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And the Captains are...
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06-08-2021 02:04 PM

Two orders of business. The first is the announcement of the Captains for this year's War Games.

They are:

Miss Fury
Corey Smith
Dick Powers
Betsy Granger
Thaddeus Duke

The second order of business is how we will be going about determining the draft order, actually, better stated, how YOU are going to determine the draft order.

All 6 Captains are being booked in a 1 rp, 3k word match on the 07-03-21 edition of Saturday Night Savage.

The match will be an elimination style match. All 6 Captains will start in the ring together, the order of elimination determines the draft order with the caveat being that the winner of this match gets to decide whether they want to pick 1st or 6th. Why would the winner ever make the choice to pick 6th? Well, this is going to be a snake style draft so that means that the last pick of round 1 gets the first pick of round 2.

IF the winner decides to pick 6th, then the person who came in 2nd place in the 7-3-21 match will automatically get the first pick of round 1, the 3rd place finisher will get the 2nd pick and so on and so forth.

The reason this match is 1 rp, 3k is that I am sure some of you may already have plans for that specific show and we felt like this would allow you to still work within those plans while requiring only a little bit more work on your part.

Once the order of the draft has been determined we will do a live draft. Maybe we can do it on the boards as we have in the past or maybe via a recorded podcast which may be tough given that I think 5 of the 6 Captains are in the same time zone and the one who isn't is on the other side of the ocean but if we can nail down a specific day and time that could be a fun little treat. Lots of moving parts there so we'll see.

Lastly, each Captain will get to pick 3 other members of their team. So when the PPV rolls around it will work out exactly like last years. Round 1 will feature 3 matches and the winning teams from round 1 will face each other in the main event with an ultimate winner being crowned.

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