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MAYDAY! At Ye' Ole' Commune!
Author Message
Dolly Waters Offline
Charlie’s Carnies

XWF FanBase:

(gets varying reactions in the arenas, but will be worshiped like a god and defended until the end by internet fans; literally has thousands of online dorks logging on to complain anytime they lose a match or don't get pushed right)

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05-01-2021 08:56 PM




Atara Themis
- vs -
Dean Rose ©
What would Worker Solidarity movements be without hashtags and Twitter?
Can Atara Themis make the Bourgeois Revolution extra bougie? The winner of this match will be the new XWF standard-bearer for leftist Twitter shit-posting.
2RP - 2K Word Limit(Optional)


Andre Dixon
- vs -
Marf ©
15 Minute Time Limit- Proud Television Champion, Marf, has decided to put his title on the line... IN SOLIDARITY! Can he fend off the white-hot Andre Dixon?
2RP - 3K Word Limit


(Ruby & Centurion)
- vs -
Them No Good Bastards©
(Thunder Knuckles & Bobby Bourbon)
Them No Good Bastards offered to put their titles on line... In, you guessed it, SOLIDARITY! Can CentRubion Win The Tag Team Titles Back For The Workingclass?
2RP - 3K Word Limit

The King Doc Open Invitational Battle Royale
[Image: thor-odin-gif-6.gif]
Mickey Kinkade- vs -Robert 'The Omega' Main- vs -Jenny Myst- vs -Lycana- vs -Betsy Granger- vs -Miss Fury- vs -Barney Green- vs -Sil- vs -DemosCharlie Dimes- vs -Reggie Estrada- vs -Surprise Entrant
The Winner Challenges For The Universal Title At Leap Of Faith
3RP - Unlimited

[Image: oPBdkzE.png]

King Doc
- vs -
Alias ©
If Alias Wins He Receives A 24/7 Briefcase, But His Majesty, The King, Looks Prepared To Thwart The Revolution At MayDay!
3RP - Unlimited

MSNBC Reporter: Will the chaos in the United States ever cease? We are currently receiving reports from our ground team in... Coreytopia? Is that right?

she asks a producer off-camera,

MSNBC Reporter: Coreytopia, Florida, where a FREE XWF wrestling event has drawn a crowd of over a million people. Per reporting there on-site, this crowd is composed of every aggrieved political faction known to man. The majority of people, however, appears to be a giant swath of young Americans embarking on a cultural pilgrimage.

The reports of out-in-the-open lewd behavior, as well as psychedelic and illicit drug use, are rampant, likening this crowd in Coreytopia, Florida, to that of Woodstock, New York in 1969.

When asked for a comment on the developing situation, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis locked himself inside of the State Capitol in Tallahassee with a large bottle of liquor. Saying simply: "Call me when this is over."

We now take you live to Coreytopia, Florida for XWF MayDay.

There's a giant courtyard behind Corey Smith's mansion where our ring and entrance area have been staged, as well as a massive throne for his majesty,KING DOC, to observe the festivities prior to his main event matchup against XTreme Champion, Alias.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen. Please welcome to the ring, your host of MAYDAY!

The one!



Ode To Joy blares through the speakers, as a smiling Dolly Waters makes her way to the ring, slapping hands and waving to the raucous crowd baking under the South Florida sun. She climbs onto the apron and through the ropes where she pats the ring announcer on the back and receives a microphone. Her music fades but the million-plus on hand continues to roar in admiration and appreciation. As the clapping and cheering subside, Dolly is finally able to speak.

No! No… thank YOU!


The crowd again roars in approval, clapping, chanting, cheering, kicking beachballs, breaking out into random acts of sex. An overall showing of jubilation for this once-in-a-lifetime event.

The essence of MAYDAY is about solidarity, and togetherness, the common man and woman working together to celebrate life on earth, and all of its beauty. The human race working and standing together to make this more just and prosperous world for generations to come.

With that being said, I’d like to turn your attention to concert stage where 90s Lilith Fair music star, Natalie Merchant will be performing a song that I hereby dedicate to everyone who came together to help make MAYDAY a reality. To the residents of Coreytopia, to the selfless XWF talent here competing, and to everyone in the crowd…

Thank you!

Dolly exits the ring and heads back into the estate as Natalie Merchant performs “Kind and Generous” for the MayDay crowd.

The shot cuts to the back soon before the show is set to go live. Dolly and Thad are standing in front of a closed door inside the estate. They both look a smidge irritated. Thad checks his watch and Dolly puffs out her cheeks in exasperation. Finally, Dolly pounds on the door.

Come on Corey, I’ve stalled this crowd long enough, we got minutes to air!

Corey responds from behind the door. Okay, okay, just a sec!

He said that five minutes ago.

I’m aware.

Then, a familiar tune starts playing from behind the door.

Thad and Dolly both look towards the door in response to the music within, and Corey throws the door open. He dances a jig through the threshold, rolling his hips suggestively and dancing in a sultry manner. He’s wearing tight black shorts that ride high on his thighs, similar to the ones made famous by a certain “heartbreaker” years back. He’s also wearing a black and white striped ref shirt but it’s skin tight and leaves little to the imagination. Thad and Dolly back up, eyebrows raised.

So what do you think of my ref outfit?!

The song continues in the background. Dolly and Thad look at each other with bemusement, and then back to Corey.

Well, that sure is something.

Dolly chuckles. Oh hun, I get that your doing the whole “out and proud” thing but…

Is it too much?

Dolly holds up her thumb and forefinger as if to say “just a tad.”

Corey shrugs. Well, it’s too late to change into something more conservative. Looks like I’ll just have to be a……SEXY BOY. Corey starts humming along to the music and singing in a very off-key fashion. I’m not your boy toy, I’m just a sexy boy. Seeeeexxyyyy booooooooy!

Thad claps Corey on the shoulder. Ya huh. Well, we’ll see you out there, stud. But we gotta run.

Sure thing! I’ll be out in a sec!

Dolly and Thad walk off, shaking their heads and laughing as Corey continues to strut his stuff in the background.


Atara Themis
- vs -
Dean Rose ©
What would Worker Solidarity movements be without hashtags and Twitter?
Can Atara Themis make the Bourgeois Revolution extra bougie? The winner of this match will be the new XWF standard-bearer for leftist Twitter shit-posting.

Ring Announcer:

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the ring, tonight's special guest referee!

The great benefactor of Coreytopia...

Corey Smith!

Sexy Boy hits the speakers.

Corey Smith struts his way to the ring, in his black booty shorts and skin-tight referee shirt as the men and women in attendance droll and gawk over his sexually suggestive appearance. Corey stands on the ring apron and wipes his feet on the mat before bending over slowly to climb through the ropes.

Hello again, brothers, sisters, comrades, friends… Welcome to MAYDAY! Live from Ye’ Ole’ Commune! I’m Dolly Waters and joining me tonight on commentary is none other than Thaddeus Duke! Thad are you as excited as I am for this action-packed show we have lined up here?

Thad is laughing at Corey and not paying any attention.

SMACK! In the shoulder.


....Abso-fuckin-lutely, Dolly.

Look at him, he’s adorable!

Just precious.

I’m so proud of him.

Now that our special referee for the evening has been introduced, let’s get on to our first contest!

The honeyed rasp of Atara's voice blares over the commune’s PA in unison with those words appearing on the multitude of screens and displays littering the courtyard.


The crowd pops and gets to their feet shouting in near-total unison a single word.


The cameras pan around the entrance area looking for Atara Themis who is nowhere in sight.

Where’s Atty?

Oh! Look!

The camera pans out into the sea fans where Atty is lying on her back, crowd surfing to the ring. The fans carry Atty all the way to the guardrail where she falls gracefully to her feet, holding her 24/7 Championship high in the air, posing for the camera, a wink and kiss is given to the viewers at home.



That belt.

What the 24/7 Championship?

Yes. I dont wanna’ talk about it.

Clearly, since you didn’t at all bring it up.

SMACK! In the shoulder.

Owww you’re so violent, Thad jokes with a smile as he rubs his shoulder.

Grunge walking to the ringsteps, Atty climbs and stops at the top to posture again for her adoring public. Hand on her hip, the Grecian moves to the middle of the apron to blows a final kiss to the camera and enters the ring through the middle rope.

Corey and Atara give one another a friendly gesture as his ring attire pulls a peculiar look on her face. Corey just shrugs.

I mean… it really doesn’t leave anything to the imagination…

Nope, not really.

He should have “spoiler alert” printed on his ass with an arrow pointing to his…

THAD! This is still a family show!

Thad looks over his shoulder at one of the 700 different orgies going on.

Well… its a friendly crowd, I’ll give it that.

Dean Rose walks out from the entrance area to a chorus of boos and sneers, Sarah Michelle Gellar flanking him and wearing his Internet Championship over his shoulder.

And here comes the champion!

But for how long!? Atty might have his number here tonight!

Dean spits and flinches at different members of the audience as he makes his way to the ring. He and SMG step up on the ring apron, but Corey Smith is there to greet them, holding a hand out and blocking SMG from entering the ring. Dean is furious and arguing with Smith.

Oh! Corey showing his authority before the match even begins! Ordering Buffy The Vampire Slayer to leave ringside.

I mean, who really wants a washed up actor hanging around ringside anyway?


Thanks buddy.

Corey waves SMG away after taking the Internet Championship from her. Atty points and laughs at Sarah. Smith brings Dean into the ring and walks to the center holding the title belt high in the air and handing it over to the timekeeper. He calls for the bell.

Atara and Dean each hover back and forth over one another’s corner, before meeting in the ring and grappling up. Rose wrenches Atty into a headlock, but she pushes back sending Dean running into the ropes. He rebounds and runs towards Atty. She jumps in the air for a dropkick, but Dean is quick and rolls underneath.

Oh! Nice athletic display by Dean Rose!

What you meant to say was a nice athletic display for Dean Rose.

Not everyone has your gifts.

That’s true. I am very talented.

Rose pops to his feet and his behind Atty as she falls to the mat. He lifts her quickly. Fallaway slam! Rose goes for the early cover! Smith hits the mat!



NO! Atty kicks out!

But Dean stays on the attack, he grabs a handful of hair which prompts a scolding from Corey Smith, but Dean ignores him and sends a stiff knee into the side of Atty’s head - -

And Dean isn’t letting go of the hair! That’s always such a bitch.

