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Wednesday Night Warfare: 4/7/21
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04-07-2021, 02:37 PM

WEDNESDAY - 7 - APRIL - 2021


From !!!


- vs -
3 RP Limit


- vs -
3 RP Limit

- vs -
3 RP Limit

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -
3 RP Limit


WEDNESDAY - 7 - APRIL - 2021


From !!!


HHL: What do we have here?

Pip: Uhh..

Several trumpeters emerge from the entrance in single file and line up on each side of the ramp as a man in a tunic stands between them carrying a scroll.

HHL:Who dat?

Pip:I’ve never seen that person in my life.

HHL: It looks like he has something to say!

[Image: dDfniqs.jpg?1]

The man unravels the scroll and it falls to the floor. He clears his throat and reads aloud:


He waits.


He waits some more then lets the scroll unravel to his feet.


The Slayer of King Slayers….

The Ender of Streaks….

The Embodiment of Exquisiteness…..

WINNER of the 2021 March Madness Tournament……

His Royal Majesty!!


The man steps aside and bows as several spotlights shine into the entrance. King Doc is then carried on a liter by several gladiators. The lights follow him all the way up past the stage where there is a long stairway leading to the Royal Throne.

[Image: qduRSK5.jpg?3]

King Doc rises, steps from the liter, and makes his way up the stairway to the throne where he turns and faces his audience.


May I start off by saying what an honor it must be to have your’s truly as your KING! I have proved myself time and time again! Now I stand before you atop of this most unscalable mountain! Be assured, be confident, be certain that I will be the greatest, most genuine, most humble ruler you’ve ever had the pleasure of serving!

My subjects, as your KING I do not ask for much, you see. All I desire, all I require, all that is recommended is your undying, undeniable, insurmountable LOYALTY! Come out, take a bow, acknowledge the sovereignty of your ruler! Recognize your place and you WILL BE REWARDED WHEN I LIFT YOU FROM SQUALOR! I am generous as well as kind! And I will always, always, always have my subjects in mind! Share with me your grievances! Enlighten me of your troubles! The KING is not only here to rule but here to solve all of your problems! As KING, I shall enforce fairness and will be unbiased to all… big and small! My presence will be known at every event and if you inquire about a session with the KING your wish will be granted! I hold no grudges, I hold no resentment! I look at all of you the same as I pledge my commitment!

King Doc makes a fist with his Royal Gauntlet and holds it before him. He raises it in the air for all to see.

However, with an iron fist, I will accept nothing BUT greatness. Which brings us to our next introduction! A man that we ALL call our champion! A man who holds my good graces!

King Doc motions back to the entrance way.








The crowd erupts with THUNDEROUS boos reigning out all over the Staples Center as we see walking out to the ramp of the stage with the Universal Championship slung over his right shoulder is none other than “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE.

The boos grow louder as seen walking out behind Chris is BOB-Heavyweight Champion Miss Fury as they hold hands, the NEW XWF World Tag Team Champions Bobby Bourbon and Thunder Knuckles; Them No Good Bastards, and rounding out the upper eschelon of BoB is Andre Dixon. The members of BoB start to make the walk towards the ring.

HHL: March Madness is in the rearview and as you can see that BoB has an awful lot of gold around their waists, or over their shoulders as they are headed to the ring.

Pip: Do not adjust your television sets because yes that is Andre Dixon alongside BoB as he was apart of the massive reveal that closed the Main Event that lead to the return of Robert “The Omega” Main.

HHL: I am still just so disgusted with everything that I saw at March Madness when it comes to the group of talent walking to the ring.

Chris and Miss Fury lead the tag champions and Andre down to ringside. Chris climbs up on the ring apron before stepping through the ropes and into the squared circle where he is joined by Miss Fury, Andre Dixon and Them No Good Bastards.

Chris stands in the center of the ring looking out across the sold-out Staples Center as Miss Fury calls for the microphone. She takes the microphone from the ring attendant before handing it over to Chris Page. Chris takes a few minutes as the music fades away leaving a solid chorus of boos echoing throughout the Staples Center which brings a smirk to his face. Chris raises the microphone and starts to speak out towards the masses.

” Who is bitter about March Madness, eh?”

Lowering the microphone Chris lets the boos from the crowd ring out for several seconds before turning his attention towards Miss Fury and gives her a wink. He redirects towards the camera as he continues.

” All of the pieces to the Robert Main puzzle have been put together as I stand before you all as the man behind the attack that nearly ended the life of your so-called “hero” with the help of Thunder Knuckles and BoB.”

TK pretends to have a bat in his hand as he swings for the fences to massive boos from the crowd.

” Walnut Brain returned to great fanfare that made me want to puke. We eliminated you, Robert. We sent you on a three month vacation, and just as sure as I am standing here STILL Universal Champion is just as sure the next time you cross my path I will not be responsible for cracking your skull… I will be responsible for caving the mother fucker in completely!”

Miss Fury walks up beside Page as he puts his feet arm around her slender waist. Chris turns his attention towards King Doc who sits upon his mighty throne where he is being hand fed some grapes from some of his lovely ladies dressed in white togas.

” We cannot go any further if we do not at least acknowledge the new KING of the XWF, Doctor Louis D’ville!

There is a loud yet mixed reception for the King as he cocks an eye brow with the response from the crowd.

” King Doc, you have not been in power a full two weeks and the lack of respect you have gotten has been enough to drive all of us completely insane. I want to be one of the first to congratulate you on that monumental accomplishment for being the only two time KING of the XWF.”

There’s a mere head nod from King Doc as he is fed another purple grape.

” When I knew I would be in your company tonight I got with my team, collective we thought about how we wanted to welcome you to Wednesday Night Warfare…”

Attention is drawn towards the entrance ramp where a six foot case of some type is being wheeled out by four buff dudes dressed as gladiators. The case has a black skirt covering anyone from seeing the inside contents.

” Unlike your counterparts in Continuum, unlike peasants such as Robert Main and a host of others that are flapping their gums out of nothing more than sheer disrespect we in BoB see things from a completely different perspective. We believe that a KING deserves to have the best court money can buy… and unless your eyes deceive you, you have standing in this ring the Universal, the World Tag Team, the BoB Heavyweight Champion, and one of the baddest mother fuckers on the planet. We feel that a King should be treated as such…”

The case is wheeled out in front of the stage that houses King Doc’s throne. The gladiators step away from the case as we see Chris Page, Miss Fury, Bobby Bourbon, Thunder Knuckles and Andre Dixon all leave the ring and start walking back towards the staging.

” We feel that if anyone disrespects the King then they must pay the consequences. What I am prepared to offer you is something so much more valuable than what is underneath that black skirt sitting in front of you.”

Chris and company finally reach the side of the stage where the large item sits. Chris and Miss Fury take each other by the hand stepping forward. They each take one side of the large black skirt and yank it off revealing a glass case with….

[Image: Excalibur.jpg]

” We spare no expense for the King, and we offer our services as your Royale Court. Bobby Bourbon as your Bailiff, Andre Dixon as your personal security, Thunder Knuckles as your Treasurer, and I, Chris Page, hand to the King with Miss Fury as my own assistant.”

King Doc stands from his throne and starts to walk down the stairs towards his subjects. His attention is drawn towards the sick ass sword that is encased in glass. King Doc opens the glass door and retrieves his sword. He admires it as Chris takes Miss Fury by the hand where collectively and together they kneel before the king.

They are followed in suit by Bobby Bourbon, Thunder Knuckles and Andre Dixon.

King Doc takes the gift from CCP and the rest of BOB and admires it. He holds the sword high into the air to a rain of boos from the crowd in which he laughs and cackles back at. He looks at the BOB Army before him and lets the sword rest on his shoulder and motions them to rise.

” If this is not enough, I have a request of the King. Saturday Night, May 1st a Battle Royale; not just any Battle Royale, a KING DOC OPEN INVITATIONAL BATTLE ROYALE to determine the Number One Contender for the Universal Championship at Leap of Faith!”

I would expect nothing less from the Champion of MY KINGDOM! Look on, my glorious people, as our champion is always looking for his next challenge! Witness as he seeks to bring glory to his KING! Know this, May 1st, when the winner emerges… I, KING DOC, will personally name them the Number One Contender to face my Champion at LEAP OF FAITH!!!

Ladies and Gentleman the opening contest is a TABLES MATCH, about to make her way to the ring... ASH QUINN!

Purple lights flash. Ash walks out crouched, eyes sweeping the crowd. As the music picks up she runs down to the ring sliding under the bottom rope. Jumping up on the turn buckle she pumps her fist to the beat.

"Her opponent, about to make his way to the ring representing the Left Hand, he is the NEW XWF Television Champion, MARF SWAYSON!

Lights in the Sky hits as the fans begin to boo. Marf makes his way out onto the stage, looking around at the audience and shaking his head in disgust. He marches to the ring while the crowd continues to boo and insult him. Marf rolls into the ring and goes to a corner, climbing up and then flipping off the crowd for more heat.

- vs -
3 RP Limit

Marf slowly walks out of the corner and beckons for Ash to bring it. She seethes in anger before screaming and running out of her own corner. She leaps up with a flying knee but Marf blocks it with his forearms. Ash lands in front of him and starts firing off some short elbows and forearms to try and stun Marf. She rears back and throws a roundhouse that narrowly misses his nose. She follows up with a hook and uppercut combination that knocks Marf off step for a moment. Ash hits a knee to the stomach and then goes for a DDT but Marf shoves her back.

He steps towards her but she catches him with a quick arm drag. He pops back up and she throws a high front kick that hits Marf in the shoulder. He smacks his hands off his chest and yells at her for more. Ash jumps up and connects with a forearm to his head. She throws a pair of knees into his midsection. Ash fires multiple punches and kicks that Marf is barely able to cover up from. Ash steps back and screams out before going for a big spinning elbow but Marf catches her and lifts her high up in the air before drilling her to the mat with a T-bone suplex.

Heather: What a momentum killer that was!

Pip: Ash started off fast but that was a dead stop to her momentum.

