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Wednesday Night Warfare - Results - 7/3/19
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From !!!

[Image: b39fc1218765bcdac6246bb868216373.jpg]



SALT & PEPPER (XWF Tag Team Debut) (With VINEGAR)
- vs -


- vs -

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -

We open the show backstage, the one and only Peter Gilmour making his way down a hallway towards the catering area. A shadow passes across the hallway and Peter stops, looking around for anything suspicious. He shrugs and continues to walk down the hallway when suddenly a dark figure lunges out and body checks him into the wall! Peter tries to throw a right hand but the figure bounces his head off the wall again and plants him to the concrete floor with a powerful DDT!

HEATHER HALLIWELL-LASIEWICZ: That's Famine of the Vile! Famine is attacking Gilmour!

PIP COLLINS: What the hell?!

The figure rises up, standing motionless over Peter as he writhes on the concrete. He turns his face towards the camera... IT IS! It's Famine of the Vile, the former champion and associate of Chris Page has just kicked off Warfare with a seemingly unsolicited attack!

HHL: I think the original Demon King has taken some exception to some of Peter Gilmours antics in the years he's been gone!

PC: Peter Gilmour is NOT going to be happy about this... when he wakes up that is!

Famine stares coldly at Gilmour, then steps out of the shot slowly and disappears as the camera zooms in on Peters fluttering eyelashes. What a surprising way to kick off Warfare; these two clerks weren't even supposed to be here today! Let's get to the ring for the opening match!


SALT & PEPPER (XWF Tag Team Debut) (With VINEGAR)
- vs -

The opening riff of "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" starts blasting over the sound system as the fans come alive. At the 20 second mark Afton Pepper dances his way out from the back as rainbow confetti starts shooting out of small cannons lining the entry way. He is followed by Frederick Saltman, and their manager Vic Vinegar. Pepper slaps hands with his fans and even kisses a baby or two before rolling into the ring under the bottom rope. He dances in the center of the ring for a few seconds before ending his routine with a split just as the song ends.

The opening riffs of Deafheaven's Dream House begins to play, and all in the arena go silent as the arena begins to darken, and all spotlights shine on one man walking from the back and kneeling, looking down calmly. As the drums begin to kick in, the man - El Príncipe himself - bolts up as the arena blasts in white and gold as El Príncipe looks out to the crowd. The two forces in the arena stare at each other as the crowd cheers or boos for him. Finally, wasting no more time as his manager, Klaus Alfssen walks out behind him and tapping him on the back, El Príncipe sets forth walking calmly as the guitar riffs and screamed vocals rock the arena. El Príncipe steps into the ring slowly, analyzing the situation before him as he takes a deep breath, bounces on his toes and gets ready for the match.

Noah Jackson runs onto the ramp with a burst of energy, taunting to the crowds. He walks towards the ring going to high five fans before faking out and giving them a dab like a dick. He rolls into the ring and rests in his corner.

Pepper and El Principe start in the ring.

Pepper and his manager Vic Vinegar look around a little worried for Salt, but he is yet to arrive. The ref shrugs, not caring at all because his paycheck sucks calls for the bell.

"Oh wow, looks like this turned into a handicap match!"

"This isn't good for the debuting team."

El Principe rushes Afton Pepper with a head full of steam but he's dropped immediately by a hellacious clothesline from Pepper! The crowd pops as Principe falls and Pepper hits the ropes dropping a big leg onto the masked man's neck! Vic cheers on his boy as Pepper does a flamboyant recreation of Hulk Hogan's hot-dogging routine. El Principe stumbles to his feet and takes a strike at Pepper but it's gracefully dodged and Afton stands fixing his hair before bitch-slapping the taste out of El Principe's mouth!

Principe is dazed and walks away holding his cheek, on turning around Afton strikes!

"A stunning superkick from Pepper!!!"

"I believe he calls it Buzz Cut! And it's clear to see why, think he chipped a piece of El Principe's mask off with that kick!"

Principe falls dramatically into his corner and Noah rolls his eyes before smacking his partner's back and entering the ring.

The crowd go wild as Noah and Afton circle one another.

The two trade positions and Noah sprints forward but Pepper dodges out of the way but Noah keeps going?