I’m sure he’s just helping her fix it is all. Hair gets messy in the ring.

Another knee strike! Smith is irritated and forces Dean to break the hair grab. Dean finally submits and laughs as Atty lies on the mat recovering. Dean picks her up again, slinging her into the ropes, Atty rebounds and eats a big boot from Dean!

He covers again!



OH NO! Somehow Atty kicks out again!

Themis’ bell is ringing here in the early going, will she be able to recover?

I hope so.

Fully in control of the match, Dean continues laughing. He picks Atty up again and works her into the corner with a series of punches and chops followed by a tough back elbow to Atty’s jaw. She winces and struggles as Rose turns around running gaining momentum and charging the corner. A HUGE RUNNING CLOTHESLINE!

Themis counters!

Ha! Got ‘em!

Atty pulls on the ropes and gets her boots up to Dean’s face, catching him across his nose. She seizes the opportunity as Rose staggers, pulling him into the corner where she starts wailing on him with a series of punches and high knees to Roses’ chest.

Themis goes for another knee, but Rose gets a hand up blocking the shot. ONLY IT DOESN’T MATTER! Atara leaps and spins in the air, smacking Dean across the head with a graceful spinning kick. Rose falls from the corner. Atty covers!



Dean Rose kicks out!!!

Atara starts gaining some momentum, popping back to her feet, hitting the ropes, and burying Dean’s head into the mat as he rises with a spike hurricanrana!

Atty rolls Dean up!




Inside cradle! Dean has countered with a pin of his own!



NO! Atty bursts out of the pin, both she and Dean rushing up to their feet, but Atara catches Dean right in the mouth with a running forearm! Dean collapses! Atty covers again!



Both Rose and Themis pop to their feet quickly. Rose grabs Atty by the arm and whips her to the corner, but Atty counters, and Dean crashes back first into the corner. Atty charges for a shoulder shot to the gut, but Dean counters and quickly lifts the knee, catching Atty in the chin. She falls back, Dean lifts his way to the top rope, staring at the sagarring Atty the entire time.

This is different! Dean isn’t known for being a highflyer!

But before Dean realizes, Atty has recovered and charges towards him!


NO! Dean has countered!

Atty slips while trying to hit the super belly-to-belly suplex, and Dean pushes her off!

But Atara Themis lands on her feet in the center of the ring!

Dean jumps from the top rope and runs toward her!


Atara connects flush with her trademark high knee to the face! She covers!




Winner by pinfall - and NEW Internet Champion - Atara Themis!

Whoa! What an awesome match!

Y’know that’s legit! I was on the edge of my seat just now.

Atty celebrates as Corey Smith hands her the Internet Championship, and her 24/7 Championship and raises her arm. Atty laughs and pulls Corey Smith in, planting a big wet kiss on his lips. She winks at Corey and climbs out of the ring where the fans are waiting for their party-animal champion with a bottle of Kástra Elión greek vodka!

My girl Atty’s been on one hell of a roll of late!

Atty tosses her titles out into the crowd, pops open the vodka, and takes a hefty swig before diving into the crowd and surfing away!

Ladies and Gentleman the following contest is for the XWF Television Championship with a fifteen minute time limit, and it a thumbtack match!

Cameras pick up large black sacks, one on each ring post.

Those sacks are huge!

Really Thad?


Introducing first, representing BOB ELITE, he is ANDRE DIXON!

There’s a loud, mixed reception from the large crowd as Andre emerges through the curtain with a look that could kill. He starts to make the walk towards the ring.

BOB Elite is on track to perhaps take yet another championship here tonight at MayDay!

Andre seems to have found another gear since aligning himself with Topher Page.


Yeah I’m sure he’ll hate it.

Andre reaches ringside where he climbs up on the ring apron and gazes over at a bag of tacks that are hanging around the ring post before stepping through the ropes and into the ring. Dixon circles the center of the ring eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Television Champion.

Introducing his opponent, he is the XWF Television Champion, MARF SWAYSON!

Lights in the Sky hits as the fans begin to boo. Marf makes his way out onto the stage, looking around at the audience and shaking his head in disgust. He marches to the ring while the crowd continues to boo and insult him. Marf rolls into the ring and goes to a corner, climbing up and then flipping off the crowd for more heat.

Marfy’s been on a role lately, picking up the TV title, and he and the Blue Woman picked up the number one contendership in Tag Turmoil back on Warfare...


Like Jannetty.


Andre Dixon
- vs -
Marf ©
15 Minute Time Limit- Thumbtack Special


Dixon and Marf stare across the ring from each other with neither showing any signs of intimidation as they start to walk out towards the center of the ring where the shit talking begins before Marf straight up decks Dixon with a right hand rocking the big man before coming immediately with a thumb to the eye and then a short headbut to the nose before backing Dixon up against the ropes, Marf shoots Dixon across the ring with an Irish Whip, Dixon bounces off the ropes delivering a running shoulder block that rocks Marf back several feet but does not leave his feet. Dixon drives a boot to the midsection of the Champion doubling him over before landing several blows across the back of Marf, he drives Marf back into a neutral corner before driving several shoulder blocks to the midsection before bring Marf out from the corner where he scoops him and delivers a Fallaway Slam! Marf lands hard on the canvass and rolls out to the floor.

Andre Dixon, on a roll here early on!

Marfy’s gotta get it together here real quick!

Andre comes towards the ropes where Marf snatches a double leg take down and pulls Dixon out to the floor where he drives him lower back first into the ring apron! He drives him a second and then a third time! Marf latches on to a front waist lock before delivering a belly to belly suplex on the floor! Marf climbs up on the ring apron where he walks towards one of the corners. He snatches the large black sack and jumps down to the floor. Marf unties the bag and empties thousands of thumbtacks on the ground.

Where's my popcorn!? Shit's gettin' thick already!

Oh yeah I was supposed to tell you, they ran out of salt so you're not getting your popcorn.



Whaaat? I wasn't gonna!


Nah I was definitely gonna.

Marf turns his attention towards Andre, he makes his way over towards him where he picks him the rest of the way off the ground. He scoops him up over his shoulder and turns towards the tacks! Dixon suddenly slides down the back of Marf! Marf spins around where Dixon snatches him by the throat and delivers a thunderous chokeslam down into the thumbtacks! Corey Smith looks on shaking his head as Dixon reaches down picking Marf up off the ground with hundreds of thumbtacks stuck in his back. Dixon hurls Marf back into the ring where he slides in after him making a cover. Corey drops down into position making the count.




Marf kicks out!

This is me not commenting on Corey's ass.



Dixon cuts his eyes towards Corey as he stands back up to his feet. He reaches down picking up Marf as some tacks fall out of his back. Dixon sets Marf up for an Angle Slam, Marf counters and catches Dixon with a boot to the midsection before driving him down into the mat with an implant DDT! Marf and Dixon lay on the mat with Corey starting to count them both out. At the five count Marf reaches one knee before stepping up to his feet. He picks Dixon up off the mat where he locks a front face lock where he hoists Andre up before spiking him down into the mat with a Brain Buster Suplex!

Marf works his way back to his feet where he turns towards another corner where another large black sack is hanging off the ring post. Marf snatches it off the ring post while in the ring Dixon rolls over to his chest and starts pushing himself up off the mat to one knee. Marf comes forward swinging the sack of thumbtacks smashing it into the face of Dixon knocking him back down to the mat! Marf drops the tied bag and lunges on to a cover.




Dixon kicks out of the very near fall!

I thought that might’ve been a killshot!

You and me both!

Marf cuts his eyes towards Corey who has done nothing but call the contest evenly. He reaches his feet where he gets in Corey’s face demanding a faster count. Naturally Corey is not hearing this shit as he simply shrugs which only infuriates the TV Champion as he turns his attention back towards Dixon. He walks over picking Andre up off the mat where he takes him back into the ropes, he fires Andre across the ring with an Irish Whip, Dixon bounces off the ropes ducking under a Marf clothesline attempt where he plants him with the Olympic Slam! Both Dixon and Marf are down as Corey starts laying the count to both men.


Dixon starts to stir at Corey’s six count before getting to his feet by the eight count. Dixon shifts his eyes towards the large black sack laying in the ring. He walks over and picks it up before opening it up and pouring thousands of thumbtacks into a portion of the ring! Andre snatches Marf up off the mat before locking in a front face lock as he is looking perhaps for a suplex. He attempts the pick up only to have Marf block! Dixon looks for a second attempt and again it is blocked, Marf manages to counter with a Falcon Arrow to Dixon driving him down into the thumbtacks!

Oh for fucks sake!



Don’t say fuck!





How the hell did he kick out!? I was sure that was it!

With his legs!

Marf glances towards Corey who show him two fingers which garners the middle finger from Marf which is followed in suit by TWO from Corey.

Marf needs to focus less on the referee and more on his opponent.

I beg to differ! Have you seen this ref!?

Marf begins to work his way back to his feet, tacks still sporadically all over his back as Dixon rolls over out of thumbtacks and now he too looks like a pin cushion across his broad back. Marf reaches down picking Andre up off the canvas where he positions him for a Powerbomb, but before Marf can attempt the Powerbomb Andre counters with a back body drop into the thumbtacks!


Andre falls back first on top of Marf Swayson. Corey dives down for the count.





This is a hell of a fight!

Andre slowly gets back to his feet. Marf rolls over to his side and gets to his hands and knees. Both men are nearly spent as Dixon goes for a stiff boot to the head but Marf grabs a hold of his foot and gets back to his feet. Marf, still with Andre’s foot in hand, sends a hard knee into Dixon’s midsection doubling him over.




Marf Swayson hits the PerfectPlex on Dixon, driving him back first into the thumbtacks, completing the bridge and keeping the leg hooked.






Holy shit this is fun!

Marf begins to protest again but Corey insists it was only a two count. Marf gets back to his feet and is smelling victory at hand. He bends down and grabs Andre by his head and pulls him up to his feet.

TIIIIME keeps on ticking ticking ticking…

Into the future!

Just about two and a half minutes to go for this Television title match!

With Andre to his feet, Marf sends him hard into the corner. Dixon hits the turnbuckles hard and bounces out. Marf grabs a hold of him and sends him up and over his head with a belly to belly suplex, sending Dixon down into the field of thumbtacks. Dixon lands and instinctively rises from the mat trying to get away from the tacks.

