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bWo Anarchy 07/08/2021
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07-09-2021 05:22 PM

[Image: b-Wo-Anarchy.jpg]


[Image: Lakefront-Arena-Photo-credit-Frank-L-Aym...02339c.jpg]



[Image: Pornhub-symbol.jpg]


[Image: b-Wo-Opening-Pyro.gif]


Bama T: "And what a kick ass first show we have, baby! Tonight we see excellence personified as two of the very best go one on one as Miss Fury defends her bWo championship against Atara Themis and the Internet championship in a title unification match! You don't get no better than that baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "Surely a hard act to follow, but that doesn't mean that we here in the bWo won't give it a hell of a try when we see Centurion continue his quest to EARN a title opportunity in the bWo as he faces off against "The Banana Lime Bore" in a contest only salvaged by the promise of X-treme violence!"

Bama T: "That's right baby! We're going to have Anarchy's very first Scaffolding Cage Match! Ruby and Centurion will begin the fight on top of the scaffolding until one of them throws their opponent 25 feet to the ring below! At which time the match actually begins and can only be won by pinfall or submission baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "A truly exciting contest that should bring the absolute best out of these otherwise uninteresting bores! There's no arguing the fact that Miss Fury, despite her lack of experience, knows how to get the most out of the talent at her disposal!"

Bama T: "Or lack there of baby! HA! Speaking of, can you believe that SOME PEOPLE are claiming that Miss Fury only booked this match to spite her rivals?"

Tommy Slavino: "I've heard the rumors Bama, but there's nothing to them! Some people just can't separate business from personal!"

Supervillain hits and the crowd burst into a loud mixed reaction! Fury walks out to the stage with a microphone in hand and soaks in the largely positive reaction.

[Image: Furymic.jpg]

Miss Fury: "Thank you! Thank you! Now shut up!"

More of the audience than before begin to boo, but Fury still has her supporters.

Miss Fury: "You know, when I booked tonight's main event, I JUST KNEW that there was going to be a small but vocal group of people that would complain and falsely claim that I'm just trying to cause some sort of rift between the hero and her withered old sex doll! That couldn't be further from the truth! The fact is, I book tonight's main event because YOU good fans have NEVER seen those two Anarchy stars face off one on one!"

The crowd boos!

Tommy Slavino: "Is that true Bama, have Centurion and Ruby never faced each other in singles competition!?!"

Bama T: "How in the Hell and I supposed to know baby!? I didn't pay attention to this shit show until the bWo came along and spruced the place up baby!"

Fury is nodding along, seemingly in agreement with the audience.

Miss Fury: "This is the type of crap I face every day! I work my ass off to give you guys the most entertaining show that I possibly can, and someone always has to cry foul! Well, in case you didn't notice, BOB are booked to face each other later tonight as well when I defend the bWo World Championship against Atara Themis's Internet Championship in a title unification match! If the main event is in question, then tell me how in the hell Fury verses Atty can be called fair!?"

Tommy Slavino: "She has a point!"

Miss Fury: "Well, I spoke with Theo AFTER his monumental booking, and we both agreed that while these matches are good, they aren't GREAT, and if it's a bWo show, I demand only the best that we can deliver! Besides, we don't want Ruby laying down for her boy toy! So as of RIGHT NOW, I'm making it official! Tonight's main event between Ruby and Centurion will now be for the Anarchy Championship!"

Another mixed POP!

Miss Fury: "If Centurion loses, he's OUT of contention for the bWo World Championship, and if Ruby loses, her Anarchy championship reign is cut short by the man she shares her bed with! DRAMA! Centy! You said on Twitter than I couldn't get the job done, well, it's YOUR turn to put up or shut up bucko!"

More and more of the crowd begin to boo as the fans see through this thinly veiled attempt to cause friction with Centrubian. Fury takes notice of this and tries to calm the audience!

Miss Fury: "Whoa, whoa! I'm not done! I came out here talking about fair being fair, and if I'm going to raise the stakes on Centurion and Ruby's match, then I'm damn sure going to do the same for me and Atty! Tonight, whoever loses doesn't just lose their title... THEY LOSE THEIR PLACE IN BOB AS WELL!"

A quiet "ahh" followed by a loud pop as the news sinks in!

Fury drops the microphone and heads backstage.

Tommy Slavino: "There you have it folks! Straight from the boss! Ruby versus Centurion will NOW be fore the Anarchy championship, and whoever loses between Miss Fury and Atara Themis will be forced to leave BOB!"

Bama T: "I can't believe it Tommy! Why would she do that baby!? There's no good ending here for BOB!"

Tommy Slavino: "The longer you work here, the sooner you'll figure out that while her actions rarely make sense, they often work out tremendously! Whatever Fury has planned, I can't wait to see!"

Outside the ring, cameras spy Freddy Fabulous in the front row with a notepad and pen. He gives the cameras a sly grin before pointing to the ring.

"Watch what goes on in there, gentlemen... I certainly will be!"


Arachnophilia hits the speakers and the lights dim to a purple hue. A spotlight hits the top of the stadium where Shawn is perched in a web. Strobes begin to flash and Shawn leaps towards the ring. A zip line carries him from the top of the arena till he is roughly ten feet in the air and drops from the line into the center of the ring and blasts of pyro go off from the four corners. The polished armor he wears engraved with spider webs glimmers in the light. He runs to the ropes climbing to the middle, raising both hands in the air and shouting Woooh! as a pyro curtain showers behind him. The stadium erupts as the fans respond by raising both arms back and responding with a deafening Woooh! He then slides out of the ring and begins removing the armor in preparation for the match. High fiving several fans up against the barricade then sliding back into the ring and perching himself in a squat on the top rope and awaiting his opponent.

Jordan Knoxville, the Nottingham Ripper walks out from the back cracking his knuckles and with his eyes firmly planted on his opponent the whole way. As he walks to the ring a fan reaches out to touch his shoulder, and Knoxville snaps his head around to give an earful to the young fan before pulling away and once again heading for the ring. As he climbs the steps, he pulls off his leather jacket and tosses it roughly to the ringside attendant before hopping the ropes and posing in the center of the ring while the fans boo.

Tommy Slavino: "The fans here tonight are not in the corner of the Nottingham Ripper!!"

Bama T: "They done seen Robin Hood enough to know better, baby!!"


Knoxville starts off aggressively, looking to decapitate The Whyte Spyder with a running lariat - but Wylde Matrix-dodges him and cracks him in the back of the head with a Pele kick! Knoxville is sent stumbling into the ropes as a result, giving Wylde the perfect setup for a Tiger Feint Kick!

Referee James Sampson gets in between Knoxville and Wylde then, chastising Wylde for what he SEEMS to be calling a low blow! He gives a slow ten count before allowing Wylde to approach Knoxville again.

Bama T: "What’s that dadgum idiot doing? This is Fury’s rules, baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "Sure, unless Fury doesn’t like you. I doubt she enjoyed all that positive fan interaction on the way to the ring!"

Bama T: "Well I don’t know about you, Sassafras, but that don’t make no sense to good ol’ Bama!"

Bama strokes his chihuahua Sassafras’ head. Sassafras gives a confused whine.

Bama T: "Good boy."

Finally Wylde is able to approach Knoxville once more, but Jordan Knoxville has fully recovered and catches Wylde off guard with a rising clothesline. He faces Wylde and rocks him with a headbutt right to the face, which might have broken the Whyte Spyder’s nose!

The Nottingham Ripper backs Wylde into a corner and then sends him whipping into the opposite set of turnbuckles, which his spine rams into at top speed. Wylde winces and staggers out a few steps before Knoxville sends him right back in with a high-octane shotgun dropkick! Wylde hits the turnbuckles hard and ends up on his rear end in the corner.

