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Wednesday Night Warfare - 4/22/20 - Results
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04-22-2020, 02:57 PM



From !!!

[Image: Metroradio_Arena%2C_Newcastle.jpg]


- vs -

- vs -


- vs -


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- vs -

[Image: JggTqeU.png]


- vs -
- vs -



From !!!

[Image: Metroradio_Arena%2C_Newcastle.jpg]


The camera cuts backstage lomo to locker room he says I'm issuing an open challenge for a match did anyone in the locker room at warfare I don't care if we are on that at warfare. I don't care who wants to match I will take it and take your blood with me come from Brooklyn fight fight Bring It On I'm going to make you an example on my debut a bloody example I do mean bloody and uncomfortable I'm coming to destroy you anyone on roster come to warfare and give me my match whoever you are a woman that don't care who you are give me a match I'm going to sit a chair in ring and wait and whoever comes out getting a match I wait for it

[Image: profilepic_2410.jpg]

"loss, after loss, after loss, after LOSS....from losing to a fucking CAR, all the way to letting down my team at March Madness, i still continue to be the vessel of a message that will ring true, no matter what it is I'll have to do, what level I'll have to stoop to, what moral balance i'll have to snap in half to obtain the goal I've set upon myself. The M.O. i have promised to myself as well as any who would follow me. as you hear this message at the top of the show, i am preparing for a match that could help make, or help BREAK my future in this company. that loss to 's team taught me one valuable lesson; choose your allies wisely. Phazer, Kieran and Storm were a total let-down and I KNOW that if I'd had better partners our team would have won. and soon? ....i will unveil a team that will not only win matches, but one that will DOMINATE and takeover. resistence is futile. welcome to the dawning of a NEW Xtreme Wrestling Federation!!! ....#TTFN

- vs -

Jimmy Havoc's theme song hits the Arena's speakers and Jimmy Havoc makes his way to the ring.

PIP: This one is about to be creepy to kick things off!

HEATHER: Yeah, both of these two have several screws loose.

PIP: It should be interesting, though! Always is when Hired Gun is involved!

"Day of the Dead" By Hollywood Undead starts to play as the fans boo throughout the arena. Out comes The Hired Gun as we see that figure with him. The figure cackles as he sees The Hired Gun start walking down towards the ring. The fans look frightened as the figure follows him. He makes it to the ring as we see the figure pull out a car battery and jumper cables. The Hired Gun just exposes his thumbs to him as the figure sparks the cables and then places them on The Hired Gun's thumbs as The Hired Gun just grunts. he removes the cables and The Hired Gun climbs into the ring. The Hired Gun just stares into space as his music fades.

The Hired Gun circles his prey. Havoc looks confident. The two tie up.

Havoc gets the upper hand, whipping the hired gun into the corner. He fires off some shots onto the OG, but the hired gun fights back. The two trade blows before the Hired Gun slides around slides around, locking the arms around the waist.


He throws Havoc back, and he bounces off the mat. The Hired Gun stands there, staring at Havoc as the newcomer looks into the cold dead eyes of his opponent, and gets to his feet.

The to circle again, and again the Hired Gun uses his quickness to to slide around again, hooking the waist, going for another suplex.

Havoc delivers so elbows to the side of the head, trying to fight it off. He is able to break the hold, and slips out. He whips Gun into the ropes, and off the rebound he goes for the clothesline. Gun ducks, and comes off the ropes the other way. Havoc hits a standing drop kick which drops the hired gun to his back.

Havoc stays on him though, because The Hired Gin gets up quickly.

PIP: The mysterious one is back to his feet.

HEATHER: His stamina is unbelievable. He is indestructible when he wants to be.

Havoc drops in a head but, bringing Gun back to one knee, then comes off the ropes and hits a flying knee to the face, bringing him down again.

Hooks the leg.



Hired Gun gets a shoulder up.

The masked man rolls back, getting on his knees as Havoc comes off the ropes again. He goes for a flying cross body just as Hired Gun gets up, but Gun catches him, crashing Havoc to the mat with a scoop slam.

He begins to stomp away on Havoc.

Coming off the ropes, he hits and elbow drop.





PIP: It is gonna take more than that to keep Jimmy Havoc down!

HEATHER: Is it, though?

Gun picks him up and whips him into the corner. Havoc drops into a sitting position as the Hired Gun rolls out of the ring.

He grabs the car battery.

PIP: Uh oh!

HEATHER: Havoc is in trouble here!

He puts a gator clip on each nipple. As he is about to connect them to the wrong ends, causing a spark, Havoc pulls them off. Gun throws the battery down. Havoc goes to get out of the corner, but the hooded figure grabs his legs, tripping him.

Gun slides into the ring.

A few more stomps and he picks Havoc up. A few Haymakers to the body, he kics Havoc in the gut. Going for the DDT, Havoc reverses..........

Lifting Gun up.

Dropping him down with a big slam, he runs, jumping over Gun's downed body, and baseball slides the hooded figure, sending him crashing into the barricade.

PIP: Good awareness there from Havoc. Took away Hired Gun's advantage!

As he pops up and turns around, Gun is still down but stirring. Havoc climbs the top rope. The crowd cheers as he urges them on. He is waiting for Gun to get to his feet.

HEATHER: He's gonna try to put it away here!

Just then the crowd begins to go off.


A figure, a different one, dressed in all black, comes through the crowd and jumps the barricade.

The original hooded figure is trying to get into the ring, distracting the ref.

The smaller figure, wearing all black with a ski mask, has a black baseball bat in hand.

The figure hits Havoc in the back of the knee.

PIP: OH MY GOD! The masked figure just cracked Jimmy Havoc in the back of the leg! He's on the top rope for god sakes!

Havoc crumbles, grabbing his leg as he falls off the ropes. He crashes to the mat. The original hooded figure jumps off the mat as the new masked figure ducks, hiding next to the apron.

Hired Gun is back to his feet.

He grabs Havoc.

The Pigeonwing!!!! (Crossface Chicken Wing with Grapevine!)

HEATHER: Gun has it locked in!!!!

Havoc tries to fight it....but he can't. Jimmy Havoc taps!!!

PIP: Damnit! Gun pulled it out with some help!

Heather: That damn masked figure.........


Hired Gun eventually lets go of a now unconcious Jimmy Havoc as his music hits. The masked figure who came through the crowd slides into the ring. They point the bat at Gun, he nods. They slide out of the ring and walk up the ramp carrying the bat.

PIP: Who the hell is that?! They look tiny!

