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Wednesday Night Warfare - 8/19/20 - Results
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08-19-2020, 07:09 PM



From !!!

[Image: la-palais.jpg]



[Image: Ntpp6rV.jpg?dateline=1534345600]
- vs -
[Image: avatar_2489.jpg?dateline=1595203077]

The Winner of this match will face the Wednesday Night Warfare MVP next Warfare


[Image: avatar_2493.jpg?dateline=1595417967]
- vs -
[Image: ap,550x550,12x16,1,transparent,t.png?dat...1569784818]

The winner of this match will face the Wednesday Night Warfare MVP next Warfare


[Image: roy-nelson-headshot.png?quality=0.85&wid...&crop=true] [Image: pXUMB4H.jpg]

- vs -
[Image: avatar_1668.jpg?dateline=1497599471] [Image: Randy_Orton_08.jpg]

Tag Team Contenders Match

The winners of this match will face the winner of the Universal Eiffel Tower Match next Warfare in a triple threat match




[Image: Q_gFcaEE_400x400.jpeg]

[Image: avatar_1750.png?dateline=1566580658]
- vs -
[Image: avatar_1350.jpg?dateline=1433908100]

Paris Street Fight

Thaddeus Duke almost became the MVP but was thwarted by Robbie Bourbon at the last minute. So he gets a 2nd chance to see if he can become the MVP. This is a street fight across the streets of Paris. Last Man standing from assault is the MVP.


[Image: JggTqeU.png]

[Image: 54VZjNs.png]

[Image: NXT_AdamCole_1920x1080.jpg]
- vs -
[Image: KKvN9Rsm.jpg]

For the XWF Universal Championship

Warfare Eiffel Tower Battle

[Image: eiffel_tower_platform_serero200308_02.jpg]

Both Sarah and Peter must start from the bottom of the Eiffel Tower and fight all the way to the top and then they must be the first to touch the Universal Championship which is hanging in order to win the belt.





From !!!

[Image: la-palais.jpg]



[Image: Ntpp6rV.jpg?dateline=1534345600]
- vs -
[Image: avatar_2489.jpg?dateline=1595203077]

Azrael appears and walks to the ring confidently, with a dead set, determined look in his eyes. Eyes that smolder with a touch of fire.

Lynx makes his way to the ring.

The bell rings to start the match.

PIP: "This should be a good match,"

Azrael makes his way to the center of the ring, as does Lynx. They talk smack for a few seconds before Azrael punches Lynx in the mouth. Lynx stumbles backward, grabs his chin, and Azrael stands his ground laughing. Suddenly Lynx turns and runs towards the ropes, he rebounds off of them, comes back and hits Azrael with


Azrael goes stumbling back into the ropes, he rebounds off of them, and comes back, but Lynx hits him with HICHO RANEKI HA a.k.a SPRINGBOARD KNEE STRIKE.

Azrael is down hard. Lynx goes for a quick cover.





He will face the Wednesday Night Warfare MVP next Warfare

HEATHER: "Wow just wow, that was impressive from Lynx.

The camera pans to an office in the back with a security detail around it. On the door it says "HEAD OF CREATIVE-T. PRYCE". The camera cuts to inside the office, where Theo is on the phone.

Theo: "Yeah. Relentless is going to be huge, as usual. A three night affair. Excited, but not going to lie it is stressful. Putting everything together, booking and what not......."

He nods as whoever he is talking to on the phone is speaking.

Theo: "I am not 100 percent yet on all the matches, as we will see in the next few weeks what happens in terms of title changes and what not. I am confident in Lacklan this week, but why wouldn't I be? It's Gilly we are talking about. And Robert Main is a marked man to say the's going to be a hectic few weeks but the payoff will be massive------hold on."

There is a ruckus outside the office. It sounds like something hit the door hard, and the voices of the security men are muffled but it appears they are yelling something. A few more bumps and some crashes outside, and it all goes silent.

Theo: "I'll call you back."

Theo hangs up the phone and goes to stand up, but as he does the door crashes inward.

All 5 members of Chaotic Inc. spill in. Chris Chaos is the last one in, and he is holding a bucket, a blowtorch and a small box of some sort. Mandii and Gilly grab Theo, lifting him up. Hanari grins as he looks at a picture on the wall of the XWF management team before ripping it down. Theo is fighting off Gilly and Mandii, so Hanari superkicks him in the face and sends him back into the chair, and the chair tips over. Gilly and Mandii lift him up again, and lay him over his desk. Chaos shuts the door and locks it. Before the door is completely shut we see the entire security detail laid out outside the door.

Hanari rips open the dress shirt Theo has on and hold him down. Chaos approaches.

Chaos: Theo....Theo, Theo, didn't have to be this way. I was willing to forgive you for screwing me over last year, as long as you made it right. But, you just couldn't do that, could ya? Ego got in the way yet again. You put me in triple threats left and right, tag matches against lesser opponents. Is that suppose to hurt me? I have run through everyone you've thrown at me. You're gonna need to do better than that."

Theo is squriming but the grip is tight.

Chaos: "You know what I want.........and you are going to give it to me."

Creed brings a ball bat down over the mid section of Theo. He groans, coughing and spitting.

Chaos: "I know that when we win this tag match this week, it will be me versus Ares here, verses your paper champion in a triple threat for the belt. The outcome of that match will not be a factor......."

Theo: "That's what you want, you son of a bitch. You want a title shot, and you have it if you win tonight!"

Ares brings the bat down again.

Chaos: "Oh simple minded. Same bureaucratic bullshit as always. Of course I want a title shot.......but I want more. You see, I want a ONE on ONE title shot. But.....beggar can't be choosers. So here is the offer I am going to make. If I win it next week, then it is YOU versus ME at Relentless. Death Match. Consider it unfinished business. Payback, of sorts. BUT, if Sarah finds a way to weasel out a win next week.....then it's YOU versus ME at Relentless anyway..........and IF I win.........."

Creed brings the bat down a third time. Theo is coughing up blood.

Chaos: ".......WHEN I win, I get my one on one title shot. If I lose........I'll never get a Universal Title shot again.............those are the stakes."

They pull Theo tighter and Chaos opens the small box, pulling out 2 rats. He drops them into the bucket.

Theo: "I'll have to think about it. You don't deserve a title shot you son of a b----arrghh"

Ares brings the bat down a 4th time.

Chaos laughs, and flips the bucket top down, rats inside, onto Theo's midsection.

Chaos: "This may be a little persuasion............."

He lights the torch as Theo groans............

Chaos: " have 1 show to answer think hard......."

The rats begin to panic, trying to chew their way out. Theo yells again. He keeps the torch on the bucket.

Chaos: "I really would consider it if I were you, because where I am at right now.............I've got no problem killing you."


Heather: Good lord! This is mafia style torture!

The camera pans to the door where a new security team is trying to get in.

Chaos: "One show............your choice........"

He smacks the bucket off. The rats scatter. Theo's stomach is covered in blood and bite marks.

They let him go and walk out the door as security and EMT's rush in.

We cut backstage where we see Robbie Bourbon, his hands on his hips, the Warfare MVP Medallion hung around his neck by a length of chain. Next to him is Steve Sayors.