Marf lifts him back to his feet…


He’s out!


Marf hits the Canadian Destroyer on Andre Dixon and after impact, Andre rolls to his feet but entirely on dream street. Dixon staggers backward into the corner. Swayson gets back to his feet and charges toward Dixon, driving a shoulder into his midsection before lifting Andre and setting him on the top turnbuckle. Marf follows him up and looks to be going for another suplex variant.

Time is really becoming a factor here!

It looks like Marf Swayson might be content to just run out the clock on Andre Dixon and fight another day!

It’s not the route I would take, personally, but to each their own!

Marf changes course and climbs to the very top rope and pulls Andre Dixon up right along with him. Marf traps one of Andre’s arms and appears to be attempting to deliver a belly to belly but from the top!


With a last second burst of energy, Andre breaks Marf’s grip on him then powers him up and leaps off the top rope…



Dixon takes Marf off the top rope to the mat with his patented spinebuster and rolls up Marf’s leg. Corey dives for the count.






WINNER and NEW XWF Television Champion:


We have a new TV champ, Thad! And his name is Andre Dixon!

I can’t say that’s exciting news for the XWF as a whole, but it is great news for B.o.B. And even better news for Andre Dixon.

That was a war for the ages!

Dixon is really starting to click on all eight cylinders and it might be some time before someone steps up to take that title away from him.


(Ruby & Centurion)
- vs -
Them No Good Bastards©
(Thunder Knuckles & Bobby Bourbon)
Them No Good Bastards offered to put their titles on the line... In, you guessed it, SOLIDARITY! Can CentRubion Win The Tag Team Titles Back For The Workingclass?
2RP - 3K Word Limit

Thad, two title matches tonight, two new champions. What do you think we’ll see with the tag team title match?

If I know anything about Them No Good Bastards, and I do… it’s that they’re not trendsetters, they’re trend breakers. Say whatever it is you want about Robbie and TK individually, but as a team… I hate to say the word unbeatable, because they’re not. No one in this business is unbeatable.

People tend to throw that word around a ton when new tag champions are crowned. The Sick Cunts were unbeatable until they weren’t. Cataclysm was unbeatable, until they weren’t. Continuum was unbeatable, until they weren’t.

Them No Good Bastards are unbeatable, until they’re not. Is tonight the night?

Centurion and Ruby are no slouches as a team neither.

They’re not but you know what? Fuck Cent. That’s what.

The crowd goes wild as Centrubion appear on the entrance ramp. The sky above Coreytopia becomes overcast as lightning streaks across the clouds. Nothing like a South Florida pop-up-shower. Centurion and Ruby at first come out, smiling and waving to the fans. But as the rain begins to pour down, looks of determination become etched on the faces of the heroes.

Oh my God!

It’s just a little rain!

My fucking hair!

Yeah somehow I think you’ll survive!

Just wait! You have no idea how long it is when it’s wet. And its Florida so it’s gonna stop in like ten minutes. Then… THEN… its gonna all frizz up like a Jew Fro and I’m not even Jewish!

You done?

I guess so.

The duo march down to the ring shoulder to shoulder. They split off at the apron, each of them climbing a turnbuckle and raising their arms in the air as the crowd goes wild. Corey Smith welcomes them to the ring and points them to their corner as they await…

The epic XTron video of TNGB takes over the commune grounds as THUNDER cracks in the sky. A spotlight highlights the ramp, and Thunder Knuckles walks out onto the entrance ramp, hyped and ready to fight, pointing out into the crowd. Behind him, Bobby Bourbon deliberately walks out and stops, also pointing out into the crowd. Both men glance at each other and clink their Tag Team Championships together, then in unison point into the ring as the rain pours down. The crowd sings along with the song.


TK slides into the ring and gets up onto a knee, beckoning the crowd as Bobby climbs the steps and enters the ring behind him. TK stands and appeals to the crowd as Bobby raises his arms at 45-degree angles.

Corey Smith approaches the tag team champions, directing them to their corner and holds his hands out for the titles. TK and Bobby look at one another incredulously, shaking their heads before they both march back to the center of the ring, hoisting their tag championships one more time.

TNGB better hope that lightning doesn’t strike those things!

Meh! They could use a makeover.

Corey follows them back to the center of the ring and snatches the tieles away from each of them, pointing a finger and reminding them both that this is his ring, his rules motioning towards the scantily clad, and now soaking wet booty shorts ref costume.

Smith hands the titles over to the time keeper and presses the teams back to their corner on more time before calling for the bell.

And we’re underway!

We start off with Bobby Bourbon pacing back and forth in front of his corner, smiling and motining for Centurion to bring it - Centurion obliges. He charges the big man, but baits Bobby Bourbon! Just as Bobby goes to grapple, Centurion side steps and trips Bourbon down to the mat. TK slams the top of his corner in frustration as Ruby applauded from her corner.

Bobby is quick back to his feet, having taken little damage, he stands to see Centurion smiling, motioning now for Bobby to bring-it

Centurion, the wiley veteran as always!

Is ’wily veteran’ a euphemism for boring white bread?

Bobby charges at Cent, but slides a bit on the wet ring mat, but it pays off! With an open hand he falls into the challenger’s face with an eye rake that causes Cent to shout out in pain. But Cent doesn’t falter, he fires right back with a powerful, blinded punch that catches Bobby right in the mouth. Bobby stumbles back and Cent rushes. Bobby goes to grapple, but Cent baseball slides between his legs. He rises up and catches Bobby in the back with a standing dropkick that sends Bobby falling chest first into the ropes. Bourbon whiplashes and Cent catches him on the rebound.

OH! Saito Suplex from Centurion!

I’ve done better.

Cent struggled to lift the big man, but slammed him down hard and covers.

Smith slides into position, his booty short soaked from the rain,



Oh! An easy kick out by Robbie!

Um, it’s actually Bobby now…

What? Why?

Maybe if you wouldn’t leave for years at a time you would know!

Anyway he joined B.o.B. and changed his name. Pretty unexciting story.

Cent lifts Bobby by the head and goes to deliver a knee, but the champ anticipates the move and blocks Cent easily, opening him up for a devastating, jumping, spinning uppercut!


Look at that! He’s doing an impression of his promo viewers!

TK Laughs from his corner while Bourbon puts all of his weight on Cent for the cover…



But from out of nowhere it’s Ruby! She breaks the pinfall sliding across the mat with a devastating kick to Bobby’s head. This brings TK into the ring. He lunges for Ruby, but the smaller, shiftier Ruby dodges.

OH! But not so fast!

TK has managed to grab onto a handful of Ruby’s hair pulling her back! He’s got her from behind and lifts for a full nelson slam!

But Centurion! A BLOODY SYMPHONY! The flying knee catches TK in the side of the head, causing him to drop Ruby who scurries back to her corner. Centurion stands and begins kicking TK out of the ring. But before Centurion can even turn around, Bobby Bourbon has him from behind.


Bourbon smashes Cent down to the mat with a tourturrack samoan drop. He covers!



3!!! NO!!!


Bobby slaps the mat in frustration as rainwater splashes everywhere. He snatches Centurion up and looks over to TK who is nodding slow with a smile. Bobby shove’s Cent’s head between his legs! He lifts the Hall of Legends member!


Centurion starts wailing on Bobby’s head while sitting on his shoulders. The big man starts slipping on the wet mat, falling backwards. He tries again to hoist Cent and pummel him, but Centurion leapfrogs over Bobby’s head right into his corner where he finds Ruby’s tag!

Bobby collapses forward and finds TK’s tag!

Ruby hits the ring!

TK hits the ring!

It’s a brawl in the center of the mat!

A spinning back first from Ruby! A punch to the mouth from TK! Ruby stumbles back and TK goes for a superkick! But Ruby ducks under his leg and cracks TK across the face with a falling Pele Kick!

TK falls to the mat!


OH! Thunder Knuckles is fresh! He bench presses Ruby off of the pin. Ruby lands on her feet, slipping a bit as the rain continues to pour. TK climbs to his feet, but Ruby is already rushing. She lunges at Thunder Knuckles with a flying cross body! But TK catches her sideways! He slings the little Ruby onto his shoulder and charges he and Bobby’s corner with her!

A devastating crash into the corner! TK turns around with Ruby still lifted!


Ruby’s head whips viciously from the mat. TK covers!




The crowd screams in excitement as Ruby just barely kicks out!

TK looks like he’s smelled a fart!

Probably Robbie.

Centurion is clapping, trying desperately to rally Ruby from their corner, but it’s no use. He snags the superhero up by the hair and drags her over to Bobby. TK makes the tag and stays in the ring. He whips Ruby into the corner. Bobby whips TK into Ruby. A sick running knee lift would have dropped Ruby only…

A sick running lariat from Bourbs!

Felt it before. Hurts like a bitch!

Bobby doesn’t let her fall though, he picks Ruby back up as TK is already charging again with a full head of steam. ANOTHER RUNNING KNEE LIFT! Ruby is in big trouble! Centurion begins protesting to Corey from his corner, and in spite of their differences Corey Smith agrees. He comes between Ruby and Them No Good Bastards, demanding TK return to his corner. TK smiles, lifting his hands as if he’s innocent and slides back to his corner.

Ruby stumbles out of the corner, her throat falling right into the waiting grasp of Bobby.


Bobby buries Ruby with a nasty chokeslam in the center of the ring and covers her.





Someone’s gotta pick up Cent’s dead weight!

Bobby lumbers back to his feet incensed. He chucks Ruby across the ring with a Big Boy Toss, inadvertently throwing Ruby into her own corner, where Centurion is able to make the blind tag on his unconscious wife. The look on Cent’s face is one of malice and disdain. He rushes Bourbon, and in spite of the clear size advantage, Cent begins cracking the former Universal Champion in the face with a series of well landed strikes. Bobby is dazed! Cent ducks behind his foe and goes for the 1000 Mile Slam!

But the weight is too much to bear, Bobby slides down Centurion’s back, turns him around and grasps the smaller man by the throat. Bobby roars and chokeslams Centurion out of the ring with another EMC Squared! Bobby rips the leotard straps from his shoulders and starts pounding on his chest as TK laughs and claps. Bobby turns to TK and starts demanding a count from Corey Smith.

Corey looks at Bourbon and brushes him off, not going to be told what to do. The two come face to face before Bourbon turns around and starts making the 10-count himself.