HEATHER: Oh god, I think I have an idea!

- vs -

Azrael appears and walks to the ring confidently, with a dead set, determined look in his eyes. Eyes that smolder with a touch of fire.

HEATHER: "Here comes Azrael Erubus! The first competitor in this three way match."

RussianRose quickly struts to ringside with a black rose in his left hand and a thick 4ft length of chain wrapped around his clenched right fist. He wears a long sleeved hoody overtop his one piece red wrestling suit. Following behind him is brother/manager Alexei Medved wearing a black fitted suit and sunglasses. He runs a hand through his slick blonde hair and stops at the bottom of the ring while watching his much more massive brother walk up the steel steps and into the ring. He immediately drops the chain and uses the rose to imitate knife slashing his throat and whips the rose down to the mat. He removes his hood from his clean shaven head and removes the sweater. Alexei collects his brothers items from ringside and watches his brother as Evgeni continues the look of intensity and anticipation.

HEATHER: "The HMW Champ is all business here tonight."

PIP: "Ya we all know what kind of business the Medveds are into."

'X Gonna Give it to Ya" hits, and the lights are overcome with a dark, blood red hue. The x-tron is hijacked, static quickly invading the screen.... The lights around the ring are cut off, leaving a spotlight on the entrance. The fans are left in silent bewilderment.... The Tron is now overcome by a big, flashing, crimson cross. The fans begin to give a mixed reaction, eventually taking out their cell phones to snap pictures... before ALL of the lights are cut out. Then??

The voice of DMX fills the speakers;

"You against me, me against you,
Whatever, whenever, What the fuck you gon' do?
... I've been doin' this for nineteen years,
Wanna fight me? Fight these tears."

The XWF Galaxy is truly beginning to come unglued... A spotlight shines in the middle of the ring, where a figure descends via a cord, landing in the center of the squared-circle. Red-X holds his trademark black baseball bat. Red drops the bat next to the corner post, and climbs upon the top turnbuckle, lifting his arms in an 'X'... the song slowly fades as the x-man prepares for war..




The three XWF superstars circle around the squared circle feeling each other out. The ref takes a step back anticipating a big move from one of the wrestlers. But they continue to circle each other. They seem to all be on the defensive as some jeers of impatience come from the English fans.

PIP: "I'm glad I'm not the only one dying of boredom." [/red[

HEATHER: "Pip, this is the sign of three experienced and knowledgeable skilled tradesman who obviously know alot about their craft. They might not like each other but the respect is definitely there."

[red]PIP: "The people paid to see these guys kill each other not respect each other."

Azrael lunges at RussianRose who sidesteps the attack causing Azrael to bounce off the ropes and right into a flying Red-X cross body and into a quick pin.

The ref doesn't even get to start the count before RussianRose breaks it with a quick elbow drop. RussianRose and AE are first to their feet and lock up in the middle of the ring. RussianRose overpowers Azrael into the corner turnbuckle and starts working on the body with a couple exposing knees to the midsection. Medved nails a quick DDT but gets up and gets nailed by a DDT from Red.

Red immediately gets to work climbing quickly to the top rope. He sets up...


Red hits both his opponents and even appears to have hurt himself as well. All three wrestlers are in pain as they lay stretched out on the mat.

HEATHER: "The high risk maneuver doesn't seem to pay off for X. This match has quickly picked up after a slow start."

PIP: "Ya well it couldn't have gotten any worse now that's for sure."

The camera zooms into Alexei Medved at ringside who stands on the apron arguing with the ref. He jumps back down temporarily abandoning protests as he sees his brother slowly getting up.

RussianRose sluggishly gets to both feet first...followed by X and lastly AE. once again they circle each other. This time with less energy then before. AE lunges towards RussianRose this time catching him with a weak footed spear. Azrael gets up only to go down with a drop kick from X who goes for the cover.


HEATHER: "RussianRose breaks the count!"

He pick up Azrael and hoists him over his shoulder
He starts to run and power slams AE out of the ring and to the concrete floor. The big man turns his attention to Red-X who has just gotten to his feet. X swings a punch that lands on the jaw of RussianRose. RR shrugs it off and sets X for a piledriver. At the last second X reverses with a hurricarana sending Medved head over heels into the canvas.
RussianRose looks dazed as he tries to get up but get's rolled into a cradle like pin.



Kick out.

HEATHER: "Red-X comes up with the reversal and the creative pin."

PIP: "Ya and Azrael Erebus looks hurt and exhausted on the outside. He fading out here tonight."

The Russian seems mad as he gets up and throws X into a side headlock but X squirms out of it and hits a bulldog. RR tumbles under the ropes near the ring apron. His brother Alexei comes over to Evgeni, making sure he's ok. As the ref has his back turned the manager passes over what looks to be shiny brass knuckles...

While the ref is attending to Red-X who has is yelling at him for some reason, RussianRose walks over to the downed Azrael, and hits him with the brass knuckles before chucking them back to his brother.

RussianRose then grabs Azrael and sends him back into the ring, and slides back in. Red-X pushes the ref aside and comes running. But RussianRose hits him with a flying clothesline. Red-X looks in a lot of pain.

RussianRose turns his attention back to Azrael, who has not moved. He goes for the cover.





after the triple threat, azrael is trying to regain his senses. He finally stands upright, before heading out of the ring and up the ramp to the backstage area. RussianRose pulls himself up by the ropes, as red-x is out of it. RR makes it to his feet, as he grabs his HeavyMetalWeight title from the ref. He holds it high above his head, glaring off to the side at the still barely moving red-x. SUDDENLY, the lights cut out.... the x-tron fills momentarily with static, before the image of a crimson cross appears; the glow of the screen casts a feint light upon the ring area, where we find RussianRose looking around, red-x no longer in sight. The lights return, a dark, blood red hue, with spotlights flashing all about...

RR begins to display a mixture of anger and slight trepidation. a single spotlight flashes upon the rafters, as we find red-x looming above, wearing a red trenchcoat, holding his black bat. red slowly raises the baseball bat above his head, RR gazing up at his opponent..... red then abruptly points the bat down at RR. The spotlight upon X dissapears, leaving the Crimson Crusader in darkness, RussianRose not too happy. The tron cuts out, the lights cut out, and soon, a large red X shines over the ring mat, as if it were a cross-hair.... Rose is fuming. And then-- SPLASH!!!!! A waterfall of blood red liquid pours down upon RR, coating him in the blood red mixture.

