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Warfare Results: 11.3.21
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11-03-2021, 03:09 PM



From !!!

[Image: image?]



- vs -
- vs -



- vs -
MARK FLYNN w. North Korean War Criminal



- vs -



- vs -


[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -

The only way to win is to send your opponent through all 4 walls of the glass cage.




From !!!

[Image: image?]


We take the air live as we hear the sound of Robert Main’s voice.

You're a cheater Jim. That's all you do, that's all you know.

What?? How am I a cheater?

I swear to God if you pull that shit one more time I'll pull the plug on this and it's all over. Fuck APEX.

Calm down Bob.

YOU of all people telling me to calm down after what Jim did? He did it to you too!

Okay, so Jim obviously spends a lot of time smacking his joystick around when he's alone but that's hardly a reason to call it quits.

You're both just jelly I'm unstoppable. I'm a master at this, always have been.

Main scowls and swings a chair at Jim's head. Jim catches it with expert timing, disarms him and nails him in the forehead with it, drawing blood as the fans erupt. Main now out on his feet, Jim easily executes Katabasis and hooks the leg for a three count!!


FUCK! Main tosses the controller in frustration as the XWF 2K21 game returns to the match options screen.

Sorry brother, the grapple engine is my bitch, I know all 'er sweet spots. Jimbo knows how to make the hos hop.

Now if only you could apply that talent to the ring, maybe someone in APEX would've won War Games.

And Leap of Faith.

Woooooow...well, I'M appropriately butthurt now. You guys happy?

I'm getting there, yeah.

Ok check it out, I gotta take a dump, you two practice while I'm gone so you actually pose a challenge. Heading for the locker room door. Ok? Don't forget to practice.

Don't forget to wipe your ass.

Our POV follows Jim as he takes his leave and heads down the arena backstage hall to the nearest restroom. He enters...

...a tumult arises from the fans watching on the X-Tron as a large figure passes into the frame. He turns.

It's BAM motherfucking MILLER! He offers a shit eating grin to the lens before turning back and entering the restroom. We remain outside.

Moments later a scuffle sounds from inside and the camera person is quick to enter so we all can behold-

-Bam legitimately wrecking Jim Caedus...

The former slams Jim's head into the wall as we enter, sending the X Champ- now bleeding -backpedaling towards a closed stall. Bam shoulder charges...HARD...and Jim rockets back into the stall door with enough force to take it off the hinges! He crumples to the floor.

Bam approaches tosses the door out of the way and flips Jim over with ease, shoving his face into the toilet as the X-Treme Champion struggles. Agonizing seconds pass until Jim eventually goes slack!

Bam wraps his right hand around Jim's ankle and spins, dragging him out of the stall and across the restroom floor to the door. Our POV backs through it, keeping the two on camera, as Bam pulls Jim out into the hallway moments before a pack of XWF officials including a referee jog up.

Miller spots the ref, looks to Jim and grins before pulling him up to his feet by his lengthy blonde hair. Positioning him, Bam executes a-


He then drops and hooks the leg! The ref baseball slides into position.




Bam slaps the ground and hops up, stomping away at Jim's head before rocking him with a straight up soccer kick to the cranium before covering a second time!!




The weakest kick out in XWF history perhaps, the final miniscule amount of strength having been expended seeing Jim losing consciousness. Bam pins now, he's the new XWF X-Treme Champeen.


Drew and Main come charging down the hall at full speed, Bam spying them and rising to his feet, arms raised as the two arrive at the scene to kneel next to Jim. As Main smacks Jim's face, attempting to wake him up, Drew levies a none too happy expression Miller's way.

Bam flips Drew the bird and turns his attention back to Jim, still unconscious.

So much for the great Jim Caedus, nothing but an all-hype douchebag. Dropping me from ten thousand feet was funny right? It ain't so funny NOW, is it!? I don't hear you laughing Jim!

You are NOTHING without APEX, I'd be the new champ RIGHT NOW if they didn't have your back! So guess what? If you retain against Graves, I want MY shot at the X, at Bad Medicine...and I'm not taking no for an answer! I just showed the brass and the entire XWF Universe how easy it is for me to take you out and now everybody knows...




Bam clears his throat and spits on Jim, eliciting groans from the officials before he turns and takes his leave.

We FADE to ringside with Pip Collins and Heather Halliwell who are in a state of shock with the debut of Bam Miller to the XWF ranks.

Pip: You talk about a crazy way to open up tonight’s edition of Warfare! We are live from the Barclay’s Center, and Heather, what a week this has been in the XWF.

HHL: We just saw new signing Bam Miller who is just one of many signings over the week. Peter Vaughn, Cashe and Riddle, Atara Themis, Matt Knox, Thebe Nwadike, Victoria Strader-Knox, Cage Coleman, Kat C. Jones, and Schism have all inked deals with the XWF! Theo Pryce has been a very busy man.

Pip: A slew of talent joining our ranks for sure over the next few weeks… as well as TONIGHT! Cage Coleman and Schism both debut tonight on Warfare, and Schism debut is next!

”The following Triple Threat contest is scheduled for one all; about to make his way to the ring, he is SCHISM!”

Schism butts a cigarette out on the floor and rises from a seat in the audience nose-bleeds. They make a nonchalant descent through the stadium, over the guardrail and under the bottom rope into the ring.

”And his opponent…”

”About to make his way to the ring, he is “THE DESTRUCTIVE BEAST” KIERAN OVERTON!”

Beast by Puppy plays over the sound system as there's massive amount of boos when Kieran Overton walks out as he screams on top of his lungs with his hands in the air on top of the ramp, wearing shorts, shirt, gloves and boots before walking down as he ignores each one of the fans before he goes up the steps and goes over the top rope and places his hand on his left arm, basically not giving a damn about them before he turns to anger, while he goes to sit in the corner, waiting for his opponent to come to the ring.

”And finally..”

”About to make his way to the ring, HARMON GRAYSON HAYS, HGH!”

HGH emerges out to the top of the ramp to boos from the crowd. He makes his way down to the ring ignoring the fans along the way.


- vs -
- vs -


All three participants in tonight’s opening match are in their respective corners. HGH walks out towards the center of the ring flipping off Schism and then flipping off Kerian drawing huge boos from the crowd.

Pip: Not so endearing.”

The crowd explodes as Schism and Keiran bum rush HGH both men driving him back into a neutral corner where Schism unloads with right hands while Keiran lays in stomps to midsection while the crowd comes unglued.

HHL: I bet HGH is regretting those actions about right now.

They collectively pound HGH into the mat which actually allows him to escape out to the floor. Schism looks to step out to the ring apron where he’s pulled back into back waist lock where he lands a German Suplex with a Bridge!




Schism kicks out of the German Suplex as Overton is back to his feet. HGH slides into the ring where he jumps on the back of Overton locking in a sleeper hold.

Pip: HGH not backing down as he locks in that sleeper!

Overton struggles for a moment before getting HGH into a piggyback position. He holds out a thumbs up before throwing it to a thumbs down! Overton falls backward to the mat splatting on top of HGH in the process breaking the hold.

Overton starts getting back to his feet where he directs his attention to the standing Schism who rakes Overton in the eyes. Schism takes Overton back into a neutral corner where he starts chopping him across the chest with a series of knife-edge chops.

Schism looks to shoot Overton across the ring, Overton reverses and it’s Schism who crashes into the buckles. Overton charges towards the corner looking for an Avalanche splash into the buckles! Schism side steps sending Overton crashing into the buckles where he comes back out towards the middle of the ring to find Schism who hurls him over the top rope and out to the floor.

HHL: Smart move try and isolate the equation.

