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Wednesday Night Warfare - 10/23/19
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10-23-2019 09:34 PM



From !!!

[Image: swansea.png]



Peter Gilmour
- vs -
Thunder Knuckles
- vs -
Kris The Hammer Von Bonn
- vs -
Drezdin's Girlfriend
Fatal Four Way Elimination Match!


- vs -
Standard Match

Lux and Azrael Erebus
- vs -
"The Motherfuckers"
Robbie Bourbon and Bearded War Pig
Standard Tag Match

- vs -
Centurion ©
Trick or Street Fight

XWF takes the fight to the streets with Halloween themed weapons including jacko'lanterns, bags of candy, buckets of water and apples, skeletons, witches' brooms, gravestones, and more! What sort of spooky surprises do we have in store for our competitors? Tune in to find out!

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

Chronic Chris Page
- vs -
Unknown Soldier©




From !!!

[Image: swansea.png]


As we come in live to Wednesday Night Warfare we see a tribute to the recent passing of former Warfare General Manager Arnold 'Chubby' Fletcher on the x-tron.




Peter Gilmour
- vs -
Thunder Knuckles
- vs -
Kris The Hammer Von Bonn
- vs -
Drezdin's Girlfriend
Fatal Four Way Elimination Match!

The lights in the arena dim, then go to full black. We then hear the eerie sounds of a bell being tolled and then an explosion of fire emitting from the entrance ramp. The beginning of DADDYS FALLEN ANGEL by IN THIS MOMENT begins as the heavy guitar riffs kick in and red strobes dance around the stage. As soon as the verse kicks in, we see Peter Gilmour and his main madame of malady and mayhem, Valerie Sky come out to the ramp. They smile at each other before going down the ramp hand in hand. Peter bobs his head to the song. They get in the ring together and Peter gets on the turnbuckle and throws up an "X" sign as pyro goes off above the ring. Peter hops down and kisses Valerie. They wink and smile sadistically towards each other and then, Valerie Sky the dark demonic, demented diva of destruction exits the ring and Peter turns his attention to the stage

As "Blood On My Name" by The Blight Brothers plays over the PA system, a giant wall of flaming pyro burst through the ceiling as Thunderstruck RuMbLeS through what remains of the arena! Thunder Knuckles marches down the ramp and rolls into the ring. He isn't wasting any time getting into this fight!

Thunderstruck by ACDC started playing.

It wasn't until the actual lyric Thunderstruck hit that Kris The Hammer Von Bonn appeared.

He made his way to the ring, and he was also holding a hammer. His manager Antony The Jerk also followed him to the ring.

Drezdin's music plays and he and his girlfriend make their way to the ring.

All 4 members of the Fatal Four Way elimination match are in the ring. In their respective corners. The referee calls for the bell, and the match is now underway.

At first they all seem reluctant to move.

PIP: "False dawn!"

HEATHER: "Don't you mean false start?"

PIP: "No I actually mean false dawn!"

Drezdin meanwhile is on the outside talking to his unnamed girlfriend who seems to be scteaming at him for actually putting her in this situation.

Peter yells at her to shut the fuck up. She looks over at him and storms towards Peter, and starts yelling at him. Peter just stands his ground not looking impressed. Suddenly she slaps him. He stares back at her in anger.

Peter pushes Drezdin's unnamed Girlfriend and she stumbles backwards into the middle of the ring. Peter follows up with a spinning leg kick, which drops her like a sack of potatoes. The crowd goes hush. Drezdin on the outside starts yelling at Peter. Peter just shrugs his shoulders.

HEATHER: "That was really uncalled for by Peter,"

Peter places his foot on top of Drezdin's unnamed girlfriend chest. The referee goes for the three count.





Drezdin is going beserk outside of the ring, as Peter gives him the fingers, and the referee rolls Drezdin's unnamed girlfriend to the ropes.

Then suddenly, Peter is speared from behind by Krid The Hammer Von Bonn.

PIP: "What a spear from Kris who is on debut. He decided to imprint himself on this match,"

Kris gets up and looks across at Thunder Knuckles who still hasn't moved from his corner. Kris grabs Peter by his hair and helps him to his feet. He then knees Peter in his guts before snapping a pumphandle Suplex.

Kris quickly gets back to his feet again, and once again looks across at Thunder Knuckles who still hasn't move.

HEATHER: "Kris keeping tags on wher T.K is so he doesn't get attacked from out of the blue,"

Kris helps Peter back to his feet and once again knees him in his guts before hitting him on his back with a A Double Ax Handle Smash. Peter drops to his knees.

Kris follows this up with a DDT qnd then goes for a cover.



Kick out.

Peter kicks out... amazingly.

PIP: "For someone who hates talking too much he certainly lets his actions speak for him in the ring!"

Kris gets back up, and helps the supposed lifeless body of Peter to his feet. Kris sets him up for HAMMER TIME a.k.a PEDIGREE.

Kris executes it nicely, and goes for the cover.



2 and a half.........


Amazingly Peter kicks out.

PIP: "Wow,"

HEATHER: "Yea wow,"

Kris hits the canvas with his fist in frustration. He slowly gets up. He hears a whistle behind him, he turns and to his horror is hit by SWEET CHIN MUSIC by Thunder Knuckles who snuck out of the corner during that pin attempt.

Kris stumbles backwards into the ropes, rebounds, comes back, and is hit by a RUNNING KNEE by Thunder Knuckles following up. The force of the knee spinds his whole body and then out of the blue, and miraculously after all that attack, Gilmour jumps to his feet and delivers a....

GILMOUR CUTTER a.k.a MODIFIED DIAMOND CUTTER from out of no where, and both Peter and Kris slump to the canvas. Kris harder because of the double team. Kris's head hits the canvas hard and twice.

Peter some how manages to roll on top of Kris.





HEATHER: "Kris's speed in the ring ultimately worked against him in the end. But he's shown enough that he will be a force to be reckoned with in the XWF,"

PIP: "Well his manager Antony The Jerk didn't like what just happened, he's alway halfway back to the locker room,"

As Kris is rolled to the ropes by the referee, Thunder Knuckles approaches Peter who is trying to get to his knees but looks groggy.

Thunder Knuckles pulls Peter to his feet and whips him into the corner and he follows up with Double Knees into Peter's back in the corner. Peter yells out in pain.