The ooze eventually causes RR to slip and fall onto the canvas. The lights quickly flicker, and moments later red-x reappears in the rafters, possibly upsetting MasterMind as the resident master of mind games. red now holds a microphone, which he lifts to his mouth, but lowers it as the audience is roaring. red nods his head, happy to have once again caused a stir among the XWF Galaxy. X soon tries to lift the mic up to his lips again, but before he can say anything, he's cut off by the roar of the crowd. If we could see his face, maybe we'd find a smile, but as it is red is simply soaking in the mixed reaction. red-x lifts the microphone up once more, holding a palm up, signaling the fans to give him a minute to speak..... they quiet down as requested;

X: "...................."

...x lowers the microphone again, the fans beginning to wonder what x could really have to say.... he raises the microphone up to his mouth one more time......

..........before tossing the mic from the rafters all the way down to the ring, amongst the blood red pool RussianRose has been covered in. X gazes amongst the puzzled fans below, before the lights cut off one more time, only to return a couple of seconds later. The lights are now normal once again, the tron showing the image held within the ring; RR trying to remove himself from the red goop.



- vs -

In the back, Jenny Myst and Rebel Star are talking by a long table where the coffee maker and cups are kept.

Jenny has a foot up on the wall, her arms below her, hands off screen.

JENNY: "Giiiirl....its Warfare. Can ya feel it?! I've missed this so much!"

REBEL: "We're glad to have ya back, Queen!"

JENNY: "Glad to be back. We have big plans, Rebel. You and your husband can be part of something magical we are starting. We've already begun the process."

REBEL: "Anything we can do. When you ran Savage, it was the best its ever been. But how are you gonna control things if you are no longer in power?"

JENNY: "You don't need a fancy suit to be powerful. Like I always say, it's not easy being Queen."

Rebel smiles.

REBEL: "Well, I'll talk to AZ, but you can count me in."

JENNY: "I know."

Rebel smiles again and walks away. Jenny has an evil grin on her face as her hands come back on the screen. She sets a black baseball bat down on the coffee table and walks away.

PIP: Is that........don't even tell me!

HEATHER: I knew it!!!!!!!!

Warfare cuts back to the ring with Lizette Miracle standing in it, her theme music playing as she stretches. An anxious look on her face.

The opening riff of "Hart Attack" blast over the PA as the crowd breaks out into a mixed reaction that's more negative than not. VV walks out onto the stage and and postures for the crowd, soaking up their jeers as if it's the ultimate sign of support. She makes her way down the ramp, ignoring the outreached hands of any fans she still has along the way. VV the heads up the steps and walks along the outside apron. She grabs the top rope with both hands and springboards into the ring where she tucks and rolls before settling on a couched, almost ninja like pose. VV flexes her biceps as the crowd continues to boo. She stands up, laughing off the crowd as she prepares for the match to start.

The bell rings and Vita explodes out of the corner, catching the newbie off guard. Knocking Lizette into the corner, Vita begins to chop and hammer away. She whips Lizette into the opposite corner and runs, hitting a flying knee to the face. Lizette stumbles out to the middle when Vita sweeps her legs, dropping her to the mat. She smiles and throws her hands up, the crowd boos her.

She puts her foot on Lizette's head, shoving it down. Vita is toying with her, every time Lizette picks her head up Vita puts her foot on it and pushes it own.

Pip: Vita just bullying the newbie here.

Heather: Dog eat dog world, Pip. Lizette wants it to stop, do something about it.

Pip: Who are you and where has this been?

Lizette is finally able to battle to her feet. She shoves Vita off, hitting a few clubbing forearm blows to back her off. She grabs Vita's arm and whips her into the ropes, going to a clothesline, but Vita slides under her beneath her legs. Lizette turns around to Vita, who has popped back up. She hits a dropkick on Lizette, sending her stumbling back through the ropes and to the outside.

PIP: Has Vita broken a sweat yet?

HEATHER: Doesn't appear so.

She puts her hands back up in a pose again, the crowd letting her hear it.

Looking bac over at Lizette she smiles, then runs and springboards off the top rope, crashing into the new comer, knocking her into the barricade. Vita rolls off, holding her leg, which hit the barricade when she crashed into Lizette. A tad bit gimpy, she lifts her up, throwing her head first into the ring post.

The ref has begun his count.




Someone says something to Vita from the front row, and she blows him a sarcastic kiss.



Lifting Lizette up by the hair again, she rolls her into the ring, breaking the count.

Lizette is showing a lot of heart, though, and is trying to get to her feet. Vita grabs her, locking her into a full nelson. Lizette, with her first real bit of offense, slips it, kicking Vita in the gut and hitting a DDT out of nowhere.

PIP: WOW! Lizette plants Vita! Where did that come from?!

HEATHER: You might say its a...miracle?

Lizette is a bit shaken up, however, and takes longer than she shoulder to get to the cover.



Vita kicks out. Lizette looks deflated.

Vita is rolling up to her feet. Lizette comes off the ropes and goes for a kick to the ribs, but Vita grabs her ankle, tripping her, bouncing up to her feet and delivering a well placed kick to Lizette's side instead. She flips Lizette over with an arm drag and kicks her right in the small of the back. The newbie cries out and the crowd chimes in with an "Ohhhh!".

Lizette does show resilience, however, by getting to her feet. Vita looks at her with a snarl as the crowd cheers her on.

STAY DOWN, Vita yells. Wobbling, Lizette signals "bring it on!" with her hands. Vita slaps her. Whipping Lizette into the ropes, Vita clips to the second rope and begins to hammer down on her opponent with a Mounted 10 Punch Combo.











She jumps down as Lizette stumbles out of the corner. Vita is looking to put it away here. She climbs out, onto the apron. Lizette is out on her feet as Vita jumps over and onto the top rope.

EAT DEFEAT!!!!!!! Springboard Dropkick from the apron!

PIP: That's gotta be it!

HEATHER: 'Fraid so.

Vita hooks the leg with a smile.




Holding her arm up, the ref grabs it, holding it higher.


PIP: Impressive performance from Vita, as usual.

HEATHER: She was on a mission tonight, Pip!

Vita is about to exit the ring when suddenly…


The crowd erupts with thunderous boos as we see ADAM BARKER shown leisurely walking out to the top of the ramp with a microphone in hand.

[Image: EricBischoff_original_crop_north.jpg?134...=630&h=420]

” My name is Adam Barker and tonight I have come to Wednesday Night Warfare as nothing more than an advocate for YOUR reigning, defending, UNDISPUTED XWF World Tag Team Champions, the unstoppable force known as… Cataclysm.”