Marf sits up and looks over to Ash with a smile on his face. She holds her back in pain while crawling over to the ropes. Marf gets back to his feet and stalks Ash. She gets to her feet and puts her hands up in a fighting stance while yelling out. Marf drops his hands and leans towards her. She immediately clocks him with a strong right cross. He sneers and nods for more. She grabs him and hops up, driving a knee into his nose. Marf backs up a step and wipes at his nose, a trickle of blood sneaking its way out of the left nostril. Marf smirks as Ash fires off a series of quick punches again. He catches one of her fists and looks at it before grinning at her. She throws her free hand but Marf yanks her in and hits a spinning sambo suplex.

Marf lies beside Ash while she cries out in pain, holding her back. He slides backwards until he exits the ring. Marf goes to the front of the ring and starts pulling out multiple tables. He carefully sets one up a few feet in front of the ring. He pulls another one up and sets it up directly beside the first one. As he turns to set up a third table Ash comes flying through the ropes and crashes into him. She gets up and grabs the third table, drags it to the ring post and leans it there. She turns back to Marf as her gets to his feet.

She grabs hold of Marf and attempts to Irish whip him into the table but he stays still. He pulls her back to him and then takes her down with a belly to belly suplex. He quickly picks her right back up and then rolls her into the ring. Marf turns his attention back to the tables. He sets up two more tables on top of the first two tables now as the fans begin to buzz. Marf climbs onto the ring apron and starts to enter the ring but Ash hits him with a drop kick.

Heather: Marf has set up quite a few tables and stacked them...someone is getting hurt.

Pip: He’s treating Ash like a secondary mission he’s so determined to get those tables set up.

Ash gets herself steadied and starts stomping at Marf while he’s tangled in the ropes. He gets himself freed up while she tags him with multiple kicks to the body. She fakes a low kick and then once Marf bites she snaps a high kick to his head, sending him stumbling back. He shakes it off and nods with a smile. She charges in and he grabs her by the throat, stopping her in her tracks. He turns and slams her into the corner. He holds her there by the throat while she beats on his massive arm. Finally he breaks the hold when she rakes at his eyes.

Marf backs away grabbing at his face while Ash hops into a seated position on the top turnbuckle. She hops off and hits a front drop kick, knocking Marf over. As he tries to get up Ash runs over and grabs him, jumps and swings for a DDT but just before they hit the mat Marf holds on to her and stops. He powers up and lifts her up in the air. He holds her up over his head and then turns and drills her with a gorilla press sit down slam. Ash bounces hard on the canvas while Marf turns and gets back to his feet. He crouches down over top of her and starts screaming at her while pounding on her unprotected head.

Heather: Marf’s vicious side coming out!

Pip: And when is it in exactly?

Heather: Umm...

The referee tries to pull Marf off but he shoves him back and then begins slamming Ash’s head off the mat. He does this a few times before finally standing up. He drags Ash to her feet and throws her into the corner. He walks over to her and out of desperation she throws an elbow. Marf catches it and then grabs her by the head and slams it into the turnbuckle. He climbs up slowly to the top rope before leaning over and grabbing onto Ash. He lets out a roar as he uses his power to lift her up into the air. He hoists her to the top rope where he is standing now.

Heather: This does not look good...

Pip: Ash is completely out this is so dangerous!

The crowds buzzes in anticipation as Marf yells out one more time. He strains and then lifts Ash up higher, now holding her over his head. He turns while holding her up in a gorilla press. He aims her towards the stacked tables while watching his footing. He suddenly jumps off and sends Ash hurtling through the air. Marf lands on the apron as Ash slams and crashes through the four stacked tables. The referee calls for the bell as Marf stands on the apron laughing at the carnage.

Winner: Marf

Heather: Once again, Ash Quinn falls victim to the Left Hand.

Pip: Marf used his power and just overwhelmed her.

Marf hops off the apron and walks over to the announce table. He grabs his TV title and straps it on while mouthing off to Heather and Pip. He grabs a microphone and walks over to what’s left of Ash Quinn in the rubble of destroyed tables. He moves a few pieces before pulling her out and hauling her back to her feet. He rolls her into the ring as the crowd boo loudly. Marf enters the ring and looks up to the ceiling. He raises his left hand and suddenly a rope lowers from the rafters and into the ring. Marf smiles and nods before looking over to the crumpled Ash Quinn.

Marf: Ohhhh Ash, Ash Ash Ash...look how far we’ve come. Your poor body has taken exceptional damage these past few weeks. How’s your mind? Did you not get one of Betsy’s tramp stamps to keep you safe? As promised from the moment you betrayed us, we have come at you unrelenting. You have fallen to nothing. And as promised, there is one way to make it stop. You know what that is, and I think you’re finally ready my dear Ash.

Marf stands up straight and looks around before shrugging. He grabs hold of the hanging rope and begins tying it to her left hand. Marf stands there for a moment smiling down at Ash as if he almost cared about her again. He leans over and grabs hold of her by the head, staring at her in her glazed over eyes. He places a delicate kiss on her forehead before releasing her and standing up straight. Slowly Marf raises his left hand and soon after the ropes shifts up. Ash lies in a pile still, on her knees and hunched over. But slowly her left hand is forcibly raised high into the air as Marf applauds.

Marf: Congratulations, Ash Quinn! Your remaining days might actually be livable here. You have raised your left hand, one last time just as I asked. No longer will we go out of our way to spill your blood. We’ve collected our pounds and pounds of flesh from you. As long as you go back to being irrelevant we won’t ever need to leave you laid out again. I’m sure that won’t be hard for you, best jobber in XWF. You are free now, Ash Quinn, it’s all over now!

Marf drops the microphone and gestures at her while she sits there still out of it, left hand raised high. Marf begins laughing like a maniac as finally some of the officials are making their way to the ring with a stretcher. Marf raises his Left Hand one more time before backing out of the ring and leaving through the crowd. The officials enter the ring and try to untie Ash while she is still fairly unresponsive.

“Take The Power Back” by Rage Against The Machine plays and the stadium dims as the X-tron is coated in soft blue glow with specs of snowfall beginning to overtake the image, the Avalanche logo emerging from the blizzard on the screen.

HHL: "Great. The newly minted "Nefarious" Ned Kaye has decided to show his face after pulling a screwjob over on R.L. Edgar! Plus, it looks like he brought company."[red]

PC: "Look, I'm no fan of this new Ned myself, but there's something to be said about the initiative it takes to be a champion here and it's not something we've seen in the old Ned. This is more than just a new start, but a brand new lease on life from Kaye."

[red]HHL: "Well, it's one lousy lease, Pip."

Ned Kaye steps upon the ramp followed by Eobard Stone and Steven Cooper to his left and right respectively. Ned holds a microphone in his hands and wears a pair of sunglasses as he steps with his two allies towards the ring. The Hart belt is plainly on Ned’s waist, worn backwards so the faceplate is pointed towards the X-Tron. The three men walk forward without a care under a cavalcade of boos, Ned removing his sunglasses and flicking them at the audience as he finally makes it to the ring apron, Cooper reaching underneath the ring and grabbing a steel chair. Avalanche steps into the ring, Steve unfolding the chair for Ned to sit in. Kaye falls into the chair with the faceplate of the Hart clanking against the steel underneath him. He leans back and brings the microphone to his lips, the boos not phasing Stone, Cooper, or Kaye one bit. The Nefarious One begins to speak, making a point not to wait until the crowd settles down.

“Why hello, XWF! Did ya miss us?”

The audience answers with a definitive "no.”

HHL: "An appropriate response from the fans here."

“Well, that’s just great! We didn’t miss you either!”

“But since you’ll be seeing so much of us, I thought introductions were in order. These two men, whom I share the pleasure of standing alongside, are Eobard Stone and Steven Cooper. Together, they are EXP.”

Ned pauses between each letter of their tag team name, letting his brief silence add weight to each syllable.

“And they will be entering the Tag Team Turmoil. Now, why does that matter? Who are these two really? Well, I’m glad you asked.”

Standing up, Ned walks over to Stone, grinning like a madman.

“Meet “The Game Master” himself. A man who clawed his way from nowhere to take down any and all opponents in his line of sight. He’ll control not only your body but your mind with sheer talent. Eobard Stone is not of this world and when you step into this ring with him you will feats of greatness on epic levels of skill. This man designs worlds of hurt specially made for each and every one of you.”

Ned steps over to Cooper, chuckling to himself.

“And “The Trooper” Steven Cooper. A walking encyclopedia of tag team wrestling. A juggernaut who was always meant to be a cornerstone of this industry who shall make his mark alongside his star student. The Nashvillain come down to provide you a sweet, unrelenting hell that only a veteran could provide."

"Of course, that's not mentioning myself and while I would adore drenching all of you in my succulent voice, I will be telling all on Anarchy so simply even one of you fans will comprehend it! But don't think this is all you have to expect from the revolution that is Avalanche. Far from it. It's never a smart move to show your hand any sooner than you need it, but perhaps I've said too much! The point is simple: from here on out you're Avalanche or you're nothin'."

The three men begin to exit the ring heading back towards the ramp as Ned gives a look to King Doc and pauses for a moment, bringing the microphone back to his lips.

"And with all due respect, Your Highness, revolutions aren't known for their kindness to monarchs, nor their kin."

Ned gives a devilish smirk before throwing the microphone away and continuing with his allies to the backstage area.

PC: "Bold words from the Hart Champion. You gotta think that he's walking into the Main Event with heaps of confidence."

HHL: "Hopefully it bites him in the ass. Just look at the disrespect he's given the Hart Title! Absolutely disgraceful!"

HHL: Earlier today we got these pre-recorded comments from Mickey KinKade.

The camera fades into the backstage area, where we see "The Addictive One" Mickey Kinkade in quite the interesting get-up. No birthday suit, no Gucci clothing... just plain old casual clothes. Even more strange, he wears a somewhat serious expression on his face, looking down at the floor below him. He takes a deep breath, looks up at the camera with those baby blue eyes of his, and lets the words he's feeling escape his mouth.

[Image: f0e5ssv.gif]

Mickey Kinkade: Ya know... in the very short time I've been around the XWF, I've seen a lot more then I expected. From workhorses like Shawn Warstein, to older wrestlers like Diesel, Terry Borden, or Clint Fatwood trying to make a name for themselves in this compmany, it's been an eye opening experience. I came here thinking this place had nothing to offer me except easy wins, fat paychecks, and the finest bitches money could buy. But hell, for once in my life, I'm wrong.