Thunder Knuckles then slams Peter's head into the corner, and lets Peter stumble out backwards clutching his head. He then knees him in the stomach again, and executes a DDT.

Thunder Knuckles goes for a cover.



Kick out

Peter refuses to give in.

Thunder Knuckle smiles as he gets to his feet. He grabs Peter and whips him into the ropes, Peter comes back, manages to some how duck under an attempted clothes line by T.K. T.K. stops turns around and is hit by a weak Spinning Leg Kick.

Peter drops to the ground, and Thunder Knuckles stumbles backwards into the ropes. He comes back, Peter tries to jump back up but a huge SUPERMAN PUNCH that rocks Peter and sends him crashing back to the canvas. Thunder Knuckles drops down beside him, and rolls Peter into a cover.


Peter tries to get his shoulder up but can't.

1 and a half.....

Peter tries to get his other shoulder up but can't.


Peter tries to kick out but can't......






- vs -
Standard Match

HEATHET: “It looks like it’s time for another open challenge!”

PIP: “Oh great, I wonder who she’s paid off this time?”

“Bad Guy” begins to play as the crowd breaks out into a chorus of boos. VV walks out onto the stage and and postures for the crowd, soaking up their jeers as if it's the ultimate sign of support. She makes her way down the ramp, ignoring the outreached hands of any fans she still has along the way. VV the heads up the steps and walks along the outside apron. She grabs the top rope with both hands and springboards into the ring where she tucks and rolls before settling on a couched, almost ninja like pose. VV flexes her biceps as the crowd continues to boo. She stands up, laughing off the crowd as she grabs a microphone.

VV: ”You know the rules, open challenge, no Lacklan! So, who’s it going to be?”

VV drops the mic and unfastens the Anarchy championship from her waist. She tosses the belt over her shoulder and begins to pace the ring as she waits for someone to answer the open challenge.

HEATHER: “I can’t say that I recognize that music, can you?”

PIP: “Oh for fucks sake!”

An invisible man walks to the ring, maybe? Honestly, who knows, it’s not like you can see the guy, but the referee definitely holds the ropes open like someone is climbing into the ring.

PIP: “I didn’t think it was possible for Vita to make more of an ass of herself, but here we are!”

HEATHER: “Now wait a minute, who are we to say that the invisible man isn’t real Heather? Just because we can’t see him doesn’t mean that he isn’t there!”

PIP: “Really Hearher?”

VV marches to the middle of the ring and stands “face to face” with her opponent before hoisting her championship belt high into the air! The referee directs “both competitors” to their corners as we prepare to start this match.

HEATHER: “You know, you really have to give it up for VV! Nobody is forcing her to do these open challenges, but she does them anyway because she wants to be a fighting champion!”

PIP: “Okay, how much did she bribe you to shill for her Heather?”


PIP: “Suuuuure…”


VV rushes to the center of the ring and connects with a clothesline! She stomps her foot upon impact, making it sound as though a body hit the mat! VV then hits the ropes and comes in with a diving elbow that seems to either miss the mark, or pierce right through the heart of the invisible man.

HEATHER: “Vita Valenteen showing us all why she’s a champion as she takes control of this match early on!”

PIP: “Please…”

VV hops up and postures for the crowd. Her efforts are met with a chorus of boos, but she soaks it in as though she’s the hottest property in the XWF right now!

PIP: “It amazes me how delusional Vita has become.”

HEATHER: “I think that it’s admirable that she isn’t allowing a small, yet vocal group of detractors get to her personally!”

VV hops through the ropes to the apron. She calls her shot as she waits for the invisible man to “get up”. Suddenly, she springboards off of the ropes and flies into the ring with a massive dropkick!

PIP: “Did she connect?”

HEATHER: “Of course she connected!”

PIP: “Okay, just checking since, you know, there’s nobody in the ring with her!”

VV rolls over and “hooks the leg” causing the official to react and slid in to count the pinfall!




PIP: “What?”

HEATHER: “The Invisible Man is no joke! Few have kicked out of her signature Eat Defeat dropkick!”

PIP: “Yeah, but that’s only because of how rarely she has matches!”

VV argues with the ref, slapping her hand 3 times as if she is teaching him how to count. Suddenly, an invisible force seems to crack her in the head from behind! VV drops to the mat and begins to sell a flurry of stomps as she slaps the mat with her hands. She’s then seemingly guided to her feet, where the Invisible Man tries to lift her, but VV manages to deadweight him with all of her 122 lbs! VV then slips out of whatever hold he held her in and seems to lock in the Rings of Saturn as she drags him down to the mat! The official drops down to check on the Invisible Man as VV rears back on the hold, wrenching it in for all it’s worth. VV slickly kicks the mat with her foot. It’s almost unnoticeable… Almost…


The official calls for the bell!



PIP: “No, more like another FAKE match by our FAKE champion!”

The official hands VV the title belt and raises her arm as trash from the crowd fills the ring.

Lux and Azrael Erebus
- vs -
"The Motherfuckers"
Robbie Bourbon and Bearded War Pig
Standard Tag Match

We are back from commercials and both teams are already in the ring, ready to go.

Lux and Bearded War Pig start for their respective teams.

PIP: "War Pig may have some unfinished business with Lux after their brutal Television Title match."

HEATHER "You and Lux may be the only people who remember that match."

PIP: "And BWP of course."

HEATHER: "Well, he's not all there."


Lux and BWP begin to slowly circle one another; Lux goes in quick with a toe kick to the thigh which causes Pig to flinch. BWP keeps an eye on Lux as she moves to his side and unleashes a spinning back fist which is dodged by Lux who goes under and raises with a palm strike to the chin! Pig stumbles back briefly before slapping himself in the face to snap focus. Lux hops lightly on her feet and feigns a straight right before turning her left leg up and hitting three consecutive kicks from BWP's thigh up to his ribs. Pig grimaces he's knocked right and his face turns to determination.

HEATHER: "Little bit of ring rust on Pig it seems."