Principe's body goes limp as Noah kicks him out of the ring and turns to Pepper.

"Amazing! Is Noah Jackson actually trying to initiate a fair fight?"

"Nah cunt, just don't like that fuck!"

"Oh, okay."

"... How'd he even hear you?"

Distracted Pepper runs against Jackson and knees the Melbourne Motormouth into the corner! Pepper follows up with a lariat but Jackson dodges and pushes Afton against the turnbuckles, Noah quickly jumps into the air with a fist ready!

"Noah looking to end things early!"

But Pepper cartwheels out of the corner with style and Noah hangs over the top rope! Pepper throws a big kick against the Aussie's gut and pulls him away from the corner with a slam before going for the pin!





Jackson shoves Pepper away and they both get to their feet. Pepper goes for a low sweep but Noah jumps up and stomps down onto Afton's ankle! Noah then follows up with an enziguri and drops the Queen of Queer! Pepper kicks his feet holding his head in pain as Vic Vinegar panics on the outside. Noah calls out that he's going for a moonsault and the crowd pop!

He heads to the corner.

He climbs the turnbuckles.


Jackson flips through the air!

"And he eats canvas!"

Pepper just rolling out of the way. Jackson lies flat on the mat clutching his face in agony.

Afton taunts to the crowd and stomps a foot onto Jackson's crown before picking him up by the hair and...



Noah fights his way out of the hold and hits his very own...


Noah hits the Omega Driver and covers!


The crowd pop!


As someone enters the ring!


"Looks like Salt was fashionably late!"

Salt pouts and removes his Gucci sunglasses and feather boa, he bitch slaps the shit out of Noah's bewildered face and receives an earful from Vinegar. El Principe runs back into the ring and brawls with Salt! The two beat the crap out of each other, as well as throwing stray hits to Jackson, as the ref tries to call for order!

Noah goes to the apron and looks over at the carnage as he catches his breath. Salt grabs Principe and hurls him into the corner. He stirs Pepper awake and points to Principe sat against the turnbuckles. The two smile and high five.

Salt runs in first and hits a bronco buster! He moves out the way quickly and runs back to the corner as Pepper hits a bronco buster of his own! The crowd goes wild!

"The patented Salt & Pepper Pride Parade!"

Salt rushes back in, bouncing his groin against a dazed Principe! Salt leaves and an exited Noah Jackson runs in and bronco busters Principe as well!

Defeated, the masked prince rolls out under the ropes as the crowd cheers the three men on. Noah goes over for a high five with the couple but dabs before headbutting Pepper and throwing a forearm against Salt!

The pair quickly gain their bearings and both knockdown Noah with a double chop.

Salt goes to the apron and calls for the tag which Pepper obliges with a wink.

Salt lifts Noah to his feet as Pepper begins to cause a commotion on the apron distracting the ref, Vic Vinegar moves to the side of the ring and reaches into his pants.

"What's Vic Vinegar up to?"

Vinegar pulls something out and tosses it towards Salt!

"It's a brass... Cock... Ring... Jesus Christ what is my life."

But Noah knees Salt's groin and catches the cock ring! Placing it over two fingers and throwing a deadly hook into Salt's jaw knocking him out clean! Noah then hurls the ring hard into Vic's face and possibly breaking his nose! Pepper in a hurry checks on his manager and the ref looks away to Noah pinning Salt!






Winners - Noah Jackson & El Principe!

Backstage we see XWF co-owner and member of the Apex Prophecy, James Raven, standing behind the cheap desk of a small and temporary office. Paperwork and personal items are strewn across the desktop of the normally clean and organized superstar, but he doesn’t seem to care. He’s too focused on his speech, a presentation for the man sitting across the desk from him with his back to the camera and identity unknown.

JAMES RAVEN: With all of that said, hopefully you can see where I’m coming from. When Chris Page first showed up I was sure I could handle it, and when he rolled in his group of “brothers” the Apex Prophecy showed we were still in control… but this has gotten out of hand. Page has walked Bill Blakk through the XWF gates, and he surprised us with Bigg Rigg and Famine of the Vile after that. We have no idea where he can go from here, or how many names he has in his Rolodex to call on, so we need to start planning ahead.

