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bWo Scorch The Earth 06/20/21 (Start Time 8pm Eastern! Order NOW!)
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06-20-2021 08:36 PM

[Image: ezgif-1-eb82a8793774.gif]


Bama T: "That's right baby! The head honchoes over at Lays were so impressed with out first show, they just had to get a piece of this bWo action!"

Tommy Slavino: "And what a show to buy into T! Because up next, the bWo is going to make history once again!"

Bama T: "That's right baby! Thanks to Billionaire Oswald and OZ-CORP, BOB has developed the technology to to cut what should have been a seven month trip into a week!"

Tommy Slavino: "That's right T, and last week we shot two of our very own bWo wrestlers into space on a one way trip to Mars!"

Bama T: "One way!? Oh baby, this doesn't sound good! Who'd we send up!?"

Tommy Slavino: "Huge Jackman who you may remember, lost his very first match against Johnny Miami at Uprising back in May, and Peter Pillmour, who as you may remember, was supposed to be apart of Uprising, but ending up missing the show for reasons that still aren't clear!"

Bama T: "Baby oh baby! Both of these guys are in the dog house! You just have to wonder what Miss Fury has in store for these guys on the surface of Mars!"

Tommy Slavino: "Well Bama, get ready to find out because we're going LIVE TO MARS!"

Bama T: "The ONLY place hotter than here baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "Mars is further away form the sun than Earth T, it's actually pretty cold!"

Bama T: "Oh, then it's the only place ALMOST as cool as bWo baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "I'm getting word that out wrestlers are making their final approach!"

[Image: 200.gif]

Bama T: "We're about to witness history baby!"


The crowd erupts with boos as we see a shot of TERRY BORDEN and CLINT FATWOOD entering the backstage area! Clint and Terry are talking amongst themselves as they walk towards the hallway that leads to their dressing room. They reach a door marked OLD FUCKERS with their names on it. Clint shakes his head as he enters the locker room.

”Hey Terry!

The bWo crowd erupts as the camera pulls back revealing Chris Page coming towards Terry Borden. Suddenly Borden is blasted from behind with a lead pipe to the back of the knee by BOBBY BOURBON! Borden crumbles down to the floor as Page and Bourbon laugh at their handywork as they vacate the premises.

Seconds later Clint opens the door where he finds his partner in pain clutching at his right knee.


EMT’s suddenly rush on to the scene as we fade back to ringside.

HUGE Jackman - vs - Peter Pilmour

The pod lands as Peter Pilmour and HUGE Jackman walk off the shift in their BOB branded space suits!

Bama T: "Holy shit baby! I can't believe it! We're actually going to have a fight on Mars baby!"

Peter and Jackman look around the baron planet curiously as they notice that they are the only two there.

Tommy Slavino: "I'm getting word that we need to cut backstage!"

Backstage we find Miss Fury with some sort of remote in her hand and a devilish look on her face.

"In May we shocked the world by producing a competing wrestling show to the XWF that ACTUALLY lived up to the hype. We had debuts, shocking returns, exciting action, and a finale that left you wanting more!"

"Until Centurion showed up and bored us all to death!"

Fury mocks Cent.

"I'm tired of BOB hogging all of the spot light! I demand my status as a legend catapult me to the main event."

Fury stares into the camera sternly.

"No Cent, you longevity, while impressive, earns you nothing! In bWo, you'll start from the bottom and TRY to earn your shot at me!"

"But wait, if you're starting at the bottom, that means that YOU should be in the opening match!"

Fury presses a big red button on her remote as the shot cuts back to Mars just in time to see Peter Pilmour's space suit explode off of his body! HUGE Jackman jumps in terror as Peter struggles with death!

[Image: tenor.gif]

Bama T: "Holy shit!"

Tommy Slavino: "Oh my God!"

Bama T: "That's Goddamned twisted baby!"

We cut back to Miss Fury with a satisfied grin.

"Oh, look at that! Two birds, one stone! Cent, you're now in the opener, WHERE YOU BELONG! And the fans smart enough to order Scorch The Earth now have approximately fifteen minutes to call their friends and tell them that Miss Fury just killed a man on live TV, and they better order NOW, because you damned sure don't want to miss what's next!"

"Well, what's next once Centurion's done stinking up the ring. Back to you Tommy!"

Bama T: "Holy shit! Miss Fury killed a man on national pay per view and nobody can do a thing about it because it happened on Mars! Did you know that was going to happen!?"

Tommy Slavino: "I did not... Are... What are we calling that? No contest?"

Bama T: "Hey, that sounds like a fine call to me! After all, she said that Centurion was in the opening contest baby!

Tommy Slavino: "Well as exciting as that was, on to our NEW opening contest!"

Johnny Miami -vs- Centurion
Fury's Rules (NODQ)

Johnny Miami casually walks out from the back as the crowd pops favorably for the bWo home grown talent!

Bama T: “Wait a minute! Why are they cheering this retard, baby!?”

Tommy Slavino: “Careful with the colorful words Bama, you might get canceled!”

Bama T: “For what!? Calling a retard a retard!? The truth hurts baby!”

Johnny rolls into the ring and shoots a thumbs up to the audience.


Bama T: “Now there’s a reaction I can get behind, baby!”

Centurion walks out in front of the heated crowd. He soaks in the reaction for a moment.

Tommy Slavino: “You know, it has to be rough for these fluff pieces like Centurion who are used to the sheep eating out of their hands to come into bWo where our REAL fans give it to them straight!”

Bama T: “Damn right baby! Hey Cent! YOU SUCK OLD MAN!”

Centurion flips off the crowd and heads down to the ring.

Tommy Slavino: “I’m far from a Centurion supporter, but Bama, aren’t you OLDER than him!?”

Bama T: “Hell no baby! I’m forever 21!”

Centurion climbs into the ring as Johnny Miami looks on from the other side.

Tommy Slavino: “Forever 51 maybe!”

Bama T: “Kiss my ass baby!”

As the bell rings Centurion taunts the audience, telling them exactly what it is they are about to witness. Miami on the other hand is focused, more so than in the past. He doesn’t take too kindly to Centurion’s taunting and rushes him with a clothesline! One which Centurion ducks, when Miami turns back around he is met with a standing dropkick!

Tommy Slavino: “Miami was easily countered there!”

Bama T: “I told you he was a retard baby!”

Miami tries to shake the cobwebs, but Centurion grabs him, pulling him up to his feet before delivering a few stiff knees directly to Miami’s gut. Centurion continues his onslaught of strikes, backing Miami up into the ropes before whipping him across the ring. As Miami rebounds back Centurion leaps into the air, looking to knee Miami’s head clear off! But Miami goes down on one knee, dodging it! And in one swift motion he twists around and grabs Centurion by the waist and squeezes his ribs with some force before lifting him off his feet with a snapping German suplex. Centurion rolls backwards to his knees, but Miami is already to his feet! Miami charges forward, snapping off a shining wizard that ripples Centurion’s entire body as flops to the mat.


As Miami’s confidence starts to grow he makes way back over to the downed Centurion, stomping on him a few times before jumping up and flipping backwards with a standing shooting star press! Miami hooks the leg!




Tommy Slavino: “Ah, so close!”

Bama T: “I don’t know why this match was even booked, baby! Johnny Miami got lucky last month! That’s all! He’s a turd baby! Turds don’t float!”

Tommy Slavino: “There’s so much wrong with that statement Bama, I don’t even know where to begin!”

This doesn’t defer Miami however as he locks a headlock onto Centurion, who tries to fight out of it but someone ends up giving up his back. Miami locks in a really deep looking rear naked choke, flexing his arms hard against Centurion’s windpipe. Centurion knows he’s in trouble and with all of his strength he rolls onto his stomach and pushes himself up. Miami doesn’t let go however, keeping the lock stuck in deep as he hangs onto Centurion’s back. Centurion as one last ditch effort throws himself backwards onto the ground, slamming Miami against the mat and breaking his hold. Centurion rolls to the side of the ring, catching his breath as Miami does the same. After a few moments both men get back to their feet.

The tension in the air was thick as the two men circled around each other, before locking up in the middle of the ring in a test of strength. Centurion seems to be getting the better of Miami, before he slips out of the hold and knees him in the gut. He follows this up with a big hip toss directly onto his knee! Miami’s back torques in a very disturbing looking way as he lets out a howl of pain – grabbing at his back and rolling around the mat. As Centurion gets up to his feet, a chilling grin washes over his face, his eyes glaring at the down Miami. Centurion runs his thumb across his throat before reaching down and pulling Miami up to his feet.

1000 Mile Slam!!!

Tommy Slavino: “That could be all she wrote for Johnny Miami!”

Bama T: “Good! Give the clown his walking papers baby!”

Centurion doesn’t cover though, and instead grabs Miami’s legs!

Tommy Slavino: “Oh no! Things just went from bad to worse for Johnny Miami!”

Centurion locks in “The Fall Of Rome” as Miami screams out in pain before quickly tapping out!


Tommy Slavino :”Centurion picking up his first win here in the bWo! I’m sure Miss Fury isn’t going to be happy about that!”

Bama T: “No, she’s not, and that idiot on the mat will be the one to pay! I promise you that baby!”


A chaotic display of strobe lights begins bouncing around the entrance ramp, pulsating to the rhythm of a rock ballad bursting through the arena speakers.

Tommy Slavino: “Bama T, the fans at home are about to be in for a real treat!"

Bama T: "You know it baby! One of the hottest, and I do mean SCORCHING talents of professional wrestling’s yester-year, a talent fans never thought they’d see again..."

Tommy Slavino: “IT’S JUNI!"

Walking out on the stage, wearing an outfit suitable for a Texas Oil Tycoon, Danny Lome leads his client/wife/cash-cow, JUNI! To the ring on a leash.while the literally, and figuratively HOT BWO crowd roars in approval.

[Image: A-355478-1131350220-jpeg.jpg]

Bama T: "And we cannot forget about the man who brought her to the dance all of those years ago, baby! Danny Lome has a great mind for this business, especially seeing how he’s kept JUNI! On lock all of these years."

Tommy Slavino: “Well I’m sure the leash and collar he’s leading her to the ring has had something to do with that, but you’re right Bama. Danny Lome stated multiple times that he wasn’t interested in doing business with the XWF, even though they sought JUNI! Out for years after her last appearance there. But the BWO is just the type of environment that he knows is perfect for his client."

Danny continues strutting to the ring, as JUNI! follows behind, smiling and waving for the crowd. The former number-one contender to the Xtreme Championship appears to be in the best shape of her life. Danny steps back and lets JUNI! walk up the ring steps first, he follows behind and sits on the ropes for her, allowing her to slide into the ring with ease after making a triumphant pose on the ring apron.