Jordan Knoxville wastes no time and gets in there fast, stomping all over Wylde’s chest until he hits ten, landing the final blow with extreme OOMPH!

Tommy Slavino: "Folks that was the greatest ten stomp count in the history of this great gladiatorial sport!"

Bama T: "He stomped him real good, baby!!"

Knoxville stands back and soaks in the jeers from the crowd, giving them all the British version of the middle finger. Which is just like the American type but with an unneeded letter U in there somehow.

Knoxville stalks Wylde as Wylde comes out of the corner on wobbly legs. Knoxville lines him up for a second Shotgun Dropkick, but Wylde sidesteps and Knoxville ends up eating canvas! Wylde grabs him by the legs - wheelbarrow facebuster! Knoxville is counting his teeth after that one!

Tommy Slavino: "Simply put, that was a momentum shifter - quite possibly a legendary moment in the fabric of all professional wrestling! This turnaround could be remembered in the annals of sports entertainment as the moment a new era dawned!"

Wylde slides onto Jordan Knoxville as James Sampson drops down and spends a copious amount of time sliding his hand under Knoxville’s shoulders to make sure they are flush against the mat. He then gives a deliberate count.



Knoxville kicks out, and Wylde gives a sideways glance to the official before heading up to the top turnbuckle.

Wylde balances atop the corner as Knoxville still is regaining his senses. The Whyte Spyder leaps off in a huge, beautiful shooting star press!

But Knoxville gets the knees up!

Bama T: "What was ya saying about that shift, baby?"

Tommy Slavino: "Thwarted by the most timely, most instinctual, most game changing lift of the knees in the recorded history of greco-roman physical combat!"

Knoxville takes a moment to adjust his jaw, which might have been knocked loose in that facebuster impact, and he crouches in the corner as Wylde tries to suck some air back into his lungs.

The whyte spyder finally regains his footing, and once he’s back to a vertical base he turns… and gets waylaid by a HUGE Running Jump Spear! Wylde might have gone inside out! Even Sassafras is blown away!

[Image: tumblr_nbiwbz2UaV1r8nadzo1_400.gifv]

Bama T: "I think his insides is on his outsides now!"

Shawn Wylde lies crumpled in a heap clutching at his ribs and midsection and kicking his legs in pain. Knoxville gives him a couple of hard stomps to the head before heading out through the ropes to stand on the apron.

Tommy Slavino: "This has been a fantastic match, probably the best show opener in the history of Anarchy. Now the Nottingham Ripper is looking to add this impressive match to his own win column, and if he hits this move, ladies and gentlemen, it will easily be on the list of top ten finishes in the XWF’s long and storied past!"

Slowly, Shawn Wylde gets back to his feet, looking much worse for wear. He turns on his heels as Jordan Knoxville somersaults over the top rope!


[[Just as Knoxviile flips over the top rope, his effortless arc sails into pitch darkness.]]




[[Just as you finally place the sound of coins--an unusual break in the rhythm is followed by a zipping sound, and when the lights come back up, The Nottingham Ripper is draped, confused, in the middle of the ring over a badly bloodied Wylde, and the ref --getting his bearings--groggily begins the count.]]

Tommy Slavino: "WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED?! The lights went out and now it looks like Shawn Wylde has been mugged... even Knoxville seems confused!"

Bama T: "Just like what happened on Warfare last night... I bet it was them Antifas, baby! They are EVERYwhere."




Winner by Pinfall - “The Nottingham Ripper” Jordan Knoxville

Tommy Slavino: "Folks don't go anywhere, keep those butts in those seats!!"



Solace Tatum saunters to the ring confidently while her entrance music plays.

The God of Death saunters to the ring confidently while her entrance music plays.

"Realize" By AC/DC starts to play as the fans start booing. Out walks Barney Green, dressed in his garbage man uniform. He slowly walks out and starts arguing back with the fans. He reveals his trash can and dumps a bunch of trash out of it onto the fans. He slowly enters the ring as fans start throwing garbage back at him. He waits in the corner as the music fades.

Monster by Skillet plays over the sound system as Lord Raab comes out through the curtain wearing his green and black wrestling trousers with his nickname The Green Disease German Monster on the front of them with Monster Energy logos on the side of his trousers with black gloves on both of his hands and wears a black and green mask and ignores the fans as he goes up the stairs before going in-between the ropes and crouches down in the corner moving backwards and forwards, rubbing his hands and moving his neck around while looking at his opponent with anger in his eyes while waiting for the match to start.

The bell rings and we’re off to the races! The four competitors naturally break off into pairs, with The Green Disease German Monster trading punches with Barney Green while the God of Death starts backing Solace Tatum into a corner!

Tommy Slavino: This match will go a long ways in determining the pecking order here on Thursday nights!

Bama T: "What pecking order, baby!? Are we looking for the king of the curtain jerkers or something!?"

Tommy Slavino: "Everyone needs to take that first step Bama!"

Bama T: "If it's success you want, that first step should be to join BOB, baby!"

Solace Tatum eats an uppercut to the jaw that sends her back into the turnbuckle. The God of Death wastes no time before following up with a few heavy bodyshots to Solace’s liver and kidney that leave the woman breathless and keeled over. The God of Death pulls back for a moment, smirks, and then delivers a brutal elbow to Solace’s face that drops her to her booty.

On the other side of the ring, Raab and Barney are going blow for blow like it’s nobody's business. Raab connects with a right hook, but Barney comes back immediately and returns the favor with a left jab! A tooth flies out of Raab’s mouth, but he doesn’t waste a second before hitting Barney Green with a head butt straight to the face! Blood bursts out from Barney’s forehead as he’s forced back. Raab follows up the headbutt with a charlie horse to the leg that leaves the bloodied Barney Green leaning against the ropes!

Tommy Slavino: "Raab has turned the tide here! He’s taking control of Barney!"

Bama T: "Barney just hasn't been the same since leaving BOB to try his luck in The Left Hand! Should have stuck with the winners, Barn-o!"

Lord Raab spends some time playing to the audience while Barney Green bleeds onto the ropes. On the other side of the ring, the God of Death is pressing his boot firmly against the neck of the seated Solace Tatum. The referee counts to 4 before the God of Death releases the hold. Solace Tatum rolls out of the corner as the God of Death mockingly smacks her on the back of the head.

Tommy Slavino: "Solace needs to get some momentum going here! The self-professed God of Death is eating her lunch right now!"

Bama T: "Fuck Solace Tatum, baby! She has a problem with Miss Fury, and that means she has a problem with me, baby!"

Raab clotheslines Barney Green over the top rope! The big, bloodied man goes flying down to the ringside area! Lord Raab looks across the ring and sees the God of Death toying with Solace Tatum. Raab crouches down low and starts giving the God of Death a cerebral look. The God of Death kicks Solace a few times while she’s downed before he turns around….only to walk straight into a MASSIVE SPEAR FROM LORD RAAB! Raab makes the cover!




Tommy Slavino: "Lord Raab came out of nowhere with that spear! He almost had the born-again Christain down for the count!"

Bama T: "Lord Rabb is a dumbass that can't comprehend that BOB is the biggest thing in wrestling right now, baby! I can't hold it against him though, baby! He is the same guy who rubs some weird, probably toxic, green goop all over his body! He's probably eradiated his fucking brain cells, baby!"