He smirked a little, shruggin with a shoulders.

Mickey Kinkade: But don't get use to hearing me say that. And don't get use to the idea of seeing me fall victim to others in this company. In my first match here, I was dumped over the top rope by the Internet Champion Dean Rose. Besides my personal feelings on you and that title Deano, that's a feat in of itself to chuck someone who's been talking mad shit about you out of the ring. So you go ahead and use my name in your promos, they need the star-power. Besides that, I'm here to tell you, The Kink's fans, that I'm getting the opportunity of a life-time to take on The XWF Universal Champion in my second match here.

He paused, imagining in his head a sea of boos for the cheap champion.

Mickey Kinkade: Chris, I get it. I get that to be a champion, you need to go to lengths some aren't willing to go in order to defend that Universal Championship. You've done the smart thing by gathering up a group of likeminded people in BoB, banding together to be some sort of... roundtable... to try and make sure that the men and women that hold the gold in the XWF are like minded people. Hell, I won't lie, I'm jealous of that. But my problem with you isn't the fact you have these cocksuckers willing to die for you, it's the fact that I'm not in that position.

There's a soft chuckle that comes from Kinkade.

Mickey Kinkade: See, I said it before, but Mickey Kinkade versus Chris Page is a story about this company going through an evolution. It's a tale as old as time, for the next generation to build off of the foundation that the old timers built. I could list off your accomplishments again, and I can steal another one of your catchphrases, but you and I both know that this match means a lot. I don't care if your title's on the line or not, because this? This is my time to back-up my talk by walking over your old ass. While you've talked all of this shit about me not being impressive, OR USING THE FACT MY NAME WASN'T FUCKING SPELLLLLED RIGHT!

He shoots a stare at the side at an innocent camera crew member, before looking over to the camera again.

Mickey Kinkade: A-hem... nothing you say about me means a damn thing. It's the same shit I've heard everywhere else I've been, and people get so uptight about me because I have all of the confidence in the world. Who gives a shit if I lost a battle royal? I'm still getting the chance to knock you out. Confidence is the key to victory, and it's what's carried me to this dance. In a match that should be the main event, the people out there, whether they like the swing of my dick or not, are going to respect me after I bring a fight to you like no one else has. Win or lose, these sexy bitches around the world are going to know Mickey Kinkade did his damn best to shove his foot so far up your ass you'd need to unbutton your collar to shit. So go ahead, bring your butt buddies, bring whatever cheap bullshit you're going to pull out, I'm still going to knock you on your ass. After that, I'll spit on that belt like the pretty little whore it is, because it's going to come home with it's daddy someday very, very soon. I'll see you out in that ring tonight Chris, you ugly bitch!

Kinkade left Page with a present, a middle finger! So classy! He cracks the signature grin and laughs before walking off screen, letting the camera go elsewhere.

"Bitches" by Mindless Self Indulgence, hits the speakers much to the displeasure of the crowd. As the song ramps up, talking about how much bitches love the man about to appear, "The Kink" Mickey Kinkade walks down the entrance ramp with a slow pace, taking up the extra time just so you...yes, YOU, can have more quality content on your screen. A vibrant smirk is on Mickey's face as more and more people boo. He laughs in an oh-so confident fashion, grabbing his delectable sack with one hand before thrusting it in the direction of whatever fat mark is booing him, blowing kisses to him and everyone else in the process as they hate him.

"Residing in Stockton, California, weighing in at 207 pounds, he is "The Addictive One", "The Kink" Mickey Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiinkaaaaaade!

Mickey yells "That's Me Bay-Bee!" as he slides into the center of the ring, heading up to the second turnbuckle to undo his Gucci jacket, showing off the goods with six pack, which he counts out one by one, before stepping down and getting ready for the match-up.

Suddenly the lights go dark in the Staples Center...

"Introducing his opponent.... He represents BoB, and is being led to the ring by ANDRE DIXON, ladies and gentleman he is the XWF UNIVERSAL CHAMPION...."CHRONIC" CHRIS PAGE!

A spotlight hits the top of the ramp...

[Image: tenor.gif]

The crowd explodes with massive boos as we see Andre Dixon walk out behind Chris with the XWF Universal Title over his shoulder. Chris slowly raises his head up and directs his attention towards the ring where Mickey paces back and forth. Chris reaches back towards Andre who hands him the Universal Championship. Chris slings it over his right shoulder as he and Andre start to make the walk towards the ring.

As they walk down the ramp Chris stops, turns towards King Doc who looks on from his throne, he gives him a head nod before continuing his walk towards the ring. Once he reaches ringside he turns his attention towards Andre. They fist bump before Chris hands him his Championship, removes his ring jacket and climbs up on the ring apron before stepping through the ropes and into the ring.


- vs -
"CHRONIC" CHRIS PAGE © w. Andre Dixon

There’s a pop from the crowd as Chris Page stares across the ring at Mickey KinKade who blows him a kiss to a pop from the crowd. Chris simply smirks before they walk out towards the center of the ring where they lock up. Page uses his size and strength to muscle Mickey back into the ropes where the referee calls for a clean break. Page maintains control as the count is laid to him. He breaks away at four before backing up where he lightly slaps Mickey across the face before backing away towards the center of the ring. We get a split screen of KING DOC looks on as he is served a goblet of bourbon.

HHL: Chris Page far from endearing himself to Mickey Kinkade in the early goings.

Mickey takes a moment to gather himself before coming out towards the center of the ring where he and Page circle each other before looking to lock up, Kinkade quickly drops down taking a back waist lock where he yanks both feet out from under Page sending him pancaking flat on the canvass for Mickey to walk across his back drawing a pop from the crowd!

Page is quickly to both knees as he glares towards Mickey who politely tells the Universal Champion to “suck my dick”.

Pip: Looks like we got another Gilmour in our midst.

Chris steps back up to his feet where he charges towards Mickey, Mickey side steps Page sending him crashing sternum first into the neutral corner where he is rolled up with a school boy!




Page escapes the near falls as both he and Kinkade are back to their feet with Mickey swinging at Page, Page ducks while taking a back waist lock where he hurls KinKade backwards with a Release German Suplex. Mickey shows his athleticism as he back flips landing on his feet and as Page gets up and turns around he’s met with a roaring elbow strike that sends the Universal Champion back into the ropes. Mickey now charges towards Page looking to send him over the top rope only to eat a reverse elbow that staggers the Kink back out towards the center of the ring.

Page burst off the ropes swinging with a clothesline from hell, Mickey ducks and it sends Page bouncing off the near side and into a spin kick to the gut that doubles him over, Kinkade locks in a front face lock before snapping off a suplex that he floats over into a front press on the Universal Champion!




Page kicks out a second time as Andre Dixon on the floor paces like a caged animal as he watches on. Mickey is back to his feet where he picks Page up off the mat before driving him back into a neutral corner. Kinkade starts laying in several shoulders to the midsection as the crowd starts to get behind him; not because they like him but more so the hate they have for Chris Page.

Mikey slings Page across the ring and into the opposite buckles where he charges in after him and eats a right boot to the jaw for his troubles that sends him staggering backwards. Page hops up on the middle turnbuckle where he sets sail with a Missile Dropkick on the money taking Mickey down to the mat. Chris is the first to his feet where he picks Mickey up off the mat and hurls him out to the floor before immediately getting in the officials face.

The crowd starts booing loudly as Mickey starts getting to his feet where he is ran over my Andre Dixon and a clothesline from hell that nearly turns Mickey inside out on the floor.

Pip: Andre Dixon already paying dividends for Chris Page on the floor with that vicious clothesline behind the officials back.

The official spins around seeing Kinkade down while Andre is a safe distance away. Chris walks towards the ropes where he steps out to the ring apron before dropping down to the floor. He picks Mickey up before driving him lower back first into the ring apron, he does this a second and then a third time before hurling Mickey into the ring under the bottom rope.

Chris and Andre fist bump to boos from the crowd as we then see Chris slide into the ring under the bottom rope back into the ring. He reaches a vertical base where he shifts his attention towards the back of the area where KING DOC looks on sipping from his golden goblet. Chris kneels in the ring towards the King which garners a head nod from his highness garnering his approval.

Page steps back up to his feet where he turns around thinking Mickey is still down only to be met with a flurry of right hands and elbow strikes to the face and jaw garnering a massive ovation from the crowd before driving Page down into the mat with a Pop Up Spinbuster! Kinkade follows up with a leaping elbow drop across the sternum of CCP! Mickey makes another cover.




Page kicks out once again.

HHL: Mickey Kinkade is making the most out of this opportunity to square off with the Universal Champion!

Pip: How bad would it bruise Page’s ego to drop a match to the Kink after lobbying to be the Hand of the King when the show kicked off?

Mickey gets back to his feet where he sizes up Page who rolls over to all fours and starts pushing himself up off the mat. Mickey sets Page up for a Superkick, and as Chris stands to his feet Mickey comes forward looking to blast Page in the jaw. Chris catches the foot of Kinkade before it impacts his jaw before driving him down into the mat with a devastating Thunder Strike Foot DDT!

Page pops back up to his feet with a smile on his face knowing his buddy Thunder Knuckles just peed his pants.

Chris starts stomping down viciously on the sternum and chest of Mickey Kinkade before reaching down picking him up off the mat. Page takes a front waist lock before backing up towards a neutral corner where he delivers a release over head belly to belly suplex sending Mickey crashing into the turnbuckles!

HHL: Awkward landing on the head and neck as Mickey came down there.

The official tries to check on Kinkade only to have the Universal Champion physically step in the way garnering boos from the crowd. Andre Dixon shouts from the floor at Mickey, taunting him as the Universal Champion reaches down picking him up off the mat before shoving him back into a neutral corner. Chris laces him across the chest with a stiff knife edge chop that echoes throughout the Staples Center, he lands a second and stiffer chop across the bare chest of Kinkade followed by a third that is even louder with the echo.

Chris hoists Mickey up to a seated position on the top turnbuckle where he decks him with a right jab to the jaw before he climbs up on the middle ropes where he locks in a front face lock. Page looks to step up to the top rope only see Mickey slips free down to the mat where he brings Page out of the corner with a running Liger Bomb! Mickey makes another cover hooking the near leg.