The crowd becomes deafening as Vita is shown with her hands on her hips mouthing off towards Adam as he simply grins at Vita before he continues.

Vita, Vita, Vita… on behalf of Chris Page and Robert Main I want to commend you and your partner; what’s her name again? Ah, it doesn’t matter, we want to congratulate you for being the first sacrificial lambs. To be foolish enough to sign your name on a contract to get in the ring with my clients. That’s kind of a mistake. But hey you’re a big girl, right?”

“YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” starts to echo out towards Adam Barker to the degree shifts his attention towards the crowd as he continues.

” You all might want to calm yourselves down and show a little bit of respect before you all put Vita in a much more precarious position than she’s already in.”

The chants grow louder as Adam shifts his attention back towards Vita.

” My apologies Vita I can’t believe how rude some people can be.”

The chant from the crowd becomes ravenous as Adam takes a brief pause before he continues.

” I know you aspire to become a three-time Tag Team Champion and because you’ve put your name on the dotted line you’ve now become public enemy number one.”

Suddenly the house lights go pitch dark as a loud clasp of thunder rumbles the arena. As a series of images flashes over the X-Tron.

[Image: giphy.gif]

[Image: giphy.gif]

[Image: giphy.gif]

[Image: giphy.gif]

[Image: giphy.gif]

[Image: giphy.gif]

A single spotlight hits the top of the ramp upon Adam Barker who is now knee-deep in thick white smog with both in their masked forms Chris Page and Robert Main standing behind him as a sinister smirk is etched across Adam’s face as he turns around facing both men and rips their masks from each of their faces revealing the faces of Page and Main! Page and Main walk with a purpose down the ramp towards the ring as Vita holds her ground seemingly daring Cataclysm to get into the ring. Cataclysm reaches ringside where Page turns to the right and Main turns to the left as they start to circle the ring like vultures circling its prey.

They reach the sides of the ring where Main climbs up on the ring apron and we see Vita charge towards him taking a swing but Main drops down to the floor and evaded the shot. Vita spins around where she’s blasted with a Claymore Kick from Page! The crowd spouts enormous boos as Main climbs up on the ring apron while Page is back to a vertical base as he snatches Vita up by the hair and positions her for a powerbomb. Page points towards Main who points back at Page and its then that Page hoists Vita up in the air before charging towards the corner with a running buckle bomb while Main delivers a running Enzugiri.

Vita staggers out from the corner where Page hoists her up by the waist as Robert charges full speed across the ring bouncing off the ropes delivering a Heart Attack Clothesline driving Vita down into the mat! The crowd boos intently as some trash begins to trickle down inside the ring. Enraged Robert grinds his teeth as he snatches Vita up off the mat where he flings Vita into the ropes, she bounces off the ropes before taking a Shatter Machine from Cataclysm

Both Page and Main stand over Vita looking down at her broken body.

Adam Barker is shown reaching ringside clapping his hands together in sheer amusement with the destruction caused by his clients. Adam climbs up on the ring apron where he snaps his fingers and immediately draws the gaze of both Page and Main. He motions for them to leave before hopping down to the floor where he is joined by his clients as a message has just been sent to Vita and anyone else that wants to play a game with Cataclysm

HEATHER: "Well, folks, we've received video footage of how Big D spent his 4/20."

PIP: "And while this footage may be shocking to some, what shocks ME more is how this guy is STILL getting airtime despite packing his bags and going home!"

HEATHER: "I think he still wants to be apart of XWF in some fashion, Pip, as a former competitor, I can respect that."

PIP: "Well, while you're here calling matches, Big D is filming himself getting high!............... Spoiler alert!"

HEATHER: "................ just roll the footage."

The scene cuts to Big D sitting at home on his couch, in the dark, lighting a fat ass blunt. As he puffs on it, a light comes on and his wife enters the room.

"Honey?" she asks, half asleep. "It's 4:30 in the morning, what are you doing?"

"ACTUALLY it's not 4:30," D responds with a giant exhale of smoke. "It's 4:20!"

Krystal stares at him for a moment, before turning and walking away. "I'm going back to sleep."

"Suit yourself."

Time blatantly passes and we see Big D passed out in the upright position, his head tilted back. In his right hand is half of the blunt he'd smoked earlier, with ash littering the seat cushion next to him. Krystal enters the room and sits beside her husband, wiping the ash away with her hand. She then grabs the blunt from D's hand, puts it to her mouth, and sparks it. As soon as flame hits blunt, Big D abruptly wakes up.

"Fell asleep with the blunt lit?"


Krystal shakes her head and rolls her eyes. She takes a few drags before handing it to Big D and walking away.

Once again, some time elapses and we see Big D with three pizza boxes next to him, watching his Universal Title match against Robert Main and Donovan Blackwater. He's taken five chicken wings and sandwiched them between two pieces of pizza.

"You probably shouldn't be ordering food during all this Coronavirus shit," Krystal says, entering the room and taking a hit off the random bong beside D.

"Are you saying you don't want any?"

"Well, I mean, it's here," Krystal responds, opening a box and grabbing a slice. "Whatcha watchin'?"

"My Universal Championship Match," Big D answers, taking a giant bite of his monstrous concoction. "Fuckin' Donovan Blackwater........." D pauses at the point where Main pins Blackwater for the 3 count, then reverses it, and presses play. "That asshole's part of the reason I'm retired," Big D grabs the bong and rips it so hard, it clears the bowl.

"I'm sorry, honey," Krystal says with a frown. "I know how badly you wanted it."

As Krystal exits the room, Big D looks down at the floor, blankly. "Yeah..........."

From there, we get a montage of moments from the rest of Big D's day. He happily watches his Xtreme Title win, smoking a doobie and laughing at the sight of Robert Main counting his pinfall for him. On the flip side, D also watches(with tears in his eyes) as Fuzz puts a quick halt to his reign, beginning a months long tear that would eventually lead to Universal Champion, Shawn Warstein.
Big D smokes himself stupid throughout a retrospective of his career. The ups of two different TV Title runs, and the downs of their end. With each match comes a new way of smoking, from his simple Iowa Hawkeye pipe to a crossjoint that would make Seth Roger proud. Eventually, the scene fades with Big D passed out, his wife placing an LA Rams blanket over him before walking away.

HEATHER: "Well that was............ interesting."

PIP: "I believe the word you were looking for is 'stupid.' Can we get back to the wrestlers that are actually HERE?"