James takes a deep breath, allowing his guest to process what he’s saying before he continues.

JAMES RAVEN: Drew has a concussion, Roxy has bruised ribs, Centurions knee has been jacked since War Games… we need help, someone to bolster the ranks and help us even the odds. That’s where you come in. I started asking myself who else CCP has pissed off since storming the XWF, and who might have their own score to settle with the guy. So… what do you say?

The camera transitions slowly and we see the man that’s been sitting across the desk. It’s…



The Anarchy star and rookie of the year candidate stares thoughtfully at Raven, weighing his options as the co-owner watches him hopefully. It’s no secret that the Apex Prophecy has struggled to keep up with Page’s invaders, but Ned Kaye could certainly swing the momentum!

Before Ned can answer the office door bursts open, Universal champion Robert Main storming inside and straight over to the desk. His eyes are blazing and his jaw clenched as he approaches his Apex brother.

JAMES RAVEN: Robert! I wasn’t expecting you. I was talking to Ned about-

ROBERT MAIN: I’m done pussyfooting around.

JAMES RAVEN: Excuse me?

ROBERT MAIN: I’m done. Done waiting week after week to come up with the perfect plan and getting jumped in the process. Drew is in the goddamn hospital James! Chris Page is lucky I didn’t tear the arena apart brick by brick to get to him and tear his head from his body!

JAMES RAVEN: Calm down, Rober-


Main slams his fist onto the desktop, cracking the cheap wood easily and making Ned jump in his seat. Main leans into Raven, face to face.

ROBERT MAIN: Drew’s been in a hospital bed for a week, he can’t turn the lights on for more than ten minutes without getting a headache. Our team got decimated and the men that did it are out there walking around and laughing with no consequences. Don’t you tell me to calm down.

Raven holds his hands up defensively. He nods his head in apology.

JAMES RAVEN: Of course. Of course. What do you expect me to do, though?

ROBERT MAIN: Put it in my hands. Let me handle Page at Leap of Faith.

JAMES RAVEN: We’ve been over this, I can’t let him anywhere near the Universal title. Even if we’re 99% sure you’ll win, it’s not worth the ris-

ROBERT MAIN: I’m not asking you anymore, James.

Raven looks slightly taken aback, not used to this sort of conflict with his longtime ally. Ned shrinks in his chair slightly, trying his best to disappear from the scene.

ROBERT MAIN: It has to happen. Give me Page, and let me be the one to end this. I pinned him at War Games and I’ll do it again, but he’s made this personal. Make it official, James. I’m not waiting anymore.

James is quiet for a long moment. He stares at Robert.


Robert’s intensity gives way to satisfaction and he nods at James. The crowd in the arena explodes, cheering wildly! Robert Main vs Chris Page for the Universal title at Leap of Faith! Main turns to leave, and notices Ned Kaye sitting in the hair for the first time. He realizes Ned has overheard the entire conversation, then begins to piece together what Kaye and Raven were discussing. He looks over to James, then back to Ned, then points at each of them as if to ask ‘is this happening?’.

Ned grins.

Robert grins.

James grins.

We fade back to the ring.


- vs -

The entire stadium goes black as Burning Bright by Nine Inch Nails begins to play. Slowly, the X-Tron begins to show scarce, glowing embers, the light of each one illuminating smoke growing at the entrance of the ramp. As the song continues, more embers are seen until a large fire is displayed on the screen. The ramp then glows Ned's famous blue, revealing a silhouette in the smoke. Slowly stepping from the fog is none other then Notorious Ned Kaye. He stops for a moment, taking in the intensity of the situation. He lifts an arm, eyeing the stands to watch the many audience members who follow suit. With a single smile, he drops his arm and rushes towards the ring, slipping in from under the bottom rope, picking himself up immediately.

The lights go out, and then when they come back on Mastermind is seen standing on the top rope waving to the crowd.

Pip: “Heather if I may be so bold, this match has significant championship opportunity ramifications… Mastermind has held multiple belts in the XWF, and Ned Kaye looks like someone who will do the same before he’s all finished.”

Heather: “Pip, I agree with you completely. My concern for Ned here is that he’s in the ring with a true veteran. What can Ned Kaye do to Mastermind that hasn’t been done before? How does he make him quit?”

