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Believe In My Power
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(gets varying reactions in the arenas, but will be worshiped like a god and defended until the end by internet fans; literally has thousands of online dorks logging on to complain anytime they lose a match or don't get pushed right)

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07-21-2021 08:37 PM

~A year and four months ago~

Oswald stood in the darkness, surrounded by the Seven Deities, with his Broken id next to him. Unbeknownst to the rest of the Deities and his Broken soul, one of them had spoken into Ozzy's mind as the Deities spoke in unison

"Then, let it be known that you shall be separated from your Broken essence. I will grant you everything you wish. If you have final parting words for your essence, speak them now."

Oswald nodded, saying the same words "You will not be forgotten."

During his transportation back to the physical realm, the deity that spoke in his mind would slam a good amount of its essence into his physical body. Which would grow over time as people have seen thus far.

Oswald, however, spoke to the essence

"Why would you choose me? I am a wrestler, not a warrior. I am not a conqueror of countries. Why?"

The essence let a chuckle out into his mind.

"Because this will be fun. You also undersell yourself, Oswald. You lead a multi-million dollar company. With my help, it will become a multi-billion dollar business that will rival any other company.

You must promise one thing, however, in return for all of this power you will receive over time."

Oz looks down, as if he was thinking it over, before looking forward,

"What is it you want?"

"World domination, of course. And not just one world, I won't stop until entire universes are under my rule."

"You'll give me the power to achieve my dreams and my family's?"

"Of course. You however, will be my conduit. You will work on your powers I gift you. The more you win, the more you get closer to the bigger picture matches, that is when your confidence is at its highest, that is how I will grow inside you. Your confidence will be how my powers will blossom within you. So, I will leave you be until I feel like it's time. You will also garner souls for me in my dimension for me to feast off of. You will also be able to control the souls, make them into your servants. Once I'm done with them."

"So long as my ego grows, we will become stronger. Once I feed you enough, entertain you enough, we will become strong enough to conquer multiple universes? Is that what I am attempting to comprehend?"

The entity laughed,

"You are correct, child."

Oswald growled at being called that, but he understood the meaning of the word. In comparison to Millenias old deities and to his newly gifted power, he was nothing more than a child to this deity.

"Then I guess it is a deal, is it not? Not like I could say no after all. Since you live inside me and could just destroy me and move onto a different vessel."

The entity chuckled inside of his head.

"How astute."

~Present Day~

"Thias. We meet again. This time, there's no reason for DOCK to appear. You won by DQ, this match is where I will win the legitimate way. Where you are pinned or submitted. Your first loss, granted by the better big man in this company.

See, I know what it's like to be in your shoes. I once thought I was the hottest fucking act in the world. Know what happens? Bigger names put me in my place. Now, it's time to pay that forward. I was in the title picture against Ruby a couple shows ago, and she won by a fucking roll-up! That is not a win anyone should be proud of. It's like being the winner of a pillow fight, except your pillow had a brick in it. A win is a win, sure, but by winning in such a way, you look weaker, not stronger. Now I know her weakness.

Want to know something else? Our match was anything but an actual match. It was two behemoths trying to do anything but slam one another.

This time, we're not a sideshow act. We're nestled right underneath the balls of the Main Event picture. So, now I have to ask you something, Thias.

If you barely beat me, and it was a DQ that gave you the win, then what in your mind is actually screaming out in your body right now, makes you think you're going to win against me in an ACTUAL match? Especially one where NO DISQUALIFICATIONS are our rules? I am a former X-Treme Champion, motherfucker!

This will be the end of your streak. This loss will show to the entire world, that if DOCK hadn't attacked you, you would have a 1 in the loss column on that record of yours, and pretty early on in that career, too.

That bravado you carry around with you? Wouldn't exist if it weren't for DOCK's interference. I would've shattered any and all confidence you had. After all, you're nothing but me in my rookie years.

But you still won't be anything like me.

You can still do one thing, even after I break you, like the toy you are,

Join BOB.

We're really good at fixing what's broken."

[Image: I9TY8wM.png?1]
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