Page pops a shoulder up off the mat to the loudest gasp from the contest at the nearest fall Mickey has been able to score!

Dixon climbs up on the ring apron drawing the attention of the referee and KinKade as he gets to his feet. Mickey charges towards Dixon swinging at him but Andre casually drops down to the floor avoiding the contact from KinKade. Chris is shown working his way up to a vertical base as Mickey turns back around and sizes up Page for the Kinky Slam!

Mickey comes up behind Page and as he looks for the Olympic Slam it is Page slides off the back of Mickey and when Mickey turns around he runs into a Judas Effect elbow to the jaw that rocks Mickey backwards into the ropes, Mickey staggers off the ropes and into an Arn Anderson style spinbuster slam which garners massively loud boos from the crowd.

HHL: We know what is coming next.

Mickey slowly starts to stir as he rolls over to his chest and starts pushing himself up off the mat and back to a vertical base where Page comes forward driving a boot to the midsection that doubles Mickey over and puts him in prime position for Chris to deliver the Angel’s Wings!


Chris, cocky as fuck rolls Mickey over making a nonchalant cover.





HHL: And just like that Mickey Kinkade has been put down by the Universal Champion.

Page gets to his feet while Andre slides into the ring. The referee reaches for Page’s arm to raise it in the air only to have him snatch it away from the officials grasp before admonishing him for touching him. Andre pushes the referee away before raising the arm of Chris Page in victory.

Andre lowers Page’s arm before grabbing the Universal Championship where he hands it over to CCP.

Chris looks towards the stage where KING DOC presides as he hoists up the Universal Championship drawing a light clap from the King of the XWF.

Mickey starts to slowly begin to push himself up off the mat. Andre Dixon takes notice and drives him down into the mat with a Deadly Force Spinbuster. Chris kneels down beside Mickey as he is heard saying…

” You can suck my dick, chump.”

Page rises back to his feet where he and Andre exit the ring and start walking up the ramp. They walk past King Doc who continues to lightly applaud.

HHL: And it looks like we’re welcoming former tag team champion and current 24/7 champion COREY SMITH to Warfare!

The arena is pitch black and the melancholy opening tunes to “Someone Else” begin. But as the song starts to pick up in intensity, down in the entry way, you see a Jericho-esque light up jacket glow brilliantly. Then, twin explosions emit from either side of the ramp and the lights turn on in a swirling red and blue pattern that throb in sync with the beats of the song. Corey comes down the ramp, the jacket now flashing intermittent heart and lightning bolt patterns. On the 'Tron you see images of Corey/Lux pulling off fantastic moves, intercut with blur effects on Corey's face that obscure his features in an eerie way.

Corey gets on the ring apron, throwing his arms over the top rope as the jacket keeps flashing. He looks pumped as hell, and starts pointing out at the fans before rushing to the top rope, surveying the crowd from on high, before dropping down to the canvas. The lights go back on, and the first thing Corey lays eyes on is The King himself.

HHL: Corey’s sometime frenemy in Continuum also present.

Corey sends Doc an inscrutible expression. Doc responds with a slight nod and a polite golf clap. Corey rolls his eyes and goes for a mic.

Greetings, Los Angeles California! Greetings to my friends in the back, and greetings to...this recent graduate from the peasant class I guess! He gestures at Doc. Doc just replies with a smirk but doesn’t otherwise engage.

PC: Not sure how wise it is to throw shade at the King, even if they’re stable mates.

But people, I’m feelin’ good. I’m feelin’ REAL good. You might not think so after our unfortunate loss of the tag team titles at March Madness…

This draws a mixed reaction from the crowd.

….but nonetheless! I am fresh off the “Big Cock Challenge” from Dean Rose for my new 24/7 championship, a moment that shall forever be etched in time as the absolute HEIGHT of my career! Corey smiles as the cynical reaction from the crowd. It’s true! It’s all downhill from here, folks. That does not mean, however, that I don’t have other lofty aims. He takes a bit of a walk around the ring before continuing. He leans on the top rope casually.

People, did you hear that this year, Leap of Faith is on the goddamn moon?!


HHL: I still think it’s gotta be a rib.

PC: The moon base is real Heather, I’ve seen it!

I’m sorry, did you all just hear that correctly?!




Corey takes a frenetic walk around the ring before returning to his original spot, elbows flung over the top rope. His excitement is contagious and electric!

This is the stuff of childhood DREAMS. This is FANTASY made REALITY. This is….the most batshit thing the XWF has done in recent memory! But I love it! I LOVE IT!

And I need to be part of it!


HHL: Is he saying what I think he is?!

He backs away from the ropes, back into the center of the ring. I am hereby the first person to declare my entry into the LEAP OF FAITH MATCH!

There are scattered cheers and “Corey chants”.

PC: But management hasn’t even chosen who’s in yet.

HHL: Do you really think they’ll shut Corey out of this?

Corey waits for the buzz to die down a bit before proceeding. And as great as all that is...I’ve gone a step further. He reaches into the pocket of his flamboyant jacket and pulls out a piece of paper. Unfurling it, he waggles it beside his head. You see, if we’re talking childhood dreams come true here, I would be remiss if I didn’t have a wish list when it comes to this incredible once in a lifetime opportunity. So, what I got right here, is a list of the people who I want to experience The Leap of Faith match with me!

PC: What…?

You can see this as a challenge, an invite, a mind game, a taunt….you can guys can take this however you want. But, these are the people I want in that Leap of Faith match. Now, some fine print. I made this list assuming that each present champion would have prior obligations at Leap of Faith. That leaves out some pretty sweet dance partners, but whaddya gonna do?

HHL: So who is it, who’s on the list!

He playfully flaps the paper in front of him. The first person on my wish list, my friend, my platonic lover, and my Continuum comrade in arms….THADDEUS DUKE!

This draws a sizable crowd pop.

Next...well….a man I owe a lot to oddly enough….SHAWN WARSTEIN!

PC: Corey’s really stacking the deck here!

Numero tres….a man who needs no introduction...a man who has a new lease on life….ROBERT MAIN!

Another raucous crowd pop!

PC: Hot damn!

Number four, a bit of a strange pick, really, but one that I think REALLY REALLY needs to happen. He scowls at the camera. BAPHOMET, shut the fuck up and fight!

Cheers from the audience!

PC: But is he going to answer the call? He’s a busy guy, threading his Left Hand Influence across multiple promotions.

HHL: But think of how much clout he’d gain from winning!

Cinco, a man I have some experience with, a man who’s gone on to make me proud...R.L. EDGAR! Assuming of course, he is unsuccessful in regaining the Hart Championship. If he wins….send NED “SUDDENLY A DOUCHE” KAYE on down! That one was multiple choice.

Number 6….Corey turns around at looks right at King D’Ville! The fans react huge in response. Your majesty, DOCTOR LOUIS D’VILLE, would you be so kind?

The shot pans over to the King himself. He’s stroking his prolific beard with his hand, looking contemplative but not offering much more than that. But then, he chuckles a bit, a reaction that comes off equal parts menacing and jovial.

PC: If Corey gets his wish that would put all three members of Continuum in the match.

Corey keeps his eyes on D’Ville for a moment longer, before breaking off with a cheeky smile.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but this is my last and final wish. And I thought long and hard about this one. A person who would make this stacked as hell match up even better. And I realized how remiss we would be to not have a member of B.O.B. in this match.

A mixed reaction from the crowd now.

Corey holds his hands up to the people as if urging them to have patience. I know, I know! Because then I realized….FUCK B.O.B., because I want...he looks deep into the camera….ATARA THEMIS.

HHL: Corey’s final dream pick is Aphrodite Incarnate herself!

PC: But how many of these stars will answer the call? And if they do, how kick ass would this match be?!

As I said, these are just my dream picks. Who knows how this will end up. For all I know if could end up being me and the B.O.B. B-team. Which would blow copious amounts of ass.

Booking team, I hope my reimbursement check is in the mail, because I just did ya’all’s job for ya!
Corey waves to the crowd. Enjoy the rest of the show!

Corey’s music kicks on and he spends a bit more time showboating for the fans before rolling out of the ring.

PC: Corey Smith laying down the gauntlet in a massive way, not only declaring his own intentions to enter the Leap of Faith match, but...I guess challenging a who’s who list of talent to join him. It’s a brazen move to be sure, we’ll have to see how it shapes up.

HHL: This next match is going to get real nasty, real fast.

PC: Oh yeah! These two ladies hate each other, and the rivalry between Betsy and The Left Hand has reached blood feud status. Parents, you may want to send the kids on a snack run.

HHL: KIng D'Ville looks like he may even kind of be interested in this match.

The shot cuts over to his majesty, who seems to be ordering a chalice of the arena's finest grog.

As the opening notes begin, the lights go out, save for a single spotlight on the top of the stage. Betsy comes out, but she’s only a silhouette at this point. Just as the drum strikes it’s second note, Betsy dabs and the lights come back. The song starts from the refrain as Betsy starts dancing down the ramp.

“Sin City’s cold and empty
No one’s around to judge me
I can’t see clearly when your gone-one-one”

As she starts doing her usual entrance, she does take note of King D’Ville, shooting him a lingering glance. D’Ville gives her a courtly wave in reply, and Betsy continues on. Arms out, Betsy begins twirling around wildly, blonde ponytail whipping about with her, as she slaps hands with fans on both sides of the ramp. The chorus hits just as Betsy baseball slides into the ring.

“And I said ooooh, I’m blinded by the lights
I can’t sleep until I feel your touch
And I said ooooh, I’m drowning in the night
Oh, when I’m like this, you’re the one I trust”

As the chorus chimes on, Betsy bounces up and hops up onto every ring corner, pumping her fist and bobing her head in time with the song, getting the fans amped up for the upcoming bout. When she finishes playing up the fans, she starts bouncing in place, preparing mentally for the bout.

The lights fade to black. Lycana's music hits as lime green and red pyros shoot off. She steps out onto the stage and looks around the crowd with a condescending look before walking down the ramp. She slides into the ring, running to the other side to hop onto the ropes looking out over the sea of fans with a sneer on her face. She hops down and turns to face her opponent. But then she looks over at the King and gives him a simple head nod in acknowledgement. Betsy looks suspicious at the two of them, but then the bell rings and the match begins!

