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07-21-2021 11:49 PM

Fuck Your Moot

Fuck Your War Games

[Image: HSsa4xA.jpg]

And so they had gathered, the undying and powerful, at that place called Olympus. From their ethereal thrones they had gathered, the chiefs among heavens pantheons. Confident in their power and blindly following fates decisions. Who would be so bold to lay liege to the palisades of Gods? Who would dare interrupt and defy an oath that kept peace so long?

She would.

She had been uninvited before and it was by her hand and the fruit she she bared that the greatest of wars had been fostered and waged by mortal men. It was she that had pit god against god. They had failed her in invitation once again.

The world would be plunged into war once again.

Gods may die sweet child of Summer's Sun, but they to can be reborn.

[Image: Bi3S2hw.jpg]

τῇ καλλίστῃ

East in the lands Dionysus had travelled long ago the clouds of contention had darkened blue sky and blocked the world from the view of those watching from high mountain castles.
Blocked from those who had gathered and left so much unprotected. Ominous...a foreboding was made palpable in Asian air and the flock of oldest knew great darkness was coming.

[Image: p8F0Az1.gif]

"Om Krim Kali!"

"Om Krim Kali"

"Their prayer. Their Mantra. Their Request."

"They called to the Divine Mother. The great protector and destroyer of evil."

[Image: Wck3QkK.gif]

"She answered, fierce goddess of blue night."

[Image: 1fbI7WW.gif]

"Alone she crossed the battlefield."

Alone she was destroyed."

"I wear her blood lapping tongue.
I ripped from her belly time devoured.
The great protector is gone."

Mother of the Kakodaimones had been so bold. She lay siege to the Moot of Heaven. Conquest was not her aim for she knew her children plagued the world and realms of the assembled. Scorned children, hated children, those who gave reason for prayer and sacrifice planted their mothers seed across the unprotected borders of divine chief's.

Chaos and disorder..distraction. She knew she would fail.

The Queen Is Dead.

[Image: NybSSWv.jpg]

"Long Live the Queen"

[Image: HLCfIPZ.jpg]

"What is your destiny Knoxville?"

"What is destiny Knoxville?"

"The question is rhetorical and the answer is the same."

"It is choice, it is happenstance. It is both good and bad fortune. It is those decisions you make day to day that shape your life's path. It's ultimately up to you Knoxville. Those decisions are what brought you here and ultimately it's the decision you make from this point onward that determine your ultimate end."


"Now that is something beyond your control. That's the ultimate unknown in life and that's the reason men like you cling to that thing called hope. It's what men like you threaten to take most because since Pandora, hope is the one thing men call really claim as their own."

"You have none."

"Talk of Angel's, Valkyries, fairy god parents all that you can. Pray to Lady Luck. Sing as the harpy's on past success and all the reasons you can fathom as to why or how you might come out the victor tomorrow."

"Just remember that you chose to be here. The gates of heaven have been torn down, the children of Nyx ripped the wings from all your supposed guardians. Valhalla has burned and those blue eyed winged bitches of the north have screamed out in the same agony you will squeal tomorrow."


"That is your choice. That is your path. I am all the roadblocks on the way. I'm the failures, the doubt, the sacrifice, the loss, that plays on your conscious and shows you chose wrong. I am the end of all roads."

"Consider fate child and what waits for you once it's been met.
Consider you're not the hero or savior in this story. Consider even if you were.....

[Image: HJSFjOZ.jpg]

...even they fall and their kingdoms are conquered."

"Paris had a choice Knoxville and men bleed for it."

"You had a choice....and now. You will bleed for."

Osira Themis

[Image: USa4Tcl.gif]
Winner - 2020 Anarchy Battle Royal
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