Schism turns around to see HGH getting to one knee. He starts to make a move towards him only to see HGH spring up into a vertical dropkick on the money! Schism hits the mat as HGH begins choking him with both hands across the throat. The referee starts laying the count to HGH who releases the choke at the referee’s four count.

HGH gets back to his feet taunting the crowd before stomping away at Schism.

Overton slides back into the ring where he is back to his feet. HGH spins around hearing the crowd where he’s mowed over by a thunderous lariat! Overton follows up with a back senton crashing down on top of HGH. He makes the cover!




HGH kicks a shoulder up off the mat to a gasp from the crowd. Overton gets back to his feet where he sees Schism getting back up with the assistance of the ropes, Overton charges forward clothesline Schism over the top rope and out to the floor!

HHL: They are all over the place!

Pip: Your head has to be on a swivel for sure.

Overton picks HGH up off the mat, he locks in a front face lock before hoisting HGH up in the air, he holds him up vertically before HGH flips over landing on his feet behind Overton! Overton spins around and is met with a boot to the midsection before being planted with a Hammerlock DDT which is transitioned into a Fujiwara Armbar!

Pip: That’s the Double Dose!

Schism is pulling himself up but he’s to slow as Overton taps out before he can slide into the ring to make the break. The crowd boos intently!


HGH quickly escapes out to the floor celebrating his victory.

HHL: HGH just snuck out with one to open up Warfare!

Pip: He isn’t being paid by the hour, and to get the win like that only means momentum being built for the young HGH.

HHL: Time will tell what is to come next for all three of these guys.

HHL: Universe, on the last Warfare, Paul Heyman revealed he had a surprise for his client in order to put him in a better mood.

PIP: What Paul wasn’t aware of, and considering the fact that he’s here tonight, he’s still not aware of the fact that while he was in his meeting with his client, Thaddeus Duke was watching video footage of Paul Heyman giving the 24/7 briefcase back to Corey Smith!

HHL: And it’s well documented by now Pip, Corey Smith cashed in that briefcase on Thaddeus Duke and the Supercontinental title at Relentless, ending his stellar reign as champion.

HHL: And here he comes, Pip!

PIP: And he’s carrying a halliburton briefcase!

Paul makes his way to the ring quickly to a lot of love from the New York chapter of the Universe..

HHL: I hope that’s not stuffed with cash, I mean, Thad’s already disgustingly loaded.

Stepping into the ring, Paul is all grins and smiles with a microphone in his hand. He waits as the Universe begins to quiet.

As you know, Paul begins, uncharacteristically quietly. Your Lionheart is at war. He’s at war in his personal life, he’s at war with his friends, hell he’s even at war with his own family so tonight, right here on Warfare, as promised last time, it is my duty, it is my honor as his personal Rabbi, to lift his spirits with a priceless gift.

PIP: This man can talk himself out of anything Heather, if he survives this night, I think he deserves a golden microphone.

Right now ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to YOUR Lionheart! YOUR champion! From right here in…

XWF Universe: NEW! THAD! CITY!

HHL: Old habits die hard.




Dressed in jeans and a hoodie, Thad Duke starts to make his way to the ring to many, many cheers and very few boos..

HHL: Cyrus Braddock, the man charged with protecting Thad’s blindside, accompanying him to the ring tonight for this…

PIP: Ceremony?

HHL: Whatever else it is, I’m not sure Paul Heyman is gonna have a good time.

With Cyrus by his side, Thad steps through the ropes and into the ring. For a moment, Thad shoots a smile toward the crowd, New York loves their own.

Thad, I know it’s been a difficult month for you. You built up Mark Flynn for four months for a classic five star battle at Relentless only for your ungrateful former best friend to sneak in and steal what you earned.

You’re in a bad mood, and I think we all understand that.

Heyman’s back is to the Tron as he looks at Cyrus and has him hold the halliburton briefcase. Thad shoots his eyes up at the Tron momentarily as the grainy yet obvious video footage rolls, showing Paul Heyman handing the 24/7 briefcase to Corey Smith.

This isn’t anything official, Paul begins as he unlatches the halliburton. But as the last Hart Champion, I took it upon myself to have the championship altered.

A fitting tribute to one of the greatest professional wrestlers to ever put on boots and tights.

Opening the halliburton, Paul lifts a white leather strapped golden title belt from the case and drops to his knees, raising the title toward Thaddeus Duke.

Thad smiles a moment, as he looks down at the title.

[Image: KnOxNgQ.png]

HHL: The gift of a legacy championship, from Paul Heyman to the Lionheart!

Thad gently lifts the title from Paul’s hands and looks at his own reflection in the centerplate.

Contrary to belief, I am not in a bad mood, Thad begins. In fact, I’m in a rather jovial mood. I’m here at home in front of the only fans in the world that matter.

Cheap pop.

You see? Paul begins, attempting to turn and gloat to the crowd! Thad grabs him firmly by the shoulder, stopping him from turning around and seeing the footage on the Tron. I saved the day again!

Cyrus closes the halliburton case as Thad hands off the newly minted Lionheart title to him.

It’s fitting that you came with gifts, because I too came with a gift.

For me? Paul asks with his shit eating grin.

You’ve been in my service now for well over a year and we’ve achieved so much together, Thad begins to explain. From an underdog Universal champion to a dominant Hart Champion and everything in between. If you’ll take a moment, Paulie, I want you to look at the X-Tron for a special piece of footage I’ve obtained.

Heyman turns to look at himself on the Tron, still handing Corey Smith the briefcase on a loop. Frozen with fear, Heyman can’t turn around as Cyrus places a strong grip on his shoulder while handing the halliburton briefcase to Thaddeus Duke.

The greatest network television villain in history once said ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold.’ Corey had his revenge at Relentless so I’ll have mine now.

Thad…. Don’t do this… Paulie pleads while still being petrified in place.

You pulled me out of the King of the Ring last year and I forgave you.

I put my faith in you that you’d never betray me again and here we are.

My business manager, the man I trusted to pilot my career so I could do the million other things I also do, has betrayed me again.

You gave Corey Smith his briefcase back. You opened the door for him to steal something I worked hard to earn and even harder to keep. Now don’t misunderstand me, I‘m not so upset that he cashed in.

It was his right to do so, but what really pisses me off Heyman, is that he wouldn’t have been able to do it immediately upon his return had you not cleared his path to do so. Which is why when I took him out in the first place, I took possession of the case!

Heyman tries to speak but can’t.

HHL: No one has rendered Paul Heyman more speechless than Thaddeus Duke and this is not the first time for it!

What do you have to say for yourself?

Paul finally turns around in an effort to render a defense, only for Thad to drill him in the skull with the halliburton briefcase to a huge pop from the crowd.



Clutching his head, Paul slowly rolls over and starts to climb back to his feet. As he does, he walks right into another shot to the skull from the halliburton briefcase. Heyman hits the mat with a thump.

Thad hands the case off to Cyrus Braddock before he reaches down toward Paul. Out of fear, Heyman moves as quick as he can in full retreat mode on his hands and knees but Thad grabs him by his suit jacket and pulls him back toward the center of the ring. Trying anything to defend himself, Paul twists and turns, allowing the suit jacket to be pulled off of him.

Stumbling backward, Thad tosses the jacket and catches up to Heyman just as he falls out of the ring to the floor.

HHL: Heyman! Begging and pleading with Thad not to do any more!

PIP: Thad isn’t the type to just stop, Heather! He came here with a mission to complete and no begging or pleading is gonna stop him!

HHL: We’re witnessing the messy, public divorce of Thaddeus Duke and Paul Heyman!

Now on the floor, Heyman continues to crawl away but Thad sends some vicious stomps in the midsection and back of his manager. Now on his stomach, Thad reaches down and grabs Heyman’s shirt by the collar and rips it from his body.