I am here with the MVP of Warfare, Robbie Bourbon, and...


Robbie puts his hand up. Steve looks at Robbie.

Yeah? What's wrong, I thought...

Go put your fun suit on.

Steve Sayors looks befuddled.

I haven't done that in years, I...


Robbie looks at Steve expectantly.

Oh, alright.

Steve Sayors turns and leaves the shot. As he does, Robbie looks at the camera.

So, Hello, XWF, and hello America.

I'm Robbie Motherfucking Bourbon.

The MVP of Warfare.

Now, I'm not looking past my opponent tonight, no, no, no. Not whatsoever. I understand I have to go out and defend my status as the MVP of the hottest show, not only in wrestling, but on the air today. We've got a murderer's row of talent. Sarah Lacklan, the Universal Champion. The reigning tag champs, Cataclysm, are here on Warfare. Centurion, Dylan Jackson, Lynx, hell, even my opponent tonight in Thaddeus Duke, round out one of the most stacked rosters in any wrestling company in the universe.

And I'm the MVP.

So to Charlie, good luck. To Chris, good luck. Fucked thing is, even if you win, you lose, because you're both fighting to earn the right to get your ass whooped in front of a large paying crowd by the Maliciously Violent Prick of Warfare...

Steve returns in a velour spacesuit. Robbie stops and blinks slowly at him.


This is my new fun suit.

Robbie grunts in exasperation.

Go take a lap.

Go do what?


Robbie snarls at Steve, who turns and starts jogging down one of the back hallways of the arena in his velour spacesuit. Robbie looks at the camera as we fade out.

The show returns from commercial break with a shot of the backstage area. Lynx is seen standing near a table set up with a variety of cheeses, deli style meats, and paper plates. He's looking over the deli meats with a paper plate in his hand. Filled with meats already, Lynx picks up a slice of honeysliced ham and places it on the overburdened plastic plate.

HEATHER: That cat really has an appetite!

Charlie Nickles suddenly bursts into the scene with a steel chair, bum rushing Lynx from the right side of the frame. Out of nowhere Charlie delivers an unprotected chair shot to the head of Lynx! The masked wrestler drops his plate, falling forward onto the table.

PIP: Talk about an appetite....for destruction!

Charlie delivers another chair shot to the exposed back of Lynx, who was hunched over the meat and cheese table. Lynx yelps in pain and grips onto the table cloth as the chair shot connects. Charlie brings the chair down for another shot but Lynx is able to spin off the table, dodging the attack. As Lynx spins off the table he grabs a metal cheese dish. In one fluid motion Lynx goes from dodging the chair shot to smacking Charlie upside the head with the metal plate.

PIP: What a counter attack!

Charlie drops the chair and leans against the table as he reels back from Lynx's quick counter. Lynx stands up tall and loads up for a second attack with the metal cheese plate. Just as the plate reaches it's apex Charlie brings his foot up right between Lynx's legs, delivering a nasty low blow. Lynx immediately drops the metal plate and sinks to his knees, weakened from the vicious ball shot.

HEATHER: I guess he hasn't been neutered yet!

Charlie turns to face the table before pulling Lynx's head between his thighs. Charlie then grabs Lynx by waist and pulls him up to the powerbomb position! Charlie makes lifting 200 pounds look easy as he raises Lynx up high by his trousers before bringing him crashing down into the cheese and meat table with a powerbomb! The table immediately breaks in two, leaving Lynx's broken body laying in the middle of the cracked table pieces. Charlie turns around to face the camera.

Charlie: Lynx is never going to be the M.V.P.!

Charlie's theme music hits as it's time for his match. He walks out of frame with a sinister smile on his face. The camera lingers for a few moments on Lynx's motionless body, laying still atop a variety of cheese and meat platters.


[Image: avatar_2493.jpg?dateline=1595417967]
- vs -
[Image: ap,550x550,12x16,1,transparent,t.png?dat...1569784818]

The music hits as a video package of Charlie Nickles laying fools out rolls on the X-tron. Charlie pops out through the entrance, absolutely vibing to the music and hyping himself up. He walks down the entrance ramp with his arms held wide out at his side ala the passion of the Christ. He seems absolutely unconcerned with the jeers and taunts of the audience. As he nears the ring he suddenly brings his arms back to the center of his body, shaking his closed fists in the air while screaming something incoherent. He hustles over to the stairs, quickly ascending them before grabbing the top rope and stepping onto the ring apron. Charlie looks back at the audience with a toothy grin before ducking under the top rope and stepping the ring proper.

The lights go out. Then Thunderstruck by ACDC starts playing. And only white lighting starts flickering on the stage as the song starts. Just as the lyrics get to 'Thunderstruck', there is a glow on the stage, and Kris The Hammer Von Bonn is lit up by the glow and he is holding his Hammer. The lights come back on fully, and he walks all the way to the ring, followed by his Manager Antony The Jerk.

Kris walks up the steel steps. Then climbs into the ring. Oh each side of the ring, he lifts his Hammer in the air, and poses to the audience. He does this four times, one for each side of the ring. He then places his hammer in the corner and waits for his opponent.

The bell rings.

Kris heads to the center of the ring, but is suprised with Charlie Nickles running towards him. Kris tires to stand his ground but Charlie hits him with an OBLIQUE KICK, and Kris collapses backwards onto the canvas. Charlie is on top of Kris as quickly as he had hit the ground and hits him with several BODY PUNCHES.

PIP: "Oh my god, what a start from Charlie. Who saw that coming?"

HEATHER: "Not me that's for sure,"

Charlie is still on top of Kris, and continues to deliver body punches. Antony is outside the ring, yelling at the ref to give his client a fairer go than what's he getting at the moment. The referee isn't responding as it's all perfectly legal.

Charlie grabs Kris by the head and thumps it into the canvas. Then stands up and looks down at Kris and starts laughing.

PIP: "it's like Kris doesn't have a chance with this maniac in the ring,"

Charlie pulls Kris to his feet, and places him in a headlock. He walks towards the corner. And tries to smash Kris's head into the corner post, but Kris somehow pulls away. and gets out of the way from Charlie, and quickly stumbles backwards towards the middle of the ring. Charlie quickly follows and tries to hit Kris with a CLOTHESLINE but Kris ducks. As Charlie goes past, Kris hops back up, grabs Charlie and quickly delivers a BACKBREAKER.

Kris drops to his knees, looking like he's in a lot of pain.

HEATHER: "Kris managed to stop that situation, but how much longer can he hold out. Charlie is too much for him," [red]

Charlie stands to his feet, clutching the back of his head. He looks around at Kris, and sees him on his knees, he walks up to him. Kris raises himself to his feet, only to be punched, and then EYE RAKED.

The referee steps in between Charlie and Kris and starts yelling at Charlie to behave and stay within the rules.

Charlie nods then pushes the referee out of the way to get at Kris but Kris hits him with an UPPERCUT. Charlie stumbles backwards and Kris follows up with a KNEE TO THE GUT, and then a DDT.

[red]PIP: "Wow where did that come from?

HEATHER: "It seems the referee provided the distraction when it was needed to the most,"

Kris is now on top of Charlie hitting him with lefts and rights, trying to keep up the pressure on Charlie.

