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What Happens At Studio 54...
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06-09-2021 09:41 PM

“Bobby, Bobby, Bobby… If you were filled with any more hot air, I could attach a basket to your ass and sell you as a tourist attraction. Honestly, do you even have any idea of what happens around you? I’m guessing not; that isn’t about being an idiot, Mr. Bourbon, just chronically unobservant. I’ll just get this out of the way because it’s the most trivial piece of business I’d like to address: James is not my husband. You either didn’t realize we weren’t married or just don’t care enough to get it right, but let’s not tack on unnecessary labels, hmmm? With that said, we can move right into this weird hate boner that you seem to have for James Raven.

Seriously, the only thing that rivals Atara’s endless thirst is your intense animosity towards him and the fellows I find myself involved with closely. Are you clinging to ancient history as the rest of the haters club has done? Very good, Bobby, you found new ways to gripe about the same old shit. Now, I’ll acknowledge that James has told me about you; however, it might shock you to learn that any shit he has to say about you, he’ll say straight to you? The only conversations we’ve had about you outside of any conversation involving you on Twitter have been purely strategic. I’m not worried about trying to out-speak the Sultan of Smacktalk; there’s a reason you’ve been bestowed that title and I’m certainly not the one to come after it. The only thing I want from you is a win in that ring.

You wanna know what the fuck happened to me, Bobby? I let material success get in the way of my true goals. I became the Shooting Star Champion and put a target I didn’t even want on my back. But for a brief time, I was the face of the division and I did a damn fine job of it for as long as I held that fucking strap. However, it’s difficult to hold on to something you no longer have a desire to carry. I know, I can hear it now: ‘Betsy, that sounds like a bull-shit, cop-out excuse’. I’m here to clear the air, whether my words are taken seriously or not. I’m not thrilled at losing the belt… But it’s not the end of the world. So I hope BoB Elite and BoB (Others) enjoyed all the celebrating for all the titles won and retained at Leap of Faith. I hope y’all are enjoying how shiny those Tag Belts look over your shoulders; just as much as Atara can’t stop looking at her reflection in hers. Just as much as I’m sure Chris Page is enjoying another night as… Oh yeah. My bad.

You spoke of me underestimating you in the ring; I think you underestimate how much of a challenge I find you. Let me clarify before you or any of your cronies twist my words around: I believe that there is a way to beat you and that I am capable of finding it. That said, finding that way is going to be one fuck of an ocean to cross and lucky me, my opponent is Moby Dick’s buffet buddy.

Unfortunately for you, you will never have a chance to feast on APEX-LEGACY.

At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter what you think about me, Mr. Bourbon. Your opinion of the company I keep is taken with the tiniest grain of salt, given who you run amok with. That’s the problem with bullies like the lot of you; after going unchecked for so long, y’all think you can just walk all over anyone you want and get away with it. I’ll admit that for my part, I, like many others, overlooked BoB at first because I overestimated the threat of the Left Hand. That’s a big ol’ ‘my bad’ and a lesson hard learned, but not to worry old chap. Funny thing about losing that Shooting Star Title; now that I no longer have a target on my back, I’m able to give BoB and the mission at hand my undivided attention. Isn’t that awesome?! I can’t stress this enough, Bobby: having a title really isn’t the measuring stick I thought it would be. The Shooting Star was peaking and it was time to cross the night sky and move on… That’s where you come in.

You seem to be under the delusion that you have this match in the bag because of my recent streak of shit; perhaps it’s time you start taking your own friendly advice. You heavily underestimate my chances coming into this, you of all people should know, that’s when one becomes the most dangerous. You stupid donkey, can’t you see how warped your own logic is? Drop as many dope beats, bars, bullets as you like, you think that’ll make me bounce without putting up a fight? Mother fluffer please, my words are so biting, the kids say they on fleek; you call yourself the Sultan of Smacktalk, but your shit is weak. While you orate at a poor rate over my fate, I look eager towards the date; you think you can overtake me with nothing but your hate? Try me at your own risk, don’t say I didn’t warn ya.”


Later on that night at Studio 54, after several spiked drinks and massive joints later, the group had scattered about. James, Jim, and Drew had excused themselves to find the men's room; Dickie, Hannah, Shawn, and Kasey were out on the dance floor, attempting to mimic the other dancers surrounding them. This allowed Betsy and Robert a moment to themselves, which Betsy was eager to take advantage of. And yet… Now that the moment had arrived, she had absolutely no idea what to say to the man before her. She studied his profile as he watched the dance floor below them from the VIP balcony they were sharing with the club owners.

"Betsy, do you know why I wanted you at our side?"