Corey spins Bobby around and demands that he stop. Bourbon shoves Corey, who shoves the big man back.


From out of nowhere! Ruby leaps over Corey Smith with a springboard dropkick, while at the same time Centurion has recovered and done the same maneuver! The stereo dropkicks smash big Bobby on each side of his skull sending the big man crumbling to the wet canvass.

Centurion is gassed but still makes the cover!






Not so fast!


TK broke up the pin fall, diving on Centurion just in the nick of time! Centurion is spent and beat, as is Bobby Bourbon. As both TK and Ruby reclaim their corners, Bobby and Cent crawl to their partners.

Cent makes the tag!

Bobby makes the tag!

Again TK and Ruby hit the ring charging one another, but this time Ruby is ready! She leaps at TK! Hurricanrana! But TK is back up to his feet quickly… no matter, though! Dropkick from Ruby! TK is up again! BUT THIS TIME HE EATS A RUBY CUTTER!!! She covers!




Ruby gets to her feet, she runs at the ropes and rebounds, she cracks TK across the skull with a running knee as he rises, and keeps running!

She sees Bobby outside of the ring!


Ruby flips over the rope and smashes Bobby back down to the floor as he stands. The crowd is going absolutely bat-shit crazy as the rain continues to pour! Ruby climbs back in the ring only to find that TK is gone. She spins around trying to find her opponent, but he’s sliding back under the bottom rope, with a chair now!

He swings at Ruby with a chair shot that will take her head off!

But Corey Smith grabs the chair midswing! He rips the chair out of TK’s hands and slings it out of the ring. The two have an intense confrontation in the middle of the ring. Ruby runs and makes the tag to an eager Centurion. The crowd pops even louder. TK doesn’t realize!

1000 Mile Slam!

TK is down! But from the top rope it’s Ruby!


BUT NO!!!!!!!!!

From nowhere Bobby Bourbon has climbed back into the ring and crippled Ruby with a clothesline mid air!

Cent tries for the cover on TK but before Corey can even make the 1-count, Bobby lifts Cent from the pin into a vertical suplex.

As Bobby falls to the mat with Cent, TK pops up from his back…



Thank GOD!

TK covers Centurion as Bobby jumps up and keeps a boot on Ruby’s neck.

Corey counts the fall




Winners via pinfall - and STILL XWF Tag Team Champions - Them No Good Bastards

What a war!

Thank God Centurion still has no gold!

Just as Corey brugudlingly hands the titles back to TNGB, the clouds part, and the South Florida pop-up shower ceases.

My hair may never be the same again!

It looks…. fine….?


The massive crowd erupts with loud boos as attention diverts towards the wrestlers entrances area where we see a thick cloud of white smoke engulfing the area. Seen walking through the smokey haze and out to the top of the ramp is the XWF Universal Champion, CHRONIC Chris Page.

[Image: giphy.gif]

Chris Page told us all that he would be on hand to see who the next challenger is going to be for the Universal Championship depending on if he can successfully retain it against RL Edgar on Wednesday Night on Warfare.

Ladies and gentlemen, the least interesting Universal Champion of 2021!

Wouldn't that make you the most interesting?

By default only. Contrary to popular opinion, I don't actually have that massive an ego.

He's defended well though. If he gets through R.L. Edgar on Warfare, that'll be four successful defenses.

Yeah and he'll be the first to tell you that too. The man loves counting. The thing about his defenses though is he's faced a bunch of guys that think they got a gameplan, only to stand there like a deer in the headlights when things start counting for real.

I'm not saying he's had it easy necessarily, but Page has a way of manipulating things to his advantage.

You're speaking from experience?

Ha! No one knows Chris Page better than I do.

Chris ignores all the fans on his way towards the ring. He reaches ringside and climbs up on the ring apron where he steps through the ropes and into the ring. He unstraps the Universal Championship from his waist where he hoists it high into the air for all to see garnering louder boos from the crowd in the process which brings a smile to his face.

The hippies and comrades here at Coreytopia showing their feelings in solidarity for Chris Page!

Do you really think he gives a crap? His only concern is that they react. Boo him, cheer him, he doesn't care.

Great fuckin' jacket.

Bet he got it on sale at Hot Topic.

Hot Topic, Dolly repeats with a light laugh.

Dudes like 60. The elderly never pay full price.

Chris drapes the Universal Championship over his right shoulder as he calls for the microphone. Chris takes the microphone from the ring announcer before dismissing him from the ring. Chris reaches center ring as the “Judas” by Fozzy fades out leaving a solid chorus of boos which break out into a “FUCK YOU PAGE! FUCK YOU PAGE! FUCK YOU PAGE!”. Chris lowers the microphone and immediately burst out into laughter allowing for the chant to get louder and louder.

That's the spirit, XWF Universe!

Page seems to feed off the hate!

The chant stays solid as Chris raises the microphone and spouts out to everyone.

” You love me! You really, really love me!”

The chant breaks out into thunderous boos from all over as Chris simply talks over the crowd.

Haraghh! Blehhhhh.

You okay?

Yeah I'm good, just threw up a little.

” I wish I could say that I love each and everyone of you equally, but the truth is I could give two shits about any of your views or opinions because I will be leaving this dump as the Universal Champion much like you all will leave here as the same filthy pieces of trash you were when you got here.”

The always endearing Chris Page.



Only that I lost it to him. That son of bitch likes to take credit for every god damn thing. Know what? If it wasn’t for me, he wouldn’t even have that stupid classless belt.

Know what? Does it really dispense joints?

Why? You interested?

” The only reason I am gracing you all with MY star power has nothing to do with the event and everything to do with the Battle Royale that is set to take place in just a few short minutes. Ten individuals elected to answer the King Doc Open Invitational Battle Royale to determine who I will be facing at Leap of Faith. Names like Betsy Granger, Lycana to even fellow BOB Elite member Miss Fury and BOB members Barney Green and Jenny Myst; and all of them have the visions of getting their respective date with destiny IF they can ensure that they are the last person standing. To the victor shall go the spoils, and I for one cannot wait to see who is going to be headed to Leap of Faith on this collision course with destiny BABY!”

I can't help but notice his selective memory loss in failing to mention Robert Main.

...maybe its dementia.

Oh boy! I believe there's something CCP is forgetting!

R.L. Edgar emerges from the wrestler's entrance area to a huge pop from the million-plus in attendance. His eyes gleaming as he stares down the perturbed Universal Champion.

R.L. Edgar looks like a man marching confidently towards his own destiny right now! God I hope he wins!

R.L. Edgar reaches ringside and there is a second microphone laying on the ring apron. He takes the microphone and climbs up behind the ropes, leaning and smiling,

You know, Page... you sure do talk a LOT of shit.

A look of disgust growing on CCP’s face as Edgar steps through the ropes,

But for as much you talk, I couldn’t help but notice you left out a very important detail regarding Leap Of Faith…

Edgar stands bold, and face to face with CCP who towers over Edgar by nearly half a foot.’ve still gotta’ face ME for THAT he says pointing at CCP’s waist Universal Championship on Wednesday Warfare, and I’ll be goddamned if you think I’m just going to lay down like some dog. I told you this was going to be a war, and I FUCKING meant it!

[Image: tenor.gif]

” This is coming from the guy that has no other material to shoot other than a Hall of Legends picture? Listen junior, you are a formality defense, always have been and always will be. Do yourself a favor and walk away now before you end up leaving on a stretcher.”

Suddenly Page slaps the taste out of R.L.’s mouth! He points and laughs at his challenger for Warfare as we see an enraged Edgar explode towards Page taking him down with a Spear while transitioning into a side headlock as he reigns down with right hands! The crowd is on fire for Edgar as he lands six good shots before getting back to his feet! He picks Page up off the mat where he sends him sailing towards the ropes, Page latches on to the top rope while sling shooting out to the floor garnering loud boos from the crowd in the process.

NOW I wish I had my popcorn!

Edgar picks up the Universal Championship, looks at it and then throws it out to Page as he snatches the microphone.

… Ain’t gunna be no runnin’ from this ass whippin’ on Warfare!

It’s R.L. Edgar! It’s Chris Page! It’s for the Universal Championship, and it’s ONLY on Warfare!

The King Doc Open Invitational Battle Royale
[Image: thor-odin-gif-6.gif]
Mickey Kinkade- vs -Robert 'The Omega' Main- vs -Jenny Myst- vs -Lycana- vs -Betsy Granger- vs -Miss Fury- vs -Barney Green- vs -Sil- vs -DemosCharlie Dimes- vs -Reggie Estrada- vs -Surprise Entrant
The Winner Challenges For The Universal Title At Leap Of Faith

The crowd is eager for the Battle Royale as the bell sounds and all competitors are in the ring as all hell immediately breaks loose! Kinkade and Estrada pair off, Main and Charlie Dimes have a heated exchange in the mix as we see Sil and Barney Green, Granger and Miss Fury are engaged in an exchange with Reggie Estrada and the Mystery Entrant going after each other! Lycana and Myst are trading shots! Main drops Dime with a hard right hand while across the ring Reggie Estrada eliminates the Hooded Figure who charges across the ring looking to steam roll Kinkade and Estrada!

Who the hell even was that guy!?

It’s a mystery!


Barney Green thumbs Sil in the eye before biting him across the forehead. Jenny Myst gets the upper hand on Lycana throwing her over the top rope only to see her land on the ring apron. Myst turns her attention towards Barney where she comes across the ring double teaming Sil while Betsy Granger as Miss Fury back into a neutral corner and is trying to work her over the top rope. Mickey Kinkade takes the upper hand on Reggie Estrada backs him into the ropes as Lycana comes across the ring behind Kinkade dumping him over the top roep and out to the floor!


That dude is a red flag, glad he’s gone!

Lycana has been on a roll of late and she just tossed Kinkade like he was nothin’!

Miss Fury has Betsy Granger hanging over the top rope when Robert Main comes up from behind saving Betsy as he yanks Fury backwards and slings her towards the center of the ring! Barney Green as Sil by both arms as Myst charges forward where she eats a boot to the face from Sil rocking her backwards where Charlie Dimes is back in the mix with a Side Russian Leg Sweep!

Sil breaks free from Green before sending him over the top rope and out to the floor with a clothesline!


Barney should just get fat again honestly. Woulda been a lot harder to toss his big ass out.

