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A Ruby Is Blood Red So Why Does She Wear Yellow? Oh Yeah, Because She's FAKE
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07-06-2020 09:18 PM

Ms. Fury Said:B.O.B. does not play by your rules, we do as we see fit. With that being said, Micheal Graves will NOT be challenging for the Anarchy championship this week. Instead, B.O.B. will be substituting the newest member of our world wide villain empire into this match instead.

"Ms. Fury speaks the truth. There is a new member of B.O.B. She called me and told me that Michael Graves has decided he doesn't want to come to the Cow Palace Thursday Night, he doesn't even feel like being in the state of California. I like that. I like that B.O.B doesn't play by the rules, makes their own schedule, and does whatever they see fit. I have never been one to play by the rules, I make my own schedule, and I do what I see fit. This is a perfect match, and B.O.B just added perhaps the biggest name they could. Star power, flawless fashion sense, and a win/loss record to envy.

Someone who knows something or two about winning titles.

So when she told me I was going up against Ruby, my eyes lit up like diamonds in the sunlight. When she told me it was not only the Main Event, but FOR the Anarchy Title, I had my flights to Cali booked before we got off the phone. Big shouts to Travelocity.

But onto the fun stuff. Ruby....the almost 30 year old who acts 13. Is she a super hero? A wrestler? A vigilante? Or just recruiting for her all autistic Demi Lovato cover band? Seriously, dove, for your own sake buy a Subaru and start wearing acid washed jeans before the dudes think you're straight. You probably have more movie posters in your room than you have friends that have ever been in it. Those posters will be a sad reminder to your parents after they find you dead from auto-erotic asphyxiation you cheeto-dust encrusted basement dweller. You aren't ready for this heat babes. You've been kicking the crap out of XWF's developmental talent, and they gave you a belt for it. You've been hiding over here on the company's C show, and think you're some big shot because you hold a title with the show's name on it.

Sugar, I've been pulling the strings in this place for a long time. I haven't even competed on this show, ever, and my first match on the program......the highest title on the show. Sure, you can say Graves gifted it to me, or you can come to terms with the fact that I am the revolution, and they recruited me because not only will I bring the Anarchy Title into B.O.B---I will keep it there for a long, long time. With my eyes closed. Without breaking a nail.

So why would I want to come take a belt from Sid the Sloth's less attractive sister that is basically a participation trophy? Well, simple enough....I want to be a cross platform competitor. I want to come onto a new show, face new competition, and win new titles. I want to bring a little prestige back to this title, I want to make it worth something, and I want to bring B.O.B to the forefront on our quest to hold all the gold in this company. They approached me with a hell of an offer, and I would have been a fool to turn it down. Let me tell you now, I am no fool. Remember, I am not the one who comes to the ring looking like I found my little brother's previous years Halloween costume. You look like a reject Disney villain. What aesthetic are you going for anyway? Female incel? You really seem to be rocking the "Notice me, I want to be Left Alone, No one Understands Me" starter set...

When are you upgrading to the "pills and booze" module?

Oh, that's right, you're the PG "star" of XWF programming. You're about setting a good example, being a "role model". You want to be the one the kids can look up to. How cute. Let me tell you MY view of you, as someone who is a true role model. A true being that should be, and is, looked up to, not because of a corny costume but because of my success both inside and outside of the ring.

*clears throat*

I feel bad for you; really, I do. It's clear you're the type of person who seeks out attention and your entire image here confirms this. That's not why I feel bad for you, though. I feel bad for you because you don't deserve the attention. Nothing about you is organic. Your hair color, eyebrows, nails, even your goddamned complexion is fake. Until you accept yourself for the sub-standard piece of shit you are, no one will accept you and right now, no one does.

Trust me. No one does.

You're completely boring. If it weren't for the Kick Ass exterior, I mean the movie not that you actually kick don't.....if not for that, not a single person would ever do a double take on you. You're a female wallflower; you adorn yourself with masks and capes and bright colored spandex to distract from how overall plain and uninspiring you are.

People don't look at you as a hero, a role model, a staple in the community. The greatest compliment you've ever received: "I might do her from behind. But probably not". That is pretty much where you stand, Rubes. So, why bother evening coming to Northern California. Shouldn't you be in Instagram fishing for likes and compliments from children all around the world? You should, but instead you're throwing yourself in front of a fast moving locomotive that has no intention of stopping. Me joining B.O.B wasn't a social experiment, it was a reward for being one of the most consistently dominant competitors on this roster. I am going to expose and embarrass you. Anarchy is MY show now, and I plan to walk out the same way I walked Queen.



[Image: iwak2fM.jpg]

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