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Wednesday Night Warfare - Results - 1/20/21
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01-20-2021, 09:28 PM



From !!!

[Image: _115802983_maradona_stadium_getty.jpg]



- vs -



- vs -



- vs -



- vs -



- vs -


[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -





From !!!

[Image: _115802983_maradona_stadium_getty.jpg]


quote Said:When day comes we step out of the shade,
aflame and unafraid
The new dawn blooms as we free it
For there is always light,
if only we're brave enough to see it
If only we're brave enough to be it

~Amanda Gorman
Presidential Inaugaration 2021~

[Image: 150-flavors-of-ice-cream.jpg]

The shot opens inside the grandest ice cream parlor you’ve ever seen, the Galeteria Della Palma in Rome. The camera sweeps over the numerous flavors of ice cream and treats before finally landing on a wrought iron table near the wall, where Corey Smith and Alias are eating ice cream.

You were right man, this place is pretty dope.

I told you! Alias starts back in on his ice cream ravenously. Soon, a woman in an apron approaches them.

Spero sia tutto di tuo gradimento! She offers up cheerily through a Covid mask.

Alias turns to her, chin stubble awash in fine ice cream. Oh, assolutamente! Tutto è delizioso!

The woman nods and walks off, while Corey gapes at Alias. I didn’t know you spoke Italian.

Alias looks at him blankly. Is that what that was?

You didn’t know? Corey asks with a confused expression. Alias shrugs.

I just say whatever comes out. He nonchalantly goes back to chowing down on ice cream. Corey ponders his companion for a moment.

There’s a lot I don’t understand about you, Corey admits, turning the conversation into a much more serious direction. I’m trying though.

What do you want to know? Alias offers, taking Corey by surprise a little bit.

Well, for starters, I’d like to know what I can do to help? You’re clearly not helpless, but if you want someone in your corner….

I have someone. Alias dismisses.

Corey blinks. Jenny Myst? Are you sure about that?

I know you're doing what you can to help the helpless. Alias takes another lick of ice cream. He was probably going for seductive. He didn't nail it. I appreciate you saying that I'm not helpless myself, I really do. But people like The Left Hand leave… victims… in their wake. That's where they draw their power from. Not from simply winning matches or from getting every dog under the sun barking their name, but from what they inflict on others."

Somberly, Corey stares down at his ice cream. I uh… I know a thing or two about that.

Alias warmly smiles at him. It looks like he whitened his teeth for this! I know you do. That's why you understand how important it is for the… victims… to be the ones to take their power back.

Corey sighs. I mean, alright, I respect that. He nods in the direction of Alias’ hand. How’s the hand?

Alias clenches his gloved right hand into a fist. Whatever it is, it's mine. He relaxes it. How's the new house?

No longer a massive psychological burden! The reply is disarmingly chipper. But seriously, I’m trying to do my best with it. If you ever need a place to lay low for a while, you’re welcome to come. Thad stops by sometimes though, so you’ll have to not be all murdery with him.

I can see how murder might be overkill. Maybe just a little light stabbing? Alias awkwardly laughs. Corey chuckles along, preferring to dismiss it as a joke.

Enough shop talk, I need you to help me pick what I’m getting next. Should I do the Bacio or the Spumoni?

Jesus, another one? What will that be, your fifth?

My impulse control is very, very poor.

It'll go straight to your thighs. Alias blushes. Why not both?

Nodding, Corey puts his empty cup down onto the table and looks to get up.

Wait! Alias calls out stopping Corey in his tracks. You've got some on your cheek!

Before Corey can even do anything about it, Alias shoots across and licks the ice cream off Corey's cheek! He sits back down and turns his attention back to his own cup as if nothing happened.

Corey looks shocked, and a tad grossed out. He puts a hand to the spot that got licked and offers Alias a queasy sideways smile. Thanks.

R.L. Edgar walks down to the ring while his music plays.

"The Murder Horse" Claude Savage walks down to the ring while his music plays.

PC: This is going to be a good one! The Murder Horse will be looking for a win in his big debut, but the fast rising R.L. Edgar has other plans!

HHL: Why are these men so SHORT? They're almost your size, Pip!

PC: Savage and Edgar are 5'8" and 5"7" respectfully! Those men are giants!


- vs -


The referee calls for the bell as Edgar and Savage stare each other down from across the ring. Edgar appears a good deal skinnier than the Murder Horse, but he seems unfazed by the size difference as he shifts his weight around on his feet. Edgar and Savage begin circling each other in the ring, both men sizing up the competition and plotting their first moves. Then, the murder horse charges forward! The larger man comes at Edgar with fire in his eyes, only to be met with a standing dropkick once he gets into range!

Claude's body smacks against the mat as he's taken off his feet. Edgar wastes no time taking advantage of the situation. R.L. is on Savage in no time at all, mounting the murder house as he delivers a flurry of hammer fists and 6-12 elbows. Savage brings his hands up to his face as he tries to defend himself from the sudden onslaught of blows. Claude's big forearms provide some protection from Edgar's flurry, but ultimately Edgar's fists and elbows succeed in breaking down the larger man's defenses. As Claude's arms are swept away from his face he attempts to roll over onto his side. The larger man shifts his weight and succesfully rolls off of his back, but Edgar is able to wrap his legs around Claude's waist as the larger man tries to wriggle free beneath him.

HHL: Uh oh! The Murder Horse might just be giving up his back here!

PC: Mat work is NOT Claude's game! He needs to get this battle to the feet where he has the advantage!

Claude rolls over onto his stomach and tries to push himself to his feet as Edgar continues battering the man's skull. As soon as Claude rolls over onto his stomach, Edgar immediately stops his nonstop flurry of blows. He quickly tucks his right arm underneath the Murder Horse's chin and grabs his wrist with his left hand. He cranks Claude's head backwards as he locks in a rear naked chokehold!

HHL: This is bad news for Claude Savage!

PC: Jesus, Edgar fights like a man posessed! He's trying to end this match quick!

The referee asks Claude if he wants to tap as Claude screams at him to bugger off. Edgar is grinning wide as he cranks the man's head backwards. He has the chokehold in tight as Claude struggles to breath. The Murder Horse makes a last ditch effort to free himself from the hold as his face begins to turn blue. Claude puts his arms to his sides, palms against the mat. The Murder Horse does a push-up, straining mightily as he lifts the little man on his back. Savage fully pushes himself up in the push-up position, holding the position for a few moments as Edgar squeezes his neck hard as ever. Claude brings his right foot up to the spot next to his left knee. He places his foot on the mat as he tries to push himself to a standing position. It works! Claude Savage slowly climbs to his feet as Edgar remains the man's back. Claude stands tall for a moment before getting himself in alignment with the turnbuckles. As Edgar tries his best to choke Claude out before it's too late, Claude runs backwards into a turnbuckle! Edgar cries out in pain as his back is rammed into the corner. He lets go off Claude's neck and falls into the turnbuckle, standing tall only with the help of the ropes and the post.

PC: Now that's how you break a hold!

Claude smirks as he looks upon his work. He walks up to Edgar and holds him by the chin. The Murder Horse then delivers a nasty headbutt that splits Edgar open and drops him on his ass. Blood runs down R.L.'s busted face as his body crumples to the ground. Claude casually walks over to the opposite turnbuckle. He readies himself before charging full steam into Edgar and hitting him with a cannonball into the corner!

HHL: That's 240 pounds of murder horse right there!

PC: That's gotta hurt!

Claude rolls Edgar out of the corner before hooking the leg and attempting a pinfall.




PC: That was a close one!

HHL: I thought he had him! I mean, look at Edgar! He's bleeding like a stuffed pig!

The Murder Horse pounds the mat in frustration before climbing to his feet. He picks Edgar up by his bloodied head, only to send him flying against the ropes with an irish whip! Edgar comes running back towards the murder horse only to bet met with a devastating sidewalk slam using his own momentum! The sound of Edgar's body being hammered against the mat echoes through the arena as the crowd cheers on in amazement. Claude hooks the leg once more.




PC: Edgar has some fight left in him!

HHL: But I'm not sure how much! He's the smaller man here by 60-some pounds! The Murder Horse is built....well, like a horse! I'm not sure who Edgar can stand toe to toe with him!

Claude is done playing around. He gets to his feet before delivering a few quick boots onto Edgar's midsection. He picks Edgar up by his hair, lifting him to his feet only to smack him back down to the ground with a forearm! The Murder Horse chuckles as Edgar falls to the ground again. Claude lavishes in the moment for a few seconds before picking Edgar right back up. He boots Edgar in the midsection before tucking Edgar's head in between his thighs. The Murder Horse's meaty hands grip R.L. around the midsection before quickly lifting him into position for a crucifix powerbomb!

PC: He's going for the Triple Crown!

HHL: I bet Edgar regrets making all those horse jokes now!

The bloodied man is hoisted high into the air. He looks around frantically, blood dripping down his face onto the mat eight feet below as his head quickly turns from side to side. Edgar starts twisting, turning, squirming, and doing everything he can to get the fuck out of the Triple Crown! He kicks Claude in the back a few a times, forcing the larger man to let him go! Edgar drops to his feet, landing back-to-back with The Murder Horse. Both men turn around to face each other, but Edgar is a split-second quicker! He slaps the fuck out of Claude, snapping his neck to the side! The echo from his palm's contact with Savage's cheek excites the crowd as they begin to chant Edgar's name! R.L. quickly follows up the petty attack with a kick to Claude's right knee! The Murder Horse's knee buckles out from underneath him. He leans over and is hooked straight into a snap gut-wrench piledriver!

HHL: The Check Ya' Neck!

PC: Well they better check Claude's neck! I think it's broken!

R.L. Edgar immediately covers Claude for the pinfall! The referee drops to the ground and starts counting!




HHL: You can't put a murder horse down!

Edgar delivers a half dozen fists to Claude's face after the kickout. Claude tries to defend himself, but is soon overwhelmed by the superior mat work R.L. Edgar. Claude lay against the ground, weakened from the flurry of fists. R.L. Edgar steps away from the murder horse before looking around the ring. He quickly scurries over to the far turnbuckle. He quickly ascends it. Standing tall on the top rope, R.L. Edgar looks down at the downed Claude Savage. Before going for the final blow, R.L. takes some time to clap, slowly and with rhythm. He gets the crowd to clap with him, and soon the entire audience is smacking their hands together in rhythm! They're chanting Edgar's name as he dives off of the top rope and delivers an elbow drop with theatrics! The elbow drop connects! Edgar lays on top of Claude as the referee begins to count!




WINNER: R.L. Edgar

PC: What a hard fought win for Edgar! He really had to work for that one!

HHL: And even though the Murder Horse took a setback here, he looks like he might be a problem going forward! He had a strong debut.

PC: The stock of BOTH men has certainly risen!

R.L. Edgar hops to his feet and basks in the adoration of the audience. The referee hurries over to the murder horse, checking on the man as he slowly comes to.

MIA’s paper planes starts up and Arkin Blackwater emerges from the entrance dancing. He has a smirk upon his face as he makes his way to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. Arkin hops to his feet with a grin and takes his place within the squared circle, while the fans show him a little bit of love.

Heather: Well here we go with the second match of the evening, a last man standing match.