Lord Raab slams the mat in frustration before lifting a wobbly God of Death up to his feet….just so he could deliver a flurry of headbutts to the man’s face! The God of Death stumbles backwards before running into the ropes! The God of Death bounces off the ropes with major momentum before he’s lifted up by Raab with a SPINEBUSTER! Lord Raab makes the cover once more!



Solace Tatum breaks up the pin!

Tommy Slavino: "Solace Tatum saved this match just in the nick of time!"

Bama T: "Yeah, yeah! She's not completely incompetent! Good job baby!"

The God of Death rolls out of the ring as Solace Tatum starts giving the business to the unsuspecting Lord Raab. Solace hits Raab with a few jabs to the force, forcing him to roll over onto his back as he tries to defend himself. Lord Raab lifts his arms up to his face to try and block the mighty blows coming from Solace….but Solace sees the opportunity opening up in front of her! She stops punching Raab only to go for his legs and lock him into a figure four!

Tommy Slavino: "This is a bad spot for Lord Raab to be in!"

Solace Tatum twists Lord Raab’s legs around as the man hollers out in pain. Lord Raab is reaching out for the ropes, but he is too far away from the ropes to force Solace to break the hold. The referee begins to ask Lord Raab if he wants to tap out, and Raab seems to be considering it! Lord Raab reaches out, as if getting ready to tap the ground….when the bloodied Barney Green slides into the ring and breaks up the submission!

Tommy Slavino: "Barney Green saving the day! The daddy of violence isn’t ready for this match to be over yet!"

Bama T: "A little bit of that BOB magic coming back for the former member, baby!"

Barney Green starts stomping Solace and Raab intermittently as the two grounded individuals struggle to scurry away from Barney’s big boots. As Solace rolls out of the ring to get away from the furious stomping, Barney Green picks Raab up before bringing him right back to the ground with the GREEN AWAKENING! Barney Green rolls Raab over to his back and hooks the leg!



The God of Death slides into the ring and breaks up the pinfall!

Tommy Slavino: "This is the danger of a four corners match! You can’t keep your eyes on everyone at once!"

Bama T: "Obviously, baby! It's happened more than one!"

The God of Death picks Barney Green up to his feet before gut punching the large man with divine strength! Barney Green coughs up blood as his guts are rearranged! The God of Death immediately follows up the gut punch with a left hook and a kick to the knee! Barney Green collapses to the mat as his leg buckles out from under him. The God of Death is getting ready to make another move on Barney Green when, out of the corner of his eye, he sees Lord Raab lifting himself up to his feet with the ropes. The God of Death smirks before charging straight at Lord Raab and goring him between the ropes! The two men land outside the ring, with all the weight being absorbed by Raab’s back!


The God of Death immediately gets to work hammering Raab’s face with fists and elbows as soon as the pair land outside the ring. Raab is doing his best to put his hands up and defend himself, but more and more blows keep slipping through his defenses. Raab’s body seems to be going limp as another hammerfirst slams down on his skull.

Meanwhile, Solace Tatum is sliding back into the ring just as Barney Green is pushing himself up to his feet! Barney Green turns around and charges at Solace with the little gas he has left. Barney goes for a clothesline, but the wiley Solace Tatum ducks it! Barney Green runs past Solace before turning around to look for her again…...ONLY TO EAT A SUPERKICK TO THE CHIN! The blow echoes throughout the entire arena!

Tommy Slavino: "They could hear the force of that one even in the cheap seats!"

Bama T: "That kick's got MY chin hurting baby!"

Barney’s lights go out but his body keeps it moving as he is forced into the ropes from the momentum of the kick! On the outside of the ring, Lord Raab’s limp body has been lifted up in the air! The God of Death brings Lord Raab down to the ground with a reverse suplex turned into a diamond cutter AKA the bleeding Angel! Meanwhile, Barney’s unconscious body is charging off the ropes and straight at Solace Tatum with all the kinetic inertia a 250 pound man can hold!

Solace Tatum hits Barney with The Sol Searcher as he runs her way! She hooks his leg and goes for the cover after he hits the mat, but the God of Death is too busy going to town on Lord Raab to notice!

[b]Tommy Slavino: "Solace Tatum has taken full advantage of the chaos and confusion! If The God of Death stops trying to send a message to Centurion, he might just be able to get back to the ring in time to break up the pinfall!"[/b]





Winner by PINFALL - Solace Tatum!


bWo Anarchy cuts backstage where a voice could be heard.

I’m down here asshole.

The camera looks down to see Muscle Midget. He’s flexing up at the cameraman.

We should really hire some other dwarves to shoot these segments, but you’ll do for now. Mini Morbid, you asked and I’m here to tell ya, I’m right here! You attacked me at Scorch the Earth and find two more minis to have your back? Mini Maverick, Mini Mastermind, you better play the numbers game because I have the strength of two full-grown men! That Mini Championship is coming home with me!

When Muscle Midget finishes his sentence another dwarf walks into frame.

Tommy Slavino: "It’s Shorty the Shocker!"

"How many of us do you think you can take out then?"

Muscle Midget and Shorty the Shocker begin to fight left and right hands are swinging. No man getting the better of the other. From out of nowhere, this guy appears.

[Image: IE560mg.png]

Bama T: "Oh, no! It’s Baby Gravy, Baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "This has disaster written all over it."

Baby Gravy spits a golden mist at both Muscle Midget and Shorty the Shocker, those in attendance of this act have gone on record to say it smelled of potato. The golden mist’s effects make Muscle Midget and Shorty the Shocker begin to violently puke, snots dripping from their noses, and it looks like both men shit themselves. The camera cuts back to the truck. The camera is focused on Todd.

"We should probably cut away from this."

The camera is falling back to reveal Thunder Knuckles who is also in the truck overseeing the production of the bWo show at Miss Fury’s behest.

"Fuck, no! this is quality entertainment! Where else are you going to see goddamn midgets fucking shit and puking all over the goddamn place?"

The camera cuts back to the two dwarf wrestlers continuing to puke and drip from every orifice of their bodies. Yep, they pissed themselves too. Baby Gravy has disappeared as fast he had arrived.

Bama T: "This battle royal for the Mini Championship is going to be crazy, baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "Is there really going to be a battle royal for the Mini Championship belt?"

The news broke earlier in the week on Gravy Newz. It’s gotta be true, baby! And even if it's not, THE PRESURES ON! Mini Morbid has no choice but to defend now, whether he intended to or not, baby!

Finally, the camera cuts from the image of Muscle Midget and Shorty the Shocker, covered in all sorts of human bile.



Tommy Slavino: "bWo star Huge Jackman already in the ring here!"

Bama T: "This man was one of the first two men to step foot on the surface of Mars baby! Unfortunately, the other one didn't come back!

Tommy Slavino: "Well Bama, there's a good chance that Huge won't be coming back from this match! I hear that Oswald has been in quite the mood for the last two weeks!"

Bama T: "I don't doubt it baby! The man reaches the top and he's robbed by a roll up! A ROLL UP!? I'm be angry too baby!"

His music hits, soon the ramp opens up and slowly Oswald begins to rise. His ornate cane planted in the platform, dressed to the nines like always. The crowd starting to chant "MAY-HEM, B. O. B.! MAY-HEM, B. O. B.! MAY-HEM, B. O. B.! MAY-HEM, B. O. B.! " Once he was equal to the stage, he flung open his arms to form a t, letting out a loud roar, before grinning as he steps forward, making his way as he slowly unbuttons his suit jacket, his tie, his dress shirt, and unbuttoning the Billion Dollar Championship belt, handing it, his clothes, and the cane, to one of his servants as it appears as he takes his stance to get ready to face off against his opponent.

The bell sounds and Oswald charges across the ring, flattening his opponent in the corner! Jackman stumbles out right into Oswald's arms!