Lux moves in close darting out of the way of a mean right hook and throwing a spinning roundhouse into Pig. Which is caught! Pig hooks Lux's leg and she falls face-first on the mat! Pig throws a few gnarly punches into Lux's calf and she quickly turns to her back to kick up with a sharp boot! Lux tries again but Pig grabs her foot and separates her legs before planting a foot into her gut. Lux heaves and BWP goes forward into a full mount and tries to make Lux's head one with the mat with some brutal forearms. Lux's head snaps back and forth from the blows and her arms finally drop as BWP pushes them down going for a quick pin.


Azrael places a foot through the ropes


But Lux isn't down yet kicking out at 2!

Lux throws a shoulder up and headbutts BWP away. Pig falls back onto his ass as Lux kips up and tries to cleave BWP's head from his shoulders with a destructive kick but Pig ducks just in time. Pig comes back up and is blindsided when Lux's heel meets Pig's head on the return.

Pig falls to the mat and Lux picks him up by the collar, looking to end things as she shoots Bourbon a look. Azrael gets his hands firmly around the top rope to run interception but BWP springs to life nailing a sickening gut punch! Lux doubles over and BWP gives her a snap uppercut for good measure as he stands. Lux hobbles around holding her smashed jaw and BWP grabs her before whipping her against the ropes. She returns and BWP runs in for a hellacious clothesline which is barely ducked as Lux keeps running the ropes, BWP sprints against the ropes also and the two meet in the middle!

Lux jumps looking for jiu-jitsu style flying side kick which lands hand! Her foot knocking loose some teeth and rattling BWP's brain but as this happens BWP's attack still connect as he spins away driving his elbow into Lux's face, her nosebone jolting up!!!

The two spiral away from each other, as if two jets collided midair, and crash well away from each other to the roar of the crowd. Both prone on the mat they slowly make their way to their partners.

BWP throws his hand forward and Robbie leans in close; the same happening in the opposite corner!

BWP tags Bourbon in who rushes the ring as Lux just barely grazes Azrael's fingertips!

Azrael meets Bourbon with a clothesline! Bourbon drops to the mat but stands back to his feet as Azrael hits the ropes and drops Bourbon with a big boot! Robbie is still alive as he rolls onto his front and picks himself up. Erebus hits the ropes once more and dives deep for a spear as Robbie stands but Bourbon takes the brunt and his heels slide across the canvas briefly before Bourbon with a groan holds Azrael's waist and lifts him off his feet before bombing him back down with a Dominator ala Farooq.

The wind is taken out of Azrael and Bourbon is quick to end things now, wrapping a mighty grip around Erebus' neck and picking him back up but Az delivers a mighty headbutt and knocks Bourbon into the corner. The Spaceman drops to a knee but pushes himself onward into a sprint against Bourbon and goes for a high knee!

Robbie is quick to dodge and move out of the way and turns to see Azrael already mid-air in a moonsault!


Erebus is about to crash down on Bourbon!



Bourbon with a beautiful sit-down powerbomb counters Azrael!!!

He transitions into the cover!


Lux gets up from the apron to intervene!


Inches away Lux is about to break the pin!




- vs -
Centurion ©
Trick or Street Fight

XWF takes the fight to the streets with Halloween themed weapons including jacko'lanterns, bags of candy, buckets of water and apples, skeletons, witches' brooms, gravestones, and more! What sort of spooky surprises do we have in store for our competitors? Tune in to find out!

As 'Monster' by Ememin and Rianna starts playing. The lights go out and when they come back we see a determined and focus Mastermind sitting with his arms folded. Normally he is acknowledging his fans but tonight he is focused on one person.

Centurion comes down to the ring with dignity and swag. He proudly shows off the Hart title.

PIP: "Two of the most technically proficient wrestlers in the XWF face off for the Hart Championship! Looking forward to this one."

HEATHER: "I wouldn't call Centurion technical but I know you have a huge boner for him so sure. Two of the most technically proficient wrestlers, the battle of the Boston Crabs! On some cold street in Wales!"

PIP: "Actually! It's a cemetery!"

Both competitors, in civilian clothing, glare at one another, a large crowd surrounds them as those nice and warm inside the arena watch the X-Tron in anticipation. A shivering ref calls for the bell with the rowdy Welsh crowd sound off for them.


Mastermind adjusts his coat and puts his palm out to the crowd behind him and a Snickers is placed behind it. Mastermind unwraps it and smiles devilishly as he power walks over to Centurion whose eyes go wide.

PIP: "Oh no! Centurion has a deadly peanut allergy!"

HEATHER: "... He does?"

Heather shrugs with an 'I dunno' mumbled under her breath as Centurion begs the crowd for a weapon to which a fan obliges, placing a delicious and nutritious granny smith apple into Centurion's hand, Centurion takes a hearty bite and as Mastermind comes down on the champ, Cent spits the mess of fruit into Mastermind's eyes and smashes the apple into his temple! Mastermind staggers as the fruit explodes into pieces and Centurion follows up with a standing dropkick which bowls Mastermind over a nearby tombstone! MM lands hard on his back, the snickers flying far from his grasp. Centurion sprints forward, placing a foot onto the tombstone and flying high with a jump looking for a leg drop but hits nothing but dirt! Mastermind rolling out in the nick of time. Cent crashes hard onto the dirt and MM retaliates squashing Centurion's head between a knee and the stone. Dazed Centurion slumps forward, Mastermind grabs his collar and hangs him over another tombstone where a bucket of water with apples floating is placed. Mastermind dunks Centurion's head deep into the bucket and begins to drown the champion!

HEATHER: "Hell yeah! Now, this is Warfare! Good ol' waterboarding, man this brings back memories."

Centurion flails his limbs as Mastermind pushes down on his neck. Centurion manages to find MM's shin with his foot and begins to kick back, Mastermind slides in the grass and loosens his grip as he begins to stumble. Centurion throws his head up, a trail of water following him as he gasps for air. His wet t-shirt clinging to his muscles.

PIP: "... Wow..."

And Centurion stands to his feet with a bright red apple between his teeth which gets a huge pop from the crowd. The biggest pop of the night even! Cent turns on a heel and Mastermind sucker punches the champ, slamming the apple further into Cent's mouth which shreds on his pearly whites. Cent almost falls over the tombstone but regains his balance, placing a hand on the bucket and swinging it wildly into Mastermind's temple! MM falls to the ground in a heap as Cent spits out the apple but can't seem to get a tiny bit which is lodged between his teeth, damn that sucks. Centurion walks over to Mastermind prone on the ground and grabs both of his legs!

