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07-16-2021 10:37 PM

[Image: DHcCSOzXcAAsL1j?format=jpg&name=900x900]

The scene slowly comes to life on a hot Friday evening in Orlando, Florida. After giving a birds-eye view of the city, we switch to the beach. You can see many families spending time together. Children are running around and prominent couples as well.

Underneath one of many umbrellas sticking out of the sand, you see none other than Talia Arellano - who is wearing a skimpy swimsuit, sunglasses, and a hat turned backward. Even though it is a lot of women in swimsuits who men are checking out, some of them couldn't resist checking out Talia's super caliente body.

As some men approach Talia, three little Mexican children suddenly run up to Talia and hug her.


The men begin to look at each other; without a second thought, they change their minds and walk away from Talia, thinking she is the mother of the three girls. But instead, she is their aunt. Talia catches the eye of the men walking away and smiles.

"Perfect cockblock."

Talia wanted to spend time with her nieces; what is better than taking a dip on a hot day? Pretty much nothing, Plus Talia could use this chance to stop beach jocks from harassing her.

"Talia, ice cream!

Talia smiles; she loved spoiling her nieces. She digs in her beach bag, where her Louis Vitton wallet is. She pulls out some money and hands some to each one of the girls.

She tells them to be safe getting ice cream when the girls make their way to get ice cream. Talia felt it was a good time to do her promo for her upcoming match. So she switches her iPhone to the record section and pushes the red button.

"Hola fans all over the world. As a lot of you know, in my upcoming match in XWF, I have proven how determined I am even though this is my second match in my second return. A lot of people questioned my abilities if I was going to fade away after. Me showing will put some of those questions to bed. But...."

Talia pauses, taking in a deep breath; you can feel some slight pressure coming for Talia.

"When it comes to this next Saturday, Savage, it will show if I am on the right path to capturing my first-ever championship in XWF. Some of you believe I am not even close to my goal. Even right now, I am nervous about being inside an XWF ring.

Talia begins to sit upright in her beach chair.

"I know all my amigos don't want to hear that, and I know other wrestlers will think I am weak. But all I am is giving off human emotions; everyone gets nervous. I am not like most people who will act tough to hide my flaws or be some emotionless robot, claiming how superior I am to other individuals like most other wrestlers. No matter how long I have been in this sport, doubt still sets into my mind time and time. In XWF, I have failed many times to achieve what I set out to do, and I have a chance to dispel this doubt and cast them far away.

Talia looks at the ocean.

"When those lights fade down and I step out onto that stage, you are getting one hundred percent me, nothing more and nothing less. Doubt will be gone, and at the moment, I know that I can either drown or kick as fast as I can."

Talia leans her sunglasses down low enough; you can see her pretty brown eyes peak over them.

"Being who I am has led me back to the XWF. To a place, I called home a long time ago. The first place to enough me a major contract that has allowed me to travel the world and make a name for myself."

She brings the glasses back up against her face.

"I have been gaining the confidence that I once lost in XWF such a long time ago. I decided to run away and face that I was at a point in my career I had to do a lot more. I know I will have to do a lot more when I face...Geri Vayden and once again Calypso in a triple threat.

By the look of Talia's body language, she has gotten serious.

"Here we are again, another themed match I will be featured. But I thought Lions would be the worst it could get. When the was made, it got far worse as this time it would be a Shark Tank, and losing this match will end in death; I don't know how nobody can survive this match without being seriously injured—my only option to survive this match."

Talia places a finger on her chin, thinking.

"Calypso, I am surprised you managed to come out alive in our last match. Even I had trouble after our match getting away from them. I could only imagine what you had to do when those lions surrounded you. But if you haven't backed out by now, I guess I will see you inside that ring."

She nods her head.

"I still have respect for you, Calypso, even though I beat you. I fought hard to win; you wanted to win our match. The last match proved to me you don't like where you stand in the company as much as I do. So let's fight our heart out there. Like before, I know you see this as your chance to get a win over me as it includes a third party, but I have to win this match again Calypso, my life is on the line, and I have too much I have to do with the rest of my life. I can't leave my cat Cookie behind; I still have championships to win and a husband I need to secure and have a family one day. So Calypso, my grandchildren depend on me winning this match, so you will have to give up your body for a good cause. Thank you for everything Calypso, I will visit your grave often; that is a promise."

Talia puts her hands in a prays motion. Eyes closed and her head down.

"Geri Vayden, this match might be the curtain call of your career in XWF. Like when Atty, Dolly, Betsy, Vita, and so many other females come into XWF, they came in like a wildfire, and I enjoyed seeing women make a name for themselves in XWF. But Geri, you have faded out of the pack. You don't come with that same determination you once have, and many call you a joke at this point. Which is sad to say, you see, Geri, I have faith in you. I know you will come into this match with your head on your shoulders and come to fight."

Talia takes off her hat and runs her finger through her curly hair after placing the cap back atop her head.

"You won't let me down, will you, Geri? I will hate to see a promising talent gone. But even if you do show up, Geri, you know I have to beat you, right? You know you must go in the tank, right? Because I have to win Geri, me winning opens more doors for my career in XWF. So I hope you understand, Geri."

She begins to adjust her swimsuit, hoping not to give people a full view of her assets.

"I have trained for this match. This is my second match back, and everyone is counting me out. Everyone is looking down, Vinne is waiting to cut me out of pay cuts, and you know a girl got to eat. So this chica has to kick both of your asses, get ready both of you because the heat, just been turned up."

When Talia switches off her phone, she finds her nieces staring at her with a confused look on their faces, licking ice cream cones.

[Image: fdfUSnQ.png]
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