Oswald pulls him in and flips him up for a powerbomb!


Tommy Slavino: "The DELETION!!!!"

Bama T: "Holy shit! Jackman's head nearly popped out of his backside! Actually, I think I see a little hair baby!"

Oswald stomps on Jackman's chest with force for the pin!





Oswald, after demolishing Huge Jackman, demanded a microphone, snatching it from a crew member.

Tommy Slavino: "It looks like the big money man of BOB has something to say!"

"Fury, If I had won against Ruby, would you have still put me in this excuse for a match? I fucking doubt it. I was just on Anarchy and I fought Ruby, and our match was ended by a goddamn roll-up! She didn't pin me after pulling off her famous fucking bullshit. No, I got pinned by a roll-up. I WAS JUST IN A MATCH FOR THE ANARCHY CHAMPIONSHIP, AND YOU PUT ME IN THIS!?


FURY, I DEMAND a rematch with Ruby on the next Anarchy! I am not going to let her coast by off of something so lame!

I destroyed her! I get distracted and rolled up!

I want a rematch and this time, to keep people out of our match, whether they be BOB or one of her goody two-fuckin'-shoes, they will have to deal with a ring of FIRE!

That's right! I want an Inferno match! Ruby versus Big Money Oswald for the ANARCHY CHAMPIONSHIP! First opponent to put their opponent on fire, becomes the champion!

And I mean THEIR OPPONENT! You need to use YOUR BODY and push them into the fire!"

All the while that he is talking, his servants have begun to pile tables on one another, placing Huge Jackman between a few of them, before pouring kerosene all over the tables. .

"There will be no roll ups, Ruby. No way to escape. No way for either of us to be helped. Only the fire, only the flame shall keep us company. For it is the most neutral party. It doesn't care if you are a hero or a villain. All it cares about is feasting upon your skin.

The day of reckoning is upon your championship reign, and I will become the next Anarchy Champion."

As he finishes speaking the tables are lit on fire, causing Jackman to scream as Oswald laughs maniacally, and Jackman's screams to die out.

Tommy Slavino: "Oswald demanding a rematch for the Anarchy Championship NEXT ANARCHY! Will Miss Fury grant his request!?"

Bama T: "I dunno, baby! After what we just watched him do to HUGE Jackman, baby, does she even have a choice!?"

"Money Talks" hits the speakers immediately drawing the attention of the fans and more importantly Money Oswald. Theo Pryce walks out from the back takes a few steps forward but then stops at the top of the stage rather than coming down to the ring.

"You know I have to give you credit Oswald, you took what I said to you a few weeks ago about not sitting back and waiting for things to come to you to heart and instead here you are demanding a shot at the Anarchy title. I like it. Why you are asking for Miss Fury however is a bit of a surprise. Maybe you were expecting her to grant you a favor as the leader of BOB and the new Commish of Anarchy but that's not how it's gonna be.

Typically I ignore Anarchy all together and just let Vinnie have fun in his own little playground but now with him out of the picture and Anarchy being rebranded under the bWo banner my interest has peaked and my involvement has become necessary.

Now as for the topic at hand, your demand for a title match I'm sorry to say but I will not be granting your request. While I appreciate you having the balls to actually demand the shot the truth is you just lost to Ruby on Anarchy and as such you don't deserve the shot.

Before I came out here I spent some time going over the history of Anarchy. Specifically the wins and loss records of the various members who have competed on the show and something that stuck out to me was Thais Watts who is now 5-0 on Anarchy and has yet to receive a title shot. That's no way to reward success and probably one of the reasons why Anarchy was a failing brand.

Now later tonight Geri Vayden will face Terry Borden in a # 1 contendership match but no one has ever said you can't have a #2 contenders match. So at the next Anarchy you, Oswald will face Thais Watts. The winner will then square off against Ruby and the winner of Geri vs Terry at the first Anarchy post War Games in a good ole fashioned Triple Threat match for the Anarchy Championship.

This is your opportunity to earn it Oswald. See that you don't screw it up.

Theo pockets the mic and disappears to the back as "Money Talks" starts playing again while Anarchy goes to commercial.

Tommy Slavino: "Up next COCKPUNCHER faces off against Big Preesh, and if Preesh wins he will finally, maybe, be allowed to join BOB!"

Bama T: "We'll find out after this break, baby!"



Tommy Slavino: "Ladies and gentlemen, up next we have a real treat for you! The bWo's own Cockpuncher will challenge Big Preesh, and if Preesh can win, he will FINALLY be welcomed into BOB!"

Bama T: "Maybe, baby! There's no guarantees in this business!"

Big Preesh struts to the ring throwing his hands up in the air in time with the music. He holds out the front of his BOB tee shirt and shouts about how much he loves being a part of the best group in pro wrestling. When he gets to the ring he punches the top turnbuckle like a speed bag and then shouts "YEAH BITCH!" with his arms raised.

Tommy Slavino: "Big Preesh looks pumped for tonight's contest!"

Bama T: "As well he should Tommy! This cat's been begging for a spot in the most dominate stable in XWF history for months, baby!"

The crowd pops as Cockpuncher's theme hits! After a moment, with no sign of Cockpuncher, the crowd seems to pick up on the fact that somethings wrong!

Tommy Slavino: "Not the best time to be tardy Mr. Puncher!"

Bama T: "That idiot's probably back there doing some tai chi baloney and didn't hear the music, baby! Fire it up again!"

Cockpunchers theme play's a second time. Still, no sign of Cockpuncher. The crowd grows restless as Big Preesh dances around the ring celebrating what he thinks is a no contest!

Suddenly Cockpuncher comes flying out of the backstage with force! He hits the stage and tumbles partly down the ramp. As he lays motionless, you notice he is covered in various cuts and bruises!

Tommy Slavino: "Oh, look who FINALLY decided to show up!"

Out from the back walks CCP, Bobby Bourbon, Thunder Knuckles, and Andre Dixon! They circle around the defenseless Cockpuncher and lay the boots to him before the Bastards scoop him up by his arms and legs and carry him down to the ring!

Bama T: "You see that baby! If you can't fulfill your obligations to bWo, BOB will FORCE you to fulfill them, baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "Indeed! Obviously Cockpuncher was having second thoughts about this match and BOB wasn't willing to let him renege on the contest!"

The bastards throw Cockpuncher into the ring and order the official to ring the bell!


Big Preesh looks on confused as Cockpuncher lay at his feet out cold. TK yells up into the ring.

"Get him you fucking retard!"

Big Preesh's eyes light up as he hits the ropes and flies in with a BIG SPLASH on the rebound for the cover!

Tommy Slavino: "It can't be won like that Preesh!"

Bama T: "Grab the damned stretcher you idiot!"

Referee James Sampson explains the rules to Preesh. He seems confused for a moment, but the idea seems to strike him eventually.

Tommy Slavino: "No wonder "The Elite" have continuously refused entry to this clown!"

Andre Dixon throws a stretcher into the ring and with an annoyed expression, he tells Big Preesh to finish this!

Preesh picks up the stretcher and turns his attention back to the beaten and bloodied COCKPUNCHER. Preesh charges in and swings the stretcher like a chair, folding it in half as it collides with COCKPUNCHERS back! Preesh kneels down, holding COCKPUCHER in place as he tries to squirm away. Preesh begins to bend the metal frame of the stretcher around the helpless COCKPUNCHER!

Bama T: "What in the world is he doing now, baby!?"

Tommy Slavino: "I... I think he's tying his opponent up by bending that steel frame around him Bama!"

Bama T: "That's not how you!.. HE'S ALREADY BEATEN, BABY!"

