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Reggie's W.G. Tape: Radicalization Of An Angel
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07-22-2021 06:26 AM

[The scene opens up to clips of Besty, Lycana, and Atara’s top moments within the company. The it intercuts with a room where we see all the headshots of all the teams who’s Reggie’s Angles are facing this coming August 1st, then it cuts to images of warfare and bombings and gruesome images of bodies being laid out in the trenches, then it shows Reggie dressed in all black with holding a pistol grip pump on his hand looking at the teams photos inside a room. The it shows grainy footage of Reggie’s announcement post War Games Draft, then we see Reggie aims the pump at the camera, and smiles as he speaks.]

Radical Reggie: You thought I was going to unload this pump to your faces? I am pretty much a chill guy, and yes I have my moments where I tend to get a little off with myself as I hold a gun. I have been in countless battles and gunfire in my gang life, that it’s pretty much a second nature for me to not be afraid to use it. Like I said before, this is my first time being in the thing called War Games. I feel like, it’s an honor to be a part of something more than just rolling with the THUGS and having myself a blast chasing after the X-Treme championship and being forgotten by the public. I made a choice to partake in this shit, not to be able to have that clout of knowing that our team is better, it’s the mere fact I am in a room with three women who I have seen to be the best team I have been fortunate to roll with. So first, I want to bring out someone who’s had that Shooting Star title and other accolades … Besty Granger!

[Then we see various clips of her dominating the landscape of XWF, and we see her coming into the room in her black pants and black shirt, holding a pistol in her hand and places on the table. Then Reggie shakes her hand, and speaks again.]

Radical Reggie: This woman was the reason why I am in this shit, if wasn’t for her… I wouldn’t even be going to Woodstock right now, I’d be at home doing nothing but buying time. She is the person who I have to give my upmost respect to in this shit, and she’s going to do the honors by picking which team we should discuss about. But before that can happen, I want to introduce another person in this camp, and lets just say she’s not a fan of Tommy but it wouldn’t be much of an issue in this thing, and it’s motherfuckin Lycana.

[Then we see clips of her doing her thing, leading up to match against Jim that aired a while ago. Then she comes into the room, in the same outfit as Besty but with a blue bandanna on her face, as she holds a hunting knife, she places on the table. He shakes her hand also, and even holds her title up with her, and speaks.]

Radical Reggie: You see this shit people? She’s so fuckin X-Treme, I’m jealous of her… not really, I am just so proud to have her on this team with us to fuck shit up. Either she retains or not, I know for a face she’s a fucking house of fire… Fuego Del Sol type of ordeal, and no I’m not talking about AEW’s unsigned pendejo either. She’s the type of lady, who if we had another timeline she’d be the one who’d I work with to destroy this company from within, but for now she’ll be a part of this moment now. Now, my last person in this piece is a woman who I find to be a polarizing figure in XWF, the same woman who would be known as a three belt vixen… Atara Themis.

[Then we see various clips of her doing damage in the company, then we see her also in the same outfit as the two, but she has on a black beanie hat on while she was holding a big lighter that Dylan used from Charlie’s Angles, as she flickers it on all while Reggie was infatuated with her, he snapped out of it and shook her hand.]

Radical Reggie: Now these three women are here to guide me on who I should make an attempt to give a shit about within War Games season. All these teams they pick, are all the same teams that will go down by our own plan of attacks. So the first person who should get the honor of choice.. Besty, do the favors.

[Reggie hands her a blindfold, and he gives her weapon of choice, Reggie then turns her to the wall where the posters of the teams stood at, then with a precise aim she shoots up the poster of Charlie’s Carnies and she aims and shoots at the poster of BOB. As she puts her weapon down, Reggie takes off the blindfold and she had a smile on her face with the bullet holes she riddled the two posters with. Then he looks at them close, with a smug on his face.]