He then gets up, and pulls Charlie to his feet, and places him in his HAMMER TIME move, a.k.a Pedigree. Suddenly out of nowhere he lets go, and stumbles backwards grabbing his nether regions. Apparently Charlie must have managed a LOW BLOW.

Charlie stands up smiling. He runs at Kris and hits him with a Big Boot. Kris goes down. Charlie drops back onto Kris and starts delivering more body punches.

He quickly gets to his feet, does a couple of quick KNEE DROPS onto Kris, then he stands up, pulls Kris to his feet, and sends him crashing into the corner. Kris turns only for his back to hit the corner, and he collapses onto his bottom.

Charlie licks his lips as he knows what is coming. Charlie runs into the corner and delivers


HEATHER: "That has to hurt."

PIP: "I think it's the beginning of the end for Kris,"

HEATHER: "It looks like Charlie wants to deliver his finisher and fast, knowing that he has all the advantages in the world,"

Charlie grabs Kris by the hair, and pulls him to his feet and gives him a quick slap.


He delivers it perfectly, and all the air goes out of Kris's attempt to get back into the match.

Charlie rolls Kris over onto his back and goes for the cover.



2 and a half


PIP: O M G, how did Kris kick out from that?"

Unperturbed Charlie gets back to his feet, and pulls an injured looking Kris back to his feet.

Charlie delivers.


He then rolls Kris back onto his back, and goes for another cover.





He will be facing the MVP Champion and Lynx next Warfare

Charlie's grinning from ear to ear as the referee raises his hand in victory. After a few moments of basking in the audience's lukewarm reception, Charlie walks over to the ropes and shouts at a member of the production crew. A few seconds later that crew member walks up to the ring, handing Charlie a microphone. Charlie takes the microphone before walking back into the center of the ring. He shoos away the referee, who shrugs before exiting the ring. Kris "The Hammer" Von Bonn rolls out of the ring underneath the bottom rope.

Charlie: BIIIIITCH BOOOOOOYYYY BOURBOOOOONNNNN. I'M COMING FOR YOU, BABY! .....cause we all know Duke ain't gettin' it done tonight. But if he does, well shit, this whole M.V.P. thing is gonna be even easier than I thought!

Charlie snickers to himself as the crowd begins to boo him.

Charlie: Oh shut your sniveling little shit traps. I've really had enough of you people. But I'm in a good mood! The dopamine, the adrenaline, it's all hitting right now! Hitting me harder than I hit Lynx with that steel chair! Yeah, you people like that shit?! Taking out the competition, one by one!

Charlie only grows more animated and energetic as the boos come down with more force.

Charlie: Fantasia. Dallas. Boris. Kris. Reggie. Robbie. ROB-ERT. Setting them up and knocking them down, just like dominoes. One by one they will all fall along the path of the family man. In a months time I will be the M.V.P. of Wednesday nights, the X-Treme champion, and the August superstar of the month. I'm always going to get the 1-2-3 and that's the Char-lie guaran-tee! And you know why, folks?!

Charlie pauses for a moment to listen to the crowd's best guesses. He makes a circular motion with his hand before putting it to his ear ala Hogan. He shakes his head from side to side a few times before bringing the microphone back up to his lips.

Charlie: It's cause I am the hardest working man in this industry. Day in and day out I bust my ass to be the best at what I do! To provide for my family! And I do a damn good job!

Charlie shakes his head from side to side once again, although it appears his jovial demeanor is slowly being overcome by an aggressive bitterness.

Charlie: I did it aallllllll for my family! But everyone's against us! You're all working to undermine my family, my Tyler, my Emily! Everything I work so hard for you bastards work to tear down! Well I'm not gonna let that happen, Jack! Not this time!

Charlie's face has grown a bright red as perspiration beads rolls down his forehead. His eyes have narrowed and his grin has turned into a scowl.

Charlie: Every day, each and every one of you in the stands, in the locker room, and in the corporate office is working against me! You want to see me fail, fall flat on my face! But the family man's staying strong. Keeping the burden on my shoulders, and by God, I'm going to make it to the promised land! I want to own a home again! But this time.....ooooooh this time!

Charlie pauses for a moment as the crowd begins to chant "boring" at him.

Charlie: This time I'm doing the lawn care, Jack! Bushwhacker in hand, looking for those snakes in the grass. Watching em' slither in the shit. CUTTIN' THEIR HEADS OFF, WHEN THEY GET TOO CLOSE! Alllllll you snakes in the grass. Watch. Your. Backs. Charlie's coming!

Charlie suddenly chucks the microphone at the barrier between the fans and the performers. He smacks off of the barrier onto the wrestling mat below with a loud umph that projects through the speakers. The incensed Charlie looks around for a few moments, clearly raging. He shakes his head a few times before sliding under the bottom rope and out of the ring. He walks towards the entrance ramp as his entrance music begins playing once again.

Pip: “Hold up, is that Ace of Bass?”

Heather: “It’s the M.V.F himself, Tommy Wish, I wonder what he has to say.”

The scene simply opens up to the arena, as soon as this song plays the camera pans around to see fans jamming out to this song. As soon as they hear “I SAW THE SIGN” that’s when we see Tommy in his black jeans, Chuck Taylors, and an “MVF” T-Shirt holding his kendo stick at the entranceway with a mic in his hand. He then busts out the running man, the shoulder lean, and other various sorts of dance moves as he gets to the ramp. He then looks at the kid in the front row and gives him an M.V.F embroidered hand towel. Then he slides into the ring and then starts to do some little jig, then his theme dies down as the fans are giving him a mixed reaction.

Tommy: Hello to the lovely people in France , I know you are all pumped for the Eiffel tower match between Sarah and Peter for the Universal Championship. You see, I honestly wanted to fight tonight, but I said hell no… I’ll fight another night.

Then the fans are chanting something in French, mostly angry chants at him. As he was standing there with a smile on his face.

Heather: “Oh man these fans aren’t having it tonight”

Pip: “We know, Tommy, we know you are still salty about not being the MVP of Warfare.”[/white]

Tommy: Well look, the main reason why I am here tonight is to talk to one of the hottest, newest and future Shooting Star Champion, the girl of the hour… ASH QUINN!!

The lights go dark and start flashing as "We Will Rock You" by Maria Brink, Lzzy Hale and Taylor Momsen thumps as Ash makes her way down to the ring. She pulls herself up on the apron and flips over the ropes smiling wide.

Heather: “Uh oh, we are seeing Ash Quinn getting some love here in France”

Pip: “Of course she is, she’s been blessed by our so-called MVF of Warfare.”

Tommy then signals one of RA’s to hand him a mic from the outside and gets it from him. Then he hands her the mic and takes a good look at her. Then he lets the fans have their moment to cheer her on, then he starts to speak.

Tommy: Ash… how are you doing tonight?

Ash: I'm fucking great my dude! I'm freshly minted on this Warfare brand, ready to tear a big hole in this company and grab the Shooting Star Title, but first things first ... The so-called Queen and I tangle right before the next PPV.

Tommy: That’s good, I heard the match was booked and it sounds like a helluva debut match.

