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Dr. Spleenripper
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05-19-2021 06:27 AM

[Image: wELBXNN.png]

Doctor Spleenripper

In Ring Name
Doctor Spleenripper

Wrestler Name
Atara Themis allegedly

Height: 5'10 Weight: 138 Ibs

Billed From
Athens, Greece



The arena lights dim to red in time with music and the crowd immediately showers the ramp with boos and cat calls. The stadium strobes red and white while the stage fills with red smoke and at the first "Body & Blood" Doctor Spleenripper struts out, hands on her hips. Pausing on the ramp, she gives the crowd the once over and licks glistening crimson lips eyeing the ring.

Smug grin on her face, Doctor Spleenripper makes the throat slice gesture at her throat and immediately the arena sprinkler system showers the crowd with fake blood while she finishes her decent to the ring.


Trademark/Signature Moves

The Eye Exam
[Image: beg_off_360.0.gif]

The Vasectomy
[Image: tenor.gif]

The Spleen Ripper
[Image: tumblr_pu56jjRf8f1tidzcfo1_400.gif]

Bedside Manner
[Image: sendai1.9-1.gif?resize=262%2C168]

Hardcore Spots
The Waiting Lobby
[Image: LHFYn7s.gif]

The brainchild of Bobby Bourbon, Doctor Spleenripper made her in ring debut at the inaugural FUN Wrestling Show. Is it Atara, who knows, what is certain, the Doctor is surgical in the ring and takes every appointment seriously.

[Image: 5e3d0fd31efb99a669c1c4403e1aca41.png]
[Image: 0nu1TZe.png]

[Image: 8pr1Az7.png]

[Image: jtHw5j1.png]

[Image: YLZBFO7.png]
2x Freestyle Champion
1× Federweight Champion
2× Heavymetalweight Champion

#29 XWF Top 50 2021
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