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Wednesday Night Warfare - Results - 6/19/19
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06-19-2019 05:53 PM




From !!!

[Image: vodafonegradsetup.jpg]


As we go live to the start of Wednesday Night Warfare 'Just 5he good old boys' by Waylen Jennings, starts playing on the arena's speakers, and put came Warfare GM Smoking Bob Williams, or SBW for short, makes his way to the ring. He gets inside and walks to the centre of the ring. He is holding a microphone. He begins to speak.

"G'day Mate - Kia Ora - Gude - Talofa - Malo e lelei - Bula - They all mean hello in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga, and Fiji. Those are all the countries that we've been to on our Australasian tour."

"I won't be long, I'm just out here to say how everyone involved on Wednesday Night Warfare including those who have appeared on Warfare over the last few months, while we have been on the Australasian tour. It's been fun and enjoyable."

"So on behalf the XWF Management and The XWF Stars, we would like to say..... Thank you for everyone who have come and watched us. I hope you had an enjoyable time with what we've been able to produce for you. Some titles have changed hands over the last few months, some champions have stepped up better than what we have expected them to do, and a lot of competitors have come and go."

"So as this is our last night in Australasia, I hope you enjoy tonight's lot of matches, and until next time have a good night. We're heading to the UK and Ireland next, and I'm sure that will be fun as well. Thank you everyone."

And with that SBW leaves the ring, and heads to the back.


- vs -

White strobe lights start to flicker throughout the entire area as white smoke floods out to the top of the ramp and starts to rise creating a smoky haze. Several seconds pass before we see walking through the smoky haze is none other than “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE! There’s a loud, split reception from the crowd as there’s those ecstatic to see him while others could care the fuck less. Chris is not endearing himself regardless as he’s wearing an XWF t-shirt with a large red “X” across the logo with a pair of jeans and some white hi-tops while his hair is pulled back into a ponytail as he starts to make the walk to the ring. CHRIS completely ignores the ringside fans on his walk to the ring, shoeing them away with each hand as he reaches ringside where he walks up the steel steps to ringside. Page shakes his head while on the apron before stepping through the ropes and into the ring.

The entire stadium goes black as Burning Bright by Nine Inch Nails begins to play. Slowly, the X-Tron begins to show scarce, glowing embers, the light of each one illuminating smoke growing at the entrance of the ramp. As the song continues, more embers are seen until a large fire is displayed on the screen. The ramp then glows Ned's famous blue, revealing a silhouette in the smoke. Slowly stepping from the fog is none other then Notorious Ned Kaye. He stops for a moment, taking in the intensity of the situation. He lifts an arm, eyeing the stands to watch the many audience members who follow suit. With a single smile, he drops his arm and rushes towards the ring, slipping in from under the bottom rope, picking himself up immediately.

The bell rings and the two competitors immediately come together and start trading blows to the head.

This should be an interesting match between XWF Legend and James Raven's personal headache Chris Page and the somewhat still green rookie Ned Kaye.

It might also be the first match in a long time where two technically proficient wrestlers are matched up with each other.

The fists of fury continues for a little while until Page lands one that momentarily stuns Kaye, long enough to allow Page to position himself for a belly to belly suplex in the center of the ring.

Page quickly follows up the move by lifting his opponent back up to his feet, grabs him by the neck and throws him into the corner with such force that Kaye hits the turnbuckles and immediately stumbles backwards out of it completely dazed and confused.

Kaye isn't looking good here in the early going.

What do you expect? Page is a legend for a reason.

With Kaye's back to Page, Chris moves in for a reverse DDT a few feet from the corner. Page leans down and whispers something into Kaye's ear before walking over to the corner. He plays to the crowd for a bit to a chorus of boos before climbing to the top turnbuckle. Once at the top Page stands tall looking down on his opponent still laying motionless in the ring. Page points down at Kaye before leaping off....


That's gonna leave a mark.

Sure will Heather. Page was going for the diving headbutt there but Kaye rolled out of the way at the last possible second leaving Page's face completely exposed to the ring mat.

Page starts rolling around the ring grabbing at his face while Kaye slowly pulls himself up to his feet using the ropes for leverage. Kaye gingerly walks over towards his opponent and with Page still down Kaye mounts him and starts repeatedly punching Page in the face. Some of the punches are blocked but enough of them land to break Page open above the right eye.

Sensing blood both literally and figuratively Kaye yanks Page up to his feet and walks him over to the corner. Kaye lifts Page up onto his shoulder and then places his opponent onto the top turnbuckle into a seated position setting himself up for The Ego Crusher.

If Kaye is able to land this it could be lights out for Page.

With Page still seated Kaye lifts himself up via the ropes but when he gets to the second rope Page comes to life and lands a massive headbutt to Kaye and then wraps his arms around Ned and then jumps off the top turnbuckle and somehow delivers a top rope spine buster.

Holy crap where did that even come from?

I guess you can teach old dogs new tricks.

"Chronic" Chris Page wastes absolutely no time as he gets Kaye back up and without hesitation puts the match to bed....

PAGE PLANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Page hooks the leg for the cover




Winner - "Chronic" Chris Page

CHRIS PAGE calls for the microphone as he picks NED up off the mat and hurls him over the top rope and out to the floor before retrieving the microphone from the ring announcer. CHRIS returns to center ring as he raises the microphone and focuses on the entrance ramp.

CHRIS PAGE- “It never seems to boggle my mind with just how fucking stupid the guys calling the shots behind that curtain truly are!”

The crowd breaks out into massive boos as CHRIS shifts his attention towards the hard camera and he continues.

CHRIS PAGE- “The man that breathed new life into the depleted lungs that is the Xtreme Wrestling Federation agrees to show up and boost your ratings… and you throw me in the ring with that jackoff? Not only did you waste my time, but you wasted the time of those idiots you call fans who bought a ticket for that!”

CHRIS pauses briefly before he continues.

CHRIS PAGE- “How many times do we have to do this before you people realize that I’m not going away, my boy’s aren’t going away and that this is SOOOOO much bigger than your little Apex-Prophecy. As a matter of fact, the ONLY reason the Apex Prophecy is remotely relevant to me at all is the Universal and World Tag Team Titles they hold in their camp; and speaking of Universal Champion, DICK, the crickets are still chirping on that challenge for the Universal Title and JIMMY the crickets are still chirping on that challenge for your Tag Titles too!”

“FUCK YOU PAGE! FUCK YOU PAGE! FUCK YOU PAGE!” starts to echo throughout the area drawing a smirk from CHRIS as he continues.

CHRIS PAGE- “What am I… nah, what is the whole world suppose to think of this place when they see the only credible threats to any of the titles this company acknowledges can’t even get a response to a simple challenge? I mean I’ve even went so far as to idiot proof it when it comes to dealing with DICK and I’ve made it all so fundamentally simple to the powers that be… and yet you’re all reduced with a Triple Threat Match in the Main Event that’s going to BORE you to death.”

CHRIS stares into the camera intently as he continues.

CHRIS PAGE- “Did you see the “hype” packages these kids put out? Watching goddamn paint dry was more entertaining than half the crap they tried to talk. It made Peter Gilmour look like a CREDIBLE Universal Champion for fucks sake!”

The chant from the crowd grow louder and louder as CHRIS shrugs towards the camera.

CHRIS PAGE- “This isn’t a war…. It’s an invasion! And if any of you on this roster think you’re safe, think again, the reason Apex Prophecy has all our attention now is because they’re the highest on this food chain, and once we leave them laying who do you think is going to be next? Huh? That’s right, it’s going to be everyone else on this roster. I told all of you that WE will not stop until this federation is left in nothing but ash!”

The Fijian crowd roars as all attention shifts towards the top of the ramp as JAMES RAVEN emerges from behind the curtain. RAVEN and PAGE lock eyes as look of matching disgust from each man is etched on their faces. JAMES starts to make the walk to the ring, not taking his eyes of CHRIS PAGE the entire way. JAMES reaches ringside where he climbs up on the ring apron and steps through the ropes and into the squared circle where he goes face to face with CHRIS PAGE. The music fades away leaving a massive ovation from the crowd which transitions into a “FUCK EM’ UP RAVEN, FUCK EM’ UP!” chant as JAMES produces a microphone from his back pocket as he takes a step back to speak.

JAMES RAVEN- “See Chris, they already know how this ends for you.”

The crowd pops big time as CHRIS simply nods his head with a smirk on his face before raising the microphone and spouting back.

CHRIS PAGE- “JIMMY it’s always good to see you, as a matter of fact that last time I saw you in the ring you were looking up at the lights at War Games; but cool story bro.”

JAMES RAVEN- “Do you know what else is a cool story? How you stand out here show after show calling out ROBERT MAIN like you don’t already know the one thing holding you up from getting that ass kicking you’re all but begging for…”

JAMES RAVEN reaches to his back pocket again where he pulls out a set of folded paper and holds it out towards CHRIS.

