy trying her best to stay in this match,”

Lycana once again gets up, and tries to grab Mercy by the hair, when she is attacked from behind by Jay Omega, who hits her with a leg chop taking out her leg, and send her spiraling to the canvas.

Jay stands up looking at both Lycana and the downed Mercy, as Lycana scrambles to the corner.

Jay walks over to Mercy, and is taken aback when Mercy jumps to her feet and flicks him in his eyes, he’s blinded.

In one quick movement Mercy HEADBUTTS Jay, and then quickly moves around him, and places him a sleeper hold. Jay struggles. But then somehow for some reason Mercy releases the hold, and spins him around and spits in his eyes, and she lifts him in the air.

PIP: “Here we go this is Mercy’s infamous The Faded, a.k.a the Bernard Bomb,”

It is indeed Mercy’s trademark THE FADED, a.k.a THE BERNARD BOMB.
She has Jay struggling above her head and she brings him down hard onto the canvas, and his back shakes the ring, and she goes for the pin.



Broken up by Lycana. Lycana gets up first after diving from the top rope onto both Mercy and Jay, and she grabs Mercy by the hair and runs towards the ropes and sends her flying back out of the ring to the floor below.

Lycana turns her attention back on Jay who is not moving.

Lycana walks over to Jay and helps him to his feet: CURSE a.k.a DOUBLE WRISTLOCK SUPLEX and she connects with it.

Lycana quickly gets back to her feet, and checks where Mercy is, she is still down outside the ring. Lycana walks back to Jay and gets him to his feet.

PIP: “Lycana is on fire here, this is her match for the taking

HEATHER: “She’s going to have to do it soon, as she won’t get another chance in a triple threat,”

Lycana delivers her finisher CHRONIC FLUKE a.k.a INSIDE CRADLE and does it with such precision, that’s it’s impossible for anyone to stop what’s coming next.

Lycana goes for the pin as Mercy gets to her feet. She is shocked to see the referee going for the three count.


Mercy dives underneath the bottom ropes but is slow


Mercy gets to her feet, and tries to dive at Lycana pinning Jay but it’s too late.



HEATHER: “Wow what a match,”

PIP: “Well done Lycana,”

The camera cuts to backstage, in one of the many hallways scattered throughout the Nationwide Arena. In this particular hallway, we see a janitorial closet set up to the right. The door suddenly slams open, and Peter Vaughn storms out! He starts walking down the hall, a particularly nasty-looking barbed wire broomstick in one hand. He glances at the signs, making sure he’s headed for the ringside area. An unfortunate backstage worker steps into his path.

Peter Vaughn: Out of my way, moron!

The broomstick waves menacingly towards the younger worker, who swallows hard before quickly retreating backwards.

Peter Vaughn: Keep going. I can still smell your stink.

The worker, now offended as well as scared, heads into a nearby room, disappearing from sight. Satisfied, Vaughn continues on his way, turning the corner… and finding Betsy Granger and Bam Miller standing there. He stops, surprised.

Peter Vaughn: What are you… look, I don’t have time for a meeting, I need to get to ringside.

Bam Miller: To what? Hide out under the ring until the main event? Then smash him with a BRICK!

Betsy Granger: Or at ringside so you can pop up and attack Main when he enters?

Peter Vaughn: Both of those sound good… I was thinking of just thrusting some barbed wire through the cage…

Vaughn swings the broomstick back and forth, admiring it. He starts to push past the two wrestlers, but both Betsy and Bam grab an arm, pulling him back against the wall.

Peter Vaughn: What the fuck??

Betsy Granger: We can’t let you do it, Peter.

Peter Vaughn: Get the hell off of me!

Vaughn pushes away at his Exile allies, trying to knock them aside, but they’re relentless in containing him. His hand tenses around the barbed-wire broomstick, as if considering using it. Bam notices, ready to take things up a notch if need be.

Bam Miller: Calm down!

Peter Vaughn: You don’t understand! Apex has interfered in every match I’ve had lately! I have to pay them back! Robert Main’s cheating can’t be ignored!

Betsy Granger: If you go out there, you’re going to get yourself suspended. Thunder Knuckles too.

Bam Miller: Do you want Apex to win??

This gets Vaughn’s attention, as he stops struggling against the two wrestlers.

Peter Vaughn: Apex… win? Hell no I don’t want Apex to win!

Bam Miller: You getting yourself suspended from the XWF would be a big victory for them, something for them to brag about and hold over you.

Betsy Granger: They’re probably counting on you doing it. They want you off the board, especially Caedus. You know he’s threatened by you and worried that you’ll take away his championship.

They might believe what they’re saying. They might just be saying it to placate Vaughn. Either way, it seems to have the expected effect. Vaughn leans back against the wall, no longer fighting to get around them.

Peter Vaughn: Damn it. Those sons of bitches always have a plan within a plan, don’t they? Screw them. But damn, I want to break something right now.

Bam Miller: Apex might have left their vehicles in the parking lot.

Peter Vaughn: Sounds good.

Vaughn stomps off, still seemingly in a bad mood, but looking forward to “doing some good”. Bam and Betsy follow behind him, pleased to have avoided a minor catastrophe.

- vs -

We cut back from commercial break, and see Centurion and HGH already in the ring. Centurion is dressed in American Flag boxing shorts with freedom red 12 ounce boxing gloves. Standing catty corner from the patriot, is HGH, decked out in all gold. His face and arms appear oily and prelubricated (perhaps with Vaseline). The referee calls both men to the center of the ring.

The referee informs both men of the rules. HGH starts talking mad trash at centurion, earning him the admonishment of the ref before the match has even begun. Centurion seems unbothered by the petty remarks from his gilded opponent.

HHL: Wow look how much bigger HGH is than Centurion. I think I know who Tig Ole Biddies is gonna want to go home with tonight.

PC: Size isn't everything you know! Joey's odds have Centurion as the big favorite here tonight.

HHL: That makes sense, Centurion is the reigning champion on Thursday Night Anarchy. HGH might be talking trash because he knows he needs to throw the champ off his game to walk away with the upset.

Centurion and HGH back up to their respective corners after HGH refuses to touch gloves with his opponent. The referee signals for the bell.

[Bwo]Round the First[/bwo]

Centurion and HGH both rush to the center of the ring eager to start the fight. HGH throws a sleep of haymakers but Centurion dodges each and every one with ease. Centurion scores a kidney shot with his right glove before sidestepping away from HGH. The gilded gloved fighter swings a hook across his entire body that the Centurion once again slips. Centurion launches a fierce jab at HGH's temple. HGH is forced to take a couple steps back from the quick blow. Centurion swings with a haymaker of his own but HGH gets his forearms up just in time to block the finale of the combination assault. HGH takes a few worried steps back as Centurion pounds his gloves together and bears a mouth guard resembling the anarchy championship belt.

PC: Boxing is all about technique not raw strength. Centurion is a savvy veteran that knows exactly how to beat you to death with the rule book.

HHL: This fight lasts for three five minute rounds; both fighters have to be careful not to wear themselves out.

HGH stares furiously at Centurion. He then feigns a left hook, causing Centurion to attempt to slip by moving to HGH's right. The golden heel seizes the opportunity with a right kidney shot, blocking the referee's view as he also uses his left knee to pulverize Centurion's ballsack. Centurion starts falling to the ground only to be met with a sharp uppercut from the crafty HGH. The referee begins to count as Centurion lays on the ground. HGH looks to the camera with a smug smile and gives the audience a knowing wink.



