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ANARCHY: Micro/Angled Shows Miss Fury
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FAKE TITLES - World Champ

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Drug addicts, rebels, weirdos

(the villain you love to hate; has cult following; may deal drugs on side)

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04-14-2020 12:19 PM

[Image: Miss-Fury-logo-600x257.png]


In-Ring Name: Miss Fury

Wrestler's Real Name: Jessica Hoyt

Wrestler Date of Birth: 11/13/1999

Height: 5'5

Weight: 126lbs

Hometown: Toronto Canada

Alignment: Heel

Personality: Opportunistic Submissionist

Pic Base: Miss Fury - Britt Baker


All Miss Fury matches are contested under Fury's Rules (No DQ) as per her contract.

Ring psychology: Miss Fury will look for any way to get ahead in the ring. She takes pride in screwing her opponents out of hard earned victories.

Entrance Theme Music

Super Villain - Powerman 5000


Special Entrance

Accompanied to the ring by CCP and / or Andre Dixon for big matches.

Standard Moves

Falcon Arrow
Arm trap Argentine leglock
Tilt-a-whirl arm drag
Running knee strikes
Belly to Back Suplex
Double Leg Takedown
Mounted Punches
Shotgun Dropkick (Stolen from Kenzi Grey after their match on 02-11-21 Anarchy)
Face Rake
Eye Gouge
Face Wash
Low Blows
Thrust Kick

Black Widow Wear Down Moves

Camel Clutch (Will often dig her nails into your eyes)
Knee Drop to lower back
Elbow to lower back
Kicks to the ribs
Shoulder Breaker - (Up to 220lbs with ease)

Trademark Moves

Judas Effect - Spinning Back Elbow (Taught by CCP - Can be hit from out of nowhere)

Curb Stomp - (With or without a weapon)

Fury Gate - Rope-hung Boston Crab
(The hold doesn't bend the opponent’s spine far enough against its natural range of motion to cause a submission, but it certainly causes enough pain to keep the back weakened for the remainder of a match and set up for The Black Widow.)

Finishing Moves

Black Widow - Octopus Stretch (One leg around the head and the other blocking the leg to immobilize. Both legs around the head to really lock in the choke, but allows opponent to move if standing)

Scream For Mercy! - (Britt Bakers mandible claw / Lock Jaw)

Hardcore / Fury Rules
(Currently all matches involving Miss Fury are contested under Fury's rules. That means no DQ and no count outs. This is due to Lane agreeing to the stip in Fury's contract to keep Fury's mouth shut about something? IDK, but these are Fury's cheap finishers.)

Loaded Punch - Brass Knuckles (Vita's preferred tactic during her heel run)

Red Poison Mist (Red mist burns the eyes. This move was taken from Micheal Graves after the two of them shared a brain for a bit)

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