Pip: “Very good point, I guess we’ll have to see!”

The bell sounds and the two men meet in the center of the ring for a quick handshake. Mastermind, ever the chivalrous one, nods in approval when Kaye returns the gesture of sportsmanship. They lock up after a feeling out process and Mastermind is quick to assert his strength and weight on the younger Kaye, even though Kaye actually has more size to him. Mastermind uses his leverage with expert precision, working angles and using his own inertia to keep Ned off balance and unable to sally forth the strength to counter. Mastermind works Ned into a corner and cracks a hard chop across Kaye’s chest, which immediately turns a bright red like a stop light.

Pip: “A little gamesmanship from Mastermind. He wants the young man to know he’s in the ring with someone fully capable.”

Heather: “ Ned isn’t some naive puppy dog, he knows who Mastermind is. Ned’s done his homework.”

At ringside, someone piloting a CTN branded merchandise cart emerges from the backstage region and circles the ring, depositing many different objects that could be construed as weapons. The tradesman lays down a bag of Lacklan Bird Feed, an Azrael EreBust, several flavors of Lux’s Gender Fluid, and even a Dogerlord Pillow for good measure.

Pip: “Odd timing from the marketing department, but it’s as good a time as any to remind our audience that there are no disqualifications here in this match, only a submission wherein one competitor tells the official that he quits will this contest come to a close.”

Heather: “Indeed, Pip, we could see any manner of international objects used here tonight, as well as have the action spill off to any area in this beautiful arena.”

Pip: “The Irish have a knack for architecture, I’ll give you that! OH! Ned Kaye has just sent Mastermind spinning over the top rope to the floor! Will this be the start of the hardcore portion of the match?”

Mastermind spills to the outside of the ring, and Ned follows up with a springboard and perches on the top rope in anticipation of Mastermind standing up. Mastermind gets to his feet just as Ned leaps off from the ropes, but steps aside just in time! Ned careens into the guard rail and collapses as he drives the air from his body at high impact.

Fulfilling the announce booth’s prophecy, Mastermind begins digging under the ring and pulls out a tall ladder. He holds it aloft and slams it down across the back of Ned Kaye, who wails in agony. Mastermind pulls Kaye up by the hair and slaps on a sleeper hold - the Mind Sleeper!

Pip: “Mastermind has won titles with this move, and he’s got Ned locked in it deep!”

Kaye struggles but can’t break the hold. Referee John Bihl is there sticking a mic into Kaye’s face, but Kaye is waving him off. He probably couldn’t say anything even if he tried, considering the tightness of Mastermind’s burls biceps around his neck. Kaye gets a flash of inspiration and walks his feet up the guardrail, getting himself mostly perpendicular to the floor, and then shoves himself backward. The back of Mastermind’s head slams into the ring post and the hold is broken.

Heather: “That was a heads up move from Ned! He outsmarted the Mastermind!”

Kaye spies the bag of bird feed on the floor nearby and grabs it. He swings it heavily into the midsection of Mastermind, doubling him over, and seems to have a light bulb go off in his head when the chea burlap splits open, exposing the seed itself. Ned takes the birdseed and tosses it into the ring, spilling it across the mat. He turns his attention back to his opponent and rolls Mastermind back into the ring, following him. Ned then hooks MM up and lifts him, dropping him hard in a jackhammer suplex across the birdseed! Mastermind hollers in pain, grabbing at his back right away but doesn’t even let John Bihl get the question of quitting all the way out of his mouth before he pushes him away in rejection.

Pip: “That birdseed might as well be made out of air rifle pellets. I gave some to my pet birdie, Canary Barnes, and he exploded. I was very sad.”

Heather: “Look at the indentations on Mastermind’s back! He’s got to be in agony!”

Ned Kaye eschews applying any sort of submission hold onto the wounded Mastermind, opting instead to go to his wheelhouse and climb the top rope. Kaye watches the squirming Mastermind on the seed, then leaps from the top with a frog splash… but nobody’s home!

Pip: “Kaye hit that birdseed front first! It’s like a reverse shotgun blast!”

Heather: “Mastermind isn’t wasting this opportunity, he’s gone and retrieved that ladder again! And that Azrael statue as well!”