PC: That's cheating! He's lucky the referee didn't see it or his ass would be out of here.

HHL: If the ref didn't see it maybe we shouldn't comment on it. You could just be airing wild speculations. The kidney shot could have put Centurion down.


Centurion rises clutching his manhood. HGH laughs mockingly as the referee checks on his opponent. Centurion assures the referee he can continue, like the champion he is, and the referee clasps his hands together to signal that the fight is back on. HGH once again orcishly bumrushes Centurion.

Centurion wraps his arms around HGH in an effort to slow him down with a clinch. Despite being executed with technical precision, Centurion's arms slip down his well lubricated opponent. Centurion is left with his arms wide open and HGH takes full advantage to hit his face with a jab-cross-hook combination. Centurion is staggered into the corner by a big uppercut from HGH. HGH hits him with body shot but Centurion is able to block his second attempt by lowering his gloves. HGH throws an overhand haymaker to Centurion's face but Centurion blocks that too! HGH grows increasingly frustrated as he throws a sleep of sloppy punches, each one getting blocked.

HHL: HGH may look like he's doing a lot but he needs to dial it back. Throwing a bunch of failed punches is how you open yourself up to a third round knockout. You need to keep gas in your tank for the final lap.

Centurion smiles as HGH impotently rages on. HGH grows tired of playing fair and head butts Centurion so loud it echoes through the packed arena. The crowd boos and even a couple hot dog wrappers get thrown into the ring. The referee pushes HGH back and yells at the judges to deduct a point from his scorecard for the blatant cheating. The ref then screams at HGH that if he breaks the rules one more time he will be immediately disqualified from the match.

PC: This isn't a good strategy from HGH no matter how you slice it. Every way you slice it it's still day old cheese from the dumpster. Not only has he put himself on the brink of disqualification, he also undid all of his progress on the scorecard due to the penalty.

The referee approaches Centurion and asks him if he is okay to continue the match. He is. Centurion says he is fine and that he needs to continue on to teach HGH a little respect. The ref backs off, ensures the fighters are separated, and clasps his hands together to restart the action.

PC: There's not much time left in the first round. Let's see who's able to come out on top here.

HGH charges Centurion like a bull in heat. The clever Centurion once again side steps HGH and hits him with a quick 1-2 to the body. HGH throws an uppercut that is stuffed by Centurion's glove. Centurion digs deep into his playbook and twists his body around as he delivers a spinning back fist that leaves HGH a huddled mess on the ropes just as the bell rings to end the first round.

The referee orders both fighters to their corners.

Both wrestlers walk to their respective corners where their cornermen are already climbing up the ropes.

HHL: Honestly, the match has been pretty close, which is a great sign for HGH. But he needs to be careful, I could see Centurion knocking him out on one of these bull rush attempts.

PC: HGH also runs the risk of being thrown out of this match. He will need to be less blatant if he wants to keep fighting in this "style" for rounds 2 and 3.

[Bwo]Round the Second[/bwo]

The referee calls for the bell and the second round is underway. Centurion and HGH circle each other for a long while before Centurion decides to charge forward. Centurion throws a quick jab to the head, followed by a right hook. Both of the attacks are blocked by HGH. HGH throws a jab of his own but Centurion ducks it and crosses underneath, throwing a few open punches to HGH's body as he sidesteps his larger foe. HGH lashes out with a wild haymaker causing Centurion to instinctively retreat.

Centurion wheels away from HGH while keeping his gloves high and his guard up. HGH throws his arms out wide as he rushes at Centurion, almost as if to tackle him. Centurion tries to throw a jab but HGH wraps his arms around him far too quickly. HGH forcefully clinches up with Centurion as he pushes the smaller veteran back into the corner. HGH spits in the direction of the referee causing the officiant to turn away and shield his face. HGH uses the distraction to execute an illegal shoulder check to Centurion's chin. Before the ref can see what's going one, HGH let's go of Centurion and throws a lightning fast uppercut that sends Centurion bouncing against the ropes.

HGH raises his gloves and throws another quick jab to Centurion, but Centurion slips to the right and hastily circles to the other side of the ring.

PC: This isn't much of a boxing match at all with the way HGH is fighting. This is turning into a dirty street fight.

HHL: Calm down pip. That's what it looks like when real men box. HGH needs to do whatever he can to get an upper hand. And Centurion is a skilled veteran who can handle himself no matter what ces at him in the ring.

HGH calls Centurion a coward and starts charging toward him yet again. He throws a few blows but with much less force and speed compared to the first round. Centurion easily ducks and dodges every wild strike from HGH. Centurion throws a few stiff jabs that stagger HGH in his tracks. Centurion tries to finish off the combination with a protected overhand left but HGH sees the blow coming and blocks it in just the nick of time. Centurion pulls back for another blow but HGH wraps him up in a clinch.

A clearly tired HGH sweats all over the smaller man he holds in his grasp. Centurion struggles mightily to free himself but it's no use, he's too small. HGH is stronger than Centurion and the champion knows it. Centurion frantically glances around for an escape from the clinch but HGH holds him firm.

PC: HGH is trying to turn this into a wrassling match and while we are in the Xtreme Wrestling Federation the stipulation for this contest was a boxing match.

HHL: The clinch is a perfectly acceptable maneuver in boxing. The ref has full discretion to separate the fighters if it's being used to stall the fight, but until then HGH is free to hold his opponent.

HGH throws a few body shots Centurion's way while keeping his hold on him. Each blow lands but with diminishing force as HGH becomes visibly gassed. Centurion continues to squirm and push the pair around the ring as he struggles to free himself. This goes on for some time. As the referee looks set to separate the two men when the bell rings. HGH delivers another body clown to Centurion before freeing the smaller man and returning to his own corner.

HHL: HGH is gonna need to come out with a lot more energy in the third round if he wants to walk out of here with the win.

PC: I hate to say this, but I could see this match going either way. Both fighters have put on phenomenal performances, albeit one of those performances is mostly below the belt.

[Bwo]Round the Third[/bwo]

HGH and Centurion slowly circle each other as the third round begins. Both men have visible scrapes on their faces and are breathing heavily. The audience chants (THIS IS AWESOME!). HGH tells Centurion that the audience is strictly speaking about him. The crowd turns to clumsily chanting (CEN-TUR-I-UN!). Centurion grins as HGH turns his back and starts shouting profanities at the audience. Centurion approaches his opponent to capitalize on his distraction. But HGH's exchange with the audience was a bluff and the big man whips around with a spinning back fist. This brutal trick leaves Centurion in a vulnerable crouching position. HGH follows his cunning move with a jab and an uppercut leaving Centurion hanging from the ropes. HGH unloads with a flurry of body shots, each one more vicious than the next. One of Centurion's ribs cracks audibly and a pained expression flashes across the champion's face.

PC: Yikes. Centurion is in a bad spot with what sounded like a broken rib, all because HGH was able to catch him off guard with that low down dirty trick.

HHL: A win here could catapult to the anarchy title scene. This would be the biggest win of his young career. And it's not even a wrestling match!

Centurion is so busy trying to guard himself from the body shots that he is completely unprepared for the volley of haymakers HGH launches at his head. HGH finishes the combination with a classic uppercut. He steps away from the ropes and let's Centurion's body collapse to the ground. HGH confidently taunts the audience as the referee begins the mandatory count.



Centurion looks completely out of it!