Pip: Should be a fun one with how speedy both competitors are.

Heather: We’ll see if Arkin match Corey’s skill as well with his speed.

Pip: My guess is no.

Heather: How unsurprisingly negative of you...

The arena is pitch black and the melancholy opening tunes to “Someone Else” begin. But as the song starts to pick up in intensity, down in the entry way, you see a Jericho-esque light up jacket glow brilliantly. Then, twin explosions emit from either side of the ramp and the lights turn on in a swirling red and blue pattern that throb in sync with the beats of the song. The crowd pops as Corey comes down the ramp, the jacket now flashing intermittent heart and lightning bolt patterns. On the 'Tron you see images of Corey/Lux pulling off fantastic moves, intercut with blur effects on Corey's face that obscure his features in an eerie way. Corey gets on the ring apron, throwing his arms over the top rope as the jacket keeps flashing. He looks pumped as hell, and starts pointing out at the fans before rushing to the top rope, surveying the crowd from on high, before dropping down to the canvas and handing off his jacket. He walks over to Arkin and gives him a quick handshake and slap on the shoulder before going to the other corner.

Heather: Nice sign of respect shown by Corey there.

Pip: Why? Because he shook his hand before whipping this little boys ass?

Heather: Well, Arkin is a Blackwater after all...


- vs -


Corey and Arkin start off circling one another for a moment before locking up. Corey grabs a headlock on Arkin before taking him down only for Arkin to roll free. He runs and hits the ropes but Corey somersaults forward and springs up with a big clothesline turning Arkin inside out. Corey leans on the ropes and smiles out to the crowd. The give him a cheer of approval while Arkin shakes it off and gets back to his feet.

Corey turns back to him and they lock up once more. Arkin tries to avoid another headlock but moves right into an octopus stretch out of nowhere. Corey leans back to stretch it as Arkin yells out in pain before throwing a quick elbow that connects. Arkin follows through with a hip toss to break the hold. He then drop kicks Corey in the back. Arkin gets up and runs to the ropes, he jumps off the middle rope for a lionsault but Corey times him and gets both knees up right into Arkin’s gut as he lands.

Heather: Bad landing!

Pip: See? The kid is in trouble already!

Corey gets up and looks at Arkin doubled over in pain. He motions to the referee to check on him and walks over to the corner and plays to the crowd for a moment. Arkin gets up a little angrily and as soon as Corey turns around Arkin runs and kicks him in the gut and goes for a quick snap suplex but Corey lands behind him instead. He hits a quick twisting neck breaker to drop Arkin again. Corey pops up and hits a standing moonsault. He gets up again as Arkin lays on the mat holding his ribs in pain.

Corey looks down at Arkin and then apologetically to the crowd while shrugging. He pulls him to his feet and hooks him for a suplex. He hauls Arkin up into the air and then drops him with a brain buster. Corey rolls through and then applies a triangle choke. While he tightens it and Arkin struggles to pull free Corey yells at him to just stay down. Corey tightens it some more before drilling him in the head with a forearm shot and releases the hold. Arkin lies in pain while Corey gets up and tells the referee to count.







Arkin starts pulling himself up while Corey shrugs in frustration, not wanting to have to inflict more punishment. Corey shakes his head and walks over to Arkin who throws a roundhouse kick which Corey catches. He sweeps the other leg to take Arkin down again. Corey drops an elbow across the inner knee before getting back up. Arkin tries to roll away and get back up but Corey lunges and hits a running bulldog to take him down again.

Heather: Corey just all over Arkin so far.

Pip: This is like child abuse...

Heather: Stop!

Corey gets back up once again and pulls young Arkin back to his feet. He drives a knee into his gut and then backs up. Corey then runs forward looking for a running STO but Arkin back body drops him over the ropes and to the outside apron. Corey reaches over and grabs Arkin but he drops and hits a pele kick that knocks Corey off the apron and to the floor. Arkin races to the other ropes and bounces off. He comes running to the ropes and Corey gets up on the floor. Arkin leaps over the ropes, sailing beautifully in the air but Corey sees him coming and dives out of the way.

Heather: Oh no! Arkin crashed and burned hard there!

Pip: He landed and looked like a scorpion!

Corey looks over at Arkin who is now a crumpled mess and is concerned. He gets up and tells the referee to get out of the ring and start counting to get this over with. Even some of the fans up close are sounding worried for the way Arkin landed. The referee finally comes out to the floor and begins to register a count.









Arkin starts pulling himself back up now to the dismay of Corey and probably anyone else watching this. Corey runs his hands through his hair while staring wildly at Arkin who starts getting to his feet. Corey throws his hands up in the air in frustration before kicking Arkin in the stomach. He pulls him in for a gut wrench suplex but Arkin cartwheels out of it. He snaps a super kick and knocks Corey down. Arkin stumbles over to the ring and pulls a kendo stick out from underneath.

Corey is back up and as he goes for Arkin he doesn’t realize the weapon in his hands until it’s too late. Arkin cracks him in the stomach with a vicious kendo shot. He rears back and then brings the kendo stick down hard across the back of Corey. He cries out in pain before falling forward and to his knees. Arkin uses the kendo stick to give Corey a modified Russian leg sweep that sends him into the steel ring steps. The crowd cries out as Corey smashes into the stairs and slumps in pain. The referee starts a count.






Corey gets up using the steps while Arkin sizes him up with the kendo stick. He swings wildly but Corey somersaults out of the way. The stick smashes down on the steel steps instead and Arkin drops it before rolling back into the ring. Corey slides back into the ring but Arkin knocks him down with a quick clothesline. Arkin runs and hops onto the second turnbuckle and then dives up with a moonsault. He comes crashing down onto Corey. He gets up and points at the downed Corey for the referee to count again.







Heather: Corey breaking the count again but Arkin gaining some momentum.

Pip: Looks like he’s shown up a bit late to the party here.

Arkin gets up and immediately climbs to the top rope while Corey is still down stunned. Arkin dives off with the Prime Target swanton bomb and just before he lands Corey is able to move out of the way. Arkin crashes hard on the mat and lies in pain. Corey picks him up and then drills him with a gut wrench suplex this time. Arkin cries out in pain, his ribs clearly damaged.

Heather: Arkin misses big!

Pip: What a nasty landing!

Corey gets back up now and leans on the ropes, staring over at Arkin who is struggling to get up. They both go to meet in the middle of the ring and Corey catches Arkin with a hard kick to the ribs which doubles him over. Arkin drops to a knee while Corey mouths that he’s sorry. Corey lines him up and hits the Face Pain De-Lux. It connects to a pop from the crowd as Arkin crumples and drops to the mat in a heap. Corey puts his hands on his head while nodding to the referee who begins to count.











Winner by last man standing, Coreyyyyyyy Smiiiiiiiiith!!!

Heather: Well mercifully this one is over!

Pip: I hope Corey is proud of himself, beating up a grade ten like that!

Heather: Will you stop!

The camera cuts backstage to show Alias walking through a corridor. His right hand, scarred by the events of the last two Warfares, is covered by a black glove. As he walks past open doors, he peers his into each of them, searching for somebody.

ALIAS: “Jenny!”

He keeps walking past other rooms, ignoring all of the doors that are completely closed. After all, why would somebody who needs to be found, be hiding behind a closed door? That doesn’t make any sense! The tricky part comes when Alias comes across a half-open door. With a decision to make, he slinks a little closer and nudges it with his foot.

A woman screams.

He quickly slams the door shut.

ALIAS: “That was a funny place to go potty…”

He walks off again, oblivious to the women’s bathroom sign on the door.

ALIAS: “Jenny! Where are you, Jenny?’

Suddenly, there she is!

ALIAS: “Jenny! There you are!”


Jenny Myst, having just exited the Romeo Management, Inc. dressing room, startles as she sees Alias coming towards her. She looks around for an escape, but it’s too late! Alias is already upon her and standing uncomfortably close. She takes whatever step back she can but the wall doesn’t give her much room.

MYST: “Uh… hey…”

Alias’s face beams back at her.

ALIAS: “I am so excited for this match!
My right hand is my left.
Are you?”

MYST: “Yeah… sure…”

She reassures him.

ALIAS: “It’s X-Treme rules! How exciting, right? Did you bring any special toys?”

MYST: “No?”

Jenny Myst looks puzzled.

ALIAS: “Not to worry, I did!”

As if pulling it from a video game inventory, a blowtorch appears in Alias’s hand! He lights it and the flame shoots out of the end. Jenny jumps.

ALIAS: “Oh… sorry.”

He turns the blowtorch off.

ALIAS: “It’s time to turn the tables. The fire you kindle for your enemy often burns yourself more than them.”

He fires a couple more quick bursts on the blowtorch. This time, Myst doesn’t blink. An understanding smile comes across her face.

ALIAS: “We’re going to do to them what they’ve been doing to us.”

MYST: “Damn right we are.”

ALIAS: “We’re going to Eat The Left Hand.”

MYST: “Eat The Left Hand.”

Myst repeats Alias’s refrain. Alias’s eyes light up with glee.

ALIAS: “Which part are you going to eat first?”

MYST: “What?”

ALIAS: “Where do you want to start?”

MYST: “Wait… isn’t it a metaphor? You’re not actually eating them, right?”

Alias doesn’t listen.

ALIAS: “I’m going to start with the middle finger - I find it’s a lot more poetic.”

MYST: “Please don’t eat people.”

Alias still doesn’t listen.

ALIAS: “But you… for you I’m thinking something smaller. The pinky or the thumb, maybe?”

MYST: “Are you listening to me? Please don’t eat people.”

Alias still wasn’t listening.

ALIAS: “You know what? Make it the thumb. That’s what I usually do second.”

Myst groans and stamps her foot. The door to RMI’s locker room is still just within reach, so she stretches out her hand and knocks rapidly on the door. Alias keeps rambling.

ALIAS: “My right hand is my left.”

The door to RMI’s office opens and Tommy Romeo emerges into the corridor, leaning on his cane for support. He sees Alias practically salivating close to Myst’s face.

ROMEO: “Uh… is everything okay here?”

MYST: “I need you to be my freaking manager and get me some damn breathing space here!”

Romeo shrugs.

ROMEO: “What am I supposed to do?”

Myst groans again, and interrupts Alias.

MYST: “Hey, you hate The Left Hand, right?”

ALIAS: “I loathe!”

MYST: “Great, so does he!”

Myst points at Romeo, and Alias turns his head. Taking the opportunity, Myst hops out into the corridor and puts space between her and Alias.

MYST: “Bye, kids! I’ll see you later!”

She briskly walks off down the hall, leaving Alias staring unblinkingly at Romeo.

ROMEO: “I’ve been wondering when we would get a chance to talk. I think we could do each other a lot of good. Why don’t you step into my office?”

Alias breathes heavily as Romeo steps back into the room, using his body to hold the door open. Alias pauses, and then eventually steps in. Magically, the camera follows even though the door closes! Logic be damned.

Alias looks around the lux central RMI hub, and sees that several other doors lead off from the entry room. A B.O.B. sign hangs on one of the doors, with a separate Jenny Myst sign on another. Someone had hastily written B.O.B. underneath the Myst sign as well. The rest of RMI also have their own individual doorways.