Pip: “That is a collector’s item!”

Ned finds his feet but as soon as he turns around, Mastermind drives the ladder into Ned’s knees. Ned hits the mat hard, and MM follows up by drilling the ladder downward, hammering Ned’s legs over and over with the ladder. Ned reaches for the EreBust that MM has set on the mat nearby, but Mastermind sees the gambit and steps on Ned’s arm, then slams the ladder down onto Ned’s legs lengthwise before hopping onto it himself, grinding Ned’s leg meat under the metal of the ladder.

Pip: “Mastermind really using his mind here right now, he’s taking away Ned’s ability to climb the ropes and utilize his quickness by taking out his legs.”

Heather: “He could also be setting him up for his vicious Mind Controller, that Boston Crab he’s presumably used to win titles in the past, although I’m not getting enough signal here in Dublin to check the archives…”

Pip: “Not enough bars in Ireland? Don’t be silly…”

Ned crawls away from Mastermind, but Mastermind stalks him as Kaye tries to pull himself up using the ropes for leverage. Ned is barely to his knees when Mastermind shatters the Azrael bust over his head. The exquisitely crafted figurine explodes into a million pieces of high grade resin. Ned grabs the back of his head, which has begun bleeding freely, and rolls out of the ring to create some space between himself and Mastermind, who follows him.

Ned walks around the ring, looking at the blood on his palm, and Mastermind catches up to him from behind and drives him into the ring apron. Ned falls to his knees and Mastermind applies a nerve hold onto Kaye’s trapezius muscle! Ned’s body is contorted in pain as Mastermind presses harder and gestures for the official to hurry over and check on Kaye. John Bihl holds a mic in Ned’s face and asks him if he wants to quit, and it seems almost like it might happen… but then Ned leans his head back and sprays a geyser of green juice up into the face of Mastermind! Mastermind stumbles back as Ned stands and wipes his mouth, rotating his arm to loosen up his assaulted muscles and holding an open bottle in his hand.

Heather: “Mastermind just got a face full of Lux’s Gender Fluid, it looks like it might have been the Stonewall Sour Apple flavor… and OH! Ned just drove that mostly full bottle across MM’s skull!”

Mastermind hits the deck after getting nearly 40 ounces of Gender Fluid cracked across his dome. Ned tosses the bottle aside and once again tosses Mastermind back into the squared circle by way of rolling him under the bottom rope. Ned follows him in but Mastermind has already gotten to his feet and Kaye has to duck under a high velocity clothesline attempt. Mastermind grabs Ned by the wrist and tries an irish whip, popping the crowd, but Kaye reverses… and hits a rebounding Mastermind with a cross body!

Pip: “Ned Kaye used to finish opponents with that move, calling it the Airborne Annihilator!”

Heather: “He’s not going to get a submission with that, though!”

Pip: “Perhaps not, but he’s given himself some time to get to the top rope!”

Kaye has Mastermind lined up for his Ego Crusher finisher, but Ned’s knee buckles from the damage it took earlier with the ladder. The momentary lapse gives Mastermind the time he needs to prepare, and when Ned does eventually leap from the top Mastermind meets him midair with a huge clothesline!

Pip: “The Mind Changer! Ned’s skull bounced off the canvas!”

Heather: “Mastermind’s moving in for the kill! He’s got Ned by the legs!”

Pip: “MIND CONTROLLER! THERE IT IS! Ned’s got nowhere to go!”

In the middle of the ring, Ned Kaye is doing his best to swim away from Mastermind, but there’s no surcease to be found from a rope break in this kind of a match. His groans attract the referee, who is right there asking him if he’s ready to quit repeatedly as Mastermind cranks back and adds more and more torque to the hold.

Referee John Bihl asks Ned again if he wants to quit, but Ned screams no, his face being ground into the birdseed covering the mat.

Pip: “At some point Ned’s got to think of his future… he could suffer real injury in a hold like this! It’s just one match, kid!”

Heather: “It’s about pride, Pip. Pride and heart. Ned’s got those in spades!”