Tossing the torn shirt aside, Paul continues to try and crawl away up the ramp but Thad turns him over and reaches for the fat mans belt buckle. Paul struggles to disallow it, knowing Thad better than most. Thad though sends a vicious slap into Heyman’s face, leaving a welt and bruise forming almost immediately.

Distracted by the searing stinging in his face, Heyman relents and Thad relieves his manager of his belt. Wrapping it around his hand once and pulling the strap through the buckle, Thad goes to work, swinging the belt over and over across the chest of Heyman, before Heyman rolls over and tries to crawl up the ramp again. Thad though, keeps swinging and leaving bright red welts across the back of arguably the greatest manager of all time.

Thad takes a mic from Cyrus as Paul continues to crawl slowly up the ramp.

Where you…


...goin’ Paulie?


Stay here…


...And pay…


...what’s owed!

Thad hands the mic off to Cyrus before removing the belt from his hand and tossing that aside. He leans in wait for Heyman who appears to be trying to get to his feet.

HHL: This isn’t a public divorce!

PIP: It’s a figurative execution!

HHL: The slow, methodical dissolution, destruction of the Heyman-Lionheart alliance!

Heyman struggles to his feet. Red and swollen, more swollen than normal, he turns around and eats a kick right in the face from Thaddeus Duke.



After the kick, Heyman falls to his back and Thad stands over him with the fat man lying between his legs. Thad removes his Lionheart hoodie and tosses it aside before dropping to his knees with Heyman still between them.

HHL: What started as cheers for the apparent dismissal of Paul Heyman, has turned to an almost euphoric response in regards to Thaddeus Duke’s brutality!

Thad messiah poses a moment before leaning forward and adopting a ground and pound tactic, driving his closed fist into Heyman’s forehead over and over and over. More than two dozen times.

PIP: Thaddeus Duke has bloodied his own fist on the gigantic forehead of Paul Heyman!

With his fist covered in both his and Heyman’s blood, Thad gets back to his feet.

Your services are no longer needed, Thad says toward Heyman after retrieving the mic from Cyrus.

Those of you at home booing what you’re seeing right now, you needn’t worry because I plan for everything. Lionheart, Inc., is now under new management.




Chris Page emerges from backstage in a suit with the biggest shit eating grin on his face.

HHL: Two of wrestlings biggest rivals!

Page looks at the bloodied Heyman for a moment before clapping hands with Thaddeus Duke and exchanging a bro hug.


The camera draws in on Chris Page as he says directly.

”Just when you think you’ve got ALL the answers, I change the questions!”

HHL: What the hell does this mean? What is this all about?

Chris page takes the right arm of Thaddeus Duke where he raises it in the air for all to see. He lowers the arm of his client as the camera draws in to pick up Chris saying.

”Did you miss me?”

Chris winks towards the camera before he and Thaddeus make their exit back through the curtain.

As the Instrumental version of the Power Rangers theme song begins to play, the stage parts like the Red Sea as the crowd waits with anticipation. Up from below rises none other than Cage Coleman, wearing a modified version of Saiyan armor and a green Power Ranger helmet.

PC: "Tonight marks the much anticipated XWF debut of Cage Coleman, a virtual unknown around these parts."

HHL: "Virtual unknown is an understatement. This guy came out of nowhere, making claims that he IS the definition of wrestling, well now's the time to prove it!"

Cage holds his arms up with excitement before punching the air in front of him, sending fireworks shooting up entryway.

The Traveler then makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands with random fans and pumping them up as he passes by. Once at ringside, he jumps up onto the apron and over the top rope, inside the squared circle. He runs the ropes a few times before taking off his entrance gear and preparing himself mentally for the match ahead.

PC: "It isn't unheard of for someone to come out of nowhere and make an immediate impact, but he's gonna have his hands full with Mark Flynn tonight!"

HHL: "Another massive understatement, Pip."

Mark Flynn comes out in a dazzling blue robe, accompanied by North Korean War Criminal; his robe reading "King of the Midcarders" across the back. He has no expression as he makes his way down the aisle with his partner, as well as his half of the Tag Team Titles, and makes no eye contact with his opponent as he climbs into the ring.

PC: "We saw the upset of the century last Warfare, as Flynn and the War Criminal dethroned long reigning Tag Team Champions, Them No Good Bastards."

HHL: "Thanks to a timely distraction."

PC: "Did that REALLY need to be said?"

HHL: "Yes it did."

Cage Coleman stretches in his corner, eyes locked on his opponent who refuses to look at him. North Korean War Criminal takes his place at ringside as the referee calls for the bell..


- vs -
MARK FLYNN w. North Korean War Criminal


As soon as the bell rings, Mark Flynn shifts gear and a snarl comes across his face as he meets his opponent in the center of the ring. The two of them go chest to chest for a moment, before Coleman takes off in the opposite direction and hits a surprise Suicide Dive to North Korean War Criminal outside the ring!

PC: "What the hell?! What was THAT for?!?"

HHL: "Coleman must've known he'd have to watch his back with the War Criminal at ringside, so he took him out!"

PC: "That was completely uncalled for! He didn't even do anything!!!"

HHL: "Yet."

PC: "So now we're condemning people before they've even committed a crime?! Some country this is!"

The fans cheer the newcomer on as he showboats a bit, only to get turned around and Chopped HARD across the chest by Mark Flynn.

PC: "Shouldn't have taken his eyes off his opponent!"

Flynn delivers another Chop before attempting to Irish Whip Coleman towards the stairs. Cage counters it, pulling Mark in for a vicious Dragon Suplex on the floor!!!

HHL: "That's a good way to ensure your opponent ends up in a wheelchair by the end of their career!"

Coleman rolls Flynn into the ring, following close behind with a quick pin.



PC: "Gonna take more than that to upset an XWF Champion!"

HHL: "Absolutely. That may put away the scrubs on the Indies, but not here!"

Cage Coleman gets up and waits for his opponent to do the same, before running to the ropes................................. only to get tripped up by a recovered North Korean War Criminal! Luckily for Coleman, referee Chaz Bobo sees it and immediately calls for NKWC's ejection!

PC: "Why the hell would Bobo do that?! Cage was the one who started it!!!"

HHL: "And it looks like Chaz is finishing it."

PC: "What a travesty! You can't kick one of the Tag Team Champions out when their partner is competing!!!"

HHL: "Looks like he just did!"

Bobo climbs out of the ring and begins pushing the War Criminal up the ramp as he protests in Korean. Despite this, he eventually makes his way to the back as an elated Cage Coleman waves goodbye to him the entire time.

PC: "This is racism, Heather! That never would've happened had he been from SOUTH Korea!!!"

HHL: "It never would've happened had he not gotten involved with this match, but here we are!"

With Coleman distracted, Mark Flynn is able to sneak up behind him and wrap his arms around his waist. Before he can lift him for a German Suplex, though, Cage escapes, slipping behind his opponent and attempting one of his own. Flynn prevents it, responding with an Elbow to the side of Coleman's head.................. which his opponent ducks! Cage then wraps Mark up for a Belly to Belly Suplex, but Flynn breaks free and connects with a Neckbreaker!!! He rolls over top of Coleman for the cover.



PC: "It looks like this Cage Coleman actually CAN wrestle!"

HHL: "Keeping up with Mark Flynn is no easy task. We'll have to see how he holds up as this match moves along."

Flynn, still on the mat, wraps his arms around Coleman and pops to his feet, where he hits a Northern Lights Suplex that pulls Cage up from one part of the canvas and slams him down to another! Mark keeps the move bridged for another pin attempt.




HHL: "That was impressive!"

PC: "Wouldn't expect any less from one of our Tag Team Champions! It's just a shame his partner couldn't be out here to see it."