HEATHER: "Centurion's looking to end it!"

PIP: "He's trying to lock in Fall of Rome! But Mastermind's fighting back!"

Mastermind refuses to turn, he kicks back in a fury but Centurion wraps his hands around Mastermind's calves and instead of going for the submission, he struggles to lift MM's weight but quickly swings his opponent's head into a tombstone with a ferocious snap! The crowd wince as MM doesn't move and Centurion hooks the leg!






Mastermind gets a shoulder up before the 3 and with a roar throws it back down against the side of Centurion's dome. The two separate from one another and get to their feet; Mastermind dabs the trickle of blood flowing down the side of his face and grabs a nearby weapon... And by weapon a pack of Strawberry Laces! MM rips the package open and takes a sneaky bite of the sweet before grabbing the longest one and wrapping it around a fist. Centurions looks around grabbing some Toxic Waste, the sourest sweet known to Britain. He hides a few in his hand and the two square off once more. Mastermind roars while delivering a haymaker to Centurion's delight who pushes the sour candy into Mastermind's open maw! This stops MM dead in his tracks and the sourness hits immediately!

[Image: oJqVyFc.jpg]

Centurion gives a chuckle as Mastermind's face contorts and his eyes water. Cent follows up with a surprise lariat but it's telegraphed by Mastermind who ducks under the strike and swirls to Centurion's back, unravelling the Strawberry Lace and using it as a garrote wire! Centurion places his hands around his throat as the lace pulls back.Mastermind's sour face turning to one of rage as he chokes the life out of Centurion! The champ tries to throw his arms back to grab at his opponent but he falls right into Mastermind's trap as MM deftly switches his grasp!


Mastermind locks in his signature sleeper hold and Centurion quickly panics!

His face slowly turning red as veins pop from his temples!

Mastermind breaks a smile, smelling victory.

Centurion tries to move to a mausoleum mere feet away and Mastermind allows it.

His eyes losing focus, Cent places a foot on the mausoleum wall but Mastermind expected this and drives Centurion forward!

Cent's head bounces off the concrete and his limbs drop!

Mastermind keeps the hold locked in tight as the referee checks on Centurion.

The ref lifts his arm once.

And it falls.

A second time.

It falls!

A third and final time!




Centurion places a foot on the ref and pushes himself up and over!

Barreling Mastermind, Cent rolls into a tight pin!

The ref counts!









PIP: "Great ingenuity from the champ! Just when it looked to be all over!"

Centurion stumbles away from Mastermind who seems to be in distress and shock, sat up in the mud. The ref raises Centurion's arm in victory as he's given his title and the crowd cheer on the Hart champion. Centurion places the title over his shoulder as his shoulder. Centurion smirks and goes to Mastermind.

CENTURION: "Now, let's find out who Mastermind really is!"

In a very Scooby-Doo fashion, Centurion pulls at Mastermind's face exposing...


OLD MAN SMITHERS: "And I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for your pesky Hart Champion!"

Everyone laughs.

Except for Pip.

PIP: "Wait... If that wasn't the real Mastermind, doesn't that mean the match isn't over?"

HEATHER: "Oh yeah! Mastermind needs to be pinned, not that old dude." [/red]

And as soon as that is said Mastermind appears from out of nowhere and spears Centurion through the mausoleum!!!


The decrepit cement walls burst into rubble as the two men go through it! The ref peeks in through the dust and debris and sees Mastermind and Centurion looking beat up, covering in rubble and blood. Mastermind lies broken, clutching his head away from Centurion who is prone holding his ribs as a skeleton lies on top of him. The ref briefly thinks about counting the pin and having a skeleton be champ, how cool would that be? But he decides against it. Mastermind is the first to get up and crawls slowly to his knees.

PIP: "I'm not sure how Centurion is going to deal with a fresh Mastermind!"

[white]HEATHER: "Fresh!? Fucker just went through a concrete wall, Heather! And it looks like he's still nursing a few injuries from Anarchy."

Mastermind throws an arm over Centurion and collapses, the ref counts along with the crowd.






The crowd pop and it's the second biggest of the night! Mastermind is in disbelief as Centurion crawls out of the wreckage. MM gets to his feet with a pained groan and stumbles out of the mausoleum; his hand hits a broom to keep him steady which he picks up as a weapon. Centurion is back to his feet and his eye catches a small golden urn a few feet away, he hobbles over with a limp but Mastermind is on his trail but is in too much pain to sprint so a lightbulb pops up above his head. Mastermind straddles the broom between his legs and lets out a curious sigh, he kicks his feet up and the broom flies forward! The crowd are amazed.

HEATHER: "Mastermind is a witch! I knew it!"

PIP: "This match is ridiculous."

Yup. Mastermind flies through the air after Centurion who just falls to the ground before impact; Mastermind struggles to keep the broom under control as he tries to turn. Centurion grabs the urn as Mastermind makes another run at him, the champ hurls the urn and it crashes against Mastermind's jaw! Hurling him off the broom which flies into the air like an out of control rocket; the urn bust Mastermind's mouth and the top flies away as spooky ghosts are released into the night. The heavens open as rain pours down. Mastermind lands face first in the dirt and quickly turns as Centurion hobbles towards him; the Master of Minds grabs a handful of mud and tosses it into Centurion's eyes stopping him dead in his tracks.

Mastermind runs to his feet and takes down Centurion, releasing left and right hooks into the champion! The mud clears from his eyes with a vicious right and Centurion lays eyes on his opponent; Cent gives a swift knee to MM's groin to get some room and places a foot into his stomach, hurling the challenger over! Mastermind lands hard on his back and the two quickly get to their feet to face off once more.

Rain hits hard down on the two men. Centurion goes to tackle Mastermind down to the ground but MM stands tall, throwing an elbow down onto Cent's back. He releases as Mastermind goes for an uppercut which Centurion dodges only for Mastermind to come in close with a clothesline!!!


Hooking Mastermind's arm and wrapping it up before transitioning into...

1000 MILE SLAM!!!

Directly into an open grave!!!

The two men fall into the pit!

Centurion landing on top of Mastermind!

The ref counts!!!