Tommy Slavino: "True, but you have to admire the creativeness behind what Preesh is doing right now!"

With the frame bent tightly around his waist and arms, COCKPUNCHER finds himself unable to move. Jame Sampson seems more confused than anyone and looks out to ringside for advice. The general consensus seems to be call it, and he does.


Tommy Slavino: "I'm at a loss for words! Big Preesh is BOB!?"

Bama T: "It sure seems that way baby! I bet Cockpuncher is regretting his actions at Scorch The Earth right about now, baby!"

Big Preesh meets with the other BOB's outside of the ring. They seem to embrace and welcome him into the fold. Big Preesh is in Heaven as the stable heads to the back!


Bobbie Bourbon and Thunder Knuckles

- vs -
Brandon Walker and Katia Fyre
- vs -
Tommy Wish and John Black

”Ladies and Gentleman the following Triple Threat Tag Team Match is contested under FURY RULES.”

”Introducing first, representing the THUGS- TOMMY WISH and JOHN BLACK!”

There’s a loud, neutral reaction as the Thugs make their way down to the ring.

”And introducing team number two… representing the Syndicate, the team of Brandon Walker and Katia Fire!”

The members of the Syndicate start to make their way towards the ring when they are suddenly jump by THEM NO GOOD BASTARDS which jump starts this tag team attraction!


Bourbon clobbers Walker from behind while TK does the same to Fire knocking them forward and down the ramp towards the ring. Walker spins around where he is decked by Bourbon with a hard right hand followed by a second which sends him close enough to the apron for Tommy Wish to his a baseball slide dropkick to the spine sending Walker staggering into a thunderous clothesline that turns Walker inside out while TK drives a boot to the midsection of Fire before sending her face and shoulder first of the ring post! Them No Good Bastards admire their handy work as they high five each other while in the ring John Black charges towards Tommy Wish who is on all fours where he springs off the back of Wish with a senton over the top rope crashing down on top of Bourbon and TK taking both the Bastards down to the floor to a huge pop from the crowd!

Tommy Slavino: "John Black just ambushed the Bastards!"

Bama T: "What a cowardly, yellowbellied, snake in the grass thing to do, Slavone! No wonder these idiots never got an invite to BOB, baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "The Thugs were actually an intricate part of the beginnings of BOB, and still garner the respect of miss Fury to this day, despite their apparent disassociation with BOB."

Bama T: "You don't say, huh? Well her admiration is well place Slavone! They learned from the best and they display that knowledge tonight! Element of surprise baby! Oldest trick in the book!"

Black pops back up to his feet where he picks Brandon Walker up off the floor before hurling him into the ring. Tommy Wish picks him up off the mat before hurling him back into a neutral corner where some mudhole stomping starts to take place! John Black comes around the ring picking Fire up off the floor. He drives her back first into the barricade before taking her and shooting her towards the steel steps, Fire reverses and it’s Black who crashes into the ring steps!

Fire peaks in the ring seeing Walker getting a mudhole stomped in him by Wish, she dives into the ring and charges full speed across the ring delivering a body splash to the back of Tommy Wish sending him smashing against the buckles where she rolls him up with a School Girl!




Wish escapes the near fall while out on the floor Bobby and TK start to stir. Fire and Wish are back to a vertical base where they start exchanging a series of right hands back and forth as Them No Good Bastards go under the ring pulling out a pair of steel chairs before sliding into the ring. TK waffles Fire across the back from behind sending her staggering into Wish causing their heads to collide. Bourbon raises his chair in the air looking to crack Tommy’s skull only to have John Black back in the mix yanking the chair from his hands from behind! Bobby spins around taking a jabbing chair shot to the ribs which doubles him over. TK spins towards JB where he is jabbed in the ribs as well doubling him over! JB waffles Bourbon across the back with a vicious shot before waffling TK across the back taking both men to one knee and as he turns towards Walker we see Brandon superkick the chair back into the face of JB!

Bama T: "He forgot about the other team, baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "Indeed, it's easy to lose track when so many men are involved!"

Bama T: "And women baby! Don't be sexists Slavone!"

Walker sizes up TK who steps back up to his feet and eats a boot to the midsection followed by a DDT! Wish is shown elevating Fire over the top rope and out to the ring apron with a back body drop. Wish spins around and eats a jumping kick to the temple that sends him backwards into back waist lock from Bourbon who delivers a release German suplex to Tommy! He makes the cover.




Walker breaks the pin attempt as he stomps down on Bobby’s back. He picks him up off the mat before driving Bourbon back into a set of buckles with a shoulder block. It’s followed by a series of shoulder blocks to the midsection while Fire sizes up TK, she springboards off the top rope with a missile dropkick to TK sending him to the mat where he rolls out to the floor! Fire is back to her feet where she sends Tommy Wish over the top rope and out to the floor with a clothesline.

Fire and Walker shoot Bourbon across the ring and into the opposite set of buckles only to have Walker shoot Fire towards Bourbon who side steps a second splash attempt sending Fire crashing into the buckles! Walker charges towards Bourbon where Bobby snatches him by the throat and delivers a thunderous chokeslam! He makes the cover!




John Black dives on top of the cover saving the match as he breaks the pin attempt to a pop from the crowd,


Bama T: "The Thugs are doing everything in there power to keep this one going, baby! you've just GOT to admire their grit!"

Out on the floor TK starts to get back to his feet where he tosses back the ring apron and pulls out a ladder on one side of the ring while on the other side of the ring Tommy Wish pulls out a table with both garnering a pop from the crowd.TK is the first to slide into the ring with the Ladder. He reaches his feet where he places the ladder across his shoulders with his head between two rungs and starts to spin around as he smashes Fire in the face! He continues to spin as we see JB duck under the ladder sending it smashing into Walker but unfortunately for JB he does not avoid the come around as he is whacked in the skull!

TK tosses the ladder off his shoulders as he is dizzy which leads to Wish sliding back into the ring where he comes up behind TK delivering a backstabber! Wish makes the cover hooking the near leg.




TK kicks out of the near fall to a gasp from the crowd. JB is helped back to his feet by Tommy Wish as we see them stomp away on TK and then stomp away at Bourbon before moving over to Walker and finally Fire as the Thugs are reigning supreme! JB picks up Walker where he positions him before picking him up with a Powerbomb which he delivers a running buckle bomb!

Tommy Wish picks up Fire before hurling her out to the floor.

Wish and Black turn their attention towards Bobby where they pick him up off the mat and toss him out to the floor on the other side of the ring. Brandon Walker starts to stir as The Thugs size him up delivering a High-Low combination on him! Tommy Wish executes the cover while John Black stomps away at TK.




Walker manages to kick out of the near fall! John Black slides out to the floor to grab the Table Tommy produced several minutes prior. He picks it up and slides it into the ring, he slides back into the ring himself where he gets back to his feet. Tommy picks up Thunder Knuckles and disposes of him as John Black starts to set up the table!

The crowd starts to come alive as JB flips the table up on its legs.

Wish picks Walker up off the mat before shooting him into the ropes, Walker bounces off the ropes and into the DRIVE BY through the table! John Black pulls Walker out from the rumble of the table where he makes a cover!



Fire slides into the ring where she is jumped on by Wish while Them No Good Bastards have reached their feet and look on as opposed to trying to break things up.



The Thugs rejoice as their arms are raised in victory while Them No Good Bastards have smirks on their faces. JB and Tommy Wish run their hands across their waists as TK and Bourbs nod their heads in approval.



The crowd is town in two as the black n’ white BOB version of Terry Borden heads out from the back in his trademark feather boas and playing air guitar.