HHL: "I'm sure he's watching from the back."

PC: "It's just not the same as watching it live and in person."

Flynn gets up and attempts the same thing, but Coleman counters with a surprise roll-up!!!




HHL: "Cage just about stole one from Flynn!"

PC: "That would've been a bigger upset than the Bastards losing their Titles!!!"

Coleman goes to get up, but Flynn is one step ahead of him, allowing the Tag Team Champion to put Cage back down with a Chop Block from behind. He then brings his opponent back to his feet and hits him with an Atomic Drop that sends Cage towards the ropes, where he lands with his armpits draped across the second one.

PC: "Uh oh! This is how he sets up that Running Knee on the apron!"

Mark Flynn climbs out and goes to Knee Coleman in the skull, but Cage pulls his head back, causing Flynn to miss! He then pops up as Mark turns around, where he connects with a Spinning Heel Kick over the top rope, knocking Flynn onto the apron before crashing down to the arena floor! Cage takes a moment to celebrate before running to the opposite side and back, jumping through the ropes for a Topè Suicida, only for Flynn to counter with a Powerslam into the side of the announce table!!!!!!

HHL: "What a reversal!"

PC: "I'll say! Mark Flynn just about took our table out with that counter!"

Coleman rolls around on the floor, grabbing at the spot on his back that made contact with the edge of Pip and Heather's table. An obvious whelt has begun to form as Mark Flynn picks him up and rolls him back into the ring. Rather than follow him in, though, Flynn instead climbs up onto the apron before ascending the turnbuckles all the way to the top. Once there, Mark jumps off and connects with a brutal Knee Drop to the gut of Cage Coleman that just about causes him to lose his lunch. Flynn hooks a leg for the cover immediately after.




PC: "Cage Coleman sure has guts, I'll give him that."

HHL: "He's holding his ground better than most people would against someone like Flynn, but he needs to work up a little offense; otherwise he's just delaying his demise."

Mark Flynn signals for, literally, The End before applying a Front Face Lock and lifting his opponent up for a Vertical Suplex. However, before Flynn can finish him with a Cutter, Cage Coleman manages to slip out behind him, into Reverse DDT position. Rather than hit it, Cage instead grabs the World Tag Team Champion by the tights and flips him backwards into a Stunner. With his opponent dazed, Coleman kips up and knocks Flynn into the corner with a Superkick. His back hits the turnbuckles, sending him back into Cage's open arms, allowing him to hit a Belly to Back Suplex before doing a Standing Moonsault into a pin attempt!!!!!!




PC: "How's THAT for a little offense, Heather?"

HHL: "Good, but it looks like he wore himself out with that sudden burst of energy."

As Heather called, Cage is too beat to get to his feet right away; by the time he does so, Mark Flynn is right there with him. Coleman greets Flynn with a HARD Kick to the chest, receiving some resounding cheers from the live crowd. Mark retaliates with a solid Kick to the leg, prompting the fans to boo him upon making contact. Cage responds with another one, this time garnering even MORE support from the audience, prompting Flynn to strike back with another Kick of his own. The two of them go back and forth, with the fans backing Coleman and booing Flynn with every move they make.

PC: "A surprising amount of support for the newcomer!"

HHL: "Says more about their hate for Flynn than it does their love for Coleman."

Eventually, Cage tries to change it up with a Kick to his opponent's head, but Mark Flynn ducks it and takes off for the ropes. On his way back, before he can do anything, Coleman picks him up for a Sidewalk Slam but, rather than plant his opponent on the mat, Cage lifts him all the way up into Tombstone position and uses the momentum to spin around. After a few rotations, Coleman drops Flynn on his head, receiving a combination of gasps and cheers from the crowd!

PC: "He calls that one The Spiral, and it's ended countless matches on the independent circuit!"

HHL: "But will it be enough here?"




PC: "Apparently not!"

Cage Coleman sits on his knees for a moment, completely stunned that his opponent kicked out of one of his Finishers. Once he gets over it, Coleman stands up and lifts Mark Flynn up onto his shoulders as the fans in attendance get to their feet.

HHL: "I believe he's setting up for his other finishing move, Around the World!"

PC: "He's ended even MORE matches with this one!"

HHL: "We'll see if Mark Flynn has anything to say about that!"

Cage attempts the F-5 portion of his move, but Flynn manages to land on his feet with his opponent in a Front Face Lock! He wastes little time picking Coleman up into a Vertical Suplex, before dropping him into a Cutter!!!!!!!!!

PC: "He hits The End!"

HHL: "I don't see Cage kicking out of THAT!"



THRE---FOOT ON THE ROPE!!?!!!?!?!!!!!!!?

PC: "Was that 3?!?"

HHL: "No, he just barely got to the bottom rope!"

A different camera angle reveals Coleman stretching his leg out as far as he possibly can, with the tip of his boot JUST making contact with the rope. Mark Flynn gets to his feet and picks Cage up in Reverse DDT position. He delivers a brutal Knee to the spine before attempting a Cross Rhodes....................................... only for Cage Coleman to reverse it into a Backslide Pin, which Flynn reverses into one of his own!!!!!!




Winner- Mark Flynn via pinfall

PC: "Flynn for the win!"

HHL: "What a match! I certainly hope Cage Coleman sticks around after that performance!"

Mark Flynn rolls out of the ring and heads up the aisle, as Cage Coleman repeatedly slaps the mat in frustration. North Korean War Criminal greets his partner at the top of the ramp, where he holds his arm up, pissing Coleman off even more. The two of them head to the back as some of the fans clap for the newcomer, who angrily waves them off before leaving the arena, as well.

Pip: A solid debut for Cage Coleman for sure, not an easy task by any means to step into the ring with someone like a Mark Flynn and push him to the limit. I see big things for this guy moving forward.

Centurion is standing in-front of the entrance curtain, just minutes before his Anarchy championship match with Latina Submission Machina.

Suddenly, a shadow looms over his light. He turns to look off-screen. And grimaces angrily…

The camera pans…

And who could it be?

What devilish devil dares to dynamically deter the dignity of decent do-gooders?

Who else but that DOUCHEBAG, The North Korean War Criminal?

Smiling ear-to-ear, with a Stepford Wives inauthentic quality… But… in his eyes, he does seem genuinely excited.


He perfectly extends his hand out at a 45 degree angle for optimal hand-shaking.

Centurion looks down. Then back up at NK with a scrunched eyebrow, emanating a vibe like ‘...Really?’.

NK laughs.

“Haha, of course, you wouldn’t want a handshake. What am I thinking?”

Suddenly, NK scoops Centurion in a well-executed but mechanically competent side hug. Warm but business professional.

Centurion is disgusted and presses NK backwards out of the hug.

NK chuckles, maintaining a friendly disposition.

“I apologize, Comrade Centurion! I do not wish to throw you off your game! I merely came to wish you luck in your match tonight!”

NK sticks one finger in the air with the utmost intensity.

“For should you succeed… The Universal Championship, The Super-Continental Championship, the Tag Team Championships AND The Anarchy Championship. Will ALL belong...”

NK elegantly shifts his hands, twisting his fingers into an F and a T.

“To Team #FUCKTHAD.”

Just thinking about it, NK’s whole body shakes with excitement.

“EEEEEEEEEE, how exciting! How thrilling!”

NK pats Cent one time on the shoulder.

“Best of luck! You have the support of the North Korean people behind you.”

Before Cent can say how little that means to him, NK dashes down the hall, delighted at this prospect.

Centurion stares down the way he left for a bit, before shaking his head and getting his head back into the Anarchy Championship match! Coming up next!

”The following contest is scheduled for one fall… and is a SUBMISSION MATCH for the ANARCHY CHAMPIONSHIP!!”