[Image: JggTqeU.png]

Chronic Chris Page
- vs -
Unknown Soldier©


“The following contest is a “I’M A BITCH” match scheduled for one fall with NO time limit, and is for the XWF UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP!”

The crowd pops big time, some 25,000 fans jam packed and on hand.

“The only way this match will end is when on man tells PETER GILMOUR “I’m a bitch!”…”

PIP: This is the one match everyone has been waiting for the last two weeks!

HEATHER: Speak for yourself! I’m looking forward to seeing SOLDIER make CHRIS PAGE admit he’s a bitch!”

The house lights start to shut down in sections which brings the fans alive once again as we’re now pitch dark and all that’s heard is the level of noise from the sold out crowd that’s jam packed Liberty Stadium….

“Introducing first, he comes in tonight as the challenger… hailing from Detroit, Michigan, he is “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE!!”

As the chorus hits a single spotlight hits the top of the ramp as CHRIS PAGE emerges out from behind the curtain. He’s in long black tights, black boots, shirtless with a thin coat of white paint across his face. Dark lines come from the corners of both eyes. The crowd is on fire as CHRIS starts to make the walk towards the ring.

PIP: It’s do or die tonight for CHRIS PAGE and either his quest for the XWF Universal Championship will end by becoming the new Universal Champion or it’s to the back of the line.”

Chris reaches ringside where he climbs up on the ring apron before stepping through the ropes and into the ring where he walks across the ring where he backs up into a neutral corner with his eyes fixated towards the top of the ramp. His music fades away leaving nothing but a ruckus crowd chanting “CCP! CCP! CCP!” loudly and emphatically.

“His opponent, being lead to the ring by PETER GILMOUR, he is the XWF Universal Champion… UNKNOWN SOLDIER!”

The boos reign out as GILMOUR walks out first followed by UNKNOWN SOLDIER.

PIP: The man that beat ROBERT MAIN…”


Unknown Soldier prays to SATAN! in the middle of the ring while a red pentagram traces him from above in the rafters. The red disco lights tracing the pentagram around Soldier continues to encircle him constantly in a counter clockwise motion. While standing in the center of this pentagram of glowing lights, he kneels and touches both his shoulders and forehead as a sign of the Unholy trinity. In the name of the Liar, the Sinner, and the great father and lord of all that is Evil! Soldier then gets up and strokes his penis exactly 666 times getting faster and faster as the lights around him speed up in pace as well. He always wrestles with a full on raging erection for not only the increase in testosterone, but also as a scare tactic.

HEATHER: The erection returns!”

CHRIS is un-phased by these antics as we see PETER GILMOUR take his seat at ringside. The referee hoists up UNKNOWN SOLDIER’s “666” Universal Championship for all to see before walking over and passing it to the time keeper. SOLDIER and PAGE gaze across the ring from each other, neither man breaking eye contact as the official calls for the bell.


The crowd roars as the opening bell tolls. CHRIS starts to walk out from his corner when suddenly SOLDIER explodes across the ring swinging at PAGE who ducks out of the way and as SOLDIER spins around CHRIS bitch slaps him across the face so hard he nearly takes SOLDIER’s head off!

PIP: I’ll be damned! PAGE said the first thing he’s do is slap the taste out of SOLDIER’s mouth and he just did!

The crowd responds in favor as SOLDIER does take too kindly and starts unloading with a flurry of rights and left to the face and body of PAGE to loud boos from the crowd as PETER GILMOUR cheers on from the floor! SOLDIER bounces off the ropes swinging with a clothesline that PAGE ducks and as SOLDIER spins around he’s again bitch slapped across the face by PAGE only harder and to an even louder ovation from the crowd!

HEATHER: The blatant disrespect shown by PAGE to SOLDIER!

SOLDIER pops his head right back before spitting in PAGE’s face which only garners PAGE to spit back in SOLDIER’s face!

HEATHER: You want to talk about two people who despise each other look no further than what you’re seeing right here, right now.

SOLDIER swings at PAGE who blocks before delivering a knife edge chop across the chest of the smaller SOLDIER that staggers him back several feet only to allow SOLDIER to catch PAGE with a boot to the midsection as he walks forward and it’s SOLDIER who follows up by biting the face of PAGE!

PIP: SOLDIER is snacking on the face of CHRIS PAGE!

CHRIS thumbs SOLDIER in the eye breaking SOLDIERS grasp from his face before biting SOLDIER’s forehead right back!! PAGE drives a knee to the midsection of SOLDIER before taking a front waist lock where he delivers an overhead release Belly to Belly Suplex with ease on the 140lbs Universal Champion before popping back up to his feet where he sees the referee with microphone in hand attempt to get SOLDIER to say the words but it’s PAGE who pushes the referee out of the way. He points towards a corner demanding him stay put and when he turns his attention back to SOLDIER to pick him up he walks into a low blow! The crowd boos intently towards the ring as PAGE crumbles down to the mat while SOLDIER rolls out to the floor and tosses the apron back where he pulls out a light tube!

HEATHER: SOLDIER isn’t wasting time with some weaponry!”

SOLDIER slides into the ring with the light tube! SOLDIER is back to his feet where he measures PAGE who starts to work his way back to his feet and as he does SOLDIER comes forward busting the light tube over the head of PAGE sending CHRIS falling backwards to the mat.

HEATHER: A homerun shot from SOLDIER!

SOLDIER throws his arms up in the air to massive boos from the crowd as he then rubs on his hard dick while gazing at the referee where he then motions for him to bring him the microphone. Reluctantly the official comes out from his corner and hands the microphone to SOLDIER. SOLDIER rolls PAGE over to his back and it’s revealed that CHRIS has been busted open early at the hands of SOLDIER.

PIP: SOLDIER has the microphone.

SOLDIER glances over towards PETER GILMOUR who nearly shoots his load.

UNKNIOWN SOLDIER- “PETER you’ve been waiting a long time to hear this fuck say what he’s about to say.”

SOLDIER reaches down picking PAGE up by the head as he scream into the microphone.

”Tell em’ you’re a bitch!”

SOLDIER crams the microphone into the face of PAGE who blurts out.