Lycana starts out by….reclining in the corner with a smug smile on her face?

- vs -
3 RP Limit

PC: Starting out with some open disrespect.

Betsy scowls and beckons for Lycana to join her in the middle of the ring. Lycana smiles back at her, licking her lips before abruptly darting out of the corner and nailing Betsy with a surprise dropkick to the knee! Betsy drops to the canvas and Lycana is on her immediately, dropping down on her back, grabbing her hair and smashing her face into the canvas before finishing it off with a disrespectful face wash, grinding her nose into the mat! The ref orders Lycana to back off and she does so.

Betsy gets up, looking more angry than anything else. In fact, she pushes past the ref and performs a leaping forearm strike on Lycana that sends her into the ropes. Betsy catches her on the rebound with a stiff knee to the gut, followed by a reverse roundhouse, followed by another nasty side kick! Lycana stumbles to the next corner.

PC: The Shooting Star champion with some serious fire here!

HHL: And Betsy is going after her again!

Betsy closes in on Lycana, dragging her up by her hair. She screams something in her face before whipping her into the opposite turnbuckle. Betsy charges, but Lycana dips out of the way and Betsy’s chest eats the turnbuckle. Lycana then plants her with a reverse facebuster, followed by a float over into a headlock. Betsy pushes up to her feet but Lycana holds on, but soon Betsy counters, wraps her arms around Lycana and drops her into an atomic drop, which Betsy then follows up with a picture perfect backflip kick that sends Lycana to the canvas. Betsy goes to cover….but then immediately breaks it shaking her head “no”.

HHL: Betsy is not nearly ready to end this match! She’s got a whole arsenal of punishment still left in store.

Betsy goes to pick Lycana up, but Lycana rakes her face instead! Betsy is stunned and sits back on her haunches, leaving herself open to a stiff kick right to the face from Lycana!

PC: Oh wow, they felt that one in the cheap seats!

Lycana hefts Betsy up and looks like she’s going for the Curse, her double wristlock suplex, but Betsy somehow powers out and arm drags Lycana. Lycana gets right up. Betsy goes for a dropkick but Lycana ducks. When Betsy hits the canvas Lycana drops a leg across her throat. Lycana picks the leg up for a cover...and then lets it drop, with a sadistic smile on her face!

PC: Oh my God, look at the expression.

Lycana gets face to face with Betsy and puts her lips on hers!

HHL: Keep it in your pants, Pip!

But it soon becomes clear that Lycana is biting Betsy’s upper lip! Betsy starts flailing, and eventually she lands an elbow shot that frees her from the bite. Betsy rolls up to her feet, putting her fingers to her lips and drawing back blood.

HHL: First blood to the lady of the night.

Betsy wipes the blood off her face with her forearm, smearing it and unintentionally making herself look feral. Then, in a fury, she forces Lycana into a lockup! Betsy starts to overpower Lycana, but Lycana kicks her in the shin and then rocks Betsy with an uppercut. Lycana then runs to the ropes and performs a handspring back elbow that catches the champ right in the jaw! Betsy actually goes down, sliding in between the top and middle rope to the floor.

Seeing this, Lycana leaps to the top turnbuckle and the fans pop as Lycana crashes into her with a big time flying body press!

PC: The ref starts his count. Shitty way to end the match if you ask me….



Lycana stirs first, grabbing Betsy’s arm and forcing her up with an arm wringer, which she transitions into a wrist lock. Betsy looks out of it at first, but then she takes hold of Lycana’s hair and brutally throws her to the floor!



PC: Whoa...whoa….what’s Betsy doing here?!

HHL: She’s definitely not checking the hardwood flooring!

Betsy tears up the protective mat around the ringside area, revealing the cement beneath! The fans pop! Betsy then steps over Lycana and blows her a kiss before proceeding to stomp her all about the torso. Following that, she lifts Lycana up and pulls her to the exposed floor!




HHL: This is going to end in a double count out at this rate.

Betsy seems to have noticed this too, and she decks Lycana with a stiff punch before rolling in and out of the ring to break the count and reset it. Betsy picks Lycana up and puts her head between her thighs, signalling for a powerbomb onto the cement!

PC: Not usually in her arsenal but she’s clearly making an exception.

Betsy lifts Lycana up in the power bomb position, but Lycana wriggles out and drops behind Betsy. Betsy turns around right into a vicious chop. Lycana laughs playfully as she lights her up with another chop, and another, before locking Betsy up for a DDT onto the cement!

[white]PC: Oh, here it goes, mayhem!

Meanwhile, the ref keeps counting.





Lycana yells out a victory cry….but Betsy elbows her way out in desperation. Betsy then grabs a heap of Lycana’s hair and heatbutts her. She blows her another mean spirited kiss before headbutting her again! Betsy then wraps her arms around Lycana and in a brutal show of force performs an EXPLODER SUPLEX ON LYCANA ONTO THE CEMENT! This draws a HUGE crowd response.

PC: There it is!

HHL: But look at Lycana!

Lycana arches her back in agony, and cries out in pain first, before descending into a sinister chuckle! Betsy looks aghast, so she stops Lycana in the forehead!





Perilously close to a count out, Betsy rolls back in and out again. Betsy then picks Lycana up and scoops slams her onto the concrete again! Lycana bucks in agony, but Betsy is relentless. She picks Lycana up and rolls her back into the ring, scrambling on top of her for a cover.



HHL: Oh my God! How much do these two women hate each other?!

The ref scolds Betsy for her action, but she ignores him. Betsy gets Lycana up again and irish whips her into the turnbuckle with such vengeance Lycana bounces right out of it into a hurricanrana from Betsy! Betsy then screams and goes to put Lycana into a clover leaf, but Lycana somehow slips out and crawls desperately away.

HHL: Excellent awareness from Lycana, but how much does she have left?

Betsy moves in on Lycana, but Lycana grabs the front of Betsy’s gear and pulls her down face first into the turnbuckle! Betsy’s head snaps back violently! Lycana pulls away from Betsy to get some distance, and then collapses onto her back, trying to rally. Betsy is not moving from that nasty head shot. Finally, after a series of long seconds, Lycana is able to get to her feet with the help of the ropes. She walks over to the downed Betsy and starts to brutally stomp on her. Betsy tries to roll away, but Lycana grabs her arm and pulls her back into the center ring, where she starts kicking at Betsy’s arm. Finished with that, Lycana then picks Betsy up and scoops slams her into the middle of the ring. Lycana then painfully goes to the top rope!

HHL: Oh my God, what are we going to see here?!

Lycana launches into a shooting star leg drop….IT HITS! She goes for the cover!



3...NOOOO! Lycana jerks Betsy’s head up, breaking the count!

PC: I’ve never seen anything like this! It’s like they’re taunting each other!

HHL: It’s definitely a first for me too. But eventually somebody’s going to have to make a cover to win this match.

Lycana, with a wicked grin, then runs her finger across Betsy’s bloody lip and dips her bloodied finger in her mouth, getting herself a taste of Betsy!

HHL: Ugh, God!

Lycana mounts Betsy, laying into her with a series of nasty closed fist shots, but eventually she has to stop, grimacing and backing off as her wounded back reminds her of the cement from earlier. Lycana takes a breather, trying to rally, but that stops when Betsy rolls over and gets up on her hands and knees. Lycana gets up and takes a running kick right at Betsy’s ribs, flattening her again. Lycana lilts a bit on her feet, shaking her head before going on the attack once more. This time, she picks Betsy up and brings her to the corner, forcing her up the turnbuckles and ensuring her compliance with some nasty forearm shots along the way.

HHL: Oh, this is a dangerous situation, they’re both standing on the top turnbuckle! I think Lycana’s going for her Metamorphosis finishing move!

PC: If she hits this it’s absolutely over!

Lycana wraps her arm around Betsy….but Betsy fires out with a fist to Lycana’s ribs! They both wobble dangerously on the top! Lycana shoots back with her own punch, and Betsy responds with a nasty shot to Lycana’s face before pushing Lycana off the top rope! The fans pop as Lycana collides with the referee on the way down!

PC: The ref is down! The ref is down!

Indeed, Lycana sandwiched the ref’s head between her body and the mat when she fell on him. The ref isn’t stirring! Lycana slowly and painfully rolls off the ref. But Betsy stays on the top rope, she gestures for Lycana to get up! And when Lycana does….PLANTE DE VISAGE! She hits it! The crowd cheers! Betsy throws an arm over Lycana for the cover….but the ref is nonresponsive!

PC: Oh, irony of ironies, now that she wants to win, there’s nobody to make the count.

Betsy slaps the mat in frustration...but then she looks at Lycana. She mouths something to her...and then plants a big kiss right on her lips!

PC: I think that may have been the kiss of death!

Betsy rolls out of the ring and then reaches under it...PULLING OUT A CHAIR! This draws a big time reaction from the crowd. Betsy throws the chair up and over the top rope into the ring and then rolls back in. She picks up the chair and waits for Lycana to get up. Lycana’s dazed and when she turns around….SHE DUCKS THE CHAIR SHOT FROM BETSY! Lycana reaches for the chair and tries to wrench it out of Betsy’s hands! They struggle for the chair back and forth, until Lycana finally gets an edge and slams the edge of the chair into Betsy’s gut. Betsy doubles over and Lycana DECKS HER WITH A DEAFENING CHAIR SHOT TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!!!

PC: Holy shit! I’m almost sick to my stomach from that one!

HHL: That was a game changing move from Lycana right there! Betsy is out!

But there’s still no ref! Lycana stands over the ref, pulling him up by the front of his shirt and screaming at him. She then slaps him across the face, and the ref’s eyes flutter.

Meanwhile, Betsy is still not moving at all.

HHL: There is absolutely no sign of life from the Shooting Star champ.

Meanwhile, Lycana shakes the ref back into consciousness. Bleary eyed, he takes account of the action. Lycana goes to Betsy and stands poised over her, before dropping down on her in a seductive pin, sliding her frame along Betsy’s before showing her a toothy evil grin and ordering the ref to count!



3…...NOOOOO! Betsy lifts a shoulder! Betsy lifts a shoulder!

Lycana is shocked! The fans gasp!

HHL: How in God’s name….?!!

Lycana then goes for a more serious cover! Pinning Betsy’s shoulders to the canvas!




