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Chasm vs Legion
Author Message
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08-17-2019, 10:32 PM

Chasm and Legion, please post your roleplays as replys to this thread. Everybody else, please do not comment in this thread.

1 RP Match
No Word Count Limit

RP PERIOD STARTS: August 17th, 2019 (11:59:59 PM Eastern time)
DEADLINE IS: August 31st, 2019 (11:59:59 PM Eastern time)

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08-31-2019, 07:50 PM

I have been in this business for twelve years, ladies and gentlemen. I realize that plenty of people have plied their trade for longer, but frankly, I don't care. I'm exhausted from the years of abuse that this business has put on my mind, my body, and my soul. From trying to please fans that are never satisfied, to listening to the ramblings of a man claiming to be the right hand of God, to the pursuit of chaos...I've done just about everything I can, short of winning the big one. No major titles or accomplishments to my name, and you know what? I'm okay with that. I've learned to see the bigger picture, to look beyond the narrow scope of such material things. I don't need a World title, or even an induction into the Hall of Legends, to know that I've had a full career.

The same cannot be said for Chasm, the man I have the dubious honor of facing at XX. A match against a man who leans too much on a checkered past, what little claim to fame he clings on to...and frankly, that encapsulates perfectly this entire show. It's a night of nostalgia, not only for fans who miss the good ol' days, but the wrestlers who can't stand the sight of other people using the XWF brand to promote change in the business. To these fans and competitors, nothing's as good as it used to be...but not to me.

This might surprise you, but I believe in the evolution of the business. If you're looking at the XWF now and you're demanding to know what happened to the stars of yesteryear...they all either retired, disappeared off the map, or worse yet have left this world for the great beyond. Regardless, they're all gone, and only a few remain...and you're looking at the majority of them competing this weekend. It's kind of sickening, to be honest. You've got your stars in Superballs, Big Shank, even Zach Rizza, and so many others...and then you have the likes of Barney Green, Peter Gilmour, and just to bring us back on track, my opponent Chasm.

I look back on my history in the XWF, and I remember two main things...winning the X-Treme Title three times, and apparently actually defending it successfully ONCE, the latter of which I had to search the Internet thoroughly to discover. You know what I can't find on my journey through the databases? So much as a single match against a man that insists he's a Legend despite doing nothing to earn the honor. They've scraped the bottom of the barrel enough times to induct people, but I think you're a bit of a stretch.

As much as I dislike the concept of all these old hacks coming back for one more moment under the spotlight, I will be more than happy to be a part of this for one destroy one of you, and prove that the evolution of this business starts with me. The state of professional wrestling is always in flux, but I remain constant. Others have come and gone, but Legion endures. When everything in this world becomes dust, Legion stands alone.
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08-31-2019, 10:46 PM

The last time I was here in the XWF I thought it was going to be the end of my career and that once I step away from the ring I would be gone forever, but surprise surprise all it took to get me back into the XWF was a phone call from James Raven.

Scene One – Doctors Office

The scene opens to the interior of a doctor office. We see a few people scattered around the office waiting for their name to be called. Suddenly the front door swings open and I slowing walk into the office and straight to the receptionist. She isn’t really paying attention to what was going on in the room or that I was standing in front of her. I tapped quietly on the counter to try and get her attention. She doesn’t seem to hear me, so I loudly cleared my throat


That did the trick and she looks up at me and puts on this fake smile and happy act, but you can tell that she hates her job and doesn’t want to be there.

Can I help you?

What the fuck do you think, that I just walked into the office to have this little chat or get a free bottle of water or coffee.

Hello, I have an appointment with Dr. Chan

Can I get your health card please?

I quickly pull out my health card from my wallet and hand it to the woman, who take it and swipes it and hands it back.
Thank you, you can have a seat and the doctor will be able to see you shortly.

I turn away from the desk and scan the room for a place to sit that I am most likely be left alone and as far away from a sick person, as I would hate to catch something a few days before my match back. I see a spot next to this kid who had to be at least 16-17 that looks like he just injured his arm as he is holding it pressed against his body and can see a pain come over his face with the slightest move. I sit down beside him and he turns towards me. I give him a quick smile and nod to let him know that it was ok for him to talk to me, even if I wasn’t in the mood to chat I knew it was a losing battle and didn’t want to really make a scene at the doctors office before I even get to see him. The kid didn’t say anything and just stared at me, so I figured I might as well break the ice.

Hey kid, what did you do to your arm?

I did it wrestling with my brother

So, I take it you like wrestling

Yeah, I have been watching it since I was a little kid. It was one of the few things my family would do together was sit and watch wrestling.

And just like that I was thrown back to when I was a kid and how wrestling was the only thing that me and my father bonded over. I don’t have a lot of good memories of my father as most of my childhood he spent it beating me for every little thing and did and sleeping around on my mother with any female that was interested. I sit there zoned out until the kid starts to spend again.

Sir? Are you ok?

I shake off the daze and smile at the kid.

Yeah, I am fine, just was thinking about how my family did that too. So, what is your favorite promotion?

XWF all the way.

Oh XWF, I heard that was a good promotion. Who’s your favorite wrestler there?

I don’t know I have too many to name, but if I had to pick, I would say James Raven is my favorite but I also really like Barney Green.

