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Bad Omens
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08-20-2021, 09:12 PM


The young blonde points towards Betsy Granger, the bustle of her Victorian ball gown rustling softly with her movements. Several guards run up and grab Betsy by her arms, holding her in place. Betsy turns wild eyes to Dolly Waters, who looks at her blankly.

“Dolly, don’t do this!”

A dark shadow looms over Dolly as she steps up to Betsy. “For the last time… I am not the one you call Dolly Waters.”

She turns away; Betsy struggles, pleading with the guards as she’s dragged away...



“At long last, one of my dream matches is coming to pass. That’s right, Dolly, I’ve been itching for this dance for a long time now.

My only regret is it comes on the heels of such terrible circumstances. I hope this recording finds Corey awake and ready for revenge; or, at the very least, in stable, conscious condition. I wish I knew what was going through Thad’s head right now… But that’s something neither of us can worry ourselves with at the moment. Although, I’m letting you know now if you need anything from me when it’s time to get revenge… You’ve got my number.”



12 Hours Prior...

Popping her head out of the doors, Betsy looks around the mansion where Excellence had placed her. Nose scrunching in disappointment, Betsy closes the doors and goes back to the nav-screen; sure enough, the coordinates she had put in there by hand were still there. Slapping the console in frustration, she walks back up the ramp and looks out of the doors once more. A morning fog was rolling through the immaculate green lawn as early morning workers were out and about keeping up the maintenance. Off to the side, a proper garden maze was set up with an arch made of cherry wood and decorated with ribbons and tassels. It was inviting, and as badly as Betsy wanted to run amok, she knew she had to figure out where she was first.

“Who goes there?”

She’d barely made it two steps across the lawn when a male voice called from the direction of the mansion. Though there is an English lilt to it, the timber hasn’t changed.


In a perfect about-face turn, Betsy spots the shadowy figure heading towards her rapidly from the fog. Shock drives her forward and she’s soon facing Corey Smith… Except that his hair is kept neatly short and combed over, perfectly coiffed locks curling above his forehead. He wears a blood-red and black Victorian curtail tuxedo jacket over a black blouse and matching knee-high slacks. Black stockings cover the rest of his legs, leading to the many buttoned ankle boots. Her heart sinks slightly as several things hit her at once, the most pressing of which is Corey’s hand grabbing her arm.

“Rather bold of you, most folks address me as Lord Smith when they find themselves on my property.”

“My apologies, m’lord,” Betsy says as she drops into a slight curtsy.

Lord Smith looks down on her, his distaste of her ill-hidden in his face. “Why are you on my land?” His eyes sweep down her and up again as she rises. “And why in the heavens are you in such a state of undress?”

“I… was robbed in the night of what little I had and this was all I could find to cover myself. I was on my way here to report to the Lady of the House, I’m her new personal maid.” Betsy says, grabbing at the first lie she could come up with.

He eyes her up suspiciously, clearly not convinced by her words; she holds her breath, waiting to see which way the wind was going to blow. Finally, he motions for her to follow him and turns back to the massive mansion. She breathes a sigh of relief and follows Lord Smith around the grounds and towards the servant's quarters…



“I’m deeply sorry for what I have to do, Dolly. I’ve been looking forward to this for too long, and my enthusiasm hasn’t cooled in spite of recent events. I was really hoping to get you fully focused and on your A-Game; I wanted that powerhouse that took Leap of Faith by storm. But it appears I’m in for something much worse.

And I love it.

Because I know what I’m in for… I know that your heart is breaking each moment Corey stays asleep, far away from you. I know that each time you see Thad’s face, the anger flares and causes you to ball your fists. And I know that the multitude of emotions swirling through you right now makes for a heady brew that’s highly explosive; one wrong move and the entire place will blow. I’ve been there… I’ve felt that turmoil; the hopelessness that makes your body shake violently with sobs. The cold fear that keeps you up at night, pacing back and forth by the bed. That corresponding rage causes you to scream out into the night feeding into that primal desire to rip someone’s throat out.

You’ve never been more dangerous.

You are the fuel Dolly; allow me to be the flame that ignites you.”



8 Hours Earlier…

Betsy was in the kitchen with the other maids, helping set up trays for the ball Lord and Lady Smith would be throwing that night. Once she’d been changed into the proper maid's attire, Betsy had been presented to Lady Dolly Waters-Smith, her new mistress. Lady Smith had a regal air about her as she swept gracefully up to Betsy, the skirts of her blue gown whispering against the marble floor. It was jarring to Betsy to see how much the noble couple resembled their present-day counterparts. Lady Smith had taken a measure of her before waving her off, dismissing her to her duties.

