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Ghost In The Tank
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Drug addicts, rebels, weirdos

(the villain you love to hate; has cult following; may deal drugs on side)

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07-21-2021 11:04 PM

The last time we saw that trill-motherfucker, Thias Watts, the undefeated, undisputed, unstoppable force of nature, also known as XWF Anarchy’s monster, he invaded Saturday Savage to make a statement. To let that o’ dusty smutbucket, Geri Vayden know that she had no business trying to leapfrog him for a shot at the Anarchy Title. The beat down was brutal as always. It’s a long standing trend now, Thias Watts follows through on what he says.

LITTLE Money fittin’ to get a BIG ass whoopin this week, ya eard’ me?

No, I totally get it big guy-

That sly OG, Nefarious Ned Kaye, Thias’ homeboy,

I’m just saying, you should watch this-

He says leaning down and typing on Thias’ custom keyboard made specially for the man with the biggest hands in the world. Ned does some fucky white boy shit with the computer and pulls up Little Money Oswald’s movie from last Anarchy.

Homeboy be off at o’ spooky shit. Sucka ass.

On Thias’ computer monitor, which of course is big as fuck, Little Money splits up into an unlimited amount of other Little Money having weak ass hoes across different dimensions. Lookin like an o’ bitch each time.

See! This is what I’m talking about!

Ned presses pause on the image of all of these man-bun wearing sissies who get shit on by they own business partners.

Fuck you show me this for Ned? before sucking at his teeth, Bitchboi fittin to jump me with all these beady-eyed shit suckas?

I don’t know. Oswald has always been really stupid, but this time something seems extra fucked-in-the-head.

Ned does some more slick, tech savvy shit on the computer with his silky ass hair flowing all pretty and shit. He makes the internet search for the picture of Little Money doing dumb stuff.


Scrunching his face up like he’s gotta’ take a doody,

The Google search brought up a link to a Think Tank.

Like I know what the fuck that is.

Nobody knows what a Think Tank is, something o’ manbun wearing softies pretends is a job.

Ghost In The Tank?

He reads the link allowed before clicking it,

There’s suspense as the computer loads up the clunky website.

What's this bitch shit?

[Image: t23sBPr.png]

The website is cluttered with Joker memes. A Joker meme for every brutally deep emo dude across every dimension, and each one of them shared by every Little Money Oswald on each of their Reddit accounts through all of the space time continuum.

So this is what he spends his money on?

Shit, this soft batch fittin’ to get DEALT with!

All of the depressing-ass joker memes downloading overheats the computer. It pops and sparks and smokes.

Thias just stands up like a G and looks at the camera,

You done fucked up Little Money. Tryin’ wreck my computer with ya o’ sad boy in the dark garbage? Nobody tryn’ to see that shit, just like they wasn’t tryin’ to see you come out on Anarchy lookin like a straight hoe. Havin’ to cry for a match cause you got them feels hurt huh, bitchboi?

Little Money was BIG mad, BIG up in em’ feels cause Fury chose another BOB to get that contender spot for the strap. Fury ain’t book me either, but that’s cause she knows that Thias’ll SMASH anyone she puts in front of my boot, hoe. And she also knew that you’d just blow her, yes I mean HER group another opportunity.

But what’d I do Little Money? I stepped off the bus for Saturday Savage and killed that pencil neck little white bitch they tried to book against Borden for the number one contender. Cause that’s what I do, you hoe. We ain’t fittin to see this sheep-faced, fleece-soft mark-ass-bitch do NADA like steppin out to handle his own business. He always runnin up with his keepers gl for the sneak attack like a PUSSY.

That’s the difference between Thias and every version of yo old scary ass in every deminsion. You.ain’t.trill.SHITSUCKA!

You think you stand a chance against me? Against Thias the Giant?

Thias the TYRANT?!


You couldn’t even lift my nutsack last time little girl. Yet Thias had you scooped up for the slam. You think you stand a chance against me in a street fight?! LITTLE MONEY, WAKE THE FUCK UP YOU RIP OFF BOOGIEMAN!

Thias Watts grew up in the streets, in the Nolia’ ya eard’ me? You thought my undefeated record was impressive before? These bitches ain’t seen what Thias will do when the rules is gone.

Imma merk you, Ossy. Leave you hanging yo head in a sling, Ossy. Have the BOB team replace yo BROKEN ass with old man Terry, Ossy.

Little Money got feelin little with his ego. Wanted a real match. But all he did was get his ass ready to catch another beat down by the NEXT Anarchy Chanpion!

Fuck around! Find out!
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