JAMES RAVEN- “Signing this contract that your lawyers have had for nearly a month.”

CHRIS raises his microphone.

CHRIS PAGE- “Have you added those extra zeros on it yet? Much like I’ve told my attorneys I don’t work for free and I’ve already done more in six weeks than your entire roster has done in a year.”

JAMES RAVEN- “All of your little demands were met; including the provision that will see you Challenge for the XWF Universal Championship. Trust me, Chris. You’ve piqued Roberts interest.”

This grabs CHRIS’s attention as he reaches out taking the contract from JAMES RAVEN. CHRIS starts to flip through the contract as JAMES RAVEN produces a pen.

JAMES RAVEN- “All it needs is a signature.”

CHRIS reaches out taking the pen from RAVEN where he flips to the final page before putting pen to paper. He suddenly stops and drops the pen center ring as three figures leap from the crowd and rush the ring... MDK, BILL BLAKK and “THE” TRISTAN SLATER! The trio slide underneath the bottom rope and join Chris Page in surrounding Raven, but before they can demolish the XWF co-owner several superstars come flying out from backstage! The Apex Prophecy was lying in wait, ready for another Chris Page sneak attack!




The trio slides into the already crowded ring and square up with the invaders! DREW and SLATER pair off, BLAKK and ROXY pair off, and MDK charges JAMES RAVEN!!

HHL- It’s complete pandemonium all over again on WARFARE!!

MAIN and PAGE step towards each other and throw an exchange of right hands as we see ROXY hurl BLAKK out of the ring and to the floor where she capitalizes with a sling shot cross body block! Meanwhile across the ring SLATER gouges DREW in the eyes sending him spilling through the ropes and out to the floor for Slater to spring board off the top rope with a Shooting Star Press down on to DREW taking both men out!!


In the ring MAIN takes PAGE back into a neutral corner where he lays shoulder blocks into the midsection while across the ring RAVEN has MDK back against a set of buckles lacing him across the chest with chops across the chest! MAIN starts to bring PAGE out towards the center of the ring and as he does PAGE low blows MAIN! Out on the floor ROXY has BILL BLAKK where he looks to shoot him into the ring post, BLAKK reverses and it’s ROXY that bounces face first off the ring post!

HHL- “Wait a second…”

We see THE TRISTAN SLATER climb up on the ring apron before stepping through the ropes and into the ring as BLAKK rolls back into the ring himself. RAVEN takes several steps backwards before slowly starting to turn around where he sees reality staring him in the face in the form of CHRIS PAGE, THE TRISTAN SLATER and BILL BLAKK before MDK joins them.

PC- “They’ve got JAMES RAVEN in a tight spot here! He’s cornered!”

RAVEN has his back to the entrance ramp and has every opportunity to save himself but elects to extend everyone both middle fingers! Raven is ready to go down swinging!

HHL- “HANG ON!!! I KNOW THAT MUSIC!!! There’s no way!”

The XWF die hard fans EXPLODE as former Universal Champion and one of the most famous names in the XWF’s history steps through the black curtain.

[Image: xwf-biggrigg.jpg]

“BIGG RIGG” JOHN GAMBINO walks out to the top of the ramp in a white suit with black shades covering his eyes. The fans are going absolutely insane!

PC- “BIGG RIGG” IS ON WARFARE!!! I can’t believe this!

The Fijian fans are in complete shock as “BIGG RIGG” removes his shades before starting to sprint towards the ring!!!

HHL- “And he’s coming to stand with JAMES RAVEN and the APEX-PROPHECY!! Raven and Rigg have been friends for years! Gambino is playing cavalry and I love it!”

GAMBINO slides into the ring where he gets to his feet and stands beside his longtime friend JAMES RAVEN! The crowd starts to roar louder as MAIN pulls himself to his feet and stands with RAVEN! ROXY is shown rolling into the ring as well as DREW ARCHYLE where they stand with their comrades!!

PC- “The Apex Prophecy is back to their feet, and have Rigg at their side! Now we got ourselves a fair fight!!!”

The crowd is so loud with a “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” chant you can hardly hear yourself think. CHRIS looks to his left at his boys and to his right realizing that the numbers are now against him when suddenly the lights go dark!!!

HHL- "What's happening?"

PC- "I'm scared Heather! Hold me!"

PC- “It can’t be!”

HHL- “Can it??”

The flashbulbs from cell phones flicker throughout the arena but when the lights draw back up it’s…


[Image: xwf-famineofthevile.jpg]



FAMINE OF THE VILE is standing behind The A-PEX PROPHECY where he’s quickly confronted by BIGG RIGG as a massive “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” chant fills the area! The two XWF icons are face to face for the first time in years!

Suddenly both FAMINE OF THE VILE and “BIG RIGG” JOHN GAMINO spin together, facing DREW ARCHYLE and ROXY NOVA!

RIGG spears NOVA in half!

FAMINE plants DREW with the DEVIL’S SPIKE!

BIGG RIGG and FAMINE OF THE VILE bump fists. They’re working together! Bigg Rigg was aligned with the invaders this entire time! SLATER and BLAKK pounce on MAIN and push him back to the corner of the ring while MDK spears RAVEN across the mat and PAGE stomps over to a groggy DREW ARCHYLE!

HHL- “NO!”

The crowd turns and nothing but massive boos can be heard! FAMINE joins in on beating on MAIN while RIGG and MDK now work over RAVEN! CHRIS PAGE calls the shots as FAMINE, SLATER and BLAKK force Main down to his knees. DREW pushes himself up on all fours and tries to get towards MAIN but he’s punted straight in the temple by Chris Page!!!


The timekeeper tries to ring the bell and restore order, but we’re well beyond that at this point. CHRIS PAGE walks towards MAIN who is held in place by SLATER and FAMINE. CHRIS walks snatches MAIN by the jaw! Cameras pan tight as they hear CHRIS talking to MAIN.

CHRIS PAGE- “I tried to warn you, didn’t I? I tried to tell you that the Rolodex in my phone has plenty of contacts that despise everything you and this company you’re representing stands for. You’re fighting a losing war, DICK.”

CHRIS stands back up where he looks towards FAMINE and SLATER.

CHRIS PAGE- “Hold him and make him watch!”

PC- “What on Earth is he talking about?”

CHRIS turns to walk across the ring where he’s met by ROXY NOVA who’s pulled herself back up to a roar from the crowd, but that roar is quickly deflated as BILL BLAKK swoops in chop blocking her left knee! CHRIS calmly makes his way over to DREW ARCHLYLE who has taken some serious damage in this brawl.


CHRIS barks out towards RIGG and MDK who pull ARCHYLE up as MDK delivers a HELL SHOT in the center of the ring! MAIN tries to fight free and save his Apex brother but BILL BLAKK helps SLATER secure the Universal Champion and he’s forced to watch this attack unfold. CHRIS turns towards the held down MAIN and spouts out.

CHRIS PAGE- “All you had to do was give me my match, bro.”

CHRIS turns back towards the downed DREW ARCHYLE and instructs them to pick him up! MDK does so as we see GAMBINO bounce off the ropes gaining a full head of steam before delivering THE RAGE to Drew Archyle! The impact of the spear is sick! DREW clutches at his ribs while sucking air! CHRIS turns and walks back over to MAIN where he bends down snatching him by the chin a second time, and again cameras take a tight shot picking up what CHRIS says.

CHRIS PAGE- “I’m not asking you anymore, DICK! I’m telling you that at LEAP OF FAITH you’re going to defend that XWF Universal Championship against CHRIS FUCKING PAGE!”

CHRIS slaps MAIN across the face as there’s a massive “FUCK YOU PAGE! FUCK YOU PAGE! FUCK YOU PAGE!”. CHRIS smirks as he shifts his attention back towards ARCHYLE and motions for him to be picked up off the mat. GAMBINO obliges as he snatches a prone ARCHYLE up off the mat. CHRIS motions for him to serve him up and RIGG shoots ARCHYLE towards PAGE where he drives a boot to the midsection where he positions DREW for a PAGE PLANT! CHRIS shifts his attention towards MAIN as he under hooks the arms of the tag team champion!


CHRIS PAGE winks towards ROBERT MAIN before hoisting ARCHYLE up in the air and driving him violently down into the mat with the PAGE PLANT!

CHRIS PAGE gets to his feet and screams at Main.

CHRIS PAGE- “You can’t keep hiding behind the powers that be! They can’t protect you forever!”

Finally a stream of security and spare referees stream from backstage, sprinting down the ramp and charging the ring. They pour through the ropes, separating Chris Page and his invaders from the demolished Apex Prophecy! Slater and Blakk release Robert Main and exit the ring quickly, Main scrambling over to an unconcious Drew Archyle as a haf dozen personnel pull Chris Page to the corner and force him out. Bigg Rigg, Famine of the Vile and MDK join their associates on the outside and the group make their way up the ramp slowly and confidently as the Australian fans pelt them with trash and verbal bombs.

PC- "This is nuts... Chris Page has started a riot."