[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=13188987]

Borden gets to the ring and wipes his boots off on the apron, then climbs in and stretches the ropes to limber up while he waits for his opponent.

Tommy Slavino: "With what happened on Warfare last night, Geri Vayden has been deemed unfit for competition… I’m being told by the back that they’ve found someone last minute to step in as a replacement...!"

Jamaican Jimmy pops out from the back with his shit eating grin and a steel drum strapped around his neck. He plays it to the rhythm of his theme music as he heads down to the ring with a Jamaican flag slung over his shoulders. Once he gets in the ring he starts waving it around at the top of the buckles.

Tommy Slavino: "I’m being told that Jamiacan Jimmy is a five time Jamiacan Champion!"

Bama T: "Yeah I seen Cool Runnings too, baby, but Jimmy here is from Wisconsin!"

In his corner, Terry Borden seethes. Why? Because if there’s anything that Terry loves almost as much as Terry, it’s America and OLD GLORY. What does he hate? Countries that are NOT AMERICA.

Referee Ari Silverstein calls for the bell...


Borden rushes across the ring and clobbers Jimmy with a huge forearm shot. He then grabs the Jamaican flag and cracks Jimmy across the back with it, before snapping it over his knee!

Tommy Slavino:”Terry Borden is clearly in no mood to deal with any foreigners!"

Bama T: "I’m with Boardwalk Borden on this one, baby, these colors don’t RUN!"

Borden lifts Jimmy in an atomic drop, then gives him a vicious BACK RAKE! Jimmy staggers to the ropes, and Borden rubs his eyes and face across the top rope, blinding him.

Jimmy turns and eats a big right hand! And another! And another! Jimmy is dizzied, and Borden scoops him up… BODY SLAM!!!

Borden poses his guns for the crowd, then pulls Jimmy up by the hair and sends him to the ropes… BOG BOOT!!!


But Borden doesn’t go for a cover yet, instead, he hops up and delivers another HUGE LEG DROP!!!!

Tommy Slavino:”This one looks like it’s almost over before it starts Bama! It might be the most one-sided match in the history of our sport!"

Bama T: "Hold on now, what’s goin’ on on the Tron!?"

The BOB-Tron lights up with a flash of blue light, and then music hits...

The crowd comes alive as the BLUE TANGO emerges from the back, and he races down to the ring, grabbing at the tattered remnants of the Jamaican Flag… he throws the flag into the ring and Ari Silverstein has no choice but to call for the bell!


Winner by Corner Stoppage - Terry Borden

Borden looks on angrily as he gets his hand raised, and Calypso pulls Jimmy out of the ring, cradling his head. The two old friends lock eyes as Calypso lifts him and carries him gently to the back.

Bama T: "What in tarnation did we just watch!?"


[Image: Title-Unification.jpg]

Tommy Slavino: "Up next, two of the most prominent women in XWF battle it out as two titles lay on the line!"

Bama T: "Atty and Fury are about to steal the show, baby, but first, let's take a look at this special announcement from tonight's spanker, er, I mean sponsor, baby!!! "

[Image: ezgif-com-gif-maker-5.gif]
Streaming NOW!

Tommy Slavino: "That was NOT bob!"

Bama T: "Damn right Slavone! And it's streaming now on Pron Hub Premium, baby!"

The crowd jumps to their feet as Miss Fury marches out to the stage.

Tommy Slavino: "Love her or hate her, there's no calling into question her popularity here on the Anarchy brand!"

Fury storms down the stage and rolls into the ring, no nonsense.

Bama T: "Consistently day in and out, baby, Miss Fury is Anarchy and they ain't no denying that fact, jack!"

The bWo crowd pops once again as Atty 3 Belt's music blares over the PA but before anyone can get good and well excited it's abruptly shut off and the Internet Champion appears on stage with mic in one hand and the other favoring her back as she wobbles center stage.

And in Street clothes?

"Hello Doves,"

Atara grimaces clearly giving an Oscar worthy performance in bad acting. Already sensing were this is going the fans begin to boo and Atara pleas with them with a hand gesture.

"I know..I know but let me explain. As you know I am holding three Belt's and set to take a forth. Well earlier today...not the start of the show, but anyway, I started having back pains. I consulted B.O.Bs doctor because of course I want to give you guys the show you deserve.

Cheap Pop

"I know right? I consulted Dr. Spleenripper, deadass sexy ass legitimate doctor and she diagnosed me with....

Atara forces tears and the crowd boos.

She diagnosed me with...Too Much Gold Syndrome. Latin name Carriouscompanious Becausiousthey Sucketh

Crowd Boos clearly not convinced.

Tommy Slavino: "Oh my God! Atara has CBS! We can only hope that she recovers in time for Savage!"

I'm Greek not Latin, shut the fuck up! It's a real thing and I have a licensed doctor's note to back up. I can't perform tonight, but...the show must go on so it has been agreed that a roster member will fight in my stead as representative of the Internet Champion. A member of my choosing so I could think of no one else better than.....



Tommy Slavino: "Earlier tonight Big Preesh finally earned his place in BOB when he defeated COCKPUNCHER, and now he finds himself in a position where he could lose that spot in the same night!"

Bama T: "Or become the unified BOB World Champion, baby!"

Big Preesh struts to the ring throwing his hands up in the air in time with the music. He holds out the front of his BOB tee shirt and shouts about how much he loves being a part of the best group in pro wrestling. When he gets to the ring he punches the top turnbuckle like a speed bag and then shouts "YEAH BITCH!" with his arms raised before waiting for the bell to ring.

Tommy Slavino: "This guys routine never seems to change!"

Bama T: "He's a creature of habit, baby!"

Ari calls for the bell. Miss Fury and Big Preesh circle each other in the ring. Big Preesh seems very excited to finally be in BOB. Preesh offers his hand to Fury. She looks to the crowd. They seem to support the idea of sportsmanship between the two BOB's. Fury smiles and reaches out, taking Preesh's hand.

Tommy Slavino: "A true sign of unity between fellow BOB's, but don't forget what's on the line!"

Fury pulls herself into Preesh and gracefully wraps around him, locking in the Black Widow before Big Preesh even realizes what's happening!

Bama T: "I don't think she's forgotten, baby!"

Preesh drops to one knee and Ari quickly calls for the bell!


Tommy Slavino: "That's it! Miss Fury has won! Not only does she retain her place in BOB, but she just absorbed the XWF Internet title into the BOB World title!"

Winner of the Internet title and STILL bWo World Champion - Miss Fury!


Big Preesh marches up to Ari confused. He explains that he didn't tap, but Ari is hearing none of it and vacates the ring. Preesh looks to Fury who just shrugs and points to Ari who's heading up the ramp. Preesh exits the ring and chases after Ari looking.

Tommy Slavino: "I don't know what Preesh hopes to accomplish, he heard the result! He's out of BOB!"

Bama T: "His prides on the line baby! That's why he's making excuses, but the fact of the matter is this, he quit, and we both heard him clear as day, baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "Indeed!"

Preesh wanders back to the ring looking dejected, not having been able to catch Fury or Ari. He gets into the ring and starts to break down.

With Preesh in the ring a broken man, his emotions overtaking him as his last shot at being a member of the B.O.B. is taken away from him - Freddy Fabulous leaves his ringside seat and is helped around the barricade by security. Freddy is handed a microphone and pats his palm on it to check it, getting a booming hollow noise echoing through the building as he does so.

"Is this thing on? Hello? Hello?"

Freddy smiles and adjusts his fur stole, then enters the ring and places a hand on Big Preesh's arm.