Robert hesitates for a nanosecond then takes a sip of bourbon. The bourbon always seemed to turn down the intensity of his perspective, giving him perfect balance and the resolve to move forward. Betsy’s eyes widen slightly at his question, her attention is now completely his. She shakes her head at him, intrigued by his answer.

" I want you to know it isn't because of Raven." Robert smiles as the lights from the dance floor illuminate his weathered face. He leers down below at the dance floor wondering just how many souls had danced there before tonight. If the dance floor could speak it would be a tale of enlivened souls. Robert then notices Shawn and raises his glass to a man who is now partying like it's 1999 and dancing like a madman. " It isn't because of Shawn either.” Robert chuckles. ” My God that man can cut a freaking rug." Robert belly laughs this time for good measure… "They are stupendous allies, don't get me wrong and I'm glad to have them at my side for the upcoming tug-of-war…" Robert pushes himself off the bronze railing turning towards the future Universal Champion… " Betsy, I choose you because you are a monarch and someone I know that I can count on through thick and thin… Drew, has always told me I give people I don’t know too much credence, but in this case, I see you for who you are... A trendsetter, a maverick, and the future of the XWF… You are an I.C.O.N. in the making, I'm looking a future Universal Champion in her enchanting eyes and telling the truth. A future hall of legends member... A courageous warrior not blinded by greed or vanity. Do you know how hard that is to find in this business? You are the female version of Robert Main, only more extraordinary… We are cut from the same cloth and you may not see that now but I promise, you'll see it soon enough."

The heart of the Impossible Traveler is about to pound itself out of her ribcage; licking her lips, she hopes her shaking hands don’t give away her racing pulse. Taking in a deep breath, she allows the impact of his words to sink in before picking out her words carefully to reply. ”Oh Wow, I…” She swirls the melted ice left in her cup around with her straw as she forces herself to keep Main’s gaze. ”I’m honored… This future you describe, my future as you see it; coming from you, I just... “ Betsy bursts into a fit of giggles suddenly as her face turns to crimson. I sound asinine at the moment, allow me to attempt this again. These great things that you see for me, you see in spite of my recent tumbles… The fact that YOU see them for ME… It means more than you know.” She shakes her head as the giggles subside, emerald eyes sparkling now. ”This may sound strange, but the fact that you see ME, and not the company I keep, that’s major. I know it’s easy to overlook the new kid, or use the low-hanging fruit many have already attempted to lob at me; knowing that you chose me… It’s just tops.” The giggles return as years of being a fan suddenly wash over her as giddiness overwhelms her.

" Besty, I’m candidly telling you the truth, one thing that I will never do is blow smoke up your ass... So, don't look at dropping the Shooting Star Championship as a stumble, or a fall from grace by any means because it's not." Robert places a Cuban cigar between his snow-white teeth. " We all have our moments, I’ve had mine, Jim has had his… Hell, even the man with a list of accomplishments longer than most people's dicks has crashed and burned a time or two... You’ve got to learn to crawl before you can walk in this business and you are well on your way... Look at that defeat as a learning experience, a blessing in disguise so to speak. That belt was a starting point for you in a race that’s a marathon, now it's on to bigger and better things… It's time for the big leagues…"

Betsy’s grin fades a little as she finally sets the empty glass down. ”I’ll be honest with you, it’s not losing the title that actually hurts. Truth be told, I was ready to give it up the night I won it; it’s as you said, that belt was only step one. Not that I had much direction when I came to the XWF, I was just hoping to get my foot in the door and win a few matches. I never imagined I’d make it this far, this quickly. No, losing the title didn’t hurt, it’s who I lost it to.” Her nose scrunches as Atara’s face flits through her mind once more. ”That hag can keep all the lower-tier titles she wants and brag about how many she collects; it makes sense for a bottom-feeder to scrape at the bottom of the barrel for some modicum of success. I would have gladly given her the title if the results of the match itself could have gone the other way around... .” Her voice trails off as her expression hardens. ”Still, the last thing BoB needed was one of their own coming back to their locker room after Leap of Faith with something else to brag about… Thank god we were able to salvage some of the night, at least.” She stops speaking once more, flashing Robert a cheeky grin.

