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Warfare Results: Christmas Chaos 12.23.20
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12-23-2020, 08:17 PM



From !!!

[Image: ve.jpg]


[Image: NqaFp6Z.gif]

Pip: I know that music, it's Chaotic Inc. Haven't heard it in some time, as the group has been a bit in the sidelines during Chris Chaos's ascent to the match later tonight.

Chris Chaos, holding hands with Mandii Rider, steps out onto the apron.

Pip: But why is he out here now?! And Mandii Rider, we haven't seen her in ages! Ever since Chris publically dumped Jenny Myst on this very program, she's been MIA.

HHL: She got the 'rona

Pip: Why isn't she wearing a mask, then?!

HHL: Why aren't you?

Chaos and Mandii enter the ring, him holding the ropes down with his leg for her. She enters the ring and he follows, signaling for a mic.

Pip: Oh god, he's gonna talk.

Chaos waits for the crowd to simmer down and brings the mic to his lips.

Chaos: "It's been some time since I've been in this ring. Hell, my last match on Warfare September 2nd, and it was against the very man I face later tonight......."

The crowd begins to chant. "DUKE DUKE DUKE DUKE DUKE DUKE"

Chaos: "A hard fought contest that Theo Pryce screwed me out of. A contest that gave Thaddeus a little more confidence......hell......beating me gave Thaddeus the confidence he needed to challenge me again at Relentless, a match I didn't even care about but just accepted because he basically begged me........"

Mandii rolls her eyes.

Chaos: ".....but it was that match, right here, that started this roll. His climb to the top. You see, everyone tells me that Thaddeus Duke is the best, that I can't beat him, that in order to be successful in this business you need to go through Duke at some point. The way I look at it.....Thaddeus Duke needed to beat ME. Until the events that transpired at High Stakes, I always had that ace in the hole, that wild card that he didn't have. I had been Universal Champion before. Thaddeus Duke had NEVER been more than a mid card champion, despite all the effort he put in. A crowd favorite, sure, but he had never quite achieved the level of fame I had here. Big moment after big moment, I was involved. The title shots versus Jim Caedus, Robert Main, Robbie Bourbon, you name them, I got them. Some of the most memorable moments in this company's history over the past 4 years have involved me. Anyone else wonder why I am STILL an XWF Top 50 but haven't held the big belt since 2017? Because I am dangerous in this ring. I am a prime time player, I am THE bar. Many careers have ended at my feet, but also many have been made. Many of those who have overcome the Chaotic Nightmare have gone on to be some of the biggest names on this roster. I am the measuring stick to which the XWF superstar is judged.

The crowd boos.

Chaos: "Oh come on, you know its true. Why do you think that time after time, Universal Title match after Universal Title match, and failed opportunity after failed opportunity, I keep getting put into the limelight? Is it because the authority is granting me a favor? Hell no. They have been doing their best to stifle my climb for three years, but no matter what they do I keep coming back. I keep winning when the chips are down, and I keep proving that I belong at the top. Chris Chaos sells fucking tickets."

The crowd boos again.

Chaos: You know, I was hoping it would be Thaddeus Duke who won the Battle Royal at High Stakes. I was hoping that it was his hopes and dreams that I would be the one to dash. Chris Page? Old news. Corey Smith? Too new. The rest? Well, that would just be a slaughter. Thaddeus Duke versus Chris Chaos for the richest prize in the game is primetime television. It is the only matchup that benefits this company. And you know something? It was all my doing........."

The crowd buzzes a bit.

Chaos: "I have been on a warpath as of late. I have adapted to the ever changing landscape and I have taken my fate into my own hands. I cut the fat, so to speak. I ditched that dead weight Jenny Myst, and look at her now. I brought Ned Kaye out of retirement, pushed him to the brink of insanity, and look at him now. I stalked and tormented Sara Lacklan until the moment was right, and I put her on the shelf. I crushed her skull like a watermelon under a sledgehammer, and I gave Thaddeus Duke the opportunity to be where he is at."

The crowd boos.

Chaos: "Here me out. Sara was protected, she was made. She was a buddy, a chum, a crony. She was invited to the party while all of us stood outside in line. Thaddeus Duke has, and I'll give him credit, busted his ass for YEARS in this place and he never once got the respect he felt he deserved. He had never gotten a chance to feel what it is like to be on the top of the mountain, and many say he had earned it long ago.......but she was their weapon X Thad. She was their hero among villains, she was THEIR champion. You had no shot against Sara Lacklan because they would have done to you what they have spent three years trying to do to me.............

I was number one contender, again, out of nowhere. Why? Because I tore this roster apart, I raised hell, I broke this show and this company down to a molecular level until they gave it to me. Do you really think Theo Pryce lost to me? No.....Theo wanted me to be the number one contender because he wanted me to LOSE to Sara Lacklan. He wanted to have the satisfaction of watching this company's pride and joy beat his top nemesis. He WANTED me to win to that, in the end, I would lose. I knew the plan, I was, as I always am, a step ahead of the game. I took his little plan and I turned it on itself. I took the champion out. I took their favorite garden gnome and broke her face, forcing them to scramble for what they would do for the company's top title. Did I want them to hand it to me? No. I wanted to create that urgency, that desperation, I wanted to unlock the strange hold she had on this roster. Robert Main, Sara Lacklan....they were dictators in a dictator ship. They held the title over their heads, whined to the suits when they didn't get what they wanted, and rejoiced at the suffering of everyone else who knew they had no shot because they didn't play the game. I made my own game. I have been the bad dream, I have been the reason to look over your shoulder..........I have been the undertaker, just ask Ned. Thaddeus, guys like you have all the talent in the world but guys like you don't play their game. I opened the door for this to ever even be possible, I gave you the opportunity that you never would have gotten otherwise...........Thaddeus, you're the champion BECAUSE OF ME."

The crowd boos again.

Chaos: ".....I gave you the chance to feel what I have felt. To know what it feels like to finally get what you feel you deserve. Difference is, I won it in four months. How long have you been here now?"

Mandii and Chaos laugh to themselves in the ring.

Chaos: "Now that you've felt a taste of what I have felt, the rest is shoveling in. The gut-wrenching devestation of having the one thing you care most about taken from you by the one person you hate the most. Feel what I feel for now, Thaddeus, it's been a month. You've soaked in the aura, basked in the glory but tonight you're going to feel what I have felt I stand over you holding the belt that was TAKEN and kept from me..........Thaddeus, tonight, you will be equalized......."

"Ladies and gentlemen..." the unmistakable voice of Paul Heyman interrupts the number one contender from backstage before coming out through the entrance way. "It is with great honor...that I now introduce to you..." he says as he straightens up his suit jacket, cradling Thad's tag team championship in his arm.








HHL: Paul hasn't said much lately, I wonder how long before he starts taking credit for his clients success.

PIP: Oh you know its coming.

The Venice crowd roars its overwhelming approval as Thaddeus Duke emerges from backstage wearing a pink and white Dolly Waters hoodie.

HHL: The Universal Champion ladies and gentlemen, later on tonight, his two best friends Corey Smith and Dolly Waters are in action in tag team competition and he's being the friend he's always been, offering moral support.

Thad begins to make his way to the ring with his title upon his shoulder, Paul Heyman trailing behind him.

PIP: He's all smiles tonight, Heather, and he happily gives the Venice chapter of Duke Nation a few moments of his time.

Once the niceties are complete, Thad climbs the ring steps and steps out onto the apron, taking a moment to glance out around the screaming crowd.

HHL: Chris Chaos paces in the ring, like a caged animal!

PIP: Not once, has he diverted his eyes from Thaddeus Duke!

Thad steps through the ropes and replaces the title upon his shoulder. Chaos stands near the center of the ring and offers his mic to him. Thad though, pulls his own mic from inside his hoodie.

"Keep it," Thad states quickly. "I know where that mouth has been. Did I hear you right? You lose to me I don't know how many times now and suddenly you're taking credit for what I was able to do at High Stakes?"

Chaos goes to speak but is abruptly cut off.

"Shut up man, don't answer that. You come out here, Chris," Thad states as he starts to pace a little back and forth in front of Chaos. "And in seconds you're giving some sort of revisionist history lesson. So let me correct you, since, I'm the focal point of your little revisionist lesson. Theo Pryce did screw you.

"Many times.

"Just... not exactly in the way you might think.

"Maybe you forgot, but I was there too. In case you did, I was the guy with my hand raised in victory and you lying on your back... just like always. See, Pryce did try and screw you, that much is true but the part you conveniently forget is when I had you in the End Game and Pryce called for the bell, I went out and nearly knocked him on his ass and made him restart the match.

"Then I beat you.


"In front of millions."

HHL: It's true.

Thad points out at the X-Tron.

Wednesday Night Warfare - September 2, 2020 Said:RA: The winner of this match as a result of submission...

Thaddeus smacks the microphone out of the ring announcers hand, then shoves Theo Pryce with some authority, causing Pryce to almost trip over a ringside photographer. Pryce holds out his arms, not really wanting to fight his own nephew.

Just calm down, Thad!

Restart the fuckin’ match!

HHL: Theo Pryce and Thaddeus Duke continue to argue here as a lot of confusion and unrest has befallen this capacity crowd!

PIP: He meant what he said earlier, about being aided and undercutting his successes!

Thaddeus looks like he’s about to hit his own uncle, but Paul Heyman steps in, calming his client.

I’m tired of this shit!

Fine! Ring the god damn bell!

The bell rings, restarting the match as Theo Pryce shakes his damn fucking head and heads toward the back, but we digress. Thaddeus Duke rolls back into the ring.

"Receipts, Chris. If you think you still got what it takes to play with the big boys, you gotta be able to back up your shit better than this.

"I heard you yammering on about me needing to beat you and how beating you is what kickstarted this whole run I was on and you in a roundabout way claiming credit for me being who and what I have always been and that's the absolute fucking best and to be quite honest Chris, I don't care if you agree or not, the fact is, it was my hard work, it was my determination, it was my absolutely insatiable appetite for success that allowed me to beat 20 men and women at High Stakes to walk out with two championships.

"Knowing you were on the other side of High Stakes was... just a little more motivation.

"See, Theo might be family, but we don't exactly see eye to eye on much...

"Except you.

"How Theo Pryce screwed you was saying 'hey Thad, wanna take your frustrations out on your old punching bag?' Of course I do. How Theo Pryce screwed you was walking out of your match with him, letting you think you earned something while setting you up to fail like you always do..."

Chaos goes to speak again, but is again shut down by the Universal Champion.

"You'll get your chance to speak again, Chris, shut the fuck up while I'm talkin.'"

HHL: The unfiltered Thaddeus Duke, ladies and gentlemen.

"How Theo Pryce screwed you was saying to me just after I arrived in Santa Monica for night one of Relentless, 'hey Thad, I'mma walk out of the match and let Chaos have his stupid title match, you wanna do me a favor and embarrass him again?'

"Of fucking course I do.


Thad brings his face just inches from Chaos and smiles his sweet smile.

"Because I fucking can."

An enraged Chaos looks like he's about to snap as Rider whispers something in his ear. Thad backs off a stop and waves Chris to go ahead and speak.

Chaos takes a moment, staring at Thad.

Chaos: "You know, you really are full of excuses. Did I not think a screw job was coming? Did I not expect Theo to pull something out of his ass then try to spin it in a way to make me look bad? Of course I did.....he's full of shit, just like you. You guys are family......

Thad goes to speak, Chaos shakes his head.

Chaos: "....I knew something was coming, but I also knew your insatiable desire to beat me. I knew that title over your shoulder consumed you like it has consumed me. Difference is, it took me four months and a win over your tag partner to do it. How long has it taken you now? Years, Thad, years to be on my level. A victory over Doc put me on the map, and a win over me did the same for you."

Chaos smiles.....

Chaos: "You're pregnant with pride Thad. You want everyone to respect you, to look at you with stars in their eyes, to worship the very ground you walk on. You are so concerned about your image. Me, I was willing to let my plan play out. I was willing to take my lumps. This 'punching bag' has gotten more Universal Title shots than letters in the word Universal. Do you think they just hand those out like lollipops at the corner store? No, Thad. I got those shots because I truly am the best in the world at what I do."


"Playing possum."

"It's pronounced pussy."

Chaos ignores Thad's interruption.

"This plan has finally reached its end, and you are going to see the same Chris Chaos that Doctor D'Ville saw in 2016. Ask him about me. You think I didn't see this coming? I'll bet....just like you didn't see this..........."

Mandii is in a fighting stance behind Thaddeus now. Hanari Carnes, Ares Creed and Fat Peter Gilmour have jumped the barricade. They now surround the ring.

Pip: Oh god. Chaotic Inc is out here. They are surrounding the ring like a damn pack of jackals. This is about to be really bad for the champion!

They are on the apron now. Duke readies himself for battle looking back and forth as each member teases entering. Just as they are about to all enter the ring and charge Duke, Chaos brings the mic to his lips as...

[Image: MxH0py1.jpg]

Ned Kaye runs down and slides into the ring and jumps to his feet beside Thaddeus Duke, handing him the hour glass Chris Chaos left him at High Stakes.

HHL: It's the XWF Hart Champion, Ned Kaye!

PIP: He and Chaos have a history, Heather!

HHL: He's just handed off the hour glass to the Universal Champion!

Chaos: "No. Guys......I need to do this myself. I need to beat this loud mouth punk myself. On my own. I don't want any excuses later for why he lost....."

Chaos steps in close and Fat Gilly disobeys his leaders commands and steps in the ring.


Thad hits the Better Than You super kick on Gilly and he tumbles out of the ring to the floor. Chaotic Inc., retreats from the apron to collect Gilmour.

HHL: Thad just took Fat Gilly's head off!

PIP: Chaos is livid at Gilmour for his disobedience!

HHL: Play stupid games, Petey, win stupid prizes!

The cameras zoom in on the napping Fat Peter Gilmour.

[Image: OPt4Hpx.gif]

"Clearly I have better, smarter friends than you do."

Chaos: "But just know.........that no matter what happens tonight, we are everywhere. Always watch your back, look over both shoulders twice. They smell blood in the water and they will consume whats left.....not because they want to....but because they fucking can........."

HHL: "Line flip."

Chaos backs away and goes to give the mic to the ring crew, but he brings it to his lips one more time, but Thad interrupts him.

"I'll let you have the last word, Chris. But here," Thad hands the hour glass to Chaos who just looks at it in disgust. "I figured you could use another reminder of what's left of your little main event run." Thad smiles and Ned Kaye laughs at Duke's remark and that duo exits the ring and heads up the ramp.

Chaos: "People tell me I have a God complex. Let me tell you something.......I am God....."

He drops the mic to static as Chaos rolls out of the ring and Chaotic Inc walks up the rampway with Creed and Carnes dragging Pete up the ramp.

Pip: "Chris Chaos is off his rocker, but he had the last word. Now....all thats left is to fight. Who is the better man, who is the true top member of this roster? We'll find out tonight! Live!"


- vs -

The lights fade to black. Lycana's music, Trials by Starset, hits as lime green and red pyros shoot off. She steps out onto the stage with The Baphomet. Lycana looks around the crowd with a condescending look before walking down the ramp. She slides into the ring, running to the other side to hop onto the ropes looking out over the sea of fans with a sneer on her face while the fans boo. She nods to Baphomet and he quietly leaves.

Heather: Lycana seems to be sending Baphomet to the back so she can do this herself.

Pip: She’s definitely shown she can handle herself in that ring since debuting.

Lights in the Sky by Les Claypool hits and Marf emerges out to the top of the ramp. He points to the ring, looking directly at Lycana as he starts to walk towards the ring to a chorus of boos. He reaches ringside where be climbs up on the ring apron before stepping through the ropes and into the ring. Marf smiles over at Lycana as the music fades out.

Heather: Marf Swaysons coming off a big victory at High Stakes, let’s see if his momentum continues.

Pip: Another impressive newcomer to XWF absolutely.

Heather: Okay don’t be a kissass.

Pip: I’m just saying, there’s a lot of talent on this roster!

The bell rings and the two step towards one another to start the match. They go to lock up and Lycana goes behind with a waist lock quickly. Marf times it and then throws a nasty elbow but Lycana ducks it and uses Marf’s momentum to take him down with an arm drag. Lycana goes for another arm drag but Marf shoves her down. She swings her legs and takes him down with a drop toe hold then hops into a headlock. Marf again shoves Lycana hard and to the mat.