Romeo sits down on a couch and motions for Alias to join him. Hesitantly, Alias sits on a couch opposite Romeo. He continues to nervously scan the room.

ROMEO: “I’ve seen what’s been going on lately, and I understand how you must be feeling. I've been on the receiving end of a fair few beatings by The Left Hand myself."

ALIAS: "My right hand is my left."

ROMEO: "I think we could use more of a united front."

ALIAS: "She will help."

Alias looks over to Jenny Myst's door again. Romeo notices this.

ROMEO: "Yeah, you get it, right? I mean, you're practically halfway there. We could formalise this a little more. That way, you're not limited to Jenny. Let's face it. Jenny isn't always a team player. This way though, all of RMI would be able to help you out."

Alias doesn't respond, instead continuing to look around the room.

ROMEO: "Sign with us, and RMI can get you anything you need or want. You've seen what we've already done for Jenny. What is it that you want?"

Alias stops scanning the room, and stares Romeo right in the eye. He pauses for a moment.

ALIAS: "Eat The Left Hand."

ROMEO: "That might just be something that we can organise. So what do you say?"

Before Alias can answer, Betsy Granger emerges from her RMI room.

GRANGER: "Hey guys!"

Alias leaps up and over the back of the couch, terror in his eyes. He points an accusing finger at Granger, and then at Romeo.

ALIAS: "Tricks! Lies! Danger!"

Granger steps closer, but Alias keeps inching back towards the door. Romeo rises to stand next to her.

ROMEO: "Calm down, man. Everything's fine here."

Granger raises her hands to show she's no threat.

GRANGER: "Can we talk about this, friend? I'd really like to work this issue out."


Quickly, he darts out of the room leaving a bewildered Romeo next to a disappointed Granger.

ROMEO: "Well that went horribly…"

Granger smiles gently.

GRANGER: "It's okay… he'll come around…"

The scene fades to black.

The lights turn to strobe as smoke billows at the entrance. Mandii Rider steps out through the smoke, holding hands with her boo thing, Chris Chaos.

[Image: qGFNfKd.gif]

Pip: Mandii Rider coming to the ring here, accompanied by Chris Chaos. Nobody has seen or heard from him since his loss to Thaddeus Duke a few weeks ago.

Heather: It looks like he is coming over here.

Mandii slides into the ring and begins to stretch as Chaos walks over to the announce table, sitting down and putting on a pair of headphones.

Chaos: "Hey guys."

Pip seems noticeably uncomfortable.

Chaos: "Relax.....I'm not out here to hurt ya. I am just supporting my woman."

Chaos: "And now, the most depressing entrance theme in the business......"

Donovan walks down to the ring.


- vs -


The bell rings and Mandii and Donovan circle.

Mandii goes low, immediately kicking at the legs of the most popular Blackwater brother as he tires to brace. Mandii hits a series of well placed kicks as he tries to block, backing into the corner.

Mandii then goes high and hits a chop before arm dragging Donovan back into the middle of the ring.

Heather: So Chis...what is the plan now? After all that build up with Thaddeus, after what you did to Sarah Lacklan, and you no longer being in the Universal Title picture...what is the next move?

Mandii kicks Donovan in the lower back and locks in a sleeper.

Chaos: "Well.....Chaotic Inc is going to re-form. Ares Creed is the secret weapon, Hanari has been laying low. Shame what happened to poor Peter Gilmour though. Guess we're gonna need to find a new member. Maybe we'll hold tryouts."

Donovan is able to get to his feet and spin out of the sleeper, spinning around and locking Mandii into a full nelson from behind. Mandii kicks the ropes, spinning and flipping over the top, taking Donovan with her and driving the back of his head into the mat.

Pip: I think what Heather was asking was, what is on the radar? Whose next?

Chaos: "Well, that wouldn't be very chaotic if I told you now, would it?"

Mandii comes off the ropes and drops an elbow, going for a quick cover.



Donovan, expectedly, gets a shoulder up.

Mandii stands him up, a kick to the gut she comes off the ropes, delivering an axe kick to the back of the neck. Donovan goes down and Mandii looks over at Chaos. She blows a kiss, he blows one back.

Pip scoffs.

She picks Donovan up again and tosses him into the corner. She runs for a forearm splash but Donovan ducks it, sliding under and rolling her up. Small package.



Mandii pops out and in one fluid motion hits a drop kick to take him from a sitting position to flat on his back.

Standing, she drops a knee over the throat. Then again.

Pip: Mandii certainly the aggressor here. Impressive.

Chaos: "Damn right she is."

She picks up Blackwater, tossing him into the ropes. Mandii goes for a clothesline, Donovan ducks it. They come off the ropes the other way, and Donovan hits a running knee to the gut, doubling Mandii over. An elbow to the back of the neck takes her to one knee. He comes off the ropes for a knee to the face but Mandii catches him....


She snarls, and looks back at Chris.

Chaos gives her the throat slit signal.

Mandii lifts Donovan, and puts him in the position for an F5. He slides out, behind her, and locks her in a Scorpion Death Lock.

He drops her on her back.

Donovan looks over at Chaos with a smirk, then kicks Mandii hard in the ribs.

Picking her up by the hair he hits a knee to the gut, and plants her flat with a DDT. This time Blackwater looks at Chris again, and he gives the throat slit. He picks up Mandii by the hair, bringing her to her knees. Chaos stands up, and the ref notices. He walks towards the ropes to warn Chaos about coming towards the ring. While the refs back is turned, Mandii hits a low blow on Donovan.

Mandii hits the Crack Head (The Vertebreaker)!!

Chaos laughs and points. The ref turns around. Mandii hooks the leg.





Chaos: And THAT is jut a preview of whats to come. Now if you'll excuse me, we have to 'celebrate'......

He takes off the headset and slides into the ring. The two kiss as they exit the other side as Mandii's music plays.

Returning from break, Alias is already sitting cross-legged in the ring while the crowd murmurs.

Tig O’Bitties: The following contest is an X-Treme Rules Tag Team match, scheduled for one fall. In the ring already, Alias!

Purple and pink lights flood across the arena as the crowd picks up in volume, reaching a crescendo when the drums kick in and Jenny Myst appears on the stage.

Heather: Jenny Myst making her first appearance since losing the Shooting Star Championship!

Pip: Right you are. For 101 days she sat atop the Shooting Star division. It almost seems strange to see her without it!

She walks down to the ring, with a determined look upon her face, rarely interacting with the crowd. She reaches the corner of the ring and makes her way up to the apron. She poses for the camera, and slips into the ring.

Pip: Myst appears to have a different attitude today, Heather.

Heather: There are two responses people have when they lose a championship, Pip. They either fall and don’t get up, or they grow more determined than ever. You never want to be on the other side of someone in that second state.

Pip: I can only imagine. What I do know is that both of these competitors have been hounded by The Left Hand in recent weeks. Now, they finally have a chance to fight back!

Myst steps in and looks down to Alias, who remains seated in the middle of the ring. With his body he acknowledges her, but his eyes remain fixed on the stage. Myst takes a spot behind him, waiting for their opponents.

They wait.

And wait.

Myst begins to grow confused, while Alias, unblinkingly continues to stare.

Pip: Where are Marf and Lycana?

Heather: There were rumours throughout the week that The Left Hand was done following The Baphomet’s arrest. I thought those rumours got put to rest though.

Just then…

The lights dim, with the Left Hand logo on the screen.

Pip: I think we have our answer!

The initial excitement that the darkening lights caused quickly turns to boos as Marf steps out onto the stage. He looks around at the audience and shakes his head in disgust as his music stops.

Lycana steps out on the stage next to Marf and stands in close to him. They look at each other and smirk. In unison, they turn their heads towards the ring and begin their march down the ramp. Green and red pyro shoots off behind them.

Pip: The Left Hand is here!

Heather: They may not have their leader, but they still look ready for a fight!

Pip: And look at Jenny Myst!

As The Left Hand gets closer to the ring, Myst begins pacing back and forward behind the still-seated Alias.

Heather: That’s the look of a woman on a mission!

The Dissentients reach the ring and Marf rolls into the ring as Lycana climbs up onto the apron. Marf holds up the middle rope for Lycana to climb in. Smiling at each other again, they walk straight past Alias toward Jenny Myst who immediately bails from the ring. Ignoring her, they pose, sneering at the crowd as the lights come up.


- vs -


The Dissentients stare out at the ring at Jenny Myst who yells at the referee to push them back. The referee tries to intervene but Marf and Lycana ignore the calls. Something flies over their head.

Pip: What was that?

Heather: Did that… did that come from Jenny Myst?

The Dissentients don’t notice anything, but Myst starts laughing. She points behind them, and they turn to find Alias standing with a lead pipe in his hand. He starts swinging, alternating between hits to Marf and Lycana.

Pip: We are going 0 to 60 straight out of the gates here! Alias is going to town on both Marf and Lycana.

Heather: Even more impressive is that this seemed to be a plan! Jenny Myst threw that pipe to Alias while The Dissentients were distracted!

The clubbing blows from the pipe continue to rain down on both members of The Left Hand. Lycana hits the mat and rolls out to safety. Marf takes a few more shots as he leans against the ropes, before eventually going the same route. Alias mutters to himself.

My right hand is my left.

Both Marf and Lycana pick themselves up on the outside as Myst taunts them, catching their attention just as they get to their feet. Alias comes flying from out of nowhere with a suicide dive that wipes them both out. Alias himself ricochets right into the announce desk. He forcefully pushes himself to his feet, screaming to the sky as he knocks things from the table.

Heather: Whoa, watch out, Pip!

Myst applauds Alias and pats him on the back.

Pip: A perfect start by Jenny Myst and Alias!

Heather: Not bad for two people who have never teamed before.

As The Dissentients stir, Myst points Alias to Marf. Alias obliges and the two teams pair off, Marf against Alias and Myst against Lycana. Alias picks Marf up and sends several stiff elbow into his temple. Marf stumbles backwards, and Alias pursues him around the side of the ring. Lycana meanwhile crawls to the corner of the ringside area. Myst sprints towards her and blasts her with a hip attack in the corner. She stomps over and over again on Lycana.

Heather: That’s weeks of aggression being let out.

Myst stops stomping in order to taunt Lycana. Lycana, having just absorbed the punishment, laughs at her, infuriating Myst further. The next stomp is an emphatic one, landing right on the side of Lycana’s mouth, silencing her for the moment. Myst crouches down and once again says something inaudible to Lycana.

On the other side of the ring, Marf continues backpedalling from a flurry of fists and elbows being delivered by Alias. He backs up to the ring apron, arms raised to protect his head as the hits keep coming. Eyeing the ring post, Alias stops punching and tries to grab Marf’s head. Taking advantage of the quick break in play, Marf quickly rakes Alias’s eyes. He spins Alias around and takes control, sending a few elbows of his own at Alias’s head. Spying the same ring post, Marf then grabs Alias’s head. This time, Alias rakes Marf in the eyes.

Heather: Two can play at that game!

Marf steps back, putting distance between himself and Alias. As Alias steps forward, Marf winds up and sends a swinging kick right to Alias’s groin.

Pip: Oh God! Anything but that!

Heather: Even I felt that.