Danny leads JUNI! to each turnbuckle, where she climbs and points out at the applauding crowd. He allows her to continue soaking in this big moment until her music tracks ends. He then pulls a microphone up to his mouth.

Danny Lome: Hello, friends! MY name is Danny Lome! Her name is JUNI! and WE. ARE. B.W.O!!!

The stadium damn near shakes from the applause. JUNI!’s eyes are bugging out of her skull as she bites her lip and jumps up and down in the air with excitement.

Danny Lome: You know, many years ago, my darling wife, my client, my partner, my radioactive, psychotic man-killer of a wrestler here, JUNI!, she set the world on fire in a one time match in the XWF that saw her RIP apart the competition and become the number one contender to the Xtreme Championship… an opportunity that WE declined. I think you all know why...

The fans begin to boo loudly.

Danny Lome: Thats right! Because Mr. Vincent LAME, couldn’t get his act together and present my wife with an offer that wasn’t worth using as toilet paper. But now, with the backing of Theo Pryce’s foresight, Miss Fury’s cunning and genius, and Big Money’s… BIG MONEY, the BWO is the place to be! And it’s only a matter of time before my JUNI! Becomes a bonafide star in this federation, and starts RIPPING through the ranks-

The arena lights dim to red in time with music and the crowd immediately showers the ramp with boos and cat calls. The stadium strobes red and white while the stage fills with red smoke and at the first "Body & Blood" Doctor Spleenripper struts out, hands on her hips. Pausing on the ramp, she gives the crowd the once over and licks glistening crimson lips eyeing the ring.

Smug grin on her face, Doctor Spleenripper makes the throat slice gesture at her throat and immediately the arena sprinkler system showers the crowd with fake blood while she makes a slow march to the ring.


Bama T: "Wait a second, baby! Is that?"

The camera pans close to Spleenripper’s face. She bares a mirror like resemblance to BOB’s own Atara Themis as she enters the ring and brings a microphone up to her lips.

Dr. Spleenripper: Did someone say RIPPING? Your BITCH looks sick, Lome. Why don’t you let Dr. Spleenripper give her a checkup?

Danny Lome: You better step back, lady! I can’t be held responsible for what happens to you if I let JUNI! off from her leash.

Dr. Spleenripper: Well, then… ALLOW ME!

Spleenripper grabs for JUNI!’s collar and unhooks it from the leash. A mortified Danny Lome quickly rolls out of the ring as his face turns white. JUNI! explodes onto Spleenripper like a wild honey badger. Howling, and tearing and pounding on her face. But Spleenripper is cagy, and somehow jams a thumb directly into JUNI!’s eye. The feral-like warrior is momentarily disabled, giving Spleenripper an opening to take JUNI! down to the mat with a traditional arm drag that she wrenches over into a lock. JUNI! howls in pain, but is resilient and overpower Spleenripper, tackling her down to the mat again where she bites Spleenripper on the nose and begins to rip back.


Bama T: "That’s right, baby! This ain’t the XWF! We can’t have our talent being damaged goods before they get to square up in the ring!"

Several BWO black-shirts come rushing from the back. They enter the ring, but it’s just in time for JUNI! to have lifted Spleenripper from behind and flip her over her head with a release German Suplex. Spleenripper’s body crashes into the security guards, knocking them over like bowling pins. But Spleenripper is up to her feet quickly. She charges back at JUNI! and snap suplexs her down. More BWO security charge toward the ring as the two women take their fight to the floor. A chop from JUNI!, a right hand from Spleenripper! JUNI! spears Spleenripper into the barricade, and Spleenripper pushes right back! Sending JUNI! falling headfirst into the ring post. Both women are resilient, they keep going at one another. Five members of security pull back Spleenripper, another five grab JUNI!... But it’s not enough for either of them! The two break free and begin wailing on one another again. More members of security come spilling out from all over the arena!

Tommy Slavino:”Jesus, Bama! There must be 50 members of our security team out here trying to stop these two!"

Bama T: "OOOOOH BABY! Can you imagine the scene when these two women get ahold of one another under Fury Rules? Miss Fury, I know you’re listening! Book this match now!"

Finally, with twenty-or-so members of security dedicated to each woman, the two are finally separated and pushed away. Spleenripper holds up a pair of middlefinger towards JUNI!, as she smiles back with a bloodied mouth, a wild, inhuman look in her eye. The scene fades as Danny Lome pushes through the security and hooks JUNI!’s leash back on her collar.


[Image: Pete-Player.jpg]

“Ladies and germs, with me right now is one of the most controversial members of the XWF community over the last five years… he’s the longest reigning singles champion in XWF history, having held the Cardboard Miniature Championship since 2014… and last time he was here on bWo programming he attacked Muscle Midget… he is MINI MORBID!”

The sound of wood scooting against the floor is heard as a stool appears next to Steve… er… Pete Player’s hip. A second later Mini Morbid pops up onto the stool.


“Sorry Mini. First day on the job, you know… totally new journalist.”


“Peter. I go by Pete, though.”


Just then, a door bursts in and four minis charge the room, surrounding Pete Player and Mini Morbid.

[Image: arts-starkey-mini_kiss_7-30-1.jpg]


Suddenly the OTHER door burst open as a wide eyed and crazy Muscle Midget crashes through the door!

[Image: tenor.gif]


Muscle Midget storms Morbid Mini, crashing through the DEMONS and tackling him to the floor! Pete Player jumps out of the way as the two minis squirm and scap all over the floor. The DEMONS looks to each other for guidance, shrug, and jump in trying to pull the appropriately named Muscle Midget away from Mini Morbid!

Tony Slavino :"It's five on one, and even still Muscle Midget can't be deterred!"

Bama T: "More like two-and-a-half on a third! These ain't MEN, baby!"

As the fight intensifies, dust begins to stir and soon enough all of the mini's are lost in a swirly cloud of dust!

Bama T: "Holy smokes, it's like a damned cartoon, baby!"

As the brawl pushes past Pete Player, the force of the dust cloud snaps the fake mustache right off of Pete's face!


Hard to tell! He quickly covers his face and runs off as the minis continue to brawl right out that OTHER door!

Tommy Slavino: "What in the hell did I just watch!?"

Bama T: "Them baby men are scrapping like ally cats loaded on spoilt tuna and catnip, baby!"

Tommy Slavinio: "I don't know what that means, but I feel sorry for whoever has to break THAT up!"

The Syndicate
- vs -
The Badd Brothers and Malice Cooper!

The Syndicate music hits as Brandon Walker, Lien Xinya and Katia Fire appear at the top of the ramp. The trio marches to the ring and behind them through the curtain appears Solace Tatum herself. Solace swings a kendo stick around as she escorts the three to the ring. Their opponents Malice Cooper and the Badd brothers clear the ring as they all slip into the ring each going to a corner and posing to a pop of pyro. Solace clears the ring and the two teams move to the corners. Katia and Lien step outside the ropes leaving Brandon to start the match against Rodd Badd.

Bama T: "I have a feeling Brandon Walker is in for a Badd day, baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "No doubt! Who are these people to walk into bWo like their hot shit!? And who is Theo Pryce to hire these clowns after Miss Fury made it clear that we didn't have any room in the budget for talentless hacks like these!?"

Bama T: "No doubt, baby! You've got to be thinking there's some trouble brewing between the two shareholders of bWo, baby!"

The bell rings as Brandon meets Rodd in the middle of the ring and the two lock up. Brandon quickly overpowers his opponent and slaps him in the chest. Rodd grabs at his chest and Brandon grabs him throwing him to the friendly corner where he follows and makes the tag to Lien who slips through the middle rope and moves the center of the ring only to rush back and spear Rodd into the corner and tags Brandon back in. Brandon drags Rodd to the center of the ring and Lien hits the ropes and leaps onto Brandon's shoulders then delivers a brutal splash.

Tommy Slavino: "Did these guys put something in Rodd's water before the match!? They're making this look TOO easy!"

Lien rolls out of the ring and returns to the apron while Brandon also comes off the ropes and drops an elbow to Rodd's sternum. Brandon covers.

Bama T: "Come on Rodd, this can't be it!"



Rodd gets his foot up on the bottom rope causing the ref to break the count.

Bama T: "AH-HA! Good ring awareness Rodd! Hell yeah, baby!"

Brandon breaks the cover and stands up pulling Rodd up to his knees then to his feet. He whips Rodd into the neutral corner and charges only to receive a boot to the face, dropping him to the ground long enough for Rodd to get to the corner and tag his brother in. Brandon crawls over to the corner as well making the tag to Katia who hops the top rope as Brandon rolls out through the bottom. Katia rushes Todd who attempts a clothesline that Katia ducks and delivers a dropkick to Malice on the apron knocking him to the ground. The Ref distracted Lien and Brandon enter the ring and execute a joint Russian leg sweep and then slip back out of the ring. Quickly back on her feet Katia charges back at Todd and surprises him with a shining wizard kick then covers. Brandon and Lien rush to the enemy corner around the ring and pull both Rodd and Malice from the apron as the ref turns around to see the cover.




Tommy Slavino: "I think we all know's what happens when you let Miss Fury down, and you guys, you guys just let her down BIG!"

Bama T: "How could they lose to THESE guys!? A bunch of unknowns! Not stars like JT Washington or, oh... What's his name? With the karate shit?"

Tommy Slavino: "Cockpuncher?"

Bama T: "Yeah, that clown! These fools ain't even as over as that idiot!"

The bell rings, The Syndicate music hits and Solace, Brandon and Lien all enter the ring to celebrate. Katia rolls Todd to the outside of the ring and joins the other three in the center of the ring. The four pose to another pop of Pyro then exit the ring conversing as they make their way up the ramp.

Tommy Slavino: "Reguardless, they walk away tonight with the victory!"

Oswald's music hits, microphone in hand as he stomps his way to the ring and the crowd chants MAY-HEM! B O B! MAY-HEM! B O B!

As he enters the ring, his music is cut, and he begins unbuttoning his BDC. He grins wide as he holds the belt up in the air as the crowd ooh and ah the sight of it.

"THIS! This title, has been around my waist, for 316 days! Not a single fucking time has it left my side. Not once! I am the longest reigning and defending Billion Dollar Champion and I welcome any and all challengers to my title. Consider this the BILLION DOLLAR OPEN CHALLENGE! I DARE YOU TO COME AT ME, BOYS AND GIRLS AND PEOPLE ON THE GENDER SPECTRUM!