They both get to their feet at the same time as the crowd gives a light applause at the exchange. Lycana raises her fists while Marf smirks and nods. They go to tie up and Lycana cartwheels away from Marf and then runs to the ropes. She bounces off and Marf swings a huge clothesline that she ducks under. Lycana jumps up and lands on the second rope before bouncing and turning, nailing Marf with a drop kick.

Heather: Marf might have the size advantage but Lycana definitely has speed on her side.

Pip: We’ll have to see how quick she is if Marf gets his hands on her.

Marf gets up and nods at Lycana with a smile while she smirks at him now. They go to lock up again but this time Marf grabs hold of Lycana and backs her into the corner. He presses his weight against her while the ref yells at him to back off. Marf takes a few steps back with his hands in the air before lunging forward.

Lycana pops forward with a drop kick to Marf’s leg, sending him crashing into the turnbuckle. He pulls himself back up while Lycana hits a few quick shots to his side. Marf spins around with a wild haymaker that just misses. Lycana ducks the haymaker and then pops back up with a vicious knife edge chop across Marf’s chest. She rears back and then steps into another hard chop that gets a “woo” from the crowd. Marf winces in pain but then smiles and yells at her for another.

Heather: Did Marf just ask for more?

Pip: Probably he is a bit strange...

Lycana steps back and then looks to lunge forward with another chop but instead hops up on the middle ropes and mounts Marf. She rains down punches on the surprised Marf. He suddenly grabs hold of her and starts marching forward for a sit down spine buster but Lycana drops quickly and turns it into a beautiful DDT. She hooks a leg.


Marf shoves her off and rolls to the ropes to get back up. Lycana races over with a running knee but Marf blocks it and then grabs her, hitting a quick modified t-bone suplex. Marf raises his arms to boos while Lycana slides to the ropes and gets up holding her neck.

Heather: Lycana has got to be careful about taking too many moves like that from Marf.

Pip: Yeah that’ll slow anyone down real quick!

Once again they lock up and Marf turns and grabs Lycana in a rear waist lock this time. He hooks her for a German suplex but Lycana quickly drops and rolls, catching Marf off guard and taking him down to the mat. She applies a heel lock as Marf powers his way to the ropes for the break. He muscles his way in just a few seconds while Lycana clings to his lower leg until he grabs the ropes.

Lycana let’s go and stands up while Marf smacks his fist on the mat and gets up as well. Marf shakes his leg out and seems more annoyed than hurt. Lycana steps over and they lock up again with Lycana securing a wrist lock. She goes for a snapmare but Marf spins her around and hits a short arm clothesline, taking her down to the mat.

Marf grabs Lycana by the hair and yanks her right back to her feet and goes for another clothesline only to miss. Lycana instead hops up and hits a neck breaker instead and then goes for another quick cover on Marf.


Marf throws Lycana off and growls in anger. Lycana gets up and bounces off the ropes and leaps at Marf as he’s getting up. Her flying body press is caught by Marf. He roars out and then hauls her up for a gorilla press slam but she slides behind him and rolls him up.



Kick out by Marf!

Heather: Lycana using that speed to her advantage again.

Pip: How many times can Marf kick out?

They both get to their feet and Lycana throws a spinning heel kick that Marf blocks. He hits a couple forearm shots before throwing a heavy clothesline that Lycana ducks under. She comes back with an uppercut into his ribs. She goes for another but Marf catches her and then head butts her sending her stumbling back.

Lycana goes back a few steps but then races and bounces off the ropes and then flies at Marf. He catches her but she spins and hits a tilt-a-whirl head scissor takedown. Lycana hits a quick leg drop to follow up. Marf tries to get right back up but Lycana grabs his head and hits a face buster with a cover.



Kick out by Marf!

Heather: And there’s another attempt from Lycana.

Pip: She is taking control of this match.

Lycana is back to her feet and sizing up Marf who is slowly getting to his feet, shaking his head. Marf glares across the ring and motions at Lycana for more. She runs up looking for a knee but Marf grabs her and tosses her over his head with a back body drop. Lycana manages to land on the middle turnbuckle instead.

Marf approaches and she throws a kick that connects with the side of his face. This sends Marf stumbling back a few steps, grabbing his mouth and checking for all his teeth. Lycana steps up to the top rope and then leaps off with a moonsault. Marf catches her in the air, turns and then hits a running powerslam. He hooks a leg.



Shoulder up by Lycana!

Heather: What a nasty slam!

Pip: Marf showing off his power there.

Marf gets up, all smiles now and paces around Lycana who is on all fours. He raises his arms and then boots her hard in the ribs, drawing a lot of boos. Lycana moans with some pain before chuckling up at Marf. She seems to tell him to do it again surprisingly.

Marf sneers and goes to kick her again but she rolls under his legs. She pops up behind him. Lycana grabs another waist lock from behind but Marf wrenches her arm and throws her to the ropes. Marf winds up and fires off a huge clothesline but Lycana ducks underneath. She comes running back and ducks under a big boot attempt.

Lycana races to the opposite ropes, jumps and lands on the middle rope. She bounces off and this time looks for a flying back elbow but Marf catches her again. This time he repositions her and goes for a full Nelson slam but on the way down Lycana turns and drops with Marf into a modified cross face. The fans cheer at the amazing reversal.

Heather: Out of nowhere Lycana has the submission applied!

Pip: Can she keep him down?

Marf pushes off the mat with Lycana still latched on. Lycana has the cross face sunk deep but Marf groans and keeps pushing up. She wrenches on his neck but he still pushes up to a knee. Lycana suddenly pushes off now and stands up while Marf gets to his knees. Lycana spins and kicks Marf hard in the chest.

Marf rocks back and then looks up and grins at Lycana. He nods for more and she obliges by delivering another vicious kick to his chest. The crowd counts that as two. Lycana hits another eight kicks as the crowd counts along with each and every one of them.

Heather: Lycana absolutely rocking Marf with these kicks.

Pip: Those are going to leave a few marks...

Marf tries to pull himself to his feet as Lycana runs to the ropes again. She hits the handspring off the ropes and this time connects with the elbow to Marf, knocking him back down. Lycana kips back up to her feet and immediately heads to the top rope while Marf is down stunned. Lycana leaps off and hits a picture perfect shooting star leg drop. She goes for the cover.



Kick out by Marf!

Heather: Wow what a move!

Pip: Can Lycana fly??

Lycana slaps the mat in frustration this time as she gets back to her feet. She eyes the top rope and makes her way back up once again with speed. Marf stirs but is still down while Lycana screams out to the audience. She leaps off, looking for the Berzerker 540 corkscrew senton.

Marf looks up and rolls out of the way at the last second and Lycana crashes to the mat with a loud thud. Marf rolls towards her and props himself on his elbows. Marf grins over at the fallen Lycana. He crawls over right next to her and then latches onto her with a side headlock. He locks on tightly.

Heather: Marf looking to slow things down here.

Pip: Lycana might be hurt she landed hard there.

Heather: Feel free to go in there and tell Marf to break it up.

Lycana struggles to get up but Marf keeps positioning his weight on top of her so she can’t. Lycana tries to roll back and forth with Marf squeezing the life out of her. She pushes a foot off the ropes but again Marf moves with her to keep her grounded. Suddenly Marf cries out in pain as Lycana bites into his forearm.

Pip: She’s biting him!

Heather: She was desperate!

Marf let’s go of the hold and shoves her away, shaking his arm in pain. He sits up and looks over at Lycana. He growls and gets up. Lycana gets to her feet as Marf charges her. She throws a spinning heel kick but Marf catches it before it connects and then throws her into the corner.

He follows up with a big clothesline, crushing Lycana into the corner. He steps back and then drills her with another clothesline. Marf backs away laughing now as the crowd starts booing again. Marf runs at Lycana again but she lifts both knees high and Marf slams into them hard, stumbling back.

Lycana hops to the middle turnbuckle while Marf backs off stunned. She leaps off with a torpedo drop kick but Marf side steps it, places a hand on her back and lets her slam heavily into the mat. Marf picks Lycana back up, hauls her high up and hits a falcon arrow with pin.



Kick out by Lycana!

Heather: Close call there!

Pip: Marf starting to really dish out the punishment.

Marf sits beside Lycana and looks down at her, starting to laugh while shaking his head. He gets up and grabs her by the hair, pulling her to her feet. Marf puts her in position and lifts her up for a power bomb but Lycana spins around and falls onto his back, dropping down and applying a tight rear naked choke.

Marf struggles to pull her off but Lycana has attached herself tightly to him now. The choke is sunk deep and Marf can’t do much so he stumbles back and slams into the corner. Lycana somehow holds on so Marf steps forward and then slams into the corner once more, smashing Lycana’s body under his own.

Lycana finally loosens her grip and Marf squashes her into the corner once more to break it up. Lycana let’s go but then bites down on the back of Marf’s neck. Marf cries out in pain. He throws a high back elbow to knock her off of his neck.

Heather: Lycana using her teeth once again!

Pip: Marf is going to need a rabies shot by the end of this!

Heather: You’re an idiot...

Marf grabs hold of Lycana who is still trying to bite down. He gets a good grip and then lifts her up over his head while walking over to the ropes. Marf simply throws her over the ropes and to the floor much to the shock of the audience. Lycana flies forward and hits the outside floor pretty hard as Marf grabs his neck in pain. He looks down to the floor at her while she writhes in pain.

Marf drops down and rolls out of the ring, slowly walking towards the fallen Lycana. He grabs hold of her but Lycana claws at his eyes, sending him back for a moment. Marf wipes at his eyes and then runs back at Lycana who once again drops down with a drop kick to his lower leg. Marf flies forward and crashes awkwardly into the ring steps.

Lycana gets back to her feet while Marf pulls himself up. As he looks up there is some blood coming from the side of his head where he hit the steps. Lycana hops onto the apron and runs forward. She leaps off and goes for a hurricarona but Marf catches her and stops the momentum. He instead swings her while she hangs upside down, smashing her into the crowd barrier. He turns and smashes her to the other side and does this multiple times before dropping her.

Heather: Marf is getting just downright nasty now.

Pip: Well she did bite the man!

Marf rolls back into the ring and then back out to break the referee’s count. Lycana tries to pull herself up but Marf grabs hold of her. He lifts her for a body slam but starts going towards the ring post. Lycana reaches up and scratches the open cut on Marf’s head to break out of the hold and then shoves him with his own momentum into the ring post instead.

Lycana slides into the ring and then baseball slides into Marf as he is stumbling by, sending him crashing into the barrier. Lycana stands up on the ring apron. She turns her back to Marf and then climbs onto the second rope, bounces and lands on top of Marf with a beautiful moonsault.

Heather: Still some fight left in Lycana!

Pip: That was easily a top candidate for moonsault of the year!

Heather: Is that a thing?

Pip: You’ll have to watch my YouTube video to find out!

Heather: No thanks!

Lycana gets up and rolls back into the ring while the crowd is cheering her name now. Marf pulls himself back up using the ring apron. Lycana runs to the other side of the ring as Marf climbs up onto the apron and enters the ring. Lycana comes racing back over and jumps, looking for a flying knee but Marf catches her. He lifts her up, spins and hits a modified power bomb. Marf hooks the leg.




Lycana kicks out just before the referee’s hand hits the mat.

Heather: Lycana just won’t stay down!

Pip: Neither of these two are giving an inch!

Marf gets back up and gets in the referee’s face. They argue for a moment before Marf turns back to Lycana. He pulls her back up to her feet. He tosses her into the corner and then runs over for an avalanche. Lycana moves at that last second and Marf crashes into the turnbuckle hard. Lycana hits a drop kick from behind and then rolls Marf up.



Kick out by Marf!

They both get up around the same time and Lycana looks for another drop kick. She leaps up but Marf dodges it and shoves her to the mat. She tries to quickly get up but Marf lunges forward and almost takes her head off with a vicious big boot. Lycana hits the mat and immediately grabs her face, a bit of blood coming from her nose.

Heather: For a singles match we’re seeing a lot of blood here.

Pip: Wow what an opener!

Lycana rolls to the outside but stays on the apron. She tries to wipe the blood away as Marf marches over to her. He grabs her and tries to pull her back into the ring but she turns and spits a mist of blood into Marf’s face. This sends Marf reeling back blindly for a moment. Lycana uses the ropes and springboards back into the ring, nailing a flying forearm to take out Marf.

Instead of going for the cover Lycana mounts Marf and starts dropping punches and elbows while he tries to block and cover up. The referee tries to break it up but they actually both stop and shove him away. Marf then grabs Lycana by the throat and throws her off himself. He mounts her now and wraps both hands around her throat, starting to strangle her.

Heather: Oh come on this isn’t part of the damn match.

Pip: I really don’t feel right watching this...

Lycana throws strikes at Marf but is smiling up at him while he throttles her. The referee gets back up and starts trying to pull Marf off. While they struggle Lycana is able to move her head enough to bite down on Marf’s wrist. The referee now yells at her but then Marf shoves him down. Lycana slides out from underneath while Marf stands back up. They both wipe blood from one another but then the referee calls for the bell, having enough of this abuse.

No Contest!

Heather: The referee has had enough!

Pip: He just ended the match?

Heather: Yeah and he might wanna get out of there, they both still look ready to go.

Marf and Lycana both eyeball the referee as he promptly exits the ring. Marf is the first to go after him with Lycana following closely behind


Backstage at the Pier Luigi Penzo Stadium, Alias is walking down the corridor whistling a merry tune. He rounds a corner, and then quickly shoots back behind it.

Comically, he peers back around it and sees Corey Smith!

Alias spikes the camera, giving it a wink, and leaps out from his hiding spot.

ALIAS: “Corey!”

He charges at Corey and wraps him up in a gigantic hug. Corey struggles against the grip and Alias eventually puts him back down.

COREY: “Umm… hey. That was… a bit much.”

Alias looks panicked.

ALIAS: “You don’t hate me now, do you?”

COREY: “No, no, no! Just tone it down a little. I don’t really know you, man. And I don’t swing that way.”

ALIAS: “Oh… well we don’t have to use swings if you don’t want to.”

Corey looks like he’s about to say something but changes his mind and just chuckles.

ALIAS: “Thanks for not beating me up at High Stakes, by the way. That was real sweet of you.”

COREY: “Likewise, I guess. I did want to ask though, what’s the deal with your hate-boner for Thaddeus Duke? He’s not the asshole you think he is.”

ALIAS: “Oh, Cor’-Bear, you have a lot to learn. Thaddeus Duke is a monster. He’s literally one of the most evilest persons on the roster. Only behind…”

Betsy Granger and James Raven round the corner!

Alias squeals and jumps behind Corey, using him as a human shield. Corey looks annoyed, while Raven and Betsy look over to the commotion. Raven steps forward, but Betsy pulls him back. She whispers something to him, and Raven heads off back the way he came. Betsy marches towards where Alias is cowered behind Corey.

BETSY: “Hey you!”

Alias appeals to Corey.

ALIAS: “Help!”

COREY: “You’re on your own, here.”

Betsy arrives at the mismatched pair as Alias peers over Corey’s shoulder.

BETSY: “What’s your issue, friend?”


BETSY: “Seriously? This again? You were acting strange at High Stakes too. What’s the problem?”


BETSY: “Come on, man. If you want to burn me at the stake, you have to let me know my crimes.”

Alias cowers down behind Corey again. Betsy turns her attention to Corey.

BETSY: “Are you helping him? Do you know what his problem with me is?”

COREY: “I have no idea what’s even going on.”


Betsy’s attention turns back to Alias.

BETSY: “Oh, will you give it a rest? You can’t know that, you don’t even know me!!”

ALIAS: “But you’re with HIM!!!”

BETSY: “Who? James? This is all because of some issue with him?”

ALIAS: “He’s a FIEND!!!”

BETSY: “And you’re being vague. It’s annoying as shit.”

ALIAS: “At least I’m not EVIL!!!”

Alias points an accusatory finger over Corey Smith’s shoulder at Betsy Granger.

BETSY: “Either tell me the actual problem or stop acting like I’m a walking bomb. You choose.”