Alias crumbles to the ground as Marf slaps himself back into the competition. Crouching, he channels his inner police officer and puts a knee across Alias’s neck, drawing heavy boos from an international crowd who clearly understand the reference.

Pip: Jesus, even a man like Marf has to know how low that is given the state of the world. These Left Hand monsters are the lowest of the low.

Heather: I can’t say I agree with it, but this is X-Treme Rules. Anything goes!

Marf chuckles to himself, clearing enjoying the reaction from the crowd. Meanwhile Jenny Myst drives Lycana face-first into the ring apron, and then rolls her into the ring. Lycana slithers away as Myst gets onto the apron herself to follow. Just as she’s entering, with one ring either side of the ropes, Lycana charges, delivering a basement dropkick that takes out the base leg on the outside. Myst tumbles forward into the ring, though still half-caught in the ropes. Lycana takes the opportunity herself to start stomping Myst, focusing exclusively on the back of the head and taunting as she goes just as Myst did earlier.

Pip: Look at the message The Left Hand are trying to send.

Heather: Anything you can do; I can do better.

Pip: Whatever violent retribution Myst and Alias were looking to gain tonight, Marf and Lycana are showing that they’re more than willing to do the same. If not more!

As Lycana scowls to the crowd, boos careening down, Myst crawls out from under the ropes. Lycana sprints to the opposite side of the ropes and bounces off, hurtling straight at Myst with another basement dropkick that sends her back under the ropes and all the way out to the floor. Myst bounces as she hits the thin layer of padding, while Lycana laughs in the ring.

From the corner of her eye, Lycana spots the lead pipe still in the ring. She licks her lips and walks over to it, picking it up and glancing out to where Marf is still kneeling on Alias. She slides out and slinks in front of Alias’s face. She waves the pipe so he can see it, and then hands it to Marf, who quickly shifts into a crossface, pulling the pipe across Alias’s throat.

Pip: Come on! He can’t breathe!

Lycana slaps Alias in the face while he gasps for air. Once, twice, three times. She then takes her index finger and draws the nail across his face. A thin strip of blood trickles down from the scratch. She puts the bloodied finger into Marf’s mouth, who licks it off.

Heather: This is all a part of the message! The Left Hand will do anything they need to in order to promote their cause.

Lycana slaps Alias again, spreading the bloodied trickle across his face. Alias’s struggling begins to lessen, as oxygen becomes harder and harder to draw in. Eventually, the struggle stops completely.

[white]Pip: Oh no. Please be alive!

Marf lets up and both he and Lycana pose over the top of Alias’s body. The crowd thunders boos down onto them. Suddenly, the boos turn to cheers. Out of nowhere comes Jenny Myst flying off the apron with a steel chair, connecting firmly on Lycana’s head. Lycana collapses and Myst turns to Marf. She swings the chair at him, but he gets a forearm up. He staggers a little, but not enough to lose his balance. Using his greater strength, he grabs the chair with one hand, preventing Myst from getting another shot off. Myst kicks him in the nuts!

Pip: Wow! Jenny Myst getting one back for Alias there.

Marf crumples to his hands and knees, and Jenny takes her shot. She smashes the chair across his back, and he drops to his stomach. Not being done, Myst winds up another shot and crashes it down on Marf’s back. She does this several more times, and each time the crowd lets out an excited cheer.

Heather: I’ve never heard this kind of reaction for Jenny Myst before!

Pip: I don’t think she has either.

Heather: This Milan crowd really hates The Left Hand.

Lycana starts getting to her feet and Myst turns to her. Myst swings, but Lycana ducks. Before Myst can do anything, Lycana hits a spinning wheel kick that knocks the chair right into Myst’s face. Myst falls backwards, clutching her nose, while Lycana looks furious. As Myst gets to one knee, Lycana hits a running meteora that drives her back down. She kicks Myst in the side of the head, and then moves towards the ring. She lifts the apron up and starts pulling out trash cans.

Myst stirs again, and Lycana smacks her over the back with one of the cans before going back under the ring. She comes back out with a kendo stick wrapped in barbed wire.

Pip: What the hell is that doing under there? In what world is that useful?

Heather: It’s useful in this world! In the XWF!

With the barbed wire stick in her hand, Lycana begins to stalk Myst. The moment that Myst realises what’s in Lycana’s hand, her eyes widen and she starts shuffling back like a crab walk. Lycana slowly follows.

Heather: This is the Jenny Myst we’re used to seeing!

Myst passes Alias, and from the ground, she kicks him several times in the thigh, yelling at him to get up. There’s no response from Alias. Groaning, and growing more fearful, Myst keeps shuffling away. An arm wraps around her neck, and Marf yanks her up to her feet.

Pip: Marf’s got her! There’s nowhere for her to run!

Lycana pulls the stick back, ready to swing. Myst bites down on Marf’s wrist! He lets go, just as the barbed wire kendo stick comes in! Myst ducks under.

Pip: Lycana hit Marf!

The barbed wire rips at Marf’s arm, lodging the stick into his skin. Lycana lets it go, and it hangs loose from Marf’s arm. Myst hightails it out there, and Lycana pursues, leaving Marf to untangle the stick so he can use his arm. His elegant solution is to just rip it out, causing specks of blood to flick across the nearby area, some even landing on Alias’s back. He doesn’t seem to mind. Instead, he trudges off to follow Lycana and Myst.

Up the ramp, Lycana catches Myst, tackling her from behind. Soon enough, Marf joins them and The Dissentients drag Myst back to the ring. Marf throws her in, while Lycana picks up some of the trash cans from earlier and starts sending them over the top rope into the ring. As Marf gets in, one nearly hits him. He swats it away and it goes all the way over the barrier taking out a fan in attendance. Neither Marf nor Lycana pay any notice.

Myst tries to kick at Marf’s shins from the ground, but he hoists her up and pushes her to the corner with a hand around her throat. Lycana joins them in the ring and runs towards the corner the other two are in. Marf holds Myst in place just long enough for Lycana to hit a cartwheel back elbow that connects with Myst’s cheek. She stumbles forward, and straight into a powerslam by Marf. With the two-on-one advantage, Marf can hold Myst down while Lycana grabs one of the trash cans. She places it across Myst, with Marf holding it in place. Lycana then scales the top rope.

Pip: This doesn’t look good.

Heather: Myst is essentially in a handicap situation right now. We still don’t know if Alias is okay.

Pip: Seriously, can we get a damn medic out here or something?

A hush comes over the crowd as Lycana stands erect on the top rope. She leaps off and hits a shooting star leg drop crushing the trash can between herself and Myst.

Pip: Did you see how fast that rotation was?

Heather: I saw how hard that impact was to Jenny Myst!

Lycana rolls back, clearly having damaged herself in the process.

Pip: Jesus, she’s actually smiling.

Marf makes the first cover of the match.


Marf pulls Myst up! He breaks the count for himself! The crowd show their disapproval with another chorus of boos.

Heather: Something tells me these guys don’t care as much about winning, as they do about inflicting pain.

Yanking Myst to her feet again, Marf hooks her in a full nelson. Lycana, pulling herself to her feet in the corner, points at the pile of trash cans behind Marf. He looks over his should, lifts Myst into the air, and instead of slamming her down, he hurtles her into the pile with absolutely no disregard for Myst’s body. Myst lands uncomfortably on the edge of more than one trash can.

Lycana starts directing Marf to do something. Nodding, he picks up one of the dented trash cans, pushes the inside back into a relatively normal position with his fist, and starts forcing it over Jenny Myst’s head. Her small frame nearly fits inside the entire thing.

Heather: They’re taking out the trash now!

With Myst headfirst in a trashcan, Lycana begins climbing the turnbuckle again. From atop, she leaps, and shows her rapid rotation once again. The Berzerker! A 540 Corkscrew Senton crushing Myst under a trash can once again! Lycana rolls around in the ecstasy of her pain and drags Myst’s carcass out of the trash can. She covers her.


Lycana pulls Myst’s shoulder up! The crowd boo once again. Marf swoops in, once again powering Myst up.

Pip: Marf is absolutely dominating Myst tonight. Between his strength and Lycana’s speed, Myst doesn’t have a chance.

As quick as he pulled her up, Marf snaps her into position. The Echoslide! Myst hits the mat again and Marf and Lycana grin at their handiwork. After a quick conference, they agree on their next plan. They both slide out of the ring and grab a table each. Marf slides his into the ring, and follows after, but as Lycana lifts hers, she’s taken out!

The crowd explodes!

It’s Alias!

Pip: He’s back up! He’s back in! Thank God he’s not dead!

Heather: Come to think of it, Pip, I don’t think Alias has ever heard a reaction like this before either.

Back on his feet, he spears Lycana to the ground! The table falls to the side as Alias rapidly punches Lycana from any position he can. He rolls to his feet as Marf notices what is happening. Marf heads to the ropes to help Lycana but Alias pulls his feet out from underneath him and drags him out of the ring. He knees Marf in the gut and drives him headfirst into the barricade. Alias turns his attention back to Lycana who is getting to her feet. He looks her dead in the eye, cocks his gloved right hand, and slaps The Other Left Hand straight across the face!

My right hand is my left.

Lycana falls backwards, and Alias immediately catches her in a quick DDT on the outside. He then turns his attention to the table she had been trying to put into the ring. He pops the legs out, and sets the table up, just in front of the announce desk. Turning back to Lycana, he picks her up and lays her across the table. With a wicked grin, he spins in a circle. He leaps up onto the apron and begins scaling the ropes.

Pip: Alias isn’t known to be a high-flier, Heather. What could he be thinking?

Heather: When I was growing up, we had a saying. Crazy always wins.

From the top rope, Alias looks down below at Lycana. The crowd is rising. No! Marf’s up! Marf yanks Alias from the top rope, pulls him into a bearhug, and leaps! Lycana bolts from the table and Marf drives Alias from the top rope all the way through the table on the outside. The crowd explodes at the impact.

Pip: Oh my God!

Heather: Careful, Pip. I think that might be trademarked.

Both Alias and Marf are down in the heap of a broken table, while Lycana pushes herself to her feet. Using the apron to help her, she staggers the long-way around the ring, the opposite direction from where her partner and opponent’s bodies lay. Reaching the other side, she bends down, and picks up the barbed wire kendo stick.

Pip: Oh not this nonsensical item again.

Tapping it against the turnbuckle, it clangs around the arena. Satisfied that the wire is still sufficiently wrapped around it, she heads to a set of steps and climbs up them, one deliberate step at a time. Entering the ring, Lycana sets her eyes squarely on where the still unmoving body of Jenny Myst is. She zeroes in on her pray.

Whack! Out of nowhere Jenny Myst whacks Lycana in the head with a trash can lid. Whack! She does it again! Lycana drops the stick and drops to a knee. Myst scramble to her feet. And she gets the kendo stick! She smacks Lycana across the back with it. One shot! Two shots! Three shots! Four! What good is a weapon if you only use it once? Cuts appear on Lycana’s exposed pale shoulders as she flinches with each hit.

Heather: Jenny is giving The Left Hand a taste of their own medicine.

Myst turns around to see Marf rolling into the ring. It’s his turn to take the kendo stick shots, the barbed wire ripping at the holes it has already made in his skin. Myst screams like an animal as two members of The Left Hand lie on the ground beneath her feet. As Lycana tries to get up, Myst pounces, pulling her head into a facelock. She blows a kiss at Marf. Pink Perfection!