PC: It can't end like this! HGH is not winning this fight fairly! Everyone in this arena wants Centurion to get up!


Centurion starts to push himself up onto his knees. HGH screams, "STAY DOWN OLD MAN!" As the referee continues counting.


Centurion crawls on his knees over to the ropes.


HHL: This could be it! This could be the most shocking upset of the night even if Thunder Knuckles wins!



Centurion pushes himself off of the ropes into a standing position while clutching his injured rib cage. The audience goes bananas as Centurion tells the referee he's good to go. HGH looks at the referee with shock and anger, screaming that he was counting too slow. Centurion leans against the ropes to catch his breath as HGH and the referee argue.

PC: Centurion is up! I can’t believe it!

The referee tells HGH that it is time to fight. HGH screams before turning towards Centurion and charging right at him! Centurion looks prepared for the bull rush. Centurion bounces off the ropes and ducks under HGH’s fist. HGH runs forward as he and Centurion both bounce off the ropes and back towards each other.

Centurion jumps into the air to deliver a superman punch!

IT CONNECTS! HGH FALLS TO THE GROUND IMMEDIATELY! The crowd goes wild as the referee begins to count!

PC: A crazy superman punch out of nowhere!

HHL: Only a veteran could pull off a move like that!







PC: This could be it right here!

HHL: HGH may have tired himself out! He was too aggressive and opened himself up to the big punch- this might be the end of the line for him!


HGH starts to pull himself up by the ropes….


HGH falls back down to the mat immediately.



Winner by KO - Centurion

HHL: Wow, a third round KO with the superman punch! Centurion proved his mettle tonight!

PC: Centurion overcame a lot to win this fight! HGH is a bigger foe that pulled out every dirty trick in the book, but still Centurion pulled it out in the final minutes!

HHL: All right, we’re moving into our penultimate fight of the night! And on any other night, this could be our main event.

PIP: Or it would be if the powers-that-be weren’t against Flynn & NK.

HHL: Pip, I’m asking nicely. Please stop reading Flynn’s newsletters.

PIP: Sounds like someone’s out to censor the truth! Flynn said it’d be the people closest to us. Just another way he’s been proven right!

HHL: …sigh.


The entrance music of the Can-Jap Connection blasts from the loudspeakers, echoing over the sea of fans, bringing them to their feet with a roar that would shake the roof off if there was one.

ANNOUNCER: Introducing first, being led to the ring by Billy B. Blankenship... the team of Ricky Goldhart and Kyodai Monsuta.... THE CAN-JAP CONNECTION!

HHL: Coming to the ring first, one of the most dominant tag-teams in recent XWF History, the Can-Jap Connection.

PIP: These guys are tough, these guys are mean, and these guys are all about the fundamentals of tag-team wrestling.

HHL: And they’re undefeated, Pip! They’ve gone 3-0 since debuting here in the XWF!

PIP: They’re very impressive. But some might argue tonight is their toughest test to-date!

Blankenship saunters out through the flashing lights, a smirk on his face and tennis racket in hand, as he whirls around, extending it out with flair as Goldhart and Monsuta appear on stage. They both lift fists high into the air as they begin their walk down to the ring. Goldhart slides in first and bounces, at the ready, as Monsuta climbs in behind. Blankenship rallies the crowd as the music fades out.

A quintet of five North Korean violinists walks through the curtain, each playing a different component of an instrumental, string-only cover of ‘Eleanor Rigby’.

They stand to the sides, making a path… And finally, emerging from the back, Flynn & NK come walking down the ramp: Flynn in his trademark ‘King of the Midcarders’ bomber jacket, NK in his military fatigues.

HHL: NK & Flynn, the former XWF Tag Team Champions… They’ve been on a warpath since losing the belts at Bad Medicine to APEX!

PIP: Don’t say that fake news too loud, Heather! Flynn claims that the match was illegitimate since the pin was counted on NK, who was not the legal man at the time!

HHL: Regardless, the match was a very competitive, back-and-forth contest. If Flynn & NK are looking to get back in line for tag-title-contention, a victory over the Can-Jap Connection would go a long way in making their case for a rematch against APEX.

PIP: Flip-side of the argument, though! If Billy’s Boys can take a win over Flynn & NK, they’ve made a strong case that they should fulfill Billy’s promise to dominate the tag division and get a title match against the champs!

HHL: No tag title match has been announced for Fire & Ice yet, Pip! This might be the last chance both these teams have to shine before the card gets released!

Flynn & NK walk around to the far side of the ring, since Monsuta & Goldhart have taken the near side. They both hop up from the floor to the apron athletically. They eyeball each other, then nod. Flynn steps through the ropes to start things off.

Billy B. Blankenship scampers up to the apron and beckons his boys over. The three have a brief discussion in their corner… And quickly, Monsuta steps through the ropes, allowing Ricky to start off the match. Blankenship gently lowers himself using the bottom rope, back down to the floor.

The official signals for the bell!

CAN-JAP CONNECTION w. Billy B. Blankenship
- vs -

Flynn and Goldhart circle briefly, angling for an edge in control here…

As Flynn grapevines, he sticks two fingers behind his back…

NK’s eyes focus in and he switches from the left side of the tag ropes to the right! Blankenship immediately yells and points for his team to notice the swap!

Goldhart takes his eyes off for Flynn for a split-second… And that’s all Flynn needs to duck under Goldhart’s arms, take his back and sink in a waistlock!

HHL: Fascinating Team Maneuvering by Flynn & NK! We haven’t seen this level of coordination from this duo in the past!

PIP: This teamwork might throw off other teams in the tag division, but the Can-Jap Connection are well-versed in tag strategies. Watch for them to adapt and take control early!

Flynn tries to pop off a German Suplex… But Ricky locks his ankle behind Flynn’s, blocking the move!

Goldhart then executes a quick standing switch, taking Flynn’s back and locking him in a waistlock of his own!

He goes to scoop up Flynn with a german suplex, but Flynn tucks in both legs around Ricky’s back, then he rolls his weight forward, taking Ricky down to his shoulders, then grabbing his ankles to hold the pin! The ref counts!


Goldhart’s shoulder twists off the mat and he finds his feet again quickly!

HHL: Very impressive mat-wrestling from both these men!

As Flynn tries to scramble to his feet himself… Goldhart grabs Flynn into a side-headlock!

Flynn walks Goldhart back to the ropes… He bounces off and tries to Irish whip Goldhart off… But Goldhart holds on tight!

PIP: Flynn is about as strong a chain-wrestler as we have in the XWF, but Goldhart is matching him beat-for-beat in the early going…

Blankenship hoops and hollers from outside the ring, as Goldhart wrenches control and twists Flynn to the mat with a side-headlock takedown!

The official leans to the mat and counts while Flynn’s shoulders are down!


Flynn pops one shoulder up, but Goldhart’s headlock remains locked in like a vise grip!

Goldhart leans forward onto Flynn’s face… constricting oxygen flow as much as possible…

Suddenly, Flynn’s free arm scoops under Goldhart’s leg and he scoops Goldhart onto his back! He bridges! The official counts!


T- NOT a two-count! Goldhart twists himself free, but releases the grip on Flynn!

HHL: Wow! Some beautiful wrestling from both these men…

This time, Flynn beats Goldhart to his feet and as Goldhart tries to regain a vertical base, Flynn swings down with a headbutt to the skull… Goldhart loses his stance and flops back down to the mat, shaken.

PIP: Ouch! Nothing beautiful about that strike!