Ash: The brass is definitely throwing this girl right into the deep end, but that's where I work best.

Tommy: So as I said earlier in my speech, I see you as the future Shooting Star Champion, the main reason I think that is this… you are capable of making this women’s division better than it has ever been. I think—

Then the fans are chanting “CHEATER” at Tommy, who then looks at them with disdain. Then one of them shouted “JENNY MYST” which makes Ash start to pace in the ring.

Tommy: Anyways Ash, the purpose for you to come out here… is just to see what you’re all about and your goals here. So I am going to give you this platform to promote yourself, and to these “fans” here tonight. The floor is all yours.

Tommy takes a step back, as Ash clears her throat and speaks into the mic to the fans.

Ash: As I've said before I'm not about yelling and screaming as a few people do around here, I'm about results, and that all starts with my first match. You have to build your brand as well as your record to be taken seriously in this business and one way to do that is to get the big pops, especially from the people of France!!

She raises the mic to the crowd as they go wild!!

That being said I appreciate the time to...

Ash's face goes blank, her eyes go wide and a big smile spreads across her face.

"Blah Blah Blah Sis...What you mean to say is you've come to make people bleed and bash in skulls!! Right guys?"

The crowd pops in spots but in general, is confused.....

"It's alright everybody I'm Hailey, Ash's Sister and she does the blah blah most of the time but I had to make it interesting and say hi to you guys!!!"

Ash's eyes come back into focus and she smiles knowing Hailey popped in to say hi.

"I better cut this short. That being said I can't wait to strut my stuff for you all in just a few weeks!!"

She waves, blowing kisses smiling wide.

She bows handing the floor back to Tommy

After her speech, Tommy then claps for her with much..uh…enthusiasm. Then he starts to mouth “this is my girl” and “this is the one”, and he then picks up the mic to speak again.

Tommy: You see fans, Ash Quin is not only tough and determined, but she’s also the kinda girl I would want to hang with If I could, I would even straight-up, do what Greggo does and promote her. But, sadly that isn’t my thing, but here is one thing I want to ask you in front of everyone.

Ash: And what would that be??

Tommy then paces around the ring. Then he tries to look at Ash, but then leans on the ropes, trying to get his thoughts together. Ash looks at him feeling a little uneasy.

Ash: Out withit what the heck are you doing??

Tommy then comes up to her and speaks.

Tommy: After this segment is done, and the camera shuts off with these paying fans leaving this arena…. would you want to go out with me? I promise you won’t regret it. I will even explain what an MVF is to you, and to show you how much a shooting star you are in my own eyes.

Tommy then mouths off “will ya go out with me” with his hands extended out in a motion of confirmation. Then we see Ash looking flustered over his invitation.

Heather: “I think Tommy is trying to ask the new wrestler on a date, I think he’s shooting his shot here.”

Pip: “Tell me about it, he didn’t need to do it here. These fans want wrestling, not romance!”

Ash looks at Tommy and shakes her head taking back her hands.....

Ash: If I would have known that this is where this lil back and forth was headed dearie, I don't know if I would have agreed to come out here. You see I enjoy the company of folks with a little less between their wrestling shorts. Granted I don't know what you're working with but you and I do agree on a few things....Ladies Rock and I'm one that would know!!

Then after her answer, Tommy then drops his head in disappointment. Then he leaves the ring.

Heather: ”Ouch!! That was unfortunate for the lil guy, but there's always next time pal.... On with the show!!”

Then we see Tommy turning around with his Kendo Stick, and points it to her at the entrance way after her statement, and the next segment happens.


[Image: roy-nelson-headshot.png?quality=0.85&wid...&crop=true] [Image: pXUMB4H.jpg]

- vs -
[Image: avatar_1668.jpg?dateline=1497599471] [Image: Randy_Orton_08.jpg]

Warfare cuts back to the arena where Blackwater's music is playing. There is nobody on the ring, however, and nobody on the ramp.

The music stops they are introduced again........

The music hits and as the lyrics of Blackwater's music says,

"Ohh, we get what we deserve", the words come up on the screen in big letters. Chaos and Ares appear, and they are dragging behind them Storm and Blackwater. Both are bloody and beaten.

Pip: Holy hell! That's Storm and Donovan! They must have been attacked backstage!

Heather: Savagely, too, I might add. Neither of them even look alive!

Chaos and Ares drag them to the ring. They roll both bloody carcasses into the ring. Ares grabs the timekeeperby the shirt on the outside, demanding her ring the bell. He does.


Ares rolls back into the ring as Chaos grabs the ref. Shoving him into the corner and grabbing him by the shirt, he demands that he count 1-2-3.

Pip: This is digusting. They are totally out of line here! You can't put our hands on a ref like that!

He demands again, yelling, DO IT! COUNT!

Ares puts his foot on Storm and Chaos puts his foot on Blackwater. The ref is reluctant, but counts.




Chaos and Ares laugh, looking at the carnage below them and leave the ring as they are announced as the winners.

Pip: Someone needs to stop them. But who?


We see Peter Gilmour looking as determined as ever for his shot at the XWF Universal Championship, but suddenly a hand touches his shoulder. Gilmour spins around and finds Greggo.

Heather: "Well you knew Greggo would have to stink up the show at some point."

Pip: "But what's that he's got on? Greggo is of course wearing his 'EYES ON HER' Sarah Lacklan Dual Uni/World Heavyweight Champion t-shirt, which is on sale this week for full price because you don't get discounts on the best!"

Heather: "Oh please. Can I have a cut of whatever you got paid to sell that B.S. to everyone?'

Greggo points his finger right in Gilmour's face and makes his voice extra deep sounding... perhaps in an attempt to sound intimidating.

Deep Voice Greggo: "Gilly I done told you 1nce and I'll tell u again--You better not pretend to be invincible after you lose to Sarah who is superior in every way to you. If you try and save face after she humbles you, I will save yer ass. Don'g you dare disobey me or it's curtains for you, see? Curtains I tell ya!"

Greggo is poking his finger into Gilmour's chest with each word as he carelessly abandons the unexplained deep voice gimmick in favor of just yelling like a petulant child...

Greggo: "YOU 👈 BETTER 👉 NOT 👈 NO 👉 SELL 👈 NO 👉 CLIENTS 👈 OF 👉 MINE 👈 NO 👉 MORE!" 👈 👈👈 👈[color=#A9A9A9] (rapid-fire poking toggled ON!)

But then Peter Gilmour grabs Greggo's finger!

Heather: "He looks ready to kill Greggo right now!"

Greggo yanks his finger free and kicks Gilmour in the balls! ........Buuuuut really didn't have very good aim when he did it, so it ended up being more of a kick to the......... right hip! Next, Greggo spits into his left hand and reaches back like a pimp........

Pip: "Oh goodness. I have a feeling this is going to go really ba-

Heather: "Gilly Cutter!!!!"

Pip: "Yyyyup. There it is......"

Officials rush over to back Gilmour away from Greggo after he seemingly reversed some variant of an open hand smack attempt from Greggo right into a wickedly devastating Cutter!

Heather: "Peter Gilmour is seriously fired up after that! Definitely not the result Greggo was going for!"