Through talking to some of the maids that had helped her get changed and settled, she knew that the ball was a celebration for Lady Smith’s birthday. As she helped load trays with wine glasses and appetizer dishes, she gossiped with some of the other girls. A lively young brunette named Clara came to stand next to her and they struck up a lively conversation.

“So you arrived this morning as a gift to Lady Smith from her parents? Lucky you.” Clara sticks her tongue out and raspberries out loud. Betsy giggles loudly, earning both of them a stern look from one of the senior maids. They quiet down quickly but continue to talk quietly amongst themselves. “I haven’t been here long myself, but rumor has it that the lady of the house is a real piece of work.”

“Is that right?” Betsy muses with a soft chuckle, thinking of the spitfire she knew back home. “I’m certain there’s a way to get on her good side?”

“They say if she finds you unsatisfactory, she’ll find a way to have you sent away… Thing is, nobody’s ever seen again.” Clara’s brown eyes sweep toward the senior maids. Betsy follows her gaze as Clara continues to whisper. “Those three crows have been here the longest; the others say they’ve been with the Lady since her birth. The only ones to work for her this long without disappearing mysteriously.”

“How compelling…” Betsy mutters, earning her a surprised giggle from Clara. Drawing her green eyes back to the girl, she gives her a grin. “I’m a sucker for a good mystery, what can I say?”



“As sorry as I am for the way you’re feeling right now, I can’t let you off the hook once we’re in the ring. I figure you already know this, but consider this a friendly reminder all the same. I’m the first person jumping into your warpath and I’m good with that. Despite having hung out a handful of times and running into one another backstage, we haven’t had a chance to really get to know one another. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before, but you were one of the reasons I wanted to try this silly shit again. You became the Captain American to my Phil Coulson; in my own way, I look up to you.

In some weird way, I feel like I have to prove myself to you before I ask you to trust me. You aren’t like females long gone, who accomplished great things but didn’t deserve one ounce of respect. You constantly strive to be better than you were yesterday, and the results haven’t been disappointing. You’ve returned with a vengeance and for this glorious moment in time, all eyes are on you. Perhaps you stumbled briefly upon entering the door, but you’ve thoroughly kicked that son of a bitch down. I shouldn’t think it would be too long before there was a Hart or Xtreme title shot in your future.

Everything’s starting to come up Dolly.

At least, it was… Until now.”



5 Hours Earlier…

Guests were beginning to arrive in droves, carriages lined up beyond the old-fashioned portcullis. A butler stood with a herald at the door, accepting the calling cards and announcing names as they entered the ballroom. A string quartet was positioned off to the side of the room and was playing soft music as the guests began to chatter amongst one another. The maids, Betsy included, began milling around the room, laden down with heavy trays of finger foods and wine. As she carefully weaved her way between guests, Betsy politely offered indifferent nobles the glasses of wine from her tray. They took them dismissively as they continued to talk, hardly sparing her a glance. She caught snippets of conversations that varied from the government to their personal investments.

Her tray empties quickly, so she slinks through the crowd, disappearing into the busy kitchen. Clara catches her arm and pulls her over for a quick chat. “Watch yourself, Bets; I heard two of the Countess’ friends saying she didn’t like how pretty the new maid was. It seems Lord Smith’s eye has been following you about tonight.”

“Isn’t one bossy blonde enough?” Betsy asks, her voice full of mirth. Clara cackles as she reloads her tray with little plates containing crackers topped with a thick meat paste. Betsy picks up a fresh tray of beverages and both women head back out to the ballroom.

At this point, dancers have started emerging and lively tunes echo off the walls. Betsy is stopped constantly, empty glasses replacing the full ones. Carefully plucking off the last full glass, she looks around as she sneaks back towards the kitchen. One drink couldn’t hurt and she was working hard, after all…

“Excuse madame, I’ll have that drink.”


Turning around, she forces the polite smile back onto her face before gasping out loud. Her eyes widen as she takes Alias in; he’s dressed like the other noblemen at the party, his blonde hair tied neatly behind him. If he recognized her at all, nothing in his face or mannerisms showed it; her shocked face did earn her a puzzled look.

“What is the matter with you, girl? You look as though you’ve seen a ghost.”

The English accent that left his lips startled her back into reality; pulling herself together, she forces the smile back onto her face. Of course, it wouldn’t be the Alias she knew, nobody here was. Clearing her throat, she relaxes and holds out the wine glass to him.

“Apologies, m’lord, you looked familiar for a moment, but I was mistaken.”

The noble eyes her curiously as she accepts the glass without taking a drink. Their gazes remained locked for several moments before Betsy bobbed in a little curtsy and hurried to the kitchens with her empty tray. Clara wasn’t far behind; she glances over at Betsy and puts a hand on her shoulder.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I just felt a little dizzy for a moment… I’ll be fine.” she flashes Clara a reassuring smile, which Clara returns, her brown eyes full of relief. Each of them grabs up their next tray and returns to the party.