Pip: She got it! Jenny could do it!



In the nick of time, Marf makes the save. Running on adrenaline though, Myst turns right on to attacking him. She drops him with a double-arm DDT, and this time she’s the one who heads for the top rope. She leaps. Gold Digger!

Heather: Marf moved!

Marf rolls out of the way and Jenny eats the mat! Sitting in the corner, Marf can be seen visibly swearing at Jenny. An arm comes from behind Marf. It’s got the lead pipe in its hand. Alias starts choking Marf with the lead pipe, using the corner to gain extra leverage! Marf struggles, as Alias puts his whole bodyweight into it.

Pip: He’s going to make Marf pass out!

Seeing his only escape, Marf swings his body to the side, letting it fall out of the ring so that gravity can break Alias’s hold.

Heather: Clever escape there.

Lycana stirs in the ring and starts inching towards the table Marf had put there earlier. Alias meanwhile, pushes past the timekeeper and pulls out a black bag from out of nowhere. Lycana starts lifting up the table while Alias takes the bag over to where Marf is recovering. He reaches in, and he pulls out a blowtorch!

Pip: For crying out loud, haven’t we had enough of setting things on fire? Hasn’t Alias had enough of that?

Heather: Don’t you get it, Pip? This entire war is about one thing: revenge. It’s an eye-for-an-eye!

Alias pumps the blowtorch several times as flames flicker out. A nervous energy takes over the audience. He bends down and points the blowtorch right in Marf’s face. Lycana comes flying in with a second meteora out of nowhere that sends Alias spilling to the floor. The blowtorch scatters across the floor. Lycana looks to go and get it but changes her mind after seeing Alias getting back to his feet. She unloads with a variety of quick strikes that Alias struggles to block. Eventually, Alias just takes a stiff punch to the face in order to open Lycana up for a headbutt. The bigger head wins, and Lycana gets knocked back. Alias mauls her back into the ring. The camera catches Myst pulling herself up on the table Lycana had set up, and Marf is also pulling himself to his feet.

Pip: It looks like all four of these competitors aren’t done yet!

Myst helps Alias lift Lycana to her feet, and they start pushing her towards the table. Marf rolls back into the ring and interrupts the melee. The four square off once again, Marf and Myst this time, with Lycana against Alias. Marf tries to grapple Myst who scratches and claws her way to freedom. Alias tries to choke Lycana who manages to wriggle free, duck behind, and kick the back of Alias’s knee. With Alias dropping to one knee, Lycana hits a shining wizard to the back of his head.

Pip: What a shot!

Alias falls out of the ring, but Myst is already on Lycana, taking her down with an enziguri. Marf comes back to Myst and tosses her to the side with a belly to belly. With their two-on-one advantage reinstated, The Dissentients hone in on Jenny Myst. Lycana picks up a couple of the trash cans that were in the ring, and places them on the table. Marf picks Myst up and places her in a seated position on the top rope. Lycana joins them and begins to scale the ropes. Marf moves out to the apron to support, while Lycana hooks her arm underneath Myst’s and pulls her to the top rope.

A flash of fire! Alias is back with the blowtorch! He nearly blasts Lycana right in the face with it, singing a few of her hairs. Myst takes advantage of the distraction, leaping from the top rope and catching Marf with a spiking DDT onto the ring apron.

Heather: Was that the GTFO?

Pip: Near enough! Marf looks out of it!

Heather: Jenny too!

Lycana kicks out at Alias, knocking the blowtorch from his hands. Alias recovers quickly! He leaps up. He catches her with the uppercut.

Heather: Fatality!

Lycana falls back, crashing through the tables and trash cans. Out of nowhere, Myst grabs Marf and sends him into the ring. Alias quickly rolls into the ring, and covers Marf.





Pip: They did it! Can you believe it? This makeshift team did it!

Heather: Even bigger, Pip, Alias did it! I thought she was out!

Pip: What a monumental win!

The referee raises Alias’s hand, and Myst joins him in the ring. Looking a little frustrated, he shakes off the referee’s attempt to touch him.

Heather: What’s his problem?

Myst offers him a high-five, and he obliges, but he still looks frustrated. He makes his way over to Lycana.

My right hand is my left.

Suddenly, a burst of flames fires back in Alias’s face, just missing him.

Pip: Marf’s back up!

Heather: And he’s got the blowtorch!

Pip: Not again!

Marf reaches through from the outside and holds it in front of Lycana’s face like a shield. Alias takes a couple of steps backwards while Myst speeds out of the ring, wanting nothing to do with the fire.

Pip: Look at Jenny Myst hightailing it out of there, once again.

Heather: That’s how she hasn’t found herself as scarred as Alias. It’s smart.

Pip: I don’t know if the same can be said about Alias though, he’s still there!

Jenny backs up the ramp as Lycana takes the blowtorch from Marf’s hands and rises, shooting short, intimidating blasts from it as she does so. Marf hops up onto the apron and into the ring.

Pip: I don’t think this is over.

Heather: Alias has found himself in this position before, and it hasn’t worked out well for him!

While Myst still watches from the ramp, hands on her head and a look of horror on her face, Alias looks back and forward between Marf and Lycana.

Pip: Myst has left Alias all alone again!

Heather: She’s gotten her win, what does she care?

Pip: Alias reached out to her! And look at the result. He helped her fight off The Left Hand tonight. The least she could do is return the favour.

Heather: She did! They won! Alias is the one who wanted to take it further.

Alias strikes at Marf with a knee to the gut and starts laying a flurry of clubbing blows. The crowd shows their approval for Alias’s fighting spirit.

Pip: This Italian crowd might enjoy Alias’s determination, but I’m not sure it’s such a wise idea to get into this fight.

Heather: Look at what he’s doing though!

Pip: What do you mean?

Heather: Alias has gone straight for Marf, and his positioning Marf between himself and the blowtorch! He’s using Marf as a human shield!

Lycana lights the flame and keeps it lit and tries to circle around Marf to get to Alias. But Alias, fighting like a caged animal, keeps moving and keeping Marf in the centre. Alias keeps swinging, but Marf catches one of his arms and hooks it under his armpit. Just like with Lycana earlier, Alias hits a headbutt but it affects him as much as it does Marf. Marf steps back, and Lycana’s there with the flames!

Alias ducks! He sprints to the other side of the ring and rebounds back. He throws his body at Lycana and Marf, knocking them both down.

The blowtorch spills out of Lycana’s hands and into the centre of the ring.

Alias spots it.

The crowd gets giddy as he begins to crawls towards it. Marf and Lycana are stirring. They’re not quick enough. Alias has the blowtorch!

All three stand in the middle of the ring, Myst still on the ramp unsure what to do.

Alias lifts the blowtorch.

He points it at them.

He presses the ignition.

A lone flame shoots out, but with a sputter it dies.

Hurriedly, he presses the ignition again, and a smaller flame shoots out. Again, the flame dies. A third press of the ignition, and nothing happens.

Pip: After all that, the blowtorch is out of fuel!

Heather: Just how much was he playing with that thing earlier today?

Alias thinks for a moment as The Dissentients’ posture straightens. With an exaggerated gesture to the crowd, Alias shrugs. He leaps at Marf and Lycana, closing the gap on his terms! He clubs Lycana in the shoulder, using the empty blowtorch as a bludgeon!

Heather: That’s innovation!

Alternating between the two, Alias gets a few shots in on both Lycana and Marf. Jenny Myst even takes a few more steps towards the ring, but she stops in her tracks when Marf grabs Alias’s arm and wrenches it behind his back. Lycana quickly drops her shoulder – the same one Alias hit with the blowtorch – into Alias’s gut.

Pip: So much for Alias’s underdog story.

Marf lifts Alias up and drops him in a back suplex as Lycana slides out of the ring. She pulls another table out as Marf just starts wailing on Alias with whatever trash cans and remnants of the previous table he can find. He picks them up, and smacks them down onto Alias’s body, leaving them there while he grabs the next. Lycana slides the table into the ring, and then sees the goes back under the ring.

Pip: What’s she looking for down there?

Heather: I don’t even want to know.

Marf finds the barbed wire kendo stick and uses it to roughly swipe away the items on Alias, leaving a nice clear shot for him to whack Alias several times. Each hit rips skin away from Alias’s arms and back. Lycana slides back into the ring, and she has a large metal chain in her hands. Marf gives her space and goes to set up the table. Lycana meanwhile starts whipping Alias with the chain.

Heather: This is a mugging!

Pip: Jenny Myst is just standing there watching!

Myst looks disturbed, as she backs further and further up the ramp, clearly torn about what to do. As Marf finishes setting up the table, he starts picking up the pieces of the former table and lays them on top of the new one.

Pip: What is this?

Satisfied, Marf joins Lycana again and together they drag Alias over to the table. The lay him across the broken fragments and start wrapping the chain around him. After several wraps of the chain, Alias finds himself chained to a fresh table, but with a layer of wooden shards in-between. Lycana begins scaling the top rope as Marf taunts Alias. Lycana leaps. Berzerker! Lycana crashes through Alias and the table breaks awkwardly, the chains restricting it. As Lycana rolls away, Alias is unable to move, chained to two broken halves of a table. A few of the shards Marf had placed on it have fallen out the sides, and blood stains their edges given an indication of what Alias’s back looks like. Marf helps Lycana to her feet. Lycana slaps Marf on the chest and waves a finger in front of his face.

Heather: I think she’s saying that they’re not done!

She points at Alias, and points at the side of the ring. Marf nods. The two of them lift Alias up, still chained to the large planks of wreckage. They carry him to the side of the ring, and are able to lean him, table fragments and all, against the ropes. With one final heave, they tip him over. The chains keep him restrained as he falls over the top rope, and out onto the floor, landing square on his head!

Pip: These two are vicious!

Heather: This is like what they did to Atara Themis. Alias’s neck must be done for!

Alias lies motionless on the ground, as Marf and Lycana gesture to Jenny Myst, telling her that she’s next. A concerned Myst finally heads backstage as personnel finally run out.

Pip: Why does it always take so damn long for help to get out here?

The staff rush out and try to keep Marf and Lycana back from Alias. They just laugh and walk past, heading towards the ramp themselves. Marf stops in his tracks, causing Lycana to query what he’s doing. He taps his head and makes his way back to Alias. Pushing through the staff, he crouches down to Alias’s motionless body and pulls the glove from Alias’s hand, exposing the burnt flesh underneath. He carefully drapes it over Alias’s face and departs again, joining back up with Lycana on the ramp.

As The Dissentients depart, staff look to try and get Alias onto a stretcher. Slowly, they try to unwrap the chains from around him, being careful not to move his neck or spine.

Heather: This really doesn’t look good.

Pip: No it doesn’t. And look who’s here, Heather!

Corey Smith comes running down the aisle to a slight pop. He starts questioning the staff.

SMITH: Is he okay?

The staff tell him they don’t know yet, and they need him to step back. Once they have Alias free of the chains, they transfer him to the stretcher. Shards of table fall from Alias’s back, leaving bloody gashes. When they finally get him onto the stretcher, the staff all work together to lift it up onto a gurney and start pushing it up the ramp. The crowd applauds as Corey Smith escorts the medical team on their way up.