SOLDIER starts to repeatedly jab the microphone into the forehead of PAGE before tossing it to the side. He reaches down picking CHRIS up before taking him back into the ropes, SOLDIER looks for an Irish Whip but it’s Page who reverses and sends SOLDIER bouncing off the ropes and into a Tilt-A-Whirl back breaker!

PIP: PAGE might have just turned this one around with that high impact back breaker.

CHRIS reaches down picking SOLDIER up off the mat where he takes another front waist lock before backing up towards the ropes where he delivers an overhead belly to belly suplex over the top rope sending SOLDIER crashing down violently to the floor with a sicken splat as body crashes down to the protective padding around the ring to a massive “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” chant from the massive crowd!

HEATHER: You talk about high impact in the early goings!

CHRIS rolls out to the floor cutting PETER GILMOUR off as he wants to check on his man crush SOLDIER. PETER backs away as CHRIS now a start stomping away at SOLDIER before his picks him up off the floor. CHRIS now takes a back waist lock before delivering a release German Suplex on the floor! The referee slides out to the floor with the microphone in hand only to see PAGE shove him away from SOLDIER.

PIP: It’s almost as if CHRIS doesn’t want to end this, at least not yet.

HEATHER: Or he knows SOLDIER isn’t ever going to admit that he’s a bitch.

CHRIS is the first back to his feet where he wipes the blood from his face before rubbing it across his chest. He comes towards SOLDIER picking him up off the floor. CHRIS looks to fire SOLDIER into one of the ring posts but SOLDIER manages a counter out of desperation and it’s PAGE that’s sent bouncing face first off the ring post and sent to the floor! SOLDIER drops to one knee going back under the ring pulling a 2x4 out from under the ring. He makes his way around the ring as PAGE is shown getting to all fours only to have SOLDIER crack him across the back with the 2x4!

PIP: SOLDIER absorbed the offense and has come right back with more violence!

HEATHER: SOLDIER is going to beat PAGE with anything that’s not nailed down.

SOLDIER raises the 2x4 in the air and drives a second shot across the back of PAGE! Then a third! Then a fourth before tossing the 2x4 in the ring. SOLDIER climbs up on the ring apron where he waits for PAGE to start working his way to his feet before springboarding off the middle ropes with a moonsault down on to PAGE taking both men to the floor!

PIP: SOLDIER is playing to his strengths with that Springboard Moonsault!

SOLIDER mounts Page and starts reigning down with right hands to the open wounds on his forehead of the challenger with five stiff shots before getting up off CHRIS where he holds up his bloody knuckles. SOLDIER then licks the blood from his knuckles to disgust from the crowd. SOLDIER reaches down picking CHRIS up off the floor before hurling him back into the ring. SOLDIER then climbs up on the ring apron as he measures PAGE who rolls over on to his back on the mat. SOLDIER spring boards off the top rope with a picture perfect shooting star press crashing down on top of PAGE!

HEATHER: SOLDIER is in firm control of CHRIS PAGE and it’s merely a matter of time before we hear CHRIS say those three little words.

SOLDIER is the first back to his feet where he makes his way back to the 2x4 and picks it up off the mat as he measures CHRIS who starts to work his way back to his feet. SOLDIER lines him up and as CHRIS reaches his feet SOLDIER charges forward swinging at CHRIS’s head which see’s CHRIS duck and counter into a Spinbuster Slam that brings the crowd to their feet!

PIP: Some spine on the pine by CHRIS PAGE!

The crowd starts to rally behind PAGE with a loud “CCP! CCP! CCP!” chant as he starts to get to a vertical base and looks towards the mat seeing the 2x4 is lying near SOLDIER. The crowd starts chanting louder as CHRIS walks over and reaches down picking up the 2x4!


CHRIS looks at the 2x4, his eyes fixate on it as the crowd roars louder and louder when suddenly CHRIS turns and walks towards the ropes and tosses it over the top rope and out to the floor!

PIP: PAGE isn’t going to use the weapon, we saw this two weeks ago with GILMOUR!

There’s boos from the crowd as CHRIS discards the weapon and turns his attention back towards SOLDIER who is pushing himself up off the mat and back to a vertical base. PAGE comes forward with a boot to the midsection and doubles SOLDIER over before hoisting him up in the air and delivering a running buckle bomb to SOLDIER who smashes violently against the buckles before finding himself back down on the mat! The referee slides into the ring with the microphone in hand and as he starts to make his way over to SOLDIER we see CHRIS cut him off again and push him out of the way.

HEATHER: And again PAGE shoves the referee out of the way, he isn’t even trying to win he’s trying to hurt SOLDIER.

CHRIS wipes the blood away from his forehead and face before he reaches down picking SOLDIER up off the mat and follows up with another vicious knife edge chop that echoes throughout the Stadium and knocks SOLDIER back into a neutral corner. CHRIS comes forward with another knife edge chop across the chest before he hoists SOLDIER up to the top turnbuckle. CHRIS decks SOLDIER with a short right hand to the jaw before shifting SOLDIER’s legs from inside the ropes to outside the ropes before he steps up on the middle ropes and takes a front waist lock, CHRIS then steps up to the top rope where he picks SOLDIER up to the top rope as well before delivering a SUPER OVERHEAD RELEASE BELLY TO BELLY suplex off the top rope! SOLDIER crashes down to the canvass as does PAGE to another “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” chant directed from the crowd.

PIP: A Super Release Belly to Belly Suplex by the KING of suplexes CHRIS PAGE!

HEATHER: But at what costs as PAGE can’t capitalize.

PAGE is a little slower to get moving as he landed just as hard as SOLDIER but he starts to push himself up off the mat and back to a vertical base where he turns his attention towards GILMOUR who looks on with concern and gives him the middle finger! The crowd roars as PETER looks of concern shifts to a look of disgust. PAGE turns back towards SOLDIER who is still on the mat. He comes forward where he picks up both of SOLDIER’s legs by his ankles before stomping down on SOLDIER’s dick!

PIP: Oh my!