The crowd ERUPTS!

”Introducing first, about to make his way to the ring… he is the Challenger, and a former Anarchy Champion, CENTURION!”

Centurion emerges out to the top of the ramp to a huge reception. The New York crowd loves some Centurion as he makes his way to the ring.

HHL: Centurion looks for Anarchy gold coming in this Submission match.

Pip: Can he get gold back around his waist? We’re about to find out.

”And his opponent…”

”About to make her way to the ring, she is the XWF Anarchy Champion… LATINA SUBMISSION MACHINA!”

"Salió El Sooooollll"

Green and red pyrotechnics shoot up about five feet in the air on either side of the entrance platform as Latina Submission Machina pops out of the tunnel. The masked wrestler bounces around just outside the tunnel for a moment, her red hair flipping from side to side. She crouches slightly and begins overhead clapping along to the music as she steps forward. Some of the crowd begins to clap along as the luchadora descends down the entrance ramp. The latinx music continues to blast through the speakers as the woman in the green and red wrestling outfit rolls beneath the bottom rope and into the squared circle.

"La pistola, chambonea"

The crowd begins to clap along to the rhythm of the music with greater enthusiasm as Latina Submission Machina performs a modest belly dance in the middle of the ring. Moments later Latina Submission Machina quickly breaks away and starts running the ropes of the ring, testing out the squared circle and getting a feel for it's qualities. Content with it's fitness, the luchadora grabs a hold of the ropes and comes to a controlled halt. She turns to the referee and tells them she's ready to go. The luchadora heads to the corner as instructed and begins rolling her shoulders and neck, stretching in preparation for the coming battle.


- vs -


The bell sounds as LSM and Centurion gaze across the ring from each other. They walk out towards the center of the ring where LSM shows no fear in clocking Centurio with a forearm smash! Centurion fires back with a forearm, LSM fires back, Centurion fires back, blocks LSM’s attempted strike and counters with a knee into the midsection before locking in a front face lock where he snaps off a Suplex!

Before Centurion can capitalize LSM rolls out to the floor to create some space.

HHL: Not a bad move to get some space between in the early goings.

[white]Pip: Until Centurion comes out after; which he’s doing right now!

Centurion rolls out to the floor where he comes up behind LSM spinning her around before hurling her into the ring apron. Centurion spins her around forcing her back against the apron where he lays in several knife-edge chops across the chest. He takes LSM and tosses her back into the ring under the bottom rope.

Centurion slides into the ring after LSM where he snatches the right arm and locks in a Japanese Armbar submission! The referee is on the spot asking Latina to surrender, she refuses and is close enough to reach out grab ahold of the bottom rope causing Centurion to release the hold.

HHL: With Centurion’s newly found attitude I’m shocked he released the hold.

Pip: Being more aggressive and flat-out cheating is two totally different things.

Centurion is back to his feet where he picks up LSM, he shoots her across the ring, LSM bounces off the far side ducking under a Centurion clothesline, LSM puts on the breaks, Centurion spins around into a low dropkick to the right knee knocking it out from under Centurion and dropping him to one knee.

She pops back up to her feet where nails a step up Enziguri to the temple!

Centurion falls face-first to the mat as LSM quickly locks in an Ankle Lock Submission! The crowd pops as the referee starts asking Centurion to surrender!

HHL: Submissions are the only way to win this one. Clearly both LSM and Centurion are going to look for that tap out at every turn.

Centurion refuses to surrender while LSM cranks harder on the right ankle. Centurion pushes himself up off the mat where he is able to roll through breaking the submission while sending LSM towards a neutral corner! She springs up to the middle turnbuckle while Centurion reaches his feet, She pump fakes a springboard causing Centurion to drop down to the mat.

LSM turns around before stepping up to the top turnbuckle.

Centurion pop back up to their feet where LSM leaps off the top turnbuckle with a Missle Dropkick to Centurion!

Pip: LSM taking it high risk with that Missle Dropkick! Anarchy has the spotlight on Warfare as the title is on the line!

Centurion now escapes out to the floor to create some distance. LSM bounces off the far side ropes where she gains a full head of steam delivering a baseball slide dropkick to the back of Centurion sending him sailing into the barricade.

LSM slides out to the floor where she delivers a forearm smash to Centurion before hurling him back into the ring under the bottom rope where she is quick to her feet. She picks Centurion back up off the mat where she lands several stiff kicks to the right knee.

LSM boots him in the midsection where she locks a front face lock. LSM looks for a suplex, Centurion blocks, and counters with a swinging neckbreaker! The crowd rallies behind Centurion who works his way to his feet.

Centurion targets the right knee of LSM with stomps to the knee cap.

Pip: One turn deserves another as now Centurion is going after the right leg of LSM.

Centurion picks up the right leg of LSM before kicking the knee repeatedly, he then locks in a Figure Four Leg Lock! The crowd in the Barclays is on fire as the referee gets into position asking LSM to surrender, she refuses.

Centurion let’s out a massive.


Garnering the very response back from the crowd as he cranks back on the Figure Four. The official asks once again for LSM to submit, she refuses.

HHL: Centurion has been on a mission since coming up short on Savage a few weeks ago. If he can win the Championship tonight a piece of that mission will be complete.

Centurion cranks back on the hold as we see LSM start to gain some momentum before effectively reversing the hold! Before the referee can check for the submission Centurion releases the hold.

Centurion is the first to his feet where he looks for a V-Trigger Knee Strike, LSM throws her head out of the way, she pops back up to her feet delivering a backstabber to the challenger that is transitioned into a crippler crossface! The crowd pops as she cranks back on Centurion’s head and neck.

The referee slides into position asking Centurion to surrender. The challenger refuses as he shakes off the referee while LSM cranks on the head and neck while trapping the right arm. LSM cranks back harder and harder on the submission as the referee asks Centurion to surrender, again where again he refuses.

Pip: Centurion needs to find a way out of this.

Which he does, the veteran pushes himself up off the mat floating over with a reverse gator roll that now sees Centurion with a front face lock as he starts driving knees to the head! Centurion gets up where he picks LSM up off the mat, he lands a European Uppercut knocking LSM back into the ropes.

Centurion charges forward where he eats a reverse elbow from LSM rocking the challenger back towards the middle of the ring. LSM comes off the ropes with a single leg takedown where she then locks in a single leg boston crab. The official is on the spot asking Centurion to surrender!

HHL: LSM making these transitions smooth!

Centurion refuses to surrender as LSM transitions into a STF submission. She drives him back into a set of buckles before hoisting him up to a seated position on the top turnbuckle. LSM climbs up to the top rope where she looks to deliver a top rope hurrincanranna!

Centurion counters in midair driving LSM into the mat with the Walls of Jericho!


The referee starts asking LSM to surrender as Centurion has the hold locked in. She refuses before starting to inch herself towards the bottom ropes.

HHL: LSM is trying to make a break towards the ropes.

The referee asks her to give it up, she refuses once more as she now reaches out towards the ropes, yet before she can grab the bottom rope Centurion pulls her back out to the center of the ring before transitioning into a high angled walls of Jericho. LSM has nowhere to go and is forced to tap out!


The crowd roars as Centurion releases the hold and his arm is raised in victory as he is awarded the Anarchy Championship for the second time in his career.

Pip: Centurion has done it! He’s recaptured the Anarchy Championship!

HHL: You talk about getting back up on that horse!

Centurion celebrates the victory as he raises the championship up in the air. He looks at the gold before exiting the ring as the scene fades backstage.

We cut backstage where an enraged Jim Caedus is storming through the hallways!

”BAM-FUCKING-MILLER! Come out, come out wherever you are!

Jim opens random doors peeking inside on the hunt for one of the newest XWF signee’s.