- vs -
- vs -

The lights in the arena dim, then go to full black. We then see fire emiting from the ramp after a bell tolls a few times. We then hear "SUCK MY DICK" blast from the PA and the crows begins to go ape shit. "FUCK EVERYBODY" by Steel Panther begins to kick in as res strobe lights and lasers hit the stage. We see Peter Gilmour and his demon assassin Valerie Sky appear on the stage. They look around as Peter bobs his head to the music. As soon as the chorus kicks in we see Peter start singing into the camera saying, "EVERYBODY CAN SUCK MY DICK!" They head to the ring and then get in normally. Peter then throws his hands up in an "X" pose as fire and fireworks go off above the ring in the same manner. Peter looks at Valerie and smiles wickedly as they look at the stage waiting for their next victim.

"Death March" By Motionless In White starts to play as the fans boo throughout the arena. Out comes Barney Green as we see that figure with him. The figure cackles as he sees Barney Green start walking down towards the ring. The fans look frightened as the figure follows him. He makes it to the ring as we see the figure pull out a car battery and jumper cables. Green just exposes his thumbs to him as the figure sparks the cables and then places them on Green's thumbs as Green just grunts. he removes the cables and Green climbs into the ring. Green just stares into space as his music fades.

"Made of Scars" by Stone Sour hits over the PA system as the fans give their reactions. Chasm walks onto the ramp and down the aisle as the announcers explain the rules of the match.

PIP: "Well here it is, folks, the House of Hell Match; a Gilly special!"

HEATHER: "Gilly's definitely special, that's for sure....."

PIP: What was that?"

HEATHER:(ignoring Pip): "This is essentially a Hell in a Cell match, with a few exceptions."

PIP: "As you can see, the Cell wall is lined with barbed wire AND a variety of weapons."

HEATHER: "But that's not all, as the ceiling is rigged with C-4 explosives, because Gilly may ACTUALLY be ]

PIP: "One man's , is another man's brave, Heather."

[white]HEATHER: "............ANYWAY, you win by pinfall or submission."

PIP: "Or death!"

HEATHER(sighing): "Yes, Pip, or death."

Chasm is now inside the Cell, where he takes down a Kendo Stick from the cage wall and slides into the ring. He waits for his opponents, armed and ready.

HEATHER: "Gilly might be in over his head. It's bad enough to be in there with two men, but it's a whole different story when one of those men is a monster and the other's Chasm."

PIP: "Gilly's looking to prove he still has what it takes. He's tired of the mocking and wants to show the world exactly why Shane dubbed him 'The Threat.'"

The referee calls for the bell as Peter Gilmour steps in the center and points to his crotch, yelling "SUCK MY DICK!!!" Simultaneously, Barney Green and Chasm swing their Kendo Sticks, making a Gilly sandwich in the process. He screams as he drops to his knees, only to be smashed, once again, from both sides, this time in the face. Gilmour clutches his head in pain as he rolls to the outside.

HEATHER: "We're five seconds in and Gilly's already in over his head!"

PIP: "He's recuperating; most people would have to after what he just endured!"

As Barney Green stares at what him and his other opponent just did, Chasm wastes no time and cracks Green in the back of the head, breaking the Kendo Stick in half. Barney drops his, but remains relatively unharmed, turning around and gazing at Chasm with blank eyes. Green takes a step forward, but Chasm delivers a kick to the midsection, followed up a string of punches. He goes to whip The Monster to the ropes, but Green puts a halt to that, stopping dead in his tracks. Barney then does a 180 and tosses his opponent for the opposite side, knocking him down with a hard Clothesline on the way back.

PIP: "Despite being Gilly's creation, this match seems right up The Monster's alley!"

HEATHER: "Pain has always eluded Barney Green, even before he became Xavier's personal Frankenstein."

PIP: "Frankenstein was the doctor, Heather.............even I know that!"

Barney Green waits for Chasm to get back to his feet, before running backwards towards the ropes. To his surprise, Peter Gilmour climbs onto the apron and pulls down on the top rope, sending Barney toppling over to the outside. Gilmour, who has a big, bloody knot on his forehead, brings Barney back to his feet and shoves his face against the barbed wire lacing of the fence, grinding on it like a cheese grater. While Gilly does this, a recovered Chasm climbs out and yanks a chair down from the side of the Cell before heading towards his opponents. Chasm sneaks up behind Gilmour and smacks his back with the chair, causing him to let go of Barney. Chasm winds up to swing, again, as Gilly turns around. At the last second, he manages to duck the shot, causing the chair to bounce of the Cell and into Chasm's face.

PIP: "What an assist by the Cage!"

HEATHER: "It happened so fast, Chasm doesn't know what hit him!"

Gilly picks up the chair and delivers a hard shot to Chasm's shoulder. Peter then helps him up and walks him over to the Cell wall, where he hits him with the chair, again. Chasm falls down, back against the Cage, seemingly in a daze. Gilmour cracks Barney Green's head with the chair, putting a gigantic dent in the middle of the seat. Gilly then rolls The Monster's body over to the opposite side of the Cell, resting him up against it in similar fashion to Chasm.

HEATHER: "What could Gilly have in mind?"

PIP: "Whatever it is, it's bound to be incredible!"

Peter Gilmour stands in between both men, getting himself pumped up, along with the crowd. He then charges at Chasm and hits an Open Wide dick to the face that sends Chasm's head flying back into the barbed wire fencing. As Chasm slides to the floor, Gilly turns and points at Barney Green before running and hitting him with the same move. Gilmour turns and walks away, celebrating, unbeknownst to him that it had no effect on The Monster. Barney rises up and approaches Peter from behind. Gilly turns around and jumps at the sight of Green, who grabs him around the throat and slams him against the Cell, high above his head.

PIP: "Let him go, Barney, Gilly's NOT a t-girl!!!!"

HEATHER: "That we know of."

Peter Gilmour gasps for air as Barney Green strangles him, at the same time, grating his back against the wire the same way Gilly had his face. Chasm, unaware to Barney, grabs a fire extinguisher and makes his way over. Just when it looks like Gilmour might pass out, Chasm sprays Green with the extinguisher, causing him to drop Gilly. The Monster struggles to find his opponents through all the foam, only to get struck in the back of the head by the fire extinguisher. As Barney Green tumbles over, Chasm drops the weapon and turns his attention to Peter Gilmour.

PIP: "Gilly just CANNOT catch a break!"

HEATHER: "That's the struggle of facing two men at once, you take one down, the other rises."

PIP: "I'm sure you know a thing or two about that......"