" I've felt that same sting that you are feeling right now, it eats a hole in the pit of your stomach, keeping you awake at night.. I get it… I lost to Caddy for Christ's sake, I nearly quit wrestling… I took that moment and rebuilt my brand, I reimagined “The Omega” and now that moment in time has come for Impossible Traveler. You've gotta lock that away and keep moving forward… One foot in front of the other and it's not as straightforward as it may seem… Trust me, I've been in those same shoes you are wearing right now…" Robert pulls a Zippo lighter from his pocket watching the flame dance around its iron cage…Fire cares not of the time it vanishes, only that it gives heat and light. He looks to Besty lighting his Cuban cigar… Then with a flick of his wrist, the fire is extinguished.... " Let her have it… Hell, even the downtrodden need a break every now and then… Hopefully, the simpleton will show up and actually put forth some effort and defend the Championship a few times. She’s got some chops on Twitter, but let’s see if there is some bite with that bark in the ring..." The tip of Robert's cigar turns cherry red as he pulls in the rich vanilla flavor… "Don't sell yourself short either kid, you've gotten this far because you have an iron will. Never let the jackals get underneath your skin… Honestly if all those good-for-nothing underachieving curtain jerkers want to celebrate the Shooting Star Championship so be it." Besty gives Robert a puzzled look. " Because of us…" Robert points at Besty and himself." Because of APEX-LEGACY, BoB no longer has the brass ring…" The corners of Robert's lips raise as he blows a cloud of smoke into the air. The smoke had a way of revealing the air, making artistry of its swirls and flow. " And I take solace in that."

A responding grin tugs at Betsy’s lips and she gives in to it; staring back out at the dance floor, she gives an appraising look to each of the members of APEX-LEGACY she can spot. James had joined the group on the dance floor and was currently having a dance-off against Dickie and Shawn. Kasey and Hannah were clapping and laughing, still swaying in place to the music. Drew and Jim were still nowhere to be found, but Betsy wasn’t overly worried; she knew they weren’t getting very far without her either way. Turning her attention back to Robert, she smiles warmly up into his grizzled face. ”We did spoil their night, didn’t we?” A satisfied chuckle creeps out of her throat. ”It’s a start, but I won’t rest until BoB has been put in their place for good. I firmly believe that every good story needs a solid villain as much as a hero; but BoB dangerously sways the scales, tipping the balance too much to the side of evil. Ironic, considering you’ve got members who tout the name Themis… But whatever, I see now that I’ve been led here to restore the balance between good and evil; not to mention, kicking as much ass as I possibly can… Starting with that bastard, Bobby Bourbon at that Retro show Rubes and Cent are hosting. Several expressions flicker across her face at once: confusion, disappointment, anger. ”Not the member of BoB I’d like to layout first, given the circumstances… But I have a feeling he won’t be quite as merciful this time around. So… Any advice on walrus hunting?”

Besty’s, sobering words splash into Robert’s senses like they were ice water. ” Ole Robbie Bourbon…” Robert, now understood that this conversation was so much more than words. It was the smiles, the gentle shrugs, and the light in their eyes. Robert and Besty were both amplified by each other's presence... Even the hush-hush moments were relaxing. They were moments to savor and feel that sense of tranquility that comes from the birth of a new alliance… ”. My advice? Once you wound the beast, cut its throat.”

The message from the Omega was crystal clear: Bobby would leave her for dead if given the chance. The time for mercy and compassion had passed; extreme measures only would be acceptable in the war against BoB. She shudders at the idea and opens her mouth to reply, but they are interrupted by a young waiter. He’s carrying fresh drinks for everyone; impressed with the man’s skills for memorization, Betsy looks into his face as the lights shine their way and starts. Nudging Robert in the ribs, she shoots him a bemused grin, hoping he’d also recognize their waiter as well. The young man looks between them with a familiar, albeit confused smile, and finally walks away after Betsy gives the tip. Once he’s out of earshot, she lets out a peel of shrieking laughter. ”Fucking Christ on a pony; that was Alec Baldwin, wasn’t it?”

”You know, I think it WAS. I didn’t know he worked here.” Main lets out a hearty laugh as he sets his drink down on the railing of the balcony.

The moment is sweet, but it doesn’t last long as Betsy’s mind jumps right back to the topic they had just been discussing. Taking a quick look on the dance floor, she finds it empty of those who mattered to her. Holding up her glass to Robert, she tips her head towards him. ”Here’s to slaying giants, tearing down regimes, and sticking it to those who have gotten away with their bullshit for too long. Here’s to the alliances forged and the friendships built through times of strife. I’m honored to be at the side of my friends and loved ones… and it’s a privilege to now count you among those numbers.”

I’ll drink to that, Miss Granger.”

As their glasses touch, the rest of the group, along with a few choice guests, pile into the private box; leaving all serious conversation for another day, the rest of the night is spent in joyous frivolity...

FORMER [Image: 8pr1Az7.png]
[Image: 4kPKNss.gif]
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