Her patience finally reaching its limits, Betsy turns on her heels and walks off. Alias still trembles behind [Other], peeking out and watching her walk away.

COREY: “She’s gone.”

Alias doesn’t budge.

ALIAS: “That’s just what a DEMONIC SORCERESS would want us to think.”

COREY: “Sure. But it could also be that she’s actually gone.”

ALIAS: “Hmmm….”

Alias strokes Corey’s arm.

ALIAS: “Lucky I had such a strong, powerful defender to protect me.”

Corey shakes Alias off him, but Alias latches on once more, with hands on Corey’s shoulders. He whispers into Corey’s ear.

ALIAS: “I know your struggle, Corey. I know the battle you go through every day. I want you to know that I believe in you. I believe that you’re a good man. I believe that you’re a hero. My hero.

Now go kick JIMMY-JAM’s ass. For me.”

With that, Alias slinks off into the night, leaving a bewildered and bemused Corey Smith standing in the middle of the corridor.

COREY: “What the f…”

The scene ends.


- vs -
- vs -


”Jones versus Star versus Finn.”

Finn and Kuhn start trading shots as Rebel looks on. Finn drives a knee into the midsection of Jones before hurling him into a neutral corner. Rebel comes up behind Finn with a School Girl looking for a quick pin.




Kickout by Finn as they both quickly get to their feet with Rebel decking Finn, Finn comes back and decks Rebel before both are taken down with a double clothesline from Jones! Felix stomp away at Finn before turning and stomping away at Rebel! Felix picks Rebel up off the mat before scooping up Rebel and slamming her into the mat. Jones picks Finn up and scoops him up and slams him on top of Rebel!

Rebel rolls out to the floor under the ropes leaving Felix and Finn in the ring. Felix picks Finn up where he delivers a side walk slam! There’s another cover.




Kickout from Finn as Felix gets back to his feet. He reaches down picking Finn up where he fires him into a neutral corner. Jones charges in after him only to eat a reverse elbow! Finn climbs up on the middle ropes where he pull Felix in and delivers a Tornado DDT!

” Finn spiked Felix!”

Finn makes a cover.




Rebel springboards off the top rope with an elbow drop across the back of the neck of Finn breaking the pin attempt!

” Rebel Star from out of nowhere with a save!”

Rebel gets back to her feet where he sizes up Finn who is getting to his feet where she runs towards the ropes and springboards off the middle rope with a cross body block to Finn!




Kickout from Finn. Rebel is back to her feet where she turns and sees Felix working his way up to one knee. She comes forward to pick him up to see him counter with a jaw breaker. Jones steps up to his feet where he takes Rebel and sends him into a corner. He turns and picks Finn up and sends him crashing into Rebel before Jones charges forward with and delivers a stinger splash to both Finn and Rebel!

Finn crumbles to the mat and rolls towards the ropes as Jones hoists Star up to the top turnbuckle before stepping up to the middle rope where he hooks up a front face lock before delivering the Superplex to Rebel!!

” Rebel might have been broken in half!”

Felix looks for a cover only to have Finn plow into him knocking him out of the ring as he looks to steal the cover.




Rebel kicks out as she rolls towards the ropes. Finn gets back to his feet where he picks Rebel up off the mat locking in a front face lock where he hoists up Rebel before driving her down into the mat with a brainbuster!

Felix slides back into the ring where he comes up behind Finn dropping him with a reverse DDT!

Felix gets back to his feet where he turns attention towards Rebel and makes his way over where he reaches down picking Rebel up only to have Rebel counter with an Inside Cradle!






Rebel escapes out to the floor as her arm is raised in victory.

We cut outside of the Stadium as a black town car with tinted windows is shown arriving at the loading dock of the stadium itself. It pulls to a smooth stop and as it comes to the complete stop the back driver’s door pop open. The crowd pops huge with a mixture of cheers and boos as “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE emerges from the car.

He’s dressed in a black sports coat with green Christmas tree designs all over, no shirt, black jeans with black boots, and a pair of black aviators covering his eyes. Chris breaths deeply through his nose as he looks like he’s smelled a rank fart.

” Even here this place smells like crap!”

Immediately what cheers out of respect diverts into a chorus of boos which brings a smirk to Chris’s face as he steps away from the car while a voice from inside can be heard.

” Would you lighten up.”

Chris turns his body and attention towards the car as ROBERT “THE OMEGA” MAIN steps out of the car and closes the door behind him.

” It’s the holiday bro. It’s the season for giving, I mean back home in God’s Country, the United States, Christmas is two days away…”

” What are you implying? I am a Grinch? Did you SEE my jacket?! I’m in the Christmas spirit, and I am a firm believer in the season of giving; why else would I have traveled to a cesspool like Vince if it wasn’t to give them the greatness of Chris Page!”

The crowd roars louder with boos as Robert smirks at Chris as he shakes his head before he states.

” Dude EVERYONE sees that jacket.”

Suddenly all the Christmas trees on Chris’s jacket start to light up!

” I know…”

Robert snickers under his breath while looking at the hideous jacket.

” Speaking of the giving season, we both know why I’m here tonight. I’ve got a vested interest in the outcome of tonight’s Universal Title Match. Tonight is the night that I give a gift to the man who emerges as the Universal Champion, the gift of time. My intention of taking back what belongs to me has come full circle. Snow Job is a little over a month away… the king is going to take back his throne.”

” Cool man… Well… I’m going to team with Barney Green!”

Chris and Robert start to walk into the back of the stadium.

” I’m sure you’ll have fun with that.”

” I can sense the sarcasm.”

” Good because I was laying it on thick.”

We cut back to ringside.

“Our next match, is a First Blood match! Introducing first... already in the ring... Alias!”

Alias sits crossed legged in the ring, unperturbed, simply watching the screen while waiting.

“And his opponent...”

The arena goes completely dark before...

“............The Baphomet!”

The Baphomet steps out from behind the curtain, standing at the top of the ramp, looking down at Alias. He strides down to the ring, climbing the apron and stepping inside as Alias gets to his feet.


- vs -
- vs -


“Here we go!”

“This should be interesting...”

Alias and The Baphomet both move to the center of the ring and stop, eyeing each other silently. Both seem to be waiting for the other to make the first move. The Baphomet slowly slips his hand inside his jacket, causing Alias to tense up slightly, a look of suspicion on his face changing to slight confusion and concern as he sees what Baphomet’s hand emerges with. The Baphomet rolls the letter opener over in his palm, watching the expression on Alias’ face. In a blink, a blade appears in Alias’ hand. For a long moment, nothing happens. Then Baphomet’s arm strikes, quick as a flash... the letter opener rendering his own forehead open nearly from temple to temple.

Blood spurts from the wound, dripping down his face, and coating the edge of the weapon which scatters droplets in an arc, decorating the mat, Alias, and even the ref with bright crimson spots. The ref looks shocked, before he shakes his head quickly and calls for the bell. Alias steps back, looking down at himself before what had happened dawns on him. Simultaneously, the bell rings as Alias turns to face the other members of the Left Hand as they run down the ramp and slide into the ring, not hesitating as they go for Alias. He throws the knife, Lycana jerking to the side as it barely misses her. It slows them down for a brief moment as they eye him for any new tricks. Alias crouches, ready for them, and comes out swinging, nailing anything that moves.

Lycana goes in first, angry about the flying knife. He takes her down with an arm drag, rolling instantly out of the way of a flying Ash Quinn, who accidently nails Lycana with her front flip. Alias is back on his feet, ducking a running Geri Vayden, spinning her around into a reverse DDT. He rakes Ashs eyes as she comes charging, on fire now, he grapples with Lycana, sending her into the ropes. She bounces off, coming back to duck an arm, bouncing off the other side and managing to catch him with a flying headscissors as he turned around. They capitalize on the temporarily stunned Alias, all leaping on him and dragging him, fighting all the way, to his feet. They manhandle Alias over to the center of the ring as Ash grabs a microphone as well as something she had stowed at the edge of the rings apron, bringing both over to the Baphomet, handing him the mic. In turn, he reaches into is jacket once more and pulls out the infamous blow torch. Ash takes it, and holds both it and the item, revealed to be a branding iron up for all to see.

"If the sacrifice of my blood were enough to get you in front of me... would you think losing a match would be of any concern? I'm not interested in a wrestling match with you, Alias... I am here tonight to punish you for your great blasphemy against our order. Ash?"

She ignites the blow torch at his command as Alias struggles to break free from Geri Vayden and Lycana's grip, Baphomet holds out his hand and Ash hands him the branding iron with the Left Hand's symbol at the end.

"Release him!" Baphomet orders... they do, and Alias stands at the ready, looking both ways suspicious of his surroundings. "Your second chance has arrived..." Baphomet says, "Lift your left hand and pledge yourself to me..." Alias looks back and forth again, beginning to lift his left hand slowly, cautiously looking around to each side.

He then lifts his right hand and shoves it towards Baphomet, middle finger held high. Baphomet slams the mic against his head, causing Alias to just smile and push his middle finger right up into his face. Baphomet strikes him again. Alias staggers but doesn't fall, twisting around and becoming trapped by Geri and Lycana once again. "Blasphemy!" Baphomet is outraged "Give me his hand..." Lycana holds his right arm firmly as Baphomet yanks his right hand out straight, twisting it around so his palm is facing up.

"You dare spite me in refusing to lift your left hand in servitude, I will spite your right hand the same. Ms. Quinn..." He hands her back the iron. Ash aims the torch against the metal symbol at the end of the branding rod, it begins to glow orange. "From this day onward, whenever you lift your right hand in defiance... The Left Hand will forever be raised with it!"

Ash steps forward and without hesitation, presses the glowing brand against Alias’ palm. Smoke and the stench of scorching flesh fill the air along with a sizzling sound. Alias screams in pain, his first instinct to jerk away but Lycana and Baphomet hold him steady as Ash completes her work.

She pulls the iron away, revealing the blistered brand on his palm. The Left Hand abruptly let him go, and step back, all raising their left hands. They take their leave, leaving Alias in the ring, cradling his hand, staring at the brand.

’ What the hell did we just witness?”

The shot cuts to the back, and the fans pop when they see newly minted Hart Champion “Notorious” Ned Kaye! He’s chatting with a member of the ringside crew, but not for long. Something catches his eye from off camera. The crew member cacthes it too, and his expression drops. He visibly tenses up. Ned nods at him.

Hey, I’ll catch you later, okay?

The crew member nods quickly and is gone in a snap. He doesn’t want to be a part of what’s coming.

The fans pop again as Corey Smith enters from the right. Ned eyes him warily, and Corey holds his hands out to his sides, moving slowly towards Ned. Ned says nothing, but subconsciously takes a half step back. Not so much out of fear, but of distaste and the bitter tang of past memories.

“We really haven’t had a chance to talk since I’ve been back.” Corey looks nervous. He pauses a bit, eyes searching before his head lands on a trajectory. “I can’t ever take back what The Engineer did. And I’m not even going to bother asking you to even ACCEPT this, but I gotta say it. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what you went through. And I’m sorry for what Ethan went through. I’m sorry for all of it, and for being too weak to stop it.” He pauses, drawing a breath. “I’m just sorry.”


Ned's eyes seem restless, attempting to avert themselves from gazing too closely at Smith.

"What you- what The Engineer did was awful. All around. I don't need to rub that in any further. I want-" Kaye struggles with his words, his hands tensely clenched as he speaks. "I want to believe you. I want to believe that wasn't you, God knows I've humored the thoughts of Pagan prophecies. But I don't buy into a ton of that. I try to seperate you from him, but I see the same face. The same eyes." Ned adjusts his gaze to look Corey in the eyes. "I don't… I don't think that was you."

Corey smiles and nods. “It wasn’t. All the same….” He looks up. “I was kinda hoping you’d hit me.” His tone is ambiguous, equal parts serious and jesting. Corey extends a hand towards Ned, going in for the handshake.

Ned reaches for the handshake, but his hand recoils away. “I’m not gonna hit you. But I can’t just get over it like that. I want to. I hope to. But it’s just not that easy for me. I’m not gonna doubt that you were a victim in all this. I know that to be true, but I can’t separate that uneasy feeling in my stomach. The death and pain that has followed you, Lux, and especially and Dyson’s Engineer is frightening. I don’t trust myself to judge your character because I saw what happened to you and I don’t know if that virus is truly gone from you. There’s one place I do trust myself to make that judgement, but I don’t know when we’ll find ourselves in there again. So, consider this a raincheck on the handshake. Maybe after some time, Corey.” Ned begins to walk away, clearly frustrated with himself, his eyes pointed downwards.

Corey silently watches him go, and a sad look of resignation washes over him before he finally decides to turn around and go back the way he came.


- vs -

Ash has a crazed look in her eyes, and her lips are twisted into a sick smile.

Jenny is in both of their faces, telling them she's watching, not to cheat, that she WILL DQ them.

She goes to call for the bell but then turns around. She walks over to Ash and says she has to search her for weapons.

Pip: What the hell is this?!

Heather: Has to make sure Ash is cheating.

Pip: You're kidding me.

Ash doesn't seem thrilled either but Jenny pats her down, thoroughly investigating for brass knuckles of whatever she can find. She has her hand damn near down Ash's tights.

Pip: This is embarrassing.

Heather: She brought it on herself

Jenny seems satisfied and walks over to Sebastian.

"You got anything on you?"

Shakes head.

"Okay! Ring the bell!"

Pip: Talk about a double standard.

Ash grills Jenny before the two circle, eventually locking up. The larger Sebastian however gets the upper hand, and whips Ash into the corner. He runs for a splash but the quicker competitor ducks it. Sebass crashes into the turnbuckle and bounces out. Ash hits a standing drop kick that pushes him back into the corner. Ash is in a fury, and attacks Drake. A flurry of punches and kicks and chops as is enraged. Jenny lets it go. She whips Drake into the other turnbuckle. He bounces out into the middle. Ash comes off the ropes with a Lou Thez press and continues to rain shots down on Drake, who is trying to cover up. Eventually, when his nose has been bloodied, Jenny pulls her off.

Ash is still enraged, a vile look in her eye. Jenny pulls her off, and Ash shoves Jenny, who falls on her ass. Jenny's eyes go wide as Ash, panting, stares at her. Jenny, however, smiles.

Sebastian Drake rolls Ash up from behind with a small package.

Jenny crawls into a cover.



3---Ash pops out.

Pip: Jenny already providing distractions out here. Ash has to be a little less focused on the ref and more so on her opponent here.

Jenny holds up two fingers.

"TWO! IT WAS TWO" she puts 2 in Ash's face, and the crazy one slaps her hand down.

"Two" Jenny says.

Ash turns into a boot from Drake which leaves her on her back.

Drake picks her up by the hair and hits a sidewalk slam. He goes for the cover.

Jenny fast counts Ash!



3--Ash gets a shoulder up.

Pip: What was that! Jenny speed counted Ash there!

Heather: Looked normal to me.

He looks the leg again. This time Jenny counts normally.



Ash kicks out.

Drake smiles at Jenny as he picks u Ash by the hair. He makes a throat slit symbol across his neck with his thumb. This split second hesitation gives Ash time to elbow him in gut. Drake lets go of her hair and Ash comes off the ropes with a flying cross body, summersaulting over and hitting a moon sault across his body.

She pops up, and comes off the ropes again, dropping an elbow on his already bleeding face/nose.

Drake is somehow getting up. Ash hits a drop toe hold, which sticks him between the top and middle rope.

She runs.

Angel Eyes!

The 619 and Drake is crawling on all fours. Ash has him sized up. When he stands.


The spear nearly broke him in half!

Ash covers.

Jenny is facing away from them, looking at her nails. Ash slaps the mat.

Pip: This is gonna explode here! Ash already hates the Queen and Jenny is getting on her nerves intentionally here!

She gets up and walks over to Jenny, grabbing her shoulder and spinning her around. Jenny pretends to be shocked, her eyes going wide. Ash shoves Jenny into the corner and begins to yell at her about counting.


"DO IT!" Ash screams.

Jenny shoves her off for long enough to get her arms up.....

and in her hand, which she had hidden in the closed fist of her other hand.....

is her pepper spray cannister.


