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Tag team o' de year.
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07-21-2021 07:04 PM

De scene be openin' up at a beach hut, where good ol' Jimmy standin' wit' a aloe shake in one hand and a big leg o' jerk chicken in de uddah.

JJ: "MON! Me an' Calypso, de man wit' de most rhythm in his soul besides ol' Jimmy rightchea, got de big tag team match comin' up dis week in the Anarchy ring! Yeh know me got dat FYAH in me blood for de victory, mon! Dese folks ain't gone know wat hit dem. Dey ain't gone know wagwan once me an' de Lypse show up wit' de fists o' fury an' de ARTS of lions, mon! We got dem TUGs to beat up on. We got dem two fat punks wit dey dirt weed to run tru. An' we got dem dummy sex monkeys Centurion an' Rubeh, the people who been hoggin' up de Anarchy gold for way too long, mon. Couple o' BUMBOCLAATS! Doe I tell yeh true, Rubeh got a sexy backside mon! Ol' Jimmy sure would love to heal de hole in his 'art dot Hatra Teemis done left when she rejected 'is advances dis past week. She was tinkin' about it doe! You could see de lust in 'er eyes an' loins as she looked at me raw sexual magnetisms!"

Jimmy smiles.

JJ: "Anyway, we gwan te win. BUH! BUH!"

Fade out as Jimmy eats his jerk chicken.

[Image: XOaEDy.gif]
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