Come at your God and be dashed to the ground as I continue to hold onto this belt and bring it into the annals of XWF title history and beyond! The only way I will relinquish this title, is if my darling daughter takes over from me. Until then, good luck prying this off my fucking hands.

So who is going to be the unlucky bastard who will challenge me?"

He begins unbuttoning his suit jacket and dress shirt and handing it to his servant and his belt, as he gets ready for whomever answers the call. All of a sudden, the lights go out and an unknown song begins to play over the loud speakers.

Bama T. “Hold on, baby, whose theme music is THAT???”

Tommy Slavino: “It's certainly not anything I'm familiar with, that's for sure!"

Through the darkness, we can just make out Oswald looking around in a panic. Eventually, the lights come back on and standing behind him is none other than the Mystery Man who's been terrorizing BOB.

Tommy Slavino: "It's the Mystery Man!"

Bama T. “Oh, baby, is HE here to answer Big Money's open challenge?”

Oswald and The Mystery Man stare each other down for a minute, until The Mystery Man takes off his trench coat revealing a toned frame and chiseled abs!

Tommy Slavino: "There's your answer! Big Money better watch out, 'cause this guy is IN shape!"

Bama T. “Just another meathead, baby. He ain't got shit on Oswald!"

The Billion Dollar Man looks unimpressed with his opponent's physique, taking off his own top and revealing himself for all the world to see.

Bama T. “Now THAT'S a body, baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "Oswald certainly looks good, as well.................... maybe good enough for a spot in BOB Elite?"

Bama T. “Let's not get carried away, Tommy!"

The Billion Dollar Man paces back and forth as his opponent stands in place, the only thing moving being his eyes along Big Money's path. Oswald hands his Championship over to the ref, who raises it above his head before walking over and handing it to the time keeper. With both men anxious to get the match underway, the referee calls for the bell.


[Image: billion.png]
"The Billion Dollar Man" Money Oswald -vs- Mystery Guy

Tommy Slavino: "And here we go! Big Money's Billion Dollar Championship IS on the line!"

Bama T. “Oh, baby, can you imagine if this Mystery Asshole actually WINS a bWo belt?! It could mean the end of BOB as we know it!"

Both men lock up, with the Mystery Man getting an early advantage with a Headlock. Big Money drops back to the ropes and attempts to use the momentum to push his opponent off him, but the Mystery Man grabs Oswald by the arm, yanks him forward, and puts him back in a Headlock.

Bama T. “Baby, this is the most boring match I've ever seen in my life, and by no fault of Oswald's!"

The Billion Dollar Man slowly works his way out of the hold, slipping his hands between his head and opponent's arm, enabling him to escape. He then swings at the Mystery Man, who ducks the shot and slips behind Oz, attempting to lift him up for a German Suplex. Unfortunately for him, Big Money is able to prevent it and deliver a hard Elbow to the side of the Mystery Man's head, backing him up a bit. Oswald then charges forward for a Clothesline, but his opponent ducks under that, gets behind him once more, and uses the momentum to actually CONNECT with a German Suplex!

Tommy Slavino: "THAT was pretty impressive!"

Bama T. “A German Suplex? Who does this guy think he is, some kind of Nazi?! I give that move one Star of David out of ten, baby!"

Oswald retreats to the outside, with his opponent following close behind. The Mystery Man reaches for Oz, but is met with an enormous Knee to the Gut before having his face smashed against the barricade.

Bama T. “Come on, baby, smear that paint right off so we can see who this asshole is!!!!"

Tommy Slavino: "That's a great point you bring up, Bama T! The longer this match goes on, the more likely this Mystery Man's face paint is gonna run, potentially revealing who he is!"

The Billion Dollar Man leans his opponent against the barrier and lays into him with multiple rights. Oz then goes to Whip him into the side of the ring, but the Mystery Man is able to jump up onto the apron and dive off for a Crossbody........................................ only to be caught in mid-air!!!!!!

Tommy Slavino: "Oswald caught him!"

Bama T. “'Atta boy, Oz! Now take out the trash so we can move on to more important business!!!"

Oswald adjusts his opponent so that he's on his right shoulder, facing forward, before running towards the ring post. However, before Big Money can drive the Mystery Man's face into it, he's able to slither his way out of Oswald's clutches and shove him into the steel post, instead!

Bama T. “Now that's an all-time low, baby! Using the ring post to win a Championship, I've never seen something so cowardly in my life!"

The Mystery Man rolls Oswald into the ring, following close behind and hooking a leg for the cover.




Tommy Slavino: "That belt is worth a fortune; you had to know Oswald wasn't gonna give it up THAT easily!"

Bama T. “He ain't gonna give it up at all, baby!"

The Mystery Man brings his opponent to a vertical base and goes to Irish Whip him to the ropes, but Oswald reverses and pulls him into a Bearhug. Big Money applies as much pressure as he can, but his opponent is able to wriggle his arms free and deliver an Eye Rake that not only helps him escape, but fills the arena with a chorus of boos, as well!

Bama T. “The fans didn't like that and, baby, neither did I!"

Tommy Slavino: "You never wanna see anyone outside of BOB using those kind of tactics."

Oswald lets go of his opponent and takes a few steps back, trying to regain his sight. Seeing an opportunity, the Mystery Man charges forward..................... only to be met with a High Knee that sends his head flying backwards before plummeting to the mat.

Bama T. “GolLY!!!! Oswald looked like a sniper with that headshot!"

Tommy Slavino: "And he's going for the cover! Could this be the end of the Mystery Man?!"




A frustrated Oswald leans over his opponent and lays into him with multiple Elbow shots, before rubbing the side of his arm against the Mystery Man's face.

Bama T. “Get 'im, Ozzy baby! Show him what happens to people who mess with BOB!"

Tommy Slavino: "We could be moments away from seeing who the Mystery Man is!"

As the Billion Dollar Man continues to wipe away at his opponent's face paint, the Mystery Man does his best to cover up. This only aggravates Oswald more, causing him to deliver a couple more hard Elbow shots to the Mystery Man's forehead. A cameraman from behind the two wrestlers zooms in on the Mystery Man's face but, before we can tell who he is, he's busted open by one of Oz's strikes, covering his face with blood.

Bama T. “Who is he?!? Is it Drezdin???"

Tommy Slavino: "I don't know, the blood is acting like face paint!"

Big Money gets off his opponent and signals for the end. He then drags the Mystery Man to his feet and puts his head between his legs before lifting him up into Powerbomb position.

Tommy Slavino: "He could be setting up for the DELETION!!!!"

Bama T. “Yes! Do it, baby; delete this asshole once and for all!!!!"

Oswald goes to pop his opponent up, but he's able to escape and wrap his arms around Big Money's waste. Oz delivers yet another Elbow shot, forcing the Mystery Man to let go and back away. The Billion Dollar Man then rushes towards him, only to get caught with a Belly to Belly Suplex that sends him flying into the corner, before crashing hard to the mat! The Mystery Man wastes little time dragging Oswald out of the corner and laying across him for a cover.



SHOULDER UP!!!!!!!!!!!

Tommy Slavino: "Big Money refuses to stay down! That's exactly the kind of tenacity it takes to run with the bWo!"

Bama T. “They call that BOBnacity, Tommy!"

Tommy Slavino: "I believe you're right, Bama!"

The Mystery Man gets to his feet and delivers a Stomp to his downed opponent, attempting to come up with a way to finish him off. Something apparently clicks, as he gets down to Oswald's level and locks in a Crippler Crossface!

Tommy Slavino: "He's looking to make Oswald tap out right here!"

Bama T. “Baby, who do we know that uses a Crossface?"

Tommy Slavino: "Hmmmmm, not too many people that I can think of!"

A few random fans who think they have the Mystery Man figured out cheer as he applies pressure. Unfortunately for him, Big Money is able to work his way to his feet and Slam the Mystery Man down, forcing him to let go.

Tommy Slavino: "The crowd has started chanting something, but I can't quite make out what it is!"

Bama T. “It sounds like 'Baby' to me! Maybe they're cheering on my excellent commentary!"

Tommy Slavino: "Doubtful."

Big Money gets up and brings the Mystery Man with him. He pops his hips and connects with a German Suplex, keeping his hands locked in order to get back up and deliver a second one as the chants in the arena grow louder.

Tommy Slavino: "'Pick me'? Maybe they're chanting for Oswald to defend against THEM next???"

Bama T "That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard! They're CLEARLY chanting 'Bama T'!"

The Billion Dollar Man goes for a third German Suplex, but the Mystery Man is able to roll forward and escape from Oswald's clutches. Both men get to their feet, with the Mystery Man positioning himself behind Big Money and hoisting him in the air.

Tommy Slavino: "Looks like he's going for a.............. MARK OF EXCELLENCE?!?"

Bama T "Also known as a DAN SLAM!!!!! IT'S BIG D!!!!"

Tommy Slavino: "Oh my God, you're right! That's what the fans have been chanting!!!!"

The roar of the crowd is deafening as Big D plants Oswald into the mat with a Dan Slam!!!!! However, before he can cover him, members of BOB rush out and climb onto the apron. D knocks a few of them off, but the distraction allows the rest of them to drag Oz out of the ring to safety. One of them grabs his Billion Dollar Championship and brings it over, while the rest of them look ready to pounce on D. Before they can make it to him, though, Big D reaches into his pants and tosses a smoke bomb down, engulfing him in a cloud of smoke.

Bama T "Who does this guy think he is, Batman?!?"

As the smoke clears, we can see that Big D is nowhere to be found, leaving the bWo members speechless as the arena fills with 'BIG D' chants!

Bama T "You know you're at a bWo show, right?!"

Tommy Slavino: "They don't care, Bama. These fans wanted a surprise and, boy, did they get one!"

Bama T "Well, let me tell you somethin', what ISN'T a surprise is Oswald retaining his Title once again, baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "Absolutely! If it wasn't for The Mystery Man throwing that smoke bomb, there's no doubt Oz would've pinned him for sure!"

Bama T "Ain't no doubt it my mind, baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "Folks, we've got more to come, don't you go anywhere like that coward, Big D!"

No Contest

We return to the locker room area where Clint Fatwood is outside the trainers room. The door opens and the trainer emerges out.

Clint Fatwood: Give it to me straight Doc, is Terry going to be able to compete?"

Trainer: Clint I wish I had some better news for you... but I cannot on good authority clear Terry Borden to wrestle. His knee is swollen triple in size. It looks like you are going to have to go it alone. I have to get back to Terry, you will have to excuse me.

Dream-A-Maniacs -vs- CCP and Bobby Bourbon

The crowd erupts with boos!