Ash takes a step forward and Jenny quick draws, spraying Ash in the eyes. Quinn yells out and grabs her face, going to her knees.

Drake is back up.

Jenny walks over to him an kicks him right in the nuts! He doubles over.

Heather: Oooof, right in the mommy-daddy button!

Pip: Don't call it that

Jenny delivers a snap DDT to Drake, taking him down. Ash is crawling, still holding her eyes.

Jenny delivers a knee to the side of the head. She drags Ash over, and places her ON TOP OF DRAKE!

She gets down for the count.





Jenny rolls out of the ring and tauntingly finger waves with a smile as Ash rolls over, sitting up. She is scowling.

Heather: Myst said she wanted Ash to get the win, and she did, but the Queen also wanted to show that she's in control----

The lights go dim.

Pip: Uh oh.

Baphomet steps out onto the rampway as the left hand's creepy drum plays. Jenny is in the middle. She looks at Baphomet, then back at a snarling Ash, whose eyes are red and tear filled from the spray. Warfare goes to commercial as she looks back and forth between the two.

We cut back to the locker room area where there’s a closed door wear the name….


Appears on a signed taped to the door. The crowd pops huge as the camera pans back to reveal none other than BARNEY GREEN on the outside. Big Barn takes a deep breath before knocking on the door. Seconds pass before the door is opened by none other than CHRIS PAGE.

” Big Barn get over here!”

Chris yanks Barney into the dressing room. We fade inside as the door is shut as Chris walks across the floor to a table where Robert Main is sitting with both feet kicked up on the table itself while his attention is on a monitor that has Warfare playing.

” Bro, Barn’s here.”

Robert takes his feet off the table and stands up as he greet Barney with a handshake.

” Barney!”

Barney- “Hey Robert.”

There’s a handshake between the two as Chris takes a seat on a bench and starts lacing up his boots.

” You ready for teaming with Page?”

Barney- “This has been nothing short of a pleasure to be able to work with Chris over the last couple weeks. He’s really helped me refocus on what’s important.”

Chris laces and ties his left boot before standing up as he cuts in on the conversation.

” Don’t let Robert distract you; that fucker is just waiting for the formality of the Main Event to take place so we can steal the spotlight as only he can.”

Pure sarcasm exudes from Chris Page as Robert responds first with a middle finger to Page before lowering his hand as he responds with sarcasm of his own.

” Ten to one after I mop the floor with whoever is holding MY titles at Snow Job we will get an ALL of the Engineer’s personalities lining up from seemingly out of nowhere.”

” That dude does have a hard-on for you.”

’ It’s kinda creepy.”

” Ya think?”

” Well regardless of any of that I can say that it will be good to see you back in the mix.”

” Thanks Barn! Just keep blowing his ego up why don’t ya? Come on, we got to warm up for the slaughter of Savannah Knightly and Liam Roberts.”

” Good luck guys… not that you’ll need it.”

We return to ringside.

”The following Tag Team Contest is a MIRACLE ON 34th STREET FIGHT!

” Introducing team number one… They are the team of COREY SMITH and DOLLY WATERS!”

The arena is pitch black and the melancholy opening tunes to “Someone Else” begin. But as the song starts to pick up in intensity, down in the entry way, you see a Jericho-esque light up jacket glow brilliantly. Then, twin explosions emit from either side of the ramp and the lights turn on in a swirling red and blue pattern that throb in sync with the beats of the song. Corey comes down the ramp, the jacket now flashing intermittent heart and lightning bolt patterns with Dolly Waters right along beside him. On the 'Tron you see images of Corey/Lux pulling off fantastic moves, intercut with blur effects on Corey's face that obscure his features in an eerie way.

Corey gets on the ring apron, throwing his arms over the top rope as the jacket keeps flashing. He looks pumped as hell, and starts pointing out at the fans before rushing to the top rope, surveying the crowd from on high, before dropping down to the canvas and handing off his jacket. He paces the ring now, waiting for the match to begin as the music and lighting effects wind down. Dolly slides into the ring where she joins Corey as they wait for their opponents.

” And their opponents… about to make their way to the ring, the team of CENTURION and JAMES RAVEN!”

The crowd erupts as the two XWF ICONS emerge out to the top of the ramp where they start to make the walk towards the ring. The duo reach ringside where Centurion dives under the ring followed by Raven. The two are to their feet as this Street Fight is ready to commence.



- vs -

The fight immediately starts to unfold as Waters pairs off with Centurion while Smith pairs off with Raven and the four are trading right hands amongst each other.

” It’s not going to take long for this one to completely break down.”

Raven gets the better of the exchange with Corey as while Centurion drives Dolly back into a neutral corner where he starts throwing shoulder blocks into the midsection. Raven takes Corey back into the opposite corner where Centurion and Raven shoot Corey and Dolly towards each other only to see Corey leap frog over Dolly and hit a spinning heel kick to Centurion while Dolly ducks under a clothesline attempt from Raven and counters with a School Girl rollup.




Raven escapes with a kick out as Centurion rolls out to the floor. Corey sizes him up before bouncing off the far side and charging across the ring looking to deliver a baseball slide dropkick, Centurion side steps Corey sending Corey sliding out to the floor under the bottom rope where Centurion decks him square in the jaw with a stiff right hand.

” Anything goes in Street Fight, there’s no telling what we’re going to be seeing.”

In the ring Dolly swings at Raven who ducks and looks to counter with a side suplex, Dolly flips over the back of Raven landing on her feet where she transitions into a backstabber! Out on the floor Centurion hurls Corey into the ring post before reaching under the ring where he pulls out a wrapped gift. He unwraps the gift to reveal a Stop Sign. Centurion shrugs before blasting Corey in over the head with a shot from the stop sign.

” STOP!”

In the ring Dolly Waters picks Raven up off the mat where she rocks him with several forearm shots before taking him back into the ropes, she looks to send him across the ring, Raven reverses and it’s Waters who bounces off the ropes where she’s hung up by Centurion who snatches the right ankle. Dolly spins around taking her eyes off Raven allowing him to rush towards Waters blasting her from behind before delivering a bridging German Suplex.




Waters escapes the near fall with a kick out as Centurion slides a chair into the ring followed by a Table. Centurion dives into the ring where he gets to his feet. Raven picks Dolly up off the mat where he sends her towards Centurion who lands a V-Trigger that knocks Dolly backwards towards Raven who drops Waters with an implant DDT! Raven rolls her over making a cover.




Waters kicks out!

Centurion sets the table up in the ring as we see Corey slide back into the mix with a Kendo Stick in his hand where he whacks Centurion across the back before turning and cracking Raven in the ribs as he turns around!

” Smith is back in the mix coming to the aid of Waters.”

Corey turns and cracks Centurion across the back a second time as Waters is shown getting back to her feet where she picks up the Steel Chair! Raven turns towards Waters where he’s cracked in the skull with a vile shot that staggers the Legend backwards several feet as we see Corey deliver an assisted Side Russian Leg Sweep with the Kendo stick to Centurion!

” Waters and Smith have the legends reeling!”

Dolly comes forward jabbing the chair into the midsection of Raven which doubles him over for her to smack across the back with a chair shot that drops Raven to the mat. Corey gets back to his feet where he picks Centurion up and lays him across the Table. We see Corey step out of the ropes to the ring apron before starting to scale the turnbuckles.

” Corey is going to turn the tables on Centurion!”

Water picks Raven up off the mat before hurling him through the ropes and out to the floor and as she does Centurion rolls off the table and runs towards the turnbuckles where he runs up the buckles and brings Smith off the top rope with a 1,000 Mile Slam through the TABLE!

” What a counter by Centurion!”

Centurion makes a cover on Corey!




Waters makes the save as she pulls Centurion off the cover.

” Waters keeps things alive for her team.”

Waters picks Centurion up off the mat where she sends him out to the floor on the opposite side of the ring from Raven. Water bounces off the near side where she dives through the ropes with a Suicide Dive to Raven! She lands on her feet where she slides back into the ring and runs across with another Suicide Dive through the ropes to Centurion!

” Dolly Waters is all over the place!”

” And she isn’t stopping!”

Dolly is back to her feet where she takes Centurion and hurls him into a Christmas Tree at ringside! Back in the ring we see Raven sliding into the ring where he starts to size up Corey for perhaps the Flight of the Raven! Out on the floor Dolly connects with the RUNNING WATERS! In the ring Corey works his way up to his feet, Raven comes forward looking to deliver the Flight of the Raven only to see Corey shove Raven forward into the ropes where Raven walks into Face Pain De-Lux!! Corey drops down making the cover.






Dolly rolls back into the ring helping Corey to his feet where their arms are raised in victory.

” Impressive showing at High Stakes for Corey Smith parlayed into a huge victory over James Raven here tonight. Safe to say that Mr. Smith has officially arrived!”

As the dust settles down over the absolute war we’ve all just witnessed, the crowd stirs up to a rousing applause.

Dolly Waters, battered and bloodied lies in the center of the ring totally gassed after putting forth possibly the most impressive performance of her entire career.

HHL: “Ladies and gentlemen, what we have all just witnessed is surreal. Dolly Waters, in her final time entering an XWF ring, has just put on the performance of a lifetime!”

Corey Smith, James Raven and Centurion, all bleeding, all slowly and deliriously stagger up to their feet, using the ropes for leverage. They all three gaze at one another, panting and trying to keep the blood from distorting their visions any further. In an instant they all seem to notice that Dolly is still on the mat at the same time.

Corey limps his way over to his teammate and struggles to pull her off from the canvass, but then James Raven kneels down and lends a hand, Centurion hobbles over to help as well. With all of them nearly falling over, the three exhausted men pull the teenage warrior up and help her to balance on her legs.Dolly’s head spins in a daze, and finally focuses as she’s able to stand on her own.

HHL: “An amazing show of respect for the hell that these four athletes just put themselves through!”

The crowd explodes with applause as Dolly turns and falls into Corey’s arms for a hug. Raven and Centurion each putting a hand on either of her shoulders. She trunks around and nods with a smile. James Raven smirks and offers a handshake, Dolly takes it and then extends one from herself to Centurion that he accepts with a smile.

The Prophecy leave to an applause, giving Smith and Waters the ring.

HHL: Paul Heyman, ladies and gentlemen. Former manager of Dolly Waters and current manager of the Universal Champion!

Paul comes on stage with Duke’s Universal title in hand and a microphone. He stops on stage soaking in the cheers from the capacity Venice crowd as Dolly looks on smiling.

”Ms. Waters, my dear…” Paul begins as he starts to make his way toward the ring. ”If you thought this was gonna go down without me,” he states as he makes his way down the entrance ramp.

”If you thought for a second, that he,” Heyman says as he climbs the steps and reaches the ring apron while pointing a thumb toward the entrance way. ”Having something to say to yooooouuuu… Then Ms. Waters…”

Paul enters the ring and is all smiles as he eyeballs his former client.

”You have it all wrong,” he says as Dolly gives him a hug. ”I’ve been in this business going on forty years, Ms. Waters and there’s no two people out of the gigantic list of names I have been an advocate for, that I cherish having managed more than you… and him.

“The two of you, Dolly, have given this old mouthpiece so much professional satisfaction that I can’t ever put it into the words that would justify my feelings for you personally.”

HHL: An emotional Paul Heyman!

PIP: Can’t say I saw that coming!

”Your friend is far better at warm gestures and displaying feelings than I ever could so with that in mind, Ms. Waters. Allow me to introduce to yooouuu…



The arena falls dark and quiet after the initial jovial fan reaction. Moments later, the X-Tron lights up.

[Image: JOs32c5.png]

The Revolution Prime theme hits the sound system for several seconds before Thaddeus Duke emerges from backstage. He stands on stage wearing a white Rev Prime hoodie with ‘WATERS’ in pink across the back of his shoulders. His tag title hangs casually in his hand. In his other, he carries a white garment. Ignoring the response from the crowd for the moment, he heads toward the ring. He slaps a few hands near the bottom of the ramp before rolling into the ring and gets to his feet.

Dolly stares at him, trying hard and failing to hold back her emotions. Thad on the other hand, lets his tears fall as he throws Dolly the white garment. She unrolls it and looks at it before smiling and quickly pulls the hoodie over her head. It’s a Rev Prime hoodie with the name ‘DUKE’ across the back of her shoulders in gold lettering.

She smiles at him before throwing her arms around him. He willingly returns the gesture. Moments later, Heyman hands Thad his mic.

”It really fuckin’ sucks that we never got together in this ring the way we were supposed to,” he begins. Dolly nods in agreement.

The crowd begins a “ONE MORE MATCH” chant causing both Thad and Dolly to smile while looking out at the crowd.

”I mean… we still are undefeated as a tag team. Just 1 and Oh, but undefeated nevertheless,” he jokes. ”Dolly i had to come out here and tell you that while I don’t at all agree with your decision to do this, I 100% support your decision.”

Thad points at Corey hanging out in the corner.

”Just like that man is my brother, you are every bit my sister and while you may not be here to share in our glories and help us overcome our failures, Dolly, there is always room for you if you ever change your mind.”

Thad takes his tag belt and lays it on Dolly’s shoulder.

”That was always our goal and I’ve never forgotten it. It’s something that should have been four years ago when we conceived Revolution Prime and I’ll always wonder now just how great we would have been as a tag team.”

Dolly steps forward and hugs Thad again before stepping back.

”That…” Thad says as he points to the Universal title resting in Paul’s hands. ”Never happens without you blazing the trail first.

“You made it acceptable, believable even, that a teenager can come into the XWF, still kick ass, still take names and become a champion. If not for you, there is no Thaddeus Duke debut at 17 years old. Without you doing it first, Dolly… Corey, Vita, even me… aren’t looked at as anything more than a bunch of kids jumping into the deep end of the pool.

“You proved them all wrong, and I won’t speak for Vita and I won’t speak for Corey, but Dolly… From the bottom of my heart… and its a deep one…

“Thank you… for everything. I love you.”

Corey and Thad join either side of Dolly Waters as her theme song hits the speakers, each of them raising one of her arms in the air. She raises her head back as tears begin to clear away the crimson stain from her face. Paul, Thad and Corey then all leave the ring together.

Dolly struggles her way to the top of the turnbuckle, closing her eyes and smelling the air. She looks out at the crowd one last time, places both sets of her fingertips on her lips and blowing kisses out to the crowd. The camera pans close to Dolly’s face as she smiles perhaps blogger then we’ve ever seen her smile before.

I love y’all! Thank you! I love y’all! Goodbye!

The scene fades out as we still hear the crowd chanting:


A single spotlight hits the stage as Fame on Fire’s cover of “Blinding Lights” begins its first few beats. As the band kicks in, Il Viadante hits the stage with her signature dab before skipping down the ramp to the beat of the song. She slaps hands with fans along the way before heading into the cage. She hops into every corner, climbing up the rope to play with the crowd a little more. When she’s finished, she starts to pace around the ring, stretching and getting her game face ready. She keeps checking the steel cage.

PIP: "We shall see how Betsy Granger goes tonight!"

Geri Vayden makes here way to the ring, and enters the ring through the steel cage door.

HEATHER: "This should be a good match,"

The cage door is locked.

PIP: "The only way to win this match is either submission or normal pin count. There's no way out of the cage. It has a roof on it."


- vs -

The bell rings, both competitors look at one another from their corners.

Suddenly Geri comes running out of her corner and heads towards Betsy, trying to catch her off guard, but she stops as Betsy becomes defensive. Geri walks up to Betsy and starts smiling, then laughing. Suddenly Betsy tries to slap Geri, but Geri blocks her, and grabs her hand, and pulls her straight behind her back in one quick move.

HEATHER: "Wow Geri is fast, good start."

Betsy tries to grab at Geri's hair, but Geri knows the situation oh too well, and keeps her head away from Betsy. She slams her elbow into the back of Betsy, and Betsy yells in pain. Geri turns Betsy towards the nears cage wall and sends her running to the wall, but Betsy stops, tries to compose herself and turns back around, and tries to hit Geri with a SEMI CIRCULAR KICK, but once again Geri blocks it.

Geri uses her elbow and thrusts it into the leg, and once again Betsy yells out in pain.

She jumps on Betsy and starts slapping her.