HHL: Caedus is looking for a little revenge after what transpired when we took the air.

Jim continues down the hallway where he stumbles across stage hands.

”Any of you have seen Bam Miller?”

The stage hands all shake off Caedus while continuing on about their business. Jim cuts around the corner and heads towards the loading dock. XWF production trucks are seen.

”BAM! Where ya at boy!

”I’m right here.”

Jim suddenly spins around hearing Bam Miller when he’s cracked in the skull with a violent chair shot! Caedus crumbles to the floor with Bam calling for someone! That someone is a referee! He covers the Xtreme Champion!




Bam picks Jim up breaking the count before dropping him back down to the floor.

”Not yet, not like this.”

Bam looks down at Caedus with a smirk before making his exit from the Barclays Center.

We cut elsewhere to find Steve Sayors in the interview area backstage with a microphone in hand as he addresses the camera.

”Ladies and Gentleman my guest at this time, THE TRISTAN SLATER.”

The camera pans back to reveal THE Tristan Slater standing beside Steve Sayors to a pop from the XWF crowd.

”Mr. Slater, tonight you have a golden opportunity in front of you to quite possibly get your foot back in the XWF door because in just a few minutes you will square off one on one versus Doctor Louis D’Ville.”

”Never in a million years did I think I’d be standing backstage having this conversation with you, but alas I’m here; not only am I here, I’ve been paired up against everyone’s favorite Doctor. Now, I know that the eyes of the world are going to be locked on what transpires in just a matter of minutes, I know that the locker room doesn’t see me as a threat to Mr. D’Ville… tonight is about using the opportunity put in front of me in order to get me back in the business I haven’t had any part of since 2019.”

Tristan shifts his attention towards the camera.

”Like me, love me, hate me… by the time I’m done mopping the floor with D’Ville, nobody will have a choice but to respect me.”

There’s another pop from the crowd from inside the area when suddenly…

Tristan hears “Cult of Personality” hit the speakers as he cuts his eyes towards Steve.

”If you’ll excuse me, it’s clobbering time.”

Tristan Slater walks off leaving Steve as the scene fades back to ringside.

”Ladies and Gentleman the following contest is scheduled for one fall, about to make his way to the hailing from Miami, Florida, he is THE Tristan Slater!”

The crowd erupts as THE Tristan Slater walks out through the curtain to the top of the ramp.

HHL: The XWF Universe hasn’t forgotten what THE Tristan Slater did for the early days of the XWF.

He stands at the top of the ramp soaking in the crowd’s reception before he starts to make the walk towards the ring.

Pip: For the first time in years THE Tristan Slater is about to step back into an XWF ring. The last time we saw him compete he and Centurion put on a clinic for the Hart Championship, but tonight it’s not about titles… it’s about Doctor D’Ville.

HHL: We’re about to find out what Slater has in the tank.

THE Tristan Slater reaches ringside where he removes his ring racket before climbing up on the apron, he wipes his feet on the apron before stepping through the ropes entering the ring. Slater jogs around the ring before shifting his attention towards the top of the ramp motioning for Doc to come out.

The Barclays Center goes BALLISTIC.

”His opponent, about to make his way to the ring… he is the one, the only… DOCTOR LOUIS D’VILLE!”

Doc emerges out to the top of the ramp where he is given an incredible reception as his eyes are locked on the pacing Tristan Slater. He starts to make the walk towards the ring.

HHL: This one is going to be interesting…”

Pip: XWF’s past versus XWF’s present in every sense of the word.

Doc reaches ringside where he climbs up on the ring apron and enters the ring.


- vs -


HHL: Here we go!

Slater and Doc lock eyes across the ring from each other as the crowd is on fire for both participants. THE Tristan Slater steps out to the center of the ring waiting for Doctor D’Ville who takes his time in walking out to the center of the ring where he paces back and forth eagerly waiting for Doctor D’Ville who is in no real hurry by any means. He reaches Slater where they lock up. They jockey for position before driving a knee into the midsection of Slater where he clobbers down on top of him with several clubbing blows.

Doc takes Slater back into the ropes where he shoots him across the ring, Tristan bounces off the ropes ducking under Doc’s clothesline where he puts on the brakes, Doc spins around and eats several open-handed chops across the chest! Doc swings at Slater who ducks and comes back with another series of chops across the chest of D’Ville before driving him back into the ropes. Slater shoots Doc across the ring, Doc bounces off the ropes ducking under a reverse elbow where he gouges Slater in the eyes when he spins around!

Doc kicks Slater in the gut before dropping him with a swinging neckbreaker! Doc makes the cover on Slater.




Slater kicks out as Doc transitions into a rear chin lock.

Pip: Doc is about to take Slater to school.

Doc cranks back on the rear chin lock as the referee asks Tristan to surrender. Slater waves it off as he begins to work his way back up to his feet, he turns into the chin lock and counters with a side suplex to Doctor D’Ville!

Tristan gets back to his feet where he runs towards the ropes, he springboards off the middle rope with a leg drop across the throat of D’Ville! He makes the cover hooking the near leg.




Doc kicks out of the near fall. Tristan transitions into a full mount where he starts hammering down with a series of forearms to the forehead of D’Ville! Doc throws up his hands attempting to block the shots. Tristan gets up off Doc where he yanks him up off the mat and laces him across the chest with a knife-edge chop, he follows it up with a second before backing Doc up against the ropes, he shoots him across the ring where he bounces off the far side ropes and into a sling blade from Slater!

Doc rolls out to the floor with Slater giving chase in close pursuit.

He spins Doc around who gouges him in the eye before sending him crashing right shoulder first off the ring steps. The referee starts laying the count to both men on the floor as Doc picks Tristan up and takes him around the ring towards the ramp as he decks him with a right hand staggering Slater up the ramp.

HHL: The ring is the other way, guys.

Doc comes forward with a second right hand taking Slater further up the ramp. He charges towards Tristan who catches him with a Tilt-A-Whirl backbreaker on the ramp! Doc clutches at his back as the referee continues to make the count to both men.

Pip: I don’t think they either of these two give a crap about a pin or submission!

Slater starts hammering down with right hands to the face of the XWF legend before getting up to his feet. The referee reaches the count of ten.


HHL: This one is over but the fight rages on!

Tristan gets up, picking Doc up along the way where a European Uppercut rocks Doc to the top of the ramp. Slater comes forward where Doc kicks him in the midsection before taking Tristan through the curtains. Cameras follow them where Doc hurls Slater into trash cans sending him spilling to the ground with trash cans following and the contents emptying on the floor.

Pip: The match is over guys.

Doc drops down to both knee choking away at Slater before releasing and getting back up. He picks Tristan up where they make their way through producers and agents while brawling all the way out of the Barclays center into the New York Night. Off in the distance, the back of some janitor is seen cleaning up the mess that's been made. He is heard cussing every step of the way.

The cameras open up to a door slightly ajar with a ‘LIONHEART’ logo attached to it. The fans inside the Barclays Center respond positively for a change. Inside the private locker room of Thaddeus Duke, the camera advances slowly within.

HHL: Thaddeus Duke, hated all over the world… except New York.

PIP: It’s clear that only New York has smarks, Heather! Thaddeus Duke is New York through and through and New York loves their own!

Frankie, Thad calls from the bathroom. I have some business to take care of, so I’ll need you to… Thaddeus stops himself as he emerges from the bathroom and realizes his son is not in the room.

God dammit, he mutters under his breath. Grabbing his cell from his bag, he flicks through a couple of selections and puts the phone to his ear. A second or so later, a vibrating sound can be heard and Thad looks to his left, spying another cell phone lying on a bag. Ending his call with a roll of his eyes, he picks up the other cell and flicks through it.

