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06-09-2021 10:43 PM

Subject: The Internet Title
To: The XWF Roster
From: Aphrodite Incarnate

XWF Internet Championship

[Image: XUkjfTm.jpg]

The Greatest Achievements
Are Those That Benefit Others
- Denis Waitley -

The Internet Championship, hardly a blip on most of the XWF's radar. Older than only the Shooting Star and above only the Freestyle in prestige. Ignored and scoffed at, it could be argued that one would prefer a fictitious honor such as the Billionare Championship or revive dead defunct titles of old. Some would even prefer copies of others that hold no value at all. A mere participation trophy, a thank you from management for playing along.

How to even measure the worth of a Championship? By who has held it? How it's earned? Defended? It's assigned show or place on the card? Do all champions not shoulder the burden of the added pressure no matter the title? Are they not exemplars of what the XWF is and will be? The benchmarks for others to aspire? Should it be given the same as the Universal?


Should it be given the same respect?


Unlike all the belts and honors in XWF, it is the Internet Championship that transcends the boundaries of shows and locker room. It's name reaching farther and its Champion shouldering even greater burden that her peers. While the Universal is the face of the company, the Hart the face of Warfare, the TV the face of Savage, the Anarchy the face of Anarchy...the Internet is the voice of all of the above. She is the ambassador. Her achievement is more than personal, all benefit from her glory. Not a single faction, not a single show, the entire brand.

Your Welcome XWF. Bask in my radiance. Praise Themis. #JoinBOB.

- The Goddess, Atty

Footage clearly taken by cellphone presents, through a fog of smoke the BOB party bus. The party had clearly been underway for sometime, the scene a mix of lights heavy bass and BOB members wiling out. Turning in hand the camera focused on the face of one Chris Page. Fatty hanging out of the corner of his mouth, the source of the fog, he's all smiles.

What's Up XWF! The Chronic One coming at ya from Mongolia. Got the green, got the bubbly, and sitting with my lovely!

He turns is phone to Miss Fury and she gives the basic tongue out, double middle fingers to the phone white girl wasted pose then camera cuts back to Chris.

Enroute to another B.O.B show out, the B.O.B Bus is in full swing! We got B.O.B Elite, we got Mongolian Elite, and we ballin out with MC Atty T!

He turns the camera again, this time to the back of the bus where instead of just the members of B.O.B they've picked some locals on the way. Standing on the bench seat stretching the back of the bus, clearly feeling her liquor, is Atara Themis. Bottle in one hand, her Internet title in the other, shes mid bar dropping fire to the enjoyment of her tiny audience.

Yeah, you look good, but they still wanna know where Atty at!

Where Atty At!

Saucy like a barbecue but you won't get your baby back!
See me in that ring and they feel like they almost tasted that

Ah! Ah! Ah!

Thunder Knuckles and Bobbie Bourbon, wearing tag titles around their necks chime in, both bouncing shoulders in time. Chris turns the phone back to himself and silent mouths WHAAAT before turning back.

Num, num, num, num, eat it up, foreplay, okay, three, two, one
You know I'm the hottest, you ain't ever gotta heat me up
I'm present when I'm absent, speakin' when I'm not there
All them bitches scary cats, I call 'em Carole Baskins, ah

Ah, Ah, Ah,
Ah, Ah, Ah

-In Mongolian: Baow, Baow, Baow!

Body crazy, curvy, wavy.
Big Belts, One waist!

Body crazy, curvy, wavy.
Big Belts, One waist!

Ah, Ah, Ah,
Ah, Ah, Ah

Before she could start her next verse, a local had jumped up and tried to catch a feel only to be stopped by Them No Good Bastards.

You Genghis Khan Looking Motherfucker!

A brawl ensues, a heap of local bodies pouncing on the Bastards only to be tossed aside violently by Oswald. It's a mess, bottles are flying. Bodies are flying. Blood is flying, but coming through it unarmed and unphased is Atara still in party mode.

[Image: pkhJ8qg.gif]

The phone is cast into Fury's hands as Chaos joins the dry and the last thing seen is Miss Fury face.

Join BOB!

[Image: 5e3d0fd31efb99a669c1c4403e1aca41.png]
[Image: 0nu1TZe.png]

[Image: 8pr1Az7.png]

[Image: jtHw5j1.png]

[Image: YLZBFO7.png]
2x Freestyle Champion
1× Federweight Champion
2× Heavymetalweight Champion

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