PIP: "Girl fight,"

Betsy tries to block the slaps but they are coming thick and fast, but she uses her weight to get Geri off of her. Betsy jumps to her feet, as does Geri, but this time Betsy manages to connect with a REVERSE ROUNDHOUSE KICK. Geri stumbles backward.

HEATHER: "That finally connected."

Betsy runs forwards, grabs Geri, and HEADBUTTS her, before grabbing her, and whipping her into the walls of the Steel Cage itself.

Geri tries turning around, but she is slapped several times by Betsy. Betsy then turns her around again and sends her back into the cage wall, and she is starting to get welts from the wall.

PIP: "This is not looking good for Geri. She started off strongly, but ever since Betsy got going it's been hard for her to counter,"

Betsy pulls Geri up by her hair and sends her to the ropes. She rebounds, and Betsy tries to hit her with a CLOTHESLINE, but Geri ducks underneath the attempted clothesline, and runs to the other side of the ring, and stops. Betsy turns around and waits for Geri to make a move but she doesn't.

Geri starts walking towards Betsy slowly. Betsy has enough of waiting and starts to run at Geri. Geri hits Betsy with a DROPKICK.

HEATHER: "What a kick by Geri, does this mean she's back in control? It only takes a mere mistake for that to happen."

Geri walks over to the downed Betsy, and pulls her up by the hair, and delivers a SUPLEX. She hits a second SUPLEX.

PIP: "It does indeed look like Geri is back in control, Pip."

Geri helps Betsy back to her feet, and sends her crashing into the Cage wall. Geri takes Betsy and runs her across the ring where she looks to throw her into the cage, Betsy counters and it’s Geri bouncing off the Cage and into Ich Muss Dich Brechen! Betsy makes the cover.






PC: "Unfortunately, XWF World Heavyweight Champion, Big D, couldn't be with us tonight............"

HHL: "More like he didn't WANT to be here.........."

PC: "Either way, Big D's not here tonight........................ BUT he was kind enough to send us video of his first ever endorsement as World Champion. In addition to endorsing this product, he also STARS IN THE COMMERCIAL!!!!!!"

HHL(sarcastically): "Oh boy, can't wait to see what sorts of shenanigans Big D is up to."

PC: "Me either!!! Roll the clip!"

The scene goes black for a moment before opening to the outside of a closed bathroom. We see Big D, dressed in full janitor garb including a plunger slung over his shoulder, waiting impatiently by the door.

Eventually, it opens up and a frail old man slowly trots on out with his walker, smiling at Big D as he passes him. D gives the man a fake smile before entering the bathroom............................ only to discover what has to be the most disgusting, shittiest toilet he's EVER seen!!!!!!

[Image: kJD2Dfn.jpg]

The camera cuts back outside the bathroom, as we hear Big D yelling about the mess from inside.

"Are you SERIOUS?!? What the hell is wrong with people?!?!?!?!?!?"

As the World Champion continues to yell incoherently, the old man blushes and holds his hand up to his mouth, making an 'ooops' gesture while a voice over of a young woman plays.

"Is your c-diff out of control?"

The scene changes to the same old man sitting in a nice recliner, reading a leather bound book while a much younger woman sits on a couch watching TV. After a few seconds, a child's voice can be heard yelling from off camera.

"Moooooooom! Grandpa pooped all over the floor, again!"

The young woman rolls her eyes and gives the old man an agitated look.

"Dad!!!!!!!! We just replaced the tile last week!"

Once again, the old man makes the same expression he did after messing up Big D's bathroom as the voice over speaks.

"Tired of ruining your family's beautiful floors? Try BIG DIFF!!!!!"

All of a sudden, we see a box of the product on a random picnic table outside, with Big D giving a big ole thumbs up on it.

"Big Diff is the only product proven to, not only control your c-diff, but possibly get rid of it altogether!!!!!"

The scene goes back to the living room, with the mother and grandfather looking much happier than before. The kid yells into the room from off camera, once again.

"Moooooooom, grandpa did it again!"

The woman shoots the old man a dirty look, but he shrugs and shows her the box of Big Diff.

"Wasn't ME, I use Big Diff!"

A younger man walks into the room, holding his stomach with a look of pain on his face.

"Mind if I use some of that?"

The grandpa looks from the young man to his daughter and starts laughing, before being joined by the rest of them.

The camera then cuts to Big D, once again, waiting impatiently to clean a bathroom. After a moment, the SAME old man walks out of it, causing Big D to roll his eyes as he walks by. D goes into the bathroom, ready for the worst, only to find a perfectly spotless toilet!!!! He smiles, nodding his head in approval as we go back to the old man, who gives the camera a thumbs up.

"Big Diff................. your friends and family will c the diff'!"

We cut back to Pip and Heather at commentary, both of them looking a bit bewildered.

HHL: "That commercial was certainly............... a commercial."

PC: "We better be watch out, with acting skills like that, Big D could leave us for Hollywood!"

HHL: "He was barely in it!"

PC: "Nevertheless, he was still the star! What a World Champion he is!"

HHL: "...............we'll be right back after some commercials that hopefully DON'T have any Big D cameos."

PC: "Coming up next, we've got the birthday boy in action in his homeland!"

HHL: "I don't know what's funnier, you referring to Italy as Gilly's 'homeland' or calling him a boy!"

PC: "Now, now, let's not be childish, Heather."

HHL: "Kind of hard to do when Gilly's around, his lack of maturity rubs off on people!"

As "These Two Boots of Mine" by The Bruisers begins to play, Griffin MacAlister emerges from the entrance, eyes set straight ahead. He marches to the ring without much attention or emotion shown towards the crowd, before climbing the steel steps, and taking his place within the ring.

The lights in the arena dim, then go to full black. We then see fire emiting from the ramp after a bell tolls a few times. We then hear "SUCK MY DICK" blast from the PA and the crows begins to go ape shit. "FUCK EVERYBODY" by Steel Panther begins to kick in as res strobe lights and lasers hit the stage. We see Peter Gilmour and his demon assassin Valerie Sky appear on the stage. They look around as Peter bobs his head to the music. As soon as the chorus kicks in we see Peter start singing into the camera saying, "EVERYBODY CAN SUCK MY DICK!" They head to the ring and then get in normally. Peter then throws his hands up in an "X" pose as fire and fireworks go off above the ring in the same manner. Peter looks at Valerie and smiles wickedly as they await the third and final participant.

Shawn Wylde tumbles into the ring from the rafters using a white curtain dancing technique. Once he lands, the Whyte Spyder runs to the corner and climbs the ropes where he raises both fists in the air and shouts "Woooh!"

HHL: "We've got quite the cast of characters here, but only one of them will leave Warfare with a victory."

PC: "And by one of them, you mean Gilly."

HHL: "Something tells me Gilly gets coal for his birthday, as well as Christmas."

PC: "Well, according to Trump, it IS one of the best natural resources we got!"

With all 3 men ready to go, the ref looks in the time keeper's direction and calls for the bell.



- vs -
- vs -

Peter Gilmour approaches his two opponents and tells them to "Suck his dick", causing them to look at one another for a moment, before turning back towards Gilly and hitting a Double Dropkick the catapults him through the ropes to the outside. Griffin takes a few steps forward and points over the top rope to Peter, giving him a few choices words. This allows Shawn Wylde to catch MacAlister off guard with a Schoolboy.


HHL: "That's exactly what you gotta do in this type of match!"

PC: "Team on Gilly? On his birthday?!? Unless it's two women, that's just sick, Heather! How would you like to get double teamed on YOUR birthday???........................ you know what, don't answer that!"

HHL: "Wasn't planning to."

As Griffin McAlister gets up, he reaches into his boot and pulls out the K-Bar he stores in it out, which he swings at Wylde. Fortunately, the Whyte Spyder is able to duck under it and run to the ropes, hitting MacAlister with a Hurricanranna on the rebound that sends him to the outside. As Griffin flies through the ropes, Gilly's right there to thrust his package into The Mechanic's face before he hits the floor.

PC: "Gilly just about took MacAlister's head off with his dick!!!"

HHL: "I don't envy Griffin one bit."

Peter Gilmour drags MacAlister to his feet but, before he has the chance to do anything, Shawn Wylde drops them BOTH with a Shooting Star Press off the top rope as the fans cheer the early fast paced action.

HHL: "That's one of the Whyte Spyder's signature moves, if he can get one of them back in the ring, it could be all over."

PC: "Yeah right! Gilly AND Macalister are both decorated Champions, it's gonna take more than a simple Shooting Star Press to keep THEM down!"

HHL: "Well, if it's so simple, why don't you do one right now?"

PC: "Because I have a job to do, Heather! Why don't you ask me after the show?"

Wylde rolls Gilly into the ring and follows him close behind with a cover.


PC: "Told you!"

Shawn Wylde brings Gilmour to his feet and tries to Irish Whip him to the ropes, but Gilly reverses it. On the way back, Wylde ducks a Clothesline attempt from Peter and goes to bounce off the opposite side, but Griffin MacAlister hits him in the back with a steel chair from the outside. The Whyte Spyder stumbles forward as he grabs his lower back, allowing Gilmour to land a Gilly Cutter!!!!!! Before he can pin him, though, Griffin grabs Wylde by the leg and drags him under the bottom rope, preventing a pin.

HHL: "Smart move by The Mechanic!"

An irritated Gilly motions for Griffin to join him in the ring, which he happily does..................... but not without the chair! MacAlister swings it at Gilmour who, just barely, avoids contact with it by the skin of his teeth. The Mechanic takes another shot at Peter who, once again, is able to duck it, backing up against the ropes. Griffin swings the chair one last time, but Gilly dives out of the way, causing the chair to spring off the top rope into MacAlister's face, dropping him. This allows Gilmour to crawl over and hook a leg for the cover.

Shawn Wylde breaks up the pin with a standing Elbow Drop!!!!!!!!

HHL: "It's a good thing he was there because it looked like Griffin's lights were out!"

PC: "Good thing?!? You don't sound very objective!"

HHL: "Says the guy blatantly cheering for Gilly..............."

PC: "I'm not CHEERING for him, I just want him to have a Happy Birthday!!!"

Immediately after breaking up the pin, Wylde grabs Gilly and throws him out of the ring, before covering MacAlister himself.

Peter Gilmour reaches in and pulls Shawn Wylde out of the ring!!!! He connects with a couple rights before tossing Wylde into the barricade. With one of his opponents down, Gilly turns his attention back to the other one, climbing up onto the apron. Before he can climb in, however, Griffin MacAlister Suicide Dives through the ropes, flinging himself AND Peter into the barricade where they lay in a pile on top of the Whyte Spyder.

HHL: "This one's been the equivalent of a car wreck, so far!"

PC: "I don't understand why they couldn't just present Gilly with a cake and lay down for him! What kind of birthday is this?!?!"

HHL: "One with some decent entertainment."

PC: "Bahumbug!"

Griffin's the first one to stir, as he slowly makes it to his feet and heads over to the ring, where he begins searching underneath it.

HHL: "Maybe there's a cake for Gilly under there."

MacAlister comes back up with a Kendo Stick as Pip groans.

PC: "That doesn't LOOK like a cake!!!!!"

HHL: "Maybe it's one of those ones that's shaped like something else."

Griffin approaches his opponents and cracks Wylde across the chest with it.

HHL: "Guess not."

MacAlister turns towards Peter and swings the Kendo Stick in his direction, but Gilly's able to roll out of the way, causing The Mechanic to break his weapon in half on the barricade. He then turns towards Gilmour, who goes for a Yakuza Kick, but MacAlister steps out of the way and drives the sharp, broken Kendo Stick right into Gilly's chest!

PC: "Oh my God, Griffin MacAlister just stabbed Gilly!!!!!!!!"

HHL: "As someone who doesn't like the guy, I gotta admit that IS a little concerning."

As Peter Gilmour watches on in horror, blood gushing from his chest, Shawn Wylde runs up behind Griffin and goes for a Dropkick. However, The Mechanic is able to side step him, causing the Whyte Spyder to drive the wooden stake further into Peter's chest, causing him to collapse. MacAlister is so shocked by what just happened, it allows Shawn Wylde to connect with a Spinning Heel Kick that drops Griffin. Seeing Gilly completely incapacitated, Shawn picks him up and rolls him into the ring, laying across him to a bloody mess of a cover.


Winner- Shawn Wylde via pinfall

Wylde immediately gets off of Gilly, not looking too thrilled about pinning a seriously injured wrestler. Nonetheless, he half celebrates his way up the aisle as the fans congratulate him.

HHL: "Not the prettiest win in the world, but a win nonetheless."

PC: "Who cares?!? There's a man bleeding to death in the middle of the ring and nobody seems to give a damn!!!!"

The referee checks on Gilly, before frantically tossing up an X. Valeria watches from ringside, bawling her eyes out, as a medical crew rushes in and begins working on Gilmour.

HHL: "This doesn't look good, Pip."

PC: "This is NOT how Gilly wanted to spend his birthday........."

After doing all that they could, one of the crew members declares Gilly dead as the fans gasp in shock.

PC: "Gilly's DEAD?!?!?!?"

HHL: "Don't be sad, Pip, maybe his Super Dick survived..............."

A different crewman announces the "Dick's gone, too".

HHL: "Nevermind."

After a well fought match, Shawn Wylde is leaning in the corner, breathing heavily. Tommy Romeo makes his way up the steps and into the ring to talk with Shawn. He’s leans on his cane carefully as he climbs the steps but leaves it on the apron as he enters the ring and approaches Shawn . Romeo pats Wylde on the back and they look to make their way out of the ring together.

Lights in the Sky by Les Claypool suddenly hits and Marf begins to march to the ring. Tommy Romeo and Shawn Wylde both look over in shock and a tired looking Wylde steps in front of Romeo. Telling Tommy to stay behind him as they watch Marf storm to the ring.

Heather: What is Marf doing?

Pip: I don’t know but he looks focused on Romeo and Wylde...

The fans boo the arrival of Marf who ignores them, focusing entirely on Shawn Wylde. Romeo grabs a mic and struts to the corner retrieving his cane. Marf slides into the ring and gets right into Wylde’s face.

Romeo: Marf hold on a second, why are you here?

Marf brandishes his own mic and turns to look over at Romeo. He gives him a nod and a smirk before speaking.

Marf: You saw what I did at High Stakes to your boy here right?

Romeo: Sure...what does that have to do with you coming out here now?

Marf and Shawn Wylde are almost nose to nose while Romeo is behind Wylde bracing for a fight. Marf raises the mic slowly back up to speak.

Marf: So I think you know why I’m here...

Wylde raises his hands in defense while Marf drops the mic at their feet.

Heather: Uh oh this is about to explode!

Pip: Marf has decided he isn’t done with Wylde!

Marf rears back for a moment and then looks like he’s about to throw a haymaker. Instead he just puts out his arm for a handshake. Romeo starts laughing. They all start shaking hands while the fans have a mixed reaction of shock.

Heather: What the hell??

Pip: Did Marf just join RMI!?

Tommy raises the mic to his mouth to address the stunned crowd.

Romeo: Ladies and Gentleman RMI is proud to announce yet another addition to our growing list of talent. This announcement here tonight in beautiful Venice Italy is just the first of many to follow. Romeo Management Inc is all inclusive, we dont hold grudges, We are a family, and we look out for each other.


Now Marf signed with me last week but we decided to announce it here tonight in front of the people of Italy, because who doesnt love a surprise right? Baphomet, I know you’re listening we are growing.... and we will put you in your place. Keep to the shadows because only Superstars belong in the Spotlight.

Tommy Romeo raises Marf’s arm in the air while Shawn Wylde applauds. The crowd starts buzzing as Lycana and Ash Quinn slide into the ring without warning. Geri Vayden also slides in and the three of them stand to face off with Romeo, Wylde and Marf. Romeo backs up behind Marf and Wylde. The crowd gets restless at the potential war brewing.

Marf looks over to Wylde and they nod to each other before turning to face the three powerful women. Wylde steps forward when Marf grabs his arm and turns him around, nearly decapitating him with a vicious clothesline. Romeo looks shocked while the Baphomet slides into the ring behind Romeo.

Heather: What the hell???