Sil is a mountain of muscle though!

I mean he looks like he was carvered from stone.

Lycana blasts Dimes from behind as he reaches his feet knocking him towards a neutral corner while Betsy Granger starts to work over Jenny Myst and Sil square off with Reggie Estrada leaving Main and Miss Fury staring each other down! Jenny Myst gouges Granger in the eyes before clipping the right knee from under Main staggering him forward into a Judas Effect by Miss Fury! Myst and Fury take Robert towards the ropes where they try to get him over the top rope!

Lycana charges towards the corner housing Dimes only to eat a reverse elbow sending Lycana back out towards the center of the ring. Dimes come out of the corner with Sweet Shin Music! Reggie Estrada is sent over the top rope where he hangs on to the top rope as Corey Smith comes around the ring as Reggie latches firmly on the top rope with his feet nearing the floor before he pulls himself back up to the ring apron.

Dimes is spun around by Sil who snatches him by the throat and drives him back towards the ropes on the far side of the ring. Betsy Granger recovers as Miss Fury and Jenny Myst have Robert Main teetering on elimination! Granger blasts Myst in the back before yanking Miss Fury out towards the ring, she locks a front face lock before hoisting her up and driving her down into the mat with a Brainbuster Suplex! Reggie Estrada slides back into the ring where he sneaks up behind Main dumping him over the top rope! Main catches the top rope on his way down with only ONE foot touching the floor before pulling himself up on to the ring apron as Reggie celebrates like he’s won the damn match. Sil has Charlie Dimes teetering upon elimination only to see Dimes reach back gouging the eyes to free himself from the grasp of Sil. Myst meets Betsy with an exchange before looking to send Granger over the top rope, Granger reverses and Myst is sent sailing over the top rope and out to the floor!


Oh thank god!

What’s your problem with Jenny Myst?

Nothing in particular. I just dislike fake people.

Miss Fury pulls herself towards a neutral corner while Robert Main re-enters the ring behind Estrada who continues to celebrate before turning around and walking into Robert Main! Reggie tries to beg away but Main is not having it as he boots him in the midsection before sending him sailing over the top rope and out to the floor!


See ya Reg! We hardly knew ye!

Robert Main isn’t playing games tonight! He came to Coreytopia to WIN dammit!

It’s far from over, but I for one would love to see Robert Main get his hands on Chris Page!

You and about a hundred million other people.

Main and Betsy are in one corner, Lycana is in a corner by herself, Miss Fury is in a corner by herself, Sil is by the ropes on a far side with Charlie Dimes on the opposite side as one of these six participants will move on to challenge for the Universal Championship at Leap of Faith. All six glance around the ring at each other before Sil and Charlie charge towards each other and start unloading upon each other with right hands! Main and Lycana pair off as does Betsy and Miss Fury!

Sil drives Charlie Dimes down into the mat with a spin buster slam before taking a mount position on Dimes and hammering down with right hands while Main whips Lycana across the ring, she bounces off the ropes ducking under a Main clothesline where she drop kicks him in the backs ending him staggering forward towards the ropes. Lycana bum rushes Main sending him over the top rope where he once again catches himself on the ring apron! Lycana swings at Main who blocks and counters with a shoulder block to the midsection that stagers Lycana back for Robert to re-enter the ring.

Betsy and Miss Fury are back in a neutral corner where Granger drives Miss Fury into the corner with a shoulder block to the midsection. She starts driving repeated shoulders to the midsection of Miss Fury before stepping up to the middle ropes where she begins hammering down with solid right hands! Lycana swings at Main who ducks and counters with a Side Suplex! Sil gets up off Charlie Dimes before reaching down picking him up off the mat and as he does Dimes lands a low blow! Main Is shown picking Lycana up off the mat where he scoops her up over his shoulder and takes her towards the ropes where he looks to slam her over the top rope and down to the floor. Lycana hangs on to the top rope which allows Charlie Dimes to come up behind Robert and nail him in the ribs with a right hand.

Miss Fury, still getting hammered on by Betsy Granger snatches both legs of Betsy and walks out from the corner where she drops Granger face first on to the top turnbuckle with an assisted snake eyes! Charlie Dimes begins working over Main backing him into the ropes where he comes charging forward with a Cactus Clothesline taking both himself and Main over the top rope and out to the ring apron! Sil gets back to his feet where Lycana snatches a front face lock before delivering a tornado ddt using the turnbuckles for assistance to spike Sil head first into the canvass! Out on the ring apron Main and Dimes start trading right hands with Dimes gaining the upper hand before clotheslining Main back over the top rope and into the ring only to see Miss Fury come from out of nowhere with a Superkick but Dimes side steps it and blasts Fury with a forearm rocking her backwards into a back stabber by Lycana!

Dimes steps back through the ropes where he nails Lycana with a strong clothesline that nearly turns her inside out! Dimes shifts his attention towards Betsy who is nearing her feet when Sil comes up from behind and hurls Dimes over the top rope and out to the floor!


Oh how ‘bout that!

Dimes is outta here!

300 pounds of potato stuffed into a 100 pound bag just keeps moving right along, doesn’t he?

Betsy comes off the ropes with a Superkick to Sil rocking him backwards as Miss Fury lands a second Judas Effect to the lower back of Sil and now Lycana and Miss Fury start kicking at the quads of the massive tree that is Sil as Robert Main rolls towards a corner away from the action as it unfolds. Lycana and Miss Fury finally drop the redwood known as Sil to one knee allowing Betsy to nail a shining wizard to the temple of Sil knocking him backwards towards the mat.

Miss Fury, Betsy Granger and Lycana all look at each other awaiting for one to make a move on the other when suddenly they all reach down starting to pick Sil up off the mat when Betsy’s attention is diverted towards the crowd where we see…

ATARA THEMIS crowd surfing with the Freestyle and Internet Championships. Betsy walks towards the ropes as we see Sil suddenly Hulk Up as he throws both arms back sending Lycana and Miss Fury in opposite directions before running and clotheslining Granger from behind sending her over the top rope and out to the floor!


NO! Not Betsy!

And we’re down to four!

Lycana! Fury! Main! And Joe Swanson with Legs!

Dolly eyeballs Thad trying not to laugh. He looks at her.

You’re getting SLAAAACKS!

Did you have more edibles?

Sil turns around seeing Lycana and Miss Fury charging towards him looking for a double clothesline only to see Sil counter with a back body drop to both Miss Fury and Lycana sending both over the top rope and out to the floor!


And the inflated Macy’s Parade balloon has made it to the final two with Robert Main!

I’m not sure anyone would have predicted that!

Say whatever you want about Sil but he’s a hell of a competitor!

Oh? It’s Sil now? No nickname?

I ran out of silly ones.

The crowd at May-Day is rockus as Sil now looks across the ring at Robert Main and the two lock eyes. The crowd gets louder and louder as they circle each other before immediately starting an exchange of right hands! Clubbing shots from Sil are met with furious shots from Main! Sil starts to gain the upper hand as he lands several unanswered shots that back Main up towards the ropes, Sil charges forward, Main evades sending Sil bouncing off the ropes and into a boot to the face!

Main comes forward looking to take Sil over the top rope only to eat a boot to the midsection! Sil locks in a front face lock before hoisting Main up for a Suplex! He backs Main toward the ropes where he looks to suplex him backwards out to the floor but its Main who gouges the eyes breaking the grip on Sil as he comes forward landing on his feet! Sil swings wildly at Main who ducks the attempt where he hoists Sil up over his shoulders before depositing him over the top rope and out to the floor with a Dead Man’s Hand!


The crowd erupts as Robert Main celebrates the victory!



Dolly Waters and Thaddeus Duke lay out, giving Robert Main his moment to bask in the glow of victory. The commentary tag team gives Main a standing ovation.

Robert’s head instantly turns towards the entrance way before looking around all over the ringside area knowing that BOB Elite could pounce from any direction. The boos erupt as Chris Page walks back out to the top of the entry way with the Universal Championship his right hand.

Chris starts to make the walk down to the ring!

That man ruins EVERYTHING!

Like Universal title reigns of 22 year old phenoms?

AGGGH! Thad slumps in his chair, clutching his chest. Right in the heart, dear. Right in the heart.

Your over acting is why you’ll never win an Emmy.


Page reaches ringside where he climbs up on the ring apron and steps through the ropes and into the ring. Page and Main gaze across the ring at each other, the intensity is so thick as we see Chris toss the Universal Championship to the side! The music fades away as Main and Page go face to face, nose to nose!




The crowd explodes as they break out into a right hand exchange! Page lands, Main lands! Page lands! Main lands! Page takes Main down with a double leg take down and transitions into a mount position where he begins firing off piston-like right hands down upon his former best friend before Robert reverses the positioning and starts pounding away on Chris Page!

Robert lands several shots before getting back to his feet where he starts stomping down on Page!

COREYTOPIA security hit the ring in an attempt to break up the Brawl only to be taken care of with ease from Robert Main! Main turns back around and walks into a Spinbuster slam by Page! The crowd roars with boos as Chris sizes up Main who rolls over pushing himself up off the mat where Page comes forward with a boot to the midsection and drives Main into the canvass with a thunderous Page Plant!

It looks as if Chris Page will stand tall after this one!

Kidding and jokes aside, Chris Page is a dangerous man. He’s even more dangerous now that he has the Universal title and if it does end up Chris Page versus Robert Main at Leap of Faith? That match alone WILL be worth the price of admission for that show and every pay per view we ever have.

Chris stands back to his feet as the crowd roars with massive boos from the crowd. He snatches up the Universal Championship before placing a boot on the chest of Main, he raises up the Universal Championship garnering louder boos before he takes his foot of Robert’s chest and exits the ring, effectively leaving the number one contender for Leap of Faith laying on his back.

Chris turns facing the ring as Robert slowly starts to stir. Upon Chris reaching the top of the ramp he holds up the Universal Championship and with his right hand while flipping Robert Main off with his left. Suddenly the booing crowd comes alive as R.L. Edgar comes back out behind Page as he motions for him to turn the fuck around!

It’s R.L. Edgar!

He may play the spoiler, yet!

Page lowers his middle finger followed by the title before turning around where he is a deer in headlights for a second seeing R.L. who boots him in the midsection doubling Page over for Edgar to underhook the arms and deliver a PAGE PLANT to Chris Page on the top of the ramp!