Ned waves away the referee once again, then manages to find the tiniest bit of corner from the ladder laying nearby with one extended finger. He squirms and drags himself closer, getting a hand on the ladder and pulling it closer to him, then grabbing it in both hands. Mastermind leans even further backward, completely oblivious… until Ned drives the steel ladder up and over his own head, sending it crashing into the back of Mastermind’s cranium!

Heather: “He broke the hold! He’s free!”

Pip: “But at what cost, Heather? He can’t stand!”

Ned, on his knees, uses the ladder like a battering ram and sends it into Mastermind again and again, until Mastermind is flat on his face on in the middle of the ring… then he slips Mastermind’s legs through the gaps between the ladder’s rungs. He then locks down on Mastermind in a Boston Crab of his own, using the ladder to apply ridiculous amounts of pressure to Mastermind’s legs.

Pip: “He’s turned the tables! Mastermind’s knees have to be tearing apart between those ladder rungs!”

Heather: “Mastermind is refusing to quit but he can’t break out either, how long can he hold out?”

Mastermind repeatedly refuses to quit with John Bihl asking him half a dozen times. Ned doesn’t relent, as he keeps adding more and more pressure and using the steel ladder to really dig into Mastermind’s body. They appear to be at a stalemate until Ned gets another idea and drags MM to the corner, then walks up the buckles similarly to how he did outside the ring earlier. He pushes his feet against the top turnbuckle and folds Mastermind nearly in half in the Boston Crab, and soon a pop like a gunshot echoes through the arena. Mastermind shrieks and grabs at referee John Bihl’s shirt as the official puts the mic in front of him.


The referee calls for the bell and Ned lets go. Mastermind immediately cradles his left knee to his chest and Ned is waving at the back to send medics to the ring, as he checks on his injured opponent.

Winner - “Notorious” Ned Kaye

Pip: “What an honorable man, Ned Kaye staying in the ring to help make sure Mastermind is alright after that brutal match…”

Heather: “And what a big win for Kaye, this will almost definitely open doors to title opportunities for the young man!”



July 3rd, Dublin. The moon is now upon thee.

Spinning on its axis in the sign of pisces, and oh how ever so prophetic. For soon my creatures of the night will see me, and many shall be

When the moon turns bloody, ahhhhhh, when the crimson begins it tide....

You will see the signs of...

The StigMartyr.

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -

As the theme plays on the X-Tron, Fuzz comes out to the ring with a hockey mask on, wielding a makeshift chainsaw. As he walks down to the ramp, he taunts the fans by swinging the chainsaw, and he laughs. He drops the chainsaw on the floor, and takes off his mask. Then he looks at the fans, flipping them off.


"A Lesson Never Learned" hits, roaring guitars filling the arena. Tony Santos descends down the entrance ramp, black trench coat on his back, taking slow, confident strides toward the ring. The disdain from the crowd pouring in, Tony Santos takes it all in with a smirk that would put Alex Rodriguez to shame.

The chorus (Could be the end of the world, I'd still be laid here on my own, wasting my life away!!!) hits, Santos ascends the stairs and climbs the turnbuckle, one hand raised in the air, depicting the championship he always assumes he holds. Boos mixed with indecision rain in from the crowd, Tony still smiling, still loving the life he lives and the job he holds.

Santos jumps off of the turnbuckle and hits the mat with his two feet, giving one more raised arm to the crowd, then turning toward his opponent.




Fuzz and Tony move slowly out of their corners, eyeing each other from across the ring and preparing to-

NOAH JACKSON: Wait you cunts! Wait!

HHL: What’s he doing back out here?

Every set of eyes in the building turns to the top of the ramp where we see Noah Jackson, fresh off his tag team victory earlier tonight and changed into street clothes. With a steel chair in one hand and a microphone in the other he makes his way down the ramp.

NOAH JACKSON: What, you guys thought I wasn’t going to sit ringside to watch my dad win the title? Stupid cunts.

Noah makes his way around the ring to the timekeepers section and sets up his steel chair, sitting down and settling in before gesturing to Fuzz and Tony Santos that they have his permission to begin the match. The referee shrugs his shoulders, telling the competitors that Noah is within his rights to sit there. Fuzz seems mostly unfazed with this whole thing and advances on Tony who has no choice but to ignore the ringside distraction and snap back into title defense mode. Fuzz snaps Tony into the ropes with an irish whip but Tony flies back at him with a crossbody! Fuzz drops flat on his stomach, Tony sailing harmlessly over him, then pops back to his feet. He waits for Santos to get up, then uncorks a powerful dropkick!