“Your emotions are going to guide you through these next few weeks, and they are going to turn you into an animal. The Dolly I’m expecting to meet will be a feral beast, looking to get her hands on anyone to make the buzzing in her brain disappear. I know your rage isn’t towards me, but I’m the first morsel you’ll dig your fangs into on your journey to revenge.

That’s why you’ll have to forgive me for neutralizing you for the time being.

I fully support you going after those who deserve it; hell, I’ll be right there at your side once we finish this unpleasant business. I was hoping for a fun fight, woman to woman, two of the best putting on a showcase. Perhaps by the time we get to date night, the situation will have changed and your focus can return to the business before you. But at this time, you are blind, and blind rage can cause the best of us to do things we don’t mean. Things we come to regret.

Anything that is said and done, is forgiven here and now. Because I know it’s not my heart you want to rip out and bite your teeth into. But I can not, will not, MUST not allow you to make me one of your casualties. It comes down to you or me, Dolly. And I will choose me, every time.

And for that, I’m asking you as a friend to forgive me.”



1 Hour Earlier…

“Happy birthday Dear Lady Smith, happy birthday to you!” The guests sang out, surrounding Lady Smith who stood beside a massive cake in the center of the room.

Betsy and Clara watched the spectacle from the back of the room, both taking a break from the duties for the time being. A handful of maids stood by the cake, a tower of plates and forks piled beside them. Once Lady Smith had her moment, she motioned for them to begin; a petite girl with black hair stepped forward and began to carefully cut the cake into even slices. The second girl, a lovely redhead, held out the plates and passed them along with a fork to the guests. Clara leans into Betsy, a snicker in her tone.

“How likely do you think it’ll be for us to sneak a slice to share, hmmm?”

“Depends,” Betsy replies, breaking out into a grin. “Are you okay with the five-second rule?”

Clara’s eyes widen as she whips her head in Betsy’s direction, but the Impossible Traveler is already walking away. Scanning the crowd, she spots her target: a hapless-looking elder chap with a shaky hand. Looking over her shoulder towards Clara and giving the girl a mischievous wink, she sashays towards the old man. He is so engrossed with attempting to reach the fork to his mouth without dropping the bite upon it that he never saw her coming. Tripping over the air, Betsy falls forward and slaps the plate out of the old-timers shaking hand.

“Oh, m’lord, I'm so sorry!” Betsy cries out, dropping quickly to the floor to scoop the cake back onto the plate.

“Good heavens child, do watch where you are going!” the flustered old man tells her, backing away slowly.

Betsy dips him a low curtsy and rushes quickly towards the kitchen; Clara follows suit. Once inside, both girls dissolve into laughter as Betsy sets the plate down on the counter between them. Once they collect themselves, they give the cake a thorough examination; finding nothing on it, Betsy gives Clara a grin.

“How dangerous do you feel right now?”

Clara’s eyes light up with the same sort of trouble Betsy recognized within herself. Holding up a finger, Clara dashes across the room and grabs up two spoons, and hurries back. Handing one to Betsy, she holds out her own spoon. Realizing what the young woman was getting at, Betsy touches her spoon to Clara’s.



“Fate often deals us hands we’d rather not play and you couldn’t have picked worse cards. It’s a bittersweet moment, when you are fingertips away from reaching a dream, only to be brought crashing back down by the harsh light of reality. We always train ourselves to remain vigilant of those outside our circle of trust, we often forget that snakes manage to slither through. Ever notice how you rarely feel betrayed by those you EXPECT to be blindsided by? An oxymoron of a sentiment, but I think you know what I mean. Alliances were built around mutual trust and everlasting friendship, unbreakable as long as the foundation was secure. But once the core has splintered, there’s no going back. Nothing good ever lasts, a bitter pill many of us have had to swallow recently.

I know you’ll be going through the motions with me, wanting to rip Thad Duke apart limb by limb. Look, given what he did and how it hits you personally… I support your anger. You won’t find me being the one blocking your path at him; just don’t lose yourself in your rage and forget the challenge in front of you. I like you Dolly… A lot, actually. I think we could be great friends once we really got to know one another.

We just have some business to take care of and I really don’t care where your priorities are at the moment. The time will come to exact sweet vengeance on Corey’s behalf, but you have the matter of me to attend to before that.

I’m sure you won’t forget, but again… Friendly reminder.

Your time for revenge will come, but until then, all eyes on me.”




Betsy struggles against the grip of the guards as they drag her underground on Lady Smith’s orders. Panic fills the Impossible Traveler as she attempts to find a way to escape...

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