The massive crowd EXPLODES as R.L. snatches the Universal Championship and forces it down into the face of Chris Page as he spouts out.

”Keep looking past me and there won’t be a Chris Page versus Robert Main; that’s not a prediction mother fucker! That’s a damn spoiler!”

God I hope Paulie wasn’t watching!


Siiiiiiiigh… he’ll be goin on and on about that for fucking weeks!

Edgar stands over Chris Page looking down as he then looks towards the ring at Robert Main who is now getting back to his feet. Edgar hoists up the Universal Championship to a massive ovation before dropping it on the chest of Chris Page.

Following the battle royale, Corey Smith approaches King Doc’s throne.

Ah, my loyal subject. Do you have an offering for me?

Corey looks awkwardly at Doc. Uhhhh...hi. Yeah, it’s me, Corey.

I know who you are. [/I]

I wasn’t sure seeing as you seem to have disappeared down the tragic rabbit hole known as dementia.

King Doc smirks. [doc]It’s not dementia, dear boy. Merely enjoying the fruits of my labors. Now, does this little tete a tete have a point? I’m sure you’re aware I have a match now.

It does have a point. Corey puts on an earnest expression. I just wanted you to know that even though I don’t trust you and I like Alias better as a human being in pretty much every respect…

King Doc rolls his eyes.

...even with all of that, I’m calling this match right down the middle. No bias.

So in other words, you’ve come to tell me you’re doing your job?

Corey bristles a little. Well, yeah. But I respect that this match means way too much to fuck around with the ending. I have to admit I’ve been looking forward to this since it was announced. And it’ll be my pleasure to referee this match.

King Doc considers Corey for a moment, his expression somewhat difficult to read. I guess we’ll see, eh? With that, King Doc stands tall and shrugs off his glistening regalia. He turns towards Corey again and winks at him mischievously. See you on the other side, Mr. Smith.

I’m gonna admit it… they’re two of my favorite people!

Even Dawk?

Siiiiigh… even Doc.

He just gets me.

No he doesn’t.

Yeah you’re right. He doesn’t at all.

Night has fallen over Coreytopia as the crowd anxiously awaits the Main Event of MayDay!

Following his meeting with The King, Corey heads to ringside where he starts to prop up a display. Then, he reaches under the ring and pulls out a 24/7 BRIEFCASE! He places it at ringside, a reminder of what’s on the line for the Xtreme Champion!

As Corey prepares for the main event, we feel its necessary to remind everyone what’s on the line here.

That’s right Dolly, not only is the Xtreme title on the line, something you and I are both familiar with in our own careers, but if…

And its a big if.

If Alias can survive this match. If Alias can pull off the win tonight, he’ll get to go home with a brand spankin’ new 24/7 briefcase.

What that means, is that if Alias does win and does take home that case, he’ll have a guaranteed immediate title shot at any champion he chooses at any TIME he chooses!

His personal feelings for me aside, I like Alias. He’s a legitimate star on the rise in this company and he’s mostly been on cruise control since after High Stakes. He’s beaten everyone placed in front of him.

But none of those opponents have been Dawk D’Ville, Thad! A man we both know quite well.

I mean, does anyone really know Doc? He’s an enigma. He’s the walking manifestation of a fucking riddle and very few competitors have been able to claim a victory over him and that’s what makes this match so fucking exciting.

Alias has been unbeaten since November. Dawk… is Dawk. He’s the King and this is his Kingdom.

I said earlier that Page and Main would be the price of admission etcetera etcetera… This match right here, is right up there with them and WE’RE GIVING IT AWAY FOR FREE!

And that’s what truly sets the Xtreme Wrestling Federation apart from everyone else. Often imitated, never duplicated.

A red mist rises up around the stage and through it appears King Louis D'VIlle, having disappeared from his throne and reappeared as though teleported. He slowly walks down the ramp and enters the ring where he picks a turnbuckle and stands on the second ropes as the red strobe lights flash and smoke rises from under the ring. After this, he steps to the center of the ring and hands Corey his crown. He seems to be speaking to Corey and pointing back at the crown, no doubt insisting on it’s safety. Corey rolls his eyes and carefully places it atop one of the turnbuckles.

The cameras fade backstage and on Alias’s face. It pans back to show him sitting cross-legged upon a crate propped against the mansion. He cracks his neck, once, twice, three times, and shuts his eyes. The shot sits on him for a moment, as he dreams of a new dawn.

Violently, his eyes reopen.

He leaps off the crate and lands firmly upon his feet.

Forward he walks. Ever forward.

Dolly Waters waits for him, leaning against a tall tree trunk. He pauses next to her. Silently, they nod. Off he goes again.

The dust has settled upon the battle royal, and some of its participants are finding their way to their next story. As Alias walks, he passes Betsy Granger. Again, he pauses. Again, they nod.

He moves on still, past Thaddeus Duke who has come to support his friends. They make eye contact. They nod.

Lycana and Marf support each other after their grueling matches, ever inseparable. Alias walks by them. No nods are shared, but the two lock eyes with the damaged vagrant. A foreboding leer lingers in the air, but today is not the day for that. Alias walks. Ever forward.

The competitors of the company have come out in force, even those that aren’t on the show. A trail of names and faces line the path.

Ash Quinn.

Reggie Estrada.

Morbid Angel.

Atara Themis.

He passes them all, moves around a corner of the building, and steps out into the throbbing masses of people. A spotlight finds him and the music of the crowd takes over. Dueling chants - “Eat The Left Hand” vs. “Eat The King” - sing to him as he makes his way through the crowd.

He walks.

Ever forward.

Towards his destiny. One way or another.

The King awaits him in the ring. And there, they stand - a moment in time not soon forgotten.

One way or another.

Que será, será.

Now that was an entrance!

I figured you’d have hated it, you always go for the glitz and the glam.

Yeah but that’s me, not him. Alias is a different kind of guy.

Alias now in the ring, immediately heads for Corey, arms out as if inviting him in for a hug. Corey awkwardly side hugs Alias, which seems to draw Doc’s ire. He holds his hand out at Corey imploringly, likely decrying the display of bias. Corey merely shrugs in response and instructs both opponents to go to their respective corners before calling for the bell!

The Coreytopia masses reach a fevered pitch as these two icons of the XWF start to circle each other, the King eying the champion like a bird of prey, Alias’ expression a bit more foreign and indescribable. But finally, they lock up and the crowd pops huge!

At long last! We are under way!

I’ve never been this excited for a match that I’m not even a part of!

Doc gets behind Alias, going for a suplex, but Alias blocks, elbows Doc and then snap mares him up and over. Doc rolls to his feet and Alias advances, but is soon halted by a kick to the knee, followed by the King dropping to his own knees and offering Alias a stuff uppercut to the jaw. Alias reels, giving Doc the opportunity to launch him across the ring with a beal toss. Alias uses the momentum to roll out of the ring. Doc wastes no time in following him out, grabbing Alias by his unkempt hair and drilling his forehead into the ring apron! Corey goes to the outside, foregoing the count out in this XTreme rules match.

Alias, in dire need of an opening here in the early going!

And he just got it!

Alias recovers in time to block a punch from Doc and respond with his own closed fist shot, followed by another. Doc then blocks the third and boxes Alias’ ears, followed by a nasty short arm clothesline that levels the champ!

Doc breezes past Corey en route to deliver more damage, but Alias surprises Doc with a kick to the head from the prone position. Doc shrugs it off and hits a regal back senton splash on Alias. Then, peeling Alias up, he whips him into the ringpost...but no! Alias puts on the breaks, surprising Doc with a back kick. Alias then hops up onto the ring apron with a quickness and launches himself into a huge suicide dive on the KIng! Alias goes for the first cover of the match!




The King kicks out!

Alias looks up at Corey, who confirms it was only a two. While Alias is distracted, Doc stabs a thumb in his eye and rolls away and up to his feet. Alias tries to rub at his eye to regain some vision, allowing Doc to punt him in the stomach and nail and exploder suplex on the champ, dumping him hard onto the ramp! Alias cries out in pain as he hits.

Doc ruthlessly stays on him, mounting Alias and nailing him with some nasty hits before...rolling back in the ring? Corey looks at Doc questioningly, and Doc responds by picking up his crown and placing it atop his head, drawing a decidedly mixed reaction from the crowd. His royal majesty takes a bow, returns his crown to the ring post, and returns to the outside, rolling Alias back in the ring. Alias gets to his feet and he and Doc lock up again, but not for long! Alias takes hold of Doc’s arm, wraps it up into a wrist lock, and then he bites Doc’s wrist! Doc hollers and smacks Alias upside the head, stunning him. Alias goes to the corner and Doc gets up a head of steam to splash him, but the champ dives out of the way just in time and Doc eats the turnbuckle.

Doc playing to the crowd is uncharacteristic and it just cost him!

Alias rolls him up!




The King kicks out again!

And now Doc needs an opening!

Alias brings Doc to his feet and gets a little dirty himself, raking the man’s good eye before sending him into the ropes.

And now he gets it!

Doc hits the ropes and his momentum carries him right into a monkey flip from Alias. Alias then floats over on top of Doc, grabs hold of his beard, and starts pounding him in the face! Corey grimaces but it’s all legal! Alias finishes off the assault with a bite to the King’s forehead before he’s able to throw him off. Doc looks furious now. Alias backs off and beckons for Doc to bring it on. Doc closes the distance and rocks Alias with a hard chop, and then two more before locking him up and sending him into the center of the ring with a t-bone suplex! Doc then heads to the top rope, perhaps looking for a Trepanation Headbutt! But Alias rises too quickly, headed for the turnbuckle to intercept the King. Doc kicks out at Alias, but Alias fires back with a punch, stunning him just long enough to get up and under him and drop him down with a thunderous electric chair drop!

Cover him, Alias!

I don’t think he’s gonna!

But, Alias doesn’t go for the cover. Instead, he rolls out of the ring, hops the guard rail and returns to the residents of Coreytopia. Corey looks on confused and calls for Alias to come back. But a couple of the members of the crowd rush off towards the house. Alias then hops back over the barricade and has a seat on the corner of the announce desk. Almost as an afterthought, he remembers Dolly and Thad are there and turns towards them. He waves at Dolly. And then shoots Thad the finger.

Aww! I’m number one!

You two have the most complicated relationship.