HHL- "We need to go to commercial."

Fade out.

We open up backstage where the long time XWF reporter Steve Sayors is seen standing alongside the XWF Hart Champion, Tony Santos. Sayors smiles, obviously very proud to be making one of his inconsistent television appearances. He swears he wants to be more active folks, he’s just really busy.

STEVE SAYORS: Hello XWF universe! I’m here with Hart Champion Tony Santos, as he prepares for his title defence tonight against Azrael Erebus! Now Tony, you’ve been on a tear ever since March Madness and fought past the likes of Noah Jackson and the legendary Centurion... tell us about the unique challenge that someone like Azrael brings to the table, and how you think you can stay a step ahead of them…

TONY SANTOS: Thanks, Steve. As everyone knows at this point, thanks to Az and his spoiled, petulant son Donovan having a familial circle jerk every time they utter my name, I’m facing someone who is a greater challenge than anything I’ve faced in career. Az has had my number since I joined this company six years ago, and the biggest barrier for me isn’t a skill gap... it’s my own god damn head getting in the way. Since I returned, I’ve lived off of my talent to cripple opponents, picking at their mental deficiencies, psyching them out while simultaneously finding JUST ENOUGH to get the job done, even if that meant drawing to hold my title against Noah. However, Az is the one person I’ve really had to dig deep for, given our history. The man is unflappable, and I’m going to have to clear my head the moment I step in that ring and do what I know I can: tear that time traveling, space cowboy fighting superhero limb from limb.

Steve nods thoughtfully along with Tony’s response, quickly following up.

STEVE SAYORS: I get what you’re saying, Tony. We all have our nemesis; that thorn in our side that just never stops digging at you, and never goes away no matter how many times you try to pry it free. For you, that thorn is Azrael, and for me... it’s a literal thorn that’s stuck in my side. I ran through a bunch of bushes as a teen and the sucker embedded itself deep into my love handle... anyways, tell me what it would mean to finally beat Azrael, and what it would do for your confidence moving towards Leap of Faith!

Tony looks at Steve with an intense focus.

TONY SANTOS: Beating Az is a must for me. Win or lose, I'll head into Leap of Faith ready to kick more ever loving ass, but to win means I take my title into the PPV, and I also beat the washed up bastard who's too long gotten the better of me.The upside of losing? My boy Tony D in Dorchester has me set for bottomless IPAs on the house. I forgot that I signed some perpetual sponsorship deal back when I won the TV Title for like five seconds in 2013, so they threw my face on like 10,000 coasters and a bunch of posters they had on back-order, so, I can't sign with anyone else pretty much ever, and I don't get paid for it, but I DID throw a clause in that says I get free booze 24/7, which is pretty god damn cool.

Tony pauses for a moment.

TONY SANTOS: Come to think of it... if I win, I'll probably just hit up Tony as well! Rehab ain't paying for itself!

Steve smiles.

STEVE SAYORS: I love a good businessman, Mr. Santos. Now based on the terms of that deal I’m not sure you qualify as one, but I’d still like to get my hands on a few of those coasters if you can hook a guy up. Let’s put Azrael aside for a minute here; we’re about to see Fuzz take on Mastermind to be the number one contender in your division. Do you have any thoughts or predictions for the contest? Do either of these men jump out at you as a particularly tough test, or an especially exciting challenger?

Tony shrugs his shoulders indifferently and smirks.

TONY SANTOS: Let's see, Steve. We have one man who spends more time hawking custom t-shirts to his opponents, while the other spends his time ranting about "PC culture" on a show... I assume ironically, called "The Afterthought." Outside of being second-rate capitalists, they both also like to lose... like, A LOT, Steve. So, do I see either of these men as a challenge? Do I? I'm thinking really hard here, Steve.

Tony laughs out loud and shakes his head.

TONY SANTOS: Nope, nope nope nope! Mastermind would try to "master my mind" by putting me on some leaderboard against XWF alum he thinks I can't stack up against... you know, to really HIT ME HARD in the gut. Fuzz? He'd point to HIS OWN ranking on the entirely out of date XWF Top 50... you know, the leaderboard I'm on, when I haven't wrestled here consistently in FIVE YEARS, to prove to me how great he is, and how soon he'd stomp me down said rankings. So, I think this Hart strap is gonna be hanging around my waist for at least another few weeks, bud.

Steve smiles again, admiring the confidence of the champion as he prepares for his final question.

STEVE SAYORS: Alright, these have been some nice softballs Tony but there’s one thing the fans have been dying to ask you, a hard hitting question that you can’t dodge anymore.


STEVE SAYORS: Barney Green… Peter Gilmour… Ghost Tank… fuck, marry, kill?

Tony looks at Steve, long and hard. He shakes his head and slowly walks away from the interview to prepare for his match. Steve Sayors shrugs his shoulders.

STEVE SAYORS: Something I said?

Fade out.


- vs -


As the theme plays on the X-Tron, Fuzz comes out to the ring with a hockey mask on, wielding a makeshift chainsaw. As he walks down to the ramp, he taunts the fans by swinging the chainsaw, and he laughs. He drops the chainsaw on the floor, and takes off his mask. Then he looks at the fans, flipping them off.

PIP: This Fuzz guy is a real jerk!

Heather: Well, he is a legend after all, so he can do what he wants.

PIP: I doubt he’ll win this contendership match!

The lights go out, and then when they come back on Mastermind is seen standing on the top rope waving to the crowd.

PIP: Here’s a guy who’s done it all, the truest man of all XWF today!

Suddenly before the bell rings, as Mastermind and Fuzz look at one another from across the ring, 'Just the good old boys' hits the stadium sound system, and everyone turns to the ramp.

PIP: "That's Smoking Bob William's music, for the 2nd time tonight,"

HEATHER: "I wonder what he wants with these two,"

SBW comes from the back to the top of the ramp. He is holding a microphone. He lifts it to his mouth and begins to speak.

"It seems we have a bit of a problem......" the fans start to boo "It looks as if timing of events have coincided with title matches, one after the other, even if it means number 1 contender matches as well....."

PIP: "Oh oh, this does not sound good for one particular person,"

"So let me get straight to the point, Mastermind, IF, you win tonight, and that's a big IF, because no disrespect to Fuzz, you still have to get through him, but it doesn't look good for you to be in two major title matches, you are already guaranteed of one next week on Savage,"

Mastermind's fans boo some more, louder. Mastermind looks pissed and is near the ropes.

"I'm sure you have plenty more chances to go for the Hart, or I could take you out of the Television title match, its your choice?"

Mastermind shakes his head but still yells at SBW.

HEATHER: "I wouldn't want to be taken out of a guaranteed title match either, so wise choice."

SBW: "So that just leaves your match tonight, so Fuzz, the decision has been made that win or lose tonight you will be meeting the Hart champion next Warfare. Good night gentlemen,"

SBW drops the microphone and heads to the back admist a chorous of cheers and boos. Mastermind shakes his head and Fuzz just stands his ground not knowing what to think.

PIP: "Wow the edict has been put down. Win or lise tonight Fuzz will go to next Warfare and face the Hart Champion, while Mastermind can just focus on his upcoming TV Title match next Savage."

HEATHER: "Can we finally get this match started?"

As the bell rings, Mastermind tries to extend his hand for a shake. Fuzz extend his, but swipes it back to his hair. Mastermind then strikes Fuzz in the face, and he Irish Whips him to the ropes, and connects with a Clothesline. Fuzz gets on his feet, and Mastermind grabs his arm, and does a Hammerlock, but Fuzz quickly reverses to a double leg take down in the process. He then stomps on Mastermind leg, and drags his leg on the middle rope.

He hits a single leg stomp on it, and Mastermind is holding his leg in pain. Fuzz then lifts Mastermind up, and he puts him in a Powerbomb position, and hits a Buckle Bomb in the corner and goes for a pin..



PIP: That’s close fall, I almost worried about Mastermind not getting out in time.

Heather: Fuzz is capable to do enough damage in the ring.

Fuzz then goes to the outside, as the ref started to count…



Fuzz drags Mastermind out on the floor, but gets ducked, and Mastermind strikes with kicks, and Whips him on the steel steps. Mastermind grabs Fuzz by the head, and slams it on the steel steps.


Mastermind rolls back into the ring, while Fuzz slowly gets to the apron. As Mastermind goes near the ropes, Fuzz Guillotines’ Mastermind’s throat on the ropes. Then the ref reprimanded Fuzz for his action, while Fuzz comes back into the ring with a smirk.

PIP: That was totally uncalled for, he should get DQ’ed for this.

Heather: Let Fuzz be great, pip.

Fuzz then Garvin Stomps on Mastermind, until he stomped his head a couple of times. Fuzz then lifts Mastermind, and lifts him in a Brianbuster position, but Mastermind powers out of the move and reverses it into a Neckbreaker. Mastermind then connects with a Clothesline, and Fuzz gets on his feet, and eats another Clothesline. Mastermind goes to the top rope, taunts to the fans.