Flynn grabs a fistful of Ricky’s hair and takes him to his feet. Flynn wraps him in another waistlock and goes for the german… But Ricky counters again by locking his heel inside Flynn’s!

HHL: If Flynn’s goal was to knock Ricky too loopy to counter the german, smart strategy but it won’t work! Ricky has run so many wrestling drills over the years, he can counter moves in his sleep!

Flynn bites his lip and yells out ‘GUTENTAG!’

PIP: Is Flynn practicing conversational German out here?

HHL: Ricky is Canadian, not German if he was trying to say hello!

The second Flynn yells, NK grabs the tag rope and bends his knees like he’s stretching.

Flynn, still holding onto the waistlock, drives his shoulder into Ricky’s back, pressing him forward into his and NK’s corner. NK, still on the right side, sneaks his hand under the middle rope, out of Ricky’s sight, and smacks Flynn’s side.

The official calls for a tag, but Ricky sticks his ass out and starts to out-muscle and drive Flynn out of his corner.

Suddenly, NK grips the top rope and springs himself over it! He delivers a flying shoulderblock to Ricky Goldhart’s chin! And that blow knocks him just hard enough to knock him off his stance! Flynn takes advantage and delivers a German suplex!

PIP: Wow! What a tandem maneuver!

HHL: Aha! Flynn is out here calling plays live like a quarterback!

Flynn releases the waistlock and rolls outside, as NK dives on top of Ricky for the pin!



Ricky flips a shoulder off the ground! Flynn climbs back up to the apron and grabs the tag rope.

HHL: If NK had a slightly better position on that pin, Flynn and NK might have stolen that one!

PIP: Stolen, Heather? Flynn and NK would have EARNED that victory with tandem offense! See, if you’d just read Flynn’s newsletter, he’d explain how you brainwash the masses with misleading language…

HHL: Okay, shut up, Pip.

NK tries to pull Ricky to his feet to maintain offensive momentum, but Ricky, quick as a flash, slips behind NK and locks in the dragon sleeper!

Ricky falls backwards onto the mat, as NK helplessly paws into the air! Flynn calls from the corner ‘DRAGONSLAYER’!

Suddenly, NK bridges backwards, still in the chokehold and Goldhart’s shoulder press gently back against the mat! The officials starts a count!

HHL: Remarkable! This is the same way NK and Flynn beat Dolly & LSM!


Billy yells to get Ricky’s attention, telling him to releases the hold.


THR-Ricky releases the grip and twists his shoulder off the mat!

PIP: Phew, another split-second and Flynn and NK would have taken that win in record time!

As Ricky regains a vertical base, NK catches him with a Lionhearted Conqueror’s Throat-Strike! Driving Goldhart backwards into a neutral corner, NK lifts a leg up and delivers a Protector of Justice’s Foot-to-the-Throat! Ricky desperately tries to claw his way free… But to no avail!

The official starts the five count!




Suddenly, NK retracts his foot from Goldhart’s throat. The War Criminal gets in the official’s face and insists his count is not up to North Korean timing standards… He attempts to aid the official by showing a proper count.

Oooooooooone Glorious Leader…

Twoooooooooo Glorious Leader….

Before he can reach three, and before Flynn can yell for NK to look out, Goldhart grabs him in a waistlock and heaves him backwards with a German suplex into the turnbuckle! NK’s neck hits the bottom turnbuckle and the War Criminal crumples to the mat like a crash-test dummy!

HHL: Ouch! And the tables have turned in the worst possible way for Flynn and NK! NK is looking in poor shape and is a long way from his corner. Flynn and I may not see eye-to-eye, but I think we all know he’s the stronger competitor of the tandem!

PIP: Actually, Heather, if you read NK’s newsletter, you’d know that the XWF has slandered him by making he and Flynn look unequal. Which is the only reason Flynn won Superstar of the Month instead of both members of the team.

HHL: Pip, if you don’t put down your phone, I’m going to break it.

PIP: Only further efforts to silence the efforts to broadcast the truth!

NK is looking real rough in the corner as Ricky shakes off cobwebs and walks over to his corner, tagging in Kyodai!

HHL: And things just went from bad to worse for the former tag-team champions!

Flynn, still gripping the tag rope, covers his eyes, not excited at what’s about to transpire…

Kyodai comes through the ropes, just as NK shakily works his way back standing… Kyodai barrels straight forward and crushes NK’s in the corner…

Before NK can fall, Kyodai runs to the opposite corner, bounces back and CRUSHES NK once again!

NK stumbles forward out of the corner… Then flops onto his face!

Flynn peeks through his fingers and starts smacking the top turnbuckle, urging his partner to make it to the corner!

NK crawls on his stomach, falling back on whatever military training he has, to make it to the corner… But instead, Kyodai grabs NK by the ankle and drags his limp body effortlessly back to the Can-Jap corner.

HHL: The Can-Jap Connection is firmly in control here!

Kyodai grips NK by the back of his uniform, and through brute strength, rips him off the mat and raises him into a military press!

PIP: WOW! Pure strength on display here from Kyodai Monsuta!

Kyodai extends his arms, lifting the Korean over his head… Before dropping him flat on his face and walking forward! NK lands like heap… and rolls backward, a couple feet from the ropes…

Flynn steps off the apron and starts circling the ring towards his partner…

Kyodai poses and flexes, but eventually Blankenship gets his attention with the tennis racquet and points over to NK’s fallen body, indicating that he finish the match!

Kyodai walks over to step on NK’s chest for the pin… But not before Flynn finishes jogging around, grabs NK by the ankle and yanks him under the bottom rope!

HHL: Yet more shenanigans from the former XWF Tag Champions!

PIP: These ‘shenanigans’ are a legitimate strategy! Getting the legal man out of the ring SHOULD prevent loss and it WOULD if NK and Flynn were treated the same as everyone else!

NK stumbles onto a pair of shaky legs, Flynn tries to give him a couple smacks across the face to get him back into fighting shape…

Just as Ricky Goldhart starts running along the apron! Flynn’s ears perk and he pushes NK out of the way… Just in time to receive a running double axe-handle from Ricky Goldhart! Flynn drops to his back on the outside.

Ricky hits the outside and… CATCHES AN EYE FULL OF MANLY MACHISMO GREEN MIST! Goldhart drops to his back ontop of Flynn! NK rolls back into the ring, still the legal man…

On the outside, Blankenship jogs over with a rag in his pocket, trying to help Ricky clean his eyes… Flynn shakes himself off after the axehandle and checks the ring, seeing NK back in the ring, jogs into tag position!

NK gestures to Kyodai that he intends to grapple! Kyodai goes for a collar-and-elbow tie-up… only to be caught with a Virtuous, Dedicated Citizen's Thumb-to-the-Eye! Kyodai grabs his right eye, howling in pain… As NK follows up his attack, wrapping Kyodai in a side headlock! NK tries to strong-arm Kyodai back into he and Flynn’s corner to get the tag and start the isolation strategy…

But Kyodai puts the brakes on! He heaves NK up into back suplex position… NK desperately, like a cat in zero gravity, tries to re-orient himself out of Kyodai’s grip… And ends up sitting on Kyodai’s shoulders, face-to-face with Monsuta!

HHL: Oh no! Kyodai has NK in powerbomb position! This is No-Man’s-Land for the War Criminal!

Flynn leans over the top rope and yells ‘DEFUSE THE POWERBOMB!..