Lycana shoots to her feet and gets in the ref’s face! The ref pleads his innocence. Finally, Lycana settles her attention back on the champ. She peels Betsy off the canvas and slams her down in front of the corner. Lycana mounts the top turnbuckle again, and she motions for the BERZERKER! Lycana takes flight into that beautiful 540 Corkscrew Senton…..AND THEN SHE CRASHES HARD WHEN BETSY JUST BARELY ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY?!

PC: Could that have been any more last second?! Lycana may have still caught Betsy with some of that move! But either way both of these women are in bad shape right now!

The crowd boos intently as Marf comes down the ramp with his TV Title in his hand. He reaches ringside throwing the title in a corner while climbing up on the apron it self. The referee is distracted by Marf allowing Lycana to take the TV title as she starts getting to her feet. Marf argues with the referee allowing Lycana to blast Granger in the face with the TV Title!

The crowd roars as SHAWN WYLDE storms down to the ringside area yanking Marf off the apron and the two begin trading right hands before spilling out into the crowd! Lycana disposes of the TV Title before the referee turns around and she makes a cover.





HHL: The Left Hand just stole won from RMI!

Lycana and Betsy roll away from one another, both panting heavily. The blue haired beauty crawls to a corner and pulls to a sitting position, while the vivacious blond uses the ropes to get onto her knees. As if there was a magnet, their gazes clash and hold, the urge to charge once more strong within both women even as fatigue courses its way through their bloodstream. The two stare at one another before motion draws their reluctant attention, as a figure charges down the ramp towards the ring.

Pip:Its Atara Themis!

HHL:Things have been heating up between her and The Impossible Traveler as of late!

Atara runs down the ramp and slides into the ring, gracefully coming to her feet in one swift movement. She unerringly moves towards The Impossible Traveler, her Aegean blue eyes locked onto. the Shooting Star champion. At a motion of her hand, a ring attendant is there, offering her a mic which she accepts, before walking back to prowl back and forth before Betsy like a restless panther.

Granger watches Atara as she slowly tries to get her legs under her.

Atara: As usual, good showing Doves, once again you have given these people a valiant effort and I'm sure they'll drown you in praise but….you're in my temple and the Ode to Aphrodite gets sung first. The Goddess gets her tribute first...I get my say first.

Betsy, my friend, my...sister, we share alot of things. A lot of similarities. Mutual friends, mutual...enemies.

Atara pauses cutting her eyes to Lycana

Atara: We have an equal love for history and its history that brings me out here.

It's coming up on a year since my belt, the Shooting Star Championship, was introduced. A year since I was crowned.

It's been months since I won my fair shot at the belt, months since Jenny screwed me out of it, months since you won it, and months since you, my friend, have not done me the favor and gave me my fair shake.

I've sat quiet. I've bit my tongue. I let you have your moment but now it's my time again. You fancy yourself something of a Phoenix Betsy...well let me lay a little more history on you. A little piece by Hesiod.

A chattering crow lives out nine generations of aged men,
but a stag's life is four time a crow's,
and a raven's life makes three stags old,
while the phoenix outlives nine ravens,
but we, the rich-haired Nymphs
daughters of Zeus the aegis-holder,
outlive ten phoenixes."

As Betsy gets the rest of the way to her feet glowering at her friend, Atara tosses the mic to the side and is on her, throwing hard right hands, sending a surprised Betsy back down to her knees. Atara gets a good handful of golden mane and hauls her up, only to send her crashing back onto the ropes with an uppercut to the face of The Impossible Traveler. She moves in once more, and Betsy tries to fight back, lashing out at Atara, earning a hard knee to the midsection for her trouble, followed by one to the face. Atara steps back, and lands a bicycle kick, to topple Granger. With a smirk, Atara hauls her up once more, sending Betsy careening into the corner turnbuckle as she eyes her prey up.

A flash of sapphire is seen as a blur takes Atara right off her feet.

Pip: Lycana just saved Betsy Granger?!

HHL: I don't know Pip, Lycana has history with Atara too.Could just be she didn't appreciate her getting involved…

Lycana, having caught her breath and seen enough, had exploded from her corner, spearing Atara to the mat. She starts pummelling the Greek, who covers up a moment, before rolling, throwing Lycana off of her. Both pop to their feet, charging one another, colliding with a sickening thud that throws both slightly off balance. Neither care, aiming swings at whatever they can connect with even as they stumble. Lycana slowly gains the upper hand with a few hard knocks to her foe’s head, then catapults Atara back to the ropes with a hard kick to the jaw. She bounces off the ropes on the other side, and flies at Atara, sending her toppling over and out of the ring with a clothesline.

Atara manages to land on her feet, holding her hand to her face as she glares at Lycana. The Dark Vixen of Violence snarls at her from her position in the ring, body language showing she was ready if Atata dared step in once more. Instead, plush lips purse before sliding into a smile as she walks towards the announce table. She picks up the Shooting Star Title belt and looks at it for a long moment. She then lifts the strap above her head, posing with her hand on her hip.

Her head slowly turns, gorgeous teal eyes meeting the glittering emerald ones of Betsy Granger, who was now on her feet, standing by Lycana at the ropes. The Impossible Traveler swipes a hand through her unruly golden hair as she shakes her head, her expression cold as ice as she stares down at the striking brunette. Atara gestures at the belt, then at both Granger and herself, indicating that it would be hers. She strolls to where the fallen mic had landed, and scoops it up, still holding the gold over her shoulder.

Atara: Leap of Faith! The Impossible Traveller becomes just Second she always as been."

Atara tosses the mic once more, stepping up to the apron to place the Shooting Star on the mat, sending it sliding in towards Betsy, her eyes never leaving the other two women as she strolls to the ramp, standing there for a second with a smile. She then walks up to the stage, glancing back one more time to point at Granger before disappearing behind the curtain...

….Leaving Lycana and Betsy leaning on the ropes, standing side by side. They draw back, bodies turning towards each other as their eyes lock and hold yet again. The silent war wages before an understanding is seemingly reached, with no words exchanged. The Impossible Traveler nods her head with a smile, acknowledging the help from the Vixen. Lycana inclines her head in response, just the corners of her mouth tilting upward as they back away from each other.

Pip: I don't understand these two Heather…

HHL: Neither do I Pip… One minute they're trying to tear each other apart, the next they are almost friendly.

Betsy slides out, under the bottom rope, moving slowly up the ramp, allowing Lycana to soak up her victory in the ring.

HHL: "Ladies and gentlemen, the footage we are about to show you may be disturbing; so those of you with weak constitutions may want to look away."

PC: "Oh man, that just means it's gonna be good! Roll the tape!!!"

The scene fades away from Pip and Heather to a dark room, where all we see is a mysterious figure hunched over. The one, lone light swinging above him reveals it to be none other than Diesel tied to a chair! He looks to be passed out, at first, but eventually comes to. Upon realizing where he is, Big Daddy Cool begins to freak out a bit.

Diesel: "TK? Oz?! Miss Fury?!?................................. Vanilla Midget?!?!?"

All of a sudden, we hear a bell ringing, low at first, before slowly getting louder and louder as if it were approaching the former WWF superstar.

"That's right BIG DADDY Coooooooool" a mysterious voice calls out from behind him.

The dinging of the bell gets to an all-time high, as we see the mysterious figure from March Madness appear in the light, ringbell in one hand and a hammer in the other. Around his waist is none other than Diesel's prized WWF Championship.

Diesel: "What do you want with me?!? I can't give you any money, Vince can barely afford to pay ME..............."

Mysterious Figure: "That's enough!"

The figure tosses the bell aside, causing it to give off one final ring, before holding the hammer in front of Diesel's face.

Mysterious Figure: "I don't NEED money!"

Diesel: "Then what do you want, a spot in BOB?! I'm sure that can be arranged! In case you haven't noticed, we accept just about anyone!"

Mysterious Figure: "Oh, I noticed...................."

Diesel: "Then what do you want?!?"

The figure puts his face close to Diesel's, a maniacal look on it.

Mysterious Figure: "What I want? What I want?!? I WANT you to FEAR MEEEEEE!!!!"

Diesel: "I do! I do, man!!! Now will you PLEASE let me go????"

The figure doesn't say another word, instead, he walks in front of Big Daddy Cool and shows off the WWF Championship.

Diesel: Hey, man, that's my belt! I didn't see YOU pinning Bob Backlund in under 15 seconds to win it!!!!"

The figure holds the Title in front of Big Daddy Cool, who is unable to take it for obvious reasons. He tries his best to lean forward and grab it with his teeth, but the belt is JUST out of his reach.

Mysterious Figure: "Does this MEAN something to you?"

Diesel: "Yes! Very much! It's my first ever World Title................"

Mysterious Figure: "I see....."

The figure bends down and sets the WWF Title in front of Diesel before raising the hammer above his head.


The figure brings the hammer down hard on the belt's plate, shattering it a bit. He lifts it back up and smashes down even harder, sending pieces of the Title flying everywhere as Diesel closes his eyes and shakes his head in horror.

Diesel: "Noooooooooo!"

The scene fades to black and we cut to Pip and Heather in the arena, both of whom look rather shocked by what transpired.

HHL: "It doesn't look like we'll be seeing Diesel anytime soon."

PC: "No, Heather, it does not."

Warfare fades backstage where we see the Nefarious One, Ned Kaye exit his locker room with the XWF Hart Championship slung over his shoulder. The crowd inside the Staples Center cheers at first out of habit before the boos drown out the cheers.

HHL: The new Hart Champion Ned Kaye! On his way out here to defend the title against the man he defeated at March Madness, R.L. Edgar!

PIP: With Kaye’s new and improved attitude, the sky is the limit for the Nefarious One!

HHL: I’m not sure I agree on the improvement part of your comments Pip, but he is the champion!

Backstage, Ned rounds a corner and comes to a stop.

The new TWO TIME XWF Hart Champion Ned Kaye.

The camera zooms out and Paul Heyman enters the scene.

HHL: Paul Heyman ladies and gentlemen!

PIP: Where’s his client?

You’re just the man I’ve been wanting to see. Paul says as Ned looks on. On behalf of my client…

The Staples Center is rockin as Heyman and Ned both turn their heads toward the arena for a moment, then back to each other.