Greggo is out cold, leaking fluids out of his face and lower region as EMTs rush onto the scene to save his precious life.

Pip: "Let's just hope Greggo pulls through. I've heard Gilly Cutters can end a man."

Heather: "Riiiiight. Let's all hope..... "

As the cameras cut away from the scene, one of the EMTs can be heard complaining about Greggo's "hellacious odor" as he described it.

The cameras cut to the various white hallways in the backstage section when they suddenly stop on one figure standing in front a seemingly vacant office. As he turns, his face is clearly seen... it's Ned Kaye! The camera keeps focused on him and picks up some audio as Ned has his phone pressed up to his ear.

"You know, I was really hoping we could speak in person. We just haven't caught up in a while. I've got a ton I need to talk to you about."

He pauses, giving a halfhearted chuckle.

"No, I'm not looking to sign a contract. Chaos is just doing whatever he can to goad me into returning, but I can always find another way. He's not worth breaking my word for. I think he's convinced himself he's a genius so he's desperately doing whatever he can to fulfill his prediction."

"...No, I don't need a brownie."

"Look, I'll go ahead and make the drive out to Savage, but we need to talk then. All of this... it's really exhausting."

"...Thanks, D. See ya then."

Ned places the phone in his pocket and leans against the wall, sighing deeply as the camera cuts back to the booth.




[Image: Q_gFcaEE_400x400.jpeg]

[Image: avatar_1750.png?dateline=1566580658]
- vs -
[Image: avatar_1350.jpg?dateline=1433908100]

Paris Street Fight

Both Thaddeus and Robbie are outside the stadium on the streets of Paris. They are being kept apart by officials. The main referee gives them the go ahead to start the match.

Our scene cuts outside PALAIS DE SPORTS VENUE where Robbie Bourbon stands in the center of the street with his fists heavily taped as he awaits his challenger for the Warfare MVP. We have a referee present as both side of the streets are lined with cars and off in the distance starts an entertainment district.

”This one’s going to go until someone can’t get to their feet by the count of ten; and can literally go ANYWHERE!”

A smirk graces the face of Robbie as off in the distance cutting between a pair of parked cars is the XWF Television Champion Thaddeus Duke.

”I’ll be damned, he showed up.”

Thad is dressed in street clothes. The official calls for the fight to begin and the two men start to walk down the center of the street towards each other and as they get within distance hands start being thrown! Robbie quickly over powers the smaller Duke with a knee into the midsection before delivering a clubbing shot across the back dropping Thad to one knee. Bourbon decks him with a right hand square to the jaw knocking Thad to the street as he steps back letting the referee make the count.





Thad starts to stir as he pushes himself up to one knee breaking the count before standing to a vertical base. Robbie charges towards Duke swinging with a clothesline which Duke ducks underneath, Bourbon spins around where he’s met with a boot to the midsection doubling him over where Thad rips Bourbon’s mask off and puts it on his face! Duke takes Robbie before whipping him into the side of a white caddy! The car alarm immediately starts to sound upon impact of Bourbon’s body!

”That’s MY car!”

Duke comes over landing a hard right hand to the face before Bourbon takes Duke down to the asphalt with a double leg takedown where he takes the mount position and starts hammering down with a flurry of right hands to Thaddeus!

”Bourbon is a man on a mission!”

Robbie stands back to his feet where he doesn’t allow the referee to count before snatching Thaddeus up off the street where he takes him by the hair and starts yanking him down the street towards a corner where a red light is. A car makes a left hand turn on the street which see’s Bourbon attempt to throw Duke in front of the car as it passes only to see Duke putting on the breaks at the final moment!

”And it would have been legal!”

Duke turns around blocking a right hand from Bourbon before delivering a boot to the midsection which doubles him over and see’s Thaddeus follow up with a stiff European Uppercut to Bourbon! Duke snatches Robbie by the head where he takes him towards the intersection, he looks both ways before taking Robbie across the street! Thad bounces Robbie face first off the walk light post sending Robbie falling to the ground as now a crowd starts to gather.






Robbie negotiates his way to his feet breaking the referee’s count. Duke comes forward decking Bourbon with a right hand to the jaw before pulling him forward towards a coffee shop! Duke takes Bourbon and sends him towards the front glass door only to see Bourbon reverse and Thaddeus is sent crashing through the glass shattering it into thousands of pieces causing the handful of guests to scatter as Thad rolls across the floor.


The referee is the next to pass enter through the door frame followed by Bourbon. The referee starts to lay the count to Thaddeus.








Thaddeus breaks the count as he manages to get back to his feet. Bourbon hops the counter sending the few employees running! Bourbon snatches a pot of hot coffee and throws it at Duke! Duke avoids contact at the last second sending the pot smashing against a wall sending steam in the air. Duke lunges towards the counter where he jumps up and over before being nailed in the face with a pastry!

”Food Fight!”

Robbie grabs another pastry and hurls it at Thaddeus who ducks and snatches a sleeve of coffee cups where he throws him like a javelin at Robbie who evades the contact but doesn’t dodge a flying forearm taking Robbie down!








Robbie is back to a vertical base as Thaddeus has made his way back towards the door challenging Bourbon to follow him while still wearing Robbie’s mask. Bourbon comes back over the counter as Thaddeus steps back out on to the sidewalk. Bourbon charges towards Duke who side steps Robbie who puts on the breaks before running into a parked car. Bourbon turns around catching the right boot of a Superkick before throwing the foot down and snatching Thaddeus by the throat! Robbie hoists Duke up on the air before chokeslamming him on the front hood of the car!

”These two are kicking the crap of each other!”









Thaddeus rolls off the car hood to landing on his feet breaking the count as Robbie snatches his mask off Thaddeus face and puts it back on his face before being gouged in the eyes by Duke! Thaddeus bounces Bourbon face first off a car hood before taking Bourbon into a pizza establishment. Thaddeus takes a soda from a table before throwing it in Robbie’s eyes!

”We’ve got beverages involved!”

Thad takes Robbie bouncing him head first off a table and then takes a stainless steel napkin dispenser and smashing over Robbie’s head sending the MVP crumbling to the ground.









Bourbon is back to his feet where Thaddeus comes forward looking to deliver another superkick that Bourbon ducks out of the way at the last second and when Thaddeus spins around where he eats a boot to the midsection doubling Duke over where he hoists Thaddeus up in the air looking for a Robbie-Bomb! Thaddeus counters with several right hands to the skull of Bourbon before countering with a site out face buster on the tile floor of the pizza place!










Bourbon makes it back to his feet as the Paris Street Fight continues.

”The MVP of Warfare will not be denied!”

Thaddeus comes forward with a right hand, followed by a second and then a third! Duke jumps up on a square table and leaps off with a Flying Cross Body Block! Bourbon catches Duke in midair before Powerslamming him through a dining room Table! Both men are down!










Both men are back to a vertical base breaking the count as this match is going to continue! Robbie nails Thaddeus with a right hand rocking the Television Champion! Thaddeus comes back with a right hand rocking Bourbon! Bourbon comes back with a right hand which is answered by a knife edge chop across the broad chest of the Warfare MVP! Bourbon comes right back with an open handed chop sending Thaddeus into the door causing it to open and sends Thaddeus out into the sidewalk.