PC: What a crazy pace off the bat!

Noah cheers loudly from his seat as Fuzz grabs Tony and lifts him up to his feet. Fuzz snaps off two quick backhand chops that leave Tony wincing in pain.


Fuzz grabs Tony for a belly to belly suplex but Santos pulls free and bounces off the ropes, flying knee! Tony connects with a flying knee and he pounces on top of Fuzz for a pin!



Kickout by Fuzz! He shoves Santos off of him and rolls to his feet. Tony stands up as well, grinning at his challenger after the flying knee strike that could have put Fuzz out. The two circle each other again before tying up, Santos gaining the advantage this time and shooting Fuzz off the ropes. Santos looks for a huge clothesline but Fuzz is able to sidestep and looks for a leg sweep! Tony has it scouted and leaps over Fuzz’s leg! Santos runs for the ropes, looking to slingshot himself into a flying knee like he did earlier tonight but he gets tripped up!

HHL: Hey! Noah just ran from his chair to ringside and grabbed Santos’ foot! The ref didn’t even see it!

Noah casually returns to his chair as the fans boo and Santos yells at him to mind his own business, but when he turns back around Fuzz is waiting for him! Fuzz with a jumping cutter that drops the Hart champion, and he crawls atop Santos for the pin!



Kickout by Santos, just after two!

NOAH JACKSON: It’s OK, dad! You got this!

The referee tells Noah to shut up and not get involved, and Fuzz stays focused on the task at hand. He lifts Tony to his feet, applying a side headlock and walking the champion around the ring for the booing fans to see. Fuzz walks Santos over to the corner and slams his head off the top turnbuckle! He keeps hold of Santos and bounces his head off the turnbuckle again! A third time! Fuzz lets go of Santos and leans him in the corner. He backs up then charges forward looking for a big boot, but Tony flops to the canvas and rolls out of the ring! Fuzz comes up empty and Tony is on the floor right in front of Noah! Seeing an opportunity Fuzz grabs the referee and spins him around, complaining loudly about XWF favouritism and management mind games and all that general shit, giving Noah the opportunity to step up and stomp Santos several times while he’s on the floor!

PC: Great teamwork from Noah and Fuzz!

HHL: It’s not a team match!

Noah sits back down and Fuzz walks away from the referee immediately, stepping through the ropes and dropping to the floor next to Santos. Fuzz grabs Tony and lifts him to his knees, then looks out at the fans as if to ask them if this is really their champion. Suddenly Tony shoves Fuzz backwards into the steel ring steps leaving the Afterthought writhing on the floor! The referee urges both men back into the ring and Tony obliges, rolling Fuzz back into the ring. He climbs slowly to the apron, then slowly to the top rope!

PC: The Champion is looking to go airborne!

Fuzz rolls around on the mat, clutching his back after the collision with the steps!

NOAH JACKSON: Get up, dad! Watch out!

Realizing Fuzz wont make it to his feet in time he rushes up from his chair once more, leaping to the apron to try and shake Tony Santos from the ringpost! The fans are irate, and the referee has absolutely seen the interference this time! He rushes over to break up Tony and Noah, and he’s banned Noah from ringside! He’s sending him backstage! Noah looks furious, screaming at the ref and pounding his fists on the apron as he rolls down the floor and begins to head back to the ramp, calling the fans cunts the entire way. Tony turns back to Fuzz and launches himself from the ring post with the Tony Award!

HHL: Fuzz moved!

PC: He had enough time to recover! The shooting star press misses and Fuzz is looking for the pin!




NO! TONY SANTOS GOT HIS SHOULDER UP JUST IN TIME! The ref rules a two count and Fuzz is enraged!

HHL: Fuzz may be the toughest test Tony has had since winning the title, and he almost stole the title there!

Tony Santos rolls groggily to his feet and clings to the top rope for balance. Fuzz stands up slowly, eyes narrowing as he looks to put Santos away once and for all! Fuzz takes a step towards Santos… enziguri! Santos cracks Fuzz with a kick and drops him to a knee! He reaches for the afterthought but Fuzz fires an elbow up into his mouth, and the champion has to recoil!

