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We made the list!
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08-21-2021, 12:54 AM

”Hello I am trying to reach Billy B. Blankenship.”

Billy B. Blankenship is shown sitting at his Castle outside of Louisville, Kentucky. He is in a black tracksuit, dressed down in his off time as he responds to the speaker setting on his phone.

”And who the fuck is this?”

In typical Billy fashion with his foul, potty mouth that everyone has already grown to love and appreciate.

”I am Trevor Grant calling on behalf of Pro-Wrestling today, I was hoping to speak to Mr. Blankenship about the Tag Team Rankings that have recently emerged online ranking the Can-Jap Connection as one of the top twenty five tag teams in the sport today?”

”Well Trevor, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I haven’t ever heard of Pro Wrestling today let alone Trevor Grant. So, if I have a comment; which I do, it wouldn’t be to a no name dirt sheet writer that doesn’t know fact from goddamn fiction. Fuck off.”

Billy hangs up the phone as he picks up his TV clicker and points it at the TV turning it on where he starts rewatching the XWF Debut of the Can-Jap Connection. Just as the opening bell rings… so does his phone. He hits the speaker as he pauses the TV.


”Hello there, am I speaking with Billy B. Blankenship?”

Billy rolls his eyes as a hint of frustration is heard in his voice.

”Who is this?”

”The name is Connor Anus…”

Billy immediately bursts into heavy laughter as he cuts off Connor before he can go any further.

”Get the fuck off my phone. Prick.”

Billy hangs up the phone as he shakes his head before taking the clicker where he hits play once again long enough to get the opening bell before his phone rings again. He hits the speaker button with intensity which is matched within the tone of his voice as he hits pause a second time.


The voice of one Ricky Goldhart is heard on the other end of the phone.

”Hello to you too.”

[size=large]”Ricky I am so sorry about that. My goddamn phone hasn’t stopped ringing since War Games for two reason; the first is how dominate of a team The Can-Jap Connection is going to continue to be, and the second is about some goddamn tag team rankings made up by some mark sitting in front of a keyboard.”

Ricky softly laughs under his breath.

”What the hell is so funny?”

”Your phone isn’t the only one ringing because mine has been lighting up as well.”

”Yeah? What have you been telling them?”

”To piss off.”

Billy and Ricky both start laughing out loud.

”The best bet for the time being is keeping our thoughts to ourselves until the Can-Jap Connection is ready to speak on it as the collective force we are. You boys have turned a lot of heads in a short period of time, but now we need to worry about staying focused and racking up another win in the good ole state of Georgia on Saturday Night’s Savage.”

”I couldn’t agree more. Have you had a chance to talk to Fikki and Kyodia? I am guessing they’re going to be back this week from Japan.”

”Don’t you worry about all of that I am on top of it. You just stay on top of your game.”

”I will.”

”See you soon.”

Billy ends the call and hits play again on his clicker, and just as the match begins moving on his television…

”OH WHAT THE FUCK?!” guessed it. The phone rings again. Billy slings his remote at the TV and answers the phone again, this time determined to pick a fight.

”YES! Shitty Wrestling Journalist Suicide Hotline. Could you hold please?”

”Billy-son, it’s Fikki!”

”FIKKI?! You and every wrestling mark with a keyboard has been calling me and I’m just trying to watch our boys’ WarGames match.”

”Oooooh. The Top Twenty-Five Tag Team In The World List.”

”You know about the list too?”

”Oh yes, hurt many feelings did the list.”

”Of course it did, like I’ve said time and again, the state of Tag Team wrestling these days is pathetic. Full of prima donnas who don’t know a hot-tag from a hot-spot so they can live stream their Twitters,,,and...such”

”I don’t think that’s how it works, Billy-son.”

”Well I’m just trying to study the tape, Fikki, Trying learn these boys a little better, trying to figure out ways to improve this team, and already you’ve got the media telling Ricky and Kyodai that they know all they need to know.”

”I understand your frustration Billy-son. I too have studied the tape from WarGames, and I have noticed a very minor tweak that could make Ricky and Kyodai even more unstoppable than they are today!”

”Well color me interested Fikki!”

”Gather Ricky-son and meet me and Kyodai at the hotel in Athens, Georgia. I won’t believe you didn’t spot this right away.”

”Will do, Fikki. But with all due respect… I STILL HAVEN’T GOT TO REVIEW THE DAMN MATCH! THANK YOU! BYE!

Billy hangs up the phone as the scene fades.

The Promo:

The Can-Jap Connection are shown standing with Billy B. Blankenship and Mr. Fikki in front of a Savage backdrop in an old school style of a promo.

”War Games has come and gone with the Can-Jap Connection reigning supreme of the laziest mud show pieces of human shit the D-Grators. I hate to say we told you so, but we told you so. We don’t make promises we can’t keep, so when we say we are coming for the XWF Tag Team Champions we mean we are coming for those XWF Tag Team Championships regardless of who has them around their waists. We also know that we have to prove ourselves, that just winning one match in this shithole of a federation isn’t enough to catapult us to that match. So what do they do? They throw us some other two bit tag team that refer to themselves as Yin and Yang.”

Ricky Goldhart rolls his eyes at the mere mention of the next victims to the Can-Jap Connection.