Tommy Slavino: "The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall and if the Dream-A-Maniacs win they will be granted a shot at Them No Good Bastards for the XWF Tag Team Championships!"

Clint emerges out to the top of the ramp by himself with a bull rope and cowbell. He quietly observes as the bizzaro world crowd that displays little other than disdain for him.


Clint starts to make his way to the ring knowing that he has a major uphill battle to fight under these NO-DQ stipulations. Clint reaches ringside where he climbs up on the ring apron before stepping through the ropes and entering the ring.

The bWo crowd EXPLODES with a thunderous ovation as pyro begins to shoot off from all over!

Tommy Slavino: "These guys need no introduction, but in case you live under a rock! First he is one half of the XWF World Tag Team Champions BOBBY BOURBON, and teaming with him tonight is none other than “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE!"

The ovation grows louder and louder as CCP and Bourbon emerge out to the top of the ramp. The duo start to make the walk to the ring as Clint paces back and forth. The duo of Page and Bourbon reach ringside where they start to circle the ring like sharks circling their prey. Page removes his ring jacket before climbing up on one side of the ring while Bobby climbs up on the other side of the ring. Clint charges towards Bourbon which allows Page to slip into the ring, Bourbon drops down to the floor as this allows Page the blindside Fatwood to officially start the contest.


Bourbon immediately slides into the ring as the double team on Fatwood begins! Bobby holds Clint’s arms behind his back as Page unloads with rights and lefts to the face and the body before reaching down picking up the bull rope by the cowbell! Page clocks Fatwood’s dome with the cowbell sending Clint staggering before dropping to one knee where Bourbon delivers a straight kick to the face knocking the old veteran to the mat. Bobby starts to stomp away at Fatwood relentlessly before Page starts to whip Fatwood across his shirted back with the bull rope! Shot after shot after shot before he hands Bobby the bull rope before picking Clint up off the mat. Page hammers away with a series of right hands before shooting Fatwood into a neutral corner. Bobby drops the rope as Page takes him and sends him sailing towards Fatwood who avoids an avalanche splash sending Bourbon crashing into the turnbuckles!

Tommy Slavino: "Fatwood doesn't know when to give up!"

Page charges looking for a clothesline, Fatwood ducks and as Page spins around Clint drops him with a Bionic Elbow to the skull!

Bama T: "No! No! No! Get'em Bobby!"

Bourbon staggers backwards before turning around where Fatwood peppers his jaw with a series of jabs! Bourbon swings with a wild right hand that Fatwood ducks and drives a bionic elbow to the forehead followed by a second before suddenly being spun around by Page who gouges him in the eyes!

Bama T: "YES BABY!"

Page takes Fatwood by the head and shirt before hurling him out to the floor through the ropes. Bobby rolls out to the floor where he tosses the ring apron back and retrieves a steel chair.

Tommy Slavino: "The Wednesday Night Wrecker is alive and well!"

Bama T: "And that's bad news for Clint Fatwood baby!"

Bobby measures Fatwood and as Clint starts to get to his feet Bobby jabs him in the midsection with the chair before crashing him across the back with it! The crowd pops huge as Fatwood is driven down to the ringside area. Page watches on from inside the ring as Clint reaches all fours only to have Bourbon crack him across the back a second time driving Fatwood down to the floor. Page drops down to the mat where he rolls out to the floor and tosses the ring apron back before pulling out a table. He slides it into the ring as Bobby cracks the chair across the back of Fatwood a third time. Bobby picks Clint up off the floor before scooping him up and slamming him down! Page sets the table up in the ring.

Tommy Slavino: "Things are about to go from bad to worse!"

Bama T: "The only person to blame for this is CLINT FATWOOD BABY! What kind of idiot comes out her all alone!?"

Bobby picks Clint up off the floor where he hurls him back into the ring. Page starts to stomp away at Fatwood’s chest before reaching down and picking him up off the mat. Bourbon slides back into the ring where Page sends Fatwood towards him, Bobby snatches Clint by the throat where he hoists him up in the air before driving him through the table with a chokeslam! Bobby makes the cover.




Fatwood kicks out of the near fall!

Tommy Slavino: "I can't believe it! How'd he kick out!?"

Bama T: "Nobody's saying he's not a tough son of a bitch, just a stupid one baby!"

Page picks up one side of the broken table as we see Bobby getting back to his feet. He reaches down picking Clint up and holds him in position by both arms once again. Page comes charging towards Fatwood looking to part his skull with a shot from the table only to see Fatwood duck at the last second causing Page to crack Bobby in the face with half of the table!

Tommy Slavino: "Oh no!"

Bourbon is sent spilling out to the floor as Clint snatches up his cowbell! Page turns around where he is cracked in between the eyes with the cowbell to a roar of boos from the bWo crowd as Page crumbles to the mat! Clint bounces off the ropes where he drops a huge elbow across the sternum of the former Universal Champion! Clint makes the cover!

Bama T: "NO!"




Page kicks out before the fatal three count!

Tommy Slavino: "Fatwood should know better than to try and put away the former Universal Champion so quickly!"

Bama T: "Uh... Y.. Yeah! I wasn't worried at all baby!"

Clint reaches a vertical base where he takes his bull rope and wraps it around the throat of Chris Page! Clint starts choking the life out of Page looking for a possible submission of choke out to secure the victory! Bobby Bourbon recovers on the floor where he slides into the ring and blind sides Fatwood causing him to release the choke out attempt on Page! Bobby drives Fatwood back into a neutral corner where he starts bombarding him with stiff shoulder blocks to the midsection before shifting gears and driving short forearms to the face and jaw with both ham hocks! Bourbon brings Fatwood out towards the center of the ring where he sets him up for a Bourbon Bomb!

Tommy Slavino: "He's awoken the bull now!"

Bama T: "The wha!?"

Bobby looks to hoist up Fatwood only to see Clint drop to one knee and block before delivering a low blow to Bourbon! The crowd boos intently as Bobby crumbles to the mat. Clint turns his attention towards Page who is nearing his feet only to have Clint deliver a DDT! He rolls Page over making the cover.




Page kicks out of the near fall once again.

Tommy Slavino: "Bama, as a former wrestler, what do these guys need to do to get back into this match?"

Bama T: "Beats the hell out of me baby! I don't know how this fat tub is doing what he's doing right now!"

Tommy Slavino: "Maybe we should start testing for PEDS!"

Clint starts to negotiate his way to his feet where he reaches his feet. He reaches down picking Page up off the mat before sending him sailing over the top rope and out to the floor! Clint picks up the bull rope and cowbell before turning his attention towards Bobby who has reached one knee. Clint comes forward and starts using the cowbell as a right hand to the skull of Bourbon! Shot after shot after shot before Bourbon falls back to the mat. Clint drops down making a cover.




Bourbon kicks out!

Tommy Slavino: "Oh! CCP looks to about have had his fill of Fatwood's admittedly impressive fight against the odds!"

Out on the floor Page goes under the ring where he pulls out a Kendo Stick. He slides back into the ring where he reaches his feet. Clint turns towards Page who starts cracking him in the skull with repeated shots from the Kendo stick busting Clint wide open in the process before breaking the stick over his head in the process!


Bobby rolls out to the floor where he picks up the steel chair and tosses it into the ring. He goes under the ring pulling out a second chair before sliding into the ring. He reaches his feet where he tosses one of the chairs to the Page before picking up the second chair with Fatwood now working his way to his feet between them.

Tommy Slavino: "You had a good run kid!"

Bourbon and Page each smash their chairs against the mat as a bloody Fatwood starts to reach one knee.

Tommy Slavino: "But I think your career is about to end PERMANENTLY!"


Terry Borden limps out to the top of the ramp with a barbwire wrapped steel chair in his hands! Borden starts to make his way towards the ring to aid his partner!

Bama T: "What's he going to do with that? No, you know what!? It doesn't matter baby! Come get some Borden!"

Terry hits the ring as Bourbon and Page bail out to the floor to avoid any of the Barbwire Wrapped Steel Chair! Clint Fatwood steps back up to his feet as he and Borden go back to back with Borden locked in on Page while Fatwood is locked in on Bourbon!

[b]Tommy Slavino: "Both of these men are on their last legs! If they think that weapon is going to keep BOB at bay for long..."[/b]

Suddenly Borden steps away from Clint causing Clint to turn around where BORDEN CRACKS CLINT FATWOOD over the head with a vile shot from the Barbwire Wrapped Chair! The crowd pops huge for the turn on Fatwood!

Bama T: "Holy shit! What am I seeing Tommy!?"

Borden tosses the chair to the mat as Bourbon and Page slide into the ring! Page and Borden high five each other followed by Borden and Bourbon high fiving each other.

Tommy Slavino: "I think we're seeing the call to join BOB answered by the legendary Terry Borden!"

Borden bounces off the ropes dropping the ATOMIC LEG DROP OF DEATH across the throat of Fatwood!

Bama T: "One of the greatest this business has ever seen baby!"

He rolls out of the way for Bobby to put one foot on the chest of a bloody Fatwood.





The crowd pops huge for the win as CCP raises Terry Borden’s right arm while Bobby Bourbon raises his left!

Tommy Slavino: "BOB walks away both victorious AND stronger!"

Bama T: "Winning every way possible baby! That's how we do!"

Bobby and Terry exit the ring as Page starts to stomp away at Fatwood.

The crowd roars with loud boos as Page stops his assault on Fatwood. He shifts his attention towards the top of the ramp where Bobby and Borden stand waiting with their backs to the ring. Suddenly APEX comes through the crowd lead by Robert Main! Main, Archyle and Caedus slide in the ring behind Page where we see Robert take Page up in the air before delivering the DEAD MAN’S HAND!

Tommy Slavino: "What in the hell are THEY doing here!? Nobody invited APEX!"

Main, Archlye and Caedus start putting the boots to Page only to have Bobby and Borden see what is going on via the tron. They turn towards the ring as BOB members Big Puddin, Big Phresh, Atara Themis, Bobby Bourbon and Terry Borden all hit the ring sending APEX escaping back out to through the crowd but not without sending a clear message to Chris Page.

Bama T: "Yeah baby! You see them cowards run from the fight when the numbers were evened!"

Tommy Slavino: "I sure did! Come on tough guys! Three-on-one is okay, but not six-on-three!"

Bama T: "Fucking bitches baby!"

Chet Dakota -vs- Thunder Knuckles

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen. It is now time for the premier match of the evening. A match so grand in scale that all other matches fall woefully short in comparison. This is a match the world has spent years waiting for. The world, but most importantly America, has pined for the return of the legend, the icon, pro wrestling’s hero, Chet Dakota. Tonight, that return becomes a reality as he faces BOB’s own, Thunder Knuckles.

