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Destroying a stupid fake monster
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"The Green Disease German Monster"

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07-21-2021 09:07 PM

Henry and Lord Raab sit in the small meeting room Lord Raab have back at his headquarters. A day went past when Lord Raab discovered the truth of his twin brother joining The Jackals stable.

Lord Raab: "I'm still shocked about Konrad."

Henry Losak: "It's certainly something I didn't see coming at all. You still need to tell Jake this and advise him on the monster match he has this week."

Lord Raab: "Don't worry, I will tomorrow. Anyway, I have a feeling you want to talk to me about something a week early; what is it?"

Henry nodded, needing to get Lord Raab back on track on a few things, even if it was a week early to prepare. Still, it didn't hinder Lord Raab at all.

Henry Losak: "Oh right yes, your next match against God Of Death."

Lord Raab: "Oh, not this shithead again."

Henry Losak: "I wouldn't be too disappointed as it's not a regular match this time; it's a No DQ match which I believe you haven't done in a company for a long time."

Raab has a massive smile on his face, smirking at the idea, giving the thumbs up.

Henry Losak: "I don't understand with God Of Death, claiming you're faking the name because of the name Lord in it."

Lord Raab: "That's because he's stupid for coming up with that conclusion, thinking it's religion shit without any evidence of that. At least my name can be taken seriously."

Henry Losak: "Just because you have Lord in your name, doesn't mean you preach to religion shit."

Lord Raab: "I don't know anything about religion at all. The point is I'm still farther away from facing Miss Fury in a match, and I don't even want to win the BOB title."

Henry shook his head, although it was more personal than just the title that Lord Raab wanted his hands. Still, Henry slightly tapped Raab's shoulder.

Henry Losak: "I know you are desperate for a match against Miss Fury after what she did to you months ago; however, there's no excuse for you not to want to win the title. I get it, but it's that factor that's getting you farther away from it. I told you, you need to think and care about titles more."

Lord Raab: "It's more personal than the title. I want to beat the shit out of her, not God Of Death. I find it ironic really to think, oh, it's something to do with royalty. What kind of stupid fuck would think of this logic when Lord of something can be more than just religious stuff. Although clobber the idiot across his head with weapons sound just as good to me."

Henry Losak: "It also seems that Gold Of Death wants to face Centurion for the Anarchy title."

Lord Raab: "It's the only thing he has on me, and that's pathetic for someone who's the god of death. He can't say anything beyond that."

Although Raab was annoyed with God Of Death wanting a title shot in his second match. It still didn't go away from the match being hardcore and violent between the two monstrous wrestlers in the ring.

Henry Losak: "I noticed that as well. You'll easily beat the living shit out of God Of Death who's name is nothing but fake because it makes no sense at all. Nobody can believe in his preaching to god when he doesn't do that either."

Lord Raab: "Yes, he doesn't seem to know what he's doing. He's only had four matches since he joined the BOB team for some stupid reason. God Of Death hasn't done shit to get his title shot against Centurion. It seems it's a title that only he can't survive. I will fuck this motherfucker's head open, making it as violent I can be, to sends a direct message to Miss Fury that I'll beat the daylights out of her as well."

Henry Losak: "The point is we aren't going to waste any more time on a man who's got no interest in saying anything else about you and crush his skill because there's nothing you said last week that was any different. A monster and machine, but that's it. You'd be at the end of the line once I'm done with God if death happened recently, especially trying to get Centurion's title is pathetic. You'll pin him for the three count or make him tap out because you'll prepare to be Raabinated by a The German disease German Monster."

Lord Raab and Henry leave the meeting room as Lord Raab goes back to doing what he loved best, training and beating the hell out of someone until the match with God Of Death gets closer.

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