Radical Reggie: Who knew that Besty can shoot a pistol like a pro? I’d be afraid she’d try to shoot me down in broad daylight. I kid, I kid but she had a good shot at those posters, and she picked the best ones I’d like to talk about. The first team she picked, was the same guy who ruined my life, the same guy who talked his shit and tried it with me. Now he has his little misfits tryin to act hard, knowing full well they aren’t worth the price of admission. Demos, fuck you and the circus lion you rode in on, because if we end up against your carnies there will be so much bloodshed, that Woodstock is going to have to clean up the mess before it turns into a fucking riot. Your team players, while greater as solo people and heavy hitters, like Dolly Waters, Marf (ooh boy), and Robert Main (hey old friend!)… they aren’t shit to our goal to stand tall in this thing, so Demos… fuck you, I hope you and your team get the bye before the night is done. Now the next team she picked is the same team we facing, BoB, Fury and her misfits who think it’s 1997 with those unprovoked beatdowns I saw on TV last week. While yes, they are trying to one up the new world order, at some point they going to realize that shit is going to played out like an old record, and our match against them will show it. They will end up running away in fear for what we’ll do to them, and consider the option to form a B-Team BoB to take us out in the process like bitches they are.

[Then Reggie hands Lycana a blindfold, and hands her weapon of choice, and faces her to the posters. As she charges her hand up with tip of the hunting knife, she throws it at the poster dead in the face of Dick Power’s face of Team Acockalypse. Then Reggie pulls the knife out and hands It back to her, then he holds the tip of the knife and throws it on Chaos’s face of Team Discontinuum. Reggie takes off the blindfold, and he’s impressed on how her aim was at those posters.]

Reggie: Once again, she’s a badass like that, I’m shocked she isn’t a fucking hitwoman with her aim. She aimed on Dick Powers, the same guy who once had unfortunately had to get fucked over and up by me at High Stakes, I know that’s old shit but I don’t give a damn. Now this time, he has posse that consist of Jim Caedus, Ned Kaye, and the great Geri Vayden. Those in his team, aren’t even worth seeing in that outdoor arena, they are better off in the woods or some shit then be in this thing, but since they got a leader who had been beaten by me, well I guess you can’t accept which Dick you want up your culos. Now, I’m not implying that they are about that life, but if they are, good for them. It means it’ll hurt less if they end up in the final round of this thing, or worse, be kicked out of this thing on their asses. The next team she aimed for is none other then four most over pieces of shit that stepped in this place, with Thaddeus at the helm of it all. With guys like sell out like Chaos, a fake god like DOCK, and a former TV Champion extraordinaire Andre Dixon; how can even be stopped to go far? Well it’s simple, too many cooks and not enough Head Chefs to cook things in order, I know that at somepoint they going to turn on another since their own egos are higher than a Jim Jimson promo. Let me give credit where it due, they got a dope name, but will they get far in this shit? I don’t think so…

[Then we see Besty pulling out the Coreytopia’s North Korea flag, and we see Atara flickering the lighter with a glee on her face, then he signals her to burn the flag. She then hits the flicker, and the flag starts to burn as she starts to wave it as the flames slowly start to erode the flag.]

Radical Reggie: This shit here a representation of what we can do to this team, and others like them. Shit, knowing Alias and Corey are in this makes it even better to watch this flag burn into pieces or in this case ashes to ashes, dust to dust. I mean, what can I say about them? They and the rest of them, are all just walking corpses waiting for the firing squad to come and finish the job. We are the firing squad, and we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty in Woodstock, to the point that we can take it on the grass side and sling them with dirt from the ground with our bare hands. I know for me, I am just a mere outlier within this War Games season, and I know that I am not the best around in these parts of a political game of who’s over or under within this event; if I ended up having to sacrifice myself for this team, then by god I will do so with all my might and grit. To everyone in this endurance test of a group warfare this coming Sunday from now… we coming to wreck the competition with or without Charlie telling us what to do on some speakers or intercom in the ceiling.

[Then Reggie pulls the posters off the wall, and places them in the trash can, he pulls out some lighter fluid and he tells Atara to place the burning flag into the can itself. As they watch it all burn, the scene fades off into the Estrada’s Angels poster, then fades to black.]

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