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Oh, are we doing these now?
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09-05-2019, 09:40 AM

Hey there everyone, my main job here is to post shows late.

… pause for a cheap laugh…

The majority of you know me, be it from the classic or modern era, and know I’ve served as a roster member and staff member in the XWF at various times for about 11 years now. Originally when I came back to the team a big part of my role was just to be a consultant. I’ve been in a lot of different federations with different rules and creative ideas, and have seen things work and fail. I’m also fairly well known in the e-fed circles on Twitter and stuff, and had heard a lot of the reasons why people had been tentative to join the XWF… so my goal was to just be able to help guide the fed in a direction that was less demanding of participants, and more inviting to outsiders and old names.

The other goal I had when returning was to begin restoring things like the old Hall of Legends, the classic archives that I have stored, old school championship histories, etc. and rebuild a bridge between what had essentially become two separate user groups. All of this would ideally culminate in a 20 year show, where we’d be able to invite our old friends back, and I can now happily say that this goal has been accomplished. There’s still work to be done and old shows to post, but I believe the main mission of closing the divide was successful, and that’s fantastic.

Now, since I’ve been back (I believe late February, early March) my role has evolved beyond that, and James Raven is one of the three in character owners of the XWF. Out of character, I’m trying to carve out a role as what I guess would be considered “Head of Creative”. Our weekly shows went for a few months at least while with no segments being submitted, no storylines being built, and some semi-random booking based on opt ins. I hope to be able to build characters up outside of the ring more. I want to work with you guys to do backstage interviews, to find feud partners that are excited to work together and build long term angles, spotlight people as they chase the title over several weeks… whatever. I want to keep things interesting, and make YOU guys look good beyond wins and losses. I’ve had this job on the back burner for the past month or so as I worked towards XX, but at/coming out of Relentless I’ll be more hands on with those that are interested.

I do a good deal of match writing to assist Atticus and Smokin’ Bob on Savage and Warfare, I VERY RARELY judge so while I’m happy to provide feedback and personal opinions I’m not necessarily the person to ask why you lost a match. Just git gud scrub. I’ve also begun running some of the pay per views (Leap of Faith, XX, I’ll be helping with Relentless) to keep the weekly GM’s fresh and because I hate having free time and love writing “so and so hits a german suplex” 1,200 times on my days off from work.

All in all I try and be helpful wherever I can; recruitment, promotion, “alumni outreach”, discussing the direction of the XWF and it’s structure, results.

I think I’ve written enough that it looks like I took this seriously, right? I can probably wrap this up and the rest of the staff can’t get mad at me? Cool cool cool. I’m always around if people have questions for me, and if I can’t answer I can generally point you to someone that can.

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(w/ Aidan Collins, Roxy Nova, Mia Sanchez, Big Shank, Drew Archyle/Robert Main)

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