Pip: A sign of respect from the crowd here for someone who would not stop fight.

Smith reassures Alias as he goes, but when the stretcher gets to the ramp, a commotion seems to break out!

SMITH: Hey! It’s me. It’s me, man. It’s Corey.

Heather: What’s going on up there?

The commotion continues as the medical staff start scattering. Not scattering, they’re being pushed! Alias is up! He’s pushing the medical staff off him! He’s pushing himself off the gurney!

SMITH: Give him space!

The staff follow Corey’s lead, keeping their distance as Alias rolls off and onto the stage. He crawls, inching back towards the ramp.

Pip: Is he trying to come back down here?

Heather: He might not realise that The Left Hand has gone.

The staff disperse, with Smith the only person willing to be in close proximity, leaving an open path to the ring. Alias gets to one knee, and stares down at the empty ring. He sees the broken table fragments in the ring and on the floor; the chains he was bound with; and the puddle of blood where his body lay. He sees his glove, and immediately looks down at his disfigured hand. He shuts his eyes.

SMITH: You’re okay. I’ve got you.

Smith tries to help Alias up, but Alias shrugs him off. He opens his eyes, and stares down at his hand once more. With a deep inhale, Alias lifts his hand and rises to his feet. Corey rises next to him, clearly concerned. But Alias doesn’t notice. Barely standing, he scans the crowd. They’re on their feet for him. A standing ovation.

Alias smiles.

The scene ends.

"X-Men Theme" by Powerglove hits over the PA system as the fans give a mixed reaction. Pyro falls from the X-Tron and fireworks shoot up from the stage as Big D emerges through the curtain, World Heavyweight Championship draped over his shoulder.

PC: "Alright! Yet another edition of Big D's Open Challenge!!!!!!

HHL: "We've seen some great action from Big D and Tommy Wish over the last few weeks, unfortunately, the endings have been about as controversial as D's entire 'Title reign.'"

PC: "BUT, in the Champ's defense, that isn't his fault. He can't help it if the ref makes a mistake, or someone interferes on his opponent's behalf; all he can do is keep on truckin'."

Much like last time, Big D doesn't seem to be in any mood to show off, immediately heading down the aisle towards the ring. Once there, he makes his way over to the steel steps and climbs up them, onto the apron, and into the squared circle. He then walks over and grabs a mic, not wasting any time addressing the crowd.

D: "I'm sure most of you are expecting me to come out here and host another Open Challenge............"

The fans respond with a chorus of cheers, not once changing the blank look upon Big D's face.

D: "Well, I'm sorry to say it's NOT happening!"

The cheers quickly shift to boos, again, not affecting Big D's demeanor one bit.

HHL: "Thank God!"

PC: "What the hell?! Even YOU admitted the action had been great!"

D: "I know you're disappointed, but I assure you there's good reason for this..................... John Black!..............

The fans give a quick reaction to Big D speaking the name of the man who ruined his last match, as he continues.

D: "You think you have what it takes to hang with ME?!? You think you can do any better than your boy Tommy did?!?! Why don't you get your ass out here so I can show the two of you I didn't even NEED Ned to beat y'all on Anarchy way back when.................. unless of course you're scared!!!!!"

As soon the beat drop, we hear the audiences going buckwild over it. Then it pans to the few of the fans with signs that said “JB FOR WORLD CHAMPION” and “FUCK JB” that was raised in the air, then it cuts back to Big D holding his belt, looking at the ramp way. Then we see nobody coming out from the entrance way, then the theme cuts off. Then we see Big D with a cocky grin over JB not coming out to confront him.

HHL: What’s going on? Why isn’t John coming out to confront him.

PC: Maybe either JB missed his flight, or he follows the CPT.

HHL: CPT?... what is that.

PC: Color People Time… you know tha—

Before Big D could speak on the mic, JB theme plays once again on the X-Tron, and this time he comes down to the ramp way with a Chair wrapped in barbwire, then he looks at Big D and taunts the chair at him, then he walks around to the commentator booth, and he gets handed a mic from them. Then he leans the chair on the apron, and he climbs into the ring and he has brief staredown with Big D, and his theme cuts off. The place has mix reactions with “Fuck D UP” or “JB DON’T FUCK EM UP” all in unison, as JB takes in the audience and then he ended up speaking to Big D.

JB: I am so glad that you managed to give me title shot, I mean for you to openly state you wanted ME of all the guys in the back… ME, a title shot that you have by your hands. The same belt that you had made an effort to bring in the ratings, the same belt you openly had less than a FEW defenses for these past couple of months. Man, I could have easily still had pinned Charlie for his Heavymetalweight belt which would have been more beneficial for me, than you parade yourself as a “champion” of the world in this place. Yes, you and Ned did a number on us years prior, which I anit mad at, but you think for a second you can stand there and think you can handle me?...what a joke!

Then the fans are start to chant out “Big D fa schifo!” and JB laughs as Big D gotten frustrated at those chants.

JB: Well… I accept your little challenge… and I’m ready to take what’s your, so lets get it on..BITCH!

JB drops the mic down and puts his fist up to signal he wants to fight him, Big also puts his fist up and they circle around the ring. JB then stood there with his fist down, and taunted Big D to hit him, but out of nowhere Tommy sneaks into the ring, and attacks Big D with the Barbwire Chair to his back. Then both men put the boots onto him, then JB tells Tommy to get the table which he does. Then Tommy pulls out a Big D inspired table with the World Title design with his name ontop of it. Tommy sets up the table in the middle of the ring, then JB and Tommy lean on the ropes to chill, and speak as the fans are in a booing frenzy.

HHL: What a savage attack by the hands of Tommy, this was totally a set up from the get go by John.

PC: Maybe that explains why he brought the chair, so that he can let Tommy hit him with it. I think these two are going to send a message to Big D, which he’ll never forget.

Then Big D slowly gets on his feet, and the duo see him up on his feet. Then Tommy hooks D’s back on his back as JB lays in some haymakers to the gut, until he fell to his knees; then Tommy takes D to the ropes and lifts him up. Then Tommy whips him to the ropes, and the connect with a… DRIVE BYE ON TO THE BIG D’S TABLE!


PC: This is why these two guys are the most ruthless bastards whom ever wrestled in this company, they don’t *bleep* around.

Then immediately, the fans started booing to the point they started throwing trash into the ring. Then JB picks up the World title, and poses it up at the hard cam and JB gives Tommy the belt for him to pose with it also on the hard cam. Then over the downed body of Big D, both men shake on it and drop the belt on Big D and walk out of the ring as they were pelted with more trash.

PC: "I guess John Black didn't want his free Title shot!"

HHL: "Something tells me this is far from over."

B.O.B makes their way to the ring.

Griffin emerges from the entrance; eyes set straight ahead, he marches to the ring without much attention or emotion shown towards the crowd. Climbing the steel steps, he then takes his place within the ring and awaits his opponent's arrival.

The starting riffs of Rise Against's Savior shakes through the arena, getting the crowd pumped up for the upcoming match. As the main guitar riff finally starts to kick in, the Kaiser himself, Finn Kühn walks out from behind the curtains, a smug a look as ever as he scans through the crowd and in the ring. Many members of the crowd lob boos at Finn with only a few scattered cheers at most. After his brief surmise of the situation, Finn walks down to the ring, hands locked together behind his back with his attention firmly placed at the match at hand.

Finn gets up on the apron before dusting his boots off. After showing the proper respect to the mat it deserves, Finn heads in, determined and ready to walk away with a W.

Music plays Gunn comes out and proceeds to FSU.and heads to the ring.


- vs -



Fury Barney and Bobby charge through Finn, Griffin and Tommy with a triple clothesline! Bobby stomps away at Finn, Green on Griffin and Fury on Gun as the crowd is split with the response. Green picks up Griff and hurls him out to the floor before dropping down to the mat and rolling out after him. Bourbon picks up Kahn where he rakes him across the eyes!

” We’re going to do the best we can to keep up with everything but this is going to break down.”

Fury mounts Gunn and starts hammering down with right hands! Out on the floor the crowd pops for Barney as he pulls out a chair and slides it into the ring, out comes a table that’s slid into the ring and that’s followed by a Ladder before Barney pulls out a four foot tube light! Griffin rolls over and gets to all fours before Barney shatters the tube light across the back of McAlister! In the ring Fury is to her feet where he reaches down and picks up the chair! Fury stands over Tommy and starts jabbing the rounded ended of the chair into the sternum repeatedly of Gunn while Bourbon scoops up Kahn and slams him on the Ladder!

” BoB isn’t playing games tonight!”

Barney picks McAlister up off the floor before smashing him face first off the ring apron. He tosses back the ring apron before reaching under and pulling out a cheese grater! Barney comes up behind Griffin and starts shredding the cheese grater across the forehead of McAlister instantly busting him open! In the ring Bourbon picks Kahn up off the mat as he looks towards Fury, he shoots Finn towards her allowing her to crack him over the head with a chair shot that drops to the mat! Bourbon starts setting up the table in the center of the ring while out on the floor Barney hurls a bloody McAlister into the ring.

Bourbon picks McAlister up off the mat where he snatches him by the throat. Barney rolls back into the ring where he picks up the Ladder while Bourbon hoists McAlister up in the air and drives him down through the table with a Chokeslam! Tommy Gunn starts getting to his feet in a neutral corner catching Barney’s attention as he hurls the Ladder like a madman back into Gunn smashing him back into the buckles with the Ladder laying on him. Barney charges with a stinger splash on to the Ladder smashing it into Gunn which drives him back into the buckles.

Ms. Fury picks Finn up off the mat where he spikes him head first into the chair with a DDT!

Ms. Fury pulls out a pair of brass knuckles sliding them over her right fist as she measures Kahn while Bourbon picks McAlister up off the mat. He positions him for a powerbomb while Fury picks Finn up off the mat. Barney tosses the ladder to the mat as he locks in a ¾ lock on the head of Gunn. Barney, Bourbon and all look at each other before Fury delivers the Loaded Punch to Kahn, Green lands the Black and White Lightning Attack as Bobby delivers a Bobbybomb to McAlister! With the Triple Finishers it’s followed by a Triple Pin.





” Convincing team effort by BoB proving tonight they don’t get paid by the hour.”

” BoB is looking strong heading into Snow Job.”

A battered Big D is shown sitting on a table in the trainer's area, being worked on by a young member of the medical staff.

MED STAFF: "Boy, they certainly live up to their moniker of 'Thugs', huh?"

He laughs while stitching D up, who doesn't look too amused by his joke. All of a sudden, Steve Sayors walks into the shot, causing the trainer to address him.

MED STAFF: "No interviews! This man was just brutally ass..........."

D(interrupting): "No, no, it's fine! For once I'm actually GLAD to see Steve!"

SAYORS: "You............. you are?!"

Big D lightly shoves the medical staff member aside and turns towards Steve.

D: "I am................ So, what would you like to ask me?"

SAYORS: "Well, uum, first off..........."

Before he can say anything, the World Champion abruptly steals the mic from him and looks directly into the camera.

D: "If you both wanted a shot, all you had to do was ask! If y'all wanted to team on me like a three dollar hooker, you could've said something!"