James Raven I can understand as he is one of the greatest wrestlers ever to step into an XWF ring, but Barney Green. I am starting to think that maybe his brother dropped him on his head one too many times if Green is one of his favorites. Well now I need to know what the kid thinks of me and it is become apparent that he doesn’t recognize me with hair and a beard.

Well do you remember a wrestler by the name Chasm?

Without skipping a beat the kid blurts out

He sucks

Moments after the words left his mouth, I could see that he finally noticed it was me and that he just told me I sucked right to me face. I let out a little laugh to try and ease the tension.

It’s ok kid, I like your honesty and really, I don’t blame you for saying that, as my last run in the XWF wasn’t what I wanted to be and truthfully, I should have never came back when I did.

Aren’t you taking part in that reunion show XX? My dad hasn’t shut up about it since it was announced and was even trying to get us tickets.

Yeah, kid I will be fighting a wrestler named Legion.

Never heard of him

Well at least Legion isn’t one of his favorites, with how high he was ranking Green you never knew. I smile and let out a soft laugh.

Don’t blame you he was more or less nothing more than a jobber.

Just than from across the room I heard the receptionist call me name.

Chris Evans

I quickly stand up and about to walk towards the receptionist when the kid spoke up

Hey Chasm I know I said you sucked earlier but I was wondering is there any way I could get an autograph?

Part of me wanted to be an asshole and say no and just walk away but honestly it has been ages since I have been asked for an autograph.

Sure thing kid

I walk over towards the receptionist.

Hey do you have a piece of paper that I could have?

The receptionist reaches behind her desk and rips off a piece of paper from a small note pad and hands it to me.


I grab a pen a quickly sign my name. I walk back over to the kid and hands him the paper. He grabs it and looks down at it and then back at me.

Thanks, my Dad is never going to believe this.

I look down and notice a phone on the kids lap

Well I see you have a phone right there, so why do we take a quick selfie and that way he has to believe you.

Wow really

Sure, why not, you caught me in a good mood

I take the phone from the kid and pose beside him and just like that I snapped a few pictures. I hand it back to him and turn this time towards the receptionist, who I could see was getting impatient.

Hey sorry about that.

She doesn’t say a word to me and just starts to walk down a small hall at the back of the office that leads to all of the exam room. I follow her the few steps before we stop and she places the folder she was holding with my name on it in the slot. I walk into the room and sit on the bed.

The doctor will be with you

Thank ……..

Before I could even get out the word “you” she had closed the door and now I was sitting here all alone. I stare at the walls and read every poster I could see hoping it would help pass the time. It didn’t work, after what felt like hours the door swung open and in walked a short balding man who had to be at least in his late forties.

Hello, Chris how are we today?

Great he wants to make small talk and here I am all out of small talk, wasted it all on the kid in the waiting room.

Let’s just cut to the chase. I need you to give me two cortisone shots, one in each knee and while we are at it, I am thinking I will also need you to write me a prescription for oxy.

Woah that is a pretty big order and I don’t think I feel comfortable doing that without at least talking to you some about why you feel you need this.

Really why did I think that this was going to be easy

Well as you know I am wrestler or at least I was a wrestler and years of wrestling has took it toll on my body and I spend most days in pain to the point that I barely want to get out of bed, but I have learned to live with the pain.

What has changed now?

Well I had just agreed to coming out of retirement and doing one more match and without some sort of pain medication I don’t feel my body will be able to handle the strain of train and wrestling.

I am sorry Chris I just can’t do you but if you want we can sit and look at some other option that might be able to help ease the pain but in my professional option I don’t think you should even think about stepping foot in a wrestling ring again as once false move could cause more issues than any amount of pain meds could solve.

Ok being nice wasn’t getting me anywhere. I get up and start to walk toward the doctor. I grab him by his shirt and press him against the wall.

You know what I don’t give a fuck what you think, I am going to wrestle this match one way or another and really I am sure I could get the meds and shots from someone else, I just came to you because we have history and you have been my doctor for years now. So what is it going to be? Are you going to do what I asked or am I going to go somewhere else?

Fine I will do it but only if you promise to take it easy on the pills, as I don’t want to see in the papers that you passed away from an overdose.

Sure thing Doc

I let go of the doctor’s shirt and sit back down waiting for the fun to begin.
Scene fades to black

Scene Two – Trash

Well Legion, when James asked me if I would be in this PPV, I thought maybe I would get a match against someone like Barney Green or even Centurion but no it seems that James wanted me to take part in a filler match and lucky me I get to be laced against you. Don’t get me wrong I really have nothing against you but I think that might be because you were nothing more than a flash in the pan, a wrestler that blended in the background, that was here one minute and gone the next without anyone even knowing. Sure that pretty much sums up my career lately as well but that wasn’t always the case, unlike you I was once a big name in the XWF, but then injuries and well truthfully laziness took over and instead of going into the match caring what I did to my legacy, I cared was about how much money I would make. Well that was the old me and starting with our little match I am looking to change that because I am tired of being over looked, tired of being passed over.

So Legion I can’t wait to show you a side of Chasm that so many have forgotten.

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11-28-2022, 02:21 PM

not too shabby at all
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