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Of Human Bonding
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07-21-2021 08:44 PM

“Estrada’s Angel’s”

“More than just a team of pretty faces, let me assure you. The draft may not have gone as perfectly as I had hoped, but I’m far from disappointed with the results. Yes, I’ve loudly gone on record saying I wanted Dolly Waters to complete my dream team for War Games; however, snagging Reggie Estrada isn’t exactly what I would call a worst-case scenario. I’ll save that honor for Geri Vayden’s team; so sorry Dicky baby. Hey, look on the bright side, Geri always falls in easily with the first crowd willing to take her raggedy ass in. She could quickly become one of your most devoted Acockstles, though I’d check her pockets for silver every chance I had.”

Betsy Granger is whispering, surrounded by the bright, lime green of summer plumage. She holds her breath for a moment, shifting slightly in the branch she’s sprawled out on. Tilting the silver rifle into position, she looked through the scope to see who was approaching her position. Once she assures that it is neither Lycana nor Reggie Estrada, a smirk crosses her face and she takes her shot. A bright pink pellet of pink hit its mark, smack dab between the shoulder blades. A smug grin crosses her face as the opposing team member howls in pain, dropping his gun just before he vanishes in thin air.

“Would this be considered a pot and kettle situation? One could put into question the team I’ve assembled; none of them could be considered my ally at this point, and all of them have something to gain by betraying another on the team. We could even take a moment to consider the fact that through some luck of the draw, Estrada’s Angels find themselves going head-on with Team BOB in round one. This could become a problematic conflict of interest for Atara, given where her loyalties lie these days. At least that’s not a concern as far as Lycana and Reggie are concerned; though even I find myself eying up that Extreme Championship Lycana carries proudly over her shoulder. Maybe my teammates had better keep one eye open when I’m around, eh?”

No sooner do the words leave her lips than Lycana comes into view on her scope. Betsy watches her intensely; the sapphire-haired beauty must have felt Betsy’s gaze burning a hole into her back. Turning her head slightly upward, she gives a small wave towards the tree before walking away. A chuckle escapes her as she relaxes once more.

“Is there a chance of backstabbing that could cost us the win? Of course, there always is. One simply doesn’t pick a team of this caliber without weighing the risks versus the rewards. I could have taken the easy street way, picked among those I know would have my back. I’m sure Main and Caedus are wondering why I didn’t snatch either of them up in the first round; hell, I bet that’s a question even my teammates have. Would it surprise you to hear that I decided to go with the Devils I know? Apex-Legacy came together for one glorious night, and then what? We’ve barely been in the same room since then, including the night I got my ass handed to me by half of the BoB Elite. We could talk about the fact that neither did Shawn or James… Something Corey loves bringing up. I get it, you hate them. I’d be lying if I said I was peachy fucking keen about the situation as a whole, but I’m tired of talking about it. I’m moving forward, whether Apex OR Legacy decides to come in and stand at my side. Do you know what the funniest part in this entire joke of a first match-up is? The fact that I feel a million times more confident facing off against BoB with the team I chose.”

Though the words seem heated, they come out ice cold from her lips. Her green eyes are as hard as her words.

“Can I just say, I’m massively looking forward to getting back in the ring with that group of pussies. Playing the numbers games for all its worth, turning a blind eye to the fact that Fury and Page are pulling all the strings. Look at how easily they’ve managed to pull in a full field of sheep. Such devotion comes as no surprise from a couple of empty-headed goons like Thunder Knuckles and Bobby Bourbon. Oh, Bobby… Things are only just starting to heat up between us, aren’t they buddy? You thought you could use me to get to my boyfriend, but all you’ve done is pissed off the wrong chick. I’m here to let you know that James isn’t coming and you’ll have to rub out that rage-boner you have for him on your own. You get to deal with me now, and I plan to be all up in your face until I’m satisfied I’ve exacted enough revenge. Hell hath no fury on a woman scorned, Bobby, and I’m seeing fucking red at this point. Congratulations, by the way; I see you took MY opportunity at the Television title and made something of it. It’s a shame I was unable to make it that night; unfortunately, injury strikes whenever it desires. Keep it nice and shiny for me Bobby, I’m back to make sure you don’t keep your grubby hands on it for long.

I wonder how Them No Good Bastards feel about having to attack their good buddy Atara with friendly fire so quickly?”

From below, another opponent creeps into view. As Betsy begins to shift her position for fire, Reggie comes out from behind a bush and nails the imposter between the eyes. There is a howl of pain before he vanishes; Reggie lifts his gun in the air and fires off a celebratory shot before running back into the cover of the foliage.