”Back out into the streets we go!”

Robbie comes outside where he’s met with a trash can to the face by Thaddeus!

”Duke is not taking this fight lightly as he’s coming right back.”

Thaddeus sets Robbie up looking to deliver his Superkick! Robbie ducks and counters in one solid motion with a ROBBIE-BOMB on the trashcan!













Robbie has his arm raised in victory as he knows he’s been in a fight tonight in Paris opposite the XWF Television Champion. Robbie looks down at Thaddeus who starts to move where he smirks before heading over to a bar leaving Thaddeus to start getting back to his feet selling the effects of the battle he’s just endured.

Thaddeus’s body tenses up as he slowly turns around….

[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcSc5HdlQAUlpWLcTRrx5...w&usqp=CAU]

” Ah young Thaddeus.”

Thaddeus see’s the small bat in Page’s left hand resting over his shoulder, he puts his hands up bringing a smile to Chris’s face as he simply shakes his head.

” You just don’t learn do ya, punk.”

Chris smirks as he points behind Thaddeus.

[revent][Image: ryan-hurst-700x380.jpg][revent]

” Miss me?”

Robert winks at Thaddeus as he’s cracked in the lower back with a shot from the baseball bat from Chris Page! Thaddeus drops to his knee’s clutching at his back as Robert Main runs forward with a running knee to the face of Duke knocking him backwards to the concrete sidewalk! Page throws the bat on the ground as Robert reaches a vertical base! Main and Page start stomping violently at the face and ribs of Thaddeus! Page steps back as he looks into the camera.

” Oh uncle Theo….”

Robert stomps down on Thaddeus before picking him up off the concrete as he holds his arms.

” Are you listening now?”

Page comes forward delivering a stiff right hand to the jaw before backing away.

” Why didn’t you just answer the challenge like a good paper pusher? I mean for fucks sake you’re working with Chris Chaos and that’s like bottom of the barrel low.”

Page comes forward delivering another vicious right hand to the ribcage of Duke and then a second as Chris slaps Duke across the face as he states.

” Say hey to Uncle Theo.”

With a head nod from Page we see Robert shove Duke forward and into a Spinbuster Slam on to the side walk from Page.

” The worst mistake Theo made was putting you in a position to cross our paths; and now it’s time to pay at your expense, kid.”

Chris gets back to his feet before kneeling down over Thaddeus motionless body.

” We could end you right here, right now… but we’re not going to do that.”

Chris snaps his fingers as Adam Barker walks over with the XWF Television Championship as he hands it over to Chris Page. Chris holds the belt over Thaddeus face.

” What’s pathetic is how you think this is what I’m fighting for…”

Chris places the TV Title on the chest of Thaddeus.

” The picture is so much bigger that that; however, I will be taking it off your hands… so I’m going to make YOU bring it to ME!”

Page stands back to his feet where he reaches down picking Thaddeus up off the side walk before sending him towards Robert who delivers a Dead Man’s Hand on a parked car! Chris picks the TV Title up off the sidewalk and walks over to the car. He puts the title on Thaddeus.

“See ya in the states, chump.”

Chris and Robert turn around where Adam stands rubbing both hands together as he looks on in delight of the carnage.

” The fuck is his problem…”

” Dude…”

Cataclysm and Adam Barker leave Thaddeus Duke laying on a car hood as Warfare fades back into the arena.

A commercial begins to play showing Big D in an empty wrestling ring, grappling against some random nobody. He quickly slips behind the opponent and hoists him up, bringing him down for a Dan Slam. After delivering his finisher, Big D turns towards the camera, casually leaning on the ropes as he talks.

D: "Hello, Big D here, co-General Manager of Savage AND XWF Internet Champion......."

He turns his head and looks at his fallen victim, before turning back to the camera.

D: "If you liked what I just did to Jobber John here, you'll absolutely LOVE what I do to MeFisto once I'm finally able to step foot inside the ring with him............"

The scene changes to an animal shelter, where we see Big D walking through a play area of adorable kittens. He bends down and picks up a particular calico, petting it as he continues.

D: "But that'll never happen if you don't donate to my GoFundMe to ensure MeFisto gets paid to actually show up for our match..........."

Once again, the camera cuts away to a different scene, this time one of Big D "in Africa"(though it's VERY obviously a green screen), walking around a poor village with poor, starving Africans sitting outside their huts.

D: "We desperately need your help, so please, call the number onscreen and donate whatever your budget allows. Fifty cents, a dollar, a million; anything you can afford will go a long way towards guaranteeing MeFisto vs Big D FINALLY happens............"

The scene does one final cut away, this time to an open casket with a faceless person inside. The lid slowly slams shut, as Big D does a voice over.

D(voice over): "Please hurry, every day more and more people die without ever getting to witness the potentially greatest match in the history of the wrestling business itself; and you never know when that person could be YOU..........."

The screen goes completely black, before showing Heather and Pip at their announce table in shock.

HEATHER: "WOW, that was............ interesting."

PIP: "Not necessarily my word of choice, but we'll go with it. Have you donated to the cause, Heather?"

HEATHER: "No, I don't get paid enough to do that."

PIP: "What a coincidence, me neither!"

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

[Image: 54VZjNs.png]

[Image: NXT_AdamCole_1920x1080.jpg]
- vs -
[Image: KKvN9Rsm.jpg]

Pip: So this one is gonna be a doozy. Sarah is my pick to win, of course, but Peter is dangerous as all hell. Our champion could be worse for wear here when this one is over!

Heather: And don't think for one second these two are "alone" here. Chaos is an evil genius and he has something up his sleeve here.

Sarah is standing at the base of the tower. The camera pans to her after showing her belt hanging at the very top of the iconic tower. Cracking her neck from side to side she waits for Peter, who still hasn't arrived.

The ref looks around but Peter is nowhere to be seen.

"So, I like, win by forfeit because he chicken shit ass got cold feet at the last moment?"

The ref looks anxious now, what happened to Peter?

"Go get my belt."

The ref stands still.

"Go. Get. My. Belt" each word with a clap in between.

"Be happy to...."

They both turn around as its Peter's voice. He is wearing an XWF TV crew shirt. He has a camera in his hand! He levels the ref. He levels Sarah!

Pip: Oh my god! Peter laid out the ref and the champ! He was in disguise! I didn't think Peter was that smart!

Heather: This plan has Chaos written all over it!

Peter makes a mad dash towards the stairwell entrance. He is planning on running unopposed to get the belt.

Peter enters the stairwell, but the winding steps inside the bottom of the tower delay him a little. Just as he begins to run up them, Sarah's hand reaches onto the screen, grabs his shirt and pulls him back, falling onto his ass.

He kicks him twice, then tries his plan and runs up the stairs. Peter catches up to her and shoulder checks her into the wall. He grabs her by the hair and tosses her back first into the other wall. He takes a moment or two to oggle then picks Sarah back up and tosses her against the other wall.

Pip: Peter is manhandling the much smaller champion here, which may be a good strategy. In this kind of match, wrestling talent is out thw window. This is a fight for survival!