The crowd buzzes with excitement. Is Chet Dakota TRULY in the building? Or is this FAKE NEWS? They refuse to let themselves get TOO excited...understanding somebody super shitty like Max Stryker could emerge, instead

Ring Announcer: Please, I ask that you all prepare yourselves. Those inside the building, take a deep breath and gather your emotional bearings. Those at home, you might want to grab a seat. What’s about to follow will, no doubt, rock your very foundation.

The entirely epic XTron video of TNGB takes over the arena as the lights dim. A spotlight highlights the ramp, and Thunder Knuckles walks out onto the entrance ramp, hyped and ready to fight, pointing out into the crowd. Behind him, Bobby Bourbon deliberately walks out and stops, also pointing out into the crowd. Both men glance at each other and clink their Tag Team Championships together, then in unison point into the ring. The crowd sings along with the song.


It’s a very PRO-BOB crowd tonight. Which should come as no surprise. A few signs in the crowd are highlighted. “TK is my daddy!” TK pays it no attention. He’s not in the mood to get into some fight over supposed child support. A few women lean over the railing, flashing their cleavage...trying to seduce TK and Bourbon. To their credit...they remain mostly focused. TK has the fight of his life staring him in the face. TK slides into the ring and gets up onto a knee, beckoning the crowd as Bobby climbs the steps and enters the ring behind him. TK stands and appeals to the crowd as Bobby raises his arms at 45-degree angles.

Ring Announcer: Being accompanied to the ring by his partner, Bobby Bourbon. Standing at a most desirable height and weighing in at a totally awesome amount of poundage...he is one half of the XWF Tag Team Champions. And, tonight, he takes his aim at slaying the unconquerable Chet Dakota...he is...Thunder Knuckles!!!

TK plays to the crowd...nodding his head to their song. He seems composed. The PRO-BOB crowd is helping, no doubt. Bourbon takes TK’s tag belt and exits the ring, hanging suspiciously outside. TK leans against the ropes, testing their spring. He hops around, displaying a bit of nervous excitement.

Ring Announcer: And, his opponent…

The Air Force One Theme hits. Everyone...EVERYONE turns toward the stage. Could it be? IS IT REALLY? IT IS!! Chet Dakota, the myth, the legend...steps out onto the ramp. Old Glory is draped over his shoulders. He stands, immaculately atop the stage. His thousand yard stare reaches beyond the mere confines of this arena...out into the very depths of reality. His very presence sends a literal shockwave through the crowd, knocking hats and other headware off the fans. They grow weak in the knees, dropping down and genuflecting. Turning their heads upward, everyone in the crowd salutes the greatest American Hero of all time. He begins his descent down the ramp.

Ring Announcer: And his god...its truly glorious. Ladies and is my honor to present...Pro Wrestling Icon, Chet Dakota.

Chet reaches ringside. He pauses, inhaling some majestic FREE air. A sign behind him reads, “MAX STRYKER ONLY HAS 6 FOLLOWERS, HAHA!!” another reads “Scott Stevens? More like Scott Sucks!!!” Chet turns, spotting the signs. They are held by his #1 fan, Jake Spencer. Spencer is wearing a Chilis t-shirt. Chet rubs his head. Jake faints. Chet marches toward the ring...each step up the staircase creates tremors powerful enough to register on the Richter scale. He enters the ring...the mat quivers with ecstasy upon feeling Chet’s aura. He marches toward his corner. TK leans in a neutral corner, watching. Chet climbs and thrusts the American Flag high into the air with the type of pride that can only be found in ancient American historical texts.

Tommy Slavino: "Sorry if we’ve been rather quiet, fans. But this is a moment that...well, it requires no description."

Ring Announcer: Would you all please rise for the National Anthem of the United States of America.

The fans rise. Chet Dakota’s commanding stare sends all of their hands over their hearts. The National Anthem plays. TK takes a rather annoyed breath...but he maintains his composure. The Anthem ends. TK nods, ready to work.

Ring Announcer: And now, please recite the Pledge of Allegiance!

TK rolls his eyes. Chet Dakota remains standing in the corner, holding old glory high in the air. The entire arena is so moved by this patriotic display that the words to the pledge reaches their lips with surprising ease. Chet, of course, leads the charge, his voice pounding through the arena like the hooves of a thousand stallions roaming the great plains of the United States. Once finished, Chet drapes the American Flag over his corner before planting both feet on the mat and turning, staring TK down. TK has a look on his face that says, “Finally!”

Ring Announcer: And now, we proudly present...the return of Chet Dakota. Featuring Thunder Knuckles.

TK yells out “Featuring?” The bell rings and he charges at Chet, leaping into the air, looking to splash him in the corner. Chet, however, catches him...he storms toward the middle of the ring and plants TK into the mat with an All American Spinebuster. The crowd is impressed by the power and skill.

Tommy Slavino: "Thunder Knuckles rushed right into that one!"

Bama T: "Ah damn this Chet Dakota guy. He might have muscles and military training at the highest level but Thunder Knuckles has Xbux baby, and lot's of'em!"

Tommy Slavino: "I don’t think those are gonna buy his way outta this one."

Bama T: "Who said he needed to baby?"

Chet Dakota pauses, staring beyond the arena, into the sky. Somewhere, a Bald Eagle soars spectacularly with a picturesque image of the rockies in the distance. Chet nearly tears up at this mental image. The crowd gasps. Chet turns around and is slightly surprised to see Thunder Knuckles getting up.

Tommy Slavino: "TK is getting up! Chet Dakota nearly killed Max Stryker with a body slam."

Bama T: "He broke Mike Best’s soul with a suplex".

Tommy Slavino: "Neither move compares to a spinebuster. Is Thunder Knuckles the biggest adversary Chet has faced?"

Bama T: "Of course he is baby! TK's not in BOB Elite for no reason!"

TK reaches one knee. Chet Dakota clubs him in the back of the head with a patriotic forearm. TK hits the mat, face first. He’s flattened. Chet grabs TK by his greasy, curly black hair and plucks him from the mat as if he weighed the amount of a small child. In one fluid, easy motion, TK is draped over Chet Dakota’s boulder sized shoulder. Chet backs into his corner. Old Glory sets symbolically behind him. Chet charges forward, turns TK over and POWERSLAMS him into the mat. The entire arena shakes. Some believe the Earth’s axis shifts. TK is down. Chet, on one knee, bows, saying a quick prayer of thanks for all the gifts he’s been given as well as for the good Lord making America the greatest nation in the history of everything. The fans are moved by his spiritual nature.

Tommy Slavino: "You have to admire this man’s dedication to his beliefs."

Bama T: "I’d admire it more if he, ya know, tried to win the match."

Tommy Slavino: "The man is undefeated for a reason. He calls upon the spirits of his ancestors and American heroes to strengthen him."

Bama T: "Sounds like a bunch of malarkey to me baby!"

After a longer than expected prayer, Chet goes for the pin, hooking both legs because Chet Dakota never does anything half-assed AND he respects the sport and his opponent too much to hook just one. The ref makes the count.



3..NO!! Shoulder Up!!

Audible gasps. Chet, on both knees, looks down. His eyes narrow. He sees red. And not the type that comes from rage. It’s a shade that can only resemble one idea...or should I say, ideal. He sees the defiance and petulance that can only reside within the heart of a communist. Is TK really a communist? I, the narrator, cannot say. But Chet Dakota seems to think so. He stands, towering over TK, who rolls onto his shoulder, trying to regain a semblance of awareness.

Tony Slavino: "Chet Dakota has snared an increased level of focus."

Bama T: "If everything I’ve read about Chet Dakota is true...and some would say that’s a mighty big IF, baby! ..then TK lasting this long is downright miraculous."

Tony Slavino: "Yep. But he’s going to need to pull off some type of unexpected hail mary if he wants to truly get back in this thing."

Bobby Bourbon yells, “Fuck you, Chet!” Chet pauses and turns around. He notices a couple of young kids at ringside. They obviously heard Bourbon’s obscenity. Chet Dakota cannot stand for this. He heads Bourbon’s way. Bobby seems eager to greet him, hopping on the apron with both in each hand. He attempts a con-chair-to (with the titles). But Chet blocks both arms. Bourbon seems shocked by Chet’s patriotic strength. The ref hustles over, trying to get Bourbon off the mat. TK, on all fours, sees what’s going on...he scurries forward, crawling as fast as he can...he thrusts his arm up and drills Chet right in the crotch!!! He rolls away, into a neutral corner. Chet Dakota crumbles to the mat, curling in the fetal position. Bobby laughs and turns toward the crowd, holding the tag titles high before hopping off the apron. Chet Dakota remains down while TK takes the brief window to compose and reset

Tommy Slavino: "Chet Dakota is down!!"

Bama T: I'm guessing no baby! Not even Chet Dakota, pro wrestling icon, can sustain a clean shot to the testicles. OH BABY!"

Tommy Slavino: "Inarguable!"

TK grasps the top rope and yanks himself to a standing position. Chet remains in the fetal position, grimacing. TK charges forward, leaps in the air and brings his heel down into the side of Chet’s head, smashing it into the mat. Chet rolls around, holding his head in pain. Parents cover the eyes of their children. We notice the American Flag in Chet’s corner begin to slide from the post, just a little bit. TK kicks Chet onto his back, pressing his foot into Chet’s left shoulder. He grabs Chet’s hands and yells, “How about a test of strength?” Chet is too weakened to do much. TK interlocks their hands...he then jams his knee into Chet’s groin and thrusts forward, pinning Chet’s knuckles against the mat. The ref (unable to see TK’s knee jammed into Chet’s groin) asks Chet if he wants to give it up. Chet grits his teeth and says, NO’. TK, realizing Chet will never quit, dives forward with a headbutt, rendering Chet motionless, on the mat. TK returns to his feet.

Tommy Slavino: "Folks, I don’t want to alarm you. But I’ve just been told that the Stock Market has dropped nearly 50% since Thunder Knuckles took control of this match!"

Bama T: "Good thing I’m invested in crypto baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "Cryptos are down even further."

Bama T: "Son of a bitch! Somebody get Elon Musk on the phone baby!"

TK rubs his forehead. The impact was more severe than he was expecting. Screams from the crowd. We witness what’s caused the horror. Chet Dakota appears to be busted open at the peak of his forehead. Blood is trickling down both sides of his head, creating a pool on the mat. TK sees the BOBTron image of this bloody treat and throws his arms in the air, triumphant. Chet Dakota bleeds!