You little shit, he says with a sigh before dropping the other cell back on top of the bag.

Thaddeus exits his locker room to the hallway and the XWF cameras follow him.

HHL: I guess we’re goin’ for a walk with the Lionheart.

PIP: I could think of worse activities to do…. Like we could be following Corey Smith.

After making a turn and advancing down another hallway about twenty feet, Thad stops, looking at a placard on the door: Corey Smith Inside the Barclays Center, the fans can be heard booing momentarily before the cheers drown out the negativity.

PIP: Aw hell!

HHL: You were saying?

Without knocking, Thad opens the door and enters. Across the room with their backs to him are the Supercontinental Champion Corey Smith, and Thad’s now 11 year old son Frankie playing a video game.

What are we playing? Thad asks, causing both Frankie and Corey to turn in their seats toward him.

HHL: Awkwarrrrrrd!

It’s not what it looks like! Frankie protests.

It looks like you’re playing games with Corey, Thad replies quietly.

Frankie and Corey look at each other for a moment, then back at Thad. Okay so it’s exactly what it looks like.

It’s cool. It’s a free country. Corey says pointedly as he stands up.

What are you guys playing? Thad asks through grit teeth and a bit of a clenched jaw.

Ummmmmm, Frankie hesitates.

Call of Duty, Corey answers with no hesitation. We haven’t played in a while and since he’s here, I figured why the heck not? Corey asks rhetorically as he starts to pass by Thad. Thad though, grabs him by his shoulder, stopping him.

He’s not allowed to play shooter games anymore, Thad says as he stares into the face of his former best friend. It triggers his PTSD.

Corey’s eyes grow wide a moment and he turns toward Frankie.

You told me you were allowed, Corey shoots a playful accusatory finger toward the 11 year old boy.

Yeah I lied, Frankie readily admits.

He hasn’t been allowed since the hijacking Corey, Thad pauses as Corey looks back at him. You might’ve should’ve known that already.

I guess I should have. But then again nobody causes PTSD like Thad Duke, so I guess you’re the resident expert. He replies heatedly.

Corey pauses in thought a moment. I gotta go, he says and rushes past Thad and out the door leaving Frankie and Thad in his locker room. After closing the door, he places his ear to it, trying to hear what’s being said inside. Neither Corey nor anyone else can make anything out more than some hushed arguing between dad and son.

HHL: Corey Smith! Supercontinental Champion!

PIP: He’ll be defending Thaddeus Duke’s title, next on Warfare!

HHL: Really Pip?

PIP: I call it like I see it, Heather.

The arena is pitch black and the melancholy opening tunes to “Someone Else” begin. But as the song starts to pick up in intensity, down in the entry way, you see a Jericho-esque light up jacket glow brilliantly. Then, twin explosions emit from either side of the ramp and the lights turn on in a swirling red and blue pattern that throb in sync with the beats of the song. Corey comes down the ramp, the jacket now flashing intermittent heart and lightning bolt patterns. On the 'Tron you see images of Corey/Lux pulling off fantastic moves, intercut with blur effects on Corey's face that obscure his features in an eerie way.

Corey gets on the ring apron, throwing his arms over the top rope as the jacket keeps flashing. He looks pumped as hell, and starts pointing out at the fans before rushing to the top rope, surveying the crowd from on high, before dropping down to the canvas and handing off his jacket. He paces the ring now, waiting for the match to begin as the music and lighting effects wind down.

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -

The only way to win is to send your opponent through all 4 walls of the glass cage.

PIP: “Ladies and gentlemen this should be another classic match as Warfare Co-General Manager SBW - Smoking Bob Williams made this match one of special matches that he has come have with. The Glass Cage match.

Both Elijah Martin and Corey Smith watch as the glass cage comes down over them and comes over the ring.

PIP: “The only way out now for one of these two is to put their opponent through all 4 walls of the glass, to win the match. Not only that but Corey’s Superintercontinental title is on the line as well.”

The glass cage is set into place, and the referee is already in the ring as well with Corey and Elijah, he calls for the match to start.

Elijah walks over to the nearest wall, and touches it. He wanted to see how hard it is.

PIP: “It’s not going to be easy to simply throw someone through the glass, it has to be done as many times as possible for even a crack to appear, so this should be a good match.”

Elijah turns his attention back towards Corey just as the bell rings, but Corey is on to him as quick as anything, and grabs him and sends him running into the ropes, he rebounds and comes back off of him, before being back body dropped by Corey. Elijah hits the floor hard.

Once again, Corey pounces on top of Elijah and starts hitting him with left and rights. Elijah struggles to block the punches, and tries to roll Corey off of him, which he does so successfully. But usually when one is trying to escape from an attack like that, one can disappear underneath the ropes and out onto the ring floor, to grab some much need distance but now because they are trapped inside a glass cage, there’s no where to escape to.

HEATHER: “That was a great opening attack by the defending champion, and Elijah now realises that there is no where to escape to,”

PIP: He needs to gain the momentum back if he is to try and stop Corey from being too strong in this match,”

Elijah gets to his feet again, but once again Corey is on top of him, and hits him with a few chops to the chest which makes him stumble backwards to the ropes. Corey grabs him and whips him into the ropes and Elijah rebounds off of them and goes running to the other side of the glass cage, and rebounds off the other sets of the rope, and Corey is waiting back in the center of the ring, with a huge smile on his face as he know he is in control.

But suddenly to hs surprise Elijah gets his momentum back and manages to stick out his leg as he comes back towards Corey and hits Corey with a RUNNING BOOT TO THE FACE. Down goes Corey and the crowd goes wild.

PIP: “Finally Elijah Martin gains a little bit of control,”

HEATHER: “This should make things interesting,” [/white]

Elijah steadies himself after the initial assault from Corey, and looks down at Corey who is trying to get to his feet. Elijah grabs him and sets him up, and delivers the SIDE SLAM.

Elijah is first back to his feet. He looks quickly at the nearest glass wall, and wonders how much it’ll take before it breaks. He grabs Corey and pulls him towards the wall, within a few feet of it, he grabs Corey and sends him over the ropes and hits that side of the glass wall.

No cracks yet. Nothing.

[red]HEATHER: “It needs multiple hits for it to crack,”

Elijah helps Corey back to his feet, and already Corey’s face looks read. Suddenly Corey drops and Elijah chin hits the top of Corey’s head and he backs away grabbing his chin, and looking stunned.

Corey is back on his feet, and runs at Elijah and hits him with a FOREARM SMASH. Down goes Elijah. What little momentum he had is now gone.

Corey helps Elijah to his feet and sends him crashing into the corner. He follows up quickly so that Elijah doesn’t get any chance to retaliate, and hits Elijah with a HELLUVA KICK.

Corey moves backwards and pulls Elijah with him, and then sends him crashing this time not into the corner, but over the corner ropes right into the the corner of the glass cage.

PIP:”That’s one way to weaken two walls at the same time I guess, using the corners,”

Elijah is moaning as he slumps in the corner. He is feeling his face. Suddenly Corey hits him again with a RUNNING KNEE TO THE FACE. Elijah is in all sorts of trouble.

Corey grabs him and pulls him backwards and once again sends him leaping over the corner ropes and sends him crashing harder into the corner of the wall hitting both sides.

The camera spots a small hole like you would see on your car window.

HEATHER: “Is that a chip that we can see from the camera?”

PIP: “It certainly looks like a chip. Corey knows what he is doing,” [white]

Elijah once again is slumped in the corner, Corey walks towards him and hits him with a few elbows and he drops even further to the floor. Corey looks at the damage that was done to the corner of the glass cage, and he spots the chip. A smile crosses his face, and the crowd seems to be going crazy.