Chasm helps Gilmour to his feet before Irish Whipping him at the barbed wire Cell. As Gilly heads towards danger, he manages to wrap his arms around the ring post and swing himself around the side to halt his momentum. Chasm runs at him but is met with a swift Yakuza Kick that drops him to a knee. Peter delivers a couple rights to Chasm's head, only for him to retaliate with a few of his own. Gilly shoves his opponent into the Cage, receiving a hard elbow to the jaw in retaliation. As the two of them exchange strikes, the foam clears revealing a recovered Barney Green. The fans go nuts as The Monster rushes for his opponents, who don't notice him until it's too late........... all three men go crashing through part of the Cell, cutting their bodies up in the process. Gilly and Chasm land on their backs, with Barney's arms covering them both.


HEATHER: "Gilly got lucky there! Had Chasm not kicked out, the match would be over."

PIP: "Considering nobody wants a loss to Barney Green, Gilly should be thanking Chasm."

Barney gets up, dragging Peter Gilmour with him. He hoists Gilmour high above his head and catapults him forward into the Cell, but Gilly manages to protect his face by grabbing onto the Cage. The Threat fights his way out of The Monster's grasp, kicking him backwards. Peter than swings his feet forward and begins to scale the Cell wall.

HEATHER: "Gilly's climbing to the top! What the hell is he thinking?"

PIP: "Gotta put the C-4 to good use, wouldn't want Vinnie's money going to waste!"

As Peter Gilmour makes his way to the top of the Cell, Barney Green turns his attention towards Chasm. Barney picks Chasm up and drops him, chest first, over the barricade, while Gilly watches from above.

PIP: "This is GENIUS! Gilly's gonna let those two tear each other apart and pick up the pieces that remain!"

HEATHER: "Genius, or cowardly?"

Barney Green picks Chasm back up, but he manages to slip behind The Monster and shoves him into the barbed wire fencing. With Green still against the Cell, Chasm runs at him and attempts a Clothesline, but Barney flips him up over his shoulders. Chasm manages to catch himself on the Cell and begins climbing up to where Gilly is.

HEATHER: "It looks like 'The Threat' has company!"

PIP: "Run, Gilly, run!"

Barney Green stares up at Chasm as he makes it to the top. Peter Gilmour immediately heads over and begins stomping the hell out of him. Gilly then helps Chasm to his feet and walks them over towards the C-4. Before they can get too close, Chasm delivers a couple elbows to Gilmour's gut, forcing him to let go. With Gilly hunched over, Chasm lifts him onto his shoulders before spinning him off and hitting a Stunner as they crash into the chain link of the Cell top.

HEATHER: "Chasm hits The Rift! Both men are lucky the impact of that move didn't send them through the Cell!"

PIP: "That's where you're wrong, Heather! Chasm can't cover Gilly, not unless the referee plans to make a trip up there and it doesn't look like he's in any big hurry!"

With Gilly down and Chasm struggling to his feet, Barney Green sees his opportunity and begins making his way up the side of the Cell.

HEATHER: "Looks like three's about to be company, Pip."

PIP: Can the Cell even hold him??? It already looks iffy with just Gilly and Chasm!"

After a bit of a struggle, The Monster finally joins his opponents atop the House of Hell structure. He's greeted by Chasm, who punches away at the bloody face of Green as he attempts to stand up. Barney takes a bit of punishment before shoving Chasm back a few steps, allowing himself to stand up. Chasm runs at Green, but The Monster manages to catch him. Barney gets his opponent into a Ram-Paige position, before falling back and smashing Chasm's face against the fencing. Miraculously, they don't break through.

HEATHER: "Barney hits the Green Awakening! If only they were in a better place for a cover, this match would be over!"

PIP: "I doubt Gilly would allow for that, Heather!"

HEATHER: "Gilly's just NOW starting to move around, Pip, don't think he'd be able to stop a 3 count!"

PIP: "Gilly and his super dick can do ANYTHING, don't you ever forget that!"

Barney Green tries to cover, but the referee just looks up at him from inside the ring and shrugs. The Monster then looks over at the C-4, before standing up and bringing Chasm with him. They both walk over towards the explosive, evil intentions in Green's eyes. All of a sudden, Peter Gilmour comes flying in from off-screen and nails a Gilly Cutter to BOTH OF THEM, causing all three men to land on the C-4. Upon impact, the top of the Cell explodes, creating a big hole in the top that the competitors fall through down to the mat. As the fans chant "HOLY SHIT!", rightfully so, Gilly lands with his arms covering both of his opponents.



PIP: "Holy shit, Heather, what did we just witness?!?!"

HEATHER: "Gilly winning...............that's what."

PIP: "Ha, ha, these men could be dead and THAT'S what you have to say?"

HEATHER: "All of that, for what?"

PIP: "Pride."

HEATHER: "Well, I hope Gilly's proud of himself because that was, honestly, pretty insane!"

The ref raises Gilmour's arm, despite the fact he's barely moved. EMTs enter the structure to check on all three competitors.

[Image: JggTqeU.png]


- vs -
- vs -

A figure is seen walking out from the back wearing a black hooded sweatshirt on. The hood was over his head so he couldnt be seen, and his head was looking down.

He stood in a stance. And as a white light appeared on his front, he unzipped his sweatshirt and showed the front of the t-shirt:

[Image: ZYdAqs8.jpg]

As it continued he turned around and took off his hooded sweatshirt and revealed the back of the t-shirt which read:

[Image: 4cpkwG0.jpg]

He turned back around and stood in a pose as the white light bathed on him to reveal: MASTERMIND

He then smirks as he walks all the way to the ring, with the Misfits Manager Antony The Jerk, walking not far behind. Followed by Melanie 'Crayzee' Childs and Kris 'The Hammer' Von Bonn.

PIP: Oh yeah! It's time for the Main Event! A triple threat match for the Hart Title!

HEATHER: This one is going to be good, and perhaps could be the toughest test the champ has had yet!

PIP: Mastermind is out here with the misfits, they could play a roll in him walking out with the title.

The words "FOLLOW ME" show up on the X-Tron screen as smoke billows at the entrance. Blue and white lights flicker. At the 10 second mark, he steps through the smoke wearing his jacket (Rated R Edge trench coat).

[Image: iKScF8N.gif]

Looking to both sides of the crowd. He walks slowly to the ring until he gets about 3/4 of the way down, then jogs and slides into the ring (edge style)...When he gets into the ring he gets up on the far turnbuckle and gets up on it, throwing both arms up.