[Image: 1621647731335.jpg]

Tommy Slavino: "The image of Chet Dakota bleeding is almost more than my heart can take!"

Bama T: "As a wise man once said...if it bleeds, you can kill it."

Tommy Slavino: "Could we be on the precipice of witnessing the greatest upset in the history of atomic existence?"

Bama T: "Perhaps so baby! But I want it to be known. Chet Dakota has NEVER bled in a match before. I’m not even sure he ever bled in combat. He was shot. But I don’t think he ever bled. TK is making history baby!"

TK drops to his knees. He grabs a handful of Chet’s blood soaked hair. He starts pummeling the gash in Chet’s forehead with straight right hands. One after the other after the other after the other. He pounds the back of Chet’s forehead into the mat. Blood splatter is covering the mat. TK looks at his hands...soaked in patriotic blood. He wipes them all over his body as a coat of armor (perhaps). He stands, feeling the rush of adrenaline. The finish line becoming a reality. Chet Dakota manages to roll onto all fours. The blood is really pouring from the cut. A leaky faucet of red paint, slapping against and seeping into the mat. TK straddles him from behind and locks in a Full Nelson!! He jerks Chet upright and shakes him around as best he can. Chet’s giant arms, shoulders, and delts are hard to contain. So, TK lifts him up and SLAMS him into the mat with a Full Nelson Slam. We notice Chet’s American Flag slip a little further off his ring post. TK goes for the pin, hooking one leg.



Shoulder Up!

Bama T: "He damn near pulled it off baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "Fans, try not to panic. But I’ve just been told that bald eagles have been falling, dead, from the sky since Thunder Knuckles gained control of this match."

Bama T: "Geezus!"

Tommy Slavino: "A dark cloud seems to be descending upon America...and Freedom."

TK rips and gouges at Chet’s cut, opening it wider and deeper. Chet Dakota does not scream. He merely fights TK off before rolling over, protecting his wound. TK shakes the excess blood from his hands. He gives Chet a soccer style kick into the ribs. Chet Dakota flips over, onto his back. TK snares him by his slick, soaked hair...yanking him up before scooping him off the mat and slamming him into the canvas with a Scoop Slam. He decides against the pin...instead, he grabs Chet’s legs and falls backward, slingshotting Chet into his very own corner! The American Flag slides even further off the ring’s coming dangerously close to touching the ground. Chet stumbles out of the corner. TK turns him around, ducks, hoists him up, spins around and plants him into the mat with thunderous Alabama Slam!! Blood flies into the air, creating a giant mist from the impact. TK hovers over Chet, hooking the leg. The ref counts.



3...NO! Kick Out!!!

Bama T: "Three?! Are we sure that wasn’t a three?"

Tommy Slavino: "Apparently not. Fans...I don’t want you to be alarmed...but apparently troops from around the world are being assembled to attack and conquer America. They sense weakness. Even the weak Canadians are about to move in, from the North. No word on if James Raven is behind this."

Bama T: "My gosh...what are you saying?"

Tommy Slavino: "I’m saying America is about to fall!"

TK pops back to his feet...he can FEEL the victory. It’s within his grasp. Chet Dakota, pro wrestling icon, staggers to his feet, a bloodied mess. TK runs forward and pops a running knee into Chet’s amazing jaw. Chet stumbles into a corner. TK steps back and charges forward with Double Knees into the corner. Chet Dakota staggers forward, spinning around and hitting the mat! The American Flag in Chet’s corner begins to’s about to fall to the ground. TK heads for the top rope. Bourbon is talking shit to Chet from under the bottom rope.

Bama T: "Yes baby! BOB is going to pull this off! They are going to end the legacy of Chet Dakota, pro wrestling icon!"

TK reaches the top rope. He looks down and points at Chet Dakota. He leaps off with Double Knees from the Top! TREMENDOUS IMPACT!! Chet isn’t moving!! TK scurries over for the pin. The American Flag in Chet’s corner slides all the way off the post and falls to the ground.

Bama T: "Here it is! Goodnight, Chet Dakota!"

Tommy Slavino: "Folks...stay calm. But I’ve just been informed that President Biden has been taken underground for protection. The doom of America appears to be at hand."



The American Flag touches the ground. Chet’s eyes shoot wide open. He puts his arms under Thunder Knuckles and thrusts upward, tossing TK into the air and over the top rope, onto Bobby Bourbon...they both fall to the ground. Chet nips up and flexes. He stares into the camera. His gash suddenly stops bleeding. He turns and charges into his corner, sliding under the bottom rope. Chet snare Old Glory and drapes it over his shoulders, sliding back into the ring. He hops on the second buckle and thrusts the flag into the air. The crowd is mesmerized by what they’ve just seen. “USA! USA! USA!”

Bama T: "Are you kidding me?!"

Tommy Slavino: "Chet Dakota will not stand for the American Flag touching the ground. That crosses the line!"

Bama T: "What has gotten into this crowd baby?"

Tommy Slavino: "Patriotism."

Chet places the flag back over the post. Behind him approaches Bobby Bourbon. He shoves the ref out of the way. Chet hops down and turns around...Bobby kicks him in the lower abdomen (possibly a low blow). Chet doubles over. Bourbon hoists him up, spins around and plants him into the mat with a HUGE Bobbybomb!!!! Chet immediately nips up and gets into Bourbon’s face. Bobby’s eyes widen.

Bama T: "Chet just no-sold the Bobbybomb!"

Tommy Slavino: "Great news! The stock market has recovered! The Bald Eagles have resurrected! All of the countries, ESPECIALLY CANADA, are backing off. And, President Biden is currently addressing the nation, confirming America’s superiority."

Bama T: "What about cryptos?"

Tommy Slavino: "Relax. You’re a millionaire."

Bama T: "Yeah, well I wanna be a BILLIONARE! C'MON CHET, KICK HIS ASS BABY!"

Bobby backs into the ropes...he shoots forward...Chet grabs him and hurls him over the top rope with such patriotic force that Bourbon flip sover, clearing everything and landing ont he ramp with a loud crash. TK immediately slides back into the ring. He delivers a running knee into Chet, from behind. Chet Dakota turns around, glaring at TK. TK throws a punch, but Chet blocks it!! Chet delivers a right hand...the crowd yells “U!” another right hand, the crowd yells “S!” a third right hand, the crowd screams “A!!!!” Chet shoots TK off the ropes...he bounces off the opposing ropes. Chet catches him, hoists him over his shoulder and seamlessly transitions him into a jumping Tombstone Piledriver!! BOOOOOOM!!!! Red, white, and blue fireworks explode from each turnbuckle. TK goes limp. Chet hooks both legs...because he takes no short cuts and he has too much respect for the sport and his opponent to hook only one. The ref slides in...the crowd counts down.




Tommy Slavino: "Chet Dakota has done it! He hit Code Red, White, and Blue for the win!"

Bama T: "I was pulling for Thunder Knuckles. But I can’t claim to be upset that our country avoided destruction! How rich am I baby?"

Tommy Slavino: Chet Dakota remains unbeaten, unrivaled, and unparalleled! You're also a trillionaire now!"

Bama T: "OH BABY!"

Chet Dakota slaps TK on the chest, thanking a fellow warrior for the spirt of combat. Chet Dakota has always and will always be the world’s most gracious winner. Standing up, Chet wipes what blood remains from his face. His cut pretty much healed due to his powerful, patriotic immune system. Marching toward his corner, he snares old glory and holds it high into the air. Women are crying. Boys have suddenly matured into men. Every adult male has rushed to enlist in the armed forces. Every criminal in the arena has suddenly sworn off crime. It is a landmark day for the human race.

Tommy Slavino: "Sorry if I sound a little choked up but...this is overwhelming."

Bama T: "It’s unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed."

Tommy Slavino: "You can’t comprehend greatness until you witness it, first hand. Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, we witnessed the greatest example of greatness in the history of being great."

Bama T: "I couldn’t have said it better myself baby!"

[Image: MAINEVENT.png]

Non-Title Match
Miss Fury © vs Vinnie Lane
Fury's Rules (NODQ)


Vinnie struts out to massive heat from the pro bWo crowd!

Bama T: “And on the line is the video footage that Miss Fury has held over Lane’s head all year long! Say, I wonder what’s on that anyway baby!?”

Lane scoffs at the crowd’s reaction, genuinely confused, but whatever. He tries to ignore them as he heads down to the ring.

Tommy Slavino: “Whatever it is, one thing is for certain, THAT MAN has bent over backwards to ensure the contents of that tape have not been shared with the public!”

Bama T: “Yeah, but this guy’s playin’ the victim card baby! We’re supposed to feel sorry for this loser because he said or did something he shouldn’t have, but oh no! Someone used it against him! WELL BOO-FUCKING-HOO, BABY! You don’t want to be blackmailed? Then don’t do stupid shit baby!”

Lane corners the ring towards the steps as an overzealous fan jumps the barricade!

Tommy Slavino: “Holy shit!”

He slips right past security and slips a few shots to the back of Lane’s head, startling him, but once Vinnie realizes what’s happening, he fires off a series of rights that lay this overweight mid-thirties loser out cold. With his senses on full alert, Lane surveys the area for other potential threats and tries to figure out where the hell security is!?

Tommy Slavino: “And now the bWo Heavyweight Champion of the World, MISS FURY!”

The camera abruptly cuts just as bWo security FINALLY shows up.

Miss Fury storms out to the stage to a massive ovation as CCP walks out and takes his place by her side. The two of them take in the reaction as the crowd chants BOB!

Tommy Slavino: “The two people most responsible for the creation of the bWo together tonight! Miss Fury may be the brains behind the bWo folks, but if Chris Page hadn’t smacked that loser Big D and took his so-called championship and gave it to Miss Fury, then Miss Fury may not have conceptualized the bWo in the first place!”

Bama T: “Very true Tommy! Very true! Everybody knows that piece of tin Big D was carrying around wasn’t worth the pleather it was made out of baby! When CCP awarded it to Fury everybody scoffed and said she was being “GIFTED” a championship! No way baby! She was being handed a TEST BABY!”

Fury and Page head down the ramp as Lane cautiously paces outside of the ring.

Tommy Slavino: “No doubt, and a test some might say was impossible.”

Bama T: “Absolutely! Think about it! She was handed an often mocked and completely meaningless belt and told, make it mean something! Well, I don’t think anyone expected her to build an entire damn promotion around that belt! Did you Tommy?”