Fuzz grabs Mastermind, and tosses him in a Gorilla Press into the middle of the ring. Fuzz then sits him up, and locks his two fist on Mastermind’s head, applying pressure on the temples.

Pip: He’s doing something unconventional. Something we’ve never seen before. He’s crushing his temple with his two fist off doom!

Mastermind slowly passes out from this hold, as the ref raises his hand. The ref does it again, and by the third time, Mastermind regained some conciseness, and Elbow’s Fuzz in the gut, and hits him with Back Kick. Then he nails Fuzz with a Shining Wizard, he then pumps himself up, and goes to the top once again.

Mastermind manages to hit a Flying Headbutt on Fuzz, and instead of pinning him, he runs to the ropes and hits a Leg Drop. Then he hits another Leg Drop, and by the final time, he connects with a Elbow Drop for the cover…




Fuzz kicks out at two and half and Mastermind tries to lift Fuzz, but Fuzz low blows him without the ref looking. As Mastermind holds his groin in pain, the place erupted in boo’s.

Pip: Oh man, this is so BS, the ref should have called him out on it!

Heather: Fuzz was dealing with too much, so he had to do what was right pip.

Pip: Just because he’s a legend, doesn’t mean he can get away for bloody murder.

As Mastermind tries to get on his feet, Fuzz kicks him in the gut, and smashes his head on the turnbuckles repeatedly. Then he slams his head on the mat, and takes off the top turnbuckle. He lifts Mastermind and hits a Buckle Bomb on the exposed turnbuckle, and laughs at his deed to the hard cam. Fuzz then drags him to the middle of the ring and stomps on him. Then he goes to the top rope, and tries to hit a elbow drop.

Mastermind moves out of the way, and gets on his feet. Mastermind then hits Flying Clothesline on Fuzz, and hits a Mind Sleeper. Fuzz overpowers Mastermind’s Sleeper, and rams Mastermind’s onto the exposed turnbuckle. Fuzz hits a Corner Big Boot, and drags the dazed Mastermind and attempts the Afterthought…

Pip: Oh no! Fuzz might put him awa—

Mastermind reverses it and hits a DDT that caused them both to be on the mat as the ref starts counting…



Both men are reaching to the ropes….


Mastermind is trying to get to his knees, but he seems like all of his energy has gone. He has had a lot of tough matches the last few weeks.

PIP: "Mastermind had a brutal encounter with Sarah Lachlan on his debut match on Anarchy last Thursday. It didn't end so good. It's amazing he is able to continue in this vein.

HEATHER: "He needs to focus on to Lux, next week that's more important now that his chance has gone for the time being for a shot at the Hart."



Suddenly it is Fuzz who manages to get to his feet first. He quickly looks around at Mastermind who has dropped back down completely on the canvas trying to suck in more oxygen. This match has been epic so far. Fuzz quickly makes his way to the nearest corner, and climbs up to the top corner rope. He takes aim at the prone Mastermind.

PIP: "This is not going to end so good for Mastermind,"

Fuzz takes a flying leap and executes THE TOP ROPE ELBOW DROP, and Mastermind cries out in pain, as he clutches his back. Fuzz rolls up to his feet. He stalks Mastermind.

HEATHER: "Fuzz has this match in his hands now, he has to play the cards right. He's about to hit him with the DREAMWEAVER surely?"

Mastermind tries to get to his knees which is his fatal mistake. Fuzz's eyes gleam brightly as he knows he has Mastermind right where he wants him, and he gets set for the DREAMWEAVER. He sneaks up behind Mastermind, and as Mastermind finally manages to get to his knees and steadies himself, Fuzz goes for the DREAMWEAVER... a.k.a DRAGON SLEEPER, and connects. He locks it in. Mastermind struggles with the remaining energy he has left, which isn't very much, but finally it's all too much, and he lets go...... succumbs to the DREAMWEAVER.... by falling unconscious, that the referee has no choice but to lift his arms....




PIP: "Oh my god, Fuzz did it."

HEATHER: "He's on his way to a showdown with the Hart Champion next warfare whoever that might be....."


Backstage we see CHRIS PAGE, MDK, FAMINE OF THE VILE, BIGG RIGG, BILL BLAKK and TRISTAN SLATER being ushered through the hallways by several members of arena security. It seems the army of invaders is going fairly peacefully, having sent their message to the XWF universe for the night. They move past several monitors that suddenly flicker to life with such convenient timing that it’s almost lazy writing, I mean what?

XWF Television Champion Lux appears on the monitors, catching the eye of Chris Page who stops dead in his tracks and falls to the rear of the pack. The rest of his associates stop as well, as does security.

“Hey Chris, Lux here. Just wanted to hit you up right quick and thank you ever so much for coming and seeing me on my show, Savage. I thought long and hard about your proposal that I face Tristan Slater instead of you. I also thought long and hard about how you criticized me for not facing credible contenders all the while YOU ducked me so hard you probably threw out your back.

I know...I know....bigger fish to fry....yadda...yadda. You want to go make your mark and win the Universal Championship. Sure, sure, go for it. But it irks me just a little bit that you honestly thought I'd lap up your table scraps with aplomb while forgetting that you exist. I mean, I'm sure that's what you're HOPING for at any rate.

So I'll give you this Chris, I'll eat your table scraps at Leap of Faith. I'll devour Tristan Slater. “

Everyone in the hallway turns from the monitor to eye Tristan who scoffs at the claim dismissively. Chris Page seems very focused on the TV champions words, though. He waits for the other shoe to drop.

“But if you become Universal Champion.....I AM YOUR FIRST CHALLENGER. No more ducking, no more games. Just you. And the shortest Universal Title reign in XWF history. Because while you may not be here to "take me down", I'm certainly here to take YOU down… if you ever get around to signing that contract of course.”

With everyone focused on the image of Lux on screen, Chris Page slowly begins tip toeing backwards and away from the group. He quickly ducks around a corner and out of sight, members of the security team turning around too late to see which way he went.

GUARD: Damn it! Get the rest of these guys out of here! NOW!

The rest of the guards usher the invaders towards the exit, the two rear guards peeling back to search for Chris Page before he can cause any further damage.

PC: What the hell was that?! What sort of bumbling Aussie morons does this place employ as security!

HHL: They need to find him! Something Lux said must have riled him up, I’m not sure anyone is ready for another one of his barrages!

The security guards turn the opposite direction Chris Page did at the fork in the hall, disappearing as well. This doesn’t bode well.

Fade out.


[Image: iMa5SD2.png]


- vs -


The music comes to life within the speakers, Azrael appears and walks to the ring confidently, with a dead set, determined look in his eyes. Eyes that smolder with a touch of fire.

"A Lesson Never Learned" hits, roaring guitars filling the arena. Tony Santos descends down the entrance ramp, black trench coat on his back, taking slow, confident strides toward the ring. The disdain from the crowd pouring in, Tony Santos takes it all in with a smirk that would put Alex Rodriguez to shame.

The chorus (Could be the end of the world, I'd still be laid here on my own, wasting my life away!!!) hits, Santos ascends the stairs and climbs the turnbuckle, one hand raised in the air, depicting the championship he always assumes he holds. Boos mixed with indecision rain in from the crowd, Tony still smiling, still loving the life he lives and the job he holds.

Santos jumps off of the turnbuckle and hits the mat with his two feet, giving one more raised arm to the crowd, then turning toward his opponent.. The bell rings and Azrael wastes little time by walking up to Tony, and holding out his hand. Tony looks at the outstretched hand.

PIP: "Don't trust him Tony,"

Suddenly without warning Azrael leg sweeps Tony, and sends him crashing to the canvas.

HEATHER: "That right there is reason enough why you shouldn't trust an alien offering an outstretched hand...."

PIP: "You can say that again, Heather..."

HEATHER: "Okay.... That right there ladies and gentlemen is reason enough why you shouldn't trust an alien offering an outstretched hand..."

(Pip rolls her eyes)

Meanwhile Azrael jumps on the fallen Santos, and starts pummeling him with elbow jabs, but Santos keeps blocking them. He then gets up frustrated by the continue blocking, and he helps Santos back to his feet, and sends him crashing into the ropes, Santos comes back and Azrael hits him with a BIG BOOT. Down goes Tony again.

PIP: "It seems the Spaceman wants to end this quickly,"

HEATHER: "It does seem that way, doesn't it...."

Azrael helps Tony back to his feet and executes a SUPERPLEX.

HEATHER: "Ism't that the old PerfectPlex?"

PIP: "Maybe..."

Azrael gets back to his feet, and this time runs to the ropes himself, rebounds off of them and comes back and tries to execute a LEG DROP, but some how Tony manages to roll out of the way.

HEATHER: "8.5 for the roil,"

PIP: "Will you be serious?"

HEATHER: "I am being serious.... Come on you weren't impressed with that roll?"