I don’t even have to say his name, Ned, and the Universe explodes… As I was saying, on behalf of my client we would like to extend our congratulations to you on your hard fought victory at March Madness and in becoming a two time XWF Hart Champion!

Ned gives an innocent look, pointing to himself.

You and your client wish to give little ol' me congratulations? You are too flattering, Heyman! I thought I was over the moon before, but having your client and his tucked tail wish the best to me through you has just made my evening something else!

He chuckles a bit, staring at Paul.

Is that all you two want to say to me?

Heyman grins his sly grin.

Absolutely not Champ, Paul replies with condescension evident in his voice. The fact is, Thaddeus Duke told you months ago that he’d be watching you and he meant it. Mr. Kaye, what better way to solidify yourself as the new two time reigning defending XWF Hart Champion than by my client graciously giving you the opportunity to defeat a former Universal Champion?

“How generous of you!” Ned matches Heyman’s condescension, reaching a hand out to pinch Paul’s cheek. “But last time I checked, Paul, the man holding the “prestigious” Universal title isn’t headlining tonight’s show. This right here,” Ned taps his index finger against the Hart belt, “is the talk of the XWF for a reason. I know what I have. I know what it’s worth and I know what it means to your client. So, why don’t you fly on back, Zazu, and tell Simba he should reconsider facing me, lest he lose two belts and his pride within half a year.”

Ned walks off down the hall toward the arena leaving Heyman standing there.

”Suit yourself Mr. Kaye,” Heyman says to no one. ”The Lion returns to his Kingdom… real soon.”

HHL: There is a storm brewing between Ned Kaye and Thaddeus Duke!

PIP: It wasn’t all that long ago Heather, Thaddeus took his personal air time to congratulate Ned Kaye and tell him he’d be a great leader for Warfare!

HHL: A lot of things have changed since that time Pip, and now it looks like Ned Kaye and his Hart Championship are in the crosshairs of the Lionheart!

PIP: Heather, set all the scenery aside, set aside the Hart title and think about it. Thad Duke versus Ned Kaye one on one!? THAT would be one fine contest!

The live feed of XWF Wednesday Warfare fades back in from commercial, the camera pans slowly around the arena, past King Doc being fed grapes by exotic looking women, and to the announce table where Pip Collins and Heather Halliwell are prepared to give the call for tonight’s main event.

PC: Ladies and gentlemen, of all of the events that transpired at March Madness, perhaps none were as despicable as what went down in our Hart Championship match between the Nefarious Ned Kaye and R.L. Edgar.

HHL: That’s right Pip, one of the most beloved wrestlers of all time, Ned Kaye, showed his true colors, using a low blow and a pair of brass knuckles to take down R.L. Edgar - winning his second Hart Championship.

PC: Former champion, R.L. Edgar has made it clear, he’s no longer concerned with the Hart Championship, and that tonight’s proverbial rubber match will be about teaching Ned Kaye a lesson!

HHL: Well what better way to do that than in tonight’s match - No Holds Barred, Last Man Standing! Tonight we will find out which of these two can go the distance!

Caterpillar by Royce Da 5’9” pops through the sound system and the arena erupts with applause. R.L. Edgar makes his way onto the stage, he looks over at King Doc who is grimacing a bit from the rap music and nods to His Majesty.

Tig O’ Bitties: The following contest is the main event of the evening, and is a LAST! MAN! STANDING! MATCH! FOR THE XWF HART CHAMPIONSHIP!

Introducing first! THE CHALLENGER! From Louisville, Kentucky!


Edgar’s face is flat. His look of determination stands in juxtaposition to the excited masses in the crowd. He makes his way to the ring and begins pacing from corner to corner, waiting on his bitter rival to appear.

And his opponent...

Being accompanied to the ring by Steven Cooper…

From Brooklyn, New York!



The entire stadium goes black as the song begins.

Slowly, snowflakes begin to adorn the X-Tron, the light of each one illuminating smoke growing at the entrance of the ramp. As the song continues, more snowfall is seen until the screen is covered in snow. The ramp then glows Ned's famous blue, revealing a silhouette in the smoke. Slowly stepping from the fog is none other than the Nefarious Ned Kaye. He stops for a moment and shakes his head at the booing crowd. Steven Cooper flanks his side, carrying Ned’s Hart Title over his shoulder, as the two men walk to the ring. Cooper holds the middle rope down for Ned as he enters the ring.

The two rivals glare at one another. Ned smirks at Edgar, seemingly taunting him, certain that the events of March Madness will repeat. Edgar is entirely unfazed. The bell rings!

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -
3 RP Limit

Edgar rushes at Ned as soon as the first ring is heard, attempting to trap him in the corner! Kaye narrowly avoids R.L. by springboarding off of the top rope and flipping over him! Ned steps forward to superkick Edgar, only for his foot to be caught before impact! Kaye attempts to convert into a step-up enziguri, but Edgar drops his opponent’s foot, letting him drop to the floor. Although Ned quickly gets to his feet, he’s unable to evade an aggressive spear by Edgar that sends them crashing down into the mat! R.L. begins to unload with punches to the roaring approval of the crowd!

HHL: "Edgar keeping it simple and looking to overwhelm Ned! You have to wonder if losing the Hart Title to this man in such an underhanded way has influenced his approach here."

PC: "He needs to be careful. Ned, if that even is still him, has never been renowned for his strength, but his skill! Edgar's got power and talent, but he struggled against that wrestling knowledge Kaye has in the match at March Madness."

And that knowledge of Ned’s begins paying off again, he throws up an elbow that splits Edgar’s knuckles when he connects with another shot. Edgar’s face runs red and moves to quickly lift Ned, favoring his sore hand and going to whip him in the corner, but Ned is wiley and reverses the move. Edgar barrels towards the corner with Ned running behind ready to connect. But Edgar surprises Ned with some caginess of his own! He pulls up on the ropes and lifts his legs as Ned runs underneath him. Ned smacks into the turnbuckle, Edgar brings his momentum back down sending his knees careening right into Ned’s face. He falls to the mat. The ref begins a count.





But Edgar breaks the count and starts stomping on Ned.

PC: Can you believe this, Heather?!

HHL: Edgar said this match was about teaching Ned a lesson! About delivering a beating! So this tracks.

Edgar lifts Ned near the ropes, it looks like he’s going for a C.Y.N Piledriver! But on the apron! It’s Steven Cooper! He wraps his arms around Edgar’s neck and locks in a sleeper hold from the apron. Edgar drops Ned and grabs onto Cooper’s forearms. He can’t break the hold! Cooper is trying to make the former Hart Champion pass out!

But Edgar is again displaying some growth in ring awareness! He drops to his bottom, hitting Cooper with a jaw-breaker across the ring ropes that sends Ned’s mentor flying from the apron and smashing into the guardrail. R.L. gets to his feet quickly, he runs and hits the ropes! What’s he going for here?! Edgar aims for the ropes, but before he gets there, Ned has taken him out with a legsweep. Both men jump back to their feet. Neds flies at Edgar this looks like a…


Edgar catches Ned’s knee and spins him around. He wraps his arms around Ned’s waist and sends him smashing head first into the corner with a release german suplex! The crowd goes wild. It looks like the former champ will be regaining the gold tonight. But Edgar still isn’t done with Cooper. He sizes Cooper up on the outside, hits the ropes, and then dives through the top and middle rope!


As Edgar goes to connect with the suicide dive, Steven Cooper, playing opossum, steps to the side and smacks Edgar in the face with a steel chair. He crumbles to the arena floor as Cooper laughs wildly. He starts yelling at Ned who is already stirring to the top rope and pointing at Edgar on the outside of the ring. He leaps! SHOOTING STAR PRESS!
Both men are down!





Ned gets to his feet



Edgar begins to stir, but Ned and Cooper are on him like white on rice. A running knee from Ned connects to Edgar’s temple. A chair shot from Cooper folds over Edgar’s back. The two men begin stomping him, and beating him with the chair.

PC: This is just an all out assault, Heather! I don’t know how anyone could withstand this type of punishment.

Cooper stands Edgar up, standing behind him and holding him for Ned. He puts the chair in front of Edgar’s face before connecting with a disgusting super-kick! Edgar is unable to even fall to the ground as Cooper holds onto him, placing the chair in front of his face again. He’s going for another superkick into that steel chair!


Ned kicks the chair directly into Cooper’s face as both he and Edgar collapse to the floor. Ned looks on in horror as checks on his friend. The ref begins the count on Edgar.






With his backup down and out, Ned paces back and forth, panicked and watching Edgar as the ref counts.






Edgar pulls himself up on the guard rail as Ned stomps into the floor, incensed and screaming at the ref accusing him of a slow count. But Ned shifts his focus quickly, he runs at Edgar. But Edgar leans down and lifts Ned, dumping him over the guardrail and into the concrete floor beneath the fans with a backbody drop.

Ned grabs at his back howling out in pain as Edgar hops the guardrail and sends a boot right into Ned’s kidney. Edgar jerks Ned up by the hair and begins walking him down the aisle, sending punches to the Hart Champ’s temple in the process. As the two reach the steps that lead to the upper section of the arena, Edgar moves Ned along to the side, a back aisle that leads to the area beneath the main stage where pyro, and sound techs are positioned with their equipment.

Edgar whips Ned towards a giant metal box used for transporting equipment, but Ned reverses! Edgar runs gut first into the metal box and flips over onto the top before crashing back to the concrete floor. Ned pounces, he’s grabbed a television camera cord and quickly wraps it around Edgar’s neck, strangling away the man’s will to stand and fight. He pulls Edgar back through the crowd and onto the rampway and up towards the stage. Ned pulls on the cord with every ounce of strength left in him, but Edgar is still struggling; still refusing to give up! Edgar pulls Ned towards the edge of the stage with his remaining willpower, gasping for breath!

HHL: “Look, Edgar’s heading for a precarious part of the stage! Falling here could prove disastrous!”

PC: “Maybe he’s willing to take that risk at the prospect of taking out the Nefarious One as well!”

The two struggle for control over the other as they get closer and closer to the edge of the stage, equipment and tables piled below the drop in front of them. Ned lets go of the cable, his palms marked by the struggle as he backpedals, allowing Edgar a moment of respite before running forward and striking him with another Nefarious Knee square into the eye of R.L. Edgar!! Edgar slumps over the side of the stage, not falling over, but nearly motionless as Ned begins to celebrate! The ref starts the count!