Pip: I don’t think Marf is joining RMI.../color]

Romeo leans on his cane to turn and leave but Baphomet kicks the cane and Romeo drops to the mat. Marf, now staring at Baphomet, raises his left hand high into the air. Romeo sees Marf put up the left hand and his eyes go wide in shock. He shakes his head in disbelief. Shawn Wylde gets up and goes for Marf but Ash, Geri and Lycana immediately attack him. Romeo yells for them to stop but this does nothing of course. Lycana pulls Wylde to his feet and hits The Curse, a double wrist lock suplex.

[color=red]Heather: Oh this is getting bad for RMI...

Pip: Where is the rest of Romeo’s people he’s signed?

Wylde rolls over in pain and tries to pull himself up with the ropes. Ash races over and hits Angel Eyes, drilling Wylde and sending him stumbling backwards. Geri lines him up and delivers a sharp super kick to take him down. Wylde hits the mat as the three ladies surround him and now grab hold of the beaten Wylde so he can’t do anything but watch.

Marf: Oh Tommy boy, you really thought I was signing with you didn’t ya? Bet you didn’t see this coming, did ya!? You were so confident I was about to be another cog in the sad sack circle that is RMI...and look where that’s gotten you!

You actually believed someone as connected to darkness as myself would want to be on your side, that’s a mixture of pathetic and funny. You’re almost as delusional as the trash you’ve already tricked into signing with you. Between those morons in Bob that pretend to know anything about evil to the loudmouth blonde that actually thought Ash wasn’t going to get to her, you’re all too fake for me. A storm is brewing and you’re in no way prepared for it. None of you!

The Left Hand is already busy writing the destinies of everyone, yourselves included. We are the future now. And we’re the real family here. Tell me, where’s the rest of yours, Romeo? Here you are in trouble and nobody is saving you. Now why would I want to join a so-called team like that? All of you are only selfishly concerned about yourselves, you can’t even have one another’s back. And speaking of backs...

Marf turns his attention to Shawn Wylde now who is struggling to get free but is no match for Ash, Geri and Lycana. Marf sits down in front of Wylde while Baphomet holds onto Romeo. Marf pats Wylde on the head while he sneers back in anger and frustration.

Marf: It’s a shame you didn’t bring precious Renee out for this...but that’s okay. I want to share something with you. I’ve been keeping a close eye on her ever since Tommy boy gave me a tour of the headquarters last week. You guys should really be more careful who you invite to play...

Heather: I really don’t like where this going...

Pip: Looks like Shawn and Tommy don’t like it either!

[Image: 1]

Marf: Ahhhh here we are! It was surprisingly easy to chill in the lot across the street! You should really get some security or something Tommy...

[Image: 2]

Marf: Ooo, there she is! The stunning Renee! She’s very photogenic wouldn’t ya say?

Wylde begins struggling wildly now but Lycana cracks an elbow across his jaw before grabbing hold of him again. Romeo yells at Marf to stop. Marf looks over at him and laughs before turning back to Wylde and pointing at the screen.

[Image: 3]

Marf: Yeah she sure turns heads. Funny enough she actually passed by me without realizing it was me just before I got this shot. Glad she didn’t, I enjoy these candid pictures, really captures her overall lure...she pulled me right in, so it only made sense to track her...

[Image: 4]

Heather: Oh my god...

Pip: Uhh, someone should stop this!

Marf: That’s right, I know exactly where your precious Renee lives. She’s not safe anymore. None of you are. And that’s my point. The Left Hand is going to change everything and anyone in our way will be destroyed. That includes every fool linked to Romeo Management...

Baphomet drags Romeo to his feet and shoves him into Marf. Wylde screams from the mat for them to stop but Marf just starts laughing out of control. He set up Romeo and hits the Sway, dropping Romeo on his head with the vicious Canadian destroyer. The fans are booing wildly while Marf slowly gets up, still laughing like a lunatic.

Baphomet nods to the other three and they let Wylde go. He immediately gets to his feet and goes for Marf who has turned his back to him. Baphomet steps in front of Marf and catches Wylde by the throat. He nails The Left Hand Path, a brutal left handed choke slam. Marf once again raises his left hand and so does Geri, Ash, Lycana and Baphomet.

Heather: These guys are really starting to build serious momentum.

Pip: The Left Hand is taking over XWF!

Pip can be heard crying, along with the 2 or 3 Gilmour fans in the crowd as the camera goes to commercial.


- vs -


” The unlikely team of Barney Green and Chris Page are set to take on the debuting Savannah Knightly and her partner Liam Roberts.

Page and Green walk out towards the center of the ring as Knightly and Roberts talk over some last minute strategy before walking out towards the center of the ring. Savannah Knightly, sorely outmatched by the larger competitors stands opposite Page which garners a smirk from CCP while Liam and Barney are paired off.

Savannah not taking kindly to Page slaps him across the face to a decent pop from the crowd and her movement garners Green and Roberts to start throwing shots. Page seems shocked at Knightly who stares up at him as he looks down and starts shaking his head before driving a knee and upper thigh into her midsection. Page snatches Knightly and hurls her back into a neutral corner before starting to kick away at the midsection while across the ring Barney takes Liam back into the ropes with a chokehold!

The referee makes his way over to Green and starts laying the count to him while across the ring Page continues to stomp Knightly down into the mat before throwing rapid kicks to her upper chest! Barney releases his choke on Liam before shooting him across the ring, Liam bounces off the ropes as Barney ducks his head for a back body drop that Liam counters with a swinging neck breaker!

Page comes out of the corner where he chops Liam across the chest as he gets back to his feet.

” Tornado Tag Rules means all four of these competitors are in the ring at the same time. Poor Knightly, not the way she wanted to debut.”

Page laces Roberts across the chest with a second chop only to see Liam fire right back at the Legend with a right hand, followed by a second and then a third before running towards the ropes where he looks for a springboard cross body block!

Page catches Roberts in midair!

Chris starts to spin around with Roberts in his arms and as he turns Savannah leaps off the middle ropes delivering a missile dropkick to the back of Roberts that sends Page crashing down to the mat with Liam on top of him!




Page kicks out. Barney is back to his feet where looks for a running double clothesline to both Roberts and Knightly, they both duck and Barney is sent bouncing off the ropes and into a double flap jack from Liam and Savannah driving Barney down into the canvass!

Liam and Savannah are back to their feet as we see Chris getting back up as well by the ropes, Liam and Savannah charge towards Page sending him over the top rope and out to the floor with a clothesline before turning their attention back towards Barney as they start to stomp away at him while he’s down.

” Roberts and Knightly are dividing and conquering!”

Knightly drops down making a cover on Barney!




Barney kicks out to a huge pop from the crowd. Savannah reaches down picking Barney up off the mat where she holds him by both arms as Liam runs towards the ropes and as he bounces off them Page reaches under the bottom rope yanking both feet out from under Roberts causing him to fall forward on to his face before Page yanks him out to the floor under the ropes.

Barney breaks free of the grasp from Knightly and as he turns around she swings at him which he catches her arm before taking a front waist lock where he gives a nice hip gyration before planting her into the mat with a belly to belly suplex! Out on the floor Page bounces Liam head first off the ring steps!!

Barney is back to his feet where he bounces off the ropes looking to deliver a splash only to see Savannah roll out of harm’s way at the last second which sends Barney crashing down into the mat! Knightly is back to her feet where she connects with a shinning wizard to Green! Savannah makes another cover.




Chris Page makes the save at the final moment for his team as he yanks Savannah off the cover!

” Knightly and Roberts luck might have just run out.”

Page yanks Knightly up to her feet by the hair before snatching her forward into a front waist lock where he delivers an overhead belly to belly suplex! Knightly rolls out to the floor as Roberts slides back into the ring where he beats Page to his feet and charges towards him, Page ducks a running clothesline sending Roberts bouncing off the ropes and into a Spinbuster Slam!

Page pops back up to his feet to a huge mixed ovation from the crowd.

He sizes Liam up as we see Roberts roll over on to his stomach and pushing himself up off the mat. Chris stalks Liam and as he stands to a vertical base Page comes forward with a boot to the midsection that doubles him over and delivers the PAGE PLANT!

” This one is academic.”

Page roll Roberts over on to his back and hesitates to make the cover. He looks over at Barney who is back to one knee as he clutches the side of his head. Page nods towards Barney who crawls over making the cover on Roberts.






Page reaches down helping Barney back up to his feet where he raises his arm with his right hand and points at Barney with his left.

” Chronic Pain leaves Christmas Chaos with their arms raised in victory.”

” Roberts and Knightly had a good showing but good isn’t going to get it done when you’re dealing with two accomplished vets like Page and Green.”

Chris lowers his arm as he has a few words for Barney that culminates with a handshake between the two as Page then exits the ring giving Barney center stage. Barney throws his arms up in the air to a thunderous ovation from the crowd.

” Page giving the ring to Barney is something I never thought I’d see.”

” At times he can be a class act.”

The Green Machine continues to celebrate as we fade backstage.

The cameras fade backstage on a locker room door, clearly labeled: SMITH / WATERS causing a raucous response from the Venice crowd.

HHL: Corey Smith and Dolly Waters, later on tonight in tag team action!

Suddenly Thaddeus Duke, wearing his Universal title around his waist, and his tag team title around him resting above the Uni, and carrying a crimson colored velour fabric sack, steps into the frame causing an insta-pop reaction from the crowd in the arena. He stares off down the hallway with a bit of a glazed over look in his eyes. Paul Heyman steps into view, facing Thad. Thad eyeballs the placard on the door, and turns back to Paul.

”You comin’ in? To say hi?”

Paul looks at the placard too, then back at Thad.

”I’ll let you two catch up, I have a meeting with Derrick in a couple minutes anyway,” he says to Thad as he smacks him in the shoulder and begins to turn away. ”You two…” Paul begins as he turns to face Thad once more. ”What could’ve been…” Thad nods in agreement and Paul waddles off down the hallway.

Thad meanwhile, turns his head toward the door and takes a deep breath.

HHL: He looks nervous!

PIP: My information tells me that Dolly Waters and Thaddeus Duke, once collectively known as Revolution Prime, haven’t seen each other in at least two years!

After wiping a tear from his eye and without knocking, Thad throws open the locker room door. Corey and Dolly look at him from their places in a couple of chairs, presumably going over their strategy.

”Champ!” Corey says with a smile.

”Hey,” Thad says as he eyeballs Corey, but quickly returns his gaze to his other bestie. ”Dolly…” he says and…

”THAD!” she shrieked excitedly as she burst from her chair and nearly tackled him with a hug.

”You ready for tonight?” Corey asks, but Thad doesn’t pay any attention to him.

”My god look at you!” Thad says to Dolly. ”You look fuckin’ happy!”

”What the hell? Am I invisible here!?”

”I’ll get to you in a minute, stop being so damn needy you sexy mother fucker!”

”I’m not needy,”Corey mumbles to himself petulantly. And then, he looks at the camera, points to himself and mouths “Am I?”

Thad grabs a chair and takes a seat beside Dolly after peeling off his titles and laying them on the floor beside him.

”So, you’re really gonna do it, huh?” Thad asks Dolly.

She peers up at her old friend with a faint, yet warm smile,

”It’s time.”

”Dolly, do you want strippers at your retirement party?”

Thad smacks Corey on the shoulder. ”Wrong kind of party, asshole.”

After shortly conversing with Dolly and shunning Corey, Thad gets up and picks up the crimson colored bag and his chair, then sits beside Corey. He hands Corey the bag.

”I love gifts!” Corey says as he opens the bag and pulls out a tag team title belt.

”What’s this?”

”What does it look like?”

Corey looks at it, confused, until the metaphorical light bulb finally clicks on. ”Ohhh nooooo….”

”Oh YES! Freebird rules, baby! There isn’t anybody else I’d trust more to help me defend these titles.”

”Well! Consider my feelings to be REALLY hurt now.”

She jokingly quips.

”Hey, no one is asking you to retire, Dolly!”

”Doesn’t seem like you’re really asking Corey about defending the straps with you either.”

”Since when did friends need to be asked?”

Corey picks it up, puffing out an overwhelmed burst of air. ”But me and Doc….?”

”You can make it work.”

”I kinda hate his creepy ass.”

”Plenty of great tag teams have overcome internal tensions and still been a success.”

”Name one.”

”Ummm Thaddeus Duke and Doc D’Ville comes to mind,” Thad states facetiously.

Corey stares at him stone faced.

”Okay, fine. Think of it as you watching my back. You said you don’t trust Doc, right? Well, neither do I so here’s your chance to be eyes on.”

Corey quirks his head, his expression looking somewhat more agreeable. ”It’s a decent point.”

”Dolly I could’ve had one made for you too, but you gotta be “you” and not wanna come play with your friends.” Thad says jokingly.

”Yeah I’m good,” she returns a smile. ”Where is Doc anyway?”

”I dunno, I haven’t even seen him since High Stakes. It’s not like we hang out and go golfing or anything.”

Corey pulls out his cell. ”Guys, one more for old times sake?” Corey asks as he loads up his camera.

”Sure why not?”

”One more for the road huh?”

The trio of besties snap a group selfie and lean in towards Corey to see the result. The three of them fall entirely silent for a few moments. Simultaneously, the three of them turn to look behind them to see Doctor D’Ville standing there wearing a Santa hat.

”Did I interrupt something?” he asks with his familiar grin.

”Do you always have to be so creepy?”

”I think it’s cute. Text it to me.”

Corey sneers. ”I’m not leaving you any cookies.”

HHL: "Coming up, we've got our first of TWO Title matches; as 'Notorious' Ned Kaye defends his Hart Championship against the former 2x Television Champion, Thunder Knuckes."

PC: "*sighs*"

HHL: "What's the matter, Pip?"

PC: "Gee, I don't know............... maybe the fact we could've gotten something better than a SINGLES Match for the Hart Championship. Ned could've given us something special for Christmas, but instead chose the basic bitch route. Ned's probably the type of guy who only has missionary sex!"

HHL: "I don't think he HAS sex, Pip."

PC: "Well, maybe he should! It could open his eyes up to a whole new world of match stipulations!"

Twenty midgets with sparkers in both hands held as high as their little arms can reach, line both sides of the entrance ramp. The sparkers ignite as Thunder Knuckles walks past them. Once TK's down to the ring, he rolls under the bottom rope and, in one movement, pops up to his feet. With his back turned towards the camera, he raises his right fist in defiance. As soon as his fist goes up, counterfeit xbux with Thunder Knuckles' face on them fall onto the crowd.

HHL: "We're lucky to even HAVE this Title Match, as TK was originally gonna boycott it due to an owed payment from Smokin' Bob."

PC: "Thanks for paying him, Ned, now I gotta sit through this snoozer."

HHL: "Ned's a competitor, he doesn't want to win a match by forfeit."

PC: "Sounds more like a chump than a champ, to me!"

The entire stadium goes black as "Burning Bright(Field on Fire)" by Nine Inch Nails begins to play. Slowly, the X-Tron begins to show scarce, glowing embers, the light of each one illuminating smoke growing at the entrance of the ramp. As the song continues, more embers are seen until a large fire is displayed on the screen. The ramp then glows Ned's famous blue, revealing a silhouette in the smoke. Slowly stepping from the fog is none other than "Notorious" Ned Kaye, Hart Championship over his shoulder.

HHL: "And here comes the Hart Champion!"

Ned stops for a moment, calming himself in front of the clamoring crowd. He lifts his Title into the air, eyeing the stands to watch the many audience members who follow suit. With a single smile, he puts the belt back over his shoulder and rushes towards the ring, slipping in from under the bottom rope and picking himself up immediately.

PC: "While I can admit, Ned's win at High Stakes was a big one, he may have an even bigger challenge ahead of him in Thunder Knuckles!"

HHL: "I can't disagree with you there, TK's got quite the resume for someone who came here off the streets, including pinning Chris Page!"

PC: "He's certainly made a bigger impact than Ned, that's for sure!"

HHL: "You might be singing a different tune once this one's said and done."

PC: "Doubtful."

Ned and TK lock eyes from across the ring, as the Hart Champion hands his belt over to the referee. He holds it in the air and gives each of them the opportunity to touch it, before taking it over to the time keeper and calling for the bell.