Tony gets to his feet, and looks back at Azrael who is just getting to his feet now, angry at missing that leg drop, and quickly whirls around and steps towards Azrael and hits him with not one BACKHAND CHOP but four BACKHAND CHOPS, making Azrael step backwards grabbing his chest, but Tony follows up with a couple of LEFTS AND RIGHTS, and they all connect and down goes Azrael......

Tony quickly mounts him and starts flaying around his own sets of forearm smashes.

PIP: "Wow great come back from the Hart Champion,"

Tony gets to his feet and walks back to the ropes, and just decides to wait there.

HEATHER: "I don't know if that's such a good move, gather your breath, and wait for your opponent to come back to his senses. You need to be on him like rye on rice."

PIP: "Rye on rice?"

HEATHER: "It's a saying isn't it?"

Azrael starts to get back to his feet, Tony runs back across the ring, and tries to execute a ENZUIGRI, but from out of nowhere Azrael SPEARS Tony.....

PIP: "OW, that's HEATHER: "Gotta hurt"

Azrael goes for a quick cover....



Thr..... No Kick out.....

HEATHER: "Almost.... The Spaceman almost had Tony there,"

Azrael gets back to his feet, and helps Tony up.

PIP: "Is this the beginning of the end for valiant title reign by Tony Santos who has looked stunning far this reign?"

Azrael executes a GUTWRENCH NECKBREAKER, and then stands up again and looks down at Tony.

HEATHER: "It's like he's physically stalking Tony to make him do stupid things,"

Azrael helps Tony back to his feet, he sets him up ready for the TILT-A-WHIRL-DDT. But he just holds that position for a few seconds longer than he needs to.

PIP: "What the hell is he doing.... he needs to take a lesson from what Tony just did. Waiting is not the best option....."

HEATHER: "You know that Pip, I know that, I'm sure the fans know that too, but I don't think it's registering with Azrael,"

Azrael continues to wait, and then gets ready to make the move,but then Tony blocks it.....

HEATHER: "Duhhhhhhhh, there's the reason why it's not best to wait.... what an idiot,"

Azrael tries to execute the move again, but again Tony blocks it. Then Tony counters by executing a RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP, and they both go down.

But Tony is the first up, and he is back to his feet, running across the ring, to the ropes rebounding of of them, comes running back and as Azrael gets to his feet in a mad at himself look, Tony hits him with a CROSSBODY CHECK. They both go down. Tony gets up and drops not one but FOUR KNEE DROPS. He then gets up, pulls the fallen Azrael across the ring, to the corner, quickly jumps on the corner post.

PIP: "He should have stayed on him. It's effective."

HEATHER: "Give him a chance Pip, give him a chance,"

Tony jumps and executes a very well done DIVING LEG DROP which connects hard with Azrael which makes him roll over in pain, and then Tony launches not 1 but 5 KNEE DROPS into Azrael's back.... He then gets up, and helps Azrael's back to his feet, and sets him up for the TONY AWARD a.k.a SHOOTING STAR PRESS.

PIP: "If the Hart Champion can connect with this, it is surely the beginning of the end,"

Tony doesn't waste any time like Azrael did early and executes THE TONY AWARD. And the crashing of Azrael into the canvas reverberates around the stadium very loudly. Without wasting any more time, Tony helps Azrael back to his feet and sets him up for the FINAL DESTINATION a.k.a SENTON BOMB.

HEATHER: "It's really going to be over now."

Tony quickly executes THE FINAL DESTINATION as the whole arena pops with this unexpected quick decision making.

PIP: "He really had no choice but to go with the tide of the match because waiting would have been his certain downfall as we almost saw earlier,"

HEATHER: "You are right there, Pip,"

Tony quickly goes for a cover.


Azrael's moaning......

1 and a half.......

Azrael's coming too.......


Azrael's trying to get his shoulder up

2 and a half......




HEATHER: "Wow what a great match,"

Donovan Blackwater was preparing for his XWF Universal Championship match in his locker room when in walks Scully, uninvited. After Wargames, both Scully and Donovan were involved in a backstage argument which included both men throwing punches at one another before XWF officials broke it up. As you can imagine, Donovan wasnt too impressed to see Scully.

Donovan Blackwater: "What do you want Scully?"

Scully: "I don't want any trouble. I just wanted to apologise for what happened after Wargames. I was out of order..."

Donovan Blackwater: "Apology accepted... It's forgotten about. Water under the bridge.

Anyway, if you don't mind, I need to prepare for my title match."

"Nah... That's cool. Good luck by the way."

Donovan Blackwater: "Thank you...."

Scully notices Donovan's brother, Ezra sat on a chair staring at the floor. Scully calls him to get his attention.

"Hey Ezra...."

Ezra looks up at Scully.

"I seen your debut match man, super impressive.. Keep up the good work."

Ezra simply smiles at Scully with appreciation for the compliment. Scully nods at Ezra and then nods at Donovan before leaving...


[Image: czwultraviolenttitle.png]


- vs -



The lights in the arena dim, then go to full black. We then hear the eerie sounds of a bell being tolled and then an explosion of fire emitting from the entrance ramp. The beginning of DADDYS FALLEN ANGEL by IN THIS MOMENT begins as the heavy guitar riffs kick in and red strobes dance around the stage. As soon as the verse kicks in, we see Peter Gilmour and his main madame of malady and mayhem, Valerie Sky come out to the ramp. They smile at each other before going down the ramp hand in hand. Peter bobs his head to the song. They get in the ring together and Peter gets on the turnbuckle and throws up an "X" sign as pyro goes off above the ring. Peter hops down and kisses Valerie. They wink and smile sadistically towards each other and then, Valerie Sky the dark demonic, demented diva of destruction exits the ring and Peter turns his attention to the stage

After the opening plays, and on the X-Tron it shows "ScUm Of ThE Earth!" then pyro blast in the stage. We see Tommy walking down with a Kendo Stick in hand, and he starts to wack people's hand with it down the ramp. He goes around the ring, and stands on the barricades and taunts with the stick. Then he jumps down to the patted floor, and slides into the ring and points his Kendo Stick in the air as his theme cuts off.


Both men charge out of the corner and begin exchanging blows in the center of the ring. Gilmour quickly gains the advantage with a series of stiff elbows to the temple. Wish is rocked and stumbles as he tries to back away, but Gilmour pushes forward with the all out assault and backs Wish into the corner.

“Gilmour wasting no time as he takes out all of his frustrations and anger on the Xtreme Champion who isn’t able to fight back against the fast blows.”

Gilmour takes a few steps back setting up to charge in with a body splash. Wish has other plans and fires out of the corner with a double leg takedown that puts Gilmour on his back, but Gilmour is fired up and ends back on top of Wish with and hammers down with brutal punches to the face.

“Gilly is a man on a mission tonight. He looks determined to regain the Xtreme Championship.”

After struggling to evade Gilmour’s strikes, Wish finds his footing and grabs the advantage with a dropdown neckbreaker.

"Tommy just found a way to slow down the action, this could be the opening that the champion needs to turn the tides!”

Gilmour pushes up to his feet, but Wish is there waiting to catch him in the gut with a big knee (not to be confused with a Big D, you’ll see him later tonight.) Wish keeps hold of the back of Gimours head and leads him face first into the turnbuckle. Wish continues to smash Gilmours face into the turnbuckle as the crowd counts along.










Tommy stops and smiles really big before spinning around and hitting the last one with a little extra umph!


The crowd pops in delight as Tommy rolls out of the ring and quickly begins searching under the apron.

”Uh oh, I think Wish is about to teach Peter why it’s named the “Xtreme” title!”

Tommy slides out a table, a kendo stick, and a crown royal bag. Tommy sets the table up at ringside. As he does, Peter begins to stir. Noticing this, Tommy grabs the bag and his Kendo stick and quickly slides into the ring. Tommy tosses the bag to the side before stalking Gilmour with the kendo stick in hand. Gilmour pushes up to a knee, holding the back of his head and trying to shake the cobwebs. Unbeknowist to him, Wish standing behind him waiting. Gilmour stumbles up and turns around…


Wish cracks the kendo stick across Gilmour’s head, sending him back to the mat. Wish smiles sadistically as he circles a confused and loopy Gilly before firing off with a brutal series of shots with the kendo stick. Gilmour frantically tries to roll to safety, but Tommy refuses to let him get away as he continues to crack that kendo stick over any and every inch of Gilmour’s body until Gilly finally stops trying to escape.

Tommy tosses the now busted kendo stick to the mat and turns his attention to the purple crown royal bag that he brought into the ring earlier. He holds it up for the crowd to see as he paces around the fallen Gilmour.

”I have a bad feeling about what’s in that bag Heather!”

”I heard a rumor that Peter has aids, I don’t know if it’s a good idea to bring thumbtacks into this match.”[/red[

”Yeah, well I also heard a rumor. I heard that Peter cured aids, but the cure isn’t approved by the FDA because it has a pretty nasty side effect.”

[red]”Oh yeah, what side effect could possibly be worse than aids?”