”Who in the blue hell told you naming yourselves Yin and Yang was a smart career move? You two boys are in the wrong place at the wrong time against two of the hungriest men on the face of the planet that are looking to chew the meat from your bones while climbing that ladder to the top of the tag division, and you two chodes are now standing in the way. Tell em’ Ricky.”

Ricky steps forward resting both his hands on his hips as he gazes into the camera.

”It’s incredibly funny to me that the big man and I wrestle ONE tag match on United States soil and somehow we end up on a list of the top twenty five list of some internet nerd that clearly has no common sense or we would be much higher on the list than where we ended up, but considering it was based off one showing within an industry of THOUSANDS of teams. We haven’t even scratched the damn surface of what we are capable of.”

Ricky gazes deeply into the camera as they pan close on his intense facials as he continues.

”Vanta Black, Billy White- you two are making your debut much like we did back at War Games, you both are looking for this moment to make your mark within the Tag Team Division and I can respect that for we are in the same boat when it comes to that scenario; but that’s the only thing you will get a silver of my respect because to me and the big guy you are both obstacles for us to go ahead and over come on our road to staking claim to the Tag Team Championships. That is what fuels us, that is what drives us, and now as faith would have it you have been thrown into the deep end of the pool against one of the great technical wrestlers in the world with yours truly… but that isn’t what should scare the shit out of you… what has you shitting your pants is the big man, Kyodia.”

Kyodai glares at the camera, as Fikki begins to translate his already stated words, verbatim,

”Yin-Yang Twins, a joke of a tag-team that Kyodai almost mistook for a half-baked trick by that fool Freddy Fabulous. But not even Freddy is so stupid. An obvious attempt at molding a tag-team after the likes of The Can-Jap Connection.

After one match we are inspiring wrestling fans living in their mothers basements to suddenly become Indie wrestling stars or Twitter journalists. This is why we will go down as the greatest tag team to ever live. Vanta and Billy are doomed if they truly believe they can withstand the force of Kyodai Monsuta and Ricky Goldhart.

We made the former number one contenders to the greatest tag team prize in the world look like bumbling idiots at WarGames. We dominated them, just like we will dominate you two imposters. The rise of the Can-Jap Connection is organic, where teams like YinYang, and managers like Norris and Freddy are only reactions to our immediate success.

You two do not yet know what true sacrifice is like, what depths of selflessness true teamwork requires. You’re petty threats, and promises of victory will be laughed at, and CRUSHED under my Divine Wind, and made to submit by any one of the hundreds of Ricky Goldharts unbreakable holds. We are like nothing you’ve seen in any Indie organization, YinYang. We are the team that comes to the big leagues and BECOMES the big leagues after just one match. But take pride in knowing that one day you will be able to look back, and tell your poor, starving, wastes of grandchildren that time that you were destroyed by the greatest tag team that ever lived.

The whole time Fikki is translating Kyodai, the big man's nostrils flare, and his teeth grit behind his lips. Billy walks over and bats him on the shoulder laughing.

”Okay big guy, let's save some of the for the match.”

Billy turns back to address the camera one last time,

”Do you see what you have before you YinYang? Do you see what you stupid fucks thought was a good idea to possibly have encountered? Ricky Goldhart will twist you boys up like a pretzel and laugh while doing it, Kyodai Monsuta will splash you like you were hit by a tsunami.

It’s obvious that you two have nothing to offer the tag team division, you doddering shit stains didn’t even think of yourselves as worthy enough wrestlers to fill out official XWF applications for yourselves.

You know what that tells me?

That these two bozos are here just to PLAY tag-team and not put in the real work needed to do anything worthy with their lives. This next week for the YinYang will be like staring directly at the light of a train inside of a tunnel. They see The Can-Jap Connection barreling towards them and know they’re about to be flattened. They can turn and try to run as fast as they can, but it’s useless. The XWF has signed your death warrant and signed the Can Jap Connection another guaranteed win. See, you two are just another example of what I’ve been saying all along about the current state of tag team wrestling, a bunch of high-spot chasing divas, more focused on looking pretty rather than trying to actually fight. A finishing move called The Equalizer? Goddamn if that’s not the most cliché, buzz-word, bullshit circus wrestling finishing move name of all time.

What in the good-googly-fuck do you expect a running clothesline to do to these boys? Look at Kyodai, Yin. How do you even expect to lift him up so that Yang can bounce off of him like a rubber ball on concrete when he tries that pansy clothesline? You boys are in trouble. BIG trouble. You wouldn’t even list your weight and height, and expect everyone to take it on word of mouth that you’re anything other than a couple of shapeless dog turds. Vanta and Bi- hehe, I refuse to call you by that name, because you don’t deserve it you unoriginal dickwad. You two thought you could sneak in the XWF and ride the waves created by the Can Jap Connection for the tag team division, but you traveled too far out to sea, and you see these boys behind me here? Ricky and Koydai? They’re like sharks in the water, and they smell the blood leaking out of your dirty vaginias.

Saturday Savage, The Can Jap Connection is rolling down between the Hedges, and we’re going to show Athens, Georgia, and the whole XWF Universe, once again, exactly what real tag team wrestling looks like, and in the meantime, incase we've hurt your feelings, why don’t me and the boys end this promo just as politely as we can.

Thank you, Yin Yang.


”Bye, YinYang...
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