SOLDIER scream out in pain as he slithers away from PAGE clutching at his dick and manages to escape to the floor under the bottom rope where he drops to one knee as we see CHRIS size SOLDIER up as he bounces off the far side and delivers a baseball slide dropkick to the back of SOLDIER’s head sending SOLDIER crashing into the security barrier around the ringside area as PAGE slides out to the floor. He snatches SOLDIER only to be met with a gouge to the eyes breaking the momentum that was being built. SOLDIER quickly seizes the opening and takes PAGE by the head before bouncing him face first off the steel steps that lead up to the ring apron. SOLDIER takes the opportunity to go back under the ring apron where he pulls out a LADDER! SOLDIER waits for CHRIS to turn around before throwing the Ladder at CHRIS smashing it against his face and sending CHRIS down to the floor. SOLDIER motions for the referee who slides out to the floor and hands him the microphone.


SOLDIER kneel down cramming the microphone towards CHRIS’s mouth which catches him breathing deeply before SOLDIER raises the microphone back up to his lips.


SOLDIER crams the microphone back down towards PAGE’s mouth as CHRIS responds.

”Satan is a bitch!”

SOLDIER tosses the microphone and starts hammering down with more right hands to the head and face of CHRIS PAGE before getting up off CHRIS and stomping down violently at his chest and face. SOLDIER picks the Ladder up and slides it into the ring before walking around the corner of the ring where his 2x4 is laying on the floor. SOLDIER picks it up off the ground where he comes back around the ring where PAGE is using the guardrail to get back to his feet. SOLDIER charges forward cracking PAGE in the ribs with the 2x4 which doubles PAGE over for SOLDIER to waffle across the back breaking the 2x4 in the process!

HEATHER: SOLDIER broke the damn 2x4 over PAGE’s back!

GILMOUR is shown cheering SOLDIER on as we see SOLIDER pick PAGE up and hurl him back into the ring. SOLIDER climbs up on the ring apron before making his way to the turnbuckles where he climbs up to the top rope before leaping off with a Frog Splash on to PAGE crashing down violently on his ribs!

PIP: Got to love SOLDIER’s strategy going after the ribs, if you can’t breathe you can’t fight!

HEATHER: SOLDIER is way smarter than anyone gives him credit for and right now that fact is on firm display.

SOLDIER gets back to a vertical base where he shifts his attention towards the Ladder in the ring. He walks over and picks it up before taking it back and leaning it back against a neutral corner before turning his attention back towards PAGE as he picks him up off the mat and delivers several short forearm smashes to the jaw backing him across the ring and into the opposite corner. SOLDIER takes PAGE and looks to shoot him across the ring and into the Ladder but it’s reversed and it’s SOLDIER that’s sent flying back first off the Ladder where he bounces off the steel and comes back out towards the center of the ring where he swings wildly at PAGE who ducks and latches on to a back waist lock before delivering a German Suplex! CHRIS doesn’t release as he rolls through picking both himself and SOLDIER up off the mat where a second German Suplex is delivered! Again PAGE doesn’t release his grasp as he delivers a third German Suplex! The crowd applauds loudly as CHRIS rolls through picking himself and SOLDIER up off the mat where a fourth and final Release German Suplex is delivered to a rousing ovation.

PIP: Vintage CHRIS PAGE with the rolling German Suplexes!

HEATHER: CHRIS PAGE has yet to pick up a weapon to use on SOLDIER, he’s wrestling SOLDIER!

The referee once again has the microphone and starts to make his way towards SOLDIER but one shot of the eyes from CHRIS PAGE sends the referee back peddling away from him. CHRIS is back to a vertical base where he measures SOLDIER as he starts to push himself up off the mat before standing to a vertical base where PAGE drives another boot to the midsection doubling over SOLDIER where PAGE under hooks his arms where he looks to deliver the PAGE PLANT! SOLDIER yanks his arms free where he yanks PAGE’s legs out from PAGE sending CHRIS down to the mat on his back. SOLDIER maintains holding the legs of PAGE before leaping up in the air and driving a headbut to the nether regions of PAGE!

PIP: Another low blow by UNKNOWN SOLDIER to CHRIS PAGE!

PETER GILMOUR gets up out of his chair at ringside where he does a victory lap around the ring in support of UNKNOWN SOLIDER as SOLDIER calls for the microphone from the official. He snatches it from his grasp as he shouts down in the face of PAGE.


He crams the microphone down by PAGE’s mouth which picks up CHRIS sucking wind before spouting out into the microphone.


SOLDIER tosses the microphone and starts unloading with right hands into the open wounds of CHRIS’s face before he stands to his feet. He reaches down picking CHRIS up off the mat where he fires PAGE across the ring and into the corner that houses the Ladder! PAGE crashing into the Ladder with SOLDIER charging in after him with a Stinger Splash to PAGE sandwiching PAGE between his body and the Ladder. CHRIS staggers forward before face planting to the mat.

HEATHER: SOLDIER has PAGE right where he wants him!

The crowd responds as SOLDIER takes the Ladder and sets it up near the corner as PAGE is shown rolling over to his back looking up at the lights as we see SOLDIER start to climb the Ladder! GILMOUR is shown pounding on the mat in support of SOLDIER as the crowd boos him intently for it.

PIP: SOLDIER’s climbing that Ladder!

SOLDIER reaches the top of the Ladder where he stands on the tippy top of the Ladder looking down at CHRIS PAGE who now as rolled back over to his chest and is pushing himself up off the mat and back to a vertical base. SOLDIER times it before leaping off the top of the Ladder looking to deliver THE DARK STAR… PAGE counters with an inverted atomic drop to a roar from the crowd!!

HEATHER: That was the damnedest inverted atomic drop I’ve ever seen!

SOLDIER clutches at his junk before eating a Superkick from Page that sends SOLDIER back into the ropes only to have PAGE charge forward clotheslining SOLIDER over the top rope and out to the floor in front of the announcers tables!

PIP: SOLDIER is right out in front of us!

CHRIS drops down to the mat where he rolls out to the floor before walking over to the announcer’s desk. PAGE starts to clear the desk itself which garners a huge pop from the crowd while bring GIILMOUR up from his seat on the other side of the ring. PETER comes around the ring as CHRIS picks SOLIDER up putting him in position for a Powerbomb but before he can hoist him up in the air GILMOUR blasts PAGE from behind with a vicious steel chair shot to the back that sounds like a gun going off!

HEATHER: Revenge is a dish best served with a chair!”

The crowd boos intently as PAGE and SOLDIER fall to the floor while GILMOUR starts wearing out CHRIS with chair shot after chair shot….