Tommy opens the bag and pours the tacks onto the mat, but as soon as he does, Gilmour kips up like a champ and levels Wish with a lariat that carries to the force of a bus. Gilmour then stands over Wish and lets out a roaring battle cry as his body begins to glow with a yellow hue and…


Well, suddenly Peter Gilmour changes before our eyes!

[Image: YEGg.gif]


”What the!?! How did he gain all of that weight back in like, just a few seconds???”

”Eh, I dunno, something to do with out his aids cure affected his thyroid or whatever.”

”So the cure just makes you randomly gain and lose weight?”

”Um no, from what I’ve been able to gather, it literally makes anyone who takes it randomly turn into fat Gilmour.”

”Oh God! Somebody call the CDC! That drug doesn’t only need banned, but it needs to be destroyed before we end up in a world full of Gilly’s!”

Gilmour grabs a fist full of Tommy’s hair and pulls him up to his feet. He delivers a knee to the mid section before wraping his arm around the back of Tommy’s head and taking off with a running bulldog…


Tommy rears up in pain, screaming in agony, reaching for God knows what, thumbtacks pertrude from his skin, his face… covered.

”Oh my…”

”Tommy Wish looks like a dollar store Pinhead right now, but it doesn’t seem like Peter is finished with him just yet!”

Gilly grabs the kendo stick and catches Tommy by the throat with it before leaning back with a modified Camel Clutch! Tommy uses both hands to pull at the kendo stick as he desperately kicks and crawls with his legs. Peter eventually releases the hold and rolls out of the ring to search for a new weapon. He grabs a steel chair and clanks it shut before sliding back into the ring. Much like Tommy did to him before, Peter stalks Wish as he fights to get back to his feet. Wish pushes up and stumbles a bit as he favors his lower back. He turns to face Gilmour, who swings the chair overhead, but Tommy manages to slip the chair shot! Gilly turns to swing again, but Tommy catches him with a toe kick to the gut that causes him to drop the chair! Tommy follows up with an implant DDT onto that very same chair!

”HideYaFace! This could be it!”

”I don’t think so Pip! It doesn’t look like Tommy is able to capitalize!”

Sure enough, Wish lays on the mat next to Peter gasping for air. After a few moments pass, Tommy FINALLY rolls over and drapes his arm over Gilmour.




”So close, but he gave Gilmour too much time to recover!”

Both men continue to lay on the mat for a moment until Tommy finally begins to stir.

Wish rolls Gilmour onto his back and drags him over to the ring post. Sliding out of the ring, he pulls Gilly out so he straddles the post, then slams his knee against it. Gilly cries out in point as he desperately reaches for his knee, but Wish follows up with another, causing Gilmour to cry out yet again. Tommy then crosses Gilly's other leg over it and locks in a figure four around the ring post!

”A surprisingly technical maneuver from Wish!”

Gilmour continues to scream in agony as Tommy jerks his body, trying to add any and all pressure to the hold that he possibly can. Finally, Tommy releases the hold and climbs up to his knees, smiling as he looks out to the crowd for approval.

”I’ve seen a lot of sick guys come and go here in the XWF, but there’s something special about Tommy Wish. Something that just scares the living shit out of me.”

”I know what you mean Pip… The other week he sent me a text message asking for pics of my feet.”

”Not what I meant, but that’s disturbing as well.”

Gilmour is recover after all that pain but suddenly after a couple of quick stomps, Tommy goes for his FETISH LOCK a.k.a ANKLE LOCK, and Gilmour who has had hardly any time to recover from the figure four leg lock, screams out in pain again.....

The referee checks on him as he starts to thrash about.......

It's getting a bit too much for Peter..... Usually he can hold all this pain in.... because he can certainly give pain.

"Peter Gilmour is good at giving out pain, and taking it..... "

"I don't know how he's holding on here?"

Suiddenly just a small twist of the ankle even more by Tommy is all too much for Peter to bare.....





Just after the match is over, the arena lights goes out, and it comes back on to see a man wearing Black short, Black Shirt, and a Black Borderland's Physco mask in the ring. Peter tries to attack, but the man ducks his punch, and strikes a Steel Rusty Pipe on his gut. As Glimour is on his knees, the man hits his back until it bled. The man lifts up Peter, and Irish Whip him to the ropes and connects with a Clothesline.

The man goes to the outside, and digs through the apron to find some chairs. He tossed some in the ring, and a Kendo Stick in the ring. He slides back into ring, and strikes Peter with a Kendo Stick, he kept hitting him until he was on the mat. Then he sets up a pile of chairs, and lifts Peter and hits a J-Bomb on the chairs.

The man does a Cross taunt to the Fiji fans, and the lights goes out. The lights come back on, and the camera pans on Peter in pain as EMT arrive to help him out of the ring.

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

[Image: 54VZjNs.png]


- vs -
- vs -


Pip: Well folks, it's time for our Main Event as they are now lowering the Cell.

Heather: Where else can you get a Hell in a Cell match for FREE on TV? It's not WWE, it ain't AEW, THIS is XWF.

Falling Apart" by Trust Company hits over the PA system as the fans begin to boo. Big D walks out onto the ramp, arms in the air for a victory pose.

Bad Kharma by Ida Maria hit's the Arena's Sound System All three brothers emerge, with Donovan, in the lead. Pausing briefly, the brothers look around at the exuberant crowd, with immense entertainment. Sharing an amused glance to one another as the fans scream. From there they walk in unison to the ring, occasionally separating to approach a random fan that's losing their mind. Clearly, enjoying the effect they have on the crowd, the Brothers Blackwater continue onward. Once they reach the ring, two of the brothers hold up the bottom rope, as the Donovan slides into the ring. That brother then takes his place in the squared circle and awaits his opponent, while basking in the cheers from the audience.

"Broken Dreams" by Shaman’s harvest begins blaring throughout the arena. Robert walks through the curtains after the instrumental “I make them for you”! He then looks to the crowd to his left and then right rolling his shoulders. He smiles shaking his head and slowly walks down the ramp. Robert makes his way to the Cell entrance and climbs into the ring where he raises his Universal Championship over his head. Donovan simply smiles and nods while Big D talks trash and points to himself.

Pip: You can just feel the anticipation I. the air. Is Robert Main gonna walk out of here still XWF Universal Champion, or will the numbers game be too much?

Heather: Main's been a hell of a champion, he's not gonna make excuses or cry about the odds. He's gonna go out there and give it his all like he has his entire reign.

The ref takes Robert Main's belt and holds it in the air. After showing it to all the competitors, he walks it over to the Cell door and gives it to the time keeper. A ref on the outside then locks the door as the one inside the Cell calls for the bell.


Big D gets in the face of Robert Main, who does NOT look amused. Donovan Blackwater watches on in shock as D delivers a slap to the Universal Champion.

Pip: That may not have been smart.

Big D laughs at the champion, who shows his appreciation with a stiff Superkick that sends D crashing to the mat. Donovan takes advantage and Schoolboys the distracted Robert Main.


Heather: Quick kickout by the champion.

Pip: You're not gonna catch Robert Main off guard like that.

Blackwater pops up quick followed by Main. Donovan rushes at Robert for a Spear attempt, but he gets met with a Knee Strike to the head that sends him stumbling backwards. The champion delivers a couple closed fists to Blackwater, followed by a kick to the gut. He then attempts to whip Donovan to the ropes, who reverses and throws Main instead. As he goes to the the ropes, Big D grabs the top one with his left hand, which causes the champion to fall to the outside. Blackwater walks over to Big D and gets met with a steel chair to the head that D had been hiding in his right hand.

Heather: It didn't take long for weapons to get involved.

Pip: Sometimes it's not always wise to introduce foreign objects to a match.

As Donovan Blackwater stumbles back, Big D enters the ring with his chair. He mocks his opponent for a moment, doing a fake stumble of his own. D then sets up for a HUGE shot to Donovan who puts his hand out in an attempt to use his force powers. Surprisingly, the chair stops before Big D can swing it, confusing him.

Heather: Did Donovan Blackwater just stop that chair with the force?!?!

Pip: No, Heather, this is something much worse.

A different camera view reveals Robert Main holding the other end of Big D's chair, a pissed off look on his face. D looks scared as his opponent forces him to slowly bring the chair up to his head. All of a sudden, Donovan Blackwater hits a Roundhouse Kick to Big D's face that sends his head into the chair. Both D and the chair fall to the mat.

Pip: What did I tell you? Sometimes introducing a weapon IS a bad idea!

Heather: Big D found that out the hard way.

As Big D rolls to the outside, Robert Main runs at Donovan Blackwater, attempting a Heavy Clothesline. Donovan ducks and hits the Champion with a Leg Sweep, followed by a Leg Drop. He goes for the cover.