Page holds the ropes as Fury enters the ring. He follows behind as Miss Fury unstraps the bWo Heavyweight Championship and holds it up high as the two continue to soak up the audience's approval.

Tommy Slavino: “Well Bama, I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing her prior to our work together here in the bWo, but if I had, absolutely I would have. They say that the championship doesn’t make the man, but the man makes the championship, and Miss Fury has absolutely proven that true!”

Miss Fury hands over the VHS tape to Ari Silversteen and then the bWo Championship to CCP as the two make their way to Miss Fury’s corner and Lane reenters the ring.

Bama T: “This is it baby! The main event!”

Tommy Slavino: “Actually our main event will be the Hall of Fame induction of professional wrestling legend and icon, Chet Dakota!”

Bama T: “What!? That's not a match baby! That's a closer! This is a match! This is the main event baby!!”

Tommy Slavino: "Fair enough Bama!"

CCP gives Miss Fury some last minute advice before exiting the ring. Lane points to CCP on the outside and asks if he’s “fighting him too?” Miss Fury laughs at the question, and mockingly crosses her heart. CCP gravitates closer to Lane and begins to jawjack with him as Ari calls for the bell.


Miss Fury rushes out of her corner and fires off a few punches before transitioning to kicks keeping Lane trapped in the corner. With nowhere for him to go, she continued the assault as each hit seemed to be getting harder. Vinnie tries to shield the blows with his arm. Miss Fury takes a step back and yanks Vinnie along with her and as soon as her arms wrap around his middle, Vinnie blasts her in the face with his elbow that has him out of her arms and rushing away from her while accidentally tripping Ari Silversteen who is trying to get out of the way. And then without warning, Vinnie suddenly surprises Miss Fury by lunging towards her with a superkick! Fury falls back into the ropes! Lane grabs her by the throat, forcing her to look him in the eyes as he scolds her!

Tommy Slavino: “Hey! What is this!? That’s a woman you’re strangling, you monster!”

Bama T: “She ain’t no defenseless maiden baby!”

A smirking Vinnie suddenly loosens his grip around Miss Fury’s neck and without a second to spare, Miss Fury clocks him in the face with a furious right hook that sends him falling down on his ass. He looked up at her in shock as Miss Fury walked the ropes trying to regain her breath.

Tommy Slavino: “Miss Fury laid “The Loverboy” on his ass!”

Bama T: “I told you baby!”

Vinnie jumps to his feet. Fury marches towards him, still a little shaken. Lane shoves Miss Fury back into the ropes and she fires back with a dropkick to his left knee that takes him down to a knel. She then charges him with a right knee to the face to send him on his back. Leaping into the air with a leg drop, Miss Fury brings those meaty thighs down onto Vinnie’s chest and performs another leg drop just so that her leg can land on Vinnie’s neck next.

Miss Fury is about to jump into the air again but this time for an elbow drop when she notices the glint in Vinnie’s eyes and quickly decides against it in case he’s up to something and instead begins to kick his right side repeatedly before stomping down on his left leg that has Vinnie howling out in pain. Miss Fury gives his left leg another hard stomp for good measure before yanking him onto his feet and trying to send his head on a swivel with a sharp left hand. But a quick attack by Vinnie has him throwing impulsive blows like a blind man trying to fight off his attackers and as hard as he’s hitting her, he fails to knock her down and is suddenly put in his place with a sharp right knee driving into his stomach. Vinnie doubles over in pain and Miss Fury’s elbow comes down hard to the back of Vinnie’s head that sends him face down to the mat with him losing his balance. Miss Fury quickly rolls Vinnie over onto his back and then drops on top of him for the cover as she yells for Ari to count the damn pin!




Despite the quickness of Ari’s count, Lane manages to break the fall before three! Miss Fury moves swiftly to the back of him and wraps her arms around his waist, falling back for a deadlift german suplex that sends Vinnie rolling under the ropes to escape her to try to catch his breath.

Tommy Slavino: “The core strength of Miss Fury is most impressive, wouldn’t you say Bama!?”

Bama T: “Impressive? Yes! Surprising? No! She has access to the best trainers and equipment that money can buy, baby!”

But Miss Fury doesn’t want to allot Lane much time to recover. She leans through the ropes to grab his hair, but Vinnie suddenly springs up with a European Uppercut that looks more like a Street Fighter uppercut! Miss Fury stumbles backwards and tries to not lose her balance. But Vinnie slides in and charges Miss Fury, taking her down with a strong shoulder block before he hurries over to the nearest turnbuckle while she’s starting to get onto her feet, climbing up and almost slips but not quite! He doesn't care that his leg is bothering him as he sees Miss Fury start to turn around and decides to make his move by leaping from the turnbuckle. The soles of his shoes drive into Miss Fury’s face when he dropkicks her and while he grabs for his injured leg to wince in pain, Miss Fury is holding her face and rocking from shoulder blade to shoulder blade in pain. Both opponents are hurt and Ari is just shaking his head at the scene while wondering who is going to make the first move to attempt to get up. It takes Miss Fury a minute but she’s able to beat Vinnie to his feet due to his leg as he curses himself for going for the dropkick without thinking about the downside to it possibly doing further damage to his left leg.

Tommy Slavino: “Impactful dropkick from Vinnie Lane, but he’s unable to capitalize!”

Bama T: “I think it’s high time Miss Fury stops playing games with this clown and breaks his damned neck baby!”

Miss Fury grabs onto Vinnie’s head and pulls him to his feet as he tries to scramble away from her, but Miss Fury grabs onto his arm to keep him from going anywhere and offers him some roaming forearms to the face. The hits keep him from escaping and also stuns him a bit as she slips in a snap ddt and bends down to grab for him while he doesn’t put up much of a fight. She finds out why as soon as his feet touch the mat and he ends up attacking her with karate kicks with his right leg as he uses his left leg for balance while he’s kicking her. Vinnie runs Miss Fury towards the turnbuckle with a tight grip on the back of her head and slams her face into the turnbuckle.

Tommy Slavino: “Miss Fury’s bleeding!”

Bama T: “What kind of a monster is Vinnie Lane!?”

Vinnie pulls Miss Fury from behind and shoves her to the mat. He then clubs up to the second rope and launches off with a targeted elbow drop square to her chest! Miss Fury’s arms and legs shoot into the air on impact then she rolls over to her chest selling the pain.

Tommy Slavino: “Vinnie Lane has Miss Fury in a bad spot here!”

Lane positions himself in a corner with his eyes locked squarely on Miss Fury.

Bama T: “I think Vinnie’s looking for another superkick baby!”

Lane stomps the mat in an effort to “wake Fury up”. She begins to stir and pushes up to her knees. Lane readies himself. Fury pushes up! Lane steps out of the corner!


CCP tripped Lane!

Lane stumbles forward right into the Judas Effect from Miss Fury!

Tommy Slavino: “The Judas Effect! That’s it! It’s over!”

Fury collapses to the mat right after impact!

Bama T: “Not if she can’t capitalize baby!”

CCP slides into the ring to attend to Miss Fury, who’s drenched in blood at this point. Lane begins to stir, but CCP is quick to attack, diving onto him and laying in countless punches and forearms from behind! Lane drops back to the mat defenseless as CCP fires off a few more rights to his head. CCP springs up and pulls Lane to his feet. He whips him into the ropes, and on the rebound!


CCP stands smugly over an unconscious Vinnie Lane as Miss Fury pushes herself up into the corner and begins laughing at Lane’s misfortune!

[Image: bloody-fury.gif]

Tommy Slavino: "Fury's Rules strike again folks! This is ALL LEGAL!"

Miss Fury and CCP stand over Lane as he begins to realize his surroundings.

Bama T: "Look at him! He's realizing he stepped into the lions den! What kinda moron doesn't bring backup baby!?"

Lane tries to spring up, but Fury and Page stomps him back into the mat! CCP grabs Lane under the arms and hoist him up into a full nelson! Miss Fury hits the ropes and blasts off with a shotgun dropkick! Page narrowly steps out of the way before contact sends Lane rocketing back into the corner so hard that he pops out, staggers, and Flair flops in the center of the ring. Miss Fury and CCP convey some direction before grabbing Lane and dragging him to his knees. Fury grabs Lane by the jaw, smooshing his mouth as she leans in with her finger in his face!

Miss Fury: "I WARNED YOU!"

The crowd jumps to their feet in aw as the mystery man repeals from the rafters!

[Image: tenor.gif]

His paint ran from earlier, but the bare spots now covered by caked on dried blood. He slowly approaches CCP from behind.


Neither notice as Miss Fury continues taunting a defenseless Vincent Lane! The mystery man extends his arm and a baseball bat drops out of his coat sleeve.

Bama T: "Oh look at the Big Man with the Big Bat sneaking in the back door! Fight like a man you coward!"

The mystery man reaches out with his free hand and taps CCP on the shoulder. Page looks back and drops Lane as he springs to his feet. Before he can properly react the mystery man swings wild with that bat and connects with CCP's midsection, doubling him over and dropping him to his knees! Fury springs back at the sight of what happened to Page. She threatens the mystery man who then turns his attention to her! Miss Fury immediately retreats into a corner and begins calling for the BOB locker room!

Tommy Slavino: "You've done it now mister! You're about to have ten or fifteen mean motherfuckers knocking at your door!"

Suddenly the bWo-tron fires up and we see bWo regular Cockpuncher standing against a door with his arms crossed.

Cockpuncher: "You know, I was thinking earlier today, what if something like this were to happen to you, and your precious BOB's weren't there to bail you out?"

Cockpuncher grins.

Cockpucher: "Man, that would be a real punch to the cock, wouldn't it?"

Cockpuncher laughs to himself as he pushes off of the door and walks away, revealing the BOB locker room has been locked with a steel pipe!

We cut back to ringside as the Mystery Man smiles wide and Miss Fury now looks on in fear and begins begging him off.

Tommy Slavino: "Come on! This isn't right!"

Page springs up behind the mystery man, but he almost has a sixths sense about him and quickly turns, meeting Page's ribs with the baseball bat once more! CCP drops and rolls our of the ring, but the distraction allowed Miss Fury to rush up and jump on the mystery mans back and lock him into a choke hold! He drops the bat and it bounces across the ring. Miss Fury is screaming bloody murder as she begins ripping at the flesh with her nails! The mystery man flips her off of his back, but Fury springs right back up and rushes in only to get caught with a D SLAM!



Big D stands triumphant as it's now clear who lies under the bloody paint!

The crowd pops as D throws his arm up victorious, oblivious to the fact that the pop is actually for Page who is back in the ring and standing right behind him with the baseball bat! D turns around and the two lock eyes. Page's swings the bat like a baton and nods his head looking for revenge, but D pulls on the cord attached to his back and he is quickly rocketed back into the sky!