[Image: WCK9UmH.jpg]

PIP: Here comes the second challenger, and perhaps the one man who can take the title away from Centurion.

HEATHER: Not so fast, Pip. What has Chris Chaos proven since he's been back? He won at Lethal Lottery, beaten up Maverick and Finn since, but he hasn't won a meaningful match in months.

Chris stands on the turnbuckle, throwing his arms up.

PIP: And Mastermind has the misfits out here. I am a little concerned about the lack of Jenny Myst being out here. Those two are usually inseparable.

HEATHER: She's in the building, we know that.

Chaos jumps down and removes his trench coat, not taking his eyes off Mastermind.

His eyeowever, snap towards the entrance when Centurions music hits.

Centurion walks out onto the entrance ramp as the lights and pyro go off. He has the Hart Title over his shoulder.

PIP: Heather can you feel it?! We are in the presence of greatness! The man who has a firm grip on that Hart Title and you're gonna have to kll him to take it from him.

HEATHER: I wouldn't put it past Chris Chaos to try.

Centurion walks down the ramp way. He has his eyes locked on both men in the ring. He is getting up to the steps, to make his way into the ring........

Melanie 'Crayzee' Childs and Kris 'The Hammer' Von Bonn attack Centurion on the outside! Both of them jump the champ as he tries to fight them off as the lights come on.

The bell rings.

Chaos immediately begins to hammer on Mastermind, but the big man stands his ground. The two exhange blows in the center of the ring.

PIP: What a chaotic start to this Hart Title match! I knew Mastermind had a plan here!

HEATHER: He's gonna need one!

Mastermind slides behind Chaos, locking his arms around the waist for a suplex. Chaos hits a back elbow, backing him off. A headbutt for good measure stumbles Mastermind back.

On the outside Centurion is down against the barricade as the two Misfits stomp away on the champ.

PIP: The champ has yet to enter the ring here and he's in a badddd way!

Chaos comes off the ropes with a chop block to the knee of Mastermind. He brings the big man to one knee. Coming off the ropes he hits a running knee to the face, sending Mastermind to his back.

Chaos rolls out of the ring, grabbing 'The Hammer' by the back of the head. He fires off a few shots to the head then whips him back first into the steps. Melanie stops stomping Centurion and turns towards Chaos. He sends her over the barricade and into the crowd with a big right hand.

Then, in a shocking moment, Chaos reaches his hand down to Centurion, offering to help him up.

PIP: What the hell? Chaos isn't taking advantage of the downed champ, but rather trying to help him up!

HEATHER: He has a motive, he always does.

Mastermind is out of the ring now, approaching Chaos.

Centurion waves off the offer, slapping Chris's hand away. Chaos grins.

Mastermind grabs his shoulder, spinning him around. He fires off a few shots to the face of Chaos, then whips him into the ring post. He picks up Centurion and rolls him into the ring. Mastermind licks his chops, taking a few stomps on the downed Champion. He goes to lift him up by the head, but Centurion punches him a few times to back him off.

Getting to his feet, Centurion explodes with a burst of momentum. He is able to back Mastermind up a few steps, then using his reserves hits a standing drop kick.

The big man hits his back.

PIP: What heart from the champ here!!

HEATHER: Pun intended?

PIP: Pun intended.

Centurion is immediately on top of him, raining down shots, punches and elbows.

Chaos is back in the ring, and grabs Centurion. He spins him around but the champ nails him in the gut, delivering a huge DDT in the center of the ring.

He goes back to work on Mastermind.

PIP: The champ is incensed here! This is an anger I haven't seen in Centurion in some time!

HEATHER: Do you blame him? He was assaulted pre-match by Mastermind's goons!

Centurion stands him up, pushing him into the corner. He fires off some chops, each one coming with a "OHHH" from the crowd. Centurion whips Mastermind into the other corner, but Chaos grabs his foot, tripping him.




Centurion kicks Chaos in the side of the head.

PIP: Chaos tried to steal one there!

Centurion looks over to Chaos, he is on one knee. Running towards Chaos.


PIP: My God he almost took Chaos's head off with the V-Trigger!

Chaos stumbles back to his feet.

Saito Suplex! He plants Chaos in the center of the ring.

Hooks the leg.



Mastermind drops an elbow on him, breaking up the cover.

Centurion rolls off, holding his head. Chaos rolls the other direction. Mastermind kicks Chaos out of the ring, and to the mat. He turns his attention towards the champ.

He picks up Centurion. Slapping him in the face he trash talks him for a moment before lifting him up and dropping him with a back body drop.

Von Bonn and Melanie Childs are back up and attacking Chaos now on the outside.

They bounce Chris's head off the announce table as he stumbles away. They continue to hammer on him.

Mastermind has Centurion up and in the corner. Two chops and he whips him off the ropes. He goes for the spear, but Centurion stops short, kicking him in the face. Mastermind goes down holding his face.

Centurion is rolling now. He lifts up Mastermind and plants him with a DDT. He signals for it to be a quick ending. He grabs the legs.


He turns him over, going to the Fall of Rome, Mastermind is fighting it.

He locks it in and sits down deep. Mastermind is reaching for the ropes.

JENNY MYST comes out through the crowd. She attacks Melanie Childs, spraying her in the eyes with Pepper Spray. Childs screams and grabs her face. Chaos knocks Vonn Bonn away from him, then slides into the ring.

Just when it looks like Mastermind is about to tap....Chaos comes off the ropes.


He spears Centurion, bending him backwards. He breaks the hold as Mastermind collapses. Chaos crawls into the cover.

PIP: A spear by Chaos! Centurion didn't even see it coming!!!!!!!!

Hooks the leg.



Centurion kicks out!!!!!

On the outside, Myst hits Pink Perfection on Von Bonn!

HEATHER: He kicked out of the spear! Centurion kicked out of the spear! It's Chaos here on the outside as bodies lay everywhere. Jenny is now and ringside, like I said she would be.......Chaos has the advantage now!

Jenny slaps the ring apron, urging her man on.

PIP: Yeah, but when they wake up, its still 2 on 1 out there!

Chaos can't believe he kicked out, running his hands through his hair. He picks up Centurion, whipping him into the corner. But, just as Chaos turns around..........


[Image: lwPx1Ef.gif]

PIP: Mastermind out of nowhere just hit Chaos with his own move!!!!!!!!!!!

Mastermind hooks the leg.




Mastermind winces, rolling off in disbelief.

PIP: What a match! Two spear kick outs, anarchy all over the ring side area. This is what Main Events are made of Heather!

Centurion is using the ropes to pull himself back up.