Main easily kicks out and begins to get up. Blackwater delivers a couple kicks to Robert's head, causing the irritated Champion to shove Donovan away from him. He then takes a step for the challenger, who charges at Main and hits a quick Spear. Blackwater wastes no time as he brings Main back to his feet and tries to whip him for the ropes, only to get reversed and sent there instead. Blackwater catches himself, causing Main to charge at him and Clothesline him over the top rope. Donovan skins the cat and manages to pull himself onto the apron. Big D climbs up there with him, stepping behind the other challenger and wrapping his arms around Blackwater's waist.

Heather: Big D is trying to German Suplex Donovan Blackwater off the apron!

Pip: Yeah, but Blackwater refuses to let go of the ropes

Big D thrusts, but can't get his opponent to budge. All of a sudden, Robert Main comes over and nails Donovan in the face with a Superkick, giving D the momentum he needed to German Suplex Blackwater off the apron and into the Cell.

Pip: The Champion with the assistance!

Heather: He may have just helped Big D take out their other opponent!

Donovan rolls on the floor in pain from the 2 for 1 move. Robert Main motions for Big D to come in and join him, to which Big D obliges. The two men exchange rights before Big D sneaks behind Main in German Suplex position. Robert elbows D in the head and forces him to let go. He then turns around and wraps his arms around the challenger, before tossing him over his head for a masterful Belly to Belly Suplex. Robert Main covers.




Heather: Big D has taken some shots here early on, but keeps on trucking.

Pip: I'm sure Robert Main doesn't mind delivering more punishment to either of his challengers.

The Champion wastes no time picking Big D up and hitting a Snap Suplex. He then brings D to his feet again and whips him to the corner. Main charges at his opponent, only to get met with a Boot to the face. Big D runs at Robert only to get lifted up and slammed down for a Spine Buster, the Champion again covering.




An annoyed Main goes to bring Big D to his feet, but the challenger hits him with a Low Blow garnering boos from the crowd.

Pip: They might not like it, but it's as legal as a Sleeper Hold.

As Main grabs his crotch in pain, D slowly gets to his feet. He grabs The Champion by the hair and walks him over to the ropes. Big D climbs out onto the apron and gets ready to Vertical Suplex Robert, who's still inside the ring.

Heather: This could be just as bad as the German Suplex Blackwater took!

As D lifts Main up, Robert slips out of the move and onto the apron next to his opponent. He then uses all of his might to shove Big D back first into the ring post. Big D drops to his knees in pain, but the Champion wastes no time. Robert Main lifts Big D onto his shoulders so he's facing upwards, defenseless.

Pip: Oh my God, he's not gonna do that out on the apron, is he?!?!

Heather: I think he is!

Just as the announcer predicted, Robert Main hits the Dead Man's Hand to Big D, driving him unprotected into the apron as Main lands on his feet outside the ring.

Pip: Big D's night is likely over.

Heather: His CAREER might just be over as well.

As Main goes to roll Big D into the ring, Donovan Blackwater attacks him from behind with baseball bat. The Champion goes down and Donovan delivers a few more shots for good measure. He drops the weapon and lifts Main up by the hair, drags him over to the Cell wall, and begins grating his face against the fencing.

Pip: Donovan Blackwater grating Robert Main's face like a block of cheese!

Heather: We knew this match would be violent, we just had no idea HOW MUCH.

We see blood start to trickle down the Champion's face as Blackwater let's him drop to the floor. He then turns his attention to his other downed opponent inside the ring and climbs in. Big D is barely stirring as Donovan approaches his feet. Blackwater lifts D's feet in the air and goes to attempt his finishing submission move.

Pip: He's going for The Shattered Mirror of Illusions!!!

Heather: But wait! Big D grabs him and rolls him up for a pin attempt!




The surprised Blackwater quickly gets up and kicks Big D in the face. He takes a second to calculate his next move, before grabbing D and bringing him to his feet. Donovan then puts Big D's head between his legs before hoisting him up onto his shoulders and bringing him down for a Sit-Out Powerbomb, covering him.




Heather: Big D JUST manages to kick out!

Pip: He's taken a hell of a beating and keeps coming back for more.

A now frustrated Donovan Blackwater brings his opponent up, again, how in an attempt for his signature Making Friends! Alley Oop Facebuster. As Big D gets brought up, he manages to reposition his body so he slips behind Blackwater, on his feet. He then grabs Donovan and hoists him up, spinning him slightly as he brings his arm down onto his opponent's chest.

Pip: Dan Slam! Big D just hit his finisher on Blackwater!

Heather: He kept his hand on for a cover, we could have a new Champion!




Just in time, Blackwater gets a shoulder up as an exhausted Big D just lays there. We then see from outside the ring, Robert Main has pulled a table out from under the ring and slid it inside. The Champion then slowly follows in, as well. With his opponents barely moving, Robert Main gets up and begins to set the table up near the corner.

Pip: The Universal Champion has some ill intentions in mind with that table.

Heather: He may not even NEED it, looking at his opponents.

After getting the table set up, Main walks over to Big D who is now getting to his feet. He goes to put D on his shoulders, but Big D slips off and pushes him away. Robert then comes charging at him, but Big D grabs his arm and drags him to the ground. The two struggle as D attempts the Big D Face Cruncher.

Pip: If he can lock this in, we might see the Champ tap out!

The two continue to fight, as Donovan Blackwater gets to his feet. He approaches his two opponents and stomps on Big D, causing him to stop his attempt. Main then goes to get up, but he's met with a kick to the face from Donovan. Blackwater then looks from the table to Big D to Omega. He then helps Big D up, before pointing between the two of them, then to the Champion.

Heather: It looks like Blackwater wants to TEAM with Big D to take out Main.

Pip: It might take more than that to put the Champion away, Heather.

The two of them bring Robert to his feet, each one putting on arm of his around their head in Double Suplex position. They then use the strength they have left to hoist the Champion up and bring him down through the table!

Pip: Robert Main's title reign may have just ended with that move.

Donovan goes to cover Main, but Big D yanks him off immediately. The two men start exchanging shots, knowing their victory is laying out in the ring.

Donovan and Big D continues to trade left and rights, they don't see Main, getting to his knees and looking around, and seeing the situation. Suddenly he gets up and with the remaining strength he has left hits Big D with a drop kick, and Big D goes flying across the other side of the ring and hits the cage wall pretty hard and collapses.

Meanwhile, a shocked Donovan turns to see what happened, and is met with a Super Kick, and he too flies backwards but in the opposite direction and hits the side of the cage pretty hard, and collapses.

PIP: "Wow where did Main get all this energy from, he was just driven through a table not so long ago,"

[white]HEATHER: "It's all about Champions advantage, using the only strength that they build up after win after win," [/color]

Main takes a look around at Big D who is still down, and he stumbles over to Donovan. He wants to set him up for a big finisher, but he suddenly grabs his head as if it's all been too much for him, and he passes out.... right on top of Blackwater, and the referee has no choice but to see this as a cover and make a 3 count.


1 and a half...........


2 and a quarter........

Blackwater is stirring, and so is Big D, who has finally gotten back to his feet, and looks across the other side of the ring at what's going on...........

2 and a half.................

Big D starts running across the ring...........

Big D can't get there because.......



ROBERT MAIN has successfully defended the XWF Universal Championship as his arm is raised in victory and he is awarded the XWF Universal Championship….

HHL: NO! He's back!

MAIN’S attention shifts as he directs towards the top of the ramp where CHRIS PAGE saunters out clapping his hands together giving MAIN a “golf clap” for his successful defense. CHRIS reaches behind his back pulling out the XWF contract that’s clipped together by a pen. CHRIS takes the pen before flipping the contract to its final page where he SIGNS the dotted line before tossing the contract and pen down before locking eyes with the XWF Universal Champion as this collision course between CHRONIC CHRIS PAGE and ROBERT “THE OMEGA” MAIN is all but guaranteed.

Robert Main begins to rush out of the ring in an attempt to get to the man that obliterated his Apex brother tonight, but Chris smiles and backpedals behind the curtain disappearing as quickly as he had arrived.

Robert Main is still the Universal champion, but that's the least of his concerns. He has murder on his mind.

Just as Wednesday Night Warfare is about to go off the air, for the last time this Australasian tour we get alerted to something backstage.

A scream is heard as the camera cuts to Smoking Bob Williams' office, where John Whyte is spraying a stream of Louisiana hot sauce from a Super Soaker directly into SBW's eyes. He tries to cry out in pain but immediately begins to choke as Whyte sprays hotsauce down his throat as well.

With a face as red as the devil's ass, SBW tries to crawl away. Whyte takes a step back and then runs forward and delivers a devastating kick in between SBW's legs! And he keeps kicking! Whyte lands a dozen or so kicks to SBW's testicles.

Whyte pulls a belt out and begins spanking SBW!

"Call me daddy!"




Crack! Whyte absolutely brutalizes SBW's cheeks with the leather belt until he collapses onto the floor.

"You didn't think this was over, did you? We're not playing by your rules. We've been playing by mine this whole time." Whyte says, delivering a kick to SBW's ribs that flips him onto his back. Whyte reaches behind and pulls out a funnel and jams it into SBW's mouth, Whyte then grabs a large white pail with blurred out writing. Whyte then turns toward the camera.