Big D touches the dry blood on him and shakes his head.

D: "But I suppose actions speak louder than words, huh?"

He shakes his head, tsking in disgust.

D: "Well I heard you loud and clear................ if that's what you pussies want, that's what you pussies are gonna get. At Snow Job, it's gonna be Big D vs John Black vs Tommy Wish for my prestigious World Heavyweight Championship. I'll give y'all the opportunity to repeat what you did to me tonight, only this time it's gonna mean something. If you guys to leave me in a pool of my own blood and touch MY World Title, you're gonna have to not only beat ME for it, you're gonna have to beat each other, as well. Can you do it? Can you put your friendship aside long enough for one of you can pin me? If I truly believed you could, I wouldn't be requesting this match.................. and that ain't no story, it's the................"

Before Big D can finish his stupid catchphrase, Steve Sayors yanks the mic out of his hand and speaks into it.

SAYORS: "Strong words from a weak champion..........."

Steve gives the camera a slick wink as the scene fades to black, but not before hearing Big D shout "Mother fu............" as it cuts away.

“No World For Tomorrow” by Coheed and Cambria begins to play through the arena. Fans are confused until Shawn Wylde, Evan Blane, and Betsy Granger hit the stage together. They are accompanied by the man who threw this rag-tag team together, Tommy Romeo. They stand together for a moment, signalling their unity before heading down the ramp. Betsy dances around, playing up the fans while Blane and Wylde head directly to the ring ready for business. After posing with a few more fans, Granger finally slides into the ring and joins the rest of RMI, hopping from one foot to another.

The lights dim down and turn red as :The Deathsurround” by Butcher Babies hits the speakers. Geri Vayden steps out from behind the curtain alone, looking straight down to the ring. She holds up the Shooting Star title high above her head, as if taunting Betsy with it. She steps confidently down the ramp, never taking her eyes off the group in the ring. She hops up on the apron, slowly stepping through the ropes as she begins to pace her side, seeming willing to stand alone during this fight.

Heather: Geri Vayden, alone tonight after Ash and Tula quit the Left Hand.

Pip: She looks like she's all set to handle this alone though!

Heather: She’s not the type to back down from a challenge, even a three on one.

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -


Granger hasn’t taken her eyes off Vayden from the moment the Corrupted One made her way through the curtain. Now Betsy is rolling her knuckles and neck as she hops, waiting for the rest of the Left Hand to join Geri for the match. Her typical laser focus is directed solely on Geri, leaving Wylde and Blane to look around for the imminent danger in the air. Meanwhile, Vayden sneers tauntingly at Granger, who looks ready to rip Vayden to pieces from scalp to toenails. The referee looks confused and Granger finally breaks her gaze to tap him and inquire as to what was going on. Vayden only watches, the obnoxious smirk glued to her face. Granger’s frustration is starting to get the better of her as Blane and Wylde continue to look around, knowing now that something is going to happen.

The crowd's noises begin to subtly change as Lycana appears through the fans, taking down Romeo who had remained on the outside, sneaking up from behind with a quick swinging neckbreaker. Marf soon follows suit, hopping the barricade and joining Lycana on the outside of the ring. As Blane and Wylde turn to look, they are grabbed about the legs, yanked off their feet and hauled to the outside. As chaos ensues on the outside, Granger finally lets her anger flow over and leaps at Geri. The Shooting Star Champ meets her head on and the two women start exchanging vicious blows in the center of the ring. Consumed with her frustrations, Granger manages to drive Vayden to her knees. Still in a blind fury, Granger begins to scream as she rains down blow after blow. It finally drives Geri into a defensive fetal position, but Granger starts kicking, snarling now. She attempts to goad Vayden into getting up, but the champ maintains her defensive position.

Pip: It looks like Betsy Granger has lost her mind in there!

Meanwhile, on the outside Marf had manhandled Blane to the ground, and as Wylde came to help his friend, he was met with a vicious short arm clothesline as Marf whips around to meet him. Wylde is quickly back on his feet to be rocked with hard lefts and rights from Marf. Lycana is joyfully having her way with Tommy Romeo, taunting him as she rained punches down onto his prone figure. She drags him to his feet and tosses him into the ring, before turning her attention to assisting her partner with the other two members of RMI. Marf and Lycana grin at each other as they both slip on brass knuckles, and each grab an arm of an RMI member. Marf of Blane and Lycana of Wylde, drag them back, then send them flying at one another, shooting their other arms out to meet them with the knuckles.The collision of their faces meeting the unforgiving knuckles occurring with a resounding crack, the two falling to the floor. Marf and Lycana gather them up and shove them into the ring now, following behind. Lycana gives Romeo a swift kick on her way by his body, as she goes in to help Geri from Betsy, who appears to be nearly feral.

Betsy has since given up on kicking the already downed Vayden and has resorted to crouching over her and lifting up her head by her hair. Even as Granger screams into her face and aims wild punches her way, Vayden grins and continues to quietly taunt Granger, laughing as if she enjoys the pain. This incenses the Impossible Traveler further and she rises back to her feet, and backs away preparing to force Vayden to her feet… Only to be caught by a waiting Lycana. Before she can form a defense, Lycana has her arm around Betsy’s throat and plants a playful kiss on her cheek before squeezing tightly, choking her. Granger claws at her arm and attempts to wiggle free. Lycana looks over at Marf and laughs gleefully. Releasing Granger, she tosses her over to Marf as Betsy attempts to gasp for air.

Heather: They’re just playing with her now!

Marf grabs a hold of a good handful of Betsy’s golden hair as she stumbles over to him. She starts swinging wildly, doing her best to connect with any part of him that she can reach. He holds her out at arms length, merely watching her in his grasp. He lifts his gaze to Lycana who quirks an eyebrow up as she laughs. He chuckles himself. Betsy aims a kick and manages to deliver it hard to Marf’s thigh, turning his chuckle into a scowl. He yanks her in for a hard headbutt, which he follows with an uppercut,taking her off her feet. She pops back up and comes back swinging, to meet a right hook, which sends Betsy backwards into Lycana once more. She wastes no time in spinning her around, delivering her own uppercut to send her back over to Marf. Marf lifts her off her feet, holding her high in the air for a powerbomb. Lycana sets up, and grabs a hold of Betsy on the way down, coming in with a bulldog at the same time Marf powerbombs her.

While Marf and Lycana play their game of toss with Granger, Vayden has recovered. Getting slowly to her feet, she scoops up the Shooting Star Title belt and turns back to the other three. A chuckle escapes her swollen lip as she watches Betsy getting tossed around like a ragdoll. After the vicious double team attack, Geri motions for Marf to get Betsy back to her feet. He obliges this request willingly, picking Ganger up by her scalp. She hangs limply and watches helpless as Geri gears up with the belt. Her green eyes can only follow the belt as Geri rushes forward and takes her shot for all its worth. Granger drops like a sack of rocks onto the mat.

Pip: Vayden nearly decapitating her with the belt!

The Left Hand cackle merrily, but Blane and Wylde have managed to recover a bit… But not enough. Geri punts Blane in the ribs, then locks on The Leaf, wrenching his arms ferociously. Marf grabs ahold of Wylde, taking him up for a ride with a falcon arrow. Lycana keeps her eyes on Romeo and Granger. It takes little for the Left Hand to subdue RMI once again, as they all release their victims and stand together now. While Lycana keeps the guys at bay, Geri
keeps a hold of Betsy, giving her a couple 'love taps' to the face to add some insult. Marf takes this opportunity and demands a mic from one of the terrified crew.

Marf: “Baphomet couldn't be here, but he is very disappointed in both Ash and Tula for their blasphemies.”

Marf turns to look over at Tommy Romeo with a sneer on his face, he crouches down, encouraging Lycana to hold Romeo’s head up so he could look him in the eyes as he speaks.

Marf: “Did you really think the Left Hand was just going to go away? You fucking dunce, how hard did I drop you on that thick skull!? The time has come….”

Marf stands up, and holds his arm out as the lights dim down once more to almost complete blackness. They turn red as smoke starts filling the stage area.

^^^^^ CLICK ^^^^^

Pip: Andrew Logan?!

A man steps through the haze in full body armor, stopping to look out over the crowd. He strides slowly down towards the ring with a purpose,

As the Left Hand stares reverently at the approaching figure, Granger manages to free herself from Vayden’s grip. Anger controls her actions once more as she hits Vayden with a pair of uppercuts and traps her in the ropes. Blane and Wylde are spurred into action and begin a fresh attempt by double teaming Lycana with a double swinging neckbreaker. Marf swings around and is met with a dropkick from both sides courtesy of the boys. Meanwhile, Vayden and Granger attack one another, both clearly looking for blood. As everything continues to devolve into grittier violence, the armored man enters the ring and merely observes the fray.

Heather: This is insanity!

Granger manages to down Vayden and hops to her feet. Grabbing her head in pain, she turns towards the newcomer and squints in his direction. As her eyes readjust, they widen as she takes in what she’s seeing. Frozen to the spot, she locks eyes with the unnerving knight… Then gasps as he raises his left hand. Conflict shadows her eyes as she spots Vayden recovering from the corner of her eye. Lycana and Marf had managed to drive Blane and Wylde back into a corner; where they were currently recouping with Romeo and eyeing the tense situation on the other side of the ring, with the emergence of a new Left Hand member. The rage leaves her face slowly as she backs away and wisely slides out of the ring. She stumbles around the outside to where RMI are waiting in the ring and continues clutching her head where Geri left her souvenir.

As RMI turn to glance at Betsy, Marf and Lycana dive at the boys, drawing them back into an all out brawl in the ring, as Vayden hops onto the ropes jeering at Betsy and holding the Shooting Star title up in the air. The tall man slowly takes off his helmet, revealing himself to indeed be, Andrew Logan.

Pip: It IS Logan!

Heather: We haven't seen him in quite some time!

Pip: He's certainly making himself known with this return!

Lycana shoves Romeo towards him and Logan nearly takes his head off with a big boot to the chin. Romeo goes down hard. Logan charges in, grabbing ahold of Blane and setting him up into the torture rack. Blane yells in pain before finally going silent. Logan dumps him down and turns his attention to Wylde, who was being held at the ready by Marf and Lycana.

PIp: The Left Hand is literally destroying RMI tonight

Heather: They wanted to make a statement that they're here to stay, and they are

Meanwhile, Betsy attempts to get back in the ring to help her teammates and is met at all sides by Vayden who is enjoying their game. Every time Betsy attempts to dart forward, she’s met with a boot or a swing from the title belt. Helplessly, Betsy paces like a caged lion as the Left Hand lays waste to RMI. Logan has Wylde up now in the rack, relentless in his actions before he slams him down hard on top of Blane with an inverted Cutter. He turns his attention back to Tommy Romeo, who was trying to crawl over to Betsy. He grabs Romeo’s leg and pulls him back, grabbing him by the throat to lift him up. He grins at Romeo as he lifts him up and slams him back to the mat in a chokeslam.