There’s a loud pop from the crowd as THE TRISTAN SLATER emerges out to the top of the ramp which takes the attention of GILMOUR!

PIP: The former two time XWF World Heavyweight Champion THE TRISTAN SLATER is here in WALES!

GILMOUR comes back around the ring with chair in hand! He rushes towards SLATER who reaches the bottom of the ramp where he swings the chair at SLATER’s face! TRISTAN ducks out of the way and catches GILMOUR with a boot to the midsection causing him to drop the chair! SLATER snatches the chair and cracks across the doubled over GILMOUR to a huge ovation before measuring GILMOUR and blasting him in the skull with a sick shot from the chair that seemingly knocks GILMOUR out! SLATER tosses the chair to the ground before turning his attention towards the ring. He walks to the ring apron before going under the ring where he pulls out a pair of Handcuffs!

HEATHER: Somebody get him outta here! He doesn’t belong here!”

SLATER rolls GILMOUR over on to his stomach before handcuffing his hands behind his back!

PIP: That’s one way to make sure his interference is at a minimum.

SLATER flips GILMOUR off before walking back up the ramp where he makes his way back through the curtain.

”And apparently his job is done.”

Across the ring SOLDIER is the first to his feet where he looks at the announcers table and then at the announcers themselves where he reaches his hand in his pants before stroking his dick several times which clearly grosses out the commentary team and they remove headsets and back away from the table. SOLDIER stops stroking his dick and turns his attention back towards PAGE as he reaches down picking him up off the floor where he headbuts PAGE between the eyes sending him falling backwards on to the announcers table. SOLDIER then head to the ring apron before stepping in the ring before repositioning the Ladder by the ropes. The crowd starts to stir as SOLDIER begins to scale the Ladder! SOLDIER reaches the tippy top of the Ladder where he looks down at a prone PAGE on the announcer’s desk before leaping off the top of the Ladder looking to deliver an elbow into the heart of PAGE! PAGE rolls off the announcers table which sends SOLDIER crashing and burning through the table! There’s a MASSIVE ovation from the crowd which breaks out into a “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” chant from the crowd. We hear headsets fumbling around before hearing.

HEATHER: Are we on?”

PIP: Yes we’re on and that was at least a twenty foot drop that did not pay off for SOLDIER!

PAGE is shown back at a vertical base where he reaches down snatching SOLIDER up off the floor before taking him and hurling him back into the ring. CHRIS slides into the ring after SOLIDER where he reaches his feet. CHRIS picks SOLDIER up off the mat before putting him in position with his head between PAGE’s legs, CHRIS under hooks the arms before hoisting SOLDIER up in the air before driving him down to the mat with a thunderous PAGE PLANT! The crowd is on fire as you can smell the title change in the air. CHRIS rolls SOLDIER over to his stomach where he applies the CRIPPLER CROSSFACE to SOLDIER dead in the middle of the ring!

PIP: We’re going to have a new Champion!

The official starts to make his way over to SOLDIER with the microphone in hand as CHRIS continues to crank back on the CROSSFACE but before he can ask SOLDIER starts to tap out!!!



Suddenly the lights go dark! The black out last for several seconds before the lights come back up to reveal CHRIS with the CROSSFACE still locked in on SOLDIER….


A hooded figure in all black stands behind CHRIS with a brick in his hand… The hooded figure comes up from behind shattering the brick across the back of the head of PAGE causing the hold to be broken to massively loud boos from the crowd. The hooded figure stands back before slowly removing the hood to reveal…


Trash starts to be hurled towards the ring as SHANE snatches the microphone from the referee! CHRIS is knocked out cold as CARVER places the microphone close to PAGE’s head before pointing towards the ramp and seemingly on cue we hear a voice close to PAGE’s say…

“I’m a bitch.”



The crowd roars with massively loud boos towards CARVER and SOLDIER who starts to stir. CARVER comes forward stomping violently on the back of PAGE’s head! There’s a pop from the crowd as THE TRISTAN SLATER charges back towards the ring where he dives under the bottom rope and immediately starts throwing hands with CARVER! The exchange goes back and forth until SOLDIER clobbers SLATER from behind with a shot from the Universal Title sending SLATER spilling out to the floor. SHANE and SOLDIER immediately start a double team on PAGE as a loud chant of “MAIN! MAIN! MAIN! MAIN!” echoes throughout the stadium!

PIP: This is completely uncalled for!! SHANE CARVER has ruined another Universal Title match and directly affected the outcome!

HEATHER: SHANE didn’t do anything wrong, there’s no disqualifications.

SOLDIER and SHANE stop the assault on the motionless body of CHRIS PAGE. SHANE reaches into the belt line of his attire where he pulls out a pair of scissors as SOLDIER grabs PAGE by his long ponytail and raises PAGE’s head up off the mat where SHANE cuts off his ponytail!! The crowd roars with loud boos as SOLDIER and SHANE laugh at PAGE while SHANE twirls PAGE’s ponytail in the air!! Warfare fades to blacK.

OOC: I liked to thank those of you who role played this week. You guys did really well, and we enjoyed the quality that you all put out.

Also thank you to all those of you who wrote matches this week.

Thank you to: Chronic Chris Page
Vita Valenteen
Noah Jackson
And Mastermind

Also just quickly, there will be an announcement next Warfare regarding specialty matches in the new year to give Warfare a boost heading into 2020. But for now stay tuned.
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Soldier had it in the bag the whole time!
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(10-24-2019 01:47 AM)Sebastian Duke Said:  Soldier had it in the bag the whole time!


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Sebastian Duke adjusts his The Black Circle eye patch.

Listen, all I'm saying is ya shoulda anticipated Shane Carver and had a plan for that. Shane Carver wasn't the greatest owner in the history of this company by sitting on his lazy ass in some run down Chicago apartment complex chucking expired mayo jars out the window.

"He's cerebral."

He moves the eye patch to the other eye.

"He's always got a plan.

"Underestimating Shane Carver and Carver loyalists was your mistake."
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Things got weird.

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(10-24-2019 04:27 AM)Centurion Said:  Things got weird.

It happens around here.
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almost had it but i ran out of gas.. lucky win TK..

lethal lottery awaits and im pissed off!!

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