"Big Preesh! You are a huge man and a huge talent... and I'll cut right to the chase. You're wasting your time and energy on the Brotherhood of Baddies! What you need is an agent who will hone you. Who will point you in the direction you need to go. Who will work to improve your faults while identifying and utilizing your strengths! Preesh, you wanted BOB... but BOB never wanted YOU!"

The crowd gasps as an obviously crestfallen Preesh hangs his head.

"Hey hey now, big fella... don't you dare shed a tear for Fury and her troupe of hooligans. You sir are too GOOD to be a Baddie... in fact... I think you are FABULOUS."

Preesh looks up and begins to smile. The crowd cheers him on!

"You walk with me and the Disintigrators, Preesh. You walk with greatness and you become the FULCRUM of the greatest amalgamation of untapped talent this company has ever seen! AND! I will find a partner for you as well. Because you see Preesh my specialty is tag team management... like that pretender Billy Blankenship WISHES was his specialty. I'll find you someone as big and strong and talented in the blink of an eye... as a matter of fact... I ALREADY DID."

Freddy backs up and points to the ramp, where another massive man is standing with a smile.

[Image: ayQxait.png]

"Big Preesh... meet BIG MAD IVAN!"

BMI and Preesh meet face to face and BMI holds out a hand for a shake... and Preesh accepts! He then turns to Freddy and shakes his hand as well.

"Preesh, you just took the first BIG step on a fantastic journey. You and BMI are going to knock the bottom out of the tag team world, right along with the Disintigrators! And with me by your sides, no one will be able to stand in the way of the FAB FIVE!"

Freddy grins and stands between the two behemoths, raising their hands up as best he can.

Bama T: "What the hell, baby?! We're out here havin' a good time, and this Big Douchebag wants to ruin it?!?"

Tommy Slavino: "He's made a habit of crashing BOB's parties and tonight's no different!"

The camera looks all over the arena before finally settling on the rafters, where The Man Called D reveals himself.

[Image: Sting-WCW-GIF-Sting-WCW-Raffters-Discove...e-GIFs.gif]

Tommy Slavino: "Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!"

The fans begin to cheer as Big D stands high above all of them, looking down on his enemies. Miss Fury points up and begins shouting obscenities as D pulls a mic out of nowhere and begins to speak.

D: "You should all be ashamed of yourselves."

Bama T: "Speak for yourself, baby!"

D: "Big Preesh, I'm ashamed to share over half my name with you. You're like the fat little boy who thinks the cool kid is ACTUALLY his friend, when all he's doing is keeping you around so he can feel better about himself! Why do you wanna join BOB so bad, anyway? They can't put on a legit show, they can't have a legit match, and they certainly can't win a legit Championship!"

Big D pauses as the crowd goes wild. Miss Fury holds her belts up, insisting D doesn't know what he's talking about.

Bama T: "What do you call THAT, baby?"

D: "Oh, I saw! Atara should be ashamed of herself, too!"

"You know, when I heard the Top 50 got released, it was the one thing I thought would get me through my Title loss. Sure, BOB made a mockery of me, but at least the company I worked my ass off for would appreciate all I'd done for them. As I scrolled through the list, I saw the names of people I'd beaten throughout my short career here, but I didn't see my own! Names like Barney Green, Mastermind, Scully, ATARA THEMIS graced this illustrious list, but ole Big D was nowhere to be found!"

Bama T: "What's his point?!"

Tommy Slavino: "I think he's implying he's better than all of them."

Bama T: "All of them?!??! He only gave us like two names, baby!!!!"

D: "And out of ALL those names, the one that made the least amount of sense was Atty-Gives-Up-Her-Belts. Back then she was nothin' more than Fuzz's fucktoy who lucked her way into an Xtreme Title run because her boyfriend had better things to do!"

The crowd gives a mixed reaction, the Atty fans particularly not taking too kindly to his criticism.

D: "But you know what? Eventually she grew out of Shawn's shadow and made quite a career for herself, even impressing ME. But all that died the moment she decided to play games with Miss Fury!!!! Atty, you may be #29 in management's eyes, but you'll always be a zero to me!"

Bama T: "Baby, that's a little harsh!"

Tommy Slavino: "I fail to see the point in coming out here and dragging Atara through the mud, he could've done this backstage.......... to her face!!!!"

Bama T: "Once a yellow bellied coward, always a yellow bellied coward!"

D: "And then there's you................."

D points down at Miss Fury, who's about ready to flip.

D: "If only people had known the kind of crap you would go on to pull with that belt, they NEVER would've accused me of tarnishing that Title's legacy!!!!"

A furious Fury throws her Championship down and motions for D to come down and get a piece of her.

D: "Oh, we're gonna go, but not right now!"

The fans begin to boo, which Fury feeds off of.

D: "I wasn't born yesterday, I know you've got your goons on standby to attack me the moment I come down there! But don't worry, I won't make you wait long................ just a couple weeks! And you better put that Title up for grabs because, if you don't, I'll keep showing up and ruining your precious shows week in and week out!"

D stares down at Fury who responds by motioning for him to bring it. Big D nods his head before disappearing into the darkness.


A Scaffold Cage Match, is when the wrestlers beat each other until one is knocked off of the scaffold and into the ring. The ring is surrounded by a high steel cage and the only way to win is by pinfall.

*Centurion MUST win to (continue to) earn his bWo World Title opportunity!

We return from a commercial break to Lakefront Arena. The crowd is buzzing with a silent anxiety as they’ve all witnessed the ominous structure we see before us being assembled during the break.

The Scaffold Cage. A ten foot tall, black steel cage has been hand assembled and mounted to custom bolts on the turnbuckle posts. Just outside of the cage, the bases of a frightening twenty foot tall scaffold with a metal grate ramp from one side to the other.

Tommy Slavino: "Ladies and gentleman, we’re ready for our Main Event of the evening. As announced earlier tonight, this match WILL BE for the Anarchy Championship… the stakes couldn’t be higher, not even in a Scaffold Cage Match!"


Tommy Slavino: "That was absolutely poetic, Bama! Much like justice that Miss Fury is serving here for the bWo Universe tonight. Centurion and Ruby, who have aided and abetted Vincent Lane for months while he tormented Miss Fury, those two will be FORCED upon one another!"


Centurion’s music hits and this anxious crowd suddenly explodes in a mixed reaction.Centurion walks out from under the BWO ArachnoTron and raises both arms in the air. He walks to each side of the stage, pointing at the fans on either side of the arena. As Centurion returns to the base of the ramp, he stares down the unforgiving structure that has turned the wrestling ring into a warzone. The camera man walks around Centurion slowly just before the XWF Legend makes his way towards the Scaffold Cage.

Tommy Slavino: "As we watch Centurion make his way to the ring, Bama, what do you think is going through that man’s mind right now."


Centurion begins climbing the side of the scaffold towards the top, and upon further inspection the entire structure seems poorly assembled. Centurion eases his way to the top of the already rocking scaffold, crossing his heart as he reaches the top platform on his knees. He stands with caution, twenty feet above the ring and raises his arms for the crowd- but the scaffold immediately begins to rock. He dashes across the narrow ramp to the other platform which balances the scaffold.

Tommy Slavino: "As a fan, as a professional, as stakeholder in this sport, I’ve got to question the validity of that structure, Bama."


Tommy Slavino: "Dear lord."

The crowd absolutely erupts with jubilation as Ruby’s music hits. She deliberately walks onto the stage. Taking first a look at this nearly unanimous crowd cheering her on, and then to the structure in front of her. She removes the Anarchy Championship from her waist and raises it in the air. The crowd grows even louder. From afar Centurion smiles in appreciation.