“The writing on the wall was always there; Atty had always gotten on with Bobby and TK, even during her time with Legacy. That’s the beautiful and most frustrating thing about that girl; no matter how shady she acts, she’s so damn charismatic, you can’t help but love her. Look at what she attempted to do to my relationship; and yet, she and James are still friends… I think. It’s hard to tell these days, to be honest. I didn’t hesitate to choose her for this team if that’s worth anything to anyone. Maybe I’m a naive fool, maybe I’m hopelessly optimistic, but I have this inkling that maybe being the Goddess and the Impossible Traveler for one more night can start mending the bridge between us. Going up against Team BoB is going to be a test of faith on my end, one that may well end up blowing up in my face. I know Them Bastards and Atty are supertight, some even whisper at Atty and TK being more than just friends. I doubt that rumor myself, Aphrodite doesn’t tend to settle. Perhaps the people looking at this team from the outside think I’m foolish; but I know at her core, the thing Atara cares most about is herself. She loves the spotlight and she loves chasing all things glitter and gold. This is why I know that just because she’ll be staring down her Bastardly Brothers, she’ll do everything in her power to make sure she goes to the next round. Which is exactly the energy I’m looking for from this team.”

She hesitates for a moment as Reggie comes into view again. He’s creeping across the clearing, looking around carefully. Betsy watches him through her gun's scope until he disappears again.

“Talk about a wild card pick. I’m pretty sure Reggie is team ‘Fuck BOB’, but will he embrace being part of this War Games team? So far, he’s gone along willingly enough with everything I’ve suggested for team building. I know Alias hates the guy and has good reason to do so, but for one night, I have to overlook my friend's feelings for the good of the team. Hell, I’m cozy enough with Thad and Corey, and there’s a chance I’ll be facing off with either of them and-or their teams come to the finals. One thing is for certain, however: BOB cannot be allowed to advance any farther than this. Atara may not have her entire heart in this mission, but my passion to see those fuckers stopped at the head burns enough for this entire team. Some say that the other captains made a grave mistake allowing Miss Fury to select all her BoB Elite compadres. Betters and fans alike only see BoB in force, taking on all the other teams who have tentative, temporary alliances at best.

I say they are wrong.

If anything, BoB painted a bigger target on their back and I get to be the one to shoot them down. They may think their strength comes in numbers, that’s exactly what I’m depending on. Maybe you see a bigger threat, I see them doing the solid of keeping themselves grouped so I don’t have to chase through each of the teams to get my hands on them. Lycana, Reggie, Atara, and I can force them apart once everyone is in the ring. One by one, I’m going to revel in taking out Them No Good Bastards, Money Oswald, and finally getting to MIss Fury. Oh indeed, she’s grown stronger than ever, having amassed a small army around her to keep her safe. I can only pray that she and I start the match, but she’ll likely send out the big guns first… Which is her entire team, now that I think about it. Size is only an issue if you make it one, however, and I’m no stranger to knocking giants off their feet. Bobby and TK can come at us as hard as they like with their foul mouths and off-beat humor. It’s time for the world to see that Them No Good Bastards aren’t nearly as good as they think they are. While I’m at it, I’m going to take that stupid Billion Dollar Title and beat Oswald over the head with it. I’m so sick of him parading around like he’s accomplished something of merit besides being Miss Fury’s lapdog. BoB has undoubtedly become a Juggernaut in the XWF; I’ve chosen a team that is ready to cut off the heads of the monsters.”

Lycana and Reggie both come into view now, both of them smiling victoriously. A grin crosses her face as Betsy winks into the camera before sliding out of the tree. Positioning herself between Reggie and Lycana, she flashes a peace sign.

“When you’ve got the power of Titties, Tacos, Teabags, and Torture on your side, there’s nothing you can’t do. BoB had better bring their best come War Games because Estrada’s Angels are ready to start a fucking revolution. No team is safe when they are forced to come face to face with...

The Wolf
The Rebellious
The Goddess
And of course…

The Impossible.”

With a wink from Betsy, a blown kiss from Lycana, and a nod from Reggie, Betsy turns the camera off and the feed goes dead.


Centuries ago, in the faraway land known as Mystonia, four rulers governed over the four corners of the land. This was decided long ago by their ancestors after the power struggle had nearly seen their world destroyed. Each of these rulers lived different walks of life that their loyal subjects followed devoutly.