Suddenly, NK wraps his arms around Kyodai’s skull! And his legs! Kyodai tries to shake his head to break NK’s grip… But NK’s grip holds tight…

Just as Blankenship finishes cleaning Goldhart’s eyes outside, Flynn leaps inside the ring and delivers a chop block to the back of Kyodai’s right knee! Monsuta tumbles like a house of cards onto his back, with NK still on top! Flynn rolls outside the ring before the ref can start the 5-count for him to exit…

The official slides into a count… And just as he does, NK reaches forward and grabs the bottom rope for leverage!


Goldhart is back on the apron, Blankenship sees NK on the ropes!


THWACK! Blankenship swings his racquet down on NK’s fingers! His hand recoil in pain, he blows on them to reduce the sting!


Kyodai sits up and tosses NK off his chest! NK rolls backwards once into his corner and tries to dive to his corner! But Flynn is slightly out of position, still climbing back onto the apron!

And that’s all the time, Ricky Goldhart needs to grab NK by the ankle and drag NK back to the center…

The official gets to a count of 3 before Kyodai and Ricky meet in the corner and tag… Ricky Goladhart is the legal man!

Kyodai delivers one heavy forearm onto NK’s back, dropping onto his knees, before exiting back out to the apron!

HHL: Incredible isolation on display by the Can-Jap Connection!

Ricky grabs NK by the top of his head and drags him back to his feet and up against the ropes… Goldhart raises a finger to his lips to silence the crowd…



Goldhart winds up!


A gnarly chop across NK’s chest rebounds him against the ropes and flops him down to the mat and onto his face! Flynn is on the verge of tearing his hair out on the apron… stomping his feet, desperate to tag in…

Instead, Goldhart grabs NK by the hair once more and raises him to his feet and whips him toward the ropes! NK bounces off the rope… and runs straight into a ducking Goldhart, who delivers a back body drop! NK flies through the air and lands flat on his back with a thud!

Goldhart slowly walks into a cover… Just as Flynn hops down off the apron…

Goldhart slips into a pin! The official counts!

But Flynn grabs NK’s leg and puts onto the rope!

But the official is out of position to see it!


Flynn’s eyes widen!


Suddenly, Flynn grabs the official by the leg and yanks him out of the ring!

PIP: Shenanigans! The official was about to give ANOTHER falsely-obtained loss to Flynn and NK!

HHL: Calm down, the official was just out of position! It was a simple mistake!

PIP: You call it a simple mistake! I call it Injustice!

Flynn gets in the referee’s face, screaming and pointing at NK’s foot on the bottom rope! The official points at the XWF logo on his shirt and starts yelling right back at Flynn!

Meanwhile, NK is being dragged back to his feet again by Goldhart… Just in time for NK to deliver an Exemplary-Role-Model’s Headbutt to the Nether-Regions! Goldhart doubles over in pain as NK attempts to crawl back to his corner…

Flynn sees this and doesn’t make the same mistake twice, leaping back onto the apron and grabbing the tag rope. The official, having missed this headbutt to the groin, rolls back inside.

Goldhart steps back over to his corner and tags in Kyodai…

NK is just a few feet away, crawling on his elbows and knees… Just as Kyodai grabs him again by his ankle and drags him to the center of the ring…

Kyodai grabs NK by the hair and Irish whips him the opposite direction from his corner towards the ropes…

But NK leaps onto the second rope…

And whips his leg around, catching Kyodai with a Disaster Glorious Triumph Kick!

HHL: Holy cow!

PIP: We’ve never seen the War Criminal do that before!

Goldhart bumps onto his back… and starts to try to scramble back upright…

But not before NK does a forward roll and a leaping flop to the corner, tagging Mark Flynn!

Flynn hops through the ropes, just as Ricky Goldhart steps up to his feet!

Flynn slips behind Goldhart’s back! And transitions into an atomic drop, propelling Goldhart forward into the ropes!

Flynn dashes outside to the apron… And delivers a running knee right to the bridge of Ricky’s nose! The Counter-Point!

Ricky falls flat on his back and Flynn hops into a pin! Kyodai hops into action, stepping in through the ropes!


Kyodai leaps into the air for a leg drop!


Flynn rolls off the pin…

And Kyodai lands on Ricky!

NK runs in and delivers a Standard, Textbook Shoulderblock! … Unfortunately, Kyodai outweighs him by about 300 pounds and he harmlessly bounces off.

Kyodai chases NK, who crawls desperately back to his corner… WIth Kyodai in hot pursuit!

Flynn scoops Goldhart back off the ground and delivers a Northern Lights Suplex! He bridges into a pin!


Kyodai spins around and starts jogging over…



Kyodai stomps on Flynn’s stomach, breaking up the pin… Flynn cradles his stomach as he rolls over on his front to prevent more blows…

The official starts admonishing Kyodai back to his corner…

But before he can make it back, NK scrambles back to his feet and dives onto Kyodai’s back with a chokehold! Kyodai tries to peel NK off, but NK leans forward towards the ropes and both tumble over the top rope and collapse onto the floor!

That leaves the two legal men in the ring! Ricky and Flynn! Flynn tries scooping Ricky back to his feet, but Ricky catches him with a throat thrust that sends Flynn reeling backwards. By the time Flynn has re-found his breath, Ricky is back on even footing!

Ricky tags Flynn across the face with a right hand… Flynn tags him back with a left! Ricky delivers a thunderous knife-edge chop, Flynn spins, sucking in air… But then delivers one right back to Ricky at a similar volume!

Ricky pushes Flynn back to the ropes, Flynn rebounds off a swings with a clothesline, but Ricky ducks and catches Flynn with a neckbreaker!

Flynn cradles his neck! Ricky leans backwards over Flynn into the cover!



Flynn wraps his arms around Ricky’s and peels him backwards into a roll-up!

HHL: This is the same way Flynn beat Peter Vaughn last Warfare!



THRE-NO! At the last second, Ricky rolls backwards out of Flynn’s grip and into his corner! Where Kyodai slaps Ricky’s back and tags back in…

Flynn rolls back onto his feet… Then looks at Kyodai entering the ring and groans…

HHL: I can understand Flynn’s frustration. Kyodai Monsuta is a very tall order.

Kyodai goes to grapple with Flynn, but Flynn steps backwards towards his corner…

Kyodai traps Flynn in the corner… But NK reaches over the ropes to tag Kyodai with a right hand.

Unfortunately, Kyodai seems unaffected. And NK wiggles his fingers to relieve the pain after the punch.

Kyodai reaches over the ropes and tosses NK over the ropes!

NK crawls… over to the Can-Jap corner, where Ricky Goldhart is regaining his breath. He makes it to the corner, where Kyodai runs full-speed to crush him against the turnbuckle!

NK spins… and hits the mat at the last moment! Kyodai hits the turnbuckle and Ricky Goldhart goes flying to the outside!

Kyodai looks at his tag partner, taking his eye off the ball long enough for Flynn to deliver a running knee to the back of Kyodai’s head in the corner…

Kyodai is stunned by the glancing blow, on a shaky footing now… NK slips out to the apron as Flynn wraps Kyodai in a waistlock…

PIP: Looks like Flynn is going to try to… German suplex Kyodai Monsuta?

HHL: Holy hell, there’s zero chance of that working!

Flynn grips Kyodai around the waist… And NK climbs to the top rope!

…NK steadies his balance! Then leaps feet-first towards Kyodai!