No, we have zero relationship. He dislikes me and I’m okay with that.

I kinda feel like Alias is wasting precious time here!

Meanwhile, back in the ring, Doc is back on his feet. He gestures for Alias to get back in the ring and Alias shakes his head “no” and points at his wrist as though there’s an invisible watch there. Doc shakes his head and rolls out of the ring after Alias. Alias then high tails it around the ring. Doc decries this foolishness and refuses to take the bait, simply glowering at the champion and demanding he come to him. It’s about this time that members of the crowd start to pass along a large burlap sack through their ranks, until finally it is delivered to Alias. Doc cants his head and Alias pulls a steel chair out of the sack, some lighter fluid, and a lighter!

Well this is about to take a rather brutal turn.

Well, it is xtreme rules.

Corey grimaces and holds the sides of his head in consternation, but it’s all gravy under Xtreme rules. He rolls back out to the floor, saying something unheard to Alias. Alias pats Corey on the shoulder and offers him a reassuring smile….before dousing the chair in the lighter fluid! Corey hops back for his own safety as Alias lights the chair on fire to a huge pop from the crowd! Doc looks like he’s had enough, and he reaches under the ring for a weapon of his own as Alias rushes over, brandishing the flaming chair like a madman! Before Doc can get something, Alias is on him, swinging with the chair! Doc barely avoids the fiery weapon, and Alias swings again, and again! Somehow Doc avoids catastrophe and hits a dirty low blow on Alias. Alias drops the chair, which is still ablaze, and Doc capitalizes by quickly wrapping Alias up and DDT’ing him onto the flaming chair!!! Holy shit! He covers the champ!




Alias pops a shoulder up!!

The King looks surprised and the crowd gasps in shock! D’Ville grabs a handful of Alias’ hair and wrenches him to his feet, throwing him into the barricade. He then picks up the lighter fluid and the lighter. Corey is begging Doc off from doing anything rash, but all’s fair here! The King ignores Corey and walks over to Alias. He starts to upend the bottle of lighter fluid over his body, when Alias springs to life, kicking out at Doc and fighting his way to his feet. Alias smacks the lighter fluid out of Doc’s hand, and Doc responds with a kick to Alias midsection. Alias backs up and rallies, responding with a haphazard bicycle kick that shocks the challenger.

No one said this match would be for the weak stomachs!

Way too much is riding on this! Alias can lose everything tonight!

I mean, he’s already lost it, but here we are.

Alias scoops up the lighter fluid.. Corey tries to convince Alias not to do it as well, but Alias responds by blowing Corey a kiss and mouthing “I’m sorry, booboo”.

By this point, Doc is unsteadily back to his feet and putting some distance between himself and Alias. He clambers over the barricade and into the crowd, who part like the red sea for the fearsome legend. Alias follows suit, and Corey goes as well. Clear of the crowd Doc finally turns on Alias, but Alias splashes him in his one good eye with the lighter fluid! Doc hisses and grabs at his eye. Alias grabs his beard and pulls him into a sickening headbutt, followed by a knee lift. Alias then takes hold of Doc by his gear, dragging him over the lawn. Corey is starting to look nervous as the action inches closer to the house. Doc gets some fire in him and lands a couple shots to Alias midsection, but Alias knee lifts him again and whips him to the ground by his beard. Doc rolls and gets up to his feet, putting more distance between himself and Alias. Finally, they end up at the pool area!

At this point, they clash again, Alias laying into Doc and Doc firing back. Doc gets the upper hand with a rake to the face, followed by a resounding slap to the side of the champ’s head. Doc then fumbles for something in his gear and pulls out that lighter again! He takes a deep inhale, lights the lighter, and…


Right to the chest of the Xtreme Champion!

Corey jumps up in the air he’s so shocked! Alias takes the flame right to the chest! Alias immediately dives for the pool to cure the burning...and Doc dives in after him! His majesty then grabs Alias by the hair, dunking him under water and holding him there! HE’S TRYING TO DROWN THE CHAMP! Corey calls out from the deck for Doc to stop, but he won’t listen. So finally, Corey dives into the pool! He grabs Doc’s shoulder, ordering him to stop. Doc shrugs him off! So Corey grabs him harder and wrenches him around! The King glowers at his Continuum stable mate while Alias retreats, grasping onto the deck and choking up water. D’Ville uses the steps to get out of the pool and he goes on the attack again, pulling Alias out of the water by his hair and snap maring him into the cement! Alias calls out in pain, and the King lands a stiff kick to the back of Alias’ head before covering him!



Alias pops a shoulder again!!

This match is fuckin’ killer!

The King considers Corey warily for a moment before standing tall, looking around for something else to do damage with. He grabs a lawn chair and brings it crashing down on Alias as he tries to stand. Doc follows that up by locking him into a suplex position and again tossing him hard onto the cement with a release German! Doc clambers onto Alias and pins him again!




WAIT! Oh my God!

Alias is biting Doc’s face!

Corey looks aghast as Alias bites down deep on Doc’s nose, causing a burst of blood to pour out of it. Doc throws Alias away, wiping away the blood that’s now pouring from his nose like a faucet! Enraged, he picks Alias up, but Alias surprises him with a double leg takedown into a pinning predicament!




The King kicks out!

What’s it gonna take to beat either of these guys?

...a lot!

Throwing Alias off of him, he gets vertical and starts walking away again, this time heading down to a set of glass double doors! Corey calls for Doc to keep the action away from the house, but he barely completes the sentence when suddenly ALIAS SPEARS DOC THROUGH THE GLASS DOORS! The doors explode open, shards of glass going everywhere! Corey curses and runs his hands through his hair. Coreytopia has been breached by the action! Alias goes for the cover on Doc!

I hope Corey went over his home owners before agreeing to have this show here.

Dolly’s eyes grow wide.

Yeah, I’m sure he covered that.







Alias looks down, shocked to see that Corey has appeared underneath him in Doc’s ring gear! Meanwhile Doc has transposed places with Corey, and he’s wearing the ref’s outfit now (short shorts and all!).

Who wears short shorts!?


Dolly can’t stop laughing.

I’m not sure if I’m surprised or not, but its not revealing at all on His Royal Majesty.


Doc looks wobbly, his back is covered in lacerations that are bleeding through the referee shirt. But he has enough in the tank to surprise Alias by picking him up off of Corey and suplexing him to the hardwood floor.

Corey stands up, looking flummoxed. He points at Doc. Doc points back at him….AND THEY’VE TRADED PLACES AGAIN. Corey and The king are now back in their proper attire! Corey shakes his head, looking woozy. Meanwhile, Doc grabs for a wooden chair nearby intent on doing some damage. He walks over to Alias and raises it above his head, but Alias stuns him with a kick right to the crotch! Doc grunts and drops the chair. Alias pushes his way up to his feet, snagging Doc for a quick roll up. It takes Corey a moment to realize what’s going on, but he soon drops to make the count.







Alias looks spent and frustrated, slapping his gloved hand on the floor. Both men stagger to their feet. Doc goes for a right hook, but ALIAS TRAPS HIM AND DRILLS HIM WITH…









I’m fucking exhausted! Imagine how they feel!

Alias looks at Corey pleadingly, and Corey insists it was only a two!

Alias peels Doc up off the floor, the champ himself looking winded and pained. He throws Doc down the hallway, sending him pinwheeling off the wall and stumbling into the next room. Corey, still looking concerned for the house, follows the action. Doc pops out in a living room area and Alias wastes no time grabbing hold of Doc from behind and launching him over a couch! Alias then gets on the couch and delivers an elbow drop to the challenger! Then, he spies a wooden coffee table as Corey mentally starts to calculate how expensive this is going to be. Alias picks Doc up and scoop slams him into the table! The table cracks but doesn’t break, so Alias splashes the King through it the rest of the way and pins again!







When Doc pops Alias off of him, he shocks him by locking him up in the 302! Alias flails wildly, but the King has it synched in! Alias is struggling, fighting with everything he has to free himself!


….he’s starting to fade!

Corey checks on Alias and Doc orders Corey to see if Alias is conscious. Corey moves in and lifts Alias’ arm.



He lifts it again.



Corey lifts the arm up again.






Alias howls like a maniac, returning from the brink of unconsciousness. He spits and snarls like a wild animal, flailing again. He rocks his head back and catches Doc in the chin, once, twice, three times until Doc is forced to break the hold! Alias roars to his feet, takes a random swing at the air, and then face plants on the floor!

The King remains on his back, feeling the pain creeping into his impossibly old bones. Finally, he sits up. Alias also pushes himself up. Doc wipes some more blood from his nose off his mouth and crawls to a standing position. Alias also gets vertical, but looks like he’s liable to fall at any minute. He stumbles back, close to an immense flat screen TV. Corey gets a distinct “oh shit!” look on his face! Doc goes for Alias, grabbing him by the hair and reeling his head back to blast his face into the TV screen. Corey cringes! But then Alias, fights back, elbowing Doc in the guts to get him to break the hold. Corey breathes a sigh of relief.

Aaaaaand then Alias crashes Doc’s skull into the TV screen! The glass spiderwebs and Corey moans despondently. Doc reels, stumbling backwards into the living room floor. Alias steadies himself against the broken TV for a moment before heading back towards the challenger. Alias picks him up and pulls him along with him, headed for a specific destination. Corey follows them through the halls until they come out in THE KITCHEN! The look on Corey’s face says it all, and he hastily goes to grab a block of knives and toss it into the hall and out of reach of the competitors.

Alias bounces Doc’s head off a countertop, causing him to sink to his knees. He then opens a drawer right into The KIng’s face! Alias for for the cover!






Doc pops a shoulder up just in time.

Alias runs his hands through his hair, looking frustrated.

Keep your wits about you Aias! You got this!

Will Alias slay the King!?

But then, he spots the stove. Stumbling over to it, he lights one of the burners! Corey’s eyes go wide with fear as Alias retrieves Doc and drags him over to the open flame. Corey intervenes, getting in between the competitors and the stove and begging Alias off. Alias stops, looking at Corey sadly, which gives Doc just enough time to escape. He gets behind Alias and grabs him by the hair, ripping him down skull first into the linoleum! Doc then spies the flame with a devious glint in his eyes, but Corey stands firm. Doc gets right in Corey’s face, eying him challengingly. Alias slowly arises from behind both of them and pushes Doc. Doc knocks heads with Corey and they both go down!

