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Laid Back -n- Laced Pantyhose
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Tommy Wish Offline
The Forgotten Guy

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(the villain you love to hate; has cult following; may deal drugs on side)

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09-13-2021 06:29 PM

[It simply opens up to a random couch in some random location, where Tommy was sitting on the couch, where he was simply looking at the void of the wall. As he stared deeper to the void, he see’s an image of Sonya Benson flashing out of his view, then he shakes his head as he takes a sip of water.]

T: Damn.. I gotta lay off the laced pantyhose… got me seeing shit!

[Then he looks into the camera that was to the side of him, he then props it up on the table. He then takes another sniff of the laced hose for one last time, then he shakes his head to focus.]

T: I can’t get enough of it, I guess it’s going to be my own personal downfall. Everyone and Dan Tarantino know’s what’s up with my hook up, but I won’t bore you to tear on all that details. As I grow older, the more I start to realize something within myself… I have no more fucks to spare in the ring. If I had the choice, i’d bow out and forget that I was even a wrestler, maybe got myself involved with feet pornos, sling laced pantyhose to the highest bidders in a foot party down in Miami, which I have yet to ever partake in within at some point in my own life.

Man, it feels like I am up against two people who I had to see on a weekly basis, and two new breeds of Anarchy. Since this might be the last time Anarchy will air on broadcast, i’d like to wish all four people in this match good luck, and let the best person with the high endurance wins the gauntlet thing. I know in hell, I wouldn’t keep up with these youngsters in this thing, which is the truth for me to bare out here. No, i’m not bitter about taking hits and receiving all that comes with it, i’m a tough man after all. Just some guy who makes people like Jim Jimson look like Juan Cena in the dolphin exhibits, even on a bad night, I still can get the job done in and out of the ring.

Since this place is taking in the backyard of my city, in Royal Farms arena, it’s going to be exciting for me to be apart of this thing. In the Main Event non of the less, and I am so humbled by it I won’t be such a meanie for once. Maybe, I am reaching to the path of solitude and happiness mixed in with apathy as a side dish served cold; i’m starting to realize that the path of anger and rage isn’t in my fortitude anymore.

[Then a woman in a red dress who looked like Ariana Grande sits besides him on the couch, she takes off her heels and she gives him one of it to pour champagne onto the heel and drinks out of it, as she looks on with glee.]

T: Needed that quick refreshment, where was I?… Oh yeah this gauntlet this, now I won’t sit here and say i’ll be the last one standing, because realistically that won’t happen. But I will still call all the people in this thing. I will go by two to make it simple for the listeners, so my first round pick goes to Latina Submission Machina and Ruby, the two heroes that this brand has ushered into the fold. I like the both of them, but I kinda have a slight distain for Ruby, I would like to molly whoop her into the next Fury’s comix and make her suffer once again like last time when she had to be partnered up with that clown Calypso, this time it’s me and her and it feeelllsss Soo Gooood!

LMS, Me gustas, pero no eres rival para mí en absoluto, y me gustaría romper con algo adecuado y tal vez enseñarte cómo ser un verdadero sumiso. Puede que seas la princesa del millón de dólares, pero aún no estás ahí para conseguirlo. So in short, you won’t stand against me million dollar champ.

Then down to Miss Fury and John “i’m a badass” Caedus… Fury, the only thing I like about you is you can handle two shows at once. You are able to take names and kick ass, but how will you survive this gauntlet, when you just had your ass handed to you by you know who? Whatever is in your cup, you better sip it long because you’ll suffer also. Big John Caedus, the wrassler’s wrestling guy, the man who takes no shit, and all that good stuff. Well John, you might be hungrier then a wolf for a shot at the Anarchy title on PPV, but how long can your hunger subside in your gut when you have to keep up with the rest of us?…

Time will tell my friend…time will tell.

[Then the girl then places her feet on his lap, and he tells her “not yet” and she gives him the bugged eyed look to do it. He then tells her to wait, as he finishes his final thoughts in the gauntlet.]

T: You see people, you can think I don’t got in me, think that I can’t hang with the superheros, villains, and a big tall dude who’d make Cock Puncher run away like a panzy from squashing him on a BoB show. Whatever it is you think of me, just understand that I won’t be serious about this. If I manage to outlast everyone in this gauntlet and move into the PPV for the title, cool…if not…

Then I won’t lose sleep over it, i’m okay not being placed on the hot seat against Oswald and his minions of BoB..

See you ALL on Anarchy.

[Just like that the scene fades into purple as the girl put her feet on his lap.]

[Image: Tommywish.jpg]
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