Missile Dropkick to the face, Kyodai leans backwards on his heels! And Flynn gets under him just enough to propel him onto his back! German Suplex!

HHL: Incredible!

Flynn can barely hold the bridge on Kyodai’s massive body as the official counts!


Ricky shakes off cobwebs, pulled to his feet by Billy Blankenship, and tries to roll in to break it up…

He’s inches away…


But NK grabs Ricky by the heel and deadweights his body, anchoring the Canadian in place!


WINNER: Mark Flynn & North Korean War Criminal

PIP: Holy Hell! What a tag match!

HHL: I’m not the biggest fans of Flynn & NK, but they pulled out all the stops and beat an incredibly game Can-Jap Connection tonight!

PIP: If they were looking to silence their critics tonight headed towards a rematch with APEX, they might have just gotten the job done!

The camera cuts to backstage, in one of the many hallways scattered throughout the Nationwide Arena. In this particular hallway, we see a janitorial closet set up to the right. The door suddenly slams open, and Peter Vaughn storms out! He starts walking down the hall, a particularly nasty-looking barbed wire broomstick in one hand. He glances at the signs, making sure he’s headed for the ringside area. An unfortunate backstage worker steps into his path.

Peter Vaughn: Out of my way, moron!

The broomstick waves menacingly towards the younger worker, who swallows hard before quickly retreating backwards.

Peter Vaughn: Keep going. I can still smell your stink.

The worker, now offended as well as scared, heads into a nearby room, disappearing from sight. Satisfied, Vaughn continues on his way, turning the corner… and finding Betsy Granger and Bam Miller standing there. He stops, surprised.

Peter Vaughn: What are you… look, I don’t have time for a meeting, I need to get to ringside.

Bam Miller: To what? Hide out under the ring until the main event? Then smash him with a BRICK!

Betsy Granger: Or at ringside so you can pop up and attack Main when he enters?

Peter Vaughn: Both of those sound good… I was thinking of just thrusting some barbed wire through the cage…

Vaughn swings the broomstick back and forth, admiring it. He starts to push past the two wrestlers, but both Betsy and Bam grab an arm, pulling him back against the wall.

Peter Vaughn: What the fuck??

Betsy Granger: We can’t let you do it, Peter.

Peter Vaughn: Get the hell off of me!

Vaughn pushes away at his Exile allies, trying to knock them aside, but they’re relentless in containing him. His hand tenses around the barbed-wire broomstick, as if considering using it. Bam notices, ready to take things up a notch if need be.

Bam Miller: Calm down!

Peter Vaughn: You don’t understand! Apex has interfered in every match I’ve had lately! I have to pay them back! Robert Main’s cheating can’t be ignored!

Betsy Granger: If you go out there, you’re going to get yourself suspended. Thunder Knuckles too.

Bam Miller: Do you want Apex to win??

This gets Vaughn’s attention, as he stops struggling against the two wrestlers.

Peter Vaughn: Apex… win? Hell no I don’t want Apex to win!

Bam Miller: You getting yourself suspended from the XWF would be a big victory for them, something for them to brag about and hold over you.

Betsy Granger: They’re probably counting on you doing it. They want you off the board, especially Caedus. You know he’s threatened by you and worried that you’ll take away his championship.

They might believe what they’re saying. They might just be saying it to placate Vaughn. Either way, it seems to have the expected effect. Vaughn leans back against the wall, no longer fighting to get around them.

Peter Vaughn: Damn it. Those sons of bitches always have a plan within a plan, don’t they? Screw them. But damn, I want to break something right now.

Bam Miller: Apex might have left their vehicles in the parking lot.

Peter Vaughn: Sounds good.

Vaughn stomps off, still seemingly in a bad mood, but looking forward to “doing some good”. Bam and Betsy follow behind him, pleased to have avoided a minor catastrophe.

We fade to the following video package…

Upon the package ending we fade to ringside where the ring announcer stands center ring surrounded by a Steel Cage.

”Ladies and gentleman the following STEEL CAGE match is scheduled for one fall to a finish. The only way this match can end is via pinfall. Also, should ANYONE interfere during the match itself they, along with the participant will be suspended for sixty days.”

There’s a large section of the audience that boos intently while some cheer.

”Introducing first, about to make his way to the ring… he is one half of the XWF World Tag Team Champions, ROBERT “THE OMEGA” MAIN!”

Shaman’s Harvest begins blaring throughout the arena. Robert walks through the curtains after the instrumental “I make them for you”! He then looks to the crowd to his left and then right rolling his shoulders. He smiles shaking his head and slowly walks down the ramp. He stops at the ring steps looking to the crowd once more before slamming his hands on the ring steps entering the ring.

PIP: Don’t adjust your volume because those are some boos being heard coming from this pro Thunder Knuckles hometown crowd.

HHL: And as you can see with the smirk on his face he’s loving every minute of it.

The music fades away.

”And his opponent…”

The lights flicker off and on like a power surge, until all we’re left with are the floodlights casting an ominous shadow down on Robert Main and the steel cage.

A patriotic fog, multicolored in red, white and blue seeps from machines positioned at the top of the entrance ramp and begins to fill the arena. The camera slowly works from the ring to the arena floor, and up the ramp as the fog fills in.

A Purge announcement, followed by sirens is being broadcasted from the XTron, as the camera still follows up, nearly ground level with the floor and up the ramp. As it continues to move up, the camera picks up images of stuffed body bags, scattered throughout the ringside area and entrance ramp.

At least twenty filled body bags are passed by with the camera, as it arrives now at a pair of black boots just at the base of the XTron.


The camera moves up from the boots, up a pair of American flag striped pants. To the waist, where a skull belt buckle is tucking in a white, blood stained dress shirt. It’s being worn with a red bowtie, and underneath a velvety blue coat.

The Camera moves up to the head now, and we see none other than that No Good Bastard, Thunder Knuckles. His curly mullet topped with a star spangled top-hat.


His face is cold, so cold that his eyes are almost black as he peers directly into the eyes of Robert Main. Thunder Knuckles slaps a bloodied and battered baseball bat in his hands a few times while the camera pans slowly around his frame. Once the imagine returns to his front saide, TK leans down and lifts an empty body bag from the entrance ramp. He holds it up, showing it to his opponent.

The body bag reads: ROBERT MAIN naturally it’s misspelled.

”Making his way to the ring, he’s from LIMA, OHIO… THUNDER KNUCKLES!

TK flings the body bag over one shoulder, and balances the bat on the other.

He walks by one body bag after the other. Each bag is labeled with the names of people who have lost matches to TK: Corey Smith, Betsy Granger, Lycana, Thaddeus Duke, Chris Page, Centurion, Ruby etc.

Thunder Knuckles shakes his head at all of them, one by one, as he continues towards the ring, emerging from the multicolored fog just at the base of the ring steps. Thunder Knuckles lies Robert’s body bag outside of the cage and points his baseball bat at Robert Main, mouthing some words to him that the camera is unable to pick up.

He sits the baseball bat down and removes first his top-hat, and then the velvety blue sports jacket, leaving only his american flag pants, the bloodied dress shirt and his bowtie equipped as he climbs up the steps and into the steel cage.

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -
STEEL CAGE MATCH GRUDGE MATCH: No Escape. No Outside Interference. Pinfall’s only

The bell sounds as the Ohio crowd erupts with the loudest ovation of the night. The steel cage surrounds Robert Main and Thunder Knuckles as they gaze across the ring from each other. Main throw up a middle finger to TK bringing boos from the crowd. TK walks out from his corner with his signature jerk-off hand motion garnering a huge pop from his home state.