In the North, the clan known as the Night Wolves roamed where it remained ever plunged in darkness. It’s long been said that the tribe leaders were descendants of the Lycans and the power carried over to the new alpha when the old alpha died. At this time, the tribe has pledged its loyalties to the current queen, Lycana. A mysterious, sapphire and ivory beauty who seldom came out from the seclusion of her castle cave, none of the current kings or queens had ever seen her with their own eyes. The only one who had any consistent contact was Queen Betsy, who always relayed the messages during the council.

To the East, subjects bowed eagerly to their newly crowned King Estrada. Young, bold, and fresh to his throne, the young ruler quickly won the love of his people by lifting many of his father’s stringent laws. Though his court is full of his father’s older counselors, the rebellious young king is determined to do away with the old-fashioned ways. Though his senators are in an uproar over King Estrada’s brash decision-making, he has the full support of his loyal subjects in his ventures. Despite the discord between the young king and his court, King Estrada is quite popular among the queens, even maintaining friendly contact with the elusive Queen Lycana. Early though it may be in his reign, many already herald his rule as the next Golden Age of the East.

In the South, Queen Betsy and King James ruled happily in the land of eternal sunshine. Having been forced to her throne early, Queen Betsy grew up surrounded by courtiers and ministers, all of them attempting to sway and-or seduce her. Even though all this, the young princess blossomed into an impossibly strong Queen with an unyielding spirit. Her people praised her sense of justice and endearing care for her subject. Often, she roamed the land on her own, stopping to talk with the poor and gain new insight on how she can make things better. During her travels and adventures came James, a rising young noble from the border; upon first sight, the two fell in love and were married quickly. The union caused a rift between the South and the West that has yet to be mended. Trying as she might extend the olive branch of peace, Queen Betsy knew her attempts would be in vain until she agreed to give up her king. An option in which she stoutly refused.

As to the West, Queen Atara was worshipped like a Goddess by her people. Nobles from all four corners flocked to her lavish castle just to bask in her sultry looks and the splendor of her kingdom. Rumors had spread through the land that she was a descendant from the Gods themselves, which would explain her ethereal beauty and hedonistic lifestyle. Though she was pleasing to the eye, she ruled with an iron fist and showed little mercy to those who displeased her. Though she was never-ending surrounded by the beautiful, she still held a grudge against Queen Betsy for capturing the love of King James. Many times, she threatened war, though nothing had ever come of it at the behest of her ministers. Even to this day, whenever the rulers met in council, one could feel Queen Atara’s eyes burning a hole into Queen Betsy.

As children, all four rulers were trained to become warriors so that when the time should pass, they would be ready and capable of leading their troops into war. Foolishly, with the naivety that came with their youth, the four thought that the only wars to be fought would be amongst one another. Little did they know that a greater threat was already on the way; a threat that would see their entire way of life destroyed. An outside threat that had been invited in by one of the young rulers; a betrayal of the worst kind that would never be forgiven once revealed. Never in their wildest dreams did they imagine an outside force would come in to disrupt their peace. Even as they sleep peacefully in their beds at night, sorcerers stay awake, plagued with the insomnia that only comes when one senses danger is on its way. Consulting their runes did little good to prepare them for what was to come.

While the four rulers slept that night, darkness began to blanket itself over the land. Unlike the night sky, lit up by the stars, this darkness is invisible to those around it. It was the sort that crept into a man's heart and awakened the worst parts of himself. All the unspoken, vile thoughts pushed to the back of the mind find themselves escaping through loose lips. This darkness caused brothers to turn on one another in bloodshed, leaving nothing in their path but heartbreak and bodies. Friends would suddenly become enemies, taking everything that they coveted for themselves without a care for the consequences. Jealousy became a virtue of admiration, causing women to draw blood in the streets over neighborly rivalries.

It would soon be up to these warrior Queens and Kings to return light to the land; a task that none of them were ready for. It had been centuries since this darkness had last threatened to consume the land, and this time, it had been invited by one of their own…

“Are you serious with this shit?” the unmistakable throaty voice rang out through the room as Atara Themis looked up from the stack of papers Betsy had given her.

Betsy looks up, startled to be interrupted from her voiceover. Lycana and Reggie exchange an amused smirk, sensing a storm brewing. Recovering quickly, Betsy holds up her hands in supplication.

“This is only the setup; it gets better, trust me. By the end, you'll recognize it for the masterpiece it’s destined to become.”

The Impossible Traveler keeps her tone as even as possible as she stares down the Goddess. The tension is thick enough to cut with a knife; silence hangs heavy between the four of them as the second's tick by like decades. Finally, Atara slowly retakes her seat, nodding her head reluctantly, her face full of thunder. With a smile to her team, Betsy clears her throat and searches for where she left off…

To Be Continued

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