Peter picks her up by the hair, he has an evil look on his face. He goes to toss her again but Sarah kicks him in the shin. He lets go and she blasts him a few times in the face, shoving him down the stairs.

She turns back up the winding staircase. The Eiffel Tower has over 1,00 steps!

Heather: How can you climb the Eiffel Tower on foot? You can take the stairs from the bottom of the Eiffel Tower up to the 2nd Floor. That means exactly 674 steps! In total, there are 1665 steps from the esplanade up to the top of the Eiffel Tower, but the stairway from the 2nd floor to the top is not open to the public!

Thanks Google.

They've reached the part where it is still gating on each side. Each of Sarah's steps echo as she runs. She covers almost 20 steps before Peter's hand trips her and she falls face fiirst onto the steps. Peter is winded, already. Sarah has a small nose bleed from where her face collided with the steps. They are still a good ways away from the first observatory deck.

Peter kicks Sarah in the small of her back.

They are right outside the first big bay window. A view of the city at night can be seen, but they are still, for all intents and purposes, at the bottom.

Peter lifts her up and knees her several times in the gut. She rakes his eyes to get him off, and kicks hm in the side of the head. Wobbling, she reaches the elevator car. A grin crosses her face as she presses the OPEN button.

The crowd gasps in the background as Ares Creed is INSIDE THE ELEVATOR!

He grabs her by the hair and shoves her outside the car, then hits the button to close the door.

Pip: Chaotic Inc making sure Sarah doesn't take a shortcut here. How ironic.

"Bastard!" Sarah says, looking around for another way up. Out of nowhere Peter tackles her to the ground, they roll into the big window, then back towards the grating again.

Sarah slips away, getting up and dropping an elbow onto Peter. She starts to wander away again, up the steps. She comes to a door, she jiggles the handle.

It opens into a small cafe.

Sarah walks in, catching her breath for a moment. She takes a second or two to admire the decoration of the white and gold glad cafe.

Peter comes up behind her and she uses instinct to catch him before he catches her, and flips him over her shoulder onto the table, knocking off all the silverware and plates. They shatter and clink. She blows a kiss then runs out of the room.

The camera pans to Kenzi, who is in the locked champagne room watching the match.

Back to the action, Peter and Sarah have made their way to the first observation room. Peter whips Sarah into the telescope, and she groans as she crashes into it and slumps down. Peter picks her up and pushes her face against the glass, telling her to look. Yelling at her to look at the city, look at the place where she loses her title.

She back kicks him in the leg and trips him, he falls face first into the window.

Pip: Peter is much bigger and stronger, but man is Sarah slippery!

Peter is back up, though. Sarah is looking for a way out of the room. She finds a door, trying to jiggle the handle open. She opens it, and Mandii Rider is standing there!!!!!

Sarah's eyes go wide as Mandii shoves Sarah back and shuts the door. Peter grabs her and reverse DDT's her onto the hard marble floor of the cafe.

Heather: This is like one of those Halloween Funhouses! Every turn off the beaten path has someone waiting!

Pip: But they haven't gotten involved yet. I have to say I am shocked

Peter stumbles out of the room as Sarah groans and rolls around, holding her back.

Peter gets out into the main hallway again. He looks up the daunting staircase, takes a deep breath, and begins to climb them.

Peter thinks he is in the clear, and gets up about 30 steps before Sarah, who has a second burst of wind, catches him as she sprints up the stairs......Peter doesn't seem to notice her. She pulls his hands down from behind, exposing his boxers. He begins to trip. She low blows Peter from behind, and he wails and falls to his knees.

Heather: Right in the super balls!

Pip: I thought that was a different appendage......

Sarah is panting, winded, but seems to have a smile on her face. The blood around her nose is dried now. She sees the sign pointing to the top. She kicks Peter one more time in the head, then proceeds up that massive staircase again. She makes it to the second observation deck, and gasps as she sees Hanari sitting there, counting money.

"Hola chica" he says. "Don't worry mamacita, I will no hurt you. I am just here to count my money. Pay me no mind."

Sarah looks at him with a confused look, like here? Of all places, you choose here to count it?

He smiles the big pearly whites at her as he pulls a cigar out of his suit coat pocket.

"Beautiful view isn't it?"

She nods, still skeptical.

"........almost as beautiful as the one behind you, chica."

She turns around and there is a hologram of Chaos on the wall. She stumbles back, the realizes it isn't real. Hanari laughs as Peter enters out of nowhere and clotheslines Sarah, nearly taking her head off. Peter and Hanari fist bump as he drags Sarah out of the room. He shoves her face up against the metal grating of the staircase wall. Her nose is bleeding again.

He drags her up the staircase, slamming her head off the grating whenever there is an opportunity to do so.

Heather: How much more of this abuse can the champ take?!

Finally, she spots an opening. As Peter goes to slam her face one more time, she puts her arms out and blocks it. He tries again. She blocks. Then, a back elbow to his face she slides out of a small gap on the side of the building. Sarah is OUTSIDE the tower. She is climbing up from the OUTSIDE!

Pip: My god! This is suicide! Chaotic Inc has driven Sarah to do something crazy here, she is almost DARING Peter to follow her!

He can't fit out the window she did however, so he continues to climb the winding staircase. It is a race to the top now!!!

Pip: A race to the top! But Peter doesn't know his way around, all Sarah has to do is get to the top, but, how the hell will she get back inside?!

Another shot of Kenzi in the champagne room, a hand over her mouth now, looking worried.

The camera cuts from shots of Peter running up the steps to shots of a bloody Sarah using all her strength to climb the steel grates outside the tower.

Finally, after nearly 6 minutes of back and forths shot in action movie dramatic sequencing, Sarah reaches the window of Jules Verne Restaurant at the top floor.

Her eyes go wide as she see's the belt, hanging from the ceiling of the restaurant. She gulps, however, and looks down. She's literally 1,000 feet in the air. Taking a deep breath, she begins to look for a way in. Just then, we see Peter Gilmour climbing up under her.


Peter reaches up, tries to grab her foot, she kicks him off.

He grabs again, she kicks him off but her shoe comes off.....fallling..........





She tries again to find an opening, anything to get inside. It's air tight up here, however.

Peter catches up to her. He smiles before grabbing her by the head and slamming it into the glass of the restaurant. She wobbles.


He slams her head off the glass again.

Finally Sarah finds her footing. Her and Peter trade blows 1,000 feet in the air.

Sarah climbs a fet feet up and finds a bar to grab onto. Peter is following but slower. She knows she has to move fast. She takes a deep breath, closes her eyes for a second, and then swings....connecting with Peter and sending him THROUGH THE WINDOW!!!!!!

Heather: Peter is inside! He's in the restaurant! He's right there. But the glass cut him good......and he's down.......

Pip: Here comes Sarah!

She swings in and lands on her feet.

Peter is groaning, getting up, his face and arms bloody from the shattered glass. She squares him up.


Peter goes gown. Sarah steps on him, then over, and grabs a chair from the restaurant. She reaches up towards the belt, on her tippy toes, but her height is a playing factor. She reaches, stretches, trying to just touch it.

Peter comes from behind and grabs her around the waist, suplexing her off the chair and onto the floor of the restaurant below.

Pip: Good god.