At this point, Granger is frozen in helpless terror as she watches RMI get slayed by this strange newcomer. She has given up her futile attempts to get in and help, watching as her anger fades into desperation. Her head throbs and her sight doubles from time to time. The Left Hand regroups in the center of the ring, looking at the bodies of RMI strewn about. They all take their leave from the ring, turning back to survey the carnage, raising their left hands once more as Betsy rolls into the ring. She crouches by the guys, raising her head to glare at the Left Hand. Marf tosses an arm around Lycana as she grins at Betsy. They both turn and walk up the ramp with Andrew Logan. Geri remains walking backwards slowly, a cocky smirk on her face as she holds the belt up once more, mocking Betsy with it. Both her and Betsy’s eyes spit venom and promises at one another as their eyes lock and hold as we fade to commercial.

There’s a nice reception as Co-General Manager of Warfare Derrick Diamond emerges out to the top of the ramp in a pair of faded jeans, green crocs, a green t-shirt featuring “slimmer” on the front from Ghostbusters fame with a clipboard that contains the contract for the Universal Championship match for Snow Job 2021. Derrick nods his head along as he walks down the ramp towards the ring. Derrick reaches ringside and makes his way up the steel steps to the ring apron before stepping through the ropes and into the ring where a black skirted table is in the center that has two chairs; one on each side with three microphones.

Derrick places the contract on the table as he reaches down picking up one of the three microphones. He raises it up to his lips as the music fades away.

” What up Naples!”

The crowd caters to the cheap pop by Double D.

” I’m not going to waste a hell of a lot of time so let’s cut to the chase. Sunday Night January 31st will mark the first Pay-Per-View event entitled Snow Job, and it takes place and Lambeau Field in beautiful Green Bay, Wisconsin. The show will be headlined by a Universal Title match featuring the defending Universal Champion Thaddeus Duke as he defends against….

“Judas” by Fozzy hits the speakers cutting Derrick Diamond off before he could even finish. The crowd erupts with loud boos from the crowd as walking out to the top of the ramp decked out in black leather pants, black combat boots with a white tank top with the words “REAL CHAMP” written across the center of it.

Chris removes shades from his eyes and clips them on to the tank top as he starts to walk towards the ring as he removes his hair from his ponytail and lets it hit the back of his neck. Chris ignores the fans, they mean nothing to him as he reaches ringside. He climbs up on the ring apron before stepping through the ropes and into the ring.

Page blows past Double D who extends his hand for a shake and walks right over to the table where he takes the pen from the clipboard before flipping it over to the last page where he signs it and then snatches a microphone from off the table as his music fades out. Page directs his attention to Derrick Diamond as he spouts out.

” You’re pretty pointless so why don’t you do yourself a favor and stand in the corner like a good little boy and let the grown folks handle business.”

The crowd boos intently as Chris as he now turns his attention towards the top of the ramp.

” Thaddeus, oh Thaddeus... I’m not out here to further delay you from gracing us with you presence. My name is already on that contract, all you need to do is walk your ass down that ramp, get in this ring and sign that contract for what is going to be our FINAL ENCOUNTER.”

Chris lowers the microphone as he waits while continuing to focus his attention up the ramp. There’s a smirk that comes across his face as he simply shakes his head as he raises the microphone.

” Okay cool… my name is on the contract.”

Chris turns and tosses his microphone back on the table before turning towards the ropes and just as he’s about to step out of the ring…

HHL: Here he comes ladies and gentlemen!

PIP: The Universal Champion is in the house!

My Name Is Human plays throughout the stadium and the Universe is coming unglued.

HHL: San Paolo Stadium is rockin tonight Pip!

Several seconds go by and there's still no sign of Thaddeus Duke. Chris Page is in the ring already growing agitated by the delayed entrance of his Snow Job opponent.

PIP: Where is he?

No sooner does Pip ask the question, does Paul Heyman emerge from backstage carrying the Universal title and a microphone. The Naples chapter of the XWF Universe, disappointed in not seeing their champion, now turns to boo's. Heyman though, walks with a purpose as he enters the ring cradling the Universal title.

"I know you're disappointed," Heyman says to the Universe. "The fact is, Thaddeus wanted to be here tonight in front of all of you," he says as he turns to face Chris Page. "And he especially wanted to be here to stand in front of you... one... last... time. The fact is, your Universal Champion is currently on set back in the States and he tried to get the scheduling changed but he just wasn't successful and he sincerely regrets not being able to take part in this with you."

Heyman grabs the clipboard from Diamond and signs his name on the contract.

"Before you get your panties in a bunch, Chris," he says as he slaps the clipboard against Derrick's chest. "I'm contracted as Thaddeus Duke's business manager and as such, gives me the legal right to sign my name on his behalf."

Naturally Chris starts to burst out into laughter as he completely ignores Paul and turns towards Double D.

” This is where you do your job and stop this charade here and now. Paul Heyman isn’t signing his name to this contact just so Thaddeus has an out for the undeniable loss that I’m going to hand him. This is what you call horseshit.”

Double D steps out of the corner and raises his microphone.

” As much as I hate to agree with him but Chris is correct. Your signature is not your client’s signature and could make the entire contract null and void. If you client can’t make the commitment himself, regardless of his outside ventures.”

Chris turns towards.

” You coward of a client better send a PDF on over this way and you can take a long walk of a short pier you arrogant prick.”

"Coward?" Paul shakes his head and scoffs. "Thaddeus maybe a great many things, but coward isn't one of them."

"Hey guys," the voice of the Universal champion calls out. "Yo! Up here!"

Via Satellite on the X-Tron:

[Image: RTicYs5.jpg]

The fans in the stadium respond in kind as Thaddeus Duke appears on the X-Tron.

"Thaddeus, sorry to bother you with this, but neither of these two idiots think my name is as good as yours," Heyman informs his client.

Thad laughs in response.

"Thaddeus, this isn't a laughing matter, we can't accept..."

"With all due respect Derrick, shut the hell up," Thad interrupts the Warfare co-GM, the crowd celebrates his interruption. "I realize this situation isn't what any of us wanted. I'm as disappointed as anyone that I couldn't be there in person to let Chris Page know that I'm better than him," he says with a slight smile.

"Fact is, I tried to make it work but I just couldn't get it done. I'm on the set of 'Department 17' right now and while I'd love to be there live in Naples," cheap pop from the XWF Universe. "I just couldn't make it work, but Derrick, if you check your e-mail that I sent you two days ago that has gone unread, trust me I know, you'd realize that I planned for this when it became apparent I couldn't be there in person. Paul Heyman, you know, my business manager that neither of you take seriously, has an active power of attorney that's binding and legal until midnight February One..."

Derrick whips out his trusty cellular device and starts flipping through some options, then shows Chris the email.

"Would you look at that, I just got a read receipt." A man with a headset walks into the shot with Thaddeus, leans and whispers something in his ear, then quickly walks out of shot. "I'm needed back on set, so I gotta go. But Chris before I do, you really called me a coward?" Thad laughs.

"Bro, coward isn't in my DNA. You know it and I know it. Paul's signature is as good as mine right now so believe me when I tell you, I have been looking forward to this moment since the night you interrupted the end of my match with TK back at Leap of Faith. When the final bell rings, there will be no spin, no deflection, and a real winner will be etched in stone for eternity.

"To my fans, I love you all! I'll see you again at Lambeau!"

Thaddeus Duke fades from the screen.

"Paul I owe you an apology..."

"Save it," Paul interrupts. "I've been in your shoes before Mr. Diamond, so I understand what you were doing. That contract is as valid as any other contract.

"That said Chris Page..."

Paul pokes Page in the shoulder three quick times while stating.

” We will see you…

The crowd roars as Chris Page decks Paul with a right hand the fourth time he pokes his shoulder dropping the fat walrus where he stands. Page looks over at Derrick as he raises his microphone.

” This is where you leave.”

Paul rolls around on the mat as Chris rips off his tank top while Paul rolls over on to his stomach and gets to all fours, Page wraps the shirt around the neck of Heyman as he chokes away at two tons of fun.

” Finally this asshat is getting what he deserves!”

You would think the crowd would boo Page but they cheer him on as he Paul’s face starts to turn a reddish/purplish tint before he releases and shoves Paul down face first into the mat.

” I wish I could condemn Page for his action but I almost want some popcorn.”

Chris reaches down picking Paul Heyman up off the mat as he begs and pleads only to be sent into the ropes by Page who catches Paul with a Spinbuster Slam through the black skirted table that’s in the ring to a roaring ovation from the sold out crowd.

Paul lays within the ruble of the table as Chris stares down at him with an intense gaze. He reaches down picking up a microphone before kneeling down and getting right in the ear of Heyman as he states.

” Go tell that coward that there’s no getting out of what I have planned for him.”

Chris gets back up to a vertical base where he drops the microphone on the chest of Heyman before turning and starting to walk towards the ropes. He steps halfway out to the ring apron before looking back into the ring at Paul Heyman, Chris steps back into the ring to a louder ovation from the crowd as he reaches down picking Paul up out of the ruble of the table. He boots him in the midsection where he under hooks the arms of Paul.

Chris screams out towards the camera.

” Thad… you’re mine!”

Chris hoists the fat fucker up in the air before driving him down into the mat with a thunderous Page Plant!

” YES!”


The crowd is on fire, rare for actions such as these. Page is on both knees as Paul Heyman is laid out on his stomach. Chris looks straight ahead at the hard camera as he extends both of his arms out.

” You’d think the Beatles just took the stage with this reception for Paul Heyman getting exactly what he’s had coming to him.”

Chris lowers his hands as he gets to one knee before stepping up to a vertical base.

” Chris Page is coming to Snow Job with a purpose. Lambeau Field is going to explode when Thaddeus Duke defends the Universal Championship against CCP in what is going to be their Final Chapter.

Page walks towards the ropes where he steps out to the ring apron and drops down the floor as the crowd sings along to the chorus of “Judas” while he starts to walk back up the ramp.

” I’ve known that man for nearly a decade and I can tell you from experience when he’s focused… he’s dangerous… Chris Page is focused.”

Chris reaches halfway up the ramp when he looks up at the XWF Tron and notices that Paul Heyman is starting to stir. Chris giggles to himself before turning back around and starting to walk back towards the ring!

Chris rolls back into the ring where he uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet while Paul is struggling to push himself up off the mat. Chris heads back into a corner as he starts to size up Paul who now rolls over to his back and slowly starts to sit up before rolling to get to one knee. Paul shakes his head as he’s out of it but manages to stand up.

Page comes out from the corner delivering a Better Than You Superkick of his own to the jaw of Heyman! Paul crumbles to the mat as Page looks into the hard camera before running his hands across his waist as the final Warfare before Snow Job leaves the air.

Thank you to the match writes who wrote matches this week.

Chronic Chris Page
Jenny Myst
Charlie Nickloes

Also thank you to those who sent in segments.

And thank you to those who promoed this fortnight.

Good luck to those of you participating in Snow Job PPV.
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*R.L. Smiles*

Helluva match, my guy. Thanks for tearing down the house with me to open the show. Mad props. I’d love to stick around longer, maybe grab a beer, but I’m so ready to get the hell out of Italy.


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Fantastic show!

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Great show Alias you are one creepy dude but I give you props man you gave it all you had
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(01-21-2021, 04:41 PM)Ash Quinn Said: Great show Alias you are one creepy dude but I give you props man you gave it all you had


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