Tommy Slavino: "There’s no denying that the wrestling world loves Ruby…Bama? What are you doing?"


Bama sings out while vibrating to Ruby’s theme.

Ruby walks down the ramp and sets the Anarchy Championship on the ring steps. She inspects the scaffold, takes a deep, but confident breath and begins scaling the structure. Being lighter, the scaffold doesn’t wobble nearly as badly as it did with Centurion.

Ruby reaches the top seamlessly. She and Cent lock eyes from across the platforms. Ruby’s music fades and two professionals nod at one another. From the ring below, John X calls for the bell.

Tommy Slavino:”The Champion and the Challenger, Ruby and Centurion each cautiously stepping out onto the scaffold ramp”


The scaffold seems stable for the moment. Cent and Ruby meet in the middle of the ramp, but for a moment neither budges. They just stand there taking in one another. There’s like some dramatic wind stuff blowing that brushes their hair. It’s really majestic looking. They share another nod, and Ruby drops and spins her leg trying to sweep Centurions. Centurion jumps over the attempt and lands back on his feet perfectly. Anticipating Ruby to stand, Centurion goes for an immediate roundhouse, which Ruby instead rolls backward from.

Cent pursues her across the narrow piece of steel, twenty feet above the ring mat. After rolling away, Ruby lunges back towards Centurion, a modified standing side-Pele kick to the face! But Centurion avodis, shifting his feet just narrowly from the edge of the scaffold. He swings right back with another roundhouse and Ruby bends back like limbo to dodge.

The scaffold becomes unstable again, rocking back and forth. Centurion and Ruby meet another finally, locking up in a grapple. Centurion overpowers her almost immediately. Locking his arm around her head, but Ruby pushes him off, and monkey-flips him over her back. Ruby stands, turns back to Centurion who is almost standing, and her eyes go wide. There’s a collective scream from the audience.

Tommy Slavino:”OH! MY! -”

Bama T: "BABY!”

The platforms collapse almost perfectly onto themselves, injuring almost no one in the audience. It’s as if a single screw wasn’t turned. The scaffold itself plummets 10 feet and across the edges of the steel cage below, folding the metal ramp by a loose hinge in the middle. Ruby and Centurion’s bodies fly, and bang and thrash their way across the scaffold, smacking into the ramp on their way to the mat. The fall is violent. The scaffold lays bent like a V in the ring, pinned between the cage walls. Centurion and Ruby lay broken, bloodied and useless.

In the corner of the ring, John X peakes an eye out from the helmet he’d made with his arms. Luckily he was unharmed. He looks at Ruby and Centurion and rushes over!

Dropping to the mat!









Centurion’s arm lashing off Ruby and into a part of the broken scaffold stirs him. His face is busted, his arms bruised, cut and bleeding, Centurion shakes into a push up while trying to stand. He looks over at Ruby, her mask is gone, and her costume torn. Like Centurion her face is swollen, her head split and leaking blood.

The two lock eyes and somehow begin climbing to their feet.

Tommy Slavino:”Folks, I’m seeing ghosts right now! Because I have no idea how these two are alive! And… and… my GOD. They’re going to continue this match?! Talk about some REAL professionals!

Centurion goes on offense! He grapples at Ruby, but a quick drop toe hold flattens him before he can get going, knocking him face first into a part of the broken scaffold. Ruby covers her mouth for a moment, a little freaked out from the thud, but then rolls Centurion over for the pin!




Centurion rolls Ruby up!




Both Ruby and Centurion ease up to their feet. But they go right back at one another hastily. Centurion whips Ruby toward the ropes and the cage, but Ruby catches the momentum and leaps onto the top rope and the cage, turning around and blasting Centurion with a one legged springboard dropkick to the chest. Ruby falls onto Centurion for the cover.




Centurion gets a shoulder up. Ruby crawls from the mat to her feet and sizes up the turnbuckle. She’s thinking about Ruby in the Rough. She’s ready to end this now. She goes to walk towards the turnbuckle, but Centurion grabs her by the leg, using her as leverage to get to his feet. Ruby hops around on one leg as Centurion stands, and just as he does, she leaps with her free leg and swings her foot at Centurion’s skull. But the wily veteran ducks, and keeps a firm grasp on Ruby’s foot, sending he falling face first to the mat as he cinches in an ankle lock.

Ruby cries out as Cent presses and turns her ankle even tighter. She makes one pull forward towards the cage, making Cent move with her, and just as that happens, she tries a desperation move. She rolls onto her back and kicks Cent in the hand as hard as she can with her free leg. A finger or two of Centurion’s cracks, causing him to release the hold. Ruby climbs up to one leg, but Centurion is already on her. He goes in for the grapple, BUT A DROPSAULT FROM RUBY-NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Centurion catches both of Ruby’s legs now as she went for the dropkick to the chest. Her head falls down and smacks the mat. Still holding her legs, Centurion slingshots Ruby into the side of the cage. She smacks the steel just above the top rope and ricotecetes off violently before crashing back to the mat.

Centurion covers!




Tommy Slavino:”It is unreal the damage these two have been able to withstand here tonight!”

Panting and hunched over, Cent looks at Ruby who is struggling to move. He gets to his feet and picks her up,







NO!!! Centurion is up! And the crowd is going crazy in appreciation for this contest.

Both Ruby and Centurion get a hand on a part of the collapsed scaffold that's wedged between the cage and the mat. They meet each other at the lowest point of the bend, where you can walk to the other side of the ring. Centurion grabs Ruby by the arm, going for a submission, but Ruby runs up off the side of the broken ramp and flips off onto Centurion’s shoulders. A hurricanrana! Centurion tumbles, smacking a bit of the broken scaffold, on his way to the other side of the ring. Ruby, having landed on her knees and now on the other side of the broken scaffold from Cent, raises up. She gingerly moves to the cage wall and looks at Centurion who is starting to stir. She takes off running, vaulting over a part of the scaffold and-




But having slung Ruby too far away, and his staminam almost entirely depleted, Centurion cannot make the cover. Knowing too much time had passed as he crawled toward Ruby, Centurion goes ahead and gets to his feet and limps over to Ruby’s legs.


The lights in the arena cut out.

Tommy Slavino:”What in the world is going on?!”

Bama T: "BABY!”




Tommy Slavino:”That’s the God of Death! That’s Giovanni DeSantis!”

Centurion has been long stopped in his tracks, and dropping the crumbles Ruby’s legs to the side. Centurion looks up at the AnarchoTron where the God of Death is standing. DeSantis points at Centurion, mouthing the word “Soon” before turning away and exiting back behind the curtain.

Centurion looks baffled by the image of this man he assumed was another BOB shennagin. He turns around






NO HE CAUGHT HER and lifts her up for the One Winged Angel!


Centurion collapses with his arm over Ruby!




Winner and NEW XWF Anarchy Champion - Centurion

Tommy Slavino:”Look at that! Centurion's ego just couldn't allow him to lose!”

Bama T: "He just flattened his girl friend and stole her championship! You gotta wonder how the domestic life's going to treat these two when Ruby wakes up and realizes what happened, baby!”

As a crew from the back comes to disassemble the cage, Centurion and Ruby pull one another up from the mat, and embrace in the center of the ring with a hug. They exchange some inaudible words to one another, both with serious looks on their faces, likely talking about whatever that distraction was from the God of Death. They nod in agreement about something and Ruby lifts Centurion's arm in the air.

[b]Tommy Slavino: "Ladies and gentlemen, that's all the time we have for this week, but before you go, we have a very special preview for you!"

Bama T: "Hell of a show baby! Good night!

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