Tommy Slavino: "Look at the coward run after that sickening attack on a female competitor!"

Bama T: "Of course he runs from a fight with someone his own size!"

CCP yells to the Heavens as Big D disappears into the shadows!


Page drops to the mat from a superkick as the camera pulls back to reveal a revived Vinnie Lane with his second wind!

Tommy Slavino: "I almost forgot! There's a match taking place!"

Bama T: "And Miss Fury's still down from that D slam! This don't look good baby!"

Lane dumps Page out of the ring and turns his attention back to Miss Fury who's beginning to stir. Lane paces the ring, staying out of Fury's sight as she pulls herself to her feet. Once vertical;



Tommy Slavino: "NO!"


Tommy Slavino: "NO! NO! NO!"






WINNER - "Loverboy" Vinnie Lane!


Tommy Slavino: "NO! NO! THIS ISN'T RIGHT! DAMN BIG D!"

Lane springs up, exhausted and raises his arm in victory.


Ari completely ignores Lane and checks on Miss Fury!


Lane forcefully snatches the VHS tape away from the timekeeper! He rolls back into the ring and holds the tape up high with a big cheesy smile.

Bama T: "Look at this idiot parading around the ring like some sort of hero! HEY LANE! WHY DON'CHA SHOW US WHAT'S ON THAT TAPE, BABY!?"


Tommy Slavino: "What the hell!?"

The bWo-tron fires to life with a pre-recorded message from Miss Fury.

[Image: ezgif-com-gif-maker-4.gif]

MISS FURY: "Congratulations Vincent! You did it! You beat me! Soak it in man! You've really EARNED it!"

Lane double takes between the fallen Miss Fury in the ring and the cosplay villain on the tron.

MISS FURY: "I'm betting that you're feeling pretty full of yourself right about now, yeah? After all, you came onto MY show and somehow managed to defeat me. I won't lie, I'm impressed. However, victory is never certain, and to place ones faith in talent alone is nothing less than foolish."

Lane looks back to in ring Fury again who is now sitting up watching with an evil smirk as Ari tries his best to attend to her.

MISS FURY: "Did you really think that I'd allow you to get away with what you did JUST. LIKE. THAT?"

Lane looks back to Fury again, angered an confused he yells out to her.

"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane: "WHAT IS THIS!?"

MISS FURY: "You are NOT the hero Vincent! Just like all the others before you, you fight not for honor, for justice, for RIGHT! Instead, you fight only for your own selfish reasons. You're not here for any noble cause. You're here to take possession of that tape."


"It's ALLLLLL yours!"

"However, a friend of mine sent me a link to this curious upload on BOBtube. It seems that "SOMEBODY" went and uploaded the footage to our video servers!"


Lane charges Miss Fury in the ring, but she's quickly to slide under the ropes to the outside where she reconvenes with CCP! The two embrace as CCP begins daring Lane to come out there and Fury laughs in his arms.

Miss Fury: "I'd put money on Ruby being the culprit here! You really should have demanded the copy she stole back huh? Oh well, Ce qui sera sera, right? Now, naturally, I know how sensitive this information is, and I'm sure that you are going to want it taken down ASAP! Way ahead of you buddy! I've already sent an email to my copyright enforcement team demanding that the video be taken down immediately, and I promise, first thing MONDAY morning that video will be removed from our servers."

Miss Fury mockingly laughs.

Miss Fury: "Business hours, what can you do? There is one good thing to come from all of this however, and that's YOU being exposed for the lying, cheating, ABUSING, HURTFUL, WRETCHED HUMAN BEING YOU REALLY ARE!"

With a sinister smirk and an evil glare, Miss Fury pulls the camera around to a laptop with the video in question loaded up.

Nigh vision security footage. Taken from within Lane's home. Vinnie strolls in the front door with his arm around a woman's shoulder. She has long dirty blonde hair and is wearing a skin tight short black dress. Upon closer inspection, it's Micheal Graves when he and Miss Fury were sharing a body thanks to a poorly thought out wish by Micheal Graves!

We time skip. The two are making out on the couch. They begin ripping away at each others clothes.

Time skip! Graves is bent over the kitchen counter! Lane's thrusting behind him. thank god the camera is on THIS side of the counter!

Fury swings the camera back around to her.


MISS FURY: "As my employer, you were privy to the knowledge that I was a prisoner inside of the mind of Micheal Graves as he paraded around in MY body! YOU AND MICHEAL GRAVES KNOWINGLY TOOK ADVANTAGE OF ME, AND THEN YOU BRIBED ME TO KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT!"

MISS FURY: "That's the REAL Vincent Lane! A monster that takes what he wants with no consideration for his victims! A man no better than the one who assisted you in taking advantage of a girl who was POWERLESS to give consent and POWERLESS to even try to put a stop to the men abusing her!"

Back in the ring Lane looks pale as a ghost. The crowd is booing, even more so than before! Lane's trying to calm the situation and silently plead his case, but they're having none of it and begin littering the ring with trash! Miss Fury grabs a microphone!

MISS FURY: "You're dirty secret is out Vincent, and frankly I'm glad! Now that we know WHAT you are, I have no problem saying this..."

She turns to face the ramp.


Shit tons of security guards run out! Like 40 or 50! Where were they when Vinnie was attacked by that fan!? They surround Vinnie and order him out of the ring. Miss Fury stands on the outside with CCP laughing as Vinnie is dragged out of Scorch The Earth in shame!

Tommy Slavino: "I... I can't believe it! Her boss! To take advantage of her like that! Never here folks! Never in the bWo!"

Bama T: "No sir! No way! No how! Nuh-Uh! If somebody were to try some crap like that in these halls, I'd be the first one to break my foot off in their ass, baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "Ladies and gentlemen, up next, the Hall of Fame induction of CHET DAKOTA, but first, a words from out sponsor!"

[Image: Chet-Dakota-HOF2021.png]

The ring ropes have been taken down and a red carpet now covers the canvas. A ramp now leads to the entranceway with another long red carpet, as well. The podium is solid oak, very sturdy, looks to be stained and hand-carved, very expensive indeed. Thunder Knuckles is standing behind the podium looking as well as a man can after having a great, hard-fought, battle with Chet Dakota just a short time ago. This is truly what the fans came to see, the one and only, a true patriot of American values, war hero, Chet Dakota being inducted into another totally legitimate Hall of Fame. TK walks up to the podium looking like he’d been in a war.

It’s my fuc-... Uhhm… It’s my honor to bring out the toughest opponent of my career, here or anywhere. He’s a man the people should look up to and a fine American citizen. Without him, there would be no rassling. Ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for my hero and yours, Mr. Chet Dakota!

TK begins to clap and the camera fades from him to the American flag waving on the tron, before the flag gives way to the hall of fame video package.

The Air Force One Theme plays. Everybody stands and puts their hands over their hearts, removing their caps in respect. Some genuflect. Chet Dakota emerges. He’s clean and showing no signs of combat from earlier in the evening. The man’s healing powers are impressive. He pauses and salutes the giant American flag waving behind him on a screen. He nearly tears up over the patriotic symbol. He heads for the podium. He has no speech because Chet Dakota doesn’t need to rehearse his words. They always come from his heart.

Chet Dakota: I’d like to congratulate BOB and the bWo for placing me in their Hall of Fame. And while I’ve been inducted into someone’s Hall of Fame 11 times previously, the honor rarely gets old. It’s a symbol that your power, your worth, your heart, your success, your fame, your iconic presence, your unquestionable desire to be the best, your fully tapped potential, your raw strength, your lightning speed, your cat-like quickness, your unparalleled ring awareness…

A few minutes pass before Chet Dakota finishes listing some of his qualities.

Chet Dakota: It’s a symbol that your worth is recognized and appreciated. I’ve always had respect for those who have been able to appreciate the prestige I bring to the ring and an organization. I may be the greatest wrestler who ever lived, but I strive to also be the greatest American. And, tonight, while my unquestioned greatness is honored, I’d like everyone to remember that I achieved this greatness by placing other people first.

Chet Dakota points to a group of children in the audience. They are all wearing Chet Dakota merchandise and waving tiny American flags with Chet’s face where the fifty stars usually are. They also have a not-so-tiny advertisement for ChetCoin on their shirts.

Chet Dakota: I met these orphans on my way to the arena tonight. Not only were they orphans, but they were troubled orphans. I could have let them continue down their miserable lives experiencing nothing but failure. But, I simply could not walk on by. I lifted them up and gave them all a purpose. A purpose greater than their previous lives. I placed them in the Chet Dakota Club for People Who Wish to Win at Life. These kids have now been given the chance at greatness. It’s all about giving back. In fact, I remember a time when…

Chet Dakota talks for the next thirty minutes about every time he helped people rise up and defeat their weaknesses. The crowd is fully engaged. Never once do they grow bored.

Chet Dakota: I also, as I stand here, honoring this great federation with my induction into their previously less than stellar Hall of Fame. I stand here and think about the many battles I waged across this great world. All in the name of freedom and opportunity. Starting with the Battle of Asia…

Chet Dakota lists all of his battles. Each one successful in defeating tyranny and oppressive ideas. Two and a half hours later he finishes. The crowd is still fully engaged. Never once do they appear bored.

Chet Dakota: And finally, before I end this abbreviated induction, I’d like to thank the many warriors who were wounded or killed in battle to help preserve this nation and its principles.

Everyone waits for him to list their names. But Chet Dakota does not. He moves right along.

Chet Dakota: And now, a few childhood memories to set all you parents on the right track. To let you know whether you are doing what’s best for your kids to keep America strong and ensure its future as the dominant force in the world.

Chet Dakota tells many stories. This goes on for four hours. Once finished, the fans in attendance are moved to tears by the emotional magnitude of his words and passion.

Chet Dakota: bWo, BOB, and all of my fans in attendance and watching around the world. It is with a humble heart and passionate soul that I say, deep down, you’re truly welcome for this opportunity. Take care and God Bless America.

The Air Force One theme plays. The fans leap to their feet with a standing ovation. They chant “MORE! MORE! MORE!” But Chet Dakota, pro wrestling icon, is too humble to overstay his welcome or get long winded. He gets to the point and says what the people need to hear. He exits the stage with great poise and presence. The American Flag waving on the tron overhead.

OOC Credits *No order*
Big D
Dolly Waters
"Chronic" Chris Page
Thunder Knuckles
Chet Dakota Wrestling Icon
Vinne Lane
Shawn Wylde

Thank you

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