PIP: Robert Main might be in hostile territory tonight but don’t think for one second he isn’t primed or ready. This isn’t his first rodeo whereas Thunder Knuckles, arguably this is his biggest match to date. It was a little over a year ago Thunder Knuckles took a lead pipe to the head of Robert Main, and now we’ve finally come full circle.

HHL: I’ve been waiting for this one since it was made official, and I can’t think of a better way to close out 2021 for Warfare than this epic first-time meeting between Robert Main and Thunder Knuckles. LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Main and TK emerge from their corners as they reach the center of the ring. The staredown between the two, neither man blinking an eye. The crowd gets louder and louder as the shit-talking between both men engages before TK shoves Main backward. There’s a smirk from Main who comes right back unloading with a flurry of right hands backing TK up against the ropes to more boos than cheers as he shoots TK across the ring with an Irish Whip, TK bounces off the near side into a reverse elbow from Main taking him down to the mat. Robert looks to follow up with an elbow drop, TK rolls out of the way sending Robert crashing into the mat.

TK and Main both pop back up to their feet where Robert walks into a thumb to the eye by TK which garners a nice ovation. TK follows up with a double thrust to the throat of Main before snatching him by his hair where he runs him towards the Cage! TK looks to smash Main face-first off the steel only to have Robert block with his hands across the mesh. He counters with an elbow to the ribs breaking TK’s grip where he takes him down with a double leg takedown! Main floats over into a full mount position as he starts hammering down with a series of right hands!

Main lands three or four before manages a counter into a Triangle Choke!

Main quickly counters as he flips over the front of TK stacking his shoulders to the mat.




TK releases the hold to escape the pin attempt. Both men are back to their feet with TK cutting off Main with a knee lift into the midsection. He takes Robert and hurls him back into a neutral corner. TK comes forward lacing Robert across the chest with a series of knife-edge chops that garner a “WOOOO” from the crowd with each strike!

PIP: Thunder Knuckles is laying them into Robert Main and his home state of Ohio is all about it!

TK brings Main out from the corner where he scoops him up and ties him into the tree of woe in the neutral corner. He points down at Main drawing a huge pop from the crowd that only gets louder as he starts laying in stomps to the chest and sternum of Robert Main! Repeated kick after kick after kick before he charges and bouncing off the far side ropes gaining a full head of steam where he hits a running cannonball onto Main driving him back into the buckles!

Main tumbles down to the mat where TK makes a quick cover.




Main kicks out to a mixed reception from the crowd which turns into a huge pop as Thunder Knuckles starts choking Robert with both hands across the throat. There’s nothing the referee can do but watch as Main struggles to free himself but manages to rake TK across the eyes to break his grasp.

Main is the first to his feet followed closely by TK who eats a boot to the midsection before Main takes him and runs him face-first off the steel cage! TK bounces off the steel crumbling down to the mat with Main dropping down into a quick cover.




TK kicks out to a pop from the home state crowd.

HHL: This has been brewing for over a year, and Pip, I think this is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.

Robert pushes himself back up to his feet where he takes a moment to soak in the more hostile nature of the crowd. He shakes his head before picking TK up off the mat. He drives him back into the ropes where he fires him across with another Irish Whip, TK bounces off the near side ducking up a lariat attempt from Main while locking in a Full Nelson!

TK hoists Main up in the air driving him down into the mat with a Full Nelson Slam!

TK drops down into the cover hooking the near leg.




Main kicks out to a mild reaction from the crowd which quickly shifts into a “THUN-DER KNUC-KLES” chant. TK uses the crowd to fuel him as he gets back to his feet where he starts to stomp away at Main down on the mat. TK backs up into a neutral corner where he climbs up to the top rope on the inside of the ring. He eyes Main and sets sail with a Diving Elbow Drop!

Main rolls out of the way sending TK crashing and burning which silences the crowd.

PIP: Crashing and burning from Thunder Knuckles!

Robert starts pushing himself up to his feet where he takes advantage by picking up TK, he positions him and picks him up for a Powerbomb and delivers a Running Bucklebomb style Powerbomb into the side of the Cage! TK bounces off the Cage landing on his feet where he staggers into a back breaker by the Omega! Main forces the cover.




TK pops a shoulder up off the mat to a louder ovation from the crowd. Main gets back to his feet where he picks TK up and runs him face-first into the mesh of the Cage! He starts raking TK’s face across the mesh to loud boos from the crowd.

PIP: Much like TK has been waiting on this for a year so has Robert Main, he’s come tonight to exact revenge for having his career nearly ended.

TK is busted wide open as Main yanks him off the cage and delivers an Omega Gutbuster. He forces another cover.




TK escapes to another pop from the crowd as Main starts hammering away with right hands to the open wound across his forehead garnering louder boos from the crowd that only get louder as Main starts biting the bloody forehead of the hometown boy.

Main releases his chompers from TK’s flesh as he gets back to his feet. He reaches down picking TK up where he drives him back into a neutral corner. Main starts laying in a series of reverse elbows to the bloody forehead of TK. Main shoots TK across the ring into the opposite set of buckles!

Main charges across the ring looking for a stinger splash!

TK side steps Main sending him crashing into the buckles! TK spins Main around driving a boot to the midsection where he uses the buckles to deliver an assisted Tornado DDT spiking Robert Main head first into the mat! The crowd erupts as both men lay on the mat with the referee forced to do nothing but look on.

HHL: Thunder Knuckles is pulling out some offense we’ve never seen before out of him!

PIP: Big-time battles make you bring out stuff in your arsenal you don’t normally pull out.

Several second lapses before TK is the first to start to stir. He rolls over to his chest and pushes himself up off the mat. TK reaches his feet where he takes both legs of Main. He drags him back towards the Cage where he falls back catapulting Robert sending him crashing into the Cage! Main bounces off the Cage into a backstabber from TK!

The crowd roars as he makes the cover hooking the near leg.




Main escapes to a massive gasp from the crowd. TK cuts his eyes towards the referee who shows him two fingers. TK steps up to his feet where he picks up Main. He takes him and drives him face-first off the Steel! TK isn’t finished! He starts smashing Robert’s face into the Cage repeatedly getting a louder and louder reception with each smash!

TK takes Robert by the hair where he runs him across the ring hurling him face-first off the other side of the Cage! Main is now opened up as Main bounces off the Cage staggering backward where TK spins him around and blasts him with a Superkick! Main crumbles to the mat with TK dropping down into a cover hooking the near leg.




Main shoots a shoulder up off the mat to a huge gasp from the crowd.

HHL: Robert Main escapes with a kick out!

PIP: Robert has always had an uncanny ability to absorb a lot of pain and punishment. Thunder Knuckles can’t allow himself to get frustrated with things, he can’t lose focus or he will fall victim to the Omega like so many others.

HHL: Thunder Knuckles has to stay on top of him though, he can’t allow Robert to recover.

TK sees the blood on Main’s forehead and answers him with a flurry of right hands to the forehead drawing a huge ovation with each and every strike he delivers. TK lands several right hands before getting back to his feet. He reaches down picking Robert up where he drives him back into a neutral corner.

TK lands several shoulder blocks to the midsection of Main before hoisting him up to a seated position on the top turnbuckle. TK decks Main in the jaw with a right hand before stepping up to the middle rope where he locks in a front face lock. TK is thinking Superplex but Main blocks as he latches on to the top rope. TK looks for a second attempt and again it’s blocked by Main, Main lands several right hands to the ribs before pulling away as he delivers a headbutt across the nose of TK sending him sailing backward down to the mat.