PC: Both men are disoriented but neither of them is giving an inch!

Fuzz has Tony, he runs up the ropes and hits a tornado DDT but it isn’t clean! He takes a hard fall himself and weakly drapes an arm over Santos!




Santos gets a shoulder up! Fuzz grabs Tony and slowly the two men stagger back to their feet. Fuzz is looking for The Afterthought, but Tony shoves Fuzz away! Tony falls back into the ropes and charges Fuzz! V-TRIGGER! KNEE TO THE FACE! Fuzz is down and Santos is crawling for the corner! Tony climbs to the top ever so slowly! The crowd are on their feet!

HHL: Tony Award! He lands it this time!

PC: Santos with the pin!




Winner and STILL Hart Champion - Tony Santos!

What an inredible match from these two! The iconic Fuzz gave Santos the toughest match of his title reign so far, but came up just short as Tony retains the Hart title and carries it into Leap of Faith!

PC: Clearly Fuzz needed more help from Noah!

HHL: Shut up, Pip.

Tony continues to celebrate and we slowly fade out.


“The time for running has officially come to an end brah!”

The scene opens as “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE is shown standing in front of a massive XWF logo back drop with a large red X over the logo itself.

CHRIS PAGE: The powers that be are no longer protecting their investment and have agreed to let DICK be a big boy and defend his title against someone of my caliber.

There’s a slight pause before CHRIS spouts out.

CHRIS PAGE: Oh happy day!

Chris smirks towards the camera as it takes a tight shot on his face as he states.

CHRIS PAGE: Now the game truly begins.

His tone shifts to a more serious nature as CHRIS gazes into the camera with his cold blue eyes seemingly piercing the lens.

CHRIS PAGE: Leap of Faith marks the place the next big battle in this war will take place… I can’t speak for you, DICK… but I’m looking forward to balling up my fist and putting it down your throat. I will defeat you, I will embarrass you and above all else I will expose you as the paper champion you truly are. Regardless if you like it or not you’ve got your eyes locked on the next XWF Universal Champion!

CCP smiles, and Warfare slowly fades off the air.

OOC: I would like to thank those who wrote matches this week even though it was a small card:


Thank you to those who worked on segments including Raven and StigMartyr

And thank you to all those who roleplayed this fortnight. I have to make special mention of both singles matches, they were so tight this fortnight that both could have literally gone either way with the manner all 4 participants wrote, but there had to be winners and they were the ones judged to win so congrats to the winners.

We now go in for a month break to prepare for the Leap of Faith PPV but watch out for the next opt in, will be out towards the end of the month.
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The camera fades in back stage to Mastermind's locker room after his 'I Quit' match against Notorious Ned Kaye. We see him surrounded not only by his staff, but also medical staff, including a Doctor who is motioning to Mastermind's left knee, that caved in on him which forced him to say the words he swore he would never say... 'I Quit'.

DOCTOR: "It was lucky you quit when you did otherwise you would be looking at surgery, but you are going to need to stay off your leg for a few days,"

"It's not going to happen, Doc I have a 3 day event to get to in Ohio. It's a cross over event that also involves the XWF. I'm not going to miss out on that,"


Started the Doctor but then Mastermind saw he was going live to the XWF Universe. He shooed everyone away.

"Normally I don't respond too often after losses but I have to give props to my War Games Captain, Notorious Ned Kaye. What a match we put on. Congratulations go to you. You got me to say the words, I never thought I would never ever utter, in my career. You got lucky Ned.

"You deserve the win, for now, but rest assure there will come a time that we are going to meet again.... but then you won't be so lucky... maybe I might come looking for revenge.... maybe, but I'll let you enjoy your little victory..."

Mastermind goes back to focusing on his knee as the camera fades out.

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Seems like of the vagina needs to be put down again.. if Chris page and hus friends wants to fuck with me I guess I'll have to do what Robert main will do at keep of faith.. .

Kill a legend!!!!

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Fuck Off

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Pete your nickname for Famine doesn't even make sense. Can you break it down for us?

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Would u prefer of the vile??

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