Ouch! Corey getting a little too close to the action. He’s a tough guy though!

Oh, I don’t know. Once you put on the ref shirt a stiff breeze can knock you over. I’d wager his fortitude has dropped by at least 90% here.

Alias looks horrified at what he’s done. He kneels next to Corey, tapping his face gently to try to get him to wake up.

He’s really not such a bad guy.

I’m not sure many people thought he was…

His attention is drawn to Doc groaning as he pulls himself across the floor and away from Alias. Corey’s eyes start to flutter open and Alias gives him a big kiss on the forehead, glad that’s ok! With his precious boy recovering, he sets his sights on more carnage. Musing, he then grabs an empty glass bottle from a recycle bin. Then, he starts scouring the cabinets looking for...looking for….

On the other side of the kitchen, Doc is trying to get to his feet but having some difficulty. Corey is also struggling to get up, shaking his head to clear the cobwebs.

….and that’s when Alias finds what he’s looking for….MORE LIGHTER FLUID! He dumps the lighter fluid into the glass bottle.

Oh yes!...Do tell me….

Ever the blood thirsty one, you are.

It’s a blood sport!

And then he snags a rag off the counter and stuff it inside the mouth of the bottle. Moving towards the stove, he starts to bring the contraption down to light it. Corey, still on the floor, grabs his pantleg, but Alias seems enrapt by the possibilities and doesn’t even notice! He lights the rag and then turns towards the challenger with a triumphant cry! Doc’s eyes flare open as he realizes what’s about to happen.

[Image: 4fc4a029ba66f76ccd002c1299cda5e2.gif]

Alias lobs the molotov cocktail at the King! King Doc backs away, but as the glass shatters on the floor some of the errant flames still catch on his gear.



Corey screams and crawls towards a fire extinguisher affixed to the side of one of the cabinets. Doc throws himself at a side door leading to the outside, where he jumps onto the sodden lawn and starts rolling around to extinguish the flames. Alias falters through the same door as Corey frantically starts to douse the flames in the background.

Doc is now prone in the grass, his gear still smoking, with some of the fire clearing biting down to flesh level. He grimaces as he tries to get up, but Alias just knocks him back down with a running dropkick. Alias then bends low to cover Doc, but from out of nowhere he surprises the champ by rolling him up in a small package! But Corey’s not yet outside to the make the count! Doc breaks the hold, looking pissed, and screams out. COREY! DO YOUR JOB!

This draws Corey back outside, and Doc pins Alias’ shoulders back down again.






Alias pops out!

Both men now look utterly done, laying in the wet grass and breathing heavily. Corey surveys the carnage written on both men’s bodies, eying them to see who recovers first with a pained look on his face.

The competitors slowly rise, each a broken shell of their former selves. Each wracked with a multitude of different agonies. But there is something in the air. It’s almost done. King Doc launches the first blow, a right hand. Alias takes it, and counters with his own. And for a time, they are like two titans, giving each other all they have, trading blow after blow. But then, the champion’s gloved hand raises up and drops with prolific force, THE OTHER LEFT landing like a thunder clap!!

Doc falters, face stinging, bell rung, wobbly on his feet. At first, it seems as though he might remain upright, but then he slumps to one knee, eyes seeing nothing. That’s when Alias drops low, and with every bit of his ebbing strength, he lands a BRUTAL FINISHING UPPERCUT on the King!

[Image: decade-feature-favorite-music-releases-d...tality.gif]

Doc actually pops up into the air from the force of the desperate low, landing hard on his back. Alias collapses on him for the cover!









Corey gasps as King Doc is barely able to lift a shoulder. Alias looks incredulous, and maybe even a little scared. He looks at Corey pleadingly as if to say “what do I do?” But then, he returns his attention to the task at hand, knowing he has to finish this. Battered and weak, Alias grabs on to Doc. At first, Doc manages a meager push. Alias falls back, and the King flops back down on his haunches. Alias tries again to grab for Doc, and Doc lays into him with a punch to the stomach. Alias doubles over, and then sinks to his knees. Doc, wheezing and also on his knees now, cuffs Alias upside the head with a brutal chop. Alias slumps over onto his side and Doc considers him for a series of moments, trying to building something up inside. He’s able to gingerly get up to his feet. He pulls Alias up. Alias tries for a punch but Doc swats it away. He shoves Alias head between his thighs, hefts him up and into….THE LOBOTOMY!

Corey is shocked that the KIng is able to get him up! And indeed, Doc only gets the move in part, landing on his knees and jackknifing Alias onto the back of his head. But it’s enough for him to go for the cover.









Alias pops out of King Doc’s finisher! Doc is in disbelief. He looks up at Corey insisting it was a three, but Corey shakes his head “no”. Doc again rolls back on his haunches, scarcely able to hold himself up at this point. He covers Alias again.








King Doc glowers at Corey, painfully pulling himself to his feet and hobbling over to the referee. Corey you TOLD me, right down the middle!

Corey takes a step back. Whoa, whoa. Hold up. I AM calling this fair and square.

King Doc shakes his head menacingly. No….no….not with that last count. He casts a glance back at Alias to make sure he’s still down. I do believe you’ve had a favorite all along.

Come on, man! Corey cries out in exasperation. And that’s when Doc shoves Corey! Corey falls back on his ass. What the fuck!

Enter Thad’s Stanley Kubrick stare.

Do your job!

Corey looks livid. He shoots to his feet, getting right in the King’s face! Yeah, I’ve had a favorite….

So you admit it?!

But it hasn’t impacted how I call this match! Now let’s finish this insanity before you both end up dead!

Doc chortles sarcastically, not backing down at all. Liar.

Back the hell up!

It’s bad enough I let you parade around with the tag team titles that I won, only for you to LOSE them. But now I have to suffer this….

And that’s when Corey gives Doc a hard shove! I told you to….!

But unseen by both of them, Alias had been crawling on his hands and knees towards them. When Corey shoves Doc, he falls ass over tea kettle over Alias. As soon as Doc hits the ground, Alias leaps on him and locks in the EAT THE LEFT HAND! Doc bites down on Alias’ fingers, but he screams through the pain, not breaking the hold and even bashing Doc’s head up and down as he maintains it! Corey curses as the gravity of what just happened dawns on him.

Alias is relentless, and Doc goes to the champ’s face then, trying to get up and under his chin and force Alias off of him. But he doesn’t break the hold! You can hear the capacity crowd cheering from a distance as they watch live. But Doc is fighting! He’s fighting!

But then he’s fading….

The King is fading….

And finally he succumbs to unconsciousness. Alias looks up at Corey, and Corey looks guiltily back at him. Nonetheless, he picks up The King’s arm.






Winner via KO - and the NEW Mr. 24/7 - Alias!

Alias, battered and bloody, pops off of Doc and immediately hugs Corey. But Corey’s eyes remain on Doc, and he retains a mixed expression. Just behind the house, a fireworks display begins!




[Image: 212323546ba-colorful-fireworks-animated-gif-pic.gif]

Dolly Waters comes running in holding the 24/7 briefcase. She hands it to Alias, who takes it, but finds he’s too weak to stand, slumping to the ground but clutching it lovingly. The crowd rushes the ring and lifts Alias into the air.

XWF MayDay fades to black as Alias is seen being hoisted by the mass of fans lifting his 24/7 Case into the air.

A Special Thanks To:

And To Everyone Who RPed And Participated!

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Holy shit we got Atty two belts and a new Mr 24/7 damn what a hot show.

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Gotta say man 2nd match back from a huge hiatus and already facing an XWF legend definitely brought out some of my best work I ever pulled off. Main's a beast, man. Nothing else needs to be said about that man. I'm definitely looking forward to a #MainFrigida feud one day if he's open to it. Fury, Lycana, Granger, Reg they all brought that FIRE. Wish we coulda seen more RP's out of Jenny, but she still came in and put something up and that's always worthy of honor and respect even if she missed the soft deadline. Really good work from all of you, and Dem's (He snuck in some TT on me that I didn't see until deadline. Bastard! Lol) and you all brought out my best work. Thanks for accepting me into the XWF family. I'm having a lot of fun here, and look forward to working with you guys more in the future.

And congrats to Andre Dixon. Makin big things happen lately, bro!

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05-01-2021 10:40 PM

[Image: QlAtZZJ.jpg]

Que será, es ahora.

Eat 'Em All

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Not it on clean up.

Congrats to everyone. Not just the winners, there truly were no losers.

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05-02-2021 02:13 AM

Absolutely incredible show!

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05-02-2021 03:19 AM

[Image: q8RJC3w.png?1]

[Image: 9fnXTnV.gif?2]
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05-02-2021 06:54 AM

What a show!

This is an amazing bar set for a Shove It. I still liked Ned's better but this was a close second!

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05-02-2021 08:00 AM

OOC: It was a true pleasure to help with this show and to play my part in honoring two of the very best in the game.

[Image: giphy.gif]

*Me waiting for the cash in*

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05-02-2021 08:34 AM

(05-02-2021 08:00 AM)Corey Smith Said:  OOC: It was a true pleasure to help with this show and to play my part in honoring two of the very best in the game.

[Image: giphy.gif]

*Me waiting for the cash in*

Thanks for offering up your house. I promise we’ll get it cleaned up, but when I find those booty shorts they’re going in the trash.

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05-02-2021 01:18 PM

Amazing show! You guys did so amazing and it's very much appreciated! Congrats to everyone on what felt like a big PPV! Big thanks to everyone for the kind words! Sil you're my boy and killed it in that battle royale!

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05-02-2021 04:48 PM

I can't speak for Rubes, but that was the best shot I had. If that wasn't going to beat the Bastards, then nothing was going to.

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05-02-2021 10:56 PM

(05-02-2021 08:00 AM)Corey Smith Said:  OOC: It was a true pleasure to help with this show and to play my part in honoring two of the very best in the game.

I second this. Writing commentary was hella fun.

Dolly Waters Said:Thanks for offering up your house. I promise we’ll get it cleaned up, but when I find those booty shorts they’re going in the trash.

And deny the masses the pleasure of seeing such... Coreyness? C'mon Dolly. Where's your giving spirit? Those shorts were the gift that kept on giving.

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05-02-2021 11:03 PM

Places a towel over a pair of shorts in his gym bag and leaves.

Que será, es ahora.

Eat 'Em All

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