Corey grabs Elijah and pulls him to the center of the ring, but this time he sends him to the opposite side of the ring, and he goes crashing into that corner of the glass cage wall. Corey stays on top of him as he follows up with a ROUNDHOUSE KICK to the back of Elijah’s head.

Elijah slumps to the floor. Corey helps him to his feet once again and sends his head crashing into the corner of the glass wall again, and for a second time the camera can see a small hole forming.

[white]PIP: “Another chip, Heather,”

HEATHER: “It looks like we are half way through this match now. They have to soften up the corners to fully break the glass walls,”

Corey walks to the center of the ring, and starts smiling at the camera, with the fans going nuts. They know that Corey has this match won. He turns and looks at the third corner, and walks back over to where Elijah looks out to it.

As he bends down to grab Elijah by the hair, Elijah looks up and pokes Corey in the eyes, Corey stumbles backwards, and Elijah jumps to his feet, but he looks slow and sore and his face his really red now.

He looks around at the closest corner near him to see if there is a chip there, there is not. He runs towards Corey who is just starting to get his focus back and levels him with a lariat.

PIP: “Wow what a lariat by Elijah Martin,”

Elijah grabs Corey by the head and pulls him to the corner that there is no chip. He grabs Corey and pulls him to his feet, and sends him crashing over the corner rope and into the corner of the glass cage. Corey drops backwards, only to be grabbed again and is sent head first back into the corner. The camera spots a third chip.

Corey slumps down into the corner. Elijah looks around to see which corner of the glass cage has not been hit yet, and spots it.

Elijah helps Corey to his feet and sets him up for a move. He nails the SAMOAN DROP. Just to keep Corey in all sorts of trouble even though he is hurting himself.

He drags Corey to the last corner, and sends him hurtling over the corner ropes into the corner of the glass cage, and Corey hits the corner hard, before slumping down. Elijah grabs Corey again and sends him flying into the corner again, and for the fourth time tonight the camera spots the chip.

HEATHER: “So now the Glass Cage has been weakened on all four sides, technically all four walls should be weak and should now break should an object such as a body goes flying into it. This should be good.”

Elijah drags Corey to the middle of the ring, and stands over his body as he lets him stay down towards his feet. Elijah bends down and yells at Corey “Your title is mine. Kiss my feet, if you don’t I’ll send you through the walls now,”

PIP: “Bold statement by Elijah Martin, very bold statement.”

Elijah yells at Corey again “You heard me, kiss my feet, your title is mine,”

Corey moves into position near Elijahs feet, and Elijah looks at the camera and smile.

HEATHER: “No….. no it can’t be, Elijah is going to make Corey kiss his feet,”

Elijah looks down in hope to see Corey kiss his feet, suddenly Elijah’s face turns to shock when Corey raises his hand and flips him the bird.

Elijah takes a step backwards only to be set upon by Corey who hits him with A SPINNING BACKFIST.

Elijah stumbles backwards again, and Corey follows up with two more SPINNING BACK FISTS, as Elijah stumbles into the corner.

Corey quickly makes his move and follows into the corner and hits Elijah with a RUNNING KNEE TO THE FACE.

Corey stumbles backwards and drops to the floor exhausted. Elijah is on the floor in the corner looking in all sorts of pain, and none of them are moving.

The crowd in the Barclay Center starts chanting.




PIP: “Too right this is awesome. Who’s going to recover first? Whoever recovers first will take control of this match.”

Suddenly just at that time that Pip says what he says, Corey jumps to his feet looking like he has just enough energy to finish this match. The crowd goes wild. The roof of the Barclay Center is about to blow it’s top.

Corey walks over to where Elijah is battling to get to his own feet in the corner and hits him with a few lefts and rights and stomps to keep him down, and then Corey pulls him to his his feet, and places him on top of the corner rope.

HEATHER: “Don’t tell me Corey’s about to do what he’s about to do?”

PIP: “What is Corey about to do?”


Corey uses the move to incapacitate Elijah Martin further.

HEATHER: “That move Pip, his finishing move the TOP ROPE JAWBREAKER,”

The crowd goes even wilder with that move and the Barclay Center is rocking and rolling. Corey gets to his feet, and grabs Elijah and walks towards the first Glass Wall. He sends Elijah Martin over the top rope hitting the first wall and…..


Elijah Martin goes through the Glass Wall. The fans go crazy. Without wanting Elijah to recover, Corey gets to Elijah quickly, picks him up out of the rubble, and pulls him back into the glass cage, and turns to the second wall.

He runs himself and stops before releasing Elijah and sends him over the next sets of ropes and into that glass wall, and again.


Elijah goes through that wall.

PIP: “Two down, two to go. Not long now.”

With the fans cheering, Corey walks over the glass rubble and pulls Elijah to his feet. His face is bleeding and cut. He moves to the third wall. And sends Elijah over the top rope and hitting the third glass wall.


HEATHER: “One more wall to go. Once he connects with this he wins and retains his title. What a match,”

Once again Corey is on top of Elijah as he doesn’t want him to recover, but Elijah looks a bloody mess from top to toe with him bleeding every where. Corey has to drag Elijah’s limp body towards the last wall.

Corey looks out into the crowd from the three downed walls, and holds his free hand aloft. The crowd starts chanting:




Corey grips tightly onto Elijah who is trying to resist with the little energy that he has left, and starts running towards the wall, before stopping and sending Elijah flying over the ropes and into the wall.




Elijah goes through the final wall of the Glass cage and the bell rings.


No sooner has the match finished, than does another raucous pop start up! Corey looks confused at first, but then, with a frown, sees it’s source.

PC: It’s Thad Duke, Thad Duke!

HHL: And my God, he looks like he’s on a mission!

Duke jogs the rest of the way to the ring and slides under the bottom rope, shooting to his feet and getting face to face with Corey! The fans pop again at the prospect of a confrontation. At first, all we can see is the two former friends, practically forehead to forehead, jaw jacking. But as the shot gets closer we can make out what they’re saying.

You keep my son out of this!

He’s not “in it”, THAD.

Bullshit! What was that little spectacle….

And that’s when Corey advanced on Thad still more, and they really are forehead to forehead now!

HHL: Here we go!

We can’t even make out what they’re saying anymore over the expectant noise of the audience. Thad seems to be gesturing in Corey’s face, hollering at him. Corey back up a bit and shakes his head disdainfully, but yields no more ground than that. Finally, when Corey does speak, he speaks with such harshness that a gob of spit lands on Thad’s face.

PC: He spit on him! He spit on him, did you see it?!

HHL: But I don’t think it was intentional!

Thad, now chuckling mirhtlessly, reaches up to a run a sleeve over his face. He takes a couple steps back, but then twists his body as though he’s about to land a punch! Corey rears back and looks ready to land a kick! But right before either of them can follow through, they both spots Frankie at the top of the ramp.

Now’s not the time, Thad! Corey speaks. Thad stays silent, drawing his hand down and looking at Frankie.

Frankie simply shakes his head despondently, looking disappointed at the display happening in the ring. Thad scowls at Corey, an expression Corey returns in spades. But when Thad again looks at his son, his expression softens. Chancing one final glance back at Corey, he drops down to the canvas and rolls out of the ring, headed towards Frankie.

HHL: It looks like cooler heads prevailed here tonight, but I’m not sure how much more this broken friendship can take before things spiral out of control for good.

PC: Well, I hope it happens soon, because Corey Smith really deserves to get his jaw jacked for involving Thad Duke’s son like that.

HHL: Oh come on, that’s not how it was at all!

Pip: Ladies and Gentleman we are out of time, tune into Thursday Night Anarchy tomorrow night (maybe); Vita Valenteen and LSM will Main Event a loaded lineup! Thanks for joining us, good night!

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Thaddeus Duke
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