- vs -

Both men meet in the center of the ring, where Thunder Knuckles challenges Ned to a Test of Strength. The Hart Champion is hesitant at first, but eventually greets TK's hands with his own, immediately getting overpowered by the former TV Champion. Thunder Knuckles slowly begins to bend his opponent backwards, to the point where the top of his head is resting on the mat, as the crowd watches on in awe.

PC: "This is exactly what Ned gets for thinking he could out-wrestle TK!"

As the fans cheer him on, Ned starts to come back up, straightening himself from the bent position as TK shakes his head in defiance. With his opponent nearly upright, Thunder Knuckles Kicks him in the gut, breaking the hold as a chorus of boos reign down upon him. He runs to the ropes and back, but Ned's right there with a Dropkick that knocks him off his feet. TK immediately rolls out of the ring and begins making his way up the aisle as the fans boo.

PC: "Can't say I blame him, wish Icould leave, too!"

HHL: "Ned paid him to show up, apparently that was good enough for TK!"

As Thunder Knuckles heads for the exit, Ned slides out of the ring and rushes in his direction. Before he can grab his opponent, however, TK notices Kaye on the X-Tron and turns around, dropping him with a Superkick out of nowhere. The boos grow louder as the former TV Champion laughs, pointing as his noggin as he does so.

HHL: "Looks like it was a trick!"

PC: "A good one, too."

Thunder Knuckles brings Ned to his feet and smashes his head against the barricade. He then leads the Notorious One back to the ring, where he rolls him in and follows close behind with a cover.


Thunder Knuckles drags his opponent to his feet and gets behind him, where he locks in a Full Nelson submission hold. TK violently swings Ned from side to side, but the Champion is able to take a few steps forward towards the ropes. Before he can reach out for them, though, Thunder Knuckles lifts him up and Slams him down to the mat.

PC: "TK learned alot of his moves by pure observation. He knew Ned was gonna get to the ropes, so he turned his Full Nelson submission hold into a Full Nelson SLAM! Genius!!!"

Thunder Knuckles waits for Ned to make his way back up, before running to the ropes and bouncing back with a Running Knee. The Notorious One manages to bring his head up in time, causing TK to rebound off the opposite side into a Spinning Heel Kick by the Champion. Knuckles pops back up at the same time Ned does, only to get tossed back to the mat with an Arm Drag. A dizzy TK stumbles to his feet, once more, but immediately gets his feet swept out from under him by his opponent.

HHL: "Looks like Ned found some offense, how exciting is THAT, Pip?"

PC: "*yawn* If I wanted to see Legsweeps, I'd watch the Karate Kid."

HHL: "I hope you mean the original."

PC: "I don't."

With the crowd behind him, Ned Kaye climbs out onto the apron and waits for Thunder Knuckles to stand up. Once he does, Ned pulls on the top rope and uses the momentum to cartwheel over, wrapping his legs around TK's neck in a Headscissors. However, Thunder Knuckles is able to grab onto his opponent's legs, preventing him from finishing the move. TK then wraps his right arm around the heel of Ned and DDTs his foot into the mat as everyone watches on in shock.

PC: "Thunder Knuckles just reversed The Disciplinary Action into a Thunder Strike! Ned can kiss his Title goodbye, now!"

HHL: "TK's got the cover, it could be all over!"

Ned grabs the bottom rope, causing the ref to break the count!!!!!!!!

HHL: "Great ring awareness by the Hart Champion!"

PC: "It was okay ring awareness; most wrestlers know where the ropes are located."

HHL: "For a moment, you sounded pretty excited for this match!"

PC: "Eh."

Thunder Knuckles begins stomping the hell out of Ned, before eventually dragging him to his feet and whipping him into the corner. He runs after Ned, who holds up a Boot, but TK is able to stop before colliding with it, grabbing his opponent's foot and using it to leverage him up into a Scoop Slam. Rather than tossing him to the mat, Thunder Knuckles sets Ned upside down in a Tree of Woe and proceeds to stomp him some more.

PC: "Now THIS is entertainment!"

HHL: "Are you seriously that mad at Ned?"

PC: "I wanted a Red Rider BB Gun for Christmas, and he gave me a bunny suit; YES I'm pissed!"

After about a dozen stomps, Thunder Knuckles backs against the opposite corner and slaps each of his knees, a cocky look on his face. He then charges at his opponent and lunges at him; but at the very last second, Ned is able to pull himself up onto the top turnbuckle, causing TK's knees to collide with the middle one. The challenger crumbles to the mat and grabs at his legs, as Ned slowly recuperates and turns himself so he's facing his opponent.

HHL: "Thunder Knuckles is about to have his ego crushed!"

PC: "I don't know if TK can even stand but, at this point, that'd be a blessing for him!"

Thunder Knuckles struggles to make it to his feet before the ten count, but manages to do so, nonetheless. He then turns around as Ned jumps off the top rope and greets him with a Hurricanranna. Upon impact, the Notorious One keeps his legs wrapped tightly around his opponent's neck, as the ref checks on TK's status.

HHL: "Thunder Knuckles might not have any choice but to tap!"

PC: "What a tease! If Ned wanted to win THIS way, he should've made it a Submission Match!"

HHL: "Did.............. did you just call Ned a tease???"

PC: "What?!? No................ I said 'oh please!"

Ned continues to apply pressure on TK, who refuses to quit. His arms flail all around, trying desperately to find the ropes, unfortunately, to no avail. Just when it looks like he's starting to fade, though, Thunder Knuckles manages to roll Ned onto his shoulders and hold him down for a pin.


PC: "Quick thinking by TK almost won him the Title!"

HHL: "That's the thing about submission holds, sometimes the user is so focused on making their opponent tap, they leave themselves vulnerable!"

Ned and TK both make it to their feet about the same time, with Thunder Knuckles a slight step ahead of his opponent. TK heads in Ned's direction, only to get rocked by a Notorious Knee out of nowhere! Kaye sizes the challenger up for another one but Knuckles steps aside, sneaking behind Ned and locking in the X-Bux Dream!!!!

PC: "Tap out, Ned, come on! Give the belt to someone more exciting!"

HHL: "Will you knock it off?"

The Notorious One struggles to fight out of the hold, to no avail. He does his best to reach for the ropes, but TK manages to keep him JUST out of reach. Ned eyes the corner and slowly takes a step in it's direction, followed by another one. Thunder Knuckles gets more violent with the hold, but it only allows Kaye to bring them a bit closer. Nearing the point of no return, Ned makes a last ditch effort by sticking out his foot and stepping onto the second turnbuckle. The ref orders TK to break the hold, but he refuses!!!!

PC: "I take back everything I said, this IS quite a match!!!!!"

With the referee giving Thunder Knuckles a 5 count, Ned manages to get his other foot onto the same turnbuckle and push off of it. This knocks both men backwards, allowing for Ned to pin TK's shoulders to the mat despite still being in the submission hold!!!!!!


Winner and STILL XWF Hart Champion- "Notorious" Ned Kaye

PC: "Noooooo!!!!!!!"

HHL: "You're right, Pip, that WAS quite a match!"

PC: "TK should've left when he had the chance!"

The referee forces Thunder Knuckles to break the hold, causing Ned to sprawl out on the mat and put his arms in the air. The ref heads over, grabs the Hart Championship, and hands it to Kaye, who holds it up, an exhausted look on his face.

HHL: "Ned just showed the world his win against Robbie wasn't a fluke; that he deserves that Title!"

PC: "Yeah, yeah, he won his first defense, big whoop! Let's see how he handles the competition down the line."

HHL: "I'm sure he'll handle it the same way he did tonight................ like a Champion."

PC: "We'll see."

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -

” There’s certainly no love lost between Chaos and Duke, this thing goes back to Relentless.”

” And on that night Thad left with the victory. There are over forty thousand people here tonight that think he is going to do it again.”

The crowd is on fire as Thaddeus and Chaos stare across the ring from each other as the roar from the crowd is heard surrounding them.

” It’s all led to here and now… The Universal Title is on the line and one of these two will have to say the words “I Quit”.”

Chaos and Thad walk out towards the center of the ring where they meet and instantly start throwing right hands! Thad lands, Chaos lands, Thad lands, Chaos lands, Thad lands, Chaos thumbs the eye before chopping Duke across the chest before taking Thad and running him towards the ropes where he hurls him out to the floor through the ropes and at the feet of Kaye who sits with a watchful eye.

Chaos slides out to the floor where he tosses the ring apron back and pulls out a chair.

” It certainly hasn’t taken long for weapons to be introduced into this thing.”

Chaos has Thad in his sights as we see the Universal Champion getting to his feet as Chaos come forward swinging the chair and cracking it across Thad’s back giving off an echo throughout the Stadium and sends Duke dropping to all fours. Chaos follows up with a second shot across the spine as Chris is shown sliding the chair into the ring before turning his attention towards Ned and gives him a middle finger.

Chaos redirects towards Duke where he picks him up off the floor talking some shit in the process. He drives Thad lower back first into the ring apron before shooting him back into the ring. Chaos slides in after Duke where he pushes himself up to his feet garnering loud boos from the crowd.

” Chaos can give two shits if you like him or you don’t and tonight he’s come to Warfare to capture what he feels will cement himself as a top player in the XWF.”

” Doesn’t he already think that, I’m sure he’ll tell and take credit for everything that doesn’t pertain to him.”

Chaos walks over to the chair where he picks it up off the mat. Thaddeus is working his way back to his feet and as he stands up Chaos comes forward swinging for the fences! Thaddeus ducks the shot before driving a quick boot to the midsection of the challenger! Chaos drops the chair before being planted into the mat with a spike DDT from the Champion!

The referee walks over and kneels down with the microphone.

“Do you quit?”

Chaos shoves the microphone away from his face as we see Thaddeus getting to his feet where he comes forward picking Chaos up off the mat. He laces Chris with a knife edge chop across the chest before following up with a hard right hand. Duke takes the challenger back into the ropes , Thad starts choking away at Chaos with both hands across his throat!

” The mean streak that rests inside the new Universal Champion is going to be on firm display!”

Thad continues his choke before he sends Chaos across the ring, Chris bounces off the near side where he ducks under a clothesline from the Champ, Chaos bounces off the far side as we see Duke spin around and drop down on to his chest, Chaos leaps over Duke once again shooting off the near side as Duke pops back up to his feet where he leap frogs over Chaos sending him back off the far side and into a Japanese arm drag takeover by Thad!

Thad nips back up to his feet where he waits for Chaos before delivering an inverted atomic drop!

Chaos backs up into the ropes for the Champion to charge forward clotheslining him over the top rope and out to the floor in front of the announcers table. Duke rolls out to the floor spouting out towards Chaos as he comes forward kicking him in the sternum. Duke picks the challenger up off the floor before driving him head first into the announcers table!

” They’re right out in front of us!”

Thad drives Chaos head first off the announcers table a second time before he starts to clear it.

” Time to bail!”

Headsets dropping can be heard as Heather and Pip get out of the danger zone while Thad finishes clearing off the table top. Thad turns towards Chaos picking him up off the floor where he decks him in the jaw with a stiff right hand. Chris falls backwards on to the announcers table! The crowd comes alive as Thad turns and runs towards the ring where he slides into the ring under the bottom rope.

Thad is back to his feet where he turns his attention towards the ropes.

Thad takes a chance with a spring board off the top rope looking to deliver a flying elbow drop on to Chaos and drive him through the announcers table… Chaos rolls off the table while Thad is in midair and it’s Thaddeus that is sent crashing through the table!

The referee rolls out to the floor with the live microphone. He makes his way towards Thad with the microphone only to have Chaos yank the microphone from the referee before shoving him to the floor to massive boos from the crowd. Chaos comes forward where he kneels down beside Thad as he raises the microphone.


Chaos lowers the microphone towards the mouth of Thaddeus who is breathing heavily into the microphone before emphatically screaming out into the microphone.

”Hell No!”

Chaos jabs the microphone into the forehead of Thaddeus before stepping back up to his feet as he picks Duke up. Chris hammers with a right hand knocking the champion backwards towards the ring. Chaos comes forward raking the eyes of the Champion before scooping him up and slamming him down on the padding surrounding the ring.

” All hell is breaking loose at ringside as we can get back on commentary but Pip we don’t have a table.”

Chris turns his attention towards the ring steps before looks back down at Thad. Chaos picks Thad up off the floor before taking him and looking to send him crashing into the steps, Thad reverses and it’s Chaos that smashes right shoulder first to a roar from the crowd!

” They’re def pro Thad tonight in Venice…”

Thad turns his attention towards the protective padding at ringside; he makes the decision to remove a section of it exposing the grass from the soccer field! Thad makes his way to Chaos and picks him up off the padding. He makes his way back towards the exposed field where he locks a front face lock before delivering a snap suplex on to the unforgiving ground!

Thad doesn’t hesitate as he rolls through picking himself and Chaos up off the ground where he delivers a Falcon Arrow on to the exposed Soccer Field!

Thad looks towards the referee who hands him the microphone.

” Quit you undeserving prick!”

Thad slams the microphone down into the face of Chaos who responds with a…

” Fuck you!”

Thad tosses the microphone back towards the referee before he starts hammering down with straight right hands to the face of Chaos before he steps back up to his feet and picks his challenger up off the floor and hurls him back into the ring.

Thad slides into the ring after him where he uses the ropes to him get to his feet. Duke comes forward and starts a Garvin stomp around the body on the joints of Chaos! The crowd gets louder and louder with each precise stomp from the right wrist all the way around!

Thad completes the Garvin stomp before turning his attention towards the steel chair that’s still in the ring. Duke points at the chair garnering a massive reception from the crowd. Thad walks over picking the chair up off the mat where he then holds it up in the air to a louder ovation from the crowd. Thad measures Chris Chaos who begins pushing himself up off the mat and back to his feet, Chaos turns around and walks into a sicken chair shot to the skull from the Champion that sounds like a shotgun going off inside the Stadium!

” You talk about a receipt!”

Chaos crumbles to the mat as he’s been busted wide open at the hands of the Universal Champion. The referee comes forward with the microphone looking to get into position or pass it to Thaddeus only to have Duke wave him off!

” Duke isn’t finished!”

Duke lays the chair on to the mat before reaching down picking a bloody Chaos up off the mat. Duke calls for the microphone and the referee hands it over to him. Thad has a front face lock on Chaos with one arm and the microphone in his free hand as he raises it up to his lips.

” SAY IT!”

” Never!”

Duke immediately plants Chaos face first into the chair with a DDT!

” This is only going to get uglier before it one of these proud men is forced to say I Quit!”

Thaddeus rolls Chaos off the chair before sliding the chair out of the ring. The Champion gets to his feet as he looks down at Chaos before makes his way to his legs. Thad picks up both legs, he steps through then crosses them before turning Chaos over to his stomach and applying the Sharp Shooter!

The referee gets in positon with the microphone as he puts it in the bloody face of Chaos who is in agonizing pain with Thad sit back on the lower back of Chaos!

” Chris, do you quit?”

” NOOOO!!”

Thad cranks back on the Sharp Shooter as the referee asks again.

” Do you Quit?!”

Chaos shoves the microphone away from his mouth as he starts to crawl towards the ropes while Thad continues to apply more pressure on the hold! Chaos reaches the ropes and manages to crawl under the ropes and drop down to the floor breaking the grip from the Sharp Shooter.

Thad drops down and rolls out to the floor where he doesn’t give his challenger any room to breathe and as Thad comes forward Chris reaches out snatching the front of Duke’s tights and pull him forward sending Duke crashing face first into the security barrier!

Chaos wipes the blood away from his face as he works his way back to his feet where he snatches the camera off the shoulders of a ringside cameraman. Chaos takes the camera and as Thad turns back around Chaos shatters the camera off his skull sending the champion crumbling down on to the floor and as a second shot is taken of Thaddeus he has blood starting to flow from his forehead!

” Jesus there’s no limits to how far Chris Chaos is going to go to not only win the Universal Title but to END Thad’s career!”

Ned Kaye is out of his seat as he comes around the ring seeing the crimson mask that quickly developed. Chaos staggers forward where he mounts Thad and starts to hammer down with piston like right hands to the bloody forehead! Vicious shot after shot after shot before screaming down into Thad’s face.


The referee comes forward with the microphone putting it down into the face of Thad who refuses. Chaos gets up off Thad before turning his attention towards Ned, and with blood covering his face he starts to laugh.