Main steps up to the top turnbuckle as he looks down at the bloody TK.

Main leaps off the top rope with a Diving Elbow drop of his own that’s right on the money! Main makes the cover hooking the near leg!




TK kicks out to an explosion from the Ohio crowd!

HHL: Thunder Knuckles is showing me something here with another kick out!

Main now cuts his eyes towards the referee as he shows him two fingers and a shoulder kick motion. He shakes his head as the blood flows from his forehead as well. Main steps up to his feet as the Ohio crowd is all over him.

Robert backs up into a neutral corner as he sizes up TK, seemingly calling for him to start working his way back up to his feet. TK slowly starts to stir as he rolls over and pushes himself up off the mat and back to a vertical base where Main explodes from the corner cutting him in half with a Spear!

The crowd boos intently as Main executes another cover hooking the near leg.




TK kicks out to another massive ovation from the crowd!

PIP: Unbelievable!

HHL: You just took the words right out of my mouth.

“THIS IS AWESOME! THIS IS AWESOME! THIS IS AWESOME!” echoes throughout the arena as Main steps back up to his feet. The chant shifts into massive boos as Main calls for the Dead Man’s Hand.

PIP: It looks like all good things must come to an end.

Robert runs his thumb across his throat to a louder set of boos as he reaches down picking TK up off the mat. He takes him up in the torture rack only to see TK counter as he slides down the back of Main! Robert spins around and is met with a straight kick to the nuts!

The crowd erupts as Robert falls backward to the mat clutching at his balls.

TK staggers backward into a neutral corner where he starts to scale the buckles while looking at Main. TK steps up to the middle and then the top turnbuckle.

HHL: Thunder Knuckles has a huge opportunity!

The crowd explodes as TK motions his jerk-off hand motion before turning around on the top rope where he starts to scale the cage!

PIP: What the hell is he doing?!?! He can’t escape the Cage.

TK climbs up to the top of the Cage! He stands up top looking down at Main! TK motions a cross symbol across his chest before leaping off the top of the Cage with a Diving Elbow drop that connects to the heart of Robert Main drawing the loudest reaction of the contest!

HHL: That’s it! Thunder Knuckles is going to defeat Robert Main!

It takes several long seconds for TK to negotiate a cover hooking the far leg!




Robert Main kicks a shoulder up off the mat at the final millisecond before the fatal count of three! The crowd gasps loudly before breaking out into “BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT!”

PIP: It doesn’t get any closer to a three-count without the bell ringing. Jesus that was close!

TK lays on the mat looking up at the lights as he slowly sits up, catching his breath as he wipes away some of the blood from his face. The crowd shifts back to chanting his name as he starts to work his way back up to his feet where he takes both legs of Main and looks to lock in a Sharp Shooter! Main manages to draw his legs in where he counters with an inside cradle!




TK escapes the near-fall as he beats Main to his feet, he walks over to pick Main up off the mat where Robert returns the favor with a low blow of his own that garners massive boos ringing out from all over the building! TK staggers backward falling into the ropes where his arms get tied up in the top and middle ropes!

HHL: Thunder Knuckles has just found himself in a very bad way!

The fans boo louder as Robert Main steps up to his feet. He sees TK in the prone position, there’s a smirk that comes across Robert’s face as he makes his way over and starts unloading with stiff right hands to the bloody forehead of TK which further opens the wounds from the cage! The boos from the crowd get louder and louder which don’t affect Main in the slightest.

Main starts choking TK with both hands across his throat as he is seemingly trying to choke the life out of TK! Main releases the choke before stepping away where he runs across the ring bouncing off the far side gaining a full head of steam delivering a running boot to the face driving the back of TK’s head into the cage while in the process knocking his arms free from the ropes as he crumbles down to the mat. Main bounces off the ropes where he follows up with a leg drop across the throat! Main makes the cover.




TK shoots a shoulder up off the mat to a huge ovation from his hometown crowd.

PIP: How Thunder Knuckles doesn’t have a concussion after that one right now I’ll never know.

Main works his way back up to his feet. He stomps down on the bloody forehead of Thunder Knuckles.

HHL: Robert Main has come to Columbus, Ohio for retribution… and he ain’t leaving without it!

PIP: All eyes of the XWF are locked on this one meeting, this one match that has not only lived up to the hype… it’s exceeded it.[/red]

Robert reaches down picking Thunder Knuckles up off the mat where he takes him face first into the Cage and rakes his forehead across the mesh of the Cage forcing more blood coming out of the forehead as he verbally taunts him along the way.

Robert yanks TK off the Cage where he shoots him across the ring, TK bounces off the ropes and into a spinbuster Slam from Main! Robert makes another cover hooking the near leg.




TK kicks out again blowing the roof off the arena!

[white]PIP: Another kick out by Thunder Knuckles!

Main gets to both knees where he cuts his eyes towards the referee who shows him two fingers yet again. The crowd begins a massive chant of “THUN-DER KNUCKLES! THUN-DER KNUCKLES! THUN-DER KNUCKLES!” as Robert Main reaches his feet. He breaks the chant into massive boos while throwing up both middle fingers towards the crowd which only gets louder as he does a double jerk-off motion over TK!

Main reaches down picking up Thunder Knuckles where he takes him up over his shoulders looking for the Dead Man’s Hand!! Before Main can deliver it TK rakes him across the eyes and is able to fall off his back down to the mat and comes from behind with a school boy!




Main kicks out to a huge gasp from the crowd! Main beats TK to his feet where he reaches down to grab him only to be drawn into an Inside Cradle!




Main escapes from the near fall! He beats TK back to his feet where Main swings with a lariat, TK ducks sending Main bouncing off the ropes and into a Superkick! Main falls back into the ropes where he staggers forward into a second superkick! He falls back into the ropes before coming forward into a third superkick knocking Main off his feet to a thunderous ovation from the crowd!

TK quickly snatches the right ankle of Main where he snaps off a vicious and deadly…



The crowd erupts as Thunder Knuckles rolls into the cover hooking the very right leg and ankle!






Thunder Knuckles reaches his knees as his face is a crimson mask wearing the wages of war with tears in his eyes as the referee raises his right arm in the air.

HHL: Thunder Knuckles has just picked up the biggest singles win of his career! I don’t believe it! He’s defeated Robert Main, and in the process snatches retribution away from The Omega even if for this night.

TK steps up to his feet as the steel cage begins to rise up back into the rafters. He turns towards Robert who rolls out of the ring dropping down to the floor. TK walks over and busts out his signature jerk-off hand motion to a thunderous ovation with pyro beginning to explode above the ring! Counterfeit “X-BUCKS” begin to fall all over the building.

PIP: There’s a party in Columbus bigger than New Year’s Eve going on right now in front of our very eyes.

The camera gets a tight shot of TK as he shows does a “money” gesture with his left hand with “X-Bux” falling all over him. Columbus is rocking.

HHL: We end the final broadcast of 2021 with one hell of a Main Event, and what does this mean for what’s to come? For Pip and everyone in the XWF have a happy and safe New Year!

Wednesday Night Warfare fades to black.

Special Thank you to:

Chris Page
Charlie Nickles
Mark Flynn
SBW - Smoking Bob Williams
Thaddeus Duke
Peter Vaughn

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