Ned is already reconvening with Steven Cooper, clutching his side! He knows R.L.’s limits! He believes he’s put him away for good! Edgar shows no signs of movement!







Cooper shouts to get Ned’s attention! Kaye turns around to see Edgar...?!


Ned charges towards Edgar only to meet a C.Y.N., plummeting the two into the equipment below, crashing through tables and cameras alike!

HHL: “Edgar’s done it! There’s no way Ned gets up from that!

PC: “But look! R.L.’s spent almost all he had getting that piledriver out and he’s not even moving again! I don’t know if he was ready to take another big spill like that after almost losing this match!”

The ref begins to count!








Ned and Edgar are showing signs of life, but they’re still laid out amongst the debris, nowhere near getting to their feet!







PC: Wait a second! It looks like King Doc is standing from his throne!

"A match that carries these Championship stakes shall not end like this!

The people of my kingdom deserve better!

Thus the first gladiator to his feet shall be declared... THE WINNER!

Both men are vying and climbing to their knees. Edgar punches Ned right right in the nose. Ned swings back, catching Edgar right in his bulging eye. Edgar swings again and catches Ned again right on the bridge of his nose. Blood sprays everywhere as Ned falls backwards. King Doc gives a curious and impressed nod of the head.

PC: Ned Kaye is out! This is Edgar’s chance!

Edgar gets one foot underneath him, it’s over! He’s going to regain the Hart Title!


From the crowd a man has hopped over the guardrail and gets into the action!



Just as Edgar stands to both feet, the mystery man sweeps Edgar’s leg taking him back down. He reaches over and helps Ned to his feet before rushing off back into the crowd!

Winner and STILL XWF Hart Champion- The Nefarious Ned Kaye

PC: “Ned is beside himself with laughter as he rises back to the stage!”

HHL: “Then there’s two pieces of shit up there!”

Ned maniacally cackles as he’s handed his Hart Championship back, yelling into a camera as he prepares to retreat backstage.

“You see this?! YOU SEE THIS?! Nobody’s taking it from me! Doesn’t matter how hard you try, you’re nothin’ if you ain’t Avalanche! Just look at it!”

Ned slaps the faceplate, pushing the camera away and walking backstage with Mr. Cooper, leaving Edgar furious as he finally gets back to his feet, boos cascading over the arena, all aimed at Avalanche.

We cut backstage to a roar of boos from the crowd as Chris Page leads Miss Fury, Them No Good Bastards Thunder Knuckles and Bobby Bourbon, and Andre Dixon towards an awaiting limo parked inside the loading dock of the Staples Center.

” Next stop is Anarchy tomorrow night to continue the Bob-Elite Beat Down Express! Them Thugz are about to get CRUSHED by my boy Andre!”

Dre and Page fist bump as Chris opens the backdoor of the limo. Miss Fury enters followed by the Tag Champs and then Andre.

” PAGE!”

Chris turns around seeing ROBERT MAIN and DREW ARCHYLE roughly twenty feet away, both with baseball bats in hands! Chris eyes widen as the crowd erupts! Page ducks in the limo slamming the door shut as Robert and Drew charge forward full steam ahead.

The limo speeds off just as they could have gotten in reach of striking it.

Robert stops running and gazes with sheer intensity in his eyes.

We see R.L. Edgar, he’s battered from the assault by The Nefarious Ned Kaye and Avalanche, leaning against a concrete wall backstage. With one eye purple and swollen shut, the rest of his face is pale and without emotion as he stares off into nothing. His mind riddled with questions and doubt as he feels an endless burrowing in his gut.

”Hey, you!”

Before Edgar can even react to the voice of the young woman who had quietly entered the room, a pair of glittery sneakers enter his field of vision. He looks up to see the beaten and bruised face of The Impossible Traveler who smiles at him behind a busted lip.


He inquires quickly, his face unable to hide the surprise he feels at the unexpected visitor standing before him. Worse for wear but still smiling, Betsy Granger grins down at him with sparkling emerald eyes, one of which is purple and drooping. Even still, she glows with a friendly, yet resolute smile and a second-nature nod of the head. They smile at one another for several moments; but Edgar shuts himself right back down. The smile on Betsy’s face falters slightly.

”Look, Betsy, I ain’t really trying to be involved with-”

”Before you push me away, at least hear me out.”

She interrupts his attempted euphemisms with her uncanny resilient quirkiness,

”I need your help…We need your help. You’re an everyman, Mister Edgar. A regular hero in the making if I do say so myself!”

”Did you not just see what happened out there? I just got my ass kicked. AGAIN.”

”And I’m sure it’ll get kicked a thousand more times before everything is said and done.”

Holding up a finger as he opens his mouth to protest, she wags it playfully and shakes her head firmly.

”It doesn’t matter how many times your ass gets kicked around here; I’m looking for the ones who keep getting back up to continue to fight. I’m looking for those with the courage of a lion and the heart of a warrior; I never wanted to build an army, but it’s officially war-time in the XWF. I could use someone like you at my side.”

Dropping herself down onto the bench beside him, she ignores the look of shock on his face as she continues to ignore his attempts at sending her away. Reaching into a little medicine bag tied to her hip, she pulls out a peacock blue stone attached to a silver chain. Grabbing RL’s hand, she drops the stone into his palm and shuts his fingers over the stone. Her lips curve in a grin as she hears him gasp softly as he feels the warmth and soft pulse coming from the stone. Holding it up to the light, she watches his eyes narrow as he studies it; his eyes flicker as the light catches the iridescent rainbow hiding within the blue.

”Wha…” Edgar feels a warm rush through his body, unlike anything he’d ever felt. His mind loses trace of his words, it’s as if he can feel them affixed elsewhere. ”What is this, Betsy?”

She regards him closely, observing every nuisance of his reaction before she gives a careful answer.

”That, my friend, is how we’re going to stay connected at all times. Lets just say that the power of that stone combined with the piece of myself attached to it is your direct line to Excellence and me. I don’t care if you wear it around your neck or not, just promise me you’ll keep it on you at all times. That’s imperative, Mister Edgar.” Her smile fades and her green eyes stare up into his face intensely. ”That stone has to be on or near your person at all times. Otherwise… I can’t promise I’ll be there to help when you need it.”

Edgar studies the pulsing stone in his dusty palm while listening to Betsy speak. Without her even uttering the names of those she’s planning to wage war on, he already knows, and he knows the war is one that must be fought. Sensing his cynicism slowly melting away, Betsy smiles and uses both of her hands to close Edgar’s around the stone before taking him by the eyes again,

”We’re gonna’ need you, Mister Edgar. You’re more important to this fight than you realize.”

The Impossible Traveler walks away leaving Edgar with a glowing fist as the XWF logo appears on the screen and Warfare comes to a close.

Match Creds:
Corey Smith
RL Edgar

[Image: Jkq64Z1.png]
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Fuckin’ awesome job everyone!

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Chris Page, I'm going to admit, this was the most fun I've had in e-fedding in a long, long time. When I first talked to you I could tell you were someone who had a passion for story telling, and that's the kind of stuff I love to see. Whether it's something small like The Dream-A-Maniacs banner I made up, or just shooting me a PM about an idea for the future,
you always seem excited for anything involving e-fedding. You're the example of the member every fed-head wants, 100%. You're respectful and get what this game is about after being in it for so long. When I saw we were going to face off, I wasn't sure what to expect. My expectations were blown away by how you wrote this match, and my hats off to you. You're the champ for a reason, and you brought out the best in me. Thank you for doing that, and thank you for writing my character the way you did. Wins and losses don't mean a lot to me, I only care about telling a solid story that everyone can enjoy, and I hope others were as pleased with this as I am. As for myself, I have so many ideas swirling in my head about what the next step is, and I can't help but smile from ear to ear about this experience, because I see this as a huge momentum boost. Thank you for the opportunity to compete against one of the best to do it today... scratch that, ever. This was a damn fine display of action, I hope to lock horns with you again sometime champ. Keep kicking ass and takin' names until then.

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(04-07-2021, 08:17 PM)Mickey Kinkade Said: Chris Page, I'm going to admit, this was the most fun I've had in e-fedding in a long, long time. When I first talked to you I could tell you were someone who had a passion for story telling, and that's the kind of stuff I love to see. Whether it's something small like The Dream-A-Maniacs banner I made up, or just shooting me a PM about an idea for the future,
you always seem excited for anything involving e-fedding. You're the example of the member every fed-head wants, 100%. You're respectful and get what this game is about after being in it for so long. When I saw we were going to face off, I wasn't sure what to expect. My expectations were blown away by how you wrote this match, and my hats off to you. You're the champ for a reason, and you brought out the best in me. Thank you for doing that, and thank you for writing my character the way you did. Wins and losses don't mean a lot to me, I only care about telling a solid story that everyone can enjoy, and I hope others were as pleased with this as I am. As for myself, I have so many ideas swirling in my head about what the next step is, and I can't help but smile from ear to ear about this experience, because I see this as a huge momentum boost. Thank you for the opportunity to compete against one of the best to do it today... scratch that, ever. This was a damn fine display of action, I hope to lock horns with you again sometime champ. Keep kicking ass and takin' names until then.

Hey man, thanks for the kind words. If anyone really knows me they know wins and losses to me are secondary to whatever story I am trying to tell is in progress. When I got to this match with you and saw you missed the soft deadline but then saw the roleplay you posted there was no way I could not write the match the way that I did. At the end of the day if Mickey came out looking better by giving a solid fight, I am for it, and thus I did it.

As far as being one of the best ever, that is debatable when we have guys like Doc, like Corey, like Robert, like Thad and a host of others who thrive on storytelling within their roleplay down to their matches. I'd like to think that I am good at what I do. I do not really take compliments well as I am always more critical of my own stuff than I am of anyone else's.

Do not worry about wondering if there will be another dance between us, it is just a matter of when. I do think if you RP to potential based off the one I saw for Warfare you will be a threat to anyone at anytime in any division. Thank you for the effort where most would have not put it in,

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"Andre Dixon is a top dog at ass kissing, cant wait to beat the fuck out of that little bitch.
Good show anyway."

Win record: Fuck you
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