Chris turns back towards Thad he goes towards the ring apron throwing it up, he goes under the ring where he pulls out a Table and slides it into the ring. Chaos turns back towards Thad where he walks forward and reaches down picking him up off the floor.

Chris hurls Thad back into the ring before coming in right after him. Chaos pushes himself up to his feet where he goes towards the table and starts to open the legs on the Table before he flips it over and sets it up in the ring. Chaos slams his hands down on top of the table before shifting his attention back towards Thad who is struggling to get to his feet.

” The blood that both of these men are losing someone’s bound to pass out before saying the words “I Quit”

Chaos sizes Thad up as he is back against a set of buckles, Chaos charges forward looking to deliver a Stinger Splash!

Thad side steps Chaos at the last second sending Chris splashing the top turnbuckle!

Thad staggers backwards towards the center of the ring and as Chaos splashes he bounces off the turnbuckles and back towards Thad who hoists him up and drives Chaos through the Table with a Double A Spinbuster that brings a solid ovation from the crowd!

Both men lay within the debris of the table as the referee can do absolutely nothing but look on. The ovation from the crowd is at a fever pitch as two gladiators are giving it everything they’ve got.

” The pain and suffering they’re putting each other through is completely unbelievable!”

It seems like forever but it’s roughly ten seconds before Thad starts to push himself up from a pool of his own blood and back to both knees before Chaos slowly starts to stir. Thaddeus jabs Chaos in the face as he starts to get up knocking him back down to the mat.

The crowd erupts into a massive “DUKE-NATION! DUKE-NATION! DUKE-NATION” chant as Thaddeus starts to get up to his feet! Duke staggers backwards falling back into the ropes where he sees Chaos starting to make his way up to a seated position, Thad comes off the ropes with a Shinning Wizard to the bloody face of Chaos knocking him back down to the mat!


Thad calls for the microphone as blood covers his face. The referee brings him the microphone. He takes it as he breaths heavy into it before saying.


Thaddeus shoves the microphone down into the face of Chaos who refuses to say anything. Thad pulls the microphone back up his lips.


Thad throws the microphone down into the face of Chaos who finally responds.

” Go to hell…”

Thaddeus toss the microphone back over towards the referee. Thad gets back to his feet where he reaches down picking Chaos up off the mat. Duke sends Chris back into a neutral corner. He comes forward where he kneels down hoisting him up to the top rope in a seated position. Thad steps up to the middle rope where he locks in a front face lock. He steps up to the top rope but as he starts to pick Chaos up we see Chris shove Thaddeus off the top rope sending him crashing down to the floor!

Chaos is sucking wind as he sits on the top turnbuckle before bringing his legs over the top ropes and hops down to the ring apron. He drops down on to the apron before getting to the floor. He staggers towards Thaddeus. Chris reaches down picking Thaddeus up off the floor. He holds him by the bloody face as he is heard saying.

” I’m going to make you quit.”

Chaos shove Thaddeus backwards before he turns and snatches the camera off the shoulders of a cameraman! Chaos sizes Thaddeus up before charging forward swinging for Thad’s head! Thad ducks and in the process takes the camera cord and wraps it around the throat of Chaos before pulling back with all of his might as he’s choking away at the challenger! The referee is in position as he starts asking Chaos to quit.

Chris tries to fight free but drops to one knee as his face starts to turn purple before muttering out the words.

” I quit.”



Thad releases the camera cable as Chaos falls to the floor. Thaddeus turns and slides back into the ring where he’s joined by the referee who hands him the title and raises his arm in the air.

HHL: This match is over!

PIP: Chris Chaos has uttered the words!

HHL: Thaddeus Duke is still the Universal Champion!

”Cut the music!” Thad yells out with a mic in hand as he looks down at Chris Chaos.

HHL: The champion has something to say!

”Chris, its time to come to Jesus,” Thaddeus states as Chaos scoots back toward the corner as the referee offers up the championship to the winner.

”You’ve spent the last two weeks, pushing buttons you know you shouldn’t push, the last two weeks touching walls that didn’t need to be touched. You did and I didn’t… and now it’s my turn.

“It never had to be this way.

“All I ever tried to be back there,”
he points toward the backstage area. ”Was your god damn friend! When everyone else was shutting you out and wouldn’t give you the time of day, Chris, who was there for you to give you advice? Who was there for you, Chris, to give you feedback on your promos? Feedback on your fucking matches?

“It was me and you fucking know it!"

HHL: Thaddeus Duke, unfiltered!

PIP: Again!

Thad holds the title out toward Chaos, then promptly throws it at his feet.

”Pick it up, Chris. I want you to look at it.”

Chris eyeballs the title, still leaning in the corner, then looks back at Thad before grabbing the title and does as requested, staring into its reflection.

"I never wanted that championship just to add weight to my sizeable ego. I never wanted it just to add to my trophy case, I never wanted it just to pad my stat sheet or my resume, Chris."

Thad points at the title while continuing to speak directly to Chris Chaos.

"What you hold in your hands is the flag of the Xtreme Wrestling Federation... THE FLAG... and I'm proud, and I'm honored to be the guy that carries it. To be "the man" Chris, means the world to me because while my last name might have gotten me in the door, nothing was handed to me. I worked my ass off to get better and better every time out and despite my own self inflicted career sabotage and despite my falling out with management, despite my own uncle firing me...

"I'm here today as the standard bearer of the XWF, I'm here today as the Universal Champion and there's nothing I will ever accomplish in my professional life that will ever top this."

HHL: Your Universal Champion, folks, speaking candidly here!

PIP: It's kind of an open secret the vitriol these two share behind the curtain.

HHL: Probably the worst kept secret in the entire company.

"I told you it didn't have to be this way.

"When I planned to do this, I had a lot of different ideas as to what I wanted to say to you Chris. I wanted to come out here and publicly humiliate you for doing the things you've been doing. For your continued mockery of our business by breaking the rules you decided it's okay to break. It isn't Chris. It's not okay by a long shot and I hope you learned that. Airing private dirty laundry isn't the way and I wanted to teach you a lesson in that regard but stooping to that level is beneath the dignity of this company and that title you have in your hands.

"But then I heard some rumblings backstage.

"Some troll was purposely misrepresenting ancient history in order to cast me in a negative light and Chris... I heard about you defending me.

"That hit home."

HHL: That's a pretty stand up thing to do, honestly.

"I was gonna grab this mic tonight and tell the world about that private conversation you and I had. The one you kept alluding to in your promos for this match.

"I still stand by what I said to you that night, Chris.

"Just not how I said it. I could have and should have done better.

"Chris, I sincerely apologize for how I made you feel that night."

Thad holds his hand out toward Chaos. Chris hesitates a moment, then attempts to hand the Universal title to him, only for Thad to shake his head. Chaos then reaches up with his free hand. Thad grabs it and helps Chaos to his feet.

With Chaos's hand still within his, Thad continues on. "If you've listened to nothing else I've said tonight, I hope you'll listen to this because it's from the heart.

"Breaking those rules, the ones you have been, doesn't make you a good heel. It doesn't make you edgy and it doesn't make things interesting. All it does is make people shake their heads in disgust.

"Just be you, Chris.

"You're stung right now and I know it. We've all felt it before. So I want you to go backstage, wash off the sting of this loss and get your head back in the game."

He finally lets go of Chris's hand and Chaos offers him the championship back. Thad takes it, and throws it up over his shoulder.

"I know you want it again man. But the only way that ever happens, is by you working your ass off for it. And I don't mean by having sixty matches a year, I mean by analyzing yourself and fixing what's wrong in your game. Consider it an olive branch Chris, I hope you take it seriously."

Thad smacks Chaos on the shoulder and Chaos exits the ring.

Suddenly the house lights go dark bringing a roar from the crowd…..

The ovation is piercing!

” He’s been eluding to it all night… it looks like ROBERT “THE OMEGA” MAIN is on his way!”

A spotlight hits the top of the ramp as the anticipation starts to grow for is sure to be a historic confrontation between Thaddeus and former Universal Champion Robert Main.

Only problem….

There’s no Robert Main!

Suddenly we take a cut shot with a cameraman cutting through gorilla towards a commotion backstage. As he makes his way through we see Chris Page, trainers and EMT’s surrounding Robert who is unconscious on the floor. Page snatches one of the Trainer’s up by his collar as he spouts out with sheer anger and intensity within his voice.


Trainer- “ We don’t know, we came across him just like this.”

Chris finally hears Robert’s entrance music playing out in the Stadium.

” Fuck.”

Chris release his grip on the trainer’s shirt as he starts towards Gorilla while yelling back towards the trainer.

” I want answers when I get back.”

We cut back out to the ring where Thaddeus Duke has been watching on with the rest of the audience in a state of confusion as Robert’s music abruptly ends.

The crowd responds with another very loud, very mixed reception as CHRIS PAGE walks out to the top of the ramp as he is walking with a purpose towards the ring.

” Robert Main has been laid out and now Chris Page is on his way to the ring…”

” Who knows what the hell is about to happen between these two.”

Chris reaches ringside where he is shown climbing up on the ring apron before being handed a microphone from the ring announcer. Chris steps through the ropes as he keeps a distance from Thad holding out his palm towards the Universal Champion. The music cuts out as Chris raises the microphone to his lips.

” Clearly I’m not Robert Main, and I’m sure you saw just like I did someone jumped on him before he could come out here and issue his challenge for the Universal Championship at Snow Job. I’m not out here to challenge you on behalf of Robert…”

The crowd starts to quiet down as Chris continues.

” Because if Robert isn’t going to be able to challenge you… I AM!”

There’s a sly smirk that graces the face of the Universal Champion.

” There’s nobody on this roster that deserve this shot more than I do, there’s nobody else on this roster that warrants this shot, and I DARE anyone to come forth and convince the world as to why.”

Chris lowers his left palm down to his side as tensions have eased in the ring.

” Thaddeus, you and I have single handedly stolen the show at Relentless, we stole the show at High Stakes and it’s only fitting that I stand before you and challenge you for Snow Job in what can be called our Final Chapter… and let’s add that little icing on the cake, let’s make it for the Universal Championship!

"I was hoping it'd be you," Thad says with a smirk. "In the promos for High Stakes tired old Bob back there," Thad points toward the stage area. "Said he was comin' for me and I gotta tell ya man. I've been wanting to shut his overconfident ass down for a long time, but Chris... we do have unfinished business and while there's a certain amount of respect between us... I really did want to shut you the fuck down first if I'm being honest.

"I didn't really want to move on without having one last dance with the guy that has been begging for..."
Thad smiles as he leans his face in toward Chris Page.

"One... more... kiss..."

Page shoves Thad and Duke stumbles backwards while laughing.

HHL: Here we go!

PIP: Respect or not, these two just love beating the shit out of each other!



comes a familiar mic'd up voice.

HHL: Derrick Diamond! Warfare General Manager is on the scene here!


Derrick Diamond paces the stage as Thad and Page just want to start fighting now and probably not stop until February 1st.

"Over the last few months, you two have torn this company to pieces. You've taken out security guards in order to get at each other. You've taken out referees in order to get at each other. You've gone through the roster itself to get at each other and boys, we can't have a pay per view main event ruined by one of you two injuring each other or worse yet, both of you going down to injury, so here's what's gonna happen."

Derrick stops in center stage and looks into the ring where Thad and Page are standing side by side.

"Chris Page... if you lay a finger on Thaddeus Duke between now and Snow Job, then not only do you lose your shot at the title, but I'll suspend you indefinitely!"

PIP: Wow!

HHL: Derrick Diamond is laying down the law and Chris Page is beside himself!

Thaddeus points at Page and bursts out in laughter.

"Don't get too cocky there Champ," Derrick interrupts Thad's laughter. "Because if YOU lay a finger on Chris Page between now and Snow Job, then not only will you be suspended indefinitely, Thaddeus, you will also be stripped of the Universal Championship!"

Thad holds out his arms in protest.

"What the fuck man!?"

Chris Page returns the laughter in Thad's direction this time.

"And in order to prove that you two can be civil, and we all know how much you both enjoy winning... On the next Warfare, you'll both have that opportunity. When you pair up on the same team... for the first time ever."

Page and Thad stare across at each other with Thad raising up the Universal Championship out towards Page before laying it in the center of the ring drawing the line in the sand.

” Page versus Duke- The Final Chapter is set for Snow Job for the Universal Championship! It will finally culminate for the richest prize in our game! We’re out of time! Happy Holidays!”

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12-23-2020, 10:55 PM

"Weird. I take on two, well built, athletic men and get put through the same punishment, that a dude would and nary a tear is shed. I also do as I said I would do and not the polar opposite. And I even claim victory. Huh? Strange. Like I said, I believe a discussion may be in order between little miss self-titled, queeny and I. Hope she has some of those drugs she used on me left cause she's gonna need them, smashing through a brick wall is a fucking bitch. For someone without enhanced durability."

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Quote:MacAlister steps out of the way and drives the sharp, broken Kendo Stick right into Gilly's chest!

PC: "Oh my God, Griffin MacAlister just stabbed Gilly!!!!!!!!"

HHL: "As someone who doesn't like the guy, I gotta admit that IS a little concerning."

As Peter Gilmour watches on in horror, blood gushing from his chest, Shawn Wylde runs up behind Griffin and goes for a Dropkick. However, The Mechanic is able to side step him, causing the Whyte Spyder to drive the wooden stake further into Peter's chest, causing him to collapse. MacAlister is so shocked by what just happened, it allows Shawn Wylde to connect with a Spinning Heel Kick that drops Griffin. Seeing Gilly completely incapacitated, Shawn picks him up and rolls him into the ring, laying across him to a bloody mess of a cover.

"This little queer will get dragged by his feet through the streets naked for what he did to Peter. See you soon Griffin."

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To all of the cock sucking who got enjoyment out of watching Peter suffer:

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Dim is visiting Peter in the hospital as I speak with his Blue's Clues notepad, coloring, and jotting down the names of anyone who's wronged Peter in the past.

An experimental procedure will be taking place soon that involves Peter's penis.

You might call it a transfer of super power.

And with it, Dave Pryce (relation to Theo Pryce pending DNA test results) will take Peter's surgically removed super cock and violate every member of the roster who Dim colors on his notepad.

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I hate people who look different
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"Oh yeah, I'll be ready and waitin' ya turd teeth, Curly Joe look-a-like. Look forward to seeing you try to pull off that threat. And walking away afterwards, with two broken knee caps."

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The Marf vs. Lycana match was absolutely outstanding! It showcased the characters perfectly!

As for RMI... Sorry darlings, better luck next time. Or will that end with you laid out yet again? I think thats pretty likely. ;)

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“Yes it’s true you again have gotten one over on me. Do not think that is going to stop what I’m doing here. I still don’t quite understand why you have it out for me. However I will figure it out and when I do....we’ll when I do there will be a reckoning. I run a management company not a stable. BoB looks out for their own and I look out for their interests as a whole at no point was it decided that they would have to have my back if things went down. It’s looking more and more like I’m going to have to put something into action of that nature though. I am not alone in the wrestling business. I hope you know that. I have friends and trust me you don’t want to meet them. That being said Lycana. I want you to know that you are nothing without your little crew to stand with you. None of you are anything without your little crew to stand with you. At some point it will come down to one on one and you just might not like the result that comes with that. As for Marf.... you are absolutely right... I Should have seen this coming. But you will stay away from my offices and you will stay away from my employees or you will end up spending the next 15 to life in prison. This is your warning. You want a piece of Shawn? You take that up with him not Renee, not Erin. The same goes for you Baphomet I’ve taken down bigger threats than you in the last year. More devious. More dangerous and if it wasn’t for me they wouldn’t have been in the prisons for you to go... visit, that’s right I know... and I will only keep digging till I understand what makes you tick. To the rest of the XWF you see what is going on in the last few weeks. These bullies are torturing your likes. Branding them.... Burning your belts. They have no regards for your fed. Join me.... take a stand against them. Or don’t and I’ll stand against them alone. But what happens when they do take me out and come for the rest of you. Cornering you one by one in the dark. Or when your least expecting it. Then what, you will think maybe we should have helped Romeo when he called on us in the beginning.” Tommy walks out of the Arena slamming the door behind him.

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