Chaos rolls under the ropes and out of the ring.

Centurion goes for a boot to the face, Mastermind grabs his foot.........


Enzurguri from Centurion!

Mastermind goes to one knee. The champ comes off the ropes and drives the knee into the face of Mastermind with a V Trigger!

The big man is wobbling but doesn't go down.

Centurion wraps the arms around the waist. He is trying to get a suplex.....Mastermind does his best to block it.......Cent clubs him in the back of the head, then re-locks the hands.





3--MASTERMIND kicks out at the last second!

Centurion slaps the mat in frustration.

HEATHER: All three of these men want this so bad, you can feel it!

Chaos crawls back into the ring, but he's holding a steel chair.

Centurion turns around, Chaos is ready to crack him but referee John Bihl grbs the chair from Chaos. He won't let him hit the champ!

He ends up ripping the chair from Chaos. When Chris turns around Centurion is ready. The crowd roars as he lifts him up.

1000 Mile Slam!!!!!

Jenny is up on the apron now, and she slaps Centurion on the back. He turns around and the two of them exhange words.

While the champ is distracted, Mastermind slides in to cover Chaos.



Chaos gets a shoulder up!


HEATHER: Just the wasn't an instant cover.

Jenny slaps Centurion, who turns around into a SPINE BUSTER from Mastermind.

Just then Melanie Childs pulls Jenny off the apron, her face bouncing off.

Looking to return the favor.........Mastermind goes for a submission move of his own.


Centurion is reaching for the ropes but he's in the center of the ring!!!!!!!!

Centurion is yelling NO! He refuses to tap but Mastermind applies more pressure. Chaos is back to his feet. He steps in behind Mastermind, grabbing his hair and yanking his head back.


Centurion rolls away, holding his lower back. Mastermind is flat out and Chaos is shaking off the cobwebs, stumbling a bit, wincing.

Just then the two Misfits climb into the ring and Chaos is standing across from Von Bonn and Childs.

A grin crosses his face as Jenny slides him behind the two of them with a steel chair.

Chaos smiles pointing behind Childs.

She turns around.


Jenny lays her out in the center of the ring. Von Bonn charges but Chaos rolls out of the ring. The Hammer hits the ropes as Chaos and him exhange words, and he turns around into a chair shot from Myst!

She rolls out of the ring to re-group with Chaos as the champ and Mastermind both lie in the ring.

PIP: Chaotic Inc has laid everyone out. 4 bodies lay strewn around the ring, this is total carnage!

HEATHER: But nobody IN the match was hit with a chair, so there is no DQ! This match continues!

Chaos and Jenny are discussing a plan as both Mastermind and Centurion begin to stir. The champ uses the ropes to lift himself up. Mastermind rolls to one knee.

Chaos sees this and slides into the ring. He stands tall, watching the two men as they get to their feet.

Centurion is on his feet first. He and Chaos stand nose to nose, exchanging words. Centurion makes the title around the waist motion with his arms. Chaos shoves him. Mastermind steps in and shoves Centurion. He shoves Mastermind back. After a tense few seconds, all three are throwing punches on each other as the ball of human mass moves to one corner.

Centurion is fighting them off, hitting one, then moving to the other, and is getting the upper hand. He deliver a particularly hard shot to chaos, who has beads of sweat and spit fly up into the air, then turns and hits Mastermind, who wobbles back. Cent sits on the middle rope as Chaos comes back. He locks his head in and jumps, a spinning tilt-a-whirl DDT plants Chaos.

Centurion pops back up, only to get an uppercut from Mastermind which knocks him back into the corner. He rams his shoulder into the mid section of Centurion.

Then again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

He yells out and puts his arm up. Cent is in a sitting position in the corner, holding his mid section.

Mastermind puts a boot to the throat, pressing down.

Bihl begins his count.





He breaks the count. Then puts the boot there again.





This time he gets to 5 and the ref pulls him off, reprimanding him about going over the time limit.

Chaos is using the ropes to get back to his feet. Still a bit gimpy, however.

Mastermind stands Centurion up and goes to whip him into the other corner but the champ reverses, sending Mastermind into the corner. His hits the turnbuckle hard and bounces out then Centurion clotheslines him over the ropes and to the outside.

Chaos is on his feet, he charges. Centurion lifts him, dropping him face/chest over the top rope. Chaos bounces back, wobbling in the center of the ring. Centurion goes for the V-Trigger again but Chaos ducks it, lifting him up over the top rope and to the mat below. He lands with a thud.

PIP: None of these men can get the upper hand. Noone has an answer here!

HEATHER: They have all done their homework, scouted their opponents well. We do have three veterans in there, remember.

Chaos rolls out of the ring. Mastermind is back up. The two exhange blows on the outside. Mastermind bounces Chris's head off the announce table, then off the apron. Chaos is down to one knee.

The big man begins to rip the top off the table.

PIP: Hey! What the hell are you doing?!

He pulls out all of the monitors. Chaos is back to his feet and Mastermind knocks him back down again with a hard shot.

After the last monitor is ripped out, he lifts Chaos up. He is gonna put him through the table. Just then Centurion gets involved, hitting Mastermind from behind. He drops Chaos. Now all three men are on the table, and the support begins to buckle.

HEATHER: Watch out here!

PIP: I'm watching!

While this is happening, Jenny is in the ring setting up a table. She obviously coordinated this with Chaos when they were outside the ring together before.

Cent goes to lift Mastermind into a slam, but he counters. Mastermind goes to lift Centurion, but he counters. The two share two punches a piece on top of the announce table, when Mastermind shoves Centurion off. He falls to the floor but lands on his feet. Flipping his hair back he turns around.


[Image: rybPuMX.gif]


"OHHHHHHHHHH!" from the crowd.

Meanwhile, in the ring, the ref is trying to stop Jenny from setting up the table.

Chaos is down, Mastermind is down,, but Centurion gets the upper hand. He grabs Mastermind and sends him into the ring.

Centurion rolls into the ring himself, and slowly walks up to Mastermind who isn't moving. He helps him to his feet.


PIP: My god.......

Chaos is down outside of the ring

Mastermind looks broken. Centurion goes for the cover.




PIP: "This one is mercficully over...........what a match."

HEATHER: "Centurion survives, but he had the fight of his life here."







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The television in Shane's room goes white after the show, and Shane just continues to stare over his feet at the screen...

What was it about that moment that calls to my future? Why did that seem like a memory? That.... feeling... Where is ...but the feed cuts off before we can finish listening in on him.

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