Peter, however, instead of going for the titles, takes time to gloat. He gets on his knees, smiling, and takes his time. He is relishing the moment. He finally flicks her off and goes to head towards the belt when Sarah makes her move.

The Pigeonwing!!!!!



Sarah pulls tighter, putting her all into it. Peter is out!

Sarah lets go when she knows Peter is out. She is panting, bloody, and hurting but she limps over to the table, she climbs on top.

Pip: She's gonna do it here! She's gonna grab the title!! Sarah is gonna retain!!!

She reaches, stretching, and grabs it, and pulls it down.

Heather: She did it! My god Sarah did it!



Sarah smiles as she drapes the Universal Championship across her shoulder. She looks left and right, finds a camera, and motions towards it. The camera doesn’t move, so she motions wildy to come over to her. When it finally does, she starts making her way down from the tip of the tower, trying to wipe sweat out of her eyes the entire time.

Sarah: So! That’s one defense down. Now, I’m not going to stand here...or walk here...or climb here...or whatever...and say that Gilly didn’t come close to winning, or anything. Of course he did! The Gilmeister is bigger than me, stronger than me, and has more experience than me. But! As we ALL knew from the beginning, it was only a matter of time until I pulled down my championship. The question is then...well...what’s next?

Sarah pauses in her climb for a second.

Sarah: Earlier tonight, we all saw Chaotic Inc manhandle the Duo of Disappointment that was Brian Storm and Donovan guys really should stop booking those two...I mean, honestly...and that means they get a chance at a Triple Threat match for my championship. However, I feel that we need to look long term, and not just in a couple of weeks in Germany. Before you know it, Relentless will be upon us, and we will need to find a challenger for MY Universal Championship.

She starts making her way down again.

Sarah: So, here it is, Baby Birds: I am letting ANYONE challenge for it. I want the championship committee to SCOUR the entire company for the RIGHT person to face me on MY home turf in California. And THAT person will need to do MY gig, since it’s on MY territory. Last year, I had TWO championship matches at Relentless...both of which I won, obviously...and I think that whoever wants to face off for THE championship should be at that same calibre! So, here’s your chance, XWF: Want to beat me? What to get a chance of shutting me up? Show up at Warfare in Germany, state our case for the championship committee, be chosen to be worthy, and we’ll sign on the dotted line.

Sarah drops down to the roof of the Eiffel Tower, standing in the same spot outside the Champagne Room she was in a day ago when the Universal Title was first hoisted into the air.

Sarah: Here it is, Baby Birds. YOUR chance to stand up for the garbage that YOU believe in and prove me wrong. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some champagne to drink and the SWEETEST booty in ALL the world to-

She doesn't get to finish the sentence as she is cut off but the clubbing blow from Chaos to the back of her head. She stumbles and falls down. Ares and Chaos are on her. They start punching and kicking at her. Hanari and Mandii show up soon after.

Chaos drags a writhing Sarah by the hair.

Chaos: "You really think you're the top dog around here huh? You really think you EARNED this because you cashed in a little briefcase?"

He drags her towards the open window. When he gets there, he shovers her down, her back and shoulders over the edge. They are 1,000 feet in the air. He bends down.

Chaos: "Your little open challenge? Consider it null and void. Ares and I won our match tonight, so it will be the two of us versus little old you. You think you can come on MY turf and make demands?!"

He pushes a little closer to the edge. Her mid back is now outside the tower.

Chaos: "THIS is your day of reckoning. THIS is the day you realize that Chaotic Inc is the future, and the XWF is about to become a lot less pleasant of a place to be."

He pulls her in. Ares nails her in the gut with a crowbar, she goes to her knees coughing.

Chaos shoves her in the back of the head. "Get up, champ!" Shoves her again. "Get up, superwoman!" He shoves her a third time. She gets up and swings, Chaos catches it and spins her around. Ares brings the crowbar hard to her stomach again. She's spitting up blood.

Chaos: "You may have Vinnie fooled, you may have this staff and all these imbred morons who watch this show fooled, but you don't have me fooled. You aren't a goddess, you aren't superwoman, you are barely even a human being. You can be......equalized."

Chaos lifts her over his head and drops her on the hard floor with a brutal Equalizer.

Chaos: Welcome to my level.......little girl......."

Just then Kenzi breaks into the room. She makes a bee line for Chaos as the villains slink away. All 5 disappear as quickly as they arrived.

Kenzi bends down and checks on Sarah.


Paramedics flood the room as Kenzi has a tear roll down her snarling face as the camera pans out.

Pip: The champ is hurt guys, she's hurt bad. The Chaotic Inc reign of terror continues and my may have just went to far.


A special thank you to everyone who wrote matches this week:

Chronic Chris Page
Jenny Myst
Chris Chaos

Also a special thank you to everyone who sent in segments this week. It was another busy show for segments.

Charlie Nickles
Peter FN Gilmour
Chris Chaos
Sarah Lacklan
Big D
Notorious Ned Kaye
Theo Pryce
Tommy Wish
Robbie Bourbon

And to all those who sent promos in this week, they were and truly appreciated.

Looking forward to the next Warfare.
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08-19-2020, 07:56 PM

Phenomenal show. A ton of great segments, and Chaotic Inc was up and down the show causing havoc. Definitely killed it in the 18-34 male demographic.

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Peter Fn Gilmour Offline
the man with the SUPER DICK

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08-19-2020, 11:22 PM

I may not have won but I gave sarah all I had..

but as always Choatic Inc. causes.. well.. CHAOS! Sarah is in BIG trouble now!!

And so is Brian Storm ;)

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"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane Offline
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08-20-2020, 09:15 AM

Greggo is ALL fucked up after that devastating GILLY CUTTER he received from Peter F'n Gilmour earlier in the show. He's a mangled mess of blood and guts while docs and nurses freak out all around him and throw shit everywhere in a panic.

"Ugggh blaaaaaaahdhghhg"

He vomits!

Fast forward a few minutes and we get this out of him:

"Mmm ugh mmmm, Peter, you may have hurt me real good with that Gilly Butter of yours but when I kicked you in the BALLS and DICK like I did, I made sure you had no chance at screwing my client over. Once again, Greggo succeeds in deliverying victory straight into the wings of his ever loving client, Sarah Lacklan The Everychamp."

Greggo falls off the operating table with a hard thud and is face down, sounding muffled.

"Don't ferget to sell how bad you got hurt Peteh. You sell for my Sarah after she forced you to PASS OUT after OVERPOWERING YOU with her bare wings. You were made physicality unconsciousness by a girl 1/100th your size, you loser. Now SELL IT. Or I ain't gonna keep selling this here injury I got from YOU either."

Greggo goes into some kind of spazztazztical frenzy of seizures and hip thrusts. All kinds of alarms and beeps start happening all over the hospital. Air support has arrived, ready to transport him to a hospital where a good doctor awaits, but there's no guarantee Greggo will make it! Holy shit he might DIE from this Gilly Cutter he got!


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Peter Fn Gilmour Offline
the man with the SUPER DICK

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Hardcore, psycho fans

(cheered for breaking rules and bones; excessively violent; creative with weapons)

08-21-2020, 01:10 AM

dude stfu

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