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11-23-2021 11:45 AM

Me Gorilla.

Me know eating day soon.

Me go store, get foods.

Put on fedora.

Put on trenchcoat.

Perfect disguise. Me human to humans now. Not famous XWF Gorilla.

Me kiss wife.

Me have gorilla wife. Want use stove I get for food day Thursday.

Me use Uber app. Car come. No let ride in front. Me no fit in back. Me jump on roof. Driver mad, yell things, say get down. Me use hand language, give good tip.

Me get ride, no give tip, funny joke.

Me go in store, ask for manager. Manager important. Manager come, help find turkey. Turkey important. Me go find other food. Gorilla food. Find pears. Me like pears, me put in turkey. Open turkey in store. Manager mad, say wrong. Me rip turkey up and throw, no want eat bird.

Me learn me vegan.

No have vegan turkey.

Go get Uber again, this time big car. Fit inside. Driver try talk, I use sign language. Driver no understand hand language.

Me go new store, go inside. Ask manager for vegan food. She give lots, get pears too. Pears vegan but me have to find.

Me go home with groceries. Wife happy, eat pears together. Have big food on food day Thursday after me go to XWF. Wife ask if me go after lady microphone again. Me no sure, lady microphone smell nice look like flower, want meet wife, have food. Eat pears, other vegan food on food day Thursday.

Me forget toilet paper at store though. Wife disappointed.
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