"Now for liability reasons, I can't -say- that this is gorilla semen. But... it definitely ain't mayonnaise."

Whyte dumps the ENTIRE content of the white pail into the funnel and down SBW's gullet.

"Here's the deal, bitch. You're going to show up at Leap Of Faith and put your job on the line against my career. And if you don't announce it by the end of the night, then I'm going to show up at Anarchy and do the same to Vinnie Lane. And then I'm going to show up to Savage and do the same to Atticus. I am going to make life a living hell for you and everyone you work with until you quit ducking me you worthless piece of shit."

Whyte pulls out a staple gun and staples a polaroid of Whyte's smiling face directly into SBW's forehead.

"Show up, bitch."

OOC: Thanks to some very hard working people this week we have been able to get Warfare out nice and early.

Special thanks to those who role played this week.

Thanks to those who helped with matches and putting segments together they are:

Tommy Wish
Arnold Chubby Fletcher
Darius Xavier
Chris Page
James Raven
Tony Santos
John Whyte

I hope you all enjoyed the results.
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06-19-2019 06:17 PM

OOC: Damn that main event war starting to look a bit one sided, lol. Big ups to Main for another defense. And a special thanks for the ninja editing done on my segment to make it fit into the show despite it conflicting with the big opening segment. That level of detail is appreciated!

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06-19-2019 06:17 PM

In the arena parking structure we see James Raven, bruised and battered, standing alone with his arms crossed as an ambulance pulls away from him. Drew Archyle is inside, being transported to hospital with a suspected concussion and possible other injuries sutained at the hands of Chris Page. Again the Apex Prophecy was decimated at the hands of the men they defeated at War Games, but now the invaders have had their ranks bolstered by returning legend "Bigg Rigg" John Gambino and the iconic Famine of the Vile.

How the hell had he let this happen? Vinnie Lane and Theo Pryce brought him into the ownership of the XWF because of his business relationships and his link to the past, but now those very relationships and links to the past are threatening to destroy the present.

Main, Archyle and Centurion had helped him do the dirty work. They had beaten the invaders in the ring, but here they were refusing to leave and trying to make demands that can't be reasonably met. Raven clenches his jaw. He needs to regain some control. He needs to reign these guys in. Do they honestly expect to get themselves title shots so that they can potentially walk out the next day with XWF hardware and have a publicity monster for some half assed WGWF reboot? Tonight was the last straw. They aren't getting into an XWF ring with one of our stars, or even into one of our arenas, unless-

"James!" shouts Roxy from across the parking structure, hobbling over to him while nursing the ribs Bigg Rigg obliterated not even two hours ago, "He signed the contract. He signed it! Main retained, and Chris came out again to sign it! Robert is in your office, he's furious, he's screaming for you to get in there and talk to him and take him to Drew!"

Raven nods slowly. He processes the information and can't help but smile.

"Game on. Robert's gonna kill you..."
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[Image: vnbJYG9_d.jpg?maxwidth=640&shape=thu...ity=medium]

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06-19-2019 06:48 PM

(OOC to Lux: That would be where I stopped writing it, funny enough. Lol, just playing to whoever finished it. I appreciate it, wish I had more time)

(We see Big D limping backstage after his Hell in a Cell loss. He has his hands on his hips and head down. From behind him, we see Steve Sayors approach.)

Steve: "Big D, can I get a word?"

(Big D stops in his tracks and shakes his head before turning to the interviewer.)

Big D: "Honestly, Steve, I'm not in the mood to talk right now......"

(Big D tries to walk away, but a rather brave Sayors grabs him by the arm. D looks aggressively from Steve's arm to Steve, who looks like he's about to shut himself.)

Steve: "I........ I............."

Big D: "You just don't know when to quit, do you?!....."

(Big D grabs Sayors by his shirt and lifts him into the air. After a moment of this, he has a change of heart. D sighs and puts Steve back on the ground.)

Big D: "Apparently I don't either......"

Steve: "Wha........ What do you mean?"

Big D: "I don't know....... You, this journey, my anger, everything. Ever since I've arrived in XWF, it feels like I'm knocking days off of my life. And it's not from the matches themselves, but from worrying so much about winning the Universal Championship."

Steve: "It is....... it is the goal everyone who comes here should have."

Big D: "I know, but it's given me so many sleepless nights, made me lose the fun I once was having. In the last 3ish months I've been out of retirement, I've contemplated going back to it TWICE."

Steve: "I see."

Big D: "I know I can beat Robert Main, there's no doubt in my mind. I can't shake this feeling had I done one thing differently, you'd be looking at the new Champion. But instead, I have to go back to the bottom because that third wheel, Donovan Blackwater, couldn't kick out. It's an awful feeling......"

Steve: "Where do you go from here? Are you actually considering retiring?"

Big D: "I honestly don't know, Steve. It wouldn't feel right to retire without a legit one on one with Main, but at the same time that means I'm gonna have to get back up there again and, quite frankly, I don't have the motivation to do all that again. Especially if it means being plopped in there with an embarrassment like Blackwater who could lose me the match......."

(Big D looks up at the ceiling and exhales)

Big D: "As of right now, I just want to go home and smoke a fat blunt to ease the pain and relax. I have an obligation to wrestle on the next Savage and I'm gonna stick to it."

Steve: "And after that?"

Big D: "I'm not sure. I wanna compete at Leap of Faith, but I'll probably just get dumped in some filler match with a loser like Mr. Kennedy or Rain's corpse, and I've already proven I'm better than that."

(Big D frowns and gives Steve a pat on the shoulder before turning and walking away.)

Steve: "So you won't be at Leap of Faith?......."

(D stops and turns towards Sayors, responding with a slight grin.)

Big D: "Never say never, Steve......."

(Big D walks away as the camera fades to black.)

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06-19-2019 07:22 PM

Corey finishes watching Big D's post show segment.

Ah geeze....

He honestly looks like he feels bad.


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The camera pans to the same guy in the black mask sitting on the chair in the corridor, holding the X-Treme championship on his shoulders. Then the man pulls the mask over his face to reveal Tommy, with all the dry blood on his face. He smiles at his title, and cuts a rug.

"First Rebel.... now Peter.... I have three more bodies to handle to join the ranks of the Vita's... Solider's... oh hell even a Evertrust run with a 24/7 briefcase. Before you know it, i'll cash it in to anybody holding a title. I will say this, I can hold this belt even longer if need be.

If the next man comes and beats me fairly for this title, then anyone who holds a title don't need to watch over your shoulders anytime soon. I honestly thought, "oh I wouldn't even beat Peter"... but I guess I proved myself wrong. When I said his reign of X-Treme is over, I MEANT that shit with all intent.

He can keep his NXT title on his super dick, I might come after that too if I don't have to break Eddie Edwards out of psych ward, or with higher ups asking "Who the fuck hired Tommy Polo?" at this point in my life.

As of right now, I enjoyed punishing Gilly especially J-Bomb him through those chairs. Maybe his flubber help cushin the fall, so I hope he's okay in the hospital in Fiji.

So my friends, here's to a new era of X-Treme..."

Tommy pulls out a picture of Glimour, and drops it on the floor, and pours a bottle of malt liquor on it. Then it cuts off.

A Questionable Thug
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06-19-2019 09:02 PM

ill take that belt from you if you want

G-rated XWF megastar.
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06-20-2019 12:06 AM

as Warfare went off the air, we see EMT's walk Peter Gilmour to a ambulance to take to the hospital. Peter is limping heavily as his leg and ankle were destroyed by Tommy Wish. Valerie Sky is with him, but not concerned with Peter's well being. She begins to laugh as she goes into a trance.

Suddenly, Peter begins to twitch and that yellow hue is shown again and Peter turns back into Skinny Gilly and his knee and ankle seem to have healed instantly. Peter looks at the EMT's and flips them off before smashing the windows of the ambulance apart with his fist. Blood is on his fists and he sadistically licks the blood from his hands. His eyes roll into the back of his head. He looks into the camera with a sick grin on his face.

Peter: Tommy, you think you got one over on me eh? You wouldn't have won if not for the unfortunate accident turnign me back into that fat blob. But all it took was a spell from my demon assassin to get me back to my old self. But Tommy, we will dance again and next time, I'm going to rip off that stupid mask and take a piss on it. Or I'll burn it along with your rotton carcass. You haven't heard the last of me Tommy so watch out. Now I'm leaving to go back to LA to train for LEAP OF FAITH where I will do anything to get another title shot and get gold around my sexy waist. Now get the fuck out of here.

Peter pushes the cameraman down but he gets right back up. Peter and Valerie head out of the parking lot but Peter stops and turns around. He motions for the cameraman to get a shot of him. Peter speaks again.

Peter: Famine of the Vile.. Big Rigg.. heh... this is going to be good.

Peter laughs sadistically as he pulls out his phone to